[IC] - In the Shadow of Imperator: Extended Interludes

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[IC] - In the Shadow of Imperator: Extended Interludes

Post by Sakuro » Tue Feb 12, 2019 8:00 am

[A backup thread for the game's side stories thread.]

This thread will be used for side stories and extended social interactions for "In the Shadow of Imperator", allowing the main thread to be used for progressing the primary story arcs at the same IRL time. This first post will be used as a table of contents, linking the start of a given side story. To keep things from getting confused, please list the IC date your character is operating on at the start of your posts, along with any marker or title you would like to use to distinguish it from other activates in the thread.

Table of Contents
Thursday 24, January 2019
Saturday 26, January 2019
Sunday 27, January 2019

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