[OOC] MnM 3e - In the Shadow of Imperator

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[OOC] MnM 3e - In the Shadow of Imperator

Post by Sakuro » Tue Feb 12, 2019 7:54 am

Recruitment wrote:I am currently looking for one player interested in playing a normal human with guidelines listed below. Before applying know that you need to be comfortable not standing on equal PL or PP footing with the other PCs and will not receiving any benefit because of this disparity in power. They have underwent empowerment events, and only two of them are going to be able to reach the maximum PL for this game. Also make certain you will be able to post regularly and consistently, barring unforeseen events.

There are two prominent factions within the player group. One supports Praetor Null. The other supports Dr. Sokolov, who was once one of Imperator's Praetors. They are both roughly on the same side, but there is a rivalry between the two factions. To add some balance to the group's social dynamic I would like the new character to be one of Dr. Sokolov's supporters, however I will not make that a requirement. Feel free to ask questions on the game's background in the OOC thread. There is background information on the setting sprinkled throughout the IC threads, but nothing centralize in a single post or "setting thread".
At the height of World War 2 the first superhuman emerged. There was nothing, no one, that could stop him. His name was Dr. Impossible, and he made history by forcing the Axis and Allies to agree to a peace treaty which he mediated.

On Friday 21 January 2000 the second superhuman emerged. Leading a fleet of never before seen aerial vehicles the individual calling themselves Imperator appeared over Hadron City in northern Kansas. That day an impenetrable barrier surrounded the city.

It remained a sore spot in the American psyche, an entire city and millions of citizens trapped. Until on Friday 13 April 2018, when the barrier was brought down. The United States accompanied by Dr. Impossible moved in to secure the city, finding it drastically changed.

A six month conflict ensued between the US military along with their super human ally against the forces of Imperator. The fighting spilled out into surrounding cities, scaring the larger part of Kansas. People questions if the fighting would ever end. Eventually, Imperator was confronted by Dr. Impossible. The aerial battle spanned several states, but it's end was never seen. At some point there was an explosion over the Arizona desert and both combatants were gone. Neither have been seen since.

Without their leader Imperator's forces eventually fell, or went to ground. Martial law has been enacted in Hadron City and a private army, Stronghold International, has been contracted to get Hadron City under control.

You were part of Imperator's organization. You either followed him to Hadron City as part of the occupying force, or supported his endeavors from outside. Things went silent after Imperator's defeat. Three months have passed, now finally something. Null, one of Imperator's inner circle of Praetors, approached you. They asked you to join them in retaking Hadron City and continuing what Imperator started there. Null promised you power, real power, and authority … if only you followed them and gave them your loyalty.

"The future of mankind lies in Hadron City.", those were the words first spoken by Imperator to his forces before the invasion. Now they were echoed by Null. If you had seen the city before the fighting started, before Stronghold's martial law, you could have believed it.

The above sets the stage for a game I would like to run for four players. The PCs will start as normal people (Ability upper limits dicussed here), albeit very skilled and talented. Later they will be given the opportunity to become much more powerful. The setting is going to be on the darker side of grayscale. You are people of questionable morality, working for a bad person, in a world that may get pretty grim.

For character creation, PCs are PL 7 with 105 PP. They may not have any Powers or Devices. No Inventor, Ritual, or Artificer Advantages. There is no magic in this setting. Super science is also an exceedingly rare thing that normal scientists, engineers, etc. can only maintain and maybe repair. Not recreate. You may purchase ranks in Luck, but no higher than 2. Half of a character's attack value must be fully paid for (with Attributes or Advantage), both melee and range. Aside from vehicles and HQ, you may have free mundane Equipment that is supplied by Null (ex. no blaster weapons), unless you want to personally own something.

Other than a build and 2 Complications, I would like a brief concept/background describing your character. Of note, I want to know what role they played in Imperator's organization, where they were and what they were doing during Hadron City's occupation, and what they have been doing the past three months.

A couple warnings. Do not get overly attached to who your character begins the game as. I do not want to spoil anything, however prepare yourself for change that you cannot completely control when it comes to the origin of powers. I also want to try using the lethal combat rules. This mainly impacts the significance of degrees of success on damage and counts recovery time by hours, not minutes.

Main In Character Thread
Extended Interludes Thread

Diego Gonzalez, a former spy with a background in art history and linguistics. Now the Ascendant of Deception.
Peter Ezima, a member of Imperator's Engineering Corps inside Hadron City who has become the Ascendant of Creation.
Hitori Zanzo, the "Sword of Null", a master swordsman transformed into a Macro-Virus.
Dr. Levi Kripke, a world renowned neurosurgeon and spokesperson for "Imperator's Society".
- Iona, a full body cyborg with the brain of Dr. Levi Kripke.

Former Cast and Guest Stars
Alonzo, a masked mystery man, magician, and enforcer for Imperator.
Alexandria Thompson, a soldier in Imperator's army, turned mercenary after Imperator's defeat.
- Reaper, formerly Alexandria Thompson, now the Ascendant of War.

Supporting Cast (NPCs)
Tilly Sander, an Imperator loyalist specialized in urban warfare.

Archived Threads
Ronin Army OOC Thread
Ronin Army Main IC Thread
Ronin Army Extended Interludes Thread
Null's Favor wrote:I am going to try out using an abstract system to reflect the relationship between Null as a patron to the PCs. When the group does something that advances Null's agenda in a significant way they will gain a point of "Null's Favor". This the group can spend to do things like request backup or reinforcements on a mission, get help improving a HQ, borrow a Device for a time, or get access to normally off limits information. There are no hard and fast rules, as I said it is abstract, and while Null may not do exactly as you request they are likely to do something that benefits the group and fits the spirit of the request. At worst the response will be "no" and you keep the point for later use.
Praetor Null's Favor: 1
Dr. Sokolov's Favor: 2 (Iona Only)
Dominion wrote:I am adding another system to the game, Dominion, which is borrowed from the "Godbound" ruleset. Dominion represents, in it's broadest sense, the ability to make a lasting impact on the world. Abstractly it also includes your personal ability to get things done, your authority, and assets at your disposal to help you achieve your goal. If you want to cause social change in the world that persists without your personal oversight, train an army, construct a Device for an NPC, introduce new technologies into the world, or build a new World Wonder you will need to spend Dominion on it.

Going forward the you will have the choice of taking Dominion as a reward instead of Power Points on a 1 for 1 basis. This reflects time and energy spent on external, rather than personal, development. You may also pool your Dominion, and work together towards an endeavor. Though all involved will need to be taking action to warrant this. The basic cost of a change depends on how far-reaching it is.

- A neighborhood or other small community has a base cost of 1 point.
- Something that affects an entire city or a hundred square miles or so has a base cost of 2 points.
- Affecting an entire province, nation state, or a geographic region within a state costs 4 points.
- Affecting an entire continent worth of people or land costs 8 points.
- Attempting a change that reaches an entire world costs 16 points, and WILL require significant action to be taken along the way.

Once the base cost is decided, this is multiplied by the difficulty.

- A change that is modest and plausible, that does not require violating the laws of nature or angering local powers is a Plausible change with a x1 multiplier.
- Implausible changes that require bending the rules of nature or human behavior are Improbable, and have a x2 multiplier.
- Extraordinary changes that are politically unthinkable or physically impossible are Impossible changes that add a x4 multiplier.
- Vast Impossible changes might be even more difficult, forcing a x8 multiplier.

"Impossible" changes will require serious effort, likely building an entire story arc around it. Some Improbable changes may also require missions and adventures of their own to get resources, knowledge, or other assets required for the undertaking. There are also things that can make these changes more difficult, such as a NPC using their own influence to hinder you. In such cases if you do not remove the obstacle the task may require a higher Dominion expenditure, or even be unachievable.

Yes, there are likely to be forces who want to oppose the changes you may wish to make with Dominion.
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Re: [OOC] MnM 3e - In the Shadow of Imperator

Post by Sakuro » Tue Feb 12, 2019 8:03 am

Corporal Tilly "Vulture" Sander


Tilly Sander grew up in Hadron City and enlisted with the armed forces after schooling. She gained specialist training in urban tactics, escape and evasion, and marksmanship. A veteran of the 2018 war for Hadron City, Sander's record cites her as recommended for a medal of valor. After the war she stayed in Hadron City and helped loyalists escape the city or go into hiding. Later she began assisting in the formation of Null's loyalist movement to take back what had been stolen from Imperator and those that believed in his vision. Her current assignment is listed as attached to "the Ascendants".
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Re: [OOC] MnM 3e - In the Shadow of Imperator

Post by Sakuro » Tue Feb 12, 2019 8:04 am

I am considering the sum of the parts, as well as the individual concept. A character that is hitting "one of the best in the world" or better in more than a couple Abilities is going to give me pause but may not be a hard no. I also do not want to see more than one "peak of human achievement" on the entire team for a given Ability

Normal Human Benchmarks
Strength: 4, a key point of your character is their strength. Power-lifters beyond the limits of most people.
Stamina: 4 being the "one of the best in the world" area. It grants as much toughness as a kevlar vest and is just shy of steel plate armor. 5 might be pushing it as peak human. I am not sure.
Agility, Dexterity: 6, the best of Olympic Gymnasts fall into this area. World class illusionists, drivers, or trick shooters may touch on the manual Dexterity, but I often pair these two. 7 being peak human
Awareness: 6 would be someone like Sherlock Holmes, hyper aware, almost to the point it is a defect. 7 would probably be scary on an emotional or sensory level for the person themselves, and be peak human.
Fighting: This one I am the most flexible on. Fighting as an Ability is weird and I don't feel a need for a hard number here. 7 is a good stopping point for the spirit of the setting though.
Intelligence: 4 is genius level. 6 is one of the greatest minds in the world. 7 is just shy of super-genius, and is peak human
Presence: 6, you could have your own cult of personality if you put the effort in. Think of the greatest, charismatic leaders and speakers throughout history. At 7 you'd be on the verge of supernatural charisma.
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Re: [OOC] MnM 3e - In the Shadow of Imperator

Post by Camus » Tue Feb 12, 2019 1:03 pm

Name: Hitori Zanzo AKA Master Zanzo Height 1,7 mts
Skin: Pale Weight 60 kgs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black Age: 46



Honour-bound: Hitori Follows the samurai code of the 8 virtues
Imperator's combat instructor: As the chief instructor in melee combat, Hitori is expected to fulfill certain duties.
Obsessed with training: Hitori must spend three hours a day training, otherwise his obsessed mind plays tricks on him. If he doesn't train he is at -1 for all rolls for that day. The -1 is cumulative if he doesn't train the following day and so on.
Hunger Hitori gets hungry and needs to consume people

From an early age Hitori was obsessed with swords. Being japanese it was easy to get lost in Kendo and other katana related disciplines. But Hitori thought that there were so many other swords than the katana that he didnt stop there. After mastering the art of the samurai, he embarked to learn about other swords. The Arab scimitar puzzled him, for its resemblance with the katana, and the Nordic claymore for its incredible size and the strength required to wield it. Already a prodigy of swordsmanship with only 22 years, Hitori was approached by Imperator's forces to join a crusade to save humankind. He gladly accepted and joint the occupation forces. During his time in Hadron city the used Imperator's resources to study ancient texts on warfare and the old techniques of swordsmanship. In turn Imperator named him chief instructor and he passed on his knowledge to the forces of Imperator. The utopia built in Hadron city was the greatest collective achievement for Hitori, and its downfall his greatest defeat.
The months after the barrier went down were slow and harsh, but he endured it, training every day for the time when he was to be of service to Imperator again.
And that time was here, was now!

Abilities ( 56 pp)
Strength 4(10/12) , Stamina 4(10/12) , Agility 6 , Dexterity 4 , Fighting 5(7) , Intellect 3(1) , Awareness 2 , Precence 0 .

Powers ( 65 pp)
- Consume ( Weaken toughness 8 : Extra: Linked to STR based damage 2 ) · 10 point/s
- Absorb ( AP: Heal 10 : Extras: Persistent (+1 pp), Regrowth (+1 pp), Linked to "Postcognition" (+0/r) ; Flaws: Source "Significant/Quality Biomass" (-1/r), Limited to "Self Only" (-1/r)], Senses 4 [Postcognition ; Limited to "Absorbed Person's Memories" (-1/r), Quirk "Brain Must Be Intact" (-1 pp)] * 1 PP ) · 1 point/s
- Variable mass ( AP: Morph 3 : Humanoids ; Flaws: Limited to "Last Absorbed Human" (-1/r) ) · 1 point/s
- Lifevoid ( AP: Affliction 10 : Area extra: Burst. Limited degree. Vulnerable, stunned. ) · 1 point/s
- Macro-Virus Alteration ( Enhanced ability : +6Str,+6Sta,+2 Fig, +2 Will) · 30 point/s
- Virus overdrive ( Growth 8 : +8Str,+8Sta, -8 to stealth -4 active defenses, +2 size, +1 speed +3 mass)+( Enhanced ability : +2Dodge,+2Parry )+ Flaw ( - 2 Int) · 1 point/s
- Telomer alterations ( Immunity 2 : Aging, Disease ) · 2 point/s
- Creepy crawler ( Movement 2 : Wall Crawling 2 ) · 4 point/s
- Food vision ( Senses 5 : Visual Ranged Detect Life (Accurate), Infravision ) · 5 point/s
- Enhanced reflexes ( Speed 5 ) · 5 point/s
- Powerjump ( AP: Leaping 5) · 1 point/s
- Kite ( AP: Flight 5 : Flaw: Gliding (-1r) ) · 1 point/s

- Mayotta tomo ( Device: : Easily Removable ,Feature: 1 (Self Repairing): Strength Based Damage 3 [Extras: Improved Critical 1, Feature 1 (Linked to Consume's "Drain Toughness")] ) · 4 point/s

Advantages ( 25 pp)
Defensive attack 1 , Diehard 1 , Evasion 1 , Extraordinary effort 1 , Fast grab 1 , Ultimate effort (toughness save) 1 , Equipment 2 , Second chance (failed interpose toughness save) 1 , Improved hold 1 , Instant up 1 , Interpose 1 , Luck 2 , Power attack 1 , Quick draw 1 , Benefit (Status) , Defensive roll 3 Improved Disarm 1, Weapon Bind 1 Improved smash, Weapon break .

Skills ( 12 pp)

Acrobatics 2 (+ 8 ), Deception 0 (+ 0 ), Athletics 4 (+ 14 ), Expertise (martial arts) 6 (+ 9 ), Insight 4 (+ 6 ), Treatment 0 (+ 3 ), Persuacion 0 (+ 0 ), Technology 0 (+ 3 ), 0 0 (+ 7 ), 0 0 (+ 0 ), Vehicles 0 (+ 6 ), Sleight of Hand 0 (+ 6 ), Perception 6 (+ 8 ), Intimidation 0 (+ 0 ), Investigation 0 (+ 3 ), Stealth 2 (+ 8 )

Initiative: 6
Throw + 6 Attack for DC: . +10 Range: Ranged ( )
Unarmed + 7/(5 when on virus overdrive) Attack for DC: . +10 Range: Melee, applies grab. ( )
Chinese hook sword + 7/(5 when on virus overdrive) Attack for DC: . +12/(14 when on virus overdrive) Range: Melee ( )
Claymore + 6/(4 when on virus overdrive) Attack for DC: . +14/(16 when on virus overdrive) Range: Melee (10ft reach) ( )
Katana+wkizashi + 7/(5 when on virus overdrive) Attack for DC: . +13/(15 when on virus overdrive) Range: Melee ( )
Consume + 7/(5 when on virus overdrive) Attack for DC: . +12/(14 when on virus overdrive) Range: Melee, applies grab and weaken toughness 8 ( )

Defence ( 11 pp)
Parry: Rank ( 0 ) + Feat/power ( 0 ) + Equipment ( 0 )= 7/(5 when on virus overdrive)
Dodge: Rank ( 4 ) + Feat/power ( 0 ) + Equipment ( 0 )= 7/(5 when on virus overdrive)
Toughness: 3 Feat/power ( 0 ) + Equipment ( 0 )= 13/(15 when on virus overdrive)
Will: Rank ( 3 ) + Feat/power ( 0 ) + Equipment ( 0 )= 7/(5 when on virus overdrive)
Fortitude: Rank ( 0 ) + Feat/power ( 3 ) + Equipment ( 0 )= 13/(15 when on virus overdrive)

Equipment (2pp)
- Swordmaster array
- Claymore ( Damage 4 : Reach 1, Improved smash +2 to check, Weapon break +2 to check) ·
- Mayotta tomo and Wakizaki ( Damage 3 : Improved critical 2, Split 1 ) ·
- Chinese hook sword ( Damage 2 : Weapon bind +2 to check, Improved disarm +2 to check ) ·
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Re: [OOC] MnM 3e - In the Shadow of Imperator

Post by Supernaturalist » Tue Feb 12, 2019 2:14 pm


Dr. Levi Kripke
PL 7 (105pp)
Ethnicity Jewish-American
Occupation: Neurosurgeon / Now a Medical Researcher and Popular Spokesperson for "The Imperator's Society"
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 210 lbs.
Native Language: English

Abilities (44pp)
Strength 1, Stamina 1, Agility 1, Dexterity 0, Fighting 0, Intellect 7, Awareness 6, Presence 6

Advantages (13pp)
Assessment, Beginner's Luck, Benefit (Status - Acknowledged Leader in Medicine), Connected (Politicians), Contacts (News Media), Fascinate (Persuasion), Improvised Tools, Languages 3 (German, Hebrew, French, Japanese), Leadership, Second Chance (Treatment roll), Skill-mastery (Treatment)

Skills (44pp)
Deception 8 (+14), Expertise: Physician 7 (+14), Expertise: Science 7 (+14), Expertise: Politics 7 (+14), Expertise: Current Events 7(+14), Expertise: Biotechnology/Cybernetics 7 (+14), Insight 8 (+14), Intimidation 8 (+14), Perception 8 (+14), Persuasion 8 (+14), Technology 1 (+8), Treatment 7 (+14), Driving (fixed-wing aircraft) 5 (+5)



Initiative +1

Defense (4pp)
Dodge 1, Parry 1, Fortitude 4, Toughness 1, Will 6

Power Points
Abilities 44 + Powers 0 + Advantages 13 + Skills 44 (88 ranks) + Defenses 4 = 105


Motivation - Utopian Idealism - The promise of a better world (or one certainly better than the present one) has captured Dr. Kripke's mind. Despite the possible negatives of a technocratic, authoritarian regime, He fully believes it a necessary evil for dragging the ignorant masses (at least those who CAN be dragged) into the next stage of human social-evolution. His "progressivism" has taken on the mantle of an intolerant fundamentalism. Like many who sympathize with the Imperator, the ends justify the means.

Public Hatred - Though he has garnered some sympathy with a large swath of the American public (university-intellectuals, political progressives, the "Youth vote", Hollywood, left-leaning politicians, and many entertainers). He is particularly hated by the American "Right". He dismisses them as mostly racists, luddites, religious fundamentalists, Nazis, and reactionaries. Whatever "The Right" is, they are more of a danger to him than he realizes.

A New Yorker by birth. Levi Kripke has lived most of his life in the American northeast. The son of an affluent Jewish family from Manhattan's upper West side, he has not wanted for much in life. His formidable intellect combined with an elite education produced one of the leading physicians of the late 20th and early 21st century.

Much of his early career was spend as an actual surgeon, but his ambition and experience soon lead him into the roles of researcher and spokesperson for medical, social policy. A popular voice in support of "progressive" politics, he became a "go to" personality when various media groups sought an expert opinion on both medical research and social reform.

Over the last decade, he has become more radicalized due to his fear that human progress has either been greatly arrested (or even reversed). Even those who sympathize with his positions on various issues are beginning to question his defense of the defunct Imperator's regime. Since the collapse of the Imperator's regime, he has continued his support by denouncing the "barbaric actions" of those responsible for Hadron City's "brutal invasion".
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Re: [OOC] MnM 3e - In the Shadow of Imperator

Post by EnigmaticOne » Tue Feb 12, 2019 2:27 pm

Peter Ezima [PL 10]

Before Ascension

After Ascension

The second-generation American child of Nigerian immigrants who fled upheaval in their native country, Peter was bright and invested with the hopes his parents put in him for the future. This brought him to Hadron City as a university student when Imperator came to town. Others might have been afraid and fearful, but Peter was quickly in awe at the utopian creations and advancements before him.

He quickly became a follower of Imperator and joined the Engineering Corps, demonstrating an astonishing knack for super-science devices. Unlike others, he could maintain and repair them, but the principles in bringing new ones to life eluded him aggravatingly. True, he served a dictator. But he remembered his parents' stories of their youth, and felt an ample and happy future was worth it.

Then the barrier went down, and the dream died. Peter went into hiding and watched from the shadows as Stronghold tore everything down. When Null called, he was more than eager to join.

Strength 0, Stamina 2, Agility 2, Dexterity 2, Fighting 0, Intellect 8, Awareness 2, Presence 0

Dodge 6, Parry 6, Fortitude 8, Toughness 12, Will 12

Expertise: Computers 8 (+16), Expertise: Hadron City 5 (+13), Expertise: Engineering 8 (+16), Expertise: Electronics 8 (+16), Insight 6 (+8), Investigation 5 (+13), Perception 6 (+8), Persuasion 4 (+4), Stealth 4 (+6), Technology 8 (+16)

Close Attack 5, Improvised Tools, Inventor, Ranged Attack 4

Living Machine: Regeneration 1
Machine Resilience: Immunity 11 [Aging, Life Support]
Machine Mind: Immunity 5 [Emotion Effects]
Cyber-Neural Network: Communications 5 (Mental Technology; Dimensional, Subtle, Rapid 1, Advantage: Teamwork, Flaw: Limited to "the Cyber Neural Network")

Bring Forth From Nothing: Continuous Create 10 (Innate, Subtle, Precise)
AE - Instant Repair: Ranged Healing 10 (Affects Only Objects)
AE - Shape Like Clay: Affliction 10 (Resisted by Fortitude/Dodge; Transformed; Accurate 2, Affects Objects Only, Distracting, Limited to non-super-science materials)
AE - Manifested Snares: Ranged Affliction 10 (Resisted by Dodge; Hindered/Vulnerable, Immobile/Defenseless; Accurate, Extra Condition, Indirect 4, Limited to Two Degrees)
AE- Manifested Attacks: Ranged Damage 10 (Accurate 2, Indirect 4, Variable Descriptor 2 [Created Weaponry])

Manifested Defenses: Sustained Protection 10

Techno-Awareness: Comprehend 2 [Machines]; Feature 1 [Augmented Reality]
Integrated Electronics: Feature 2 [Built in Computer with WiFi Access Anywhere]

Initiative +2
Close Attack +5
Ranged Attack +6
Shape Like Clay: +9, Fortitude/Dodge DC 20
Manifested Attacks: +10, Toughness DC 25
Manifested Snares: +10, Dodge DC 20

Motivation - Believer: Peter is a devout believer in Imperator's message and cause, certain that it is the best thing possible for the world.
Inhuman: Ascension has completely changed Peter's appearance, preventing him from passing as human without special means.

[Abilities 32 + Defenses 28 + Skills 30 + Advantages 11 + Powers 54 = 155]
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Re: [OOC] MnM 3e - In the Shadow of Imperator

Post by mrdent12 » Tue Feb 12, 2019 11:00 pm

Diego Gonzalez
PL 10
PP 154

Age 36



Kansas City born and world bred, Diego didn't quite fit in. He was the child of a Spanish man from Spain and Arabic woman from Dubai. They met when Ricardo, Diego's father, was traveling for business. Ricardo locked eyes with Daima while appraising some art and the rest was wedding bells followed by copulation resulting in Diego. For business reasons, they moved to Kansas City to run an art gallery at the request of one of Ricardo's friends and settled down to have a proper family. It wasn't like they stayed put too much though. Daima was also an in demand translator, so the family would often travel together bringing Diego along for the ride taking his education upon themselves and the occasional tutor. By the time he was ten, Diego had more stamps on his passport than most adults do in their lifetimes. Not the brightest when it came to the sciences, he had a knack for languages and detail inherited from his parents. His mother made sure Diego could speak a few languages while his father impressed upon him the fine details of art work.

It wasn't until 14 that he settled down to finish high school like a normal kid. Being world traveled, he felt bored often and didn't pay attention much. Still, he did middle of the pack grades and just enough to not be in the bottom tier of students. For all intents and purposes, he was average. His two strengths were art history and languages that had been drilled into him since birth. Athletics and physical wise, he did alright. Like in his academics though, he didn't excel or look terrible. With his mind always drifting, he kept thinking of all the people in the world who lacked so much and devoured books on utopian societies where everyone was taken care in all the languages he knew. Philosophy also piqued his interest, but was too theoretical. Someone had to have some practical answers to the issues that plagued the world. By the time he reached college, getting into NYU, he was a dreamer who could speak five languages. So, he fit right in as an occasional U.N translator to pay the bills.

Imperator's men took notice of how seamless Diego was in translating and working with people from across the world, yet being forgotten as well as the "help". They appealed to the dreamer in him. Imperator would need men like him who could fit in anywhere to make utopia a reality. When pressed on the hard questions, like what he would need to do, they were blunt. No utopia was ever peacefully created. If he accepted a place in Imperators forces, he would need to do things that didn't seem right in the short term yet would pay off in the end. Naive at the beginning, he signed on shortly before the bubble went up. At the urging of his handlers, he pursued language arts and art history as a double major taking study abroad twice. Once to Madrid and once to Shanghai. Both majors weren't terribly hard for him, but immensely useful in ingratiating himself with people of importance plus catching the attention of the U.S military who needed Arabic translators.

Upon graduation, he signed up for the U.S Navy, again at the behest of his handlers, where he was trained in war as well as counter intelligence. As part of his stint in the navy, he was attached to some Seal teams who went on classified missions as a translator plus member of the team. This time was the most dangerous for Diegos handlers as they didn't want to risk communicating with him openly. Instead, they left coded messages. Six years was enough training and Diego didn't resign up when his enlistment ended despite being offered a generous reenlistment bonus. Instead, he finished up his PHD in language arts and became a professor at NYU working as a translator from time to time for the U.S delegation by virtue of his security clearance which he kept active even after leaving the military and amicable personality. All information he gathered, he passed on to his handlers. In addition, they would sometimes ask him to draw upon his military training to take out targets discretely or influence people to make choices to benefit Imperators grand plan.

While all this was going on, no one would suspect him of being a deep cover agent. If he traveled, he was used to it from youth. If he got a gig interpreting for a treaty, well it was in his skill set and clearance. There was a couple girls he fancied and went with for a spell, even marrying a particularly stunning red head for a year before she got tired of how secretive he was because of his interpreting gigs. Fellow former or still active soldiers would unwittingly give him little nuggets of information when plastered. By all appearances, he was a red, white, and blue American.

When the war started, his handlers told him to play along with the other side. As expected, the U.S military drew upon his skill set and brought him into the fight this time as an infiltrator. Inside the city, he secretly sabotaged his unit leaving just him and two others alive from the surprise attack that wiped out the rest. He was brought back to the intelligence side for his language skills because of the PTSD that he was mimicking signs of. Not enough to turn the tides of war, he still provided valuable intelligence to Imperators forces. At night, under the pretext of getting drunk alone to quash the pain of losing his unit, he would run missions to take out key players as demanded. In the end, his efforts were for naught. Imperator still fell.

With the war over, he fell back into his old life resuming his role as a professor. Things were quiet for a few months. Diego thought it was all over and utopia would never come to pass, so he settled for a regular life. He even met a nice girl from Ireland who caught his eye that he started dating seriously with an eye towards settling in a year or so if things went well. There wasn't much more for him. NYU, not knowing the full extent of his war efforts, praised him as a hero awarding him tenure. The offers to translate gotten even more frequent, but he didn't have his heart in it anymore after the loss and claimed bad war memories when turning down most. One day it all changed though and his old handler resurfaced.

Character Sheet

Abilities 38pp:
Strength 1 Stamina 3/5* Agility 1/4* Dexterity 2 Fighting 5/8* Intellect 4 Awareness 3 Presence 0
* With powers

Skills 35pp:
Close Combat(knifes) 4(+12) , Deception 10(+10), Expertise(Spycraft) 8(+12), Expertise(Linguistics) 3(+7), Expertise(Art History) 3(+7), Expertise(Hadron City) 2(+6), Expertise(Military) 2(+6) Insight 4(+7), Perception 8(+11), Persuasion 13(+13), Ranged Combat(guns) 3(+5), Sleight of Hand 5(+7), Stealth 5(+9)

Powers 48pp:
Cloud Physiology: Enhanced Abilities 8(Fighting 3, Agility 3, Stamina 2) 16pp
Iron Will: Enhanced Will 3 (Will Save 3) 3pp
Mutable Body: Protection 3 3pp
Feature: Voice Mimicry(+10 Deception for mimicking voices) 1pp

Dark Cloud Form(21pp):
...Insubstantial 2(Permanent, precise except for damage) 11pp
...Concealment 4(All visual senses, in shadows/darkness only) 4pp
...Flight 3(250 ft/16mph) 6pp
AE: Solid Form(21pp):
...Morph 2(Any Human) 10pp
...Feature 1(Mimic wearables appearance) 1pp
...Formed Blades: Damage 7(Strength Based, Extras: Accurate 2, Variable) 10pp
AE: Dark Liquid Form(21pp):
...Insubstantial 1(Permanent) 5pp
...Elongation 5(250 Ft) 5pp
...Weaponized Body: Damage 7(Strength Based, Extras: Accurate 2, Variable 1, split attack) 11pp

Adaptable Senses: Senses 2(Dark Vision) 2pp

"Living Machine", Regeneration 1 0pp(free)
"Machine Resilience", Immunity 11 [Life support, Aging] 0pp(free)
"Machine Mind", Immunity 5 [Emotion Effects] 0pp(free)
"Cyber-Neural Network", Communications 5 [Mental Technology ; Extras: Dimensional (+1 pp), Subtle (+1 pp), Rapid 1 (+1 pp) ; Advantages: Teamwork (+1 pp) ; Flaw: Limited to "the Cyber Neural Network" (-1/r)] 0pp(free)

Advantages 13pp:
Languages 3(Arabic, Spanish, Mandarin, Russian), Benefit(Security Clearance), Assessment, Skill Mastery(Deception), Ranged 4, Well Informed, Precise Attack(Ranged Cover), Power Attack

Initiative +1
Ranged +3, Close +8
Blades Morph +12 DC 23 toughness
Spikes Elongation Morph +12 DC 23 toughness 250 feet range

Defense 21pp
Dodge 12, Fortitude 9, Parry 12, Toughness 8, Will 11

Abilities 38 + Skills 35 + Advantages 13 + Powers 48 + Defenses 21 coming to 155pp

Motivation(Responsibility): He's been at it so long he feels like he needs to play his part to bring about utopia if only to help the world.
Life Debt: Diego feels obliged to Sanders and will not refuse her requests unless directly ordered to. Even than, he will do all he can to help her.
Long Term Wounds: Some wounds didn't heal quite right and if stressed might reopen.
Enemy(U.S Government): Diegos cover is blown. Given the depth of knowledge he had and how deep he was, the U.S government is not happy with him betraying them and they want answers.
Code of Honor(Avoid unnecessary collateral damage): While he is dedicated, Diego isn't a psychopath. If he needs to harm civilians to further a goal he will first think of a better way if possible.


Diego is a world traveled, friendly guy. He loves to tell stories of his travels to put people at ease and is right at home in a room full of drunk diplomats. Underneath it all though, he has become driven to achieve the utopia promised. Being outside the bubble when it came up and only catching a glimpse of the city before it was attacked, he longs for it even more. Still, he isn't mean or evil in his mind. The ends justify the means.


He is based off the Elite Soldier with some things tweaked to make him more spy like. Expetise(Spycraft) is a combination of the tailing and surveillance from stealth, gather information and search from investigate. Expertise(linguistics) covers knowing things about languages even if he can't speak them, pick up a few words and basic meanings, etc plus what they mean in various cultures.

Liquid/Solid Form without Morph


Initial Appearene

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Re: [OOC] MnM 3e - In the Shadow of Imperator

Post by Sakuro » Sun Feb 24, 2019 11:39 pm

Roninarmy has been down for a while. If you are reading this, feel free to post on these forums if you wish. Later we can link the posts, or transfer them, to the other forum.

Still need Alexandria's build posted here.

We left off with Alex ascending the shaft and telling the team she was unable to reach the door. Diego, through his scope, was able to see some concealed sensors as well as a dust covered panel imbedded in the wall next to the door.
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Re: [OOC] MnM 3e - In the Shadow of Imperator

Post by Supernaturalist » Fri Mar 08, 2019 7:18 pm

Ronin army is down again. Just in case it remains down, I'm bumping this to the top.

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Re: [OOC] MnM 3e - In the Shadow of Imperator

Post by Sakuro » Fri Mar 08, 2019 8:49 pm

It is down for me as well. Feel free to post here in the meantime. The last post I saw was Alex's entry and moving to help someone who fell from the quake-splosion. Let me know if you need a summary of my last post.

… and it is back up. Still, if it is down for anyone, go ahead and post here. I will be checking here until everyone checks in at Roninarmy.
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Re: [OOC] MnM 3e - In the Shadow of Imperator

Post by Supernaturalist » Mon Apr 15, 2019 6:37 pm

For some reason, the Ronin Army site keeps giving me the message that the servers are too full. It's been doing this to me for a couple of days no matter what time of day I logon. Anyone else having these problems?

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Re: [OOC] MnM 3e - In the Shadow of Imperator

Post by Camus » Mon Apr 15, 2019 6:40 pm

Me too, but sporadically I get access. It is acting up again it seems
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Re: [OOC] MnM 3e - In the Shadow of Imperator

Post by Sakuro » Mon Apr 15, 2019 7:06 pm

I have experienced the sporadic serving fullness as well. Keep an eye on these forums if it worsens. I will as well. If you can't get a post in, you may follow up here. Or request someone transfer their post over here so that you can respond.

You should also move any updated information on you characters over here as well. Iona's sheet, and Hitori's Macro-Viral status, for example.
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Re: [OOC] MnM 3e - In the Shadow of Imperator

Post by Supernaturalist » Tue Apr 16, 2019 1:52 am

The Ronin Army site is really annoying. Even when I get logged on to post, I'll often the the "Server is Full" error as I'm submitting a post. That's why I double-posted that one time. :evil:

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Re: [OOC] MnM 3e - In the Shadow of Imperator

Post by mrdent12 » Tue Apr 16, 2019 5:29 am

The server seems to be coming up for maybe an hour or so, something happens, and it goes down again. I've tried getting Diegos latest sheet a couple times, but it always seems to be in the times the board is down.

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