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Re: Blizzard (Fraction Version)

Post by Jabroniville » Sat Jul 04, 2020 5:24 am

Ares wrote:
Fri Jul 03, 2020 11:27 pm
Jabroniville wrote:
Fri Jul 03, 2020 10:36 pm

BLIZZARD V (Jim something)
Created By:
Matt Fraction & Salvador Larocca
First Appearance: The Invincible Iron Man #510 (Jan. 2012)
Role: Replacement Villain
I HATE these kind of re-designs. To me it feels like a different version of 90's style re-designs with the pouches, jackets, and the like. It's comics, we've had tech that can make power suits spandex-y for decades. Making them look like this actually kind of gives the impression that they're less sophisticated because it's so bulky. Plus all the eyes and useless bits, he looks like an Ultron drone.
The thing to me is that they all looked very generic and interchangeable, as they all had their faces hidden. However, as they were all built by the same guy and made to perform in a group, it was more of a "Mook Army", making it slightly less bad.
greycrusader wrote:
Fri Jul 03, 2020 1:58 am
The Elements of Doom remind me of the Warpies from the Alan Davis Excalibur (well, they actually go back to the Marvel UK stuff from the 1970s, I guess, but I never read any of that); they were classic sketchbook characters, with weird, interesting appearances, almost ridiculously generic names (some were named after frigging VEGETABLES for cripes' sake!), a few "leader" types with odd powers, and lots and lots of interchangeable mooks.

I do dig the the John Byrne designs for the EofD.

All my best.
It's funny- I didn't think about Byrne designing them until you mentioned it, and yeah, I definitely see it- he LOVED him some "dark black shadows on a bulky figure", which makes many of these guys look similar in shape and shading to Tundra of Alpha Flight fame.

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The Blank

Post by Jabroniville » Sat Jul 04, 2020 9:37 am


THE BLANK (Real Name Unknown)
Created By:
Roger Stern & Bob Hall
First Appearance: West Coast Avengers #2 (Oct. 1984)
Role: Forgotten Villain
PL 10 (108)

Expertise (Criminal) 4 (+4)
Stealth 4 (+7)

Equipment 3 (Pistols), Ranged Attack 5

"Force Field Generator" (Flaws: Removable) [37]
Insubstantial 4 (20)
Features 1: Changes to Grey-Toned Form (1)
Protection 12 (Extras: Impervious 13) (25)
-- (46 points)

Unarmed +6 (+2 Damage, DC 17)
Pistols +10 (+5 Ranged Damage, DC 20)
Initiative +3

Dodge +6 (DC 16), Parry +6 (DC 16), Toughness +2 (+14 Force Field), Fortitude +4, Will +3

Motivation (Greed)- The Blank uses his found technology to steal.
Motivation (Curing Himself)- When his Generator gets fused to his body, he desperately attempted to gather enough money to pay someone to cure his condition.

Total: Abilities: 42 / Skills: 8--4 / Advantages: 8 / Powers: 37 / Defenses: 7 (108)

-The Blank was an everyday joe who discovered a briefcase contained a Force Field Generator when it's owner, a StarkTech scientist, was killed by a car. Using this to commit crimes as The Blank, he confounded Wonder Man (Insubstantial OR Invulnerable), then some other Avengers, but was thought dead when Graviton threw him into the ocean for failing to defeat Tigra one time. He reappeared YEARS later, with the machine now bound to his body because of what Graviton did, and he fought Spider-Man in his attempts to gather money to find a cure for his condition.

-Ares pointed it out years ago, and I agree- the notion that a FORCE FIELD GENERATOR is that easy to build/find/keep is pretty ludicrous, given how many people would kill for such gear.

-The Blank is a mere PL 7.5 fighter with his handguns, and is generally not a physical threat. However, the fact that he can absorb hits like NOBODY'S business makes him exceptionally hard to fight- he can shrug off punches from WONDER MAN, making him PL 10. He gains 9 points in his modern, Non-Device incarnation.

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Re: Jab’s Builds! (Atlas! Jolt! Charcoal! Elements of Doom! Blizzard!)

Post by Ares » Sat Jul 04, 2020 10:01 am

The Blank was obviously a means to an end, given he was such a throwaway character. He's a two-bit hood who is standing next to a chatty scientist who just happens to have invented a force field belt and the battery to recharge the belt, and is there when the scientist dies (either from a hit and run or just dying of a heart attack, I forget which). So he swipes the device, spends a few weeks learning how to use it, and his main contribution is that his recharge device somehow acts as a beacon that allows Graviton to find his way back to the Earth dimension.

I mean, even the laziest Flash Rogue has a more in-depth origin than that.

They made it pretty clear that the Blank was dead after the incident with Graviton, and but it'd be easy enough to say that the force field had a supply of breathable air in it to keep him from drowning. The idea that the belt was bonded to him permanently and he couldn't remove it is kind of weird tho, as a key feature of the belt was that it ran out of power fairly quickly, and required regular recharging to work. Plus if the force field was always on, how could he eat?

But yeah, that belt would honestly be a perfect weapon for a supervillain to outfit his legion of mooks with. They get to be nigh-invulnerable for just long enough to complete a mission, and need to recharge said belts before the next one, ensuring none of them get any crazy ideas about rebelling.

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Re: Jab’s Builds! (Atlas! Jolt! Charcoal! Elements of Doom! Blizzard!)

Post by Ken » Sat Jul 04, 2020 1:16 pm

Ares wrote:
Sat Jul 04, 2020 10:01 am
I mean, even the laziest Flash Rogue has a more in-depth origin than that.
Dan Didio?
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Re: Jab’s Builds! (Atlas! Jolt! Charcoal! Elements of Doom! Blizzard!)

Post by Shock » Sat Jul 04, 2020 1:35 pm

Ares wrote:
Sat Jul 04, 2020 10:01 am
They made it pretty clear that the Blank was dead after the incident with Graviton, and but it'd be easy enough to say that the force field had a supply of breathable air in it to keep him from drowning. The idea that the belt was bonded to him permanently and he couldn't remove it is kind of weird tho, as a key feature of the belt was that it ran out of power fairly quickly, and required regular recharging to work. Plus if the force field was always on, how could he eat?
Sorry, you've already put more thought into it that most comic writers would. Most of them care as little for logic and consistency as your typical JJ Abrams movie. They don't even give a first thought about "does this make sense?"

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Post by Jabroniville » Sat Jul 04, 2020 6:28 pm

Image Image

Fetish... developing...

QUICKSAND (Real Name Unknown)
Created By:
Tom DeFalco & Ron Frenz
First Appearance: Thor #392 (June 1988)
Role: Forgotten Villain, C-League Sandman
Group Affiliations: The Masters of Evil, The Thunderbolts, The Femizons, The Woman Warriors
PL 9 (155)

Close Combat (Unarmed) 2 (+9)
Intimidation 4 (+6)
Expertise (Criminal) 4 (+4)
Perception 4 (+4)
Ranged Combat (Sand) 2 (+8)

Improved Grab, Improved Hold, Ranged Attack 6

"Sand Form Traits"
Immunity 1 (Drowning) [1]
Elongation 4 (120 feet) [4]
Movement 2 (Permeate 2) (Flaws: Limited to Earth) [2]

"Dense Skin" Protection 7 (Feats: Dynamic) (Extras: Impervious 9) (17) -- [19]
Dynamic AE: "Particulate Form" Insubstantial 1 (Extras: Reaction) (11)

Immunity 30 (Bludgeoning & Slashing Damage) (Flaws: Limited to Half-Effect) [15]

"Sand-Based Attacks"
"Sand Snare" Snare 9 (27) -- [35]
  • AE: "Sand Weapon" Strength-Damage +1 (Feats: Split) (2)
  • AE: "Sand Burst" Damage 9 (Extras: Area- 30ft. Burst) (18)
  • AE: "Sand Blast" Damage 9 (Extras: Area- 60ft. Cone) (18)
  • AE: "Standard Blast" Blast 10 (20)
  • AE: "Sandstorm" Environment 2 (60 feet) (Impede Movement 2 & Visibility 2) (6)
  • AE: "Sand Particles" Flight 2 (8 mph) (Flaws: Gliding) (2)
  • AE: "Sand In The Eyes" Dazzle (Visuals) 8 (16)
  • AE: Burrowing 8 (16 mph) (8)
"Sand Movement" Movement 1 (Slithering) (2) -- [3]
  • AE: "Cement-Like Body" Enhanced Strength 2 (Flaws: Limited to Resisting Movement) (2)
Unarmed +7 (+9 Damage, DC 24)
Sand Weapon +7 (+10 Damage, DC 25)
Standard Blast +8 (+10 Damage, DC 25)
Sand Blasts +9 Area (+9 Damage, DC 24)
Sand Snare +8 (+9 Ranged Affliction, DC 19)
Sand In The Eyes +8 (+8 Ranged Affliction, DC 18)
Initiative +2

Dodge +8 (DC 18), Parry +8 (DC 18), Toughness +8, Fortitude +5, Will +3

Weakness (Sand)- Being made of sand & earth has it's flaws. Quicksand is vulnerable to extreme heat (turning into glass, where it is much harder to move), powerful air currents (they will blow her away or spread her particles far too wide), and water (she will become a sluggish "Mud Woman" and unable to use many attacks).

Total: Abilities: 46 / Skills: 16--8 / Advantages: 8 / Powers: 79 / Defenses: 14 (155)

-Quicksand is basically a one-note female rip-off of the Sandman, brawling with Thor once, and then falling straight into the ranks of "Uneffective D-League Villains". She debuted having already been transformed into a sandy body, and lashed out at the world, trying to destroy a nuclear power palnt. Thor could not defeat her, but launched the nuclear plant into another dimension, saving the surrounding area. Quicksand bailed, and was recruited by the High Evolutionary to get a tissue sample from Thor, but fled the scene. In the infamous Superia Stratagem story-arc in Captain America, she appeared as a backgrounder, at one point beating down Anaconda of the Serpent Society, but otherwise didn't do anything.

-The character sat on the shelf for 20-ish years in the Post-DeFalco Marvel, reappearing only in background shots- she was one of the villains captured by the Thunderbolts during Civil War, agreeing to join Baron Zemo's army, then joined the Women Warriors, the Initiative team of Delaware. She was later seen breaking out of The Raft mega-prison, and was beaten by Justice, then Thor Girl & Cloud Nine. Later, during another Raft riot, she was beaten by Rogue & Mimic of the X-Men. So her eternal role since about 1991 has been "A distinctive-looking nobody seen in the background".

-Basically Sandman-Lite, but much less general power- Quicksand's a half-decent PL 9, but falls well short of William Baker. She has a pretty decent Burst Area Sand-Blast power, can sorta-fly, and she can grow real big (but gains none of the benefits regarding strength or toughness- it's just her dispersed to be larger, so I just declare that to be Elongation, really).

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Post by Jabroniville » Sat Jul 04, 2020 10:30 pm



Created By:
Stan Lee & Gene Colan
First Appearance: Tales of Suspense #76 (April 1966)
Role: Giant Robot
Group Affiliations: The Rajaki
PL 16 (202)


Fast Grab, Power Attack, Ranged Attack 8, Startle, Takedown 2

"Giant Robot"
Immunity 30 (Fortitude Effects) [30]
"Adapted Defenses" Immunity 20 (Energy Effects) (Flaws: Limited to Attacks Which Have Beaten It Before) [10]
Regeneration 4 [4]

Protection 14 (Extras: Impervious 23) [37]
Speed 5 (120 mph) [5]
Growth 12 (Str & Toughness +12, +12 Mass, +6 Intimidation, -6 Dodge/Parry, +1 Speed, -12 Stealth) -- (48 feet) (Feats: Innate) (Extras: Permanent +0) [25]

"Disintegration Beam" Blast 12 Linked to Weaken Toughness 12 (Extras: Ranged, Affects Objects) (60) -- [61]
  • AE: Concussive Blast 20 (40)
Unarmed +10 (+18 Damage, DC 33)
Blasts +8 (+20 Ranged Damage, DC 35)
Disintegration Beam +8 (+12 Ranged Damage & +12 Ranged Weaken, DC 27 & 22)
Initiative +0

Dodge +6 (DC 16), Parry +8 (DC 18), Toughness +22 (+11 Impervious), Fortitude --, Will --

Weakness (Being Thrown Into a Volcano)- While this would KILL most anything else, it merely shuts Ultimo off and renders him dormant once again. This has happened so far FOUR TIMES. He really needs to stop fighting people next to volcanos.

Total: Abilities: 2 / Skills: 00--0 / Advantages: 12 / Powers: 172 / Defenses: 16 (202)

-Ultimo's an odd one that always felt to me like he should have been a bigger deal, yet never was. Maybe it's because he debuted as a Giant Robot in a decade where that was the "Go-To" Minion for many baddies, resulting in him becoming a bit forgettable. Because only in comics can a millennia-old Giant Genocidal Robot be deemed "forgettable". He was forged by aliens as a Weapon of Mutually-Assured Destruction, and promptly wiped them all out. He's also seen wiping out the planet Rajak, and its last survivors successfully sent him to Earth in the 1840s, where he lay in stasis for a hundred or so years. He was reactivated by the Mandarin as an Iron Man-killer, but Tony managed to find a way to stop the 'bot by luring him into a volcano. Generally, super-heroes toss him into a volcano- when he later appears fighting Hawkeye & Thor, Thor manages to accomplish that while Clint buys him some time (Thor had been separated from Mjolnir long enough to transform into Donald Blake).

-Ultimo is thus trotted out time after time- the Mandarin uses him to attack the Yellow Claw once, and then fought Iron Man & the Avengers before he was tossed into ANOTHER volcano. During one story, Ultimo destroyed the Remote-Controlled Iron Man unit, rendering Tony (who was connected to it mentally) comatose. This left James Rhodes to form an "Iron Legion" of ex-Iron Man suit-wearers, wearing old versions of the armor in what I assume was a cool bit (one guy even wore the original GREY suit, while another wore the Silver Centurion armor). Tony eventually recovered during a disastrous fight, and one-shotted Ultimo with a lightning strike to its "central nervous system" with an all-new suit of armor.

-Ultimo naturally recovers- Stark-Fujikawa attempts to use it to power the Western U.S. and it naturally goes nuts (Sapper & Golden-Blade team up with Iron Man & Carol Danvers to stop it), and then it's one-shotted by the Tactigon- an alien weapon used by a teenage girl in The Initiative. It was the centrepiece of a War Machine story where its programming was used to make a Computer Virus/Steroid thing- James Rhodes had the robot destroyed, but its computerized brain was injested by a Stark Enterprises CEO who then turned into a liquid-metal creature and committed suicide after a fight, and Rhodes had to reprogram the "virus". It has since reappeared in the Iron Man 2020 event.

-Ultimo is physically very powerful- hitting PL 14 with its Concussive Blast, but the main trouble is the durability of the damn thing- +24 Toughness, +12 Impervious, and it'll also Regenerate from damage. This means that he can easily hold off an entire squad of Avengers near-endlessly (their best weapon, Thor's Hammer, only does +18 damage compared to that, which means that Ultimo will be unaffected more than 50% of the time!). Generally speaking, the only way to beat it is to change its programming (its an unthinking Kill-O-Bot with no real strategic thinking), or to throw it back into a volcano, where it'll go dormant. Ultimo has laid waste to entire planets before, mainly throw the insane durability and relentless attack pattern. Ultimo's height tends to vary, for reasons that are obvious to anyone familiar with the problems of drawing certain things to scale, but he's generally somewhere between 25 and 60 feet tall- and he's about the same level of power regardless, so it doesn't matter.

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Re: Jab’s Builds! (Atlas! Jolt! Charcoal! Elements of Doom! Blizzard!)

Post by Jabroniville » Sat Jul 04, 2020 10:33 pm

And with Ultimo, WE... ARE... OUTTA HERE!!! Finally done my Avengers set! Missing heroes and villains will be posted in further "Themed" sets later down the line- characters like Crystal, Moondragon & Baron Zemo, etc., fit better elsewhere.

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Cosmic Carnage

Post by Jabroniville » Sun Jul 05, 2020 12:39 am


Developer: Givro
Release Date: 1994
System: Sega 32X

-And now, one of the single-most destructive games in video game history... Cosmic Carnage!

... What's that? Wondering why a game most people have never heard of would qualify in a manner equal to many famous, more-public disasters? Well, it's an interesting case of the snowball effect.

Cosmic Carnage was the only truly exclusive Fighting Game to come out for Sega's 32X upon its release in 1994- developed by Givro (no idea who that is), it was given several unique qualities, a small roster, and strange, multi-part sprite-based graphics, where each part was animated separately. The 32X, of course, was designed to be a "stop-gap" for kids whose parents couldn't afford the upcoming Sega Saturn- it would "upgrade" the Sega Genesis into a 32-bit system, albeit keeing the system's muddy graphics and poor color palette. Many of the 32X games were just Genesis games with an upgrade, like Mortal Kombat II and NBA Jam, so this game was considered and important, proper "showcase".

The plot is pretty complicated- a group of prisoners riot and take control of a spaceship intending to take them to a mining world, and lure a military ship into coming to their aid so they can escape. Ramming the ship, they unintentionally cripple both, leaving everything but one Escape Pod destroyed, and killing all but eight people- four from each ship. And so, you must play one of the eight, defeating all seven others in order to be the sole survivor. A grim, dark game where innocents will no doubt die by your own hand. There is no Final Boss.

The game used the Genesis six-button controller with two punch buttons, two kick buttons, and two "taunt" buttons, where you can provoke the enemy. Four characters use armor in combat- you have Body, Leg and Arm armor, and you can select "Light" or "Heavy" with each one, allowing for different attacks. Armor can be torn off over the duration of the fight, much like in the later Fighting Vipers, costing you those attacks, and it also slows the fighter down. As a semi-Mortal Kombat copycat, the game offers "Finishing Moves", like Fatalities, at the end of the final round. You can cause your opponent's head to explode, sever their limbs, or cut them in half at the waist. The quality of your ending depends on how fast you complete the game, allowing you to get to the Escape Pod faster and be further away when the spaceship explodes.

The graphics are... extremely unimpressive. The Genesis color palette was always pretty poor, and the 32X lacked the means to enhance them. The characters are big and have a lot of moving parts, but the "cheat" is so obvious that the characters end up moving very awkwardly- the game simply animates each part of the sprite separately. Two characters (Naja & Deamon) have long, segmented parts of their bodies made of circles for this reason- so that each thing can move independently. Armor also sits atop the character sprites, heaving and shuffling unconvincingly.

Sega was reportedly unimpressed with the title, with former Sega of America executive producer Michael Latham stating that the company was rushed to release games on time for the 32X's launch, and said that "[w]hen Cosmic Carnage showed up, we didn't even want to ship it. It took a lot of convincing, you know, to ship that title." Tom Kalinske, the freaking PRESIDENT of Sega of America, said "Well, you know, every now and then there are games with which we're not so happy. It's all part of the learning process."

The game got TERRIBLE reviews immediately upon release, with most either giving it a failing grade, or damn close. And therin likes the disaster. Bad games came out all the time back then- you'd see 3/10 or 4/10 reviews constantly in the mid-90s, as game companies hadn't bought the reviewers at that point yet. But this wasn't just some bad game- it was a KILLER APP that reviewed terribly. Cosmic Carnage was a launch game that was supposed to showcase the graphical power of Sega's new peripheral! And to have THAT GAME be terrible? Well, it immediately made the 32X look ridiculous. That, and all the "Well, this game is just a slightly-upgraded Genesis" game stuff with MK II and NBA Jam... it helped make the system a huge flop right out of the gate.

And the flopping of the 32X was a true disaster with repercussions still felt to this day- the Virtual Boy and other things were bigger f-ups, to be sure, but none of those hurt a company's BRAND- in 1994, Sega had been coming off of its best year ever, actually defeating Nintendo at its own game, and the Genesis was the hottest system on Earth. Sega could do no wrong... and then the 32X came out. And just like that, their brand-name was hurt- fans knew Sega was fallible, and they were publicly embarrassed by releasing something so bad. And that killed Sega's momentum and put the stink of failure on them, which snowballed further with the release of the Sega Saturn (which came out too early, with unfinished games, just to beat the PlayStation to the market, infuriating retailers). When THAT failed, it more or less killed Sega in the water- their last shot was still given the side-eye, and the Dreamcast was their final system.

Okay, so MAYBE you can't blame all of that on Cosmic Carnage. But I will. Because up yours, Cosmic Carnage.

The Roster:
Cylic- Red Ant.
Naruto- Shadow Being.
Tyr- Samurai-Like guy.
Zena-Lan- Female soldier with fire-hair.
Talmac- Skull-faced criminal.
Yug- Gorilla-like robot.
Naja- Snake-shaped female.
Deamon- Vicious, taloned alien.
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Re: Jab’s Builds! (Atlas! Jolt! Charcoal! Elements of Doom! Blizzard!)

Post by catsi563 » Sun Jul 05, 2020 12:49 am

Because only in comics can a millennia-old Giant Genocidal Robot be deemed "forgettable"
Most superhero teams call that tuesday :P
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Re: Jab’s Builds! (Atlas! Jolt! Charcoal! Elements of Doom! Blizzard!)

Post by Goldar » Sun Jul 05, 2020 2:12 am

Jabroniville wrote:
Sat Jul 04, 2020 4:47 am
Goldar wrote:
Sat Jul 04, 2020 1:07 am
Davies wrote:
Fri Jul 03, 2020 11:19 pm

Avengers Roster Book, p. 41.
Thank you so much! :)

(Digs through piles of books frantically searching for this one...)
Here- I took a pic of mine:

Thanks Jab--you are the best! This helps since I did not find mine.

Ah, now I remember that pic/entry! It was the general info page with the specific characters off to the side.

I did like that SAGA series. I only wished they had done a Defenders Book and perhaps a Miscellaneous Character book. Then, nearly all the characters would have been profiled in their system.

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Post by Jabroniville » Sun Jul 05, 2020 4:51 am


PL 7 (87)

Athletics 7 (+10)
Expertise (Soldier) 6 (+6)
Insight 3 (+4)
Intimidation 4 (+4)
Perception 4 (+5)

Equipment 1 (Heavy Armor), Improved Critical (Unarmed), Improved Critical (Machine Gun Knuckle), Improved Critical (Energy Blast), Ranged Attack 9

"Machine Gun Knuckle" Strength-Damage +2 (Feats: +2 to Hit Jumping Opponents) (Inaccurate -1) (2) -- [5]
  • AE: "Energy Blast" Blast 3 (Reduced Defenses -2, Diminished Range -1) (1)
  • AE: "Gravitation Crush" Strength-Damage +2 (Inaccurate -1) (1)
  • AE: "Neck Throw" Strength-Damage +2 (Feats: +2 to Hit if Opponent Parried Last Turn) (Inaccurate -1) (2)
Leaping 1 (15 feet) [1]

"Heavy Armor"
Enhanced Strength 2 (4)
Protection 2 (2)
Enhanced Advantages: Power Attack, Withstand Damage (2)
Reduced Fighting 2 (-4)
Reduced Agility 2 (-4)
No Leaping (-1)
Allows Machine Gun Knuckle (xx)

Unarmed +11 (+3 Damage, DC 22)
Gravitation Crush +9 (+5 Damage, DC 20)
Armored Hands +9 (+5 Damage, DC 20)
Machine Gun Knuckle +7 (+7 Damage, DC 22)
Energy Blast +9 (+3 Damage, DC 18)
Initiative +4 (+2 Armored)

"Unarmored" Dodge +8 (DC 18), Parry +11 (DC 21), Toughness +3, Fortitude +5, Will +5
"Armored" Dodge +6 (DC 16), Parry +9 (DC 19), Toughness +5, Fortitude +5, Will +5

Power Loss (Powers)- Cylic cannot use the Energy Blast or Gravitation Crush while armored.

Total: Abilities: 46 / Skills: 24--12 / Advantages: 13 / Powers: 6 / Defenses: 10 (87)

-The character who seems to show up in by far the most screencaps of the game, almost used to advertise it, Cylic is an anthropomorphic red ant (green as Player Two). For some reason, in the Japanese version, he is a brown-haired soldier named Jake.

-Cylic is very fast and agile when unarmored, using projectile attacks frequently. With the "Heavy Armor" option, he becomes a slower, lumbering powerhouse, built kind of like the power-suits in Mega Man X. In that form, he becomes a fat, slow Shotoclone (with a leaping uppercut attack), whereas the unarmored version is the speedster using a quick energy-burst melee attack and a tiny spark for a Blast.

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Re: Jab’s Builds! (Elements of Doom! Blizzard! Quicksand! Ultimo!)

Post by KorokoMystia » Sun Jul 05, 2020 5:15 am

Oddly enough, despite me having played a LOT of fighting games, this is one I don't think I've ever actually played, despite being aware of it. It being on the Sega 32X is probably the reason for that, even with access to emulators. The armor system does seem kinda neat, since Fighting Vipers is one of the only other fighting games I'm aware of to use something like that.

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Re: Jab’s Builds! (Elements of Doom! Blizzard! Quicksand! Ultimo!)

Post by drkrash » Sun Jul 05, 2020 4:02 pm

Yup, never even *heard* of this one.
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Post by Jabroniville » Sun Jul 05, 2020 6:36 pm


Powerhouse, Robo-Gorilla
PL 7 (81)

Athletics 2 (+9)
Deception 1 (+1)
Expertise (Criminal) 6 (+6)
Intimidation 7 (+7)

Fast Grab, Improved Critical (Unarmed), Improved Critical (Blaze Hold)

"Robot Ape"
Immunity 30 (Fortitude Effects) [30]
Protection 7 [7]

"Blaze Hold" Strength-Damage +2 (Feats: +2 to Hit if Opponent Parried Last Turn) (Inaccurate -1) (2) -- [3]
  • AE: "Spinning Double-Strike" Strength-Damage +2 (Inaccurate -1) (1)
"Long Arms" Reach 1 [1]

Unarmed +7 (+7 Damage, DC 22)
Blaze Hold/Double-Strike +5 (+9 Damage, DC 24)
Initiative +1

Dodge +6 (DC 16), Parry +7 (DC 17), Toughness +7, Fortitude --, Will +4

Reputation (Criminal)- Yug was on a criminal barge sent for a prison world.

Total: Abilities: 20 / Skills: 16--8 / Advantages: 3 / Powers: 41 / Defenses: 9 (81)

-Yug is a strong, gorilla-like humanoid who uses long arms to carry out reach attacks. His armor is built-in (he's either a robot or a cyborg), and most of his moves use the mechanism where you hit the Blaze Hold first, then do follow-ups- these include the Wheel Press, Strangle Hold & Rolling Gangbuster, all of which would use the same mechanics. His Zangief-like Spinning Double-Strike is outside of that, but is weirdly-animated- his fists zoom in as he spins his arms towards the player, but because it's the 32X on a Genesis system, it's pixelated as all hell and looks strange, and not entirely smooth, either. Executing a fatality will remove his head.

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