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Jab's Rifts Builds (Wolfen! Cosmo-Knights! Dominators!)

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My Rifts Story
Magic Spells
Ley Lines Explanation
The Artists
List of Books
My Past Characters

Occupational Character Classes:
Main Rulebook:
City Rat
Body Fixer
Rogue Scholar
Rogue Scientist
Vagabond Non-Skilled
Glitter Boy
Wilderness Scout
Line Walker
Mystic Magic
Mind Melter

Racial Character Classes:
Dragon Hatchling (Great Horned)
Dragon Hacthling (Fire)
Dragon Hatchling (Ice)
Dragon Hatchling (Thunder Lizard)

Phase World:
Spacer & Runner

Juicer Uprising:
Delphi Juicer
Dragon Juicer
Hyperion Juicer
Maxi-Killer (Splugorth Juicer)
Phaeton Juicer
Titan Juicer
Juicer Assassin
Juicer Gladiator
Juicer Scout
Wannabe Juicer
Techno-Zombies & Phoenix Juicers
Juicer Gear
The Vallax

Coalition States:
"Dead Boy" Grunts & Officers
CS Commandos & Special Forces
Dog Pack (Dog Boys)
Coalition Juicer
Other Coalition O.C.C.s
SAMAS Pilots
Smiling Jack & Striker SAMAS
Mauler & Terror Trooper Armor
Glitter Boy Killer
UAR-1 Enforcer
Spider-Skull Walkers
IAR-2 Abolisher & IAR-3 Skull Smasher
Hellraiser & Hellfire
Hellion & Centaur Skelebots

Free Quebec:
GB (Descended Pilot)
GB (Glitter Girl)
GB (Tarantula)
GB (Taurus)
GB (Triax)
GB (Silver Wolf)
Side Kick
Reload Team
Sea Dragon
Free Quebec Cyborgs

Rifts Atlantis:
True Atlanteans
Atlantean Nomad
Tattoo Magic
Tattooed Men
Tattooed-Monster Man
Undead Slayer
Stone Master
The Splugorth
Splugorth High Lord
Splugorth Conservator
Kydian Powerlord
Splugorth Slaver
Blind Warrior Women
Murex Metzla
Volute Metzla
Murvolva Metzla
Murmova Metzla
Kreelong Carapace
Kreewarr Carapace
The Sunaj Assassin
Shaydor Spherian
Shaydorian Intel
Yahzing Multipede
Eyes of Eylor
Bio-Wizard Borgs
Kittani Armor
Kittani Vehicles
Atlantean Gear

Rifts Mercenaries:
Bounty Hunter
Criminal OCCs
Freelance Spy
Master Assassin
Special Forces

Rifts South America:
Voodoo Priest
Tribal Shaman
Jungle Elves
Atlantean Monster Hunter
Mutant Cats
Flying Tiger
Flame Panther
Hunter Cat
Oracle Cat
The Sekhmet
Soul Worm
Pogtalian Dragon Slayers
Pincer Warriors
Grimbor Ape-Men
Lizard Men
Raptor Armor
Allosaurus Armor
Tyrannosaurus Armor
Giant Vampire Bat
Huecu (Devil Mantas)
Trelque-Huecuve (Squid)

Rifts Japan:
Traditional Samurai
Bishamon Fighting Monk
Shohei Warrior Monk
Yamabushi Mountain Priest
Demon Queller
Mystic Ninja
Cyborg Soldier
Cyber Samurai
Robot Pilot
Robot Suits
Samurai SAMAS
Glitter Force
Glitter Boy "Point"
Glitter Boy "Hawkeye"
Police Officer
Dragon 'Borg
Tech Ninja
Ninja Techno-Wizard
Ninja Crazy
Ninja Juicer
Ninja 'Borg
Japanese D-Bees & Monters
Japanese Dragons

Triax & The NGR:
Triax/NGR O.C.C.s
Gypsy O.C.C.s
Triax Gear
Triax 2 Gear
Glitter Boy (Fat Boy)
Glitter Boy (Hell Angel)
Gargoyle Mages
Gargoyle Lords
Gargoyle Gear

Book Overviews:
Rifts Atlantis
Rifts Mercenaries
Rifts South America 1
Rifts Japan
Coalition War Campaign
Rifts Free Quebec
Rifts Cyber-Knights
Triax & the NGR 1-2
Phase World

Others' Builds:
Erin Tarn (Catsi)
Eduardo Santiago (Macyn)
Cyber-Knights (JD Rook)

PL 3: Vagabond, Voodoo Priest
PL 4: Lizard Men; Gypsies (Thief, Wizard Thief, Seer, Gifted)
PL 6: Dog Pack; Rogue Scholar, Rogue Scientist, Operator, Body Fixer, Cyber-Doc; Biomancer; Colonist
PL 7: Coalition "Dead Boy" Grunt, Technical Officer; City Rat, Xiticix; Wannabe Juicer, Gambler, The Vallax; Safecracker, Forger, Smuggler, Professional Thief; Tengu, Japan (Infantryman, Robot Pilot, Police Officer), Cyberoid; Sailor, Pirate, Tribal Shaman; Atlantean Nomad, Yahzing Multipede, Zembahk, Hawrk-Duhk, Stone Master; NGR Infantry Soldier, Communications & Medical Officers, Field Mechanic, Power Armor Commando, Robot Combat Pilot, Robot Soldier, Intelligence Officer & Commando, Police
PL 8: CS Military Specialist, CS Commando, Skelebot, Psi-Stalker; Wilderness Scout, Newcomers, Super-Spy, Master Assassin, Special Forces, Mystic Magic, Line Walker, Shifter, Yamabushi Mountain Priest; Jungle Elves, Amazons, Ewaipanomas, Huecu; Tattooed Man, T-Monster Men, Undead Slayer, Dragonsaurus, Erta, Hawrk-Ka; Gargoylites; Spacer, Runner
PL 9: Burster, Mind Melter, Crazy, Cyber-Knight (basic); CS Special Forces, Hellion Skelebot; Juicer, Hyperion Juicer, Phaeton Juicer, Juicer Assassin, Juicer Gladiator, Juicer Scout, Delphi Juicer, Psycho-Stalker (Basic), Titan Juicer, Bounty Hunter, Traditional Samurai, Ronin, Shohei Warrior Monk, Mystic Ninja, Demon Queller, Tech-Ninja, Ninja Techno-Wizard, Oni; Gatherers, Pincer Warriors, Grimbor Ape-Men, Giant Vampire Bat; Maxi-Men, Kittani, Yll, Hawrk-Ohl; Reload Team; Gurgoyles
PL 10: Cyber-Knight (Psi-Shield); SAMAS Pilot, Smiling Jack SAMAS, Striker SAMAS, Mauler Armor, Terror Trooper Armor, Centaur Skelebot, Coalition Juicer; Psycho-Stalker (Enhanced), Bishamon Fighting Monk, Cyborg Soldier (Japan), Ninja Crazy, Ninja Juicer, Wing Blad Dragon 'Borg, Oni Master; Blind Warrior Women, Murmova Metzla; Side Kick, V-SAMAS, Sea Dragon, FQ Cyborg (Imprimer, Dervish); Gargoyles, NGR Cyborg Soldier, Brodkil
PL 11: Cyber-Knight (Combat Awareness), Dragon Hatchling (Fire, Ice, Thunder Lizard); Super SAMAS, Glitter Boy Killer, UAR-1 Enforcer, Spider-Skull Walker, Scout Spider-Skull Walker, Scorpion-Skull Walker, IAR-2 Abolisher, IAR-5 Hellfire; Mega-Juicer, Dragon Juicer, Splugorth Juicer; Cyber Samurai, Samurai SAMAS, Glitter Force, Ninja 'Borg, Tsunami Dragon 'Borg, Flame Cloud Attack Dragon 'Borg, Oni Mystic; Pogtalian Dragon Slayers, Kittani Raptor & Allosaurus Power Armor, Trelque-Huecuve; Kydian Powerlord, Adarok; FQ Cyborg (Slasher, Leviathan); Gargoyle Mages
PL 12: IAR-3 Skull-Smasher, IAR-4 Hellraiser; Glitter Boy, Great Horned Dragon Hatchling, Imperial Combat Dragon 'Borg; Kittani Tyrannosaurus Robot Vehicle, Anti-Monster; Splugorth Slaver, Murvolva Metzla, Kreelong Carapace; Glitter Boy (Glitter Girl, Tarantula, Taurus, Triax, Silver Wolf, Hell Angel); Gargoyle Lords
PL 13: Splugorth Conservator, Kreewarr Carapace; Fat Boy Glitter Boy
PL 14: Japanese Dragons; Soul Worm; Volute Metzla
PL 15: Murex Metzla
PL 16: The Splugorth

-What's not to love about the insane, bizarre world of Rifts? The early '90s (heavily inspired by the late '80s sci-fi scnee) RPG brainchild of Palladium's Kevin Siembieda, Rifts is nowadays primarily known for its kitchen sink setting, Power Creep (ie. the creeping of higher and higher power levels as the years went by), complete insanity, and an unworkable system. The stereotype now is "It's the best RPG nobody plays"- people simply convert the stuff into other settings and play it THAT way.

The Story Of Rifts Earth:
-Usually called "Rifts Earth" in the books themselves, it's a Post-Apocalyptic world created by a nuclear holocaust. As Magic and the spiritual energy of people is a big part of the setting, it's said that the mass death of billions at once completely shattered the fabric of reality, fueling a massive change in Earth's energy fields. "Ley Lines", lines of pure magical energy, opened up all over the world, sending creatures pouring out of openings called "Rifts" (which give the setting its name). Humanity was nearly wiped out, most technology was lost, and all civilization was forced to huddle up in tiny pockets here and there. Earth was overrun by aliens, mythological beings and Dragons in varying numbers.

The CURRENT stage of the setting is that humanity slowly crawled back, using older tech and some new stuff, while various kingdoms eked their way out of the anarchy that was the world. A big chunk, naturally, focuses on the Eastern United States (where Palladium's staff lives)- the most powerful human empire there are the Coalition States, an "Evil Empire" that deliberately mimics the Nazis, preaching a "Human Supremacist" line that also refuses to accept Magic, Psionics, or too much bodily modification- the idea being that your PCs are usually some of the stuff the CS hates. The Coalition has numerous states, most of which are fairly distant from prominent Ley Lines, giving them a measure of protection. The States themselves usually have great cities for the elite, while the poor live in Blade Runner-esque run-down areas (Chi-Town, centre of the Coalition, features "The 'Burbs", where all the poor folk live).

The Coalition are opposed by The Federation of Magic, run by an evil Super-Wizard. Ley Lines surround them on most sides, preventing much expansion. There's also Ishpeming (Northern Gun- and yes, they literally follow the name of the city with that term EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.), a "Company Town" with great robot gear. And a city run by an evil A.I. named "Archie". Mexico is run by Vampires, Canada is overrun with either giant bugs or Quebecois (in a rival/ally to the Coalition), and more. Most other conintents have small kingdoms of their own, from huge (the New German Republic) to small. Oh, and Atlantis has re-emerged from the Rifts, and is now run by dangerous aliens.

Rifts Rules:
-Rifts operates under the old-school Palladium rules, poorly-written and little thought-out as they are, unchanged over the decades. The books are a mess to sort through, have haphazard distribution of information (Siembieda has a printing press IN HIS OWN HOUSE, which is why the layout is so simplistic and prone to errors). You spend a ton of time on character creation and deciding your health, all of which is meaningless as the common Stuctural Damage Capacity (SDC) gives way to Mega-Damage Capacity- MDC is worth a hundred times what SDC is, and if you don't have any MDC stuff, you'll die in a single hit to basically anything.

Generally, your guy is gonna get an MD-dealing gun, and MDC armor, or else he's dead.

The games are infamous for Power Creep. Wizards are very under-powered just in the first book. Dragons are mighty Tanks (unless you rolled a "1"- that single damn D4 can give one guy QUADRUPLE the health of another Dragon), but lack the severe damage output of a Robot Suit. The Glitter Boys stand a level above (3D6x10 MDC!!!). Later editions tend to pile on "Better Versions" of stuff- it's not QUITE as bad as the reputation (Glitter Boys are still top-tier compared to many other things, for example), but there's a reason they've had to do "Sequel Books" to ramp up what came before.

Never mind that some classes are DELIBERATELY worse than others. Many O.C.C.s given are just there to "fill out" the ranks to show you what the world looks like. "Mercenary Repairmen", Vagabonds (literally called "Unskilled" right in the Class's name), City Rats, etc. They share the game with Robot Pilots, Cyborgs who can tank Rail Guns, and more. Both Psychics and Wizards have Classes that are literally given to be weaker than others. It's not the kind of game where "Balance" was even in the equation- right from the start, it's balls-to-the-wall Power-Gaming if you let it get that way.

Rifts generally needs a strong, capable GM who tells players "no", or they'll completely overwhelm everything.

The Appeal of Rifts:
-The big draw is the sheer "Kitchen Sink" setting, tossing in conversions for every Palladium game ever- from Fantasy tropes to superheroes to Robotech. You can have a party consisting of an unskilled Murder Hobo, a Dragon, a guy who never leaves his protective Power Armor, a Demon-Summoning Wizard, and a steroid-addled Action Junkie... AND THAT'S THE MUNDANE, GENERIC PARTY!!!

Really, the name of the game is insanity. You have multiple types of roid-users, Dragons are powerful but not even CLOSE to as dangerous as some Power Armors, endlessly-upgradeable tech, everyone getting psychic powers and cybernetics, and more. Every crazy nutjob thing you can imagine is in this setting, with absolutely zero shame as to the insanity of it.

Rifts Japan is a great example. They got your standard Ninjas, Samurai and whatever- generic stuff, magic'd up to be a bigger threat. But then both those things have Cyborg versions. And there's a Juicer Ninja. And a Ninja Crazy. And a Dragon Borg, that's a dude who put himself into a robotic dragon body.

The art is bonkers, too. Their artists vary in talent: Kevin Long is hit-or-miss, but draws great robot suits. Wayne Breaux is pretty bad. Vince Martin LOVES rounded, organic armors. Chuck Walton does Techno-Porn and Uber-Complicated Organic Creatures stuff. But generally speaking, they will all draw 900 things, and the writers will scribble together some random-ass Character Class or Robot Armor to justity the artwork. Sometimes they even bluntly point out that the thing sucks and has flaws (a really cool concept, actually- it's actually REALISTIC to include military gear that just didn't pan out). Most things have Guns Upon Guns Upon Blades, with things like Vince Martin's "Glitter Boy Killer" being a particularly egregious example. His Splugorth & Dragon Juicers just pile on the claws, too.

Your classes are extremely varied:

* Juicers- Steroid-freak mercenary types. Appeal to action junkies.
* Borgs- Cyborg soldiers.
* Crazies- Superhumans due to insanity-producing conversions. Palladium literally has "be annoying at the gaming table" as a CLASS FEATURE in every book they produce.
* Cyber Knights- Like D&D Paladins with psychic powers and cybernetics.
* Glitter Boys- Iconic, overpowered Super-Mechs with devastating weapons.
* Headhunter- The "Generic" mercenary.

COALITION AGENTS: "Dead Boy" Grunts, Technical Officers, Robot Pilots & Military Specialists.
SCHOLARS/ADVENTURERS: Low-tier fighters who appeal to "Role Player" types- Body Fixers, Cyber Docs, City Rats, Operators (mercenary repairmen), Rogue Scientists & Scholars, Wilderness Scouts & Vagabonds (unkilled hobos)
MEN OF MAGIC: Shifters (Summoners; usually nutso), Line Walkers (generic wizards), Mystics (low-level)
PSYCHICS: Burster (pyros), Psi-Stalkers (hunters of other psychics), Mind Melters (the uber-tier)
RACES: Dragons (four different kinds), Dog Boys (psychic-hunting dog-people)

And that's just the FIRST BOOK.

I'll try to get through many of the books that I have, but I probably won't build everything. I might even get bored partway through and stop. You never know with me :).
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Settings & Conversions

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* Here's my approximations of some stuff. Rifts is a high-power setting with some insane levels, meaning that even the Mooks are like PL 6 & 7. PCs will likely be PL 10 AT MINIMUM. Sometimes I'll drop things a bit just to keep things in line PL-wise, but I mostly stick to this.

Super Strength:
* The Conversion book has this one hidden away. Naturally, some things contradict it.
PS 15: 1D4 MD (+6)
PS 16-20: 1D6 MD (+7)
PS 21-25: 2D6 MD (+9)
PS 26-30: 3D6 MD (+10)
PS 31-35: 4D6 MD (+11)
PS 36-40: 5D6 MD (+12)
PS 41-50: 6D6 MD (+13)
PS 51-60: 1D6x10 MD (+14)

(1d4): Blast 6
(1d6): Blast 7
(2d4): Blast 8
(2d6): Blast 9
(3d6): Blast 10
(4d6): Blast 11
(5d6): Blast 12
(6d6 + 1d4 x 10): Blast 13
(1d6 x 10): Blast 14
(3d6 x 10): Blast 15
(6d6 x 10): Blast 16

* Note: I'm mostly ignoring the SDC/MDC divide, because it's annoying and dumb. Still, high-tier toughness is common, and is often Impervious, with high damage often being Penetrating.

5-30 MDC (+7)
30-70 MDC (+8)
70-110 MDC (+9)
110-190 MDC (+10)
190-260 MDC (+11)
260-340 MDC (+12)
340-430 MDC (+13)
430-530 MDC (+14)
530-660 MDC (+15)
660-800 MDC (+16)
800-1,100 MDC (+17)
1,100-3,000 MDC (+18)
3,000-6,000 MDC (+19)
6,000-12,000 MDC (+20)

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re: Rifts

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Extra Spot (for when I add Archives)

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Magic Spells & Psionic Powers (Main Rulebook)

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* UGH, finally done this atrocity. Yes, it's as much of a slog as it looks. But I felt the need to get all the spells down, just to get a greater sense of what a Wizard could do. What's surprising is how non-combat-oriented it largely is. There's a bunch of Afflictions in the middle level, but the damage-dealing spells aren't overly fantastic, and you couldn't scare much of anybody just using offensive spells if the opponent had Mega-Damage armor. What Magic seems to be really about is VERSATILITY- using Remote Sensing, Move Object, Dazzles and extra-sensory powers unobtainable to Armored-Up Goons.

The two basic "Damage" spells I can find are Fire Bolt (4D6 MD, about Blast 11) and Call Lightning (1D6 MD per level). The first never increases, but is about on par with most Laser Weapons (albeit Mages can only fire two per round, whereas many Men Of Arms can have many more, especially at higher levels). Call Lightning is weak at first (Blast 7-ish), but a high-end fighter will be hitting with more damage than a SAMAS! Again, limited rates of fire and the fact that they use up exhaustible energy hampers the Mage.

Magic in Rifts uses PPE (Personal Psychic Energy, which shows up numerous times in the book but I can only find the full name on Page 162) as a source. Most races get jack-all (2D6) as a base. Actual Spellcasting O.C.C.s get much more. A Line Walker will have anywhere from 40-100 PPE, and a Mystic only slightly less. You can also drain them from other stuff if need be, however.

Level One:
* Typically 1-4 PPE in cost.

"Blinding Flash" Dazzle Visuals (15ft. Burst) (2.5 pp/rank)
"Cloud of Smoke" Concealment (Visuals) (Attack, Ranged) (4 pp/rank)
"Death Trance" Morph 1 (Dead Body) (Immobile) (3 points)
"Globe of Daylight" Environment (Light) (2 pp/rank)
"See Aura" Senses 11 (Detect Fighting Capability- Analytical & Ranged, Detect Magic- Ranged, Detect Psionics- Ranged & Acute, Detect Possession- Ranged) (11 points)
"See the Invisible" Senses 4 (Vision Counters Concealment) (4 points)
"Sense Evil" Senses 2 (Evil Awareness- Ranged) (2 points)
"Sense Magic" Senses 3 (Magical Awareness- Ranged, Acute) (3 points)
"Thunderclap" Affliction (Fort; Dazed/Stunned) (Burst, Limited Degree) (1 pp/rank)

Level Two:
* Typically 5-6 PPE in cost.

"Befuddle" Affliction (Will; Dazed & Vulnerable/Stunned & Defenseless) (Ranged, Extra Condition, Limited Degree) (2 pp/rank)
"Chameleon" Concealment 2 (Visuals) (Affects Others, Blending) (4 points)
"Climb" Wall-Crawling 1 (2 points)
"Concealment" Concealment 2 (Visuals) (Affects Others, Ranged, Objects Only) (3 pp/rank)
"Detect Concealment" Senses 4 (Vision Counters Concealment) (4 points)
"Extinguish Fire" Nullify Fire (2 pp/rank)
"Fear" Affliction (Will; Dazed/Compelled/Controlled) (Ranged, Fear Only) (2 pp/rank)
"Heavy Breathing" Illusion (Hearing) & Affliction (Will; Dazed/Defenseless) (Ranged, Limited Degree) (1 & 1 pp/ranks)
"Levitation" Flight 1 & Move Object 2 (6 points)
"Mystic Alarm" Senses 1 (Awareness of Someone Touching or Entering Something (1 point per item/place)
"Turn Dead" Mind Control (Burst, Ranged Only, Limited to Animated Undead) (2 pp/rank)

Level Three:
* Typically 5-10 PPE in cost.

"Armor of Ithan" Protection (Impervious) & Immunity 20 (Magic, Fire, Lightning) (Half-Effect) (1-2 pp/rank +10)
"Breathe Without Air" Immunity 2 (Suffocation) (Affects Others) (4 points)
"Energy Bolt" Blast (typically only to +6) (2 pp/rank)
"Fingers of the Wind" Features 1 (Creates Wind) (1 point)
"Float in Air" Safe Fall & Move Object 2 (4 points)
"Fuel Flame" Features 2: Doubles Existing Fire (2 points)
"Ignite Flame" Features 2: Ignites Anything (2 points)
"Impervious to Fire" Immunity 5 (Fire) (5 points)
"Impervious to Poison" Immunity 1 (Poison) (Affects Others, Ranged) (3 points)
"Invisibility: Simple" Concealment 2 (Vision) (4 points)
"Negate Poison" Transform (Poison to Inert) (2 pp/rank)
"Paralysis: Lesser" Affliction (Fort; Impaired/Disabled/Paralyzed) (Ranged, One Extremity Only) (1 pp/rank)
"Resist Fire" Immunity 6 (Heat, Fire Damage) (Affects Others, Ranged) (18 points)
"Telekinesis" Move Object 1, FIGHTING +2, Dodge +2 (8 points)

Level Four:
* Typically 7-30 PPE in cost.

"Astral Projection" Remote Sensing (All Sense) (Flaws: Visible to Invisible & Astral Beings) (4 pp/rank)
"Blind" Dazzle Visuals (Touch Range, Reach 2) (1 pp/rank +2)
"Carpet of Adhesion" Move Object (10ft. Wide x 30ft. Long Line +2, Limited to Sticking To The Ground) (2 pp/rank)
"Charismatic Aura" Attractive 2, PRESENCE Boost (Affects Others) (3 pp/rank +4)
"Cure Minor Disorders" Healing (Limited to Minor Ailments) (1 pp/rank)
"Energy Field" Force Field 6 (Affects Others) (12 points)
"Fool's Gold" Morph 1 (Gold) (Affects Others, Sustained) (8 points)
"Fire Bolt" Blast (2 pp/rank)
"Ley Line Transmission" Communication (Mental) (Limited to Along Ley Lines) (4 pp/rank)
"Magic Net" Snare (3 pp/rank)
"Multiple Image" Illusion (Visual) (Limited to 2 Images of Caster), Parry & Dodge +2, +1 Fighting & Ranged Attack (1 pp/rank +7)
"Repel Animals" Affliction (Will; Entranced/Compelled/Controlled) (Burst, Cumulative, Limited to Animals, Limited to Leaving Area) (1 pp/rank)
"Seal" Transform (Entrance to Unopenable Entrance, Continuous) (5 pp/rank)
"Shadow Meld" Concealment 4 (Vision) (Requires Shadows) (4 points)
"Swim as a Fish" Adaptation (Aquatic), Swimming (1 pp/rank +2)
"Trance" Affliction (Will; Entranced/Compelled/Transformed to Mindless Trancelike State) (Reach 2) (1 pp/rank +2)

Level Five:
* Typically 8-12 PPE in cost.

"Calling" Communication (Mental) (4 pp/rank)
"Circle of Flame" Damage (Burst) (2 pp/rank) (never over 6 ranks)
"Domination" Mind Control (Limited to Half-Skilled) (3 pp/rank)
"Energy Disruption" Affliction (Tech Skill of Creator; Dazed & Impaired/Stunned & Disabled/Incapacitated) (Ranged, Extra Condition, Cumulative) (Limited to Tech) (3 pp/rank)
"Escape" Sleight of Hand Boost (1 pp/2 ranks)
"Eyes of Thoth" Comprehend 1 (Speak Languages) (Affects Others) (4 points)
"Fly" Flight (Requires Object) (1 pp/rank)
"Heal Wounds" Healing (2 pp/rank)
"Horrific Illusion" Illusion (Visuals) (2 pp/rank)
"Sleep" Sleep (Requires Liquid, Liquid Must Be Drunk) (1 pp/2 ranks)
"Superhuman Strength" Strength Boost (2 pp/rank)
"Superhuman Speed" Speed Boost (1 pp/rank)
"Swim as a Fish (Superior)" Adaptation (Aquatic), Swimming (1 pp/rank +2)

Level Six:
* Typically 10-20 PPE in cost.

"Apparition" Illusion (Visuals) & Affliction (Will; Dazed/Stunned/Incapacitated) (2 pp/rank & 2pp/rank)
"Call Lightning" Damage (Ranged 2, Line) (2 pp/rank +2)
"Compulsion" Mind Control (Limited to One Order, Subtle 2) (3 pp/rank +2)
"Cure Illness" Healing (Limited to Diseases) (1 pp/rank)
"Fire Ball" Blast (2 pp/rank)
"Impervious To Energy" Immunity 20 (Energy Damage) (20)
"Magic Pigeon" Summon Messenger Pigeon 1 (2)
"Mask of Deceit" Morph 2 (Limited to Face) (8 points)
"Memory Bank" Eidetic Memory (Source- Other Person, Must Be Touched Again, Subtle) (1 point)
"Reduce Self" Shrinking (3 pp/rank)
"Teleport (Lesser)" Teleport (Easy) (3 pp/rank)
"Time Slip" Speed & Quickness (1 pp/rank & 1pp/rank)
"Tongues" Comprehend 3 (All Languages) (Affects Others) (9 points)
"Words of Truth" Mind Control (Touch Range, Limited to Telling Truth) (1 pp/rank)

Level Seven:
* Typically 20-25 PPE in cost.

"Constrain Being" Mind Control (Flaws: Ranged, Limited to Simple Commands, Limited to When Not Being Struck) (1 pp/rank)
"Agony" Affliction (Fort; Dazed & Impaired/Stunned & Disabled/Incapacitated) (Feats: Reach +xx) (Extra Condition) (2 pp/rank + Reach Ranks)
"Animate & Control Dead" Summon (Horde, 2 Minions +1 Per Level, Active) (6 pp/rank +Extra Minions)
"Dispel Magical Barriers" Nullify Magic Barriers (1 pp/rank)
"Fly as the Eagle" Flight 6 (Affects Others) (3 pp/rank)
"Globe of Silence" Concealment (Sound) (Burst, Attack, Ranged) (5 pp/rank)
"Invisibility (Superior)" Concealment (All Senses) 5 (10 points)
"Invulnerability" Immunity 6 (Poison, Fire Damage) (Affects Others), Protection (to +7) (Affects Others) (12 points + 2 pp/rank)
"Life Drain" Weaken Toughness (Reach 5) & Affliction (Fort; Impaired/Disabled) (Limited Degree, Reach 5) (1 pp/rank + 1 pp/2 ranks + 10)
"Metamorphosis (Animal)" Morph 2 (Animals) (Affects Others) & Variable (Animal Powers) (Affects Others) (12 points + 8 pp/rank)
"Purification" Transform Impure Foods to Pure Foods (2 pp/rank)
"Second Sight" Remote Sensing (Vision & Hearing) (Must Know Person, Limited to 30 Second Castings) (1 pp/rank)
"Wind Rush" Move Object (Touch Range, Limited to Away, Cone Area) (1pp/2 ranks)

Level Eight:
* Typically 25-50 PPE in cost.

"Commune With Spirits" Comprehend 2 (Spirits) (4 points)
"Exorcism" Nullify Possession (Reach) (1 pp/rank +Reach Ranks)
"Eyes of the Wolf" Senses 11 (Low-Light Vision, Counters Concealment, Acute Plant Detection, Acute Track Detection, Tracking, Poison Awareness) (Affects Others) (22 points)
"Hallucination" Illusion (Mental) (2 pp/rank)
"Locate" Senses 12 (Mental Senses- Accurate, Acute & Exended 5, Direction Sense, Distance Sense, Tracking 2) (12 points)
"Luck Curse" Affliction (Will; Impaired/Disabled) (Limited Degree) & Weaken Toughness (1pp/2 ranks & 1 pp/rank)
"Metamorphosis (Human)" Morph 2 (Humans) (10 points)
"Minor Curse" Affliction (Fort; Dazed/Stunned/Incapacitated) (1 pp/rank)
"Negate Magic" Nullify Magic (Ranged, Broad, Simultaneous) (4 pp/rank)
"Oracle" Senses 4 (Precognition) (4 points)
"Sickness" Affliction (Fort; Dazed/Stunned/Incapacitated) (Insidious, Subtle 2) (2 pp/rank +2)
"Spoil" Transform Pure Foods to Impure Foods (2 pp/rank)
"Stone to Flesh" Affliction (Fort; Vulnerable & Impaired/Defenseless & Disabled/Transformed & Unaware) (Extra Condition) & Nullify Petrification (2 pp/rank & 1 pp/rank)
"Wisps of Confusion" Affliction (Fort; Impaired/Disabled) (Limited Degree, Cumulative) (1 pp/rank)

Level Nine:
* Typically 40-60 PPE in cost.

"Curse (Phobia)" Mind Control (Limited to Fear, Limited to of One Thing, Touch Range, Progressive +2) (2 pp/rank)
"Familiar Link" Senses (Communication Link), Communication (Mental- One Being Only -2) (2 pp/rank +1)
"Metamorphosis (Insect)" Morph 2 (Insects) (Affects Others) & Variable (Insect Powers) (Affects Others) (8 pp/rank +12)
"Mute" Affliction (Fort; Impaired/Disabled/Incapacitated) (Limited to Voice) (1 pp/rank)
"Protection Circle (Simple)" Affliction (Entranced/Compelled/Controlled) (Burst, Continuous, Limited to Staying Away) (2 pp/rank)
"Summon & Control Canines" Summon (Active, Controlled, Horde, 1-4 Minions- Uncontrolled, Variable 1- Canines) (8 pp/rank)
"Speed of the Snail" Affliction (Fort; Dazed & Impaired/Disabled & Defenseless) (Cumulative, Extra Condition, Limited Degree) (2 pp/rank)
"Transferal" Features 1: Transfers Mystic Essence to Another For Safekeeping (1 point)
"Water Into Wine" Transform (2 pp/rank)

Level Ten:
* Typically 65-140 PPE in cost.

"Banishment" Mind Control (Ranged, Limited to Leaving Area, Limited to Supernatural, Progressive +2) (3 pp/rank)
"Control/Enslave Entity" Mind Control (Limited to Summoned Entities, Continuous +3) (Quirk: Ends After 2 days/"Level") (6 pp/rank -1)
"Metamorphosis (Superior)" Morph 5 (Any Form) (20 points)
"Mystic Portal" Movement (Permeate) & Teleport (Easy, Accurate, Portal +2, Extended +2) (8 pp/rank +2)
"Summon & Control Rodents" Summon Swarm (Active, Continuous +3) (6 pp/rank)
"Summon Shadow Beast" Summon (Heroic, Controlled) (5 pp/rank)
"Wards" Various Powers (Damage, Fear, Alarm, Paralysis, Sleep, Pain, Banishment) (Triggered- Being Touched, Affects Others Only) (1-2 pp/rank +1)

Level Eleven:
* Typically 100-160 PPE in cost.

"Anti-Magic Cloud" Nullify Magic (Ranged, Cloud Area, Sustained, Broad, Simultaneous) (6 pp/rank + Area Ranks)
"Create Mummy" Summon (Controlled, Heroic, Continuous, Requires Ritual) (7pp/rank)
"Magic Scroll" Creates Scroll That Can Cast A Spell: Variable (Requires Paper, Requires Ritual, Subtle to Recordings) (5 points +1)
"Remove Curse" Nullify Curse (1 pp/rank)
"Summon & Control Animals" Summon (Controlled, Heroic, Continuous, Variable 2) (8 pp/rank)
"Summon Fog" Environment (Visibility 2, Impede Movement 2) (4 pp/rank)

Level Twelve:
* Typically 210-500 PPE in cost.

"Amulet" Creates Amulets For Various Purposes (Seeing Invisible, Protection Against Sickness/Insanity) (Artificer) (1 point)
"Calm Storms" Nullify Environmental Effects (2 pp/rank)
"Create Zombie" Summon Zombie (Immortal Zombie w/ Immunity to All Damage Save Fire, Electricity & Magic) (Continuous, Controlled) (4 pp/rank)
"Metamorphosis (Mist)" Insubstantial 3 & Flight 1 (Affects Others) (21 points)
"Summon & Control Entity" Summon (Heroic, Controlled, Continuous) (note: Stays in World After Duration; May Not Be Friendly) (6 pp/rank)
"Summon & Control Rain" Environment (Visiblity) (1 pp/rank)
"Time Hole" Dimensional Travel 1 (Dimension Where Time Doesn't Pass Outside) (2 points)

Level Thirteen:
* Typically 300-500 PPE in cost.

"Create Golem (Stone or Iron)" Summon Golem (Controlled, Heroic, Continuous, Requires Golem & Ritual) (6 pp/rank)
"Protection Circle (Superior)" Affliction (Entranced/Compelled/Controlled) (Burst, Continuous, Limited to Staying Away) & +4 Protection & Will Saves vs. Magic & Psionics (Affects Others, Burst, Selective) (3 pp/rank + 28)
"Summon & Control Storm" Environment (Impede Movement 2, Visibility) (Sustained) (5 pp/rank)
"Summon Lesser Being" Summon (Controlled, Heroic, Continuous, Requires Ritual) (7pp/rank)
"Sanctum" Concealment 2 (Magical Detection) (Burst, Continuous) (4 pp/rank)
"Talisman" Artificer Advantage (1 point)

Level Fourteen:
* Typically 200-750 PPE in cost.

"Close Rift" Affliction (Rift's Power; Impaired/Disabled/Powerless) (Ranged, Continuous) (Side-Effect- Loses Some PPE Permanently -2) (5 pp/rank -2)
"Id Barrier" Affliction (Impaired/Disabled/Controlled) (Final Condition Limited to Staying Away, Burst, Ranged, Sustained) (4 pp/rank + 0.5 pp/rank)
"Impenetrable Wall of Force" Create (Sustained, Impervious) (3 pp/rank)
"Restoration" Healing (Restorative, Regrows Limbs) (3 pp/rank +1)

Level Fifteen:
* Typically 600-2,000 PPE in cost (!!!).

"Dimensional Portal" Dimensional Travel 2 (Portal) (8 points)
"Teleport: Superior" Teleport (Increased Mass 5, Accurate, Easy, Extended, Only Places They've Seen) (5 pp/rank +5)
"Transformation (Ritual)" Affliction (Transformed to Monster) (Continuous, Limited to Maximum, Fades After A Few Days -2) (3 pp/rank -2)

* Many, many characters in the game can use Psionics. You actually randomly roll it up with human characters to start, though some classes don't have access to them. You can even have Psionics AND Magic! Psionics aren't overly great for most, though are about as versatile as Magic in some regards. There are three minor schools (Healing, Sensitive, Physical), and "Super Psionics", which is beefed-up way beyond the others. Some schools share powers (Mind Block, for example), while Super-Psionics upgrades some regular ones.

Some powers are Limited Senses, Immunities, Afflictions, and more. Healing shows up a lot, to the point of redundancy (in M&M, anyways).

The most dangerous power is obviously "Psi-Sword", which lets you do 4D6 Damage at Level 3, plus 2D6 at certain increments- though it's rare to hit Level 15, a topped-out Mind Melter will do 14D6 Mega-Damage with his blade!

"Astral Projection" Remote Sensing (Vision) (Physical Body is Defenseless) (1 pp/rank)
"Clairvoyance" Precognition (4 points)
"Empathy" Mind Reading (Limited to Emotions) (1 pp/rank)
"Mind Block" Immunity 20 (Mental Powers) (Flaws: Fades) (10 points)
"Object Read" Postcognition (Limited to Objects) (2 points)
"Presence Sense" Senses (Supernatural Creature Awareness- Radius, Ranged) (2 points +Range)
"See Aura" Senses (Life Detection- Acute, Analytical, Magic Detection, Psychic Detection, Possession Awareness) & Senses (Mutant/Non-Human/Illness Detection- Uncontrolled) (8 points)
"See the Invisible" Vision Counters Concealment (2)
"Sense Evil" Evil Detection- Ranged (2 points +Range)
"Sense Magic" Magic Detection (Radius, Ranged) (3 points +Range)
"Sixth Sense" Danger Sense & Uncanny Dodge (2 points)
"Speed Reading" Quickness (Limited to Reading) (1 pp/2 ranks)
"Telepathy" Mind-Reading Linked to Communication (Mental) (Limited to Brief Messages) (2 pp/rank + 3 points)
"Total Recall" Eidetic Memory (1 point)

"Bio-Regeneration" Healing (Energizing) (3 pp/rank)
"Deaden Pain" Immunity 2 (Pain) (2 points)
"Exorcism" Nullify Possession (Reach) (1 pp/rank +Reach)
"Healing Touch/Psychic Surgery" Healing (2 pp/rank)
"Increased Healing" Regeneration (Affects Others Only) (1 pp/2 ranks)
"Induce Sleep" Sleep (2 pp/rank)
"Psychic Purification" Nullify Drugs (1 pp/rank)
"Resist Fatigue" Immunity 2 (Fatigue) (2 points)
"Detect Psionics" Senses (Psionic Awareness- Ranged) (2 points + Range)

"Alter Aura" Concealment (Auras) (2 points)
"Death Trance" Trance (1 point)
"Ectoplasm" Move Object (Subtle 2) (2 pp/rank +2)
"Impervious to Cold" Immunity (Cold) (1 point)
"Impervious to Fire" Immunity (Fire Effects) (10 points)
"Impervious to Poison/Toxin" Immunity (Poison) (1 point)
"Levitation" Move Object (Low Ceiling) (1 pp/rank)
"Mind Block" Immunity 20 (Mental Powers) (Flaws: Fades) (10 points)
"Nightvision" Low-Light Vision (1 point)
"Resist Fatigue" Immunity 2 (Fatigue) (2 points)
"Resist Hunger" Immunity 1 (Starvation) (1 point)
"Resist Thirst" Immunity 1 (Thirst) (1 point)
"Summon Inner Strength" Stamina +1 & Great Endurance (3 points)
"Telekinesis" Move Object (2 pp/rank)

"Bio-Manipulation (The Evil Eye)"
"Pain" Affliction (Fort; Impaired & Daze/Disabled & Stunned/Incapacitated) (Ranged, Cumulative, Extra Condition) (4 pp/rank +6 AEs)
  • AE: "Blindness" Affliction (Fort; Impaired/Disabled/Unaware) (Ranged, Cumulative, Sight Only)
  • AE: "Deafness" Affliction (Fort; Impaired/Disabled/Unaware) (Ranged, Cumulative, Hearing Only)
  • AE: "Mute" Affliction (Fort; Impaired/Disabled/Incapacitated) (Ranged, Cumulative, Speech Only)
  • AE: "Paralysis" Affliction (Fort; Impaired & Dazed/Disabled & Stunned/Paralyzed) (Ranged, Cumulative, Extra Condition)
  • AE: "Stun" Affliction (Fort; Dazed/Stunned/Incapacitated) (Ranged, Cumulative)
  • AE: "Tissue Manipulation" Affliction (Fort; Impaired/Disabled) (Ranged, Cumulative, Limited Degree)
"Bio-Regeneration (Super)" Healing (Energizing) (3 pp/rank)
"Electrokinesis" Immunity (Electrical Damage), Damage, Affliction (Tech Skill of Creator; Entranced/Compelled/Controlled) (Machines Only, Cumulative, Ranged) (2 pp/rank + 1 AE + 5 points)
"Empathic Transmission" Mind Control (Limited to Emotions) (3 pp/rank)
"Group Mind Block" Immunity 20 (Mental Powers) (Affects Others, 120ft. Burst +3) (Flaws: Fades) (40 points)
"Hydrokinesis" Impurity Awarness, Features 1 (Boil Water), Move Object (Limited to Water), Blast (Requires Water) (1 pp/rank + 1 AE + 2 points)
"Hypnotic Suggestion" Mind Control (Limited to Simple Suggestions & Calming) (3 pp/rank)
"Mentally Possess Others" Mind Control (Physical Body is Defenseless) (3 pp/rank)
"Mind Block Auto-Defense" Psionic Probe/Attack Awareness (2 permanent points; Automatic)
"Mind Bolt" Blast (up to 8) (2 pp/rank)
"Mind Bond" Mind-Reading (Victim Reads User's Mind As Well) & Variable (Skills of Victim) (Both Wear Off After a Month -1) (1 pp/rank & 6 pp/rank -2)
"Mind Wipe" Affliction (Will; Dazed/Compelled/Transformed Memories) (Subtle 2) (Progressive +2, Cumulative) (4 pp/rank)
"P.P.E. Shield" Immunity 5 (Mental Drains) (5 points)
"Psi-Shield" Enhanced Parry (1 pp/rank)
"Psi-Sword" Damage 11 (Penetrating) (12 points + Penetrating) (Increases w/ Experience to +13 Damage)
"Pyrokinesis" Immunity (Fire, Limited to Half), Fire Awareness- Ranged, Features 1: Sets Things Alight, Growth (Limited to Flames), Nullify Flames, Fire Blast (2 pp/rank +2 AEs + 7 points)
"Telekinesis (Super)" Move Object (2 pp/rank)
"Telekinetic Force Field" Force Field (Impervious) (1 pp/rank + Impervious)
"Telemechanics" Technology Skill (Requires Item), Comprehend 2 (Machines) (1 pp/3 ranks + 4 points)
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Re: Jab's Rifts Builds

Post by Batgirl III » Thu May 24, 2018 8:18 am


Ley Lines are like rivers of magical energy, called Potential Psychic Energy or P.P.E. in RIFTS’ love of acronyms. Some are mere trickles that you need to be magically or psychically sensitive to detect, others are much stronger and might give off a glow that can be seen with the naked eye, and some are like the equivalent of the mighty Mississippi and can be seen from orbit.

Points where two or more Ley Lines meet actually increased their P.P.E. more than just the sum of their normal “flow,” and it’s possible to build things like pyramids or stone circles that can amplify this even more. Hence places like Stonehenge or the Great Pyramids being important ritual sites.

Lots of Ley Lines intersecting in close proximity to each other can amplify this exponentially. Hence places like the Bermuda Triangle being especially dangerous...

Oh, and of course, Ley Lines are affected by things like planetary alignments, lunar phases, eclipses, and all that other “The Stars Are Right!” mystic mumbo-jumbo. So, y’know, there’s a reason Conan needs to race to stop the Evil Preist from working his magic during the full moon.

A living, sentient being’s Potential Psychic Energy doubles at the moment of death; this is why “psychic vampires” like Psi-Stalkers usually kill their prey even though they don’t require food in the traditional sense.

Sapient brings usually have much higher P.P.E. than mere animals, which is why human sacrifice is so useful for evil magicians.

A human sacrifice at a Ley Line Nexus that’s been built up as a sacred site during a planetary alignment? P.P.E. Bonanza!

And that, boys and ghouls, is why the world burned.

As Explained in the Chaos Earth supplement-slash-prequel game, two South American nations decided to resolve their brush war by launching nukes at each other at midnight. On the winter solstice. During a planetary alignment. This led to a chain reaction of psychic energy (which you’ll remember doubles every time someone dies) flowing into local Ley Lines, which ran through old Incan and Mayan sacred sites. And the Nazca Lines. And the Amazon Rain Forest. The overflow of which spread out to Ley Lines around the world, causing earthquakes and volcanic eruptions that killed even more people, which released more P.P.E... and so on and so forth.

People even more nerdy about RIFTS than me and Jab have actually tallied up the population figures given in various books put the human population of Rifts Earth (circa 109 P.A.) to be about 350 million people, give or take. That’s roughly the population of the United States, today, but spread out over the entire planet.

But most of Rifts Earth is so dangerous that the overcrowded ‘Burbs surrounding the Coalition’s or N.G.R.’s arcology cities is considered the best place to live by most.

RIFTS is surprisingly internally consistent, if you can slog your way through the archaic and anarchic way the information is presented (and don’t get too caught up by the nine-foot tall demon-possessed cyborg with the chainsaw swords for an arms.)
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The Arts

Post by Jabroniville » Thu May 24, 2018 8:22 am

The art is hit or miss in the early games, but gets REALLY good later on, to the point where Rifts gained a rep for having EXCEPTIONALLY good art. Generally speaking, these are the main artists and their traits...

Wayne Breaux- Draws very blocky, boring-looking robots. His suits and vehicles are very blocky, with somewhat dull shading. His art becomes less and less common with time.

Kevin Long- Weak at people, VERY good at some suits and vehicles. His Cyborg and Glitter Boy still hold up today, but his Burster is embarassingly bad. He drew the first, iconic Juicers with their distinctive harnesses and mohawks.He also can't draw Dog Boys well, making them look rather silly. When colored, a lot of his stuff looks fantastic, and remains iconic.

Vince Martin- Kind of takes hold of things in the mid-'90s, and runs away with his designs. Tends to do very organic-looking armor, with a lot of swooping lines, rounded edges, and tons of ovals and other shapes all over them. Emblematic of this is his total redesign of the Coalition States armor from their blockier, Long-drawn skull-motifs with guys wearing black faceplates and rounded "ribcage" armor. He did all-new SAMAS, Skelebots, two failed Skelebots, THREE suits of rounded-edged Power Armor, and more. His stuff is all over Rifts Japan (lots o' rounded Borgs) and Rifts Underseas (CETACEANS in power armor!). Even his Cosmo-Knights remain distinctive.

Ramon Perez- Draws a lot of people in scratchy-looking armor that's somewhat rounded-looking, but with a lot of rivets and stuff. His people always look "rough" and like you'd imagine Post-Apocalyptic Mercenaries would look. He draws the distinctive New West stuff, and drew what I think is the most iconic Burster (a nasty-looking bald dude setting off a giant fire).

Chuck Walton- Draws the most intricately-detailed robots and sinuous creatures in the line. FANTASTICALLY-rendered stuff, absolutely making the robots look better than anyone else's. The ludicrous detail almost makes them un-drawable to anyone else. The creators used him so much in more-recent books Northern Gun 1 and Rifts Lemuria that is basically comes off as Chuck Walton's Art: The Book, with endless ultra-similar builds getting attached to whatever he happened to come up with. Basically, page after page of "Sketchpad Characters".

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Re: Jab's Rifts Builds

Post by Jabroniville » Thu May 24, 2018 8:25 am

Oh, I forgot about the "South America" origin story- thanks Batgirl!

There's a richness to the setting I really enjoy. Their stuff about "Psionic Energy Doubling at Death" is still something I use to this day in settings, justifying "Ritual Slaughter" for Evil Wizard-types.

Kind of makes up for all the back-tracking you have to do to find anything useful in the rules.

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Re: Jab's Rifts Builds

Post by Batgirl III » Thu May 24, 2018 8:31 am

I own a score or more of RIFTS books. It’s a great setting, it’s just a terrible game, mechanically, and absolutely abysmal in presentation... But holy hell is it rich with ideas.

“The greatest RPG no one actually plays!” did not become its memetic tagline by accident.
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Re: Jab's Rifts Builds

Post by Woodclaw » Thu May 24, 2018 8:39 am

My brain is physically in pain.
"You're right. Sorry. Holy shit," I breathed, "heckhounds.”

WareHouse W (main build thread for M&M)

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Rifts Books

Post by Jabroniville » Thu May 24, 2018 9:11 am

-Rifts actually releases books fairly frequently, though peaked in the mid-1990s, it seems. There are multiple tiers of books, though most are "World Books", detailing some part of their world. Many are the brainchild of just one writer and his concept, while others appear to just be a series of "Sketchpad Characters" from one particular artist or two (such as Chuck Walton on Northern Gun 1 and Rifts Lemuria).

There's obviously the Main Rulebook.

World Books:
* Detail the greater world of Rifts Earth.

1) Vampire Kingdoms (Vampires ruling Mexico)
2) Atlantis (the major Spaceport of Atlantis, with the setting's Big Bads, The Splugorth)
3) England (the generic Druids & woad-powered whatevers)
4) Africa (most famously details the Four Horsemen- major villains in the setting)
5) Triax and the NGR (a lot of tech, detailing the most powerful human kingdom, way over in Germany)
6) South America
7) Underseas (Dolphins & Killer Whales in Power Armor. That's all you need to know)
8) Japan (the most gloriously-nerdy book ever written. Magnificently over-the-top nonsense like Ninja Scorpion Cyborgs, Ninja Juicers, Dragon Borgs and everything else under the sun)
9) South America Two (the first "Sequel" book, detailing extra stuff that didn't fit into the first one)
10) Juicer Uprising (the most "small-scale" book, and also the first devoted entirely to one particular O.C.C. Creates a dozen new Juicers and provides a "Campaign Module" of sorts, via an uprising of Juicers against Coalition control in an isolated town)
11) Coalition War Campaign (Power Creep sets in, leading to a whole redesign of CS gear and numerous other options)
12) Psyscape
13) Lone Star
14) New West (details the West, which consists of cowboy throwbacks, but with cyborgs and MDC gear)
15) Spirit West (splitting off from New West, it features shamans and magic stuff)
16) Federation of Magic ("Oh, you think Mages are underpowered? Here ya go")
17) Warlords of Russia
18) Mystic Russia (the whole "high-tech area; magic area" thing personified with this and the American West)
19) Australia
20) Canada
21) Splynn Dimensional Market
22) Free Quebec (detailing the Coalition's ally/rival)
23) The Xiticix Invasion (a whole book around the boring "Invader Race")
24) China One
25) China Two
26) Dinosaur Swamp (MDC Dinosaurs in one particular area)
27) Adventuers in Dinosaur Swamp (MORE DINOS, plus some play modules or something)
28) Arzno
29) Madhaven
30) D-Bees of North America (more or less a list of aliens)
31) Triax Two (a sequel, with new Power Creep)
32) Lemuria (Undersea Monsters)
33) Northern Gun 1 (Gear & Town Details)
34) Northern Gun 2 (MORE GEAR)
25) Megaverse in Flames

Dimension Books:
* Detail what outer space looks like. Generally has little to do with Earth, which is more or less a dimensional 'port many are interested in.

1) Wormwood
2) Phase World (the SUPER-space setting, containing the infamous Cosmo-Knights)
3) Phase World Sourcebook
4) Skraypers (Super-Heroes in SPACE!)
5) Anvil Galaxy
6) Three Galaxies
7) Megaverse Builder
8) Naruni Wave One
9) ... heh. This one apparently turned into Vaporware :). The creator made a lot of posts going all "this is NOT dead", then announced he'd left Palladium for another company.
10) Hades (hellish creatures)
11) Dyval: Hell Unleashed (more of the same)
12) Dimensional Outbreak
13) Fleets of the Three Galaxies
14) Thundercloud Galaxy
15) Secrets of the Atlanteans

There's a pile off additional sourcebooks as well: Stuff for the Mechanoids, Mindwerks, Mercenaries, Coalition Navy, Shemarrion Nation (android warrior women), Bioinics Sourcebook, Chi-Town 'Burbs, Tolkeen Crisis and a bunch of Adventure Sourcebooks.

A big run they did in the late '90s was Coalition Wars, detailing the huge battle between technology and magic, as the Coalition States invaded The Federation of Magic. It was a big six-parter, featuring the CS's attack, the vicious and evil counter-attack (that disgusted most of humanity so much they ALLIED with the CS!), a separate thing detailing the Cyber-Knights on their own, and ending with the Coalition destroying the city of Tolkeen and the aftermath of such.

Also Rifts/Phase World Sourcebook: Heroes of the Megaverse

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Re: Jab's Rifts Builds

Post by Jabroniville » Thu May 24, 2018 9:12 am

Woodclaw wrote:
Thu May 24, 2018 8:39 am
My brain is physically in pain.

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Re: Jab's Rifts Builds

Post by Jabroniville » Thu May 24, 2018 9:35 am

RAEGON (Great Horned Dragon Hatchling): Luckily, I rolled a "4" for his MDC, giving him 450, versus a low roll, which gives 150. We only played in one or two games before another player (a guy familiar with the game, playing a giant wizard named "Arkhal") no-showed, and we kinda just never tried again. I was mostly stunned by how little 2D6 Mega-Damage really is for a Hatchling's attacks. It really doesn't put a dent in much. But the idea of playing a Dragon appealed to me so much I have a Dragon named "Raegon" appear as a Naive Powerhouse is most of my settings since then.



SOME CHICK (Splugorth Juicer "Maxi-Killer"): From the same GM as the first game (my friend Paul, who introduced me to Rifts, and therefore RPGs in general). This was for an online e-mail RPG. We were a team of rand-os working for a guy, and my character was an ally of the villains of the setting, explained as having been lost from her masters, and teaming with the party just for survival and convenience. Most of her interactions with the other characters involved her bragging about how awesome the Splugorth were, and how screwed the others would be if they ever encountered them. I desperately hope that didn't come off as annoying to others as I fear it did now.

Sadly, in a moment of low creativity, I more or less copied the appearance of the character in the Juicer Uprising book exactly, right down to the hair. The game eventually faded away- all I remember is the leaving of a few party members, one anti-Splugorth member of the team setting me down and giving me "the talk" about how she hoped I would some day break away from them, and me losing a fight to a Dragon Juicer in a gladatorial arena via a live "chat room" format with Paul, who was scolded by the other players for nearly killing me (dropping to 0 MDC means death; we kind of wrote around it to say I was KO'd).

Oddly enough, one of the players liked our campaign enough to draw our party- that image actually appeared as a Sig Pic on the Palladium Official Forums as recently as half a decade ago. I remember little except my character being on it, plus a Lizard Wizard or something. I dunno if you can still find it there.

ASSORTED MERCS: Eventually, my friend Jordan and I made our own campaign, where he played mercenaries in "Random Task, Inc." (Austin Powers had just come out, okay?). We were a pair of Juicer best friends, and I created two additional characters. One was a Headhunter named Shrapnel who used a Vibro-Blade on a pike, while another was Hal Hamster, named for my "Video Game"-style creation (a scowling hamster-man with a rip-off of Earthworm Jim's gun). He was meant to be more "Howard the Duck" than "Stupid comedy", but the inclusion of a HAMAS suit of Flying Armor probably pushed it over the line. We played a couple games before figuring that combat was boring and just decided to "play out" the fights.

To indicate how dumb my friends were, the campaign ended when another friend joined briefly, and they wanted me to play on a Wednesday. As that was the day TSN aired WCW Monday Nitro in the afternoon, I declined until it was over. This pissed off my friends, who then decided to kill off all my characters. I got a phone call indicating nothing more than "Hal... Is... DEAD!" and a hang-up before I could respond. Then another phone call about my Juicer dying. They thought Shrapnel was cool enough to live, I guess. As you might imagine, having their characters just decide to kill mine ended the game :).

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Re: Jab's Rifts Builds

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A big run they did in the late '90s was Coalition Wars, detailing the huge battle between technology and magic, as the Coalition States invaded The Federation of Magic. It was a big six-parter, featuring the CS's attack, the vicious and evil counter-attack (that disgusted most of humanity so much they ALLIED with the CS!), a separate thing detailing the Cyber-Knights on their own, and ending with the Coalition destroying the city of Tolkeen and the aftermath of such.

A Quick Correction the Siege of Tolkien series was NOT about the Coalitions war on the Federation of Magic but its war on the Kingdom of Tolkien itself which was the largest Dbee kingdom in the US. Tolkien was based in Upper Minnesota and was allied to Lazlo New Lazlo and a couple of other Dbee kingdoms.

The Federation of magic actually stayed neutral in the war between Tolkien and the Coalition, only sending token troops to aid Tolkien--a long time rival-- and raiding the coalitions borders but not actually taking an active hand or declaring official war so to speak.
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Re: Jab's Rifts Builds

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Oh, weird. I though the magic kingdom WAS Tolkeen. I mean, it's named after JRR Tolkien, and I figured... Magic... Tolkien...

I mean, I've assumed they were one and the same for twenty years :? .

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Re: Jab's Rifts Builds

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