Eldritch City population center

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Eldritch City population center

Post by Spectrum » Tue Dec 19, 2017 10:54 pm

A place for all things Eldritch City related.
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Re: Eldritch City population center

Post by Spectrum » Tue Dec 19, 2017 11:34 pm

Eldritch City, a brief history

pre1600s- scattered population of Five Nations of the Iroquois but largely left unsettled. Several legends of Beasts that had to be destroyed and/or imprisoned.

1630s- used as a penal colony, first several groups succumbed to the harsh environment and unfriendly natives.

1640s- religious colonies in same area. Unusual documents in unknown language found from that period.

mid 1600s- massive population boom due to sustained farming, foresting some precious metals and minerals found

1680s/1690s- several harsh winters, wet summers, outbreaks of disease (cholera) and famine shrink population (- 30-40% growth), particularly among the poor. Several witch trials to shift blame.

Early 1700s- artists collective begins in area, drawn by local resources and scenic views. Primarily furniture and paintings. Growing population of scientists begin to come to area; architects, naturalists and clockmakers. Houses become more ostentatious.

Revolutionary War- Massacre of Hood Hill, Republican and Loyalist troops condemn the acts while quietly blaming the other side.

Early 1800s- Grandiose churches on every corner (Second Great Awakening).

Mid 1800s- Factories begin to replace small artisan shops. Once more the population begins to grow sharply due to employment possibilities and immigration from post Civil War newly freed slaves. Several factory worker uprisings violently put down. City streets formalized. This would later lead to significant traffic problems. John Dee University formed, known for world renowned historical library. Brehmer Sanatorium established. Gothic architecture very popular and several buildings are still in use today. Several significant spiritualists and occultists.

WW 1 - virulent patriotism, high rates of voluntary military service

Depression- High crime rates with organized crime becoming more active- one or more famous murders. Speakeasies and flappers.

1960/1970s- Another large swell of population with factory jobs and better living conditions and than The South. Once more economy breaks under strain. Huge drug addiction and violent crime on the rise.

1990s- Behmer Sanatorium closed leaving the mentally ill to be out on the streets. Homelessness rates rise.

2000s- Several small tech startups rise, bubble and boom, producing high rates of employment and emigration.
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Re: Eldritch City population center

Post by Spectrum » Tue Dec 19, 2017 11:55 pm

pathfinderq1 wrote:
Mon Dec 18, 2017 6:47 pm
-Another setting question: with the Dresden-verse listed as an inspiration, are you planning on using the Nevernever (and the Ways), or something similar?
Many, many planes in parallel (and echoes), some characters may be closer attuned than others-

The Shade/Shadowlands/Dark Umbra- land of the dead, in a constant state of decay. Ghosts are held by attachments to the living world. Mediums are good for contact with the world of the living. Necromancers can enslave the dead.

First World/Umbra- primal energies and spirits. In some places turns into the nightmarish The City

The Silver/Astral- Silver mist, astral cords. Related to the Akashic Record, the library of everything that man has ever known or can know.

'The Dreaming'- land of the fae, brighter brights, darker darks, the land of fairies and absinthe dreams

The Maze- an endless labyrinth of countless doors- leading to the right place if you but know the right door.

Many many more. There are places where the difference between this world and another is shallow, others where they may be very close together.
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Re: Eldritch City population center

Post by Flynnarrel » Wed Dec 20, 2017 1:13 am

What are the standard weaknesses of Supernatural creatures in this setting?

Were creatures - silver?
Vampires - Sunlight, Fire, ... ?
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Re: Eldritch City population center

Post by Spectrum » Wed Dec 20, 2017 2:45 am

I'm aware and trying to decide on a good answer. After all, knowing how to deal with Things is part of the puzzle.
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Re: Eldritch City population center

Post by Thorpocalypse » Sun Dec 24, 2017 7:37 pm

I wish I had time to jump in on this one, it looks like a good time. 8-)
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Re: Eldritch City population center

Post by Bladewind » Fri Jan 05, 2018 5:08 pm

Image for Inspiration -
except mine is male

Robert Martyn Junior (Werespider)

Strength 2,
Stamina 3,
Agility 0,
Dexterity 0,
Fighting 3,
Intellect 1,
Awareness 3,
Presence 2

Anansi's Progeny: (17 points)
Blood Healing: Regeneration 4 [Source – Blood,],
Mass of Spiders: Immunity 4 [Critical Hits, Poison, Disease],
Immortal: Immortality 2 [(1 week); Quirk – at least 15% of body mass must be intact],
Wall Crawling: Movement 2
Alt: Spider Leap: Flight 1 [Has to land each round]
Danger Sense, Radius Vision: Senses 2,
Untangled Webs: Comprehend 2 [Understand, Be Understood by Arachnids; Narrow (Arachnids)]
Were Spider: (36 points)
1 Million Spiders: Summon 8 [Heroic, Controlled; Loses body mass to manifest spiders (Each Rank summoned is roughly an eighth of his body mass); Mental Link]
Alt: Swarm of Spiders: Insubstantial 2 [Variable Descriptor (Spiders), Linked to Slithering 1, Sure Footed 3, Venomous Bite (Damage 8), Close Combat 5]
Alt: Spider Swarms: Summon 3 [Heroic, Controlled, Multiple Minions 3; Loses body mass to manifest spiders; Variable Descriptor (Spiders)]
Alt: Giant Spider/ Spider Creature Form: (See below)1 [ ]

Headquarters: Feature 10 [Dual Size (Diminutive/ Medium) (1), Toughness 6 (0), Sealed, Library, Living Space, Self Repairing, Personnel (Spiders) – 5 pts; Teleport Portal (Can open a portal from the HQ to areas within range), Manifest (Dimensional Movement, Portal (2 pts); Attuned (Mental Link with owner), Habitat (Environment suitable for spiders), (2 points); Webbing (Illusion – Tactile and Visual)]
Standard Equipment
Video Recorder (2 ep), Parabolic Microphone (1 ep), Mini Tracer (1 ep), Concealable Microphone (1 ep)

Beginner's Luck,
Attractive 1,
Defensive Roll 3,
Equipment 3 [HQ],
Hide in Plain Sight,

Acrobatics (+0),
Athletics 3 (+5),
Deception 4 (+6),
Expertise: Current Events 2 (+3),
Expertise: Occult 4 (+5),
Expertise (+1),
Insight (+3),
Intimidation 5 (+7),
Investigation 6 (+7),
Perception 3 (+6),
Persuasion 4 (+6),
Sleight of Hand (+0),
Stealth 5 (+5),
Technology (+1),
Treatment (+1),
Vehicles (+0)

Initiative +0

Dodge 5,
Parry 7
Toughness 6 (Def Roll 3),
Fortitude 5,
Will 8

Power Points
Abilities 28 + Powers 53 + Advantages 11 + Skills 12 + Defenses 16 = Total 120

Dependence – Mammilian (preferably human) blood for sustenance
Horrific – The use of many of his abilities are nauseating at best, downright horrific at worst. And there is no mystical veil to shield ordinary folk from the effects.
Friend to Spiders – Spiders seem to be nearby all the time. Most of the time they're not useful, and sometimes its not so beneficial – especially when someone is arachnophobic

Design Notes
:arrow: Non combat skills 3:1
:arrow: Were Spider array is almost a series of Alternate Forms.
:arrow: The Quirk on the Immortality is just that - a Quirk. I didn't feel it warranted a full flaw.
:arrow: Equipment might seem odd - the surveillance tech at least. Except that its descriptor for something else. They function exactly like the equipment as listed, but in fact they're spiders. Whether or not they are part of his mass is irrelevant as five spiders weigh 100 grams (3.5 ounces) at most.
:arrow: I don't have any Morph on this character as he doesn't actually disguise himself as a spider or spiders, its descriptor.
:arrow: The Giant Spider/ Spider Creature form I think I will have to do with an alternate character sheet. It will involve Growth, which screws with the formulas on the sheet I use, however I plan to more properly stat out that line as that's where he'll have a rank or two of Morph to assume specific breeds of spiders and perhaps a rank of metamorph to sprout four additional limbs and the like.
:arrow: As for the HQ, I kinda see it as a Den Realm or Pocket Universe that he has access to. With the portal and the teleport I don't plan to have him use that as a free get around town and out of tough spots card. Doing so will let others know where the actual realm is (an apartment) and moving it is a long ritual (per the ritual rules - I didn't give him the Ritual Advantage though as this is the only one he can perform). However, opening a portal into someone's home and letting webs and spiders spew out, that's the intent here.
:arrow: Yes, the link that is his name line points to this post.

(The first part of this is a paraphrased from memory version of a short story I read many, many moons ago.

Robert Marytn Junior was a marine corps officer, and by all accounts he took delight in inflicting pain in the name of defending his country. During a tour of duty in some god forsaken part of the Middle East, he stumbled on something that he hadn't expected and wasn't really able to process - a small cult dedicated to a spider god. This cult weren't harming anyone, and they prayed to their god for protection and bounty in their sun-scorched land. But to Martyn, they were heathens praying to a false idol and likely harboring terrorists.

So he destroyed their temple.

He laughed as the temple's priests cried out and begged him to not offend their god, to let them be. He stared those same priests in the eye as their pleas turned to curses. Grinding his cigar out in the eye of their idol he walked out of the temple. An entire town paid the price for a lone man who had hidden in their midst and was found by Martyn's men.

That evening, Martyn found his bunk covered in spider webs. Assuming a prank by his men, he took a hammock out to another tent and set up for the night. His dreams were filled with spiders of all sizes. He woke, unable to breathe from the weight of the spider that sat on his chest - only to realize it was part of the dream. Looking around in a cold sweat, he fumbled for his flashlight and saw the spider on his chest. It crawled faster than he could swat at it and as it sunk it's mandibles into his chest, he heard the curses of the priests echoing in his mind. The pain was horrendous, the burning in his veins from the venom defied description.

Over the next three days, he watched in horror as the doctors described necrosis to him and did everything they could to find an antidote. Finally, he slipped into a coma, the last thing he heard was that he'd probably lose his legs and perhaps an arm.

He woke up Stateside, expecting his limbs to be gone. But the nurse that held a clipboard and checked his vitals simply smiled and told him how lucky he had been. A full remission and recovery were made possible after the carcass of the spider that had bitten him was found in his hammock. He laughed, realizing that even in their revenge the priests of that pathetic cult had failed.

Over the next few weeks, as Martyn began to put his life back together and seek new opportunities, he began to realize that he had changed. Not metaphysically and not in his outlook, but physically. His favorite food and drink were less and less appealing. He found himself enjoying meat rarer and rarer. And the day that his girlfriend cut her hand preparing dinner everything changed.

He took her hand and kissed the cut, looking at her and smiling. She giggled at the gesture, but the giggling turned to a scream of horror as mandibles protruded from Martyn's mouth and he sank them into her wrist. He drank, and drank and drank. All that was left of her was a bloodless husk. Martyn didn't run when he had finished, he simply wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and looked up.

In a web in the corner of the room, a spider not native to the region stared at him. And Martyn's new life began.

Turns out that Martyn had an actual aunt named Nancy, and she taught Martyn about the things that go bump in the night. He learned of his new place and his new role. And he smiled.

Now Marytn protects people and provides for them, not seeking redemption for the actions of his past self. That man is gone. A predator that preys on those that prey on the weak. It's not about taking from the rich and giving to the poor. Not about the downtrodden. It's about Ananasi's Will, the Way of the Weaver and quieting things that go bump in the night.
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Sun Oct 07, 2018 6:01 pm
Building to be comics "accurate" is different than building to run a PC or building something to challenge a group.
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Re: Eldritch City population center

Post by Yojimbo » Fri Jan 05, 2018 6:07 pm


The creature that calls himself Fortinbras was given life forty years ago by the alchemical genius known as Count Urlich. Fortinbras was one of Urlich’s earliest creations, a humanoid creature made from scavenged body parts stolen from cadavers and given unholy animation through the combination of esoteric chemicals and electricity. Fortinbras was an important and early stage in Urlich’s development of his skills, and the long quest to construct for himself a Philosopher’s Stone. But Fortinbras was only one of the Count’s servants and Urlich’s skill in creating them only grew with time.

Fortinbras’ first decade of life was spent doing the Count’s dirty work: acquiring new specimens, assisting in various experiments, breaking the legs or necks of anyone who crossed the Count and drew his ire. At first Fortinbras followed through with the Count’s every wish with zeal. Gradually, however, as his awareness grew and he met people outside of the Count’s circle, his eyes were opened to the possibilities of life and freedom. Or perhaps some remnant of the life he once lived before his resurrection began to bleed through into his consciousness, and give him aspirations towards something better. The hatred towards Count Urlich came later, but it was no less fierce than Fortinbras’ desire to be free and find his own way.

In time Fortinbras was pushed aside by new and more loyal and powerful creations. He was forced to do more menial and less prestigious tasks. He began to think of escape, believing that he might disappear unnoticed if he was careful and cunning. Nothing could have been further than the truth. When Fortinbras fled, Urlich sent his best hunters after his wayward creation, lamenting that he had allowed Fortinbras to develop free will.

But that free will, and the determination to remain free, allowed Fortinbras to elude his pursuers when he could and to fight them when he had to. The years passed and Fortinbras made his way in the living world, amongst normal humanity in all its beauty and horror, occasionally running afoul of his old master’s servants. Fortinbras found a home in Eldritch City after years of wandering, setting up shop as a consulting detective.
PL: 8
Abilities: STR: 8 STA: 8 AGI: 4 DEX: 4 FTG: 8 INT: 3 AWA: 3 PRE: 0
Skills: Deception 6
Expertise: Streetwise 3 (+6)
Insight 6 (+9)
Intimidation 6
Investigation 6 (+9)
Perception 6 (+9)
Feats: Diehard
Great Endurance
Power Attack
Ranged Attack 3
Well Informed
“Living Dynamo” Immunity 5 [Electricity]

“Nothing that big can move so fast” Speed 2 [120 ft.]
  • AP: Leaping 2 [30 ft.]
“Spark of Life” Regeneration 5

“Lightning Bolt” Ranged Damage 4

Offense: Unarmed +8 [Close, DC 23], Thrown Object +8 [Ranged, DC 23], Lightning Bolt [Danged, DC 19], Init +4
Defense: Dodge: +8, Parry +8, Fortitude +8, Toughness +8, Will +3
Complications: Motivation [Acceptance, Doing Good], Complications [Enemy (Count Urlich), Power Loss (Immersion in Water), Prejudice (Created)]
Description: Fortinbras is a tall and powerfully built humanoid creature with pale, almost translucent skin and vivid, unsettling scars patterning his entire body. He has long dark hair that only grows on the top of his head and intensely blue eyes that occasionally flash with electric light when he is feeling intense emotions. The faint smell of ozone follows wherever he goes. Fortinbras wears black or blue almost exclusively, often bought secondhand or at thrift stores.

There is a wellspring of electricity within Fortinbras’ sturdy frame, which fuels his powerful musculature and durability, and serves to heal him from any damage he may acquire. Normally, his body recovers from wounds at an accelerated rate, although if he has direct access to a source of electricity, he can be supercharged and heal almost instantly. He has learned to generate short range bolts of electricity from his hands, which strike with all the power of a large handgun. He can be stunned and “short-circuited” by immersion in water, however, and avoids swimming or large bodies of water whenever possible.

He is haunted by the dark deeds he performed as a servant of Count Urlich, and strives to make up for them by doing as much good as he can now. Of course, few people trust or turn to a hulking, scarred monster like himself. Those that do will find a dedicated ally.

Under the Hood
I knocked Regen down to half and gave him a few more Advantages and some Powers I left off that I would have liked anyway. Hopefully that's a low enough Regen - he recovers one ever other round, I think? - with the option to rapidly recover if he grabs a power line or jams his thumb in a light socket. I do want him to be a bit of a tank. I'd have given him Impervious Toughness instead if I liked at all what 3E did to Impervious, and I'd like him to be able to soak damage. I have no idea how important combat will be, but I built him the way I would any character I'd bring to a table.

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Re: Eldritch City population center

Post by Flynnarrel » Mon Jan 08, 2018 11:28 pm

Flynnarrel post_id=36288 time=1512607718 user_id=48

Phillip K. Dremmond, Paramedic/EMT


Phillip didn’t believe in Vampires. He really didn’t. Not until the night he was called in to 5150 a crazy homeless guy loitering in front of the blood donation office scaring all the others who needed to get their spending money before the liquor stores closed. The homeless guy was yelling and screaming but came quietly when the med wagon came to pick him up. He was quiet up until he was alone with Martin in the back. Martin woke up in the morgue several days later, and man, those tables are cold!

Vampires aren’t all about the sucking of blood (which is good because Martin actually gets a little queasy thinking about it). They aren’t all dark and broody either. Black tends to slim him down so much he looks like a refugee, and leather chafes. They aren’t sparkly and happy and unicorn rainbows either. Ever. Period. You can stop snickering about it any time now.

Phillip was able to prove that reports of his death were greatly exaggerated even if the EMS that found him in the abandoned warehouse were certain of it.
> He had unexpected help in this regard. It was unexpected but a call that he and Jodi responded to 3 years back resulted in them pulling a late-20s female from the river. The two of them were accredited with saving her life by the papers but the media buzz died down quickly and the patient, a pretty paralegal was still in a coma last he'd heard. Well, apparently she awoke and wanted to thank her rescuers. This hellcat named Darlene didn't balk when she discovered the clusterf#<& that was Phillip's life. She jumped right in and found what paperwork and legal hoops he needed to jump through to get his life and job back. It was awkward when she said she needed him to attend some daytime court appointments. She became the first person that he admitted that he was a member of the 'metabolically challenged' to. He expected her to freak out but she almost reacted like she'd already known and come to terms with it. He didn't share the full extent of his abilities with her (he still didn't know them himself) but he told her enough that she wouldn't make him go out in daylight.
His partner, fellow Paramedic Jodi Milhouse, has never been found or heard from. Darlene tried to help in that regard too.
Phillip was able to switch to the night shift of a different ambulance company, never fully understanding what happened to him.

In the stories, Vampires get the supernatural charm or the ability to fly or turn into mist. Phillip got rats. He can talk to them, control them, experience through their senses, even turn in to one. That's cool... I guess... Except when rats show up unexpectedly, drawn by his abilities.

The night shift was far different from the day shift. There were crazies and drunks and druggies and... more. While Phillip and his new partner Marty were at a recent crime scene waiting to take charge of the corpe and contaminated waste (that wasn't evidence) Phillip was called over by a big guy in a trench coat. He immediately knew the man smelled 'off'. The pale man identified himself as a P.I. and offered to pay for any information Phillip could provide. Which was a lot. (the local rats wouldn't shut up about all they saw/smelled, really, and the thing particularly stank to Phillip's heightened senses). Phillip was getting tired of the horrible state of affairs of the city and offered to do more than just give information. He lead Fortinbras to an abandoned warehouse where the thing nested in between 'meals'. Phillip said he knew Native American tracking techniques in a lie that didn't fool anyone. The confrontation was... much more sparkly than Phillip expected but Fortinbras had the creature's eradication well in hand. That's when the thing's mate struck from the shadows. Phillip stepped in the way of Fortinbras and the thing used Phillip as a squeaky toy until Fortinbras could shift his attention. No lie about Native Americans could cover the lack of red blood, the crazy Hunger eyes or the claws that reflexively sprouted and Phillip told a second person about his status. Fortinbras let Phillip in on a few other cases at that point seeing the utility of it.

Sure, he's not the greatest fighter in the world but his undead physiology keeps him going for quite a bit. He's not completely worthless.

During this time Phillip was also contacted by a representative of the vampire court for a long overdue initiation and orientation. Phillip showed up to avoid giving offense but otherwise made it clear he'd be staying out of the way. It was likely this stance that led him to be contacted by a member of the disenfranchised, a thug-minded vampire by the name of Shawn "The Snake" O'Connor, a much older Irish rebel vampire. Shawn initially tried to brow beat Phillip into servitude but when a veritable mountain of the city's rats responded to Phillip's distress Shawn relented and sought for ways they could work together. There aren't many of those and Phillip doesn't particularly 'like' the mohawked criminal but the arrangement is useful.

Too bad being undead didn’t cure his nearsightedness or give him the ability to not feel awkward around women. Guess you can’t win them all.

Phillip doesn’t dislike humans or want vengeance or see them just as Happy Meals on legs - many of the motivations of vampires in movies and literature. He genuinely cares for the innocents that get caught in the crossfire or subject to unspeakable horrors.

Note, Ambulance companies are often hired to transport blood bags from collection sites to hospitals, I see him as someone who can pass that info on... occasionally... to other vamps even. He justifies it to himself that at least they aren't out there hurting people. He, in fact, will arrange for himself to be 'robbed' and split the take with another like-minded vampire. If he absolutely must, he feeds very sparingly from those either healthy enough to recover from it or too far gone that is doesn’t matter and only those unconscious so as to not to feel the pain of it (less likely to get caught too).


Relevant Timeline:

37 years ago - Phillip was born to an aging couple given this chance by fertility science. Only child.
15 years ago - Phillip lost first one parent then the other. Natural causes. Assuming you count heavy drinking and smoking and a diet of salt and fatty meats 'natural'.
3.5 years ago - Phillip and Jodi pull Darlene from the river, saving her life
8 months ago - Phillip and Jodi respond to a crazy person call. Results: Phillip turned into a vampire, Jodi disappears.
7 months ago - Phillip transfered to night shift with ambulance company even though his legal status is still in question [they are THAT desperate for night-driver paramedics]. Phillip starts to see some of the crazy stuff that goes on in the city after dark. Meets Marty. Figures out alternative methods to getting the blood he needs.
6 months ago - Darlene recovers from a coma, helps Phillip get his legal affairs in order during which he has to tell her vampires are real and he's one.
5 months ago - Phillip approached by Fortinbras and sees a chance to make the city a little better. It's only a few cases at first but becomes increasingly frequent that they fight crime together.
3 months ago(?) - Phillip starts getting (and telling Fortinbras) about conflicting reports from rats about a mysterious woman involved in several altercations where victims were saved. The confusion centers around there be accounts of things like bright crackling fire or creatures appearing, but no actual scent trail of them or smell of burning or evidence of charring. Weird.
Present Day.

Current relationship(s): Marty Plotz, E.M.T. - Current partner on the night shift. He secretly fears he has narcolepsy as he's always falling asleep on his shift. (i.e. Phillip uses Song of Serenity on him to keep him out of the way if he has a shady deal going on.
Shawn "The Snake" O'Connor - This mohawk-wearing, goth-punk, Irish-ex-pat vampire is Phillip's only really tie to the seedy under dealings of the vampire world. Phillip will (sparingly) sell blood packs skimmed from a re-supply run to Phillip for extra cash and the flimsy justification of 'At least there won't be someone hurt for a meal'.

Interests: Keeping out of vampire politics. Online dating. Forensic medicine (he's going to continue with his night classes some day, he swears).

Needs Blood: Phillip needs some amount of blood daily to function. If not sated the temptation and Hunger grow, slowly eating away at his rational self until the Need to feed is overpowering and dwarfs even his paramedic vow to 'Do no Harm'.
Vulnerabilities(Vampire): Depending on how Vampires are set up in the Eldritch City world Phillip could take damage and/or be weakened in the sun, be unable to cross running water, not show up in mirrors, etc. [LET ME KNOW].
Vampirically Apolitical: Phillip tries to remain neutral and apolitical in the drama-rich world of the vampire courts. Unfortunately others seem to want to involve him / use him as a pawn when he just wants to coast under the radar.
Secret (Undead): Phillip has no pulse or body heat, dead for all intents and purposes. He's been keeping that a secret for now. He's got a job to keep.
Soft-Hearted: Phillip is not a bloodthirsty (well, you know what I mean), kinda guy. His vow to 'Do no Harm' is something he takes seriously. He'll try to protect life/minimize violence as much as possible.
Jodi Milhouse: Phillip's partner also went missing on the night he was turned. He's been quietly searching for her at least wanting to know if she is still alive or... otherwise. (He'd had a crush on her that he tried to keep secret).
Rats: rats like Phillip, something about his scent or aura draws them. They want to be around him. Though still wary of humans, they'll be drawn out to maybe talk to him.. You can only be responsible for the closing of so many restaurants before you start to get the hint and not want to stay out in public over long. (So many of Phillip's OKC and Tinder dates have ended poorly because of this).

PL 8 120

Attributes [6pp]
STR 0/5
STA --

Saves [20pp]
Toughness = 8

Dodge 8pp + = 8
Parry 2+ 6pp+ = 8
Fort =
Will 4AWE+6pp = 8

Skills [13pp]: Perception 6(+10), Insight 4(+8), Technology 1(+3), Investigation 6(+8), Treatment 9(+11), Vehicles 7(+7), Area Knowledge- City 6(+8)

Advantages [6pp]: Benefits - Paramedic, Improved initiative, Interpose, Equipment 3

Equipment: Ambulance (Truck with Speed +1, Toughness +1, Benefit - Emergency Service vehicle [Sirens/Park in places illegal to others], Radio, GPS,) Dremmond carries: Bumpkey (like a lockpicking gun), First Aid kit, fire extinguisher


Undead: Immunity to Fort [30pp]
Protection 8 [8pp]
Regen 1 [1pp]
{Heal Normally}
Regen 4, Source - Blood [2pp] {Complication: not 'burning' damage such as from fire or sunlight}
{Drink blood to heal quickly}

Potence: Str 5, [10pp+ 1AE]
AE: Wall Crawling 2, Leaping 2, Speed 4

Super-senses; Scent, Tracking, Detect Supernatural (Scent), Acute Detect (differentiate type), Extended (hearing), Dark Vision [7pp+1AE]
{Complication: Can not see through magical darkness}
AE: Detect Rats(Mental), Ranged, Radius, Extended, Accurate, Acute

Vampire Disciplines Array
Animalism; [12pp +3AE]
...Linked Comprehend Animals, limited-Rats pr2 [Speak and Understand] (2),
...Linked Mind Reading, Area-Perception, Limited-Animals, Limited-Rats, Sensory Link, Limited to Sensory Link, pr 6(3)
...Linked Communication (Mental), Limited-Animals, Limited-Rats pr 2[1 mile] (4),
...Linked Mind Control, Affliction, Area- Perception, (Entranced, Compelled, Controlled), Limited-Animals, Limited-Rats pr 6(3)
{This is an ability to influence and perceive through the senses of rats. He also has limited ability to command them (DC16 if it matters).}
AE: Advanced Animalism (Song of Serenity); Affliction, Area-Perception (Hearing), Limited to One Target, (Resist by Will, Entranced & Impaired, Compelled & Defenseless, Controlled & Asleep) Limited to One Command "Remain Calm and Peaceful", Cumulative, Duration-Concentration, Instant Recovery, Extra Condition, Activation - Move, Quirk-Must hum/sing, Subtle {although Phillip is humming/singing, no obvious supernatural effect}, Insidious, PR 6
{One target that can hear him, (DC16 Dodge negates), Must make a DC16 Will check or suffer Affliction. As long as Phillip keeps the soft hum going DC16 Will to either recover or fall further under the sway.}
AE: Protean(Claws); Damage 1, Str-based, Multi-Attack 6, Accurate 4, Improved Crit 1
AE: Advanced Protean(Ratform); {Complication - equipment/clothing doesn't change}
...Linked Shrinking 12, Activation - Standard (10pp) {6-inch rat, -3Str, -1 Ground Speed, +6 Active Def, +12 Stealth, -6 Intimidate}
...Linked Protection -6 (-6pp)
...Linked Morph (rat), Activation - Standard (3pp) {So Shrinking and Morph happen at the same time}
...Linked Comprehend Animals, limited-Rats pr2 [Speak and Understand] (2pp)
...Linked Enhance Skills, Acrobatics +9 (3pp)
{Active defenses while in ratform are DC 24 to be hit, Toughness 2}

init +4
Unarmed +2, DC 20 Toughness
Claws +10, DC21 Toughness [19-20], Multiattack
Song of Serenity, DC16 Dodge negates, if Failed DC 16 Will, (Entranced & Impaired, Compelled & Defenseless, Controlled & Asleep) Limited to One Command "Remain Calm and Peaceful", Cumulative, Concentration, Instant recovery, Subtle, Insidious, Move Activation.

Abilities6 + Saves20 + Skills13 + Advantages6 + Powers75=120


Now, if you want an set of adventurers that can operate in daytime I can have Phillip with a rare totem or spell to do so. That would be another of his complications.
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Lexi the Dazzling

Post by Psistrike » Tue Jan 09, 2018 4:43 am

ImageLexi the Dazzling
Quote "Trying to trick me, foolish at best."
Lexi the Dazzling
PL 8

Real Name: Alexis "Lexi" Harrington
Age: 24 years old
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 130 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Race: Caucasian
Identity: Secret
Legal Status: U.S. citizen with no criminal record
Status: Active
Occupation: Stage magician
Base of Operations: Eldritch City
Team Affiliations: None yet
Concept: Stage magician/illusionist drawn into the world of the supernatural
Marital Status: Single

Abilities: Strength 0, Stamina 2, Agility 2, Dexterity 2, Fighting 2, Intellect 3, Awareness 4, Presence 3

Skills: Deception 6 [+9], Expertise: Illusion Magic 6 [+9], Expertise: Stage Magician 8 [+11], Insight 7 [+11], Investigation 4 [+7], Perception 6 [+10], Ranged Combat: Throwing 6 [+8], Sleight of Hand 9 [+11], Stealth 5 [+7]

Advantages: Benefit 2 [Ambidexterity, Burglar [Sleight of Hand]], Defensive Attack, Defensive Roll 2, Equipment, Fascinate [Expertise: Stage Magician], Improved Trip, Improvised Tools, Luck, Redirect, Second Chance [Insight checks vs. Illusions], Skill Mastery 2 [Expertise: Stage Magician, Sleight of Hand], Throwing Mastery 4

Illusory Disguise: Feature 1 [Needs no preperation needed for Deception [Disguise] checks] • 1 point
Sense Memory: Feature 1 [Perfect Sense Recall] • 1 point
Stage Magic: Feature 1 [Stage Magic], Variable Descriptor 2 • 3 points
Illusion Casting: Illusion [visual and auditory] 8 • 24 points

Equipment: Disguised Armored Stage Magician Outfit [Subtle Protection 2; 3 ep], Stage Magician Props [1 ep], Various Small Items for Throwing [1 ep]

Initiative +2
Thrown objects +8, Ranged, Damage 4

Dodge 8, Parry 5
Toughness 6/4*, Fortitude 4, Will 10
*Without Defensive Roll

Power Points
Abilities 36 + Powers 29 + Advantages 18 + Skills 20 [58 ranks] + Defenses 17 = 117 Total

Responsibility: She may not have much power, but she feels it is her responsibility to protect others however she can. Solving mysteries and revealing the truth are just a few of her means.
Fame: She is a locally famous stage magician known as Lexi the Dazzling. She has her fans, though so far none seem to have noticed her mixing actual illusions in with her tricks.
Secret: Lexi tries to keep the truth of her illusion magic hidden. She will even avoid using them around those who suspect the truth unless hers or someone else's life is threatened and her illusions could help.
Weakness: Lexi's illusions can only deceive others or disguise her, she hasn't developed her skills further than that. Faced with foes able to simply ignore her illusions, she has to rely on her little self-defense training and throwing skills.

Build Comments: Fitting a stage magician/illusionist into a 120 pp budget took some points juggling to get everything. At least it gives me plenty of room for growth, especially with expanding her Illusion Casting into an array later on.

History: Alexis was born into a family tradition of stage magicians, going back to her great-great-grandfather. Taught the tricks of the trade and family secrets, she picked them up quickly. Yet something felt off, as none of their illusions and prestidigitation ever seemed to match up to the tales of her great-great or even her great grandfather's tricks. Whenever she brought it up, she was told to simply master the tricks she was taught and not worry about such matters.

At 16 a turn of luck came, as she was left home alone for the day. Sneaking into the attic, it seemed to be just dusty boxes and other items all families accumulate over time. Until in the dark corner in the back, she stumbled upon a chest, marked to never open. Drawn to the forbidden, she found a strange tome with even stranger symbols written inside. Going to place it back, she ended up cutting herself on the edge of the chest and her blood came into contact with the tome.

Alexis nearly dropped the tome as it felt like it was on fire, as a blinding light emitted forth. When the burning sensation ended, she opened the tome once more and found she could read it! The first page spelled out its history, her great-great-grandfather had learned the art of illusion magic from a fairy he met in his youth, recording the spells in the tome to keep a record both for himself and to pass down to his descendants.

Alexis began to read on and it seemed it wouldn't be as simple as just reading the spell and practicing it. She had to learn how to hold and channel magical energy first before even the first spell could be cast. With school, socializing with friends, her other activities, and even college, it took her nearly 6 years before she cast her first spell.

Getting a job at a local nightclub as a stage magician, she began simply enough but soon felt drawn to incorporate true illusions into her act. She was a hit, yet she found herself still stuck in her apartment and not getting the wealth she had seen even her father earns. It didn't help she would give her money away to those in need whenever she could, always wishing to make others happy by any means.

But soon she found the city had a side it had kept hidden as well. Walking along, she would get a glimpse of what appeared to be troll before turning only to see a tall, gangly man. Looking in store windows late at night, she would turn around and find one or more people whose reflections she hadn't seen.

It was after a busy night at the club, she was heading back to her apartment when she saw a woman being attacked by a dog. As she got closer, it became apparent it was some kind of hellhound, flayed red flesh that radiated heat and flames issuing from its mouth. Without thought, she distracted it with an illusion of what she believed an angel would appear like, then threw a playing card at it with deadly accuracy.

This was the first time she was drawn into a supernatural mystery in the city. From vampires preying on the homeless to frat idiots summoning demons because they thought it was a joke, so far she has either distracted the threat until the authorities arrived or simply helped innocents escape with their lives. She knows she is just dabbling in this, she isn't trained to deal with these threats, not without backup.

Description: Alexis, 'Lexi' to her friends and fans, is an attractive young woman of undetermined European descent. Her raven-black hair hangs down past her shoulders, while her blue eyes can show joy when entertaining or the fury of a mother bear when protecting an innocent.

She has several outfits but mostly wears her stage magicians costume most of the time. A double-breasted suit with yellow shirt and long black jacket with indigo lining, white gloves, and black shoes, plus a classic magician's top hat. When she so chooses to she can disguise her appearance with a simple illusion, much like a professional disguise without needing the props and make-up.

Powers & Abilities: Lexi is a self-taught, from her great-great grandfather's tome, illusion magic caster. So far her job and other things in her life have kept her from developing them beyond illusions that affect vision and hearing, along with the ability to create simply illusory disguises. Given time and an outside push to use her magic more this could expand to other illusion spells.

She comes from a family of stage magicians and is skilled at sleight of hand and 'illusions', both to entertain others and to trick them when needed. Part of her training included the art of accurately throwing virtually anything she can get her hands on. Due to being drawn into the supernatural world of her city, she has become an amateur detective [at least she thinks she is amateur].

Personality: Alexis is an outgoing, fun-loving young woman who has more than her share of secrets. While she will trust her closest friends and family with almost anything, the fact she wields illusion magic is a secret of her own, a gift from her great-great-grandfather she fears her family would insist she give up if they found out.

When entertaining on a stage, she is energetic and a true showwoman, loving to see the smiles on her audience's faces. When faced with a threat though she becomes deadly serious and will try to trick her foe into harming themselves or removing them from the area. When working on a mystery, it is like it is all she can focus on until it is solved, bugging her until the matter is resolved.

Known Tactics: Lexi the Dazzling will use her skill to craft realistic illusions to fool foes into harming themselves, disguising things like circuit boxes, lamppost, fire hydrants, etc. so they end up hitting them. Using illusions to scare threats away is another tactic if she thinks it will work. She resorts to using thrown weapons and objects only when all other options are exhausted or innocents are threatened.

Friends and Allies: Alexis has her parents, younger brother Justin, and younger sister Julie who will help her when needed. She also can call upon the legal services of Raymond, Slade, and Walcott law firm when needed, though prefers to work with someone closer to her age and females from the firm when possible, as too many older guys from there always use the opportunity to hit on her.

Rivals and Enemies: So far she doesn't know if she has made any enemies with her activities, though it wouldn't surprise her.

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Re: Eldritch City population center

Post by Spectrum » Tue Jan 09, 2018 9:53 pm

Thanks folks. Now I'm much closer to having everything at my fingertips.
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Re: Eldritch City population center

Post by Spectrum » Tue Jan 09, 2018 10:34 pm

I'm going to use this building sometime-

Luma foundation - Parc des Ateliers - Arles - France


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