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Re: Sidious' FASERIP Builds: Black Bolt, Corvus Glaive, Captain America, Maximus

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Ok so I'm going to throw 616/1610 survivors into this mix. Lets start it off with a bang...

The REAL reason Secret Wars happened.

Spider-Man II:
Miles Morales
Team Affiliation: Avengers, Champions
F: Gd/10
A: Am/50
S: In/40
E: In/40
R: Ty/6
I: Gd/10
P: Ex/20
Health: 140
Karma: 36
Resources: Fe/2
Popularity: 20
Wall-Crawling: Miles can cling to any surface using just his fingertips and feet. Miles can crawl on vertical and horizontal surfaces with Amazing (50) ability.

Spider Sense: Amazing (50), when danger is present, Miles feels a buzzing sensation in his head as a sort of early warning system, allowing him to react accordingly. His Spider-Sense offers him near complete awareness of his surroundings, and in conjunction with his reflexes, allows him to instinctively dodge or counter nearly all attacks. His Spider-Sense seems to be greatly enhanced compared to that of Peter Parker.

Regenerative Healing Factor: Miles is able to regenerate his injuries at Excellent (20) rank.

Bio-Electrokinesis: Miles possesses control over the natural electricity his body produces. He is capable of utilizing it for offensive purposes.
  • Venom Blast: Miles can send a bio-electric shock to his enemies or destroy technology by releasing a small spark of electricity from his hands. This is an Incredible (40) ability to temporarily paralyze his enemies by simply touching them with his hands. Victim must make a Red Endurance FEAT vs. paralysis for 1-10 rounds.
  • Mega Venom Blast: Miles may release a larger omni-directional blast of bio-electric energy from his body. This causes an Amazing (50) blast in his immediate area. Afterwards he must make a yellow Endurance feat to remain conscious.
  • Venom Punch: Miles can enhance his punches to cause Amazing (50) damage by infusing his fists with bio-electricity.
  • Energy-Web Generation: Miles can produce threads of bio-electricity from his fingers. This can cover his immediate area in a shock web of Remarkable (30) intensity.
Spider-Camouflage: Miles can blend into his surroundings with Remarkable (30) ability, allowing him to sneak up on his enemies or, in some cases, flee from them.

Web-Shooters: Incredible (40) material strength in round it was fired, Hardens to Monstrous (75) material strength in next round. Used for swinging (3 areas a round) and restraining.

Talents: Student

Contacts: Peter Parker, Avengers, The Champions, Kid Nova, Ms. Marvel

- From the Wiki: After Norman Osborn was arrested by S.H.I.E.L.D, and publicly revealed as the Green Goblin, so Osborn Industries was left abandoned and nearly two months before Peter Parker's death, a thief broke into Osborn Industries. Unbeknownst to the thief, a spider genetically enhanced with the Oz Formula crawled into his bag.

Miles Morales, a young kid from Brooklyn visited his uncle Aaron Davis (which was against his parents' wishes, due to his uncle's criminal past) after being awarded the final spot in a charter school lottery. At his uncle's apartment Miles was bitten by the Oz-enhanced spider, which emerged from Aaron's bag, and Miles discovered he received super-human abilities like camouflage, increased agility, as well as some sort of stun blast, and upon revealing his newly found powers to his best friend, Ganke Lee, both concluded he had power similar to Spider-Man's, including wall-crawling. But Miles reacted negatively, as he just wanted to be normal, and decided to leave heroism to the actual Spider-Man.

Months later, Spider-Man died saving his family from Osborn. Miles arrived late to the scene. Struck with grief at not helping Peter Parker before his demise, Miles decided to follow Parker's philosophy -- with great power comes great responsibility -- and so continue Peter's legacy.

During his first night as Spider-Man, Miles faced Kangaroo while wearing a Spider-Man Halloween costume. Miles' next patrol was cut short when he was attacked by Spider-Woman who demanded to know who he was. After accidentally knocking himself out, Miles was held captive in a cell at the Triskelion, S.H.I.E.L.D.'s headquarters. There, he was interrogated by Nick Fury, and his origin revealed to them.

Electro woke up in the Triskelion medical ward from a coma, caused during Parker's fight against Norman Osborn, and battled the Ultimates. Miles participation was crucial for the heroes victory, and he was rewarded with Spider-Woman's approval for Miles to officially be the new Spider-Man.

Miles in his new costume stops a mugging, albeit very sloppily. The police arrive but Miles escapes, not before Betty Brant captures video footage of him on her phone which she brings to the Daily Bugle and presents to J. Jonah Jameson. The story of a new Spider-Man in New York makes the headlines. Miles, at his parents house, has a talk with his mother about the recent news he learned about the criminal past of his father and Uncle Aaron. Ganke comes over and presents Miles with the DVD of the Spider-Man Movie that was released several months ago, featuring actual footage of Peter Parker fighting with Dr. Octopus. Ganke suggests that he study Peter's moves so he can become a better crime fighter like Peter was.

While at the dinner table, the Morales family discussed about the all-new Spider-Man which resulted in Miles' parents being on different sides -- Miles' father being against Spider-Man and his mother being for Spider-Man (thinking it cool). Miles' father is not so happy with it because of the fact that a mutant used his powers to flood the whole city of New York causing millions of people to die, but Miles' mother reminds Miles' father that thanks to a young boy in a Spider-Man costume, he saved countless lives and did whatever he could to save the city and also was honored after he died.

Later on Miles hopped around rooftops practicing his new powers. Miles decides to test his wall-crawling abilities on a tall building to see how far he can climb, but soon remembers that he has a sort of fear of heights. Then Miles tries to find a way into the building so he can get downstairs, and finds himself on the hotel floor of Principal Suitress who faints in shock at seeing the new Spider-Man. Miles then hears an explosion occur far off in the distance, he decides to jump over to the area to see what is going on since he has no web-shooters yet, he cannot swing towards the danger. As Miles arrives in the area, he starts to feel a buzzing in his head which is his Spider-Sense, he starts to understand its purpose a little bit more, as he dodges a flying car that was heading right for him. He comes face to face with Omega Red, who is surprised and angered to see another Spider-Man. Miles and Omega Red, with Miles making fun of Omega Red's name, to quickly end the battle, Miles uses his Venom Blast which has good effect on Omega Red, putting a stop to the villain. The scene then cuts to Miles and Ganke talking about Miles fight against Omega Red and how awesome and cool the fight was. But Miles believes that in order to be prepared for much more dangerous and lethal villains he must train harder, and Ganke is about to propose an idea until Miles' Uncle Aaron appears.

Miles was shocked when his Uncle Aaron confronted him with the revelation that he knew Miles was the new Spider-Man. When Aaron told Miles he wanted them to work together but Miles refused, so Aaron threatened to tell Miles' father about his secret. Miles was confused as to what to do with the whole situation.

Together they went to fight the Scorpion. After defeating Scorpion, Miles handed him to the police which resulted in him almost being arrested. When Miles refused to help his uncle again, Aaron unveiled his latest toy, a Vulture suit. Realizing his uncle intended to use him as his personal enforcer, Miles realized it was time to face Aaron. Miles then battles the Ringer. The two fought a catastrophic battle in which Aaron utilized Vibro-Shock Gauntlets, one of them was damaged in battled. The Vibro-Shock Gauntlets later caused it to shortcut and exploded, killing him.

In an unusual turn of events, Miles accidentally encountered the Spider-Man of an alternate universe. Because Peter Parker was dead in his world and there was confusion between the two, they began to fight. Peter unmasked Miles and demanded answers. However, Miles managed to knock out Peter using his venom strike. Unsure what to do with him, Miles brought Peter to S.H.I.E.L.D. to sort things out. At the Triskelion, Fury learned that this Peter Parker was from another world entirely. Suspecting there might be trouble in a dimensional incursion, he wanted to have Miles fill Peter in on what happened to that world's Peter Parker.

However, the conversation was cut short when Mysterio appeared to attack both Spider-Men by shooting their helicopter ride out of the sky with a RPG. Miles and Peter battled against Mysterio, who conjured up illusions of their greatest rogues in order to subdue them. Mysterio managed to escape the battle, leaving the two Spider-Men to come up with another plan of attack. Miles was present when Peter reunited with the Aunt May and Gwen Stacy counterparts of his universe, touched by the tender moment between them.

Miles and Peter were soon called away by Nick Fury to fight Mysterio again. Although they expected Mysterio to be defeated, the illusionist quickly resorted to a back-up plan: using the heroes' greatest fears against them. Miles' particular fear was the sight of his Uncle Aaron standing over his dead parents, having murdered them both. However, the heroes managed to overcome Mysterio's illusions and defeat him. While Mysterio was kept within the S.H.I.E.L.D. custody of Miles' universe, Peter spoke to him about his role as the new Spider-Man, saying that he was genuinely satisfied with it.

Miles was secretly approached by Gwen Stacy and Aunt May, who tried to give him Peter Parker's original web shooters to help him, Captain America followed them and tried to make Miles abandon the mantle of Spider-Man. After Miles helped Captain America to defeat the R.H.I.N.O., he agreed to let him be Spider-Man, but with the need of better training. In order to improve, Miles joined the Ultimates. In the wake of a civil war, in which Captain America was elected president to help unite the splintered factions of the US. The Daily Bugle is on the hunt to find out everything they can about the new Spider-Man.

Miles was present during the battle for Wyoming and Project Pegasus against the revolutionary terrorists of Hydra, in which Spider-Woman was forced to team-up with him. In the end, the heroes were victors.

But during the battle, Miles managed to board one of the War Machine androids hovering in the skies and accidentally struck him right into Giant-Woman, and was abandoned in a wasteland away from the battle. He began walking until he encountered Giant-Woman, and had to battle her as she was still under the mind-control of Modi, the leader of the revolution and son of Thor. After she was knocked unconscious, a hummer with Spider-Woman searching for Miles arrived the scene, who helped him to return home.

During the civil war, Miles father, Jefferson, fought Hydra soldiers, which caught the attention of the press and tried to interview him. Jefferson was later attacked by the Venom, who days later followed Betty Brant's investigation to incorrectly suspect Jefferson was the new Spider-Man. Miles, as Spider-Man, managed to rescue his father, as the creature later escaped.

After the battle with Venom, Miles began to feel like it was his fault that Venom attacked his father. Ganke managed to convince him that they can stop Venom before it happens again, but were unable to think how, until Mary Jane and Gwen showed up.

After a long discussion about Venom, Maria Hill appeared revealing she knew the truth about Miles and told him he had to stop the symbiote before someone else got hurt. Mary Jane and Gwen then forced her to leave after the discussion.

Miles went outside to confront Maria, but was stopped when an officer received word that Venom was attacking the hospital Miles' parents were at. Miles then left for the hospital to confront Venom. Miles arrived and began to fight Venom by utilizing his venom blast. Venom managed to gain the upper hand and grabs Miles, but he was saved after his mom started shooting Venom with a gun. Miles told her to escape, but she refused.

Miles then got grabbed by Venom again and was nearly consumed when Rio revealed that Miles was her son. Venom proceeded to consume her as well until Miles used his venom blast on the inside of Venom, causing it to be removed from its host. The police showed up and shot Venom's host and the remains of the symbiote. Miles moved his mother to safety, but soon found out she had been caught in the crossfire and was dying. He began to scream for help, but is stopped by Rio, who told him she was proud and to never tell his dad the truth, before dying. Miles later woke up to find himself at Ganke's house. Miles run into the room he was and proceeded to rip up his costume screaming "No More!" repeatedly.

A year passed since his mother's death, and Ganke, nor Jessica Drew were able to convince Miles to assume the identity of Spider-Man again, who also had a girlfriend named Kate Bishop. After two of Roxxon's subjects escaped and were seen battling Bombshell, Miles was finally convinced by Jessica Drew, who told him her origin as a clone of Peter Parker created by Roxxon, to return to be Spider-Man and stop Roxxon once and for all.

Due to Earth-61112's Wolverine's abuse of the time-space continuum broke the fabric of reality, causing a "multiversal chaos", where numerous beings from other realities were transported to other universes through the tears of reality. One of the beings was Galactus of Earth-616. Miles was present when said being arrived to Earth and destroyed New Jersey. Miles helped save civilians, and was recruited by the Ultimates when they tried to plan what to do.

Iron Man discovered the entity came from the same universe Peter Parker temporarily came from months ago, Earth-616. The Ultimates decided to use a portal recovered from Mysterio to go there and ask for help to their Reed Richards, as suggested by Beck. Before they could decide who would go, Reed Richards appeared and recommended to put their differences aside and let him go, as he could access to the other Richards' files in case he wasn't available to help them at the moment. The Ultimates let Richards go, with the condition of being accompanied by Miles Morales. Both heroes managed to arrive to Earth-616, extract the information needed and return. He also revealed his double life to his father, who believed Miles was responsible for the death of Aaron and Rio, and rejected him.

In the wake of the near-destruction of the Earth at the hands of Galactus, Tony Stark decided to disband the Ultimates. However, Spider-Woman decided to continue the legacy of the deceased Captain America in the form of a team of young heroes, the Young Ultimates, of which Spider-Man formed part.

Before the return of his world's Spider-Man, Miles and Jessica Drew (Black Widow III) were attacked by a member of the Inheritors, Verna, along with her hounds while visiting Rio Morales grave. They were saved by Superior Spider-Man and his army and Miles, believing he was Earth-616's Peter Parker (actually a time displaced Otto Octavius in Peter Parker body), joined him along with Jess.

After a chat with Mary Jane, Miles returned to his apartment, he was surprised to see a stranger in his room. Before he could put his mask back on, the stranger revealed himself to be Peter Parker, alive and well, to Miles' shock. Miles tried to interrogate Peter, who continuously avoided Miles' question on how was he alive. Ultimately, Peter decided to knock down Miles, steal his web-shooters and leave. Miles came to the conclusion that Peter was actually a clone, and decided to tell Ganke about it. As they were discussing the topic, Kate Bishop arrived, and Miles decided to reveal to her he was Spider-Man, making her run away.

After discovering Norman Osborn was alive, Miles got to May Parker's old house, where he was soon confronted by the villain. Peter Parker, as Spider-Man, appeared and helped Miles fight the Green Goblin, who was finally defeated with Miles' Venom Blast. The two Spider-Men were soon surrounded by the police, but managed to separate and escape. Maria Hill helped Miles, and took him to Mary Jane's house, where they found Peter Parker, exactly like Miles suspected. Peter decided to tell Miles the story of his return until the Green Goblin returned to fight them.

Miles took advantage in the fight since his Venom Blast had a stronger effect on Osborn. During the fight, Osborn claimed to be Miles' true father. Peter later jumped in and helped him put the Goblin down before they left to the warehouse where he first met Aunt May and Gwen. Peter returned the web-shooters and gave Miles his blessing before he returned to his dorm. He was later woken by Ganke to see that his father had returned.

Unbeknownst to Miles, the parents of his girlfriend Katie Bishop, Derek and Eleanor Bishop, were members of Hydra. Katie didn't know this as well until her parents revealed their secret to her as she went to bed. As an act of loyalty, she in turn revealed Miles' identity as Spider-Man to them. Some time later, Miles visited Katie's house where he was drugged by Derek who revealed his membership in Hydra to Miles. Miles, along with a captured Black Widow (Jessica Drew), was then taken to a secret Hydra lab in a warehouse in Staten Island for experimentation under the charge of Doctor Doom.

Then as Doctor Doom was zapping Miles with microscopic lasers to obtain tissue samples, Miles releases a powerful bursts of energy and destroyed his prison and much of the laboratory. Everyone is stunned by Miles' new display of power, in which a scientist hypothesize that the physical stress brought on Miles is maybe the cause. Miles collapses from being drained from his new power. Doom orders the Spider-Man Twins to take Miles to a cell while he sees to Jessica that she will be dissected. At the very mention of this, Miles regains his strength and knocks down the Spider-Man Twins and a pair of Doombots. Derek quickly puts his gun to Jessica's head and demands Miles to stand down, but Jessica begins to open her eyes. Eventually, Miles' and Jessica's fellow Young Ultimates, his friend Judge, and the NYPD arrived and stormed the warehouse to rescue him. What they found, however, was Miles single-handedly subduing Doom with a single punch amid the many indisposed Hydra soldiers and Spider-Man Twins. Derek Bishop was webbed to the wall by Jessica. Though Katie felt guilty for selling Miles out, he broke up with her anyway. As everyone left the warehouse, they looked up to the sky, which suddenly turned red, to see another Earth, the one from another universe, Earth-616, looming above.

Miles' world and the other were being affected by a phenomena known as incursions, during which the planets Earth of two different realities embark on a collision course that threatened the two universes. As the two forces of each world fought for survival, hoping to destroy the other's planet, Miles investigated the opening of the Children of Tomorrow's Dome in Manhattan, and ended up infiltrating a vessel built by the Maker and the Cabal to survive the end of times.

As the two universes collided and were destroyed, the Multiverse ended. The Cabal's life raft survived into what remained, Battleworld, a patchwork planet composed of the remnants of several universes, ruled by the omnipotent God Emperor Doom. The raft was ultimately found eight years later in a domain known as Utopolis. When it was opened, its occupants awoke from being in suspended animation. Spider-Man remained behind in order not to give away his presence, and he was found by Sheriff Strange when he investigated the supposedly empty vessel. After discovering Miles' non-threatening intentions, Strange brought him to his Isle of Agamotto, a place of remembrance for the lost universes. There, Strange showed him another similar raft that he had found years earlier, but didn't dare to open it until now. Once the vessel was unlocked, from it emerged the survivors of Earth-616, the other universe that had collided with Miles', including Peter Parker.

After God Emperor Doom learned of the survivors, Sheriff Strange had them teleported away with magic to keep them safe, scattering them throughout Battleworld. Miles ended up in the Kingdom of Manhattan, a domain where the remnants of a universe similar to Miles' and another similar to Earth-616 had been recreated but subsequently merged into Earth-61610. Miles managed to convince its inhabitants, who didn't remember the world previous to Battleworld, to rebel against their ruler.

Before Castle Doom was assaulted by the enemies of the emperor, Miles and Peter were recruited by the Maker and Mister Fantastic to sneak into the palace and investigate Doom's source of power. They came across the Molecule Man hidden in a secret chamber beneath Doomstadt. When they encountered him, he asked the arachnid heroes if they had brought anything to eat, Miles luckily had a hamburger in his pocket from before the end of the world, and gave it to Owen. As they were leaving the chamber after learning that Molecule Man himself was Doom's source of power, Owen claimed that he was in debt with Miles.

During the ensuing attack at Castle Doom, the God Emperor was confronted by Mister Fantastic, and the Molecule Man ultimately chose to give Reed the power that was Doom's, leading to the destruction of Battleworld in the process. As everything went white, Miles woke up in the reformed Earth-616 instead of his home reality, but as if he had lived his entire life there, together with his father, his returned mother, and even his friends.[64] As an act of thanksgiving, the Molecule Man had made all of that possible.

Miles eventually grew accustomed to living in a different reality, mainly due to his personal life having remained virtually the same. He still attended the Brooklyn Visions Academy together with Ganke, and lived together with his parents. Of the two of them, only Jefferson knew about Miles' super-heroic endeavors. Miles received assistance in learning how to be a hero from both his new mentor, the native Peter Parker of the Marvel Universe, and the Avengers, a team Miles became part of.

Originally, Miles together with Ms. Marvel believed in Captain Marvel's stance and worked in the Rapid Response Room, to quickly respond to Ulysses' visions of the future.

He was one of the heroes called to the Triskelion by Iron Man to confront the Hulk. He decided to participate, and believed that nothing would happen. However, after the death of Bruce Banner, he, Nova and Ms. Marvel joined Iron Man's side.

Miles was present at the Triskelion on Iron Man's side and had a brief battle with Venom who remarked that he was not the Spider-man he knew. There, Ulysses had a vision of Miles killing Captain America. Captain Marvel tried to arrest him, but Iron Man intervened and instructed Thor to take him away. Miles and Captain America both went to the Capitol Building to prove it would not occur. There, Iron Man protected him with a force field and when Captain Marvel tried to grab his hand, the two began to fight, causing Iron Man to become unconscious. Karnak was the one who freed him.

Following Civil War II, Miles became romantically involved with the Spider-Woman, and formed a new group, the Champions.

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Re: Sidious' FASERIP Builds: Corvus Glaive, Captain America, Maximus, Spiderman (Miles)

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616 Suvivors?

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Re: Sidious' FASERIP Builds: Corvus Glaive, Captain America, Maximus, Spiderman (Miles)

Post by Sidious » Fri Feb 09, 2018 12:52 pm

Yeah... from Secret Wars.

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Re: Sidious' FASERIP Builds: Corvus Glaive, Captain America, Maximus, Spiderman (Miles)

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Tyros of Lanlak (Earth-13054)
Team Affiliation: Heralds of Galactus, Offenders, The Cabal
F: Un/100
A: Am/50
S: Mn/75
E: Mn/75
R: Gd/10
I: Mn/75
P: Am/50
Health: 300
Karma: 135
Resources: Pr/4
Popularity: -20
Earth Animation: Terrax has Unearthly (100) control over rock, dirt, and basic building materials. He can affect an area up to 100 miles in diameter. As power stunts he can:
  • Create tremors of Unearthly (100) intensity.
  • Use rock as missiles with Unearthly (100) range and effect.
  • Shape rock to serve any purpose he wants.
  • Levitate with Unearthly (100) ability any land mass measuring up to 100 cubic miles.
Invulnerability: Terrax has Unearthly (100) resistance to physical and energy attacks. He has C1000 resistance to extreme heat and cold.

Self-Sustenance: Terrax is free of the need to consume air, water, or food.

Floating Disc: Terrax can attain C1000 speed by riding atop any rock he controls with his Earth Animation power.

Dimension Travel: When Terrax reaches his maximum velocity, he can enter hyperspace and quickly travel to other sections of the universe.

Life Detection: Terrax can detect life energies up to 5 light years away with C1000 ability.

Axe: Galactus gave Terrax an axe-like weapon through which he could channel his powers. The axe has C1000 Material Strength and some inherent powers:
  • Damage: The axe could inflict Unearthly (100) edged damage and cut through materials of up to Cl 1000 strength.
  • Force Field: The axe can emit a force field of Monstrous rank. It is capable of completely covering the island of Manhattan.
  • Disintegration: The axe has the Unearthly (100) ability to disintegrate matter.
Talents: Astronavigation; Military; Weapon Specialist: Axe

Contacts: Galactus, The Cabal, The Heralds

- From the Wiki:Terrax was the Herald of Galaktus in his universe.

He guided the World Eater to Earth during an Incursion, an event in which universes collide. They landed in New York City, where he encountered the Illuminati. He asked them to retreat to their home-reality and allow his master to save both their universes, but they chose to attack him. He was defeated when Black Bolt blindsided him, and was taken to Earth-616 while the Earth of his world was destroyed by his master.

He was imprisoned in the Necropolis in a cell next to the Black Swan. Terrax initially rebuffed her attempts at telepathically communicating with him, but after asking him if he missed the freedom to find worlds to destroy, to which Terrax responded "more than anything", she told him that they would be of use to each other soon.

When Thanos and his Generals came to the Necropolis, they considered letting Terrax and his fellow prisoner free to cause more collateral damage during their campaign to capture the infinity gems, but for his own reasons Thanos decided against it.

When the Black Swan was once again re-imprisoned, after the Illuminati learned the extent of her past actions, Terrax comforted her, and re-assured her that the Illuminati would not be able to keep them imprisoned forever after gesturing towards Thanos' prison, where Corvus Glaive was returning to life.

Terrax was freed by Namor, who had had a falling out with the Illuminati for destroying an alternate world during an Incursion, and joined his Cabal, in order to destroy another colliding Earth, as the Illuminati were willing to let both universes die.

Rather than fight the incursions in secret, the Cabal opted to make their actions public. Terrax spoke before a Security Council meeting, making the Cabal's case, and asking the United Nations to sanction them so that they could continue to protect Earth and the universe. The United Nations agreed to this, and in return, the Cabal demanded Wakanda. They razed the city-state, and claimed the ruins and the Necropolis as their base of operations.

The Cabal continued to protect the universe by destroying colliding Earths, but Namor grew weary and disgusted with the Cabal's habit of engaging in wholesale slaughter of the colliding Earth's population, as opposed to simply planting the bomb and leaving.

Namor, now willing to turn himself in for his crimes, devised a plan with the Illuminati to destroy the Cabal. A new Incursion was on the horizon, one in which the incursive world had been ravaged by the Sidera Maris. Namor would lead the Cabal to said world, activate the anti-matter injector without their knowledge, and leave them to die with said Earth, preventing them from escaping with the use of an A.I.M. platform capable of creating an impenetrable barrier between the two colliding Earths. As the Cabal engaged the Sidera Maris in combat, Namor set his plan in motion. However, he was betrayed by Black Panther and Black Bolt, who pushed him off the platform into the soon-to-be-destroyed Earth.

As the Cabal approached the fallen Namor, who lied about his intentions, they discovered an unusual event was occurring. The Earth they were in was, in addition, in an Incursion with another universe at the same time. Unable to return to Earth-616, the Cabal made their way to the second Incursion point, and escaped from the doomed planet into the third universe, the Ultimate Universe, where they encountered the Maker.

Allying with the Maker, Terrax and the Cabal set about finding a way to survive the final incursion, which was projected to take place between Earth-1610 and Earth-616, and the end of the multiverse. After securing the aid of Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D., the Cabal began work on a life raft that would allow them to survive the end of the multiverse.

The life raft was completed just in time, and the Cabal survived the final incursion.

Terrax and the Cabal were inadvertently freed from their raft and awoken eight years after the final incursion, on Battleworld. They killed a Thor as they emerged from the raft and began making their way across the deserted wasteland where they had awoken.

While resting from a days wandering, the Cabal were accosted by the Thor Corps, the police force of God-Emperor Doom. The Cabal easily held their own against the Thors, prompting Sheriff Strange to send in the survivors of Earth-616. Eventually, Doom himself intervened. After Doom killed the Phoenix, Strange teleported away Terrax and everyone else present.

Terrax spent a long time travelling across the wilderness of Battleworld, finally arriving at Doomgard just as a climactic battle to destroy Doom was underway. Seeing Galactus there, Terrax saw the chance to return to who he truly was; a herald. He offered his services to Galactus, not knowing that this Galactus was merely a puppet controlled by Franklin Richards. Franklin promptly squashed him.

Terrax's current whereabouts are unknown, however, it is likely that he was restored to life when Mr. Fantastic brought back the Multiverse.

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Re: Sidious' FASERIP Builds: Captain America, Maximus, Spiderman (Miles), Terrax

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Sorry, got really busy and missed yesterday. So now you guys get two!

The incomparable BelleChere as Ms. Marvel.
I still say Katee Sackhoff would have made an awesome Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel III:
Carol Susan Jane Danvers
Team Affiliation: Avengers, Starjammers, The Ultimates
F: In/40
A: In/40
S: Am/50
E: Am/50
R: Gd/10
I: Rm/30
P: In/40
Health: 180
Karma: 80
Resources: Ex/20
Popularity: 20
Body Resistance: Carol’s altered genes and hybrid physiology grant her Amazing (50) protection vs Physical and Energy attacks.

Flight: The Captain can convert her energy to enable her to fly at Shift Y (200) air speed.

Seventh Sense: Carol’s combat sense has returned at Incredible (40) levels. She may also detect energy sources with Incredible (40) ability. Her travels across Exospace and the like have bolstered this aspect of her powers to see the cage outside of reality that's binding The Marvel Universe.

Contaminant Immunity: Carol possesses an amalgamated human/alien Kree physiology that grants her Amazing (50) resistance to toxins and poisons.

Photonic Blasts: Carol can fire Amazing (50) concussion blasts of photon and stellar light energy from her hands and fingertips.

Energy Absorption: Her body is capable of absorbing energy up to Unearthly (100) rank. If empowered by enough energy, she can assume her Binary form again temporarily.
  • Hyper Strength: Captain Marvel may use her absorbed energy to enhance her strength up to Unearthly (100) level.
  • Enhanced Phontonic Blasts: The Captain may augment her blasts up to Unearthly level with absorbed energy.
  • Regeneration: Captain Marvel may use absorbed energy to heal herself. She may heal up to Unearthly (100) damage this way.
Talents: Aerial Combat; Astronavigation; Espionage; Journalism; Leadership; Martial Arts: A, C, E; Military; Pilot – air, space; Trivia – Shi’ar & Kree Culture

Contacts: Avengers, Starjammers, The Ultimates, Ms. Marvel II

- From the Wiki: Carol Danvers grew up as the oldest child of three in a traditional Boston home, with a contractor father who believed in the merits of hard work. When he built their Cape Cod summer home, Carol insisted on working as hard as her two younger brothers, trying to make equal in her father's eyes. A voracious reader, she dreamed of becoming an astronaut and traveling to distant planets; as a teen she even hitchhiked to Cape Canaveral to view a launch there. Her father however, could not accept women as men's equals, and when financial troubles meant he could only send one child to college, he chose middle child Steve despite Carol's superior grades.

She turned 18 just a few months later, and the following day she turned her back on her father and joined the Air Force, intending to be a pilot and to get a college degree via the military. Her brother Steve's death in military action would eventually draw Carol back to her family, but she still never felt truly accepted by her father. She quickly rose to the top of her Air Force class, taking the call sign "Cheeseburger". While flying an experimental jet through Arabic air space, however, Carol was shot down and captured by a man named Ghazi Rashid, who tortured her for several days. She managed to escape (despite a broken leg and serious injuries), reach a CIA safe house in the area, and provide key information to the intelligence community. This incident led to her being recruited into Air Force Intelligence.

She accomplished many different missions and worked with other figures such as Colonel Nick Fury, Logan (later Wolverine) and Benjamin Grimm (later the Thing), while opposing others such as Victor Creed (later Sabretooth), and Natalia Shostakova (later the Black Widow).

She was also partnered with Colonel Michael Rossi and the two became lovers.

NASA eventually requested her for an open position as head of security which she accepted, resigning from the Air Force bumping her to full Colonel at retirement. Becoming the youngest security captain in NASA's history, she became embroiled in the schemes of the interstellar alien Kree Empire. It was during this time that she met and eventually befriended the Kree soldier Mar-Vell whose enemies would soon be responsible for her future transformation. The next few months were disastrous as she was kidnapped by the alien robotic intelligence Cyberex and then hospitalized by a controlled Iron Man who attacked the Cape. The alien Yon-Rogg then kidnapped her while she was still concussed and eventually battled Mar-Vell. During this battle, Carol was knocked into a damaged Kree Psyche-Magnitron, a powerful device which could turn imagination into reality. Carol's genetic structure was altered effectively making her a half-Kree superhuman. She was unaware of this change for months.

Her successful career at NASA was severely damaged because of these recent events. Due to her continued inability to control superhuman incursions, she was removed and reassigned to a minor NASA facility near Chicago. Even this did not last as Carol was demoted to a mere security guard and returned to Cape Canaveral after the superhuman Nitro had raided the base. Due to her plummeting career, she resigned from NASA.

Now living off an accumulated salary, Carol wrote an angry tell-all expose on NASA, burning many bridges. The best selling book briefly made Carol a celebrity and she began working as an editor for Woman Magazine, a publication owned by the Daily Bugle. However, she developed a dual personality due to the Psyche-Magnitron's alterations. She would black out and become a Kree warrior, instantaneously donning a costume in which the Psyche-Magnitron had created for her to ease her body's changes.

She continued to experience these blackouts, but they did not stop her from pursuing her career as a writer and editor. She took the name Ms. Marvel after Mar-Vell. Her fragmented mind eventually recovered with the help and treatments of the extradimensional Hecate and the Kree Ronan the Accuser. She established herself as one of New York's premiere superheroes working with Spider-Man, the Defenders, and the Avengers.

After working several cases with the Avengers, Ms. Marvel was invited to join the team during the Scarlet Witch's leave of absence. She quickly established herself as a valuable member, but left the team following a bizarre unwanted pregnancy caused by "Marcus", who claimed to be the son of Immortus. Marcus manipulated Carol into believing that she loved him and took her to his home in Limbo. However, Marcus' plot backfired when he discovered that he aged at an accelerated rate in Limbo. Carol learned how to use Immortus' time-traveling technology and returned to her time. Upon her return she angrily confronted the Avengers expressing her resentment towards them for falling for Marcus' lies and manipulation of her, allowing him to effectively kidnap her for future defilement at his hands.

Seeking peace of mind after the ordeal with Marcus, Carol relocated to San Francisco and chose not to resume ties with the Avengers. In a battle with the power-absorbing mutant Rogue, Danvers lost virtually all of her Ms. Marvel abilities, leaving her with only her augmented genetic structure. Rogue attempted to murder her afterwards, but Carol survived floating unconscious on top of the water under the Golden Gate Bridge. Spider-Woman rescued her and alerted the Avengers and the X-Men to Carol's plight. Rogue had drained her memories, most of which were restored by mutant mentor Charles Xavier. However, Professor X could not return the emotional bonds linked to those memories. During this period, Carol was a frequent ally of the X-Men -- Xavier's team of masked, mutant heroes.

Later, Carol was abducted by the alien Brood and subjected to an evolutionary ray that triggered the latent potential of her augmented genes. Thus, she became the cosmically powered mutate called Binary. No longer possessed of strong emotional ties to people and places on Earth, Carol decided to leave the planet and pursue new challenges as a member of the space-faring band of adventurers known as the Starjammers.

While Carol's body was in space her memories began exerting itself within Rogue's body. The experience began driving Rogue crazy. After going through the Siege Perilous Rogue and Carol were physically split (with Rogue only having her base powers and Carol retaining her powers). Gateway teleported the two away from the Reavers with Rogue ending up in the Savage Land and Carol on Muir Island. The Shadow King took control of Carol and sent her after Rogue. Carol was decomposing as there was only enough life energy to sustain one person. As Carol started winning Rogue began decomposing. However the fight ended with Carol's death due to Magneto interfering on Rogue's behalf.

Returning to Earth some years later, Carol exhausted her cosmic energies to save the sun. Her powers severely depleted, she spent months recuperating at Avengers Mansion. Now known as Warbird, she eventually rejoined the team. Carol overcame emotional emptiness, alcoholism, substantially reduced power levels and a formal court martial before her teammates to prove herself as an asset among Avengers. She proved herself on many missions and was instrumental in defeating the time-spanning Kang during the Kang Wars as a result of his son, Marcus Kang XXIII's attraction to her. Carol stayed to help on a few more missions but eventually left to work for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security where she was offered a high rank in one of the agencies.

She was one of many Avengers who opposed the Scarlet Witch during her breakdown and remained with them until they officially disbanded. A short time later, Carol found herself working alongside the New Avengers.

While Earth-616 was merged with the House of M reality, Carol experienced being the most popular hero on Earth, though she was only a 'Sapien' operating under the rule of mutants. Mar-Vell dubbed her as Captain Marvel as he lay dying.

As Captain Marvel, she tracked down a thief and fought a mystic named Warren Traveler before being 'awakened' by Emma Frost and Layla Miller. From there she joined the other heroes in their successful attempt to revert their reality.

The effect of remembering being the most popular hero had a substantial effect on Carol, who attempted to bring herself into the 'A-List' level of heroes by hiring an agent to market her.

Carol sided with Iron Man and the Registration Act during the Civil War. She and Wonder Man worked together in several capacities, such as chasing Julia Carpenter, a previous Spider-Woman, and the recruitment of the young Araña. After the war, she was given leadership over the Mighty Avengers, the New York branch of the 50-State Initiative. Carol aided her fellow Mighty Avengers Iron Man, Ares, and Wonder Man when they tried to stop the Hulk and his Warbound. She also convinced Iron Man to let her have a S.H.I.E.L.D. mini-carrier and be in charge of her own unit, Operation: Lightning Storm. They faced A.I.M. and M.O.D.O.K., among others. Ms. Marvel was captured by the Brood on Monster Island, whereupon she found the Brood Queen.

During the chaotic Battle of Manhattan during the Skrull invasion, Ms. Marvel was shot down by Nick Fury, who was unconvinced that she was the real Carol Danvers. She recovered and fought bravely, killing many Skrulls and several Super-Skrulls singlehandedly before leading a group of survivors with Agent Sum to the Raft.

In the aftermath of the Skrull Invasion, the entire original roster of the Mighty Avengers left the team, and Carol was no exception. Since S.H.I.E.L.D. was simultaneously disbanded, she was left without a job, and rather than stay solo, she joined the New Avengers. She adamantly refused to join Norman Osborn's team of Avengers. Officially, taking her place as Ms. Marvel on the Dark Avengers was Karla Sofen, aka Moonstone.

Later, Osborn attempted to assassinate Danvers, planning on make Sofen the sole Ms. Marvel. But Danvers was split into four energy beings, who used baby MODOKs to reconstitute herself. However, she had a separate alter ego named Catherine Donovan, who in proximity to each other, would allow Danvers to increase in strength. Donovan was created by the Storyteller in an attempt to give her wish of being free from her burdens. Eventually, Donovan was killed by Norman Osborn, and fused with Moonstone. After a great realization, Karla was able to will out Donovan from her mind thus completely merging Donovan and Carol together. During her fight with Karla, Carol removed the moonstone from Karla's body leaving her powerless. Seeing Karla powerless and lost, Carol decided to give Karla back the Moonstone if she were able to redeem herself.

Following the Siege of Asgard, Ms. Marvel remained a member of the New Avengers, and even admitted to being attracted to her fellow teammate Spider-Man. When the Serpent attacked the Earth, Ms. Marvel, along with Spider-Woman and Noh-Varr, went to confront the Hulk, who had become Nul, Breaker of Worlds.

When it was realized that the Phoenix Force was heading toward Earth, Ms. Marvel was part of the team sent to stall/take out the Phoenix Force if necessary at all costs. She encountered a resurrected Captain Marvel, who was revived by the Kree Empire using the M'Kraan Crystal in order to unite and protect all of the Kree against the Phoenix Force.

Mar-Vell along with all the other Kree and everyone powered by Kree energies are brainwashed into believing that the Phoenix brings their salvation. Vision manages to free Mar-Vell and the other Kree from the illusion but it is too late to evacuate the planet as the Phoenix draws ever closer to Hala. Mar-Vell realizes that the Phoenix is coming to claim the portion of its power that was used to resurrect him and still resides within him. He sacrifices himself to save Hala and the Phoenix departs for Earth. She realized what Mar-Vell meant for her and decide to take his legacy, becoming the new Captain Marvel in the aftermath of the war against the X-Men.

While investigating various plane disappearances with Monica Rambeau, she absorbed her in energy state in order to destroy a giant robot. Back in New York, it's discovered that she had a brain lesion which would cause memory loss if she flew. While searching for her apparently disappeared friend Rose with Spider-Woman, Carol and Jessica were attacked by the Grapplers. After defeating them (but flying in order to do it) one of them revealed her that Rose was in Central Park. When Carol arrived she and Thor battled two T-Rex and found Rose and a note with her apartment's direction. When she arrived with Spider-Woman, they discovered that someone had stolen a piece of the Psyche-Magnitron.

A Brood ship suddenly appeared out of nowhere, and the Avengers, including Captain Marvel, battled them. Meanwhile, Yon-Rogg was revealed to be the one who had stolen the Psyche-Magnitron and solicited the Kree to transport it back to Hala. When they refused, he combined with the Psyche-Magnitron and claimed that he was going to reform Earth. The Avengers defeated the Brood but unknown to them a Kree Sentry appeared on Earth. The Sentries projected an energy field around New York when Rogg used Danvers's brain as a power source amplified by the field to recreate a Kree city in New York's sky. The Avengers planned to use Cap's shield to break the energy field, but Danvers instead flew to space to separate Rogg from his power source, which worked. Captain Marvel saved the city but suffered great brain damage in the process which cost her a big portion of her memories.

After a brief stint in space, working with the Guardians of the Galaxy in order to rediscover herself, Carol returned to Earth, and joined S.H.I.E.L.D. in order to hunt down the Illuminati. Additionally, Carol had started dating Jim Rhodes, a fellow former pilot known as the armored hero War Machine.

During the final incursion, Carol was one of the heroes that tried to stop Earth-1610 from destroying her Earth. After the vessel transporting the Earth's "resurrection team" was destroyed by the Children, Mr. Fantastic was forced to put the "lifeboat" in action. As the "lifeboat" was deployed, Manifold teleported numerous heroes into it including Spider-Man, Star-Lord, Thor, and Cyclops, and Carol herself, which allowed them to survive the end of the Multiverse.

Carol and the other heroes transported onto the life raft were awakened by Doctor Strange eight years after the end of the multiverse and the creation of Battleworld, a planet cobbled together by segments of destroyed realities created and ruled by Doctor Doom.Captain Marvel and the other heroes were later transported by Strange to confront the Cabal after a distress call was sent to him by one member of the Thor Corps, and after this Doom himself appeared to quell the fighting. When Doom tried to kill them, Doctor Strange teleported them across Battleworld, but at the cost of his own life. She was teleported into the domain of Bar Sinister, where Mister Sinister's clone army captured her and brought her to the original Mister Sinister, where he then corrupted her. Later on, after a conservation with God Emperor Doom, Sinister asked her for advice. When she punches him a few times, which he seems to draw pleasure from, he resolves to be "naughty", a course she approves of. During the final battle against Doom, Sinister was convinced by her to betray Doom and kill Baroness Madelyne Pryor, which led to the restoration of the Multiverse.

Eight months later, Carol was subsequently recruited by the Alpha Flight Space Program to work as the commander of the Alpha Flight Low-Orbit Space Station, the Earth's first line of defense, as well as joining the Ultimates.

Carol's ensuing adventures together with the Ultimates provided her with a look at the scope of the different threats that could endanger the Earth at any minute, causing her to develop an intense concern for the long-term well-being of the planet. Captain Marvel found a possible answer to her worries in the form of a newly-developed Inhuman called Ulysses Cain who possessed the power of precognition with an extreme degree of accuracy. Carol desired to use Ulysses' gift to preemptively tackle threats before they could even happen. However, her friend Tony Stark opposed the idea, doubting the efficacy of Ulysses' powers, and the morality behind using them to potentially convict people before committing the crime they would be prosecuted for.

The tension between Carol and Tony increased after Carol's use of Ulysses resulted in tragedy in two different instances. First War Machine died and She-Hulk was left in a coma following a preemptive ambush on Thanos. Later Bruce Banner was killed by Hawkeye after a vision foretold that Banner would have caused a tragedy during a rampage as the Hulk.

After Captain Marvel arrested an innocent finance banker named Alison Green based on nothing more than a vision from Ulysses that turned out to be wrong, Iron Man enlisted the help of several superheroes who opposed profiling to attack the Triskelion and rescue Green. The ensuing battle between Iron Man's and Captain Marvel's forces was cut short when a new vision announced Captain America's death at the hands of the new Spider-Man Miles Morales at the steps of the Capitol Building. Black Panther subsequently deflected Captain Marvel's side publicly, giving Iron Man and his allies enough time to teleport away.

Iron Man and Captain Marvel came to blows one last time after both Spider-Man and Captain America traveled to Washington, D.C. to prove the vision wrong. Tony lost the fight and slipped into a coma. Meanwhile, Ulysses' powers had evolved beyond the ability of human comprehension, and he left the Earth to join other cosmic entities.

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Re: Sidious' FASERIP Builds: Captain America, Maximus, Spiderman (Miles), Terrax

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Proxima Midnight:
Team Affiliation: The Black Order, The Cabal
F: Am/50
A: In/40
S: Am/50
E: Am/50
R: Gd/10
I: Am/50
P: Rm/30
Health: 190
Karma: 90
Resources: NA
Popularity: -20
Cybernetic Armor: Midnight wears a black modular suit of advanced technological armor and wields a large spear of similar technologies. Together, they seem to be the focus of Proxima’s power. The capabilities of Proxima Midnight’s armor are as follows:
  • Body Armor: Midnight’s armor provides her with Monstrous (75) protection from physical, force, and energy attacks.
  • Living Circuitry: In some unknown way, Misnight’s body, power, and equipment are intimately linked in such a way as to preclude any external manipulation. This gives Midnight’s armor and lance Monstrous (75) resistance to attacks which affect machines or inanimate matter; this includes any manipulation on a molecular level.
  • Sensor Array: Midnight’s armor contains some portable sensor arrays that detect the following energies with Excellent (20) ability: heat, movement, and life.
Spear: Proxima wielded a spear forged for her by Thanos. It was created from a sun trapped in distorted space-time, acting and operating as a star, supernova, and black hole at once.
  • Once thrown, it may become a lance of multi-arcing energy causing up to Monstrous (75) damage, since Proxima suggested that she was able to exert control over its density.
  • Contact poison: The lance also carries a lethal Amazing (50) toxin within it, which can kill about anything be it flesh or even living energy within moments.
Talents: Edged Weapons; Martial Arts: A, B, C, E; Thrown Weapons; Weapon Master: Spear

Contacts: Corvus Glaive, The Black Order, The Cabal

- Another one without a whole lot of backstory. I based her off of Magdalene from the Gatherers. I'll update her when more information becomes available.

- From the Wiki: Proxima Midnight was a member of Thanos' Black Order, and one of the best combatants of the Mad Titan's army. When Thanos targeted Earth as the next planet he would raze, Proxima Midnight was dispatched to Atlantis to retrieve Namor's Infinity Gem. But first she would opt to (literally) make land fall in the heart of New York City after the avengers main team went off to battle against the Builders in space, in order to make way for the decimation of earth as a tribute to her dark master. Taking a contingent of Thanos's army where she would proceed to lay waste to the city and its denizens, eventually coming into conflict with Cage and the latest incarnation of The Mighty Avengers.

While in pitched battle with the motley stand in for Earth's protectors, Midnight managed to incapacitate the groups Leader; Spectrum by lancing her with a fatal anti-photon charge crippling her light form. Then proceeding to pummel Lucas into the ground with force and fury. Assured of her own victory Proxima would soon find resistance in the local civilian bystanders who kept chanting the words 'Avengers Assemble', when she made a move towards them in an irate rage she was stopped by a roused Cage who fought her to a standstill. Just as Thanos projected towards her location in Times Square, voicing his disappointment in her failings as Ebony Maw proceeded with his own particular end game Incensed she gets in one last sucker punch On Luke before departing. Finding Atlantis in rubble and Namor devastated, Proxima deduced that Namor did not have the gem in his possession. She made clear her intentions to kill him and destroy Atlantis to Namor, and offered to spare him and his nation in exchange for the location of the gem. Namor pledged her his and Atlantis' allegiance and told her that she could find the gem in Wakanda.

After her fellow Black Order member Black Dwarf failed to break Wakanda, Proxima, Corvus Glaive and Thanos himself departed for Wakanda, defeating its defenders and breaching their city wall. They narrowed down the potential location of the gem to the Necropolis, the secret base of the Illuminati. When Ebony Maw located Thanos' son, Thane, in Greenland, the Black Order departed to said country. Meanwhile, Proxima sent Kaldera to take care of the new Nova under Thanos' orders. When she failed her mission, Proxima sent her to the "Midnight Sphere," where she would be tortured as a punishment.

When the Avengers arrived in Greenland in order to defeat Thanos, Proxima Midnight was trapped by Thane in an amber construct along with Thanos, which left them in a state of "living death." The two were then taken to the Necropolis.

Proxima along with Thanos and Corvus, who had regenerated in the amber construct, were freed from their prison by Namor, who had had a falling out with the Illuminati for destroying an Earth during an incursion, for the purpose of saving universes from the incursions as the Illuminati had resolved to rather die than kill the Earths, and joined his Cabal to destroy an Earth during other incursion and spare both universes.

Eight months after the formation of the Cabal, the Cabal had found some degree of legitimacy on Earth. The world stood by and allowed the Cabal to raze Wakanda, and claim the ruins as their base of operations. The Cabal continued to protect the universe by destroying colliding Earths, but Namor had grown weary and disgusted with the Cabal's habit of engaging in wholesale slaughter of the colliding Earth's population, as opposed to simply planting the bomb and leaving.

Namor, now willing to turn himself in for his crimes, devised a plan with the Illuminati to destroy the Cabal. A new incursion was on the horizon, one in which the incursive world had been ravaged by the Sidera Maris. Namor would lead the Cabal to said world, activate the anti-matter injector without their knowledge, and leave them to die with said Earth, preventing them from escaping with the use of an A.I.M. platform capable of creating an impenetrable barrier between the two colliding Earths. As the Cabal engaged the Sidera Maris in combat, Namor set his plan in motion. However, he was betrayed by Black Panther and Black Bolt, who pushed him off the platform into the soon-to-be-destroyed Earth.

As the Cabal approached the fallen Namor, who lied about his intentions, they discovered an unusual event was occurring. The Earth they were in was, in addition, in an incursion with another universe at the same time. Unable to return to Earth-616, the Cabal made their way to the second incursion point, and escaped from the doomed planet into the third universe, the Ultimate Universe.

The Cabal allied themselves with the Maker, and began preparing with him for the eventual end of everything. Anticipating that the final incursion would take place between their world and the Maker's, they ensured Nick Fury would rally his world to fight theirs, buying them enough time to complete their life raft, which would enable them to survive the end of the Multiverse.

As the final incursion raged, the Cabal were hard at work putting the finishing touches on their life raft, a device designed to allow them to survive the end of the Multiverse, based on the designs of Reed Richards. During the battle between Earth-1610 and Earth-616, the Maker used his Children of Tomorrow to buy additional time for the Cabal to complete their work. They were able to finish their craft before the incursion ended, allowing them to live past the end of everything.

Eight years after the end of the Multiverse, the Cabal's life raft was unearthed on Battleworld, a patchwork planet created from the remains of several universes by Doctor Doom. As they emerged, they killed a Thor, one of the peacekeepers of Battleworld, and learned the name of the world they were on from a local.

The Cabal began wandering the wasteland of Utopolis where they had awoken, making camp to rest and plot a course. While resting, they were attacked by an army of Thors who had come to bring them to justice. The Cabal were more than capable of holding their own against the Thors; however, prompting Sheriff Strange to intervene, along with the surviving heroes of Earth-616 who had escaped the end of the Multiverse in their own life raft. The heroes and the Cabal clashed, and when God Emperor Doom himself arrived, Stephen used magic to disperse all those present and scatter them around Battleworld. Several weeks later, Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive were found by Apocalypse in his domain. They were contained and brought to Castle Doom, where they were kept in stasis tubes and had their minds probed for information about them and the other survivors.

Proxima was returned to Earth-616 when the Multiverse was restored to its proper state by Mister Fantastic after Rabum Alal was defeated. She returned to working for Thanos. When a mysterious cloaked figure wanted to curry favor with Thanos by bring him an alternate reality Mjolnir as a tribute, she, the cloaked figure, and Black Swan snuck aboard the ship of the Collector, who was in possession of the Mjolnir, to steal the hammer from him. The villains unexpectedly encountered Thor (who was going by the name of Odinson) and Beta Ray Bill who had been captured by the Collector after they attempted to get back the City of Asgard and take the hammer from the Collector.

Thor had already knocked out Bill after undergoing the Warrior's Madness. Thor himself was then knocked out by Proxima and Black Swan so they could take Bill's hammer Stormbreaker. The cloaked figure, however, told them that Stormbreaker wasn't their target. So, Proxima and her companions continued their search of the Collector's ship and eventually found the City of Asgard where the hammer was located. Proxima and her companions attacked the Collector but were repulsed by an energy blast from the Collector.

Then Thor and his allies entered the fray leading to a three-way fight between the Black Order, Collector's side, and Thor's side. Proxima and her companions were finally knocked out when Thor unleashed a blast of energy from the hammer. Thor then left with his allies, the hammer, and Asgard using the hammer's teleportation power. Proxima was forced to return to a now free Thanos empty-handed. When Thanos threatened the cloaked figure for failing to bring him a tribute, the figure decided to prove herself to Thanos by brutally killing Proxima with her own spear before revealing herself as the Asgardian death god Hela.

Proxima Midnight later returned to life, and rejoined the original Black Order, among whom was also present Corvus Glaive. They were set to face the Lethal Legion as part of a contest carried out by the masters of each team, while using the Earth as the battleground.

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Re: Sidious' FASERIP Builds: Spiderman (Miles), Terrax, Captain Marvel, Proxima Midnight

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Way to go! Did you frequent the classic Marvel rpg site? This game is super easy to learn. Combat narrative through rules with fluid gameplay make this system tops!

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Re: Sidious' FASERIP Builds: Spiderman (Miles), Terrax, Captain Marvel, Proxima Midnight

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Yes I used to be a frequent poster on that site.

Sorry it's taken so long to get back to this. I got myself a new job and have been super busy of late.

Some news I am working in collaboration with others on new and updated versions of the Gamer's Guides.
I will have around 6 builds in vol 1 (I came on the project a bit late), I'm hoping to contribute more for the next volumes.

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Re: Sidious' FASERIP Builds: Spiderman (Miles), Terrax, Captain Marvel, Proxima Midnight

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En Sabah Nur
Team Affiliation: Dark Riders, The Horsemen
F: Ex/20
A: Gd/10
S: Rm/30
E: Un/100
R: Rm/30
I: Gd/10
P: Am/50
Health: 160
Karma: 90
Resources: Mn/75
Popularity: -20
Damage Resistance: Against Apocalypse, all physical and energy attacks are -2 CS in rank for damage and effects (stunning, killing, etc.).

Self-Molecular Manipulation: Apocalypse has control over the molecular structure of his own body and can alter it at will with Unearthly (100) ability. This means he can adapt his molecular structure to adversity. Apocalypse can perform the following feats:
Immortality: Apocalypse's original body was immortal; even before being modified by the Celestial ship, he had lived for thousands of years. Apocalypse can enter a coma-like state of suspended animation during which he may recover from any wounds with the assistance of his Celestial technology
  • Biomorphing: Apocalypse is also a non-terrestrial metamorph, able to elongate like taffy, change into machinery, separate & reattach his own body parts and even alter his physical appearance at will to blend in with the world around him:
    • Mimic Wrestling talent.
    • Stretch up to 3 areas (5 areas with Endurance FEAT roll).
  • Shapeshift: Apocalypse is able to alter his shape to resemble inanimate objects or living beings. He does this with Unearthly (100) skill.
  • Ability Increase: Increase his physical abilities to Unearthly (100). His Health is not increased and he cannot use any other powers while increasing his abilities.
  • Healing factor: Apocalypse's control over his bodily molecules allows for Amazing (50) regenerative abilities.
  • Size Alteration: Apocalypse is able to change his size at will with Unearthly (100) ability; he can increase or decrease the size of his body by taking on additional mass or ridding of it from a presumably extra-dimensional source.
Techno-Organic Enhancements: Apocalypse was also exposed to at least two different techno-organic viruses over the years, which he assimilated and made his own.
  • Energy Manipulation: Apocalypse seems to have a range of energy harnessing and projecting capabilities at Monstrous (75) rank, either naturally derived or based on Celestial technology built into his physical frame
    • Energy Blasts: Apocalypse can project raw destructive energy from anywhere on his person at Monstrous (75) rank.
    • Energy Absorption: He can also absorb energy from outside sources at Monstrous (75) ability.
  • Self-Power Bestowal: Due to Apocalypse’s molecular control, techno-organic abilities, and celestial technology, he can also consciously or spontaneously grant himself with a wide array of new superpowers at will. These powers are at Amazing (50) rank for which he must pay a corresponding cost in Karma.
  • Fly at Excellent (20) airspeed.
  • Teleportation: His full abilities are unrevealed, but are of at least Amazing (50) rank. He can take up to five normalsized individuals with him.
  • Cyberpathy: Thanks to his synergy with the Celestial Technology bonded to him he can mentally link with and control most any kind of tech and machinery he could reach out too with Incredible (40) ability.
Talents: Engineering, Invention, Genetics, Leadership; Languages: all human, Celestial

Contacts: Dark Riders, Horsemen of Apocalypse, Clan Akkaba

- From the Wiki: En Sabah Nur was born nearly five thousand years ago in a lone settle-ment on the very edge of the Amentet and the very edge of the Valley of the Kings, in Ancient Egypt, as a member of a tribe in Akkaba. Even as an in-fant, the child inspired fear, being born with gray skin and blue lines running across his lips and face. Ugly and malformed, the infant was abandoned by the tribe, to die in the harsh desert sun. However, out of the desert, the Sandstormers, a roving band of feared nomadic raiders, slaughtered the citizens of Akkaba. Their leader, Baal of the Crimson Sands, found the infant crying and recognized the potential power in the child. Baal named the infant En Sa-bah Nur, literally meaning "The Morn-ing Light", and raised him as his own son.

As Nur grew, he surpassed the other tribesmen in intelligence and strength. Everyone in the tribe, ex-cept for Baal, hated and feared Nur for his inhuman looks and great abilities. Nur did not understand their fear, but hardened his heart against it. Moreover, Nur believed in the principle that Baal and the tribe lived by, that only the fittest, toughest, most ruthless and pitiless, tested by hardship, would, and should, sur-vive. At this time Egypt was ruled by Pharaoh Rama-Tut. On the day of his tribal rite of passage into man-hood, the seventeen-year-old Nur killed three armed warriors of the tribe using only his bare hands and Baal explained to him that Rama-Tut was no god, as most believed, but a man, who had arrived in a sphinx. Baal brought the young Nur to a sa-cred cave, whose entrance became blocked by a cave-in, trapping them underground. After a week of wan-dering without food or water, they found the remnants of Rama-Tut's time ship, within an underground Egyptian tomb. Baal told Nur that he believed him to be a conqueror, whose coming was foretold in an-cient prophecies, and that Nur was destined to overthrow Rama-Tut. After Baal died from lack of nourish-ment, Nur, whose mutant physiology kept him alive, vowed to take venge-ance on Rama-Tut and claim his destiny. Four weeks later, Nur finally made his way back to the surface and was found by Logo, the grand vizier of Rama-Tut, who gave him water and hid him as a slave. Nur was de-termined to kill both Rama-Tut and his warlord, Ozymandias, for their part in Baal's death.

While a slave, Nur kept his disfigured lips constantly covered and Nephri, sister of Ozymandias, became at-tracted to the mysterious slave. Eventually, Nur had a vision of the Egyptian death god, Seth, who urged him to become a conqueror and Nur was thrown into a pit of snakes, but survived when his su-perhuman powers activated. Nur grew in size and strength and was attacked, by guards, but defeated them all.

At a time when many time-traveling super-heroes, including the Fantastic Four, West Coast Avengers, and Dr. Strange, arrived in Rama-Tut's Egypt, the Pharaoh final-ly came face to face with Nur. In actu-ality, Rama-Tut was a time traveler from the far future, who would later become known as Kang the Con-queror. Tut knew that Apocalypse, one of the most powerful mutants who ever lived and the one who was destined to rule the world, had been born in ancient Egypt. Hence, Rama-Tut had gone back in time to find Apocalypse as a child, raise him, and thereby become the master of the most powerful being on the plan-et. Rama-Tut offered to make Nur his heir, if he would swear his loyalty. At that time, Nur revealed his face to Nephri, who rejected him for his ap-pearance. Rama-Tut then tried to kill Nur, when he refused. Nur was then shot, by the Pharaoh, with the same weapon he used to de-power the Fantastic Four, and was again left to die, but survived with the sudden emergence of his mutant immortality and mass shifting. With his powers flaring, Nur defeated Ozymandias and Rama-Tut himself, who finally escaped back into the future, eventu-ally to take on the identity of Kang. The Fantastic Four went back to their era, thinking the explosion a booby trap. Nur attacked Ozymandias and he was thrown into the technol-ogy on Tut's Sphinx, which turned him into a sand-like being, who could see the future almost right be-fore it happened and would record Nur's accomplishments throughout time, as his scribe. Nur then claimed Tut's sphinx.

In 2620 B.C., Apocalypse joined forces with Imhotep and Moon Knight of Khonshu(forming a protec-torate who would form Brotherhood of the Shield) to successfully fend off a Brood invasion.

When Nur fully realized his power and defeated the Pharaoh and his army, Egypt entered a new age, one in which his children walked among them. Offspring of Nur received a portion of his power, those closest related having near identical abilities. Nur forged his clan, now called Clan Akkaba after his birthplace and those who had abandoned and left him to die. During this time, the site of Ak-kaba reached somewhat of a renais-sance as great monuments were erected there, whether by Nur, his descendants, or by the new Pharaoh no one knew. Egypt peaked, and so too did the clan’s influence on the world. With attacks by Alexander the Great and his Persian armies, Nur and his kin fought valiantly in a battle he would never forget. This battle helped Nur winnow out the weak in his clan and, as Egypt became noth-ing but a distant memory to the clan’s influence, Nur moved on to Ancient Rome. Before leaving, Nur revisited Nephri, now an ancient Egyptian Queen, and mocked her dying beau-ty, as he was still as he had been years before.

From then on, Nur plotted the con-quest of the planet, through bringing about wars and conflict, in which the strong would defeat and destroy the weak. Over the centuries, Nur was worshipped by many civilizations, under a variety of names. Nur also founded a group of fanatics devoted to the Darwinian ideals that the strong ("fit") should inherit the Earth and the weak ("unfit") should be culled, named the Riders of the Dark.

During the year 1013 A.D. Thor faced off with En Sabah Nur. He is defeated. Seeking revenge, Thor blessed Jarnbjorn with his own blood to imbue it with the power to pierce Celestial armor.

Centuries later, in 1050 A.D. in the Ho-Lo Shan Mountains of North-ern Mongolia, during the time of the Mongol Empire, Nur heard of a ruler, who was powered by an im-mense alien Ship which crashed, and sought him out as another im-mortal. In a confrontation, Nur slew all of Garbha-Hsien's guards. Garbha-Hsien then sought to humble his fellow 'forever-walker', by reveal-ing the secret titanic vessel. Having had previous experience with futuris-tic technology, Nur attacked Garbha-Hsien and left the other immortal for dead.

Not understanding how to kill an immortal, Garbha-Hsien survived and fled. After striking down Garbha-Hsien, Nur entered the Ship and lived on it for many years, not fully understanding how to communicate with it or control it. Using old hiero-glyphs, Nur built a large Sphinx around the Ship, on his own, and began to hear a voice inside of his head. The voice belonged to the Celestial, Eson the Searcher, who spoke through telepathy and called Nur Apocalypse. Eson presented Nur with the proposition to use the tech-nology on Ship to shape the destiny of the world, or simply leave and never remember anything. Nur ac-cepted and Eson stated that one day, maybe in centuries or millennia, the Celestials would come for payments for their gifts. Shortly after finding the Ship, Nur and his Riders of the Dark were constantly attacked, by a young warrior with a sword and shield call-ing himself the Traveler.

After years of sending assassins and battling the Traveler, Nur severed Traveler's left cybernetic arm and, during the confusion, the Traveler pulled a gun and shot him in the head. After reattaching his techno-organic arm, Traveler was accepted as the new leader of the Riders of the Dark, but declined. Traveler turned to Ozymandias and instructed him to remember that there will always be someone smarter and stronger around and that being fit to survive means to have the responsibility to help those who are not. Unaware to the Traveler, his techno-organic infected blood mixed with Nur's, as he wiped Nur's blood on Ozymandi-as. Ozymandias had Nur's dead body brought to the alien Ship, hoping that its technology could heal him, and Traveler arrived, to ambush a caravan of advanced technology. Traveler explained to Ozymandias that the Ship was actually a Celestial transport for a highly advanced alien race, a sentient exploratory device, and entered the ship. Inside, Travel-er learned that his blood, mixed with the Techno-Organic Virus, and Nur's resurrected Nur and, infected with the virus, allowed Nur to understand Ship. Nur was transformed and en-hanced by Celestial technology, becoming one of the most powerful beings who would ever live, now possessing the ability of total control over the molecular structure of his body. Angry at the revelation, Travel-er told Nur that if he was responsible for his immortality, he would make Nur spend eternity far away from there and sent both Ship and its passenger far into space. Over the next few centuries, Ship's sentience slowly evolved and Nur noticed it, but enslaved it, telling Ship that he had created it. After gaining so much power, Nur also began to take long slumbers in Ship, to refuel his pow-ers, and began to call himself Apoca-lypse.

During the Second Crusades in the 12th century, the crusader Bennet du Paris sought out the legendary Tow-er of Power, the domain of the mythic "Eternal Pharaoh" in Akkaba. After traveling for hours through violent sandstorms, Paris finally collapsed and a voice spoke to him, asking if he was willing to risk everything to become one of the strong. Paris was then tested and his mutant powers manifested for the first time. Proving himself strong, Paris disappeared from the spot. Nur had teleported Paris on his Ship and transformed him into Exodus. After capturing the time-traveling Sersi and the Black Knight, Eobar Garrington, who was being controlled by the time-traveling Black Knight, Dane Whitman, Nur commanded Exodus to destroy the Black Knight. Exodus refused and turned on Nur, calling him a "false god". However, Exodus was no match for Nur and Nur stripped Exo-dus of his power and sealed him away in a crypt in the Swiss Alps, trapped in a coma like state with a curse preventing Exodus from leav-ing, yet others were allowed to come and go as they pleased.

Sometime during the fifteenth centu-ry, Nur had already created his Four Horsemen of Apoca-lypse, Pestilence, Famine, War, and Death, and rode among them as well, leading an army of Riders of the Dark. This army was so strong and powerful that some were led to be-lieve that they were just a myth, to scare soldiers before their first battle.

During 1459, in Romania, the Horse-men of War led the Riders of the Dark and, single-handedly, defeat-ed Vlad the Impaler and his army. Nur personally bested Vlad in single combat, an event which led to Vlad becoming the immortal vampire, Dracula.

Nur was later seen in 1859, Victori-an England, after being awoke from centuries of hibernation in an under-ground chamber, by the Marauders, and ordered them to take him to their leader, Dr. Nathaniel Essex. Nur of-fered to transform Essex into a long-lived superhuman being himself, to give him the time to further his re-search, but at a cost: his servitude. Left with the choice of continuing his work or his wife shunning him, Dr. Essex allied himself with Nur. Dr. Essex explained to Nur that he was the first born in, what Dr. Essex be-lieved, would be a great mutation in the human race. After taking Nur to the Hellfire Club, Nur demonstrated his power before the men and ex-plained that Dr. Essex's theories of mutation were more near than he believed. After defeating the time-travelers Cyclopsand Phoenix, Nur left them to Dr. Essex, as test sub-jects. After the death of his wife and her shunning him, Dr. Essex agreed to Nur's offer and was ordered to create a plague to destroy the weak of the world, as Nur's first prelate, Pestilence. Apocalypse painfully transformed Dr. Essex into an age-less being of extraordinary pallor, with telekinesis in his alien Ship, asking him to shed his past name and choose another. With his new abilities and dispassionate outlook, Dr. Essex took the new name, "Sinis-ter", Rebecca Essex's last words to him.

Nur had plans to assassinate Brit-ain's Queen and Prime Minister, and almost succeeded, but was defeated by time-traveling duo who began to shift back to their own time. Return-ing to Nur's Ship, Nur demanded to know why the plague was not com-plete and Mr. Sinister stated that he manipulated the plague, so that it would affect only Nur himself, but his immune system quickly adapted to it. Nur asked why and Mr. Sinister replied that cruelty for no purpose was ignorance and ignorance was the greatest enemy of science. As Nur began to return to his hiberna-tion, he stated that Sinister's defiance was a sign of his strength, but it would not be tolerated again. Nur warned Sinister to never forget who has the true power and, when he returns, it will be the dawn of the Age of Apocalypse and Sinister will be his servant.

In 1897, Dracula, now a immortal vampire warlord, discovered the existence of Clan Akkaba and it's relation to En Sabah Nur. Dracula then began a vengeful campaign against Clan Akkaba, slaughtering many before Abraham van Hel-sing determined he was involved. When the clan's leader, Hamilton Slade, disappeared, they were left with no choice but to summon their lord. The clan awoke Apocalypse, in order to deal with the threat of Dracu-la. Unknown to the members of the clan, Dracula was turning members of Clan Akkaba into vampires in order to battle Apocalypse as revenge for his earlier defeat and the way the Dark Lord had previously shamed him.

Apocalypse, as punishment for being so weak in requesting a boon from him, killed one of the clan's leaders. After meeting, and initially being mis-taken as a vampire by, van Helsing, Apocalypse joined him, Jack Starsmore, Frederick Slade, and Ozymandias, to combat Dracula and the undead members of Clan Akkaba. Apocalypse and his group were at first overwhelmed by the vampires, but eventually emerged victorious, thanks to Frederick and Jack. Dracu-la was impaled with his own limbs and decapitated by Apocalypse. Apocalypse refused to follow van Helsing's "superstitious" rituals to permanently destroy the vampire, leaving the body. He then went back into hibernation.

Back in 1899 in England, Sinister helped awaken Apocalypse from his slumber. Apocalypse thanked him for his servitude over the years and says that out of all the servants, Sinister is the most loyal. Sinister secretly was bidding his time for the right moment to stop Apocalypse himself. He de-cided this is not the time and says that he lives only to serve Apoca-lypse. Apocalypse even offered him a normal life again and Sinister said that his life is his science.He then went back into hibernation.

Feeling threatened by the power of Nur, Sinister conducted numerous experiments in his time, searching for a powerful mutant to oppose his master. Sinister eventually real-ized Scott Summers and Jean Grey’s mingled genes would create a mutant of unparalleled power, to de-stroy Apocalypse and thus free him from the yoke of that ancient tyrant. Sinister hoped he could control such a mutant and use it to defeat Apoca-lypse. At the time, Jean was believed to be acting reckless, so Sinister created a clone of her and named the clone Madelyne Pryor, creating a false background for her and placing her into the world af-ter "Jean's" apparent death. Sinister's plan, then, was to produce a child from the union of Madelyne and Scott, whom he believed would be-come a genetically superior mutant. The infant, Nathan Christopher Charles Summers, was so powerful that, upon his birth, he woke Apoca-lypse from his hibernation.

Emerging from his Celestial Ship in a new world, Apocalypse realized that mutants had begun to populate the Earth and began his plan of domina-tion. Out-fitting himself with armor from Ship, Apocalypse began to form the Alliance of Evil, a team of mutants which he employed, and setting-up technologically advanced safe houses all over the world. Apoca-lypse also blackmailed the mu-tant Michael Nowlan and designed a machine to feed Nowlan's addiction, as well as to reverse it as needed to utilize his power. Apocalypse used Nowlan's power to enhance the abili-ties of the other members of the Alli-ance of Evil. Around this time, the Mutant Registration Act was passed, which called for all mutants to register with the government, for-feiting their civil rights and illegaliz-ing an unregistered mutant.

The Alliance of Evil was first seen, when Tower was hired to kidnap X-Factor member Beast for the geneti-cist Dr. Carl Maddicks. Later, Apoca-lypse sent Frenzy to capture the young mutant Rusty Collins, but she was stopped by X-Factor. Nowlan eventually escaped from Apocalypse and Apocalypse sent the Alliance after him. After revealing himself as the leader of the Alliance of Evil, X-Factor battled him and his team. After Nowlan's death, the Alliance was defeated and presumably imprisoned and Apocalypse abandoned them, believing them weak.

Subsequently, Apocalypse began recruiting his newest Horsemen and taking them aboard his Ship, which floated cloaked above New York. The first modern Horseman recruited by Apocalypse was Plague, a member of the Morlocks, whom he rescued and recruited during the Mutant Massa-cre of Sinister's Marauders, to fill the role of Pestilence. Apocalypse then approached ex-soldier Abraham Kieros, in an iron lung, barely able to speak, and granted him the position of War. Autumn Rolfson was Apoca-lypse's third choice, who he ap-peared to in her room of her home after an argument with her parents, and was given the position of Fam-ine. Apocalypse then saved the de-winged Angel from his sabotaged, exploding plane and chose him to be his fourth and final Horseman,
Death. Apocalypse granted Kieros the use of his legs and restored his health. Apocalypse also grafted new, techno-organic wings, which could fly higher, faster, were razor sharp, with blades that could be thrown laced with a neurotoxin, and could even fold into a barely visible bundle on his back for concealing, on Warren Worthington's back.

To test his new Horsemen, Apoca-lypse sent them to battle X-Factor, in New York's Central Park, but they were all defeated by Iceman. After the fourth Horseman, Death, was re-vealed to be Warren, Apocalypse had the Horsemen battle each other, to find the leader, and Death beat them all. To test his newest leader's abilities, Apocalypse teleported X-Factor on-board his Ship and, as Death, Warren fought the rest of X-Factor and captured them. However, Apocalypse offered X-Factor to join him and Caliban, noticing Warren's improvement and wishing to exact revenge on the Marauders, asked Apocalypse to grant him enough superhuman power to wreak venge-ance on his enemies and Apoca-lypse accepted. When Cyclops asked for Caliban to rescue X-Factor, Caliban simply apologized and agreed to become Apocalypse's Hellhound. After X-Factor's defeat, the Horsemen were sent in-to Manhattan, to incite chaos. X-Factor and the Power Pack battled the Horsemen. In the battle, Pesti-lence was killed, Famine was sent to America's Bread Basket, and Apocalypse called Death and War back to Ship, where Warren was soon brought out of his brainwash-ing, after Iceman faked his own death at Warren's hands by having him destroy an ice sculpture of Bobby Drake. Warren, then, rejoined his former team and, after their defeat of Apocalypse, his Ship crash landed on their Complex and X-Factor be-gan living on Apocalypse's sentient Ship, while Caliban left with Apoca-lypse. While sleeping, X-Factor and their students were attacked by Ship, still under the control of Apocalypse, but Rusty freed it's consciousness and, recognizing X-Factor's leader, Cyclops, as the same that defeated him centuries ago, Apocalypse be-lieved X-Factor worthy adversaries and allowed them to live on Ship.

While operating under Apocalypse, Caliban sensed the mental anguish of the mutant Moloid, Val-Or and informed his master, alerting Apoca-lypse to the High Evolution-ary's plans. After an initial battle, Apocalypse realized that the High Evolutionary was a man after his own heart, even if the High Evolutionary did not want to believe it, and left him to weed-out the weak of the species.

Apocalypse used advanced genetic engineering methods to increase Caliban's size and strength and re-named him "Hellhound", while he joined Apocalypse's Horsemen. Wishing to prove himself worthy of the title Death, Caliban, on his own, attempted to kill Warren, but was defeated and berated by Apocalypse, upon his return. At some point, Apocalypse contacted members of the Inhumans, on the Blue Area of the Moon, and persuaded them to join his ideological view and form a new team of Riders of the Storm under his guidance, while building a base on the Moon.

Apocalypse attempted to destroy the Savage Land but was stopped by Wolverine and Colossus.

Loki went to Apocalypse to offer him a major part in his Acts of Venge-ance Conspiracy against the Avengers Apocalypse refused to join him, having other ideas in mind for humanity. Loki attempted to slay the eternal mutant but Apocalypse shield them from the blast. With the battle over, Apocalypse told Caliban that it is time to begin the next phase of his test of survival on humanity.

Realizing that young Nathan was the same Traveller that defeated him centuries ago, Apocalypse ordered the Riders of the Storm to kidnap Nathan and take him to his base on the Blue Area of the Moon, where Apocalypse infected the infant with the Techno-Organic Virus, both to start a time paradox that ensured his own creation and recognizing the potential threat and usefulness (ca-pable of housing his essence) of the boy's power. Apocalypse also or-dered the Riders of the Storm to in-fect Ship with the Techno-Organic Virus, which damaged its systems and caused Ship to attack New York. Explosion imminent, Ship launched itself into space, to protect the city, but the Ship A.I. managed to salvage itself as an energy construct. With the help of the Inhumans and his fellow teammates, Cyclops saved his son, through the combined strength of Nathan, Jean, and himself. Sister Askani presented herself, from the late 37th century, 100 years af-ter Apocalypse conquered the world, and stated her mission to save the child. Choosing to save his son's life and believing that he would never see him again, Cyclops reluctantly allowed Askani to take Nathan for-ward to her time, to cure the virus. Askani did so at the cost of her life.

Apocalypse later battled the She-Hulk.

While hibernating in Bani Maza, Egypt, Apocalypse was woke, by a man in armor, calling him-self Stryfe and claiming to repay Apocalypse for his abusive parent-ing. With his Dark Riders of the Storm watching, Apocalypse, who had never met Stryfe at this point and still weak from waking too early, was defeated by Stryfe, who stabbed him with a sword that he claimed Apoca-lypse used to kill him at one point. While attempting to heal, Apocalypse fled to one of his safe houses, where he was attacked by the X-Men believing that he was be-hind the kidnapping of Scott and Jean. While battling the X-Men, Apocalypse learned that someone had been committing acts, in his name. Eager to learn more of the current events, Apocalypse broke-in one of Cable's, the adult Traveler, safe houses and learned that Stryfe had taken control of his Riders of the Storm, calling them the Dark Riders, and Sinister had impersonated him, taking control of the Horsemen and kidnapping Cyclops and Jean.

Stryfe had also posed as Cable him-self and publicly made an assassina-tion attempt on Professor Charles Xavier, founder of the X-Men. Stryfe's bullet had infected Professor Xavier with the Techno-Organic Virus, which was still incurable at the cur-rent time. While Beast and Dr. Moira MacTaggert, via video conference, worked diligently to cure Prof. Xavier, of the Techno-Organic Virus ravag-ing his body, Apocalypse stepped-in and provided the cure. The X-Men initially did not want Apocalypse's aid, but Warren, surprisingly, vouched for Apocalypse's genius. When Apocalypse asked why, War-ren stated that he would kill Apoca-lypse after torturing him and at a time of his choosing.
After deducing that Stryfe was on Apocalypse's old Moon base, Apoca-lypse accompanied a small group of X-Men, X-Factor, and X-Force to battle Stryfe and his Dark Riders. Apocalypse split from the group, single-handily battling the Dark Rid-ers and, after the battle, was greatly injured. When Warren was informed that Apocalypse was dying, he left the final battle to find him and decid-ed to leave him to die alone, when Apocalypse asked him to end his misery.

Mimeyoshi was created by En Sabah Nur to serve as an assassin, she was sent against Namor.

Legion goes back into the past to kill Magneto but Xavier dies in-stead. Apocalypse of the past sees a better chance to strike, and plans to creating the alternate timeline Age of Apocalypse.

Apocalypse was awoken from his healing slumber by Ozymandias to learn the new threat to earth Onslaught. He watched the creature battle earth heroes. Uatu the Watcher, suggested Apocalypse make an alliance with Ca-ble. Apocalypse believed he would be vulnerable through the Astral Plane, and needed Cable's help to reach the realm. He freed the cap-tive Franklin Richards, greatly weak-ening Onslaught. The plan worked but was interrupted by the Invisible Woman, who had invisibly come with them, having suspected Apoca-lypse's motive in wanting to actually killing Franklin. However this gave Onslaught the time to escape, pro-longing the fight.

The Hulk and Bruce Banner were split into two separate beings by Onslaught. Hulk now drew upon energy derived from Frank-lin's pocket universe. Apocalypse recruited the Hulk to become his Horseman, War, to defeat the Celestials. He sent the Hulk against the New World Order. The New World Order in turn set the Juggernaut and Absorbing Man against him. The Hulk defeated them both. Hulk soon came to his senses after injuring Rick Jones. This was still a win for Apoca-lypse as it allowed him to test his new device. He activated the self-destruct mechanism on the Sword of War destroying their headquarters.
The Hellfire Club later awoke Apoca-lypse's long-hidden Harbinger of Apocalypse from hibernation; origi-nally a normal man, whom Apoca-lypse in the 19th century once left to incubate for 100 years. Apocalypse released Caliban and Ozymandias from his possession, to fend for themselves, if they were to survive the coming events. Cable with the Avengers battled the Harbinger, but are unable to stop him. Apocalypse then appeared and activated a bomb inside the Harbinger which would destroy all of New York City, but Ca-ble managed to stop it.

When Magneto disrupted the Earth's magnetic field, Apocalypse sent a Skrull impersonating the mu-tant Astra to stop him.

Apocalypse planned to test the Deviants and set off a nuclear bomb in the underground city of Lemuria, causing them to further mutate. Apocalypse then at-tacked San Francisco, using the now gigantic Karkas. The Eternals are forced to battle the creature. Apoca-lypse is confronted by Ikaris, who now is a Prime Eternal. Although Apocalypse defeated Ikaris, he still succeeded in thwarting his plans.

To secure a new host body, Apoca-lypse sought to siphon the awesome energies of The Twelve, mutants of incredible power that were destined to alter the course of history. This time it was Wolverine who fell into the warlord's grasp. The feral X-Man fought his teammates ferociously as the Horseman Death, but broke free from Apocalypse's control.

However, Wolverine and his fellow Horsemen had served their purpose. Taking advantage of the distraction afforded by their actions, Apocalypse collected the mutants he required to carry out his plan: Cyclops, Phoenix, Polaris, Bishop, Sunfire, the Living Mono-lith, Mikhail Raspu-tin, Cable, Professor X, Storm, Iceman, and Magneto.

The Twelve's energy would be si-phoned into the Monolith and then from him into X-Man, and as the power went into him Nur would pos-sess the boy a time-tossed teenager possessed of vast telepathic and telekinetic power. As his teammates fell around him, a powerless Cyclops shoved X-Man out of the draining circuit, merging with Apocalypse to create a new evil entity. But the tele-pathic Phoenix, Summers' wife, Jean Grey, detected her husband's psyche inside the composite being and pre-vented the X-Men from destroying it. Cyclops was presumed dead by most of his teammates; only Cable and Jean refused to believe he had per-ished.

An amnesiac and powerless cyborg Cyclops regained control of the merged form, but Apocalypse began to re-emerge. Jean and Cable were alerted to his location in Egypt, where Jean in the end managed to free Cyclops by telepathically tearing out Apocalypse's essence from her husband's body. This trapped Apoc-alypse in an incorporeal astral form, which Cable seemingly destroyed using his Psimitar.

However, after the event known as M-Day, Apocalypse was resurrected using the techno-organic virus. As he had once been awakened to a world brimming with mutant potential, Apocalypse was now awakened to a world that had lost 90% of its mu-tants. This changed Apocalypse's outlook somewhat, and he declared himself the savior of mutantkind.
Apocalypse began assembling his new Horsemen. He kid-napped Polaris and the Leper Queen to make one of them Pestilence. He found the Leper Queen too eager for the position, and instead chose the recently de-powered Polaris. He brought Gazer back to Earth and forced him to fight an archaeologist who had discovered his tomb for the position of War. After Gazer's victory (with the assistance of Ozymandias), Apocalypse approached the newly-legless Sunfire, offering him a slot as the Horseman Famine. Apocalypse then sent his Horseman Pestilence to a military installation to ingest every disease possible.

With three Horsemen, Apocalypse went to the Xavier Institute, where he proclaimed himself the savior of mu-tantkind, and offered the X-Men and 198 mutants seeking shelter his leadership. Many mutants, such as Mammomax, Skids, Peeper, Arclight, and Scalphunter, accepted this offer, even though in the case of some it was to counter the effects of Famine, who was using his hunger-inducing powers to force everyone present to accept the blood of Apoc-alypse. The X-Men, however, went after Famine, who Rogue thought looked familiar. And while War fought against the only manned Sentinel left after Famine's starving effect, Apocalypse made his final Horseman, Death, from the X-Man Gambit.

Apocalypse's plan was to decimate the human population as well, reduc-ing them to 10% of their current pop-ulation, so that they and mutantkind might once again be on an even playing field. He was defeated by the X-Men with assistance from Sentinel Squad O*N*E, the New Avengers and Ozymandias's betrayal. Apocalypse threw himself into the maw of the Sphinx, sending him spiraling into unknown space. As Apocalypse be-gan to die, he was contacted once more by the Celestials. The day of reckoning was upon him, as they saved Apocalypse from death, and took him way, to recollect the debt he had promised them in his youth.

Recently, Ozymandias and Clan Ak-kaba have once again resurrected Apocalypse, but this time in the form of a child. In this form, Apocalypse seemed to have no memory of his past or his previous disregard for life. Ozymandias and the Celestial Ship took to tutoring and indoctrinat-ing the child Apocalypse. To protect this young En Sabah Nur, The Final Horsemen, mutants collected over centuries, were activated.

War, Pestilence, Famine, Death battled X-Force on the Blue Area of the Moon and nearly defeated them. However, due largely to Fantomex's illusions, the team apparently killed the Horsemen and Ozymandias. When they discovered the young Apocalypse, the team fought over what to do with him. The issue was rendered moot when Fan-tomex shot the boy in the head lead-ing to one of his Horsemen of Death, Archangel taking his place as the instrument of the Celestials.

Apocalypse was cloned and raised by Fantomex as a hero, named Evan Sabahnur. He tried his best to defeat Archangel, providing the opportunity for Psylocke to attack him with the Seed of Life. After the battle, Fantom-ex decided to send Evan to Jean Grey School for Higher Learning.

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Resources: Ty/6
Popularity: 8

Photokinesis: Aurora can generate Monstrous (75) light from her body. She does so by varying the rate of acceleration of the molecules of her body out of phase with one another, thereby generating a cascade of photonic discharges.
  • Calming Light: Jeanne-Marie has the ability to send out a calming light at Remarkable (30) intensity that the target feels emotions and memories that make them at peace. It can even be used to break telepathic control.
  • Concussive Blasts: She has the ability to send out Amazing (50) concussive blasts that can do considerable damage. She can project these from her hand and out from her body in a series of concussive bursts.
  • Lightning: She has the ability to project Amazing (50) lighting blasts with devastating results.
Hyper Speed: Aurora possesses the ability to propel her body at Incredible (40) speed.Dr. Langkowski's actions in molecularly restructuring Aurora's body greatly reduced the potential limits of her speed.
  • Molecular Acceleration: She has the ability to accelerate the molecules within an inanimate object or a living being by touch, causing the target to tear itself apart from the subsequent stress enerated upon it. She does this as an Incredible (40) disruption effect.
  • Heightened Reflexes: Aurora may substitue her Hyper Speed rank for her Agility or Intuition.
  • Accelerated Metabolism: She possesses a boosted healing capabilities that can be used to heal wounds at Excellent (20) rank.
  • If Jeanie-Marie makes physical contact with her brother, both of their powers are negated for 1-10 turns.
  • Jeanie-Marie is a classic split personality. The Aurora personality that governs most of the time is a passonate, irresponsible exhibitionist. At times she reverts back to her Jeanie-Marie persona, a painfully shy and timid creature. When Aurora loses over half her Health, failure to make a Red Psyche FEAT causes her to become Jeanie-Marie.
Talents: History; Languages: French, English; Teacher

Contacts: Alpha Flight, X-Men, Sasquatch, Wildchild

- From the Wiki: Born in Canada, Jeanne-Marie and her twin brother, Jean-Paul, were separated in infancy after their parents died in a car accident which caused them both to grow up without knowledge of the other. She was raised at Madame Dupont's School for Girls, a hyper-religious school in Quebec. Extremely nervous and introverted to the point of suicide, she soon discovered her mutant powers of flight, believing them to be a divine gift due to her strict religious upbringing. Telling her story to Soeur Anne, Jeanne-Marie was severely and inhumanly disciplined for "blasphemy".

This incident began the Multiple Personality Disorder she would suffer for the rest of her life - her primary personality of a prim and proper, repressed woman, and a secondary personality of an uninhibited extrovert. As with most disorders of this type she could not remember what she did when reverting back to Jeanne-Marie. Because her problem wasn't understood or really looked at it caused her to be punished even more severely. Soon she buried the personality as well as the knowledge of her powers deep within her mind. At one time she even contemplated jumping off the roof of the school to see if her powers would save her. Instead she finished school and began teaching. Both personalities strongly disliked the other, and would switch in fear, despair, or severe stress.

Leaving school and learning of her acceptance as a schoolteacher, Beaubier's uninhibited personality exerted herself to revel in joy. She was attacked by muggers, however, and used her powers to defend herself. She used her powers to defend herself against one of them when Wolverine, who was nearby at the time, noticed the commotion and stopped the second mugger. He told Jeanne-Marie that she should seek James Hudson in Ottawa. Noting her strong resemblance to Jean-Paul Beaubier, Hudson contacted him when she arrived. The two reunited and joined Alpha Flight as Aurora and Northstar.

The extroverted Beaubier personality revealed in the superhero aspect of her life, adventuring with Alpha Flight and having many affairs, including a long romantic relationship with fellow teammate Walter Langkowski (aka Sasquatch). Langkowski, at Beaubier's request, performed an experiment that would negate the twin's need for contact with each other to release their powers.

Later, when Alpha Flight sought the magic of the Fire Fountain which had briefly made Aurora's personality a cohesive whole, Loki, in revenge for Alpha Flight's tampering with his earlier schemes led the Beaubier twins to believe they were not mutants, but half-elves. Loki claimed that Beaubier's mental dysfunction (and her brother's current physical disease) was due to the broken gestalt that separated their powers.

Aurora used her power on Northstar, which seemed to cure his illness and leave herself powerless. Loki transported Jeanne-Marie to a convent in Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré which helped her regain a healed psyche but allowing her powers to manifest slightly differently (releasing inner light). When her former lover Walter Langkowski was on trial, she travelled to see him and used her powers to aid him in seeing through illusions. Sister Beaubier was forced by Talisman to return to Alpha Flight to help rescue her brother, who was trapped in Asgard by Loki. The two remained with the team.

Beaubier's powers soon changed until they significantly resembled her original ones. She decided to join Gamma Flight in the role of a psychiatric counsellor when she was captured by the super-villain Headlok. Headlok's psychological torture brought back the split personalities Beaubier had before. The result of returning to this condition created a psychic backlash that left Headlok dead and Beaubier able to escape.

During her time with Alpha Flight, she fell in love with her teammate Wildheart, formerly known as Wild Child. Beaubier pursued Wildheart mostly due to his handsome appearance, a recent physical condition of his that was created by the government's scientists. However, when Wildheart's appearance began to revert to his original inhuman visage, Wildheart left Beaubier and Alpha Flight, unaware that this sudden departure may have exasperated the deterioration of Beaubier's fragile psyche.

She was soon abducted under mysterious circumstances, presumably on behalf of the Canadian government. She was rescued by the mutant Havok during the time he was leading the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Havok brought Aurora to the extra-dimensional Dark Beast, who believed he may be able to cure her once and for all. Havok, eventually revealing himself to be a double-agent, challenged the Dark Beast and the Brotherhood disbanded. Havok set Beaubier free and told her to return to Alpha Flight. Aurora was eventually located by her brother, and accompanied him in joining the original Alpha Flight members Shaman, Sasquatch, and James Hudson to uncover the truth about the latest activities of Department H. The original Alphans ended up assisting the officially sanctioned Alpha Flight against the latest bearer of the name Weapon X, and afterwards combined into one Alpha Flight team. During her time with the team, Beaubier was exposed to a strain of sentient bacteria, which ultimately removed her multiple personalities once again.

Unfortunately, Beaubier later regressed into her fractured mental state and was remanded to a mental institution once more. Months later she was freed from the asylum by Wild Child on behalf of the new Weapon X program which (under the auspices of the mysterious Director) hoped to use the program's mutants for the benefit of humankind, even if that meant performing deadly missions and interning mutant captives. Beaubier was experimented on to relieve her mental condition and she joined the Weapon X program, although she rejected Wild Child due to his new freakish appearance.

Beaubier served the Weapon X program wholeheartedly, often attempting to seduce her superior, the Director, and performed missions such as recruiting other mutants to join the program. One such mission was a trap set by Weapon X turncoat Sabretooth, who seriously injured Beaubier as an example, leaving her horribly scarred. It was only with the Director's financial and emotional support that she recovered, albeit scarred like him. Beaubier began to have genuine feelings for the Director, although he refused to reciprocate.

Afterwards, unable to deny another urge, the Director entered Aurora's bedroom and the two kindled their romantic relationship. Soon, Beaubier urged the Director to have surgery to have his scars removed. However, agent Brent Jackson, who hoped to stage a coup against the Director, confronted the Director with the idea that he was a "mutie lover" due to his relationship. Too preoccupied with the idea, the Director lashed out at Beaubier, beating her unconscious. Afterward, he apologized, explaining his conflicting feelings, and Beaubier reluctantly accepted.
Soon, the Weapon X agent Brent Jackson had formed a resistance group with fellow agents and joined with the mutant Cable's team, the Underground. The Underground was able to infiltrate the Weapon X complex, ousting the Director and nearly crippling the program. The Director was nearly killed by traitor agent Washout, and as he contemplated his escape, Colcord flew into a rage, blaming his loss of control over his recent obsession with his new face and with Beaubier. Taking shards of glass, Colcord disfigured himself once more. He was rescued by Madison Jeffries and, with Colcord urging Beaubier, the three escaped the Weapon X complex using Beaubier's superhuman speed.

Aurora would later return with Northstar. Just as she was about to kill herself, he stopped her. Under control by the Children of the Vault they attacked the X-Mansion and fought the X-Men. She was however taken out by Mystique's quick thinking. Her mind was later saved by SHIELD equipment.

During the Skrull Invasion Aurora and Northstar assisted in fighting against the Skrulls in San Francisco. She was later in regular therapy, in order to repress her Aurora persona.

In the wake of the Invasion, Norman Osborn assumed control S.H.I.E.L.D and turned it into H.A.M.M.E.R., and assemble his own team of X-Men.

Aurora - with her rebellious personality dominant was one of Osborn's choices, thus Osborn developed a headset for her that would electro-shock the weaker personality into dormancy. However she managed to overcome this by revealing she had mentally created a small cadre of other personalities to awaken her should her mind ever be tampered with again and with that she forcefully declined the offer.

Aurora and her brother were later reunited with their friends from Alpha Flight when they returned from the dead. When the team was reformed she decided to join, but Northstar did not. This lead to much tension between the two siblings. The tension only got worse when Northstar showed up displaying considerable concern over Aurora's mental health. Other than her stress directly linked to fighting with her brother, she seemed well-balanced and happy, even engaging in heavy flirting with Sasquatch.

The Serpent's invasion of Midgard was used by the Unity Party, lead publicly by Gary Cody, to gain power in Canada.

Later Aurora, Northstar and presumably the rest of Alpha Flight were deployed by Emma Frost to destroy rogue and defective Sentinels that had been activated around the world in response to Kid Omega's attack on a U.N. arms summit - setting the stage for the Schism between the X-Men.

Aurora became a member of the Alpha Flight space program, before leaving to join NASA instead.

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Re: Sidious' FASERIP Builds: Spiderman (Miles), Terrax, Captain Marvel, Proxima Midnight

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Team Affiliation: Demons of Limbo, Elder Gods
F: Ex/20
A: Gd/10
S: Gd/10
E: Un/100
R: Ex/20
I: Rm/30
P: Un/100
Health: 140
Karma: 150
Resources: Rm/30
Popularity: -15
Demonic Enhancements: Belasco is a servant of the Elder Gods and has been enhanced to better perform their work:
  • Prehensile Tail: He posses a demonic tail that he may use at normal strength and agiliy.
  • Invulnerability: Un/100, while in Limbo he may only be hurt my magic and Illyana’s Soulsword.
  • Immortality: Belasco cannot be killed while in the realm of Limbo. Should he leave that dimension he becomes mortal.
Magic: Belasco is a Master level sorcerer, who knows the following spells:
Personal Energies:
  • Imitation: Amazing (50)
  • Mind Control: Monstrous (75)
  • Psi-Screen: Monstrous (75)
  • Magic Detection: Monstrous (75)
Universal Energies:
  • Body Transformation – others: Monstrous (75), Belasco can transform others into monstrous versions of themselves.
  • Eldritch Beams: Amazing (50)
  • Ensnaring: Monstrous (75), Belasco has ensnared people in crystal, and then extract their skeletons (while the victim is still alive).
  • Fire Control: Amazing (50)
  • Raise Dead: Amazing (50)
  • Summon Elder Gods: Belasco must complete a ritual where-by he inserts 5 bloodstones in a medallion to summon them.
  • Soulsword: Belasco is susceptible to magik’s Soulsword. Each time he is struck by it, he must make a yellow Endurance and Psyche FEAT roll, or he will lose one rank each.
Talents: Languages: English, Russian, Italian; Mystic Background; Occult Lore; Ritualist

Contacts: Demons of Limbo, Elder Gods, Lords of the Splinter Realms

- From the Wiki: Belasco's early history was told by the poet Dante, though there was some dispute as to the veracity of these accounts. Allegedly Belasco was a sorcerer in 13th Centu-ry Italy who used his knowledge of alchemy and the black arts to con-tact the Elder Gods (actually extra-dimensional demonic entities). He forged a pact with them enabling them to cross the barrier to our dimension using a pentagonal arrangement of five Bloodstones. In return, Belasco was granted immortality and immense mystical power. He was also given a de-monic appearance, as he was in-tended to form a new race of Earth-dwelling demons.

To this end, he kidnapped Bice "Beatrice" dei Portinari, beloved of Dante, to give birth to the first of this new race. He fled with her to the Atlantean isle of Pangea, where the Elder Gods directed him to Mt. Flavius, where their sum-moning ritual could take place. While en route, Belasco raped Be-atrice, and she was nine months pregnant by the time they arrived. He embarked onto the island, closely pursued by Dante, and took Beatrice into a network of under-ground passages designed to re-semble Hell. Dante found them just in time to witness Beatrice dy-ing in childbirth and, enraged, he attacked Belasco. During the battle, a pipe was accidentally struck, re-leasing an unknown liquid that placed Belasco in suspended ani-mation. At some point on the is-land, Belasco also lost the locket containing the Bloodstones.

In recent years, the volcano moun-tain became active again, releas-ing Belasco. He quickly located the locket and found a new sacri-fice, Shanna O'Hara. He placed her under his mental control and began the spell. However, just as he was almost finished, Shanna's mate Ka-Zar appeared and hurled the locket into the volcano, sealing away the Elder Gods and appar-ently destroying Belasco.

However, he instead was trapped in Limbo, where he spent his years conquering it. Once complete, he drew the X-Men to him for un-known reasons and battled them. They all managed to escape save the seven-year-old Illyana Raspu-tin, whom he made his apprentice. He shaped part of her soul into a Bloodstone, giving her great poten-tial for power and allowing him to control her. However, upon reach-ing the age of fourteen, she re-belled against him, driving him from Limbo. Now its new master, she returned to her own world only seconds after the X-Men had re-turned, and shortly after joined the New Mutants as Magik. Magik was later deposed as the ruler of Limbo by the de-mons S'ym and N'Astirh, the latter of whom was destroyed, and also restored Illyana's lost childhood.

Belasco eventually took control of Limbo once more. The cult-ist Sammy Smith, alias "the Rev", who was a Jim Jones analogue, worshiped Belasco as Lucifer. The Rev fought the Punisher twice, the second time alongside the Punish-er's longtime foe Jigsaw. When the Punisher killed Jigsaw, the Rev used his Belasco-granted powers to resurrect the thug, although both were defeated despite Smith's gift of demonic magic.

Belasco also turned Alpha Flight-ally Witchfire against her team by influencing her demonic side. She finally was restored to normal and returned to Beta Flight, Alpha Flight's support group.

It was strongly suggested that Belasco is Witchfire's father or at least that Witchfire believes so.

Later, Belasco and the fear-demon D'Spayre contested to cor-rupt Cable, the son of Madelyne Pryor, who had been the ally of S'ym and N'Astirh. Belasco ban-ished D'Spayre and summoned himself, Cable, and Cable's al-ly Lee Forrester to Limbo, where S'ym threw Belasco out of his way and fought with Cable. Cable won, and he and Lee returned to Earth.

It was eventually revealed that Illy-ana's best friend Kitty Pryde had received Illyana's Soulsword after Illyana had died; in dying, she had bonded the Soulsword to Kitty's own essence. After Kitty's team Excalibur fought off several claimants to the sword, Nightcrawler's girl-friend Amanda Sefton was given the sword. She then gave the sword to her mother, Margali Szar-dos, who was in turn kidnapped by Belasco and brought to Limbo. Nightcrawler and Sefton freed her, and Sefton secretly took the sword and adopted the code-name Magik for herself. Belasco and his allies, the N'Garai demons, fought the X-Men again soon after, but were defeated by the X-Men with the assistance of the new Magik, who revealed herself to be Amanda Sefton.

At some point, Belasco decided that he wanted Illyana's soul once more. He returned to Limbo to overthrow Illyana’s succes-sor, Amanda Sefton. Using a Bloodstone containing a portion of Illyana's soul, he was able to resur-rect Illyana in her Darkchylde form. His creation had all of Illyana's memories but lacked her soul, which was needed to overthrow Sefton. Disappointed, Belasco banished her.

Sometime later, a rift was opened between Earth and Limbo, pulling several of the New X-Men into the realm where Belasco captured and tortured some of them. Belasco was inspired to use inno-cent Pixie's soul in place of Illy-ana's, and stole a portion of Pixie's soul for the Bloodstone amulet, with plans to use it to defeat Sef-ton. Pixie's soul was again frac-tured when the soulless Dark-chylde also stole a portion in the hopes of creating both a blood-stone and a new Soulsword for herself. Believed to be Illyana by the New X-Men, Darkchylde man-aged to free them from Belasco's minions.

Back in the Limbo, Darkchylde searched for the missing blood-stone amulet and her soulsword, eventually sensing the sword in Pixie's possession in San Francis-co. Attacking the X-Men at home, she retrieved the sword and re-turned to Limbo to find that her demon hordes had been defeated in her absence by Belasco's daughter, Witchfire. Witchfire at-tacked and imprisoned Dark-chylde until members of the X-Men came to investigate her attack on them and rescued her. Liberated, Illyana asked Nightcrawler to stab her with Pixie's soul dagger, ena-bling him to retrieve her soulsword, which he used to attack Witchfire.

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Re: Sidious' FASERIP Builds: Apocalypse, Aurora, Belasco

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Blazing Skull:
Mark Todd
Team Affiliation: Invaders
F: Rm/30
A: Rm/30
S: In/40
E: In/40
R: Gd/10
I: Ex/20
P: Rm/30
Health: 140
Karma: 60
Resources: Pr/4
Popularity: 0
Alter Ego: Mark Todd may transform at will between his normal human form and that of a fiery skeletal being.
  • F: Gd A: Ex S: Ty E: Ex
  • Health: 56
  • Aging, Fire, Heat, Poisons, Radiation: CL 1000
  • Body Resistance: Am/50
  • Regeneration: In/40
  • Self Sustenance: Am/50
Talents: Detective; Occult Lore

Contacts: Invaders

- From the Wiki: Foreign correspondent and pacifist reporter, Mark Todd, assigned by his newspaper to cover the Second Sino-Japanese War, was forced to take refuge in a cave during an artillery bombardment by the Japanese. There he met the Skull Men, a strange race with burning skulls for heads. They informed him he had been chosen by the forces of destiny to be the champion of freedom, and began his training which granted him abilities such as invulnerability to fire. Once his training was completed, he returned home and, motivated by the horrors of Nazism, donned a uniform with a flaming mask (in homage to the Skull Men), taking the name "The Blazing Skull" (As time passed and he continued to master the Skull Men's teachings, he gained the ability to turn his flesh invisible, mimicking his teachers' appearance, and stopped using the mask).

In his earliest recorded adventure, the Blazing Skull smuggled himself into Nazi Germany in the early days of 1941. He was sent by his friend Powell to destroy an enervating gas being created by a Nazi scientist named Metzer. Although he was captured and tortured by Adolf Hitler himself, the Blazing Skull remained brave and mocked Hitler to the point where the dictator fled the room in tears. Breaking free from his bonds, the Blazing Skull destroyed Metzer's lab and fled into the night.

Arriving in England, the Mark stumbled upon a Nazi plot to assassinate British Prime Minister Winston Churchill as he was scheduled to take a secret flight over Germany. The Blazing Skull managed to rescue Churchill from behind enemy lines and return him safely to Britain, where he was commended for his bravery.

Returning to the United States, the Blazing Skull began taking more on more typical costumed heroics, battling criminals on the home front. The first of these adventures was capturing a crook who was robbing a museum by posing as a statue during the day and robbing it at night. Later, he would stop the murder spree of Mister Fear, whose face was so horrible it frightened his victims to death. In his last recorded solo adventure of the 40s, the Blazing Skull paid a visit to family friend "Old Man" Lester, and exposed Killer Brogan was posing as Lester in order to rob a bank.

Soon afterwards, Todd comes into contact with the World War II superhero team, the Invaders, and aided them against a team of Axis superhumans, saving the life of Namor the Sub-Mariner. He also fought alongside the team during a massed Allied superhuman airdrop into a Nazi stronghold.

As the war in Europe came to a close, the Blazing Skull teamed up with Union Jack and the Destroyer to break up an enemy spy-ring in England.

Allegedly, he fought as a superhero at different times in different places, even using different names, such as the Smoking Head during the 1960s.

The Blazing Skull later appeared in modern times as a captive of Middle Eastern terrorists, having not aged in the decades since the war due to his healing factor. This imprisonment affected his sanity. He was freed by U.S. Agent, who recruited him into a new, present-day version of the Invaders.

After the Civil War, he was listed as a potential recruit for the Initiative, and joined the Defenders with Nighthawk, as part of the Initiative program.

After that, he remained within the program, striving to restore his sanity.

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Re: Sidious' FASERIP Builds: Apocalypse, Aurora, Belasco

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Brainwave I:
Henry King
Team Affiliation: Secret Society of Super Villains
F: Gd/10
A: Gd/10
S: Pr/4
E: Gd/10
R: In/40
I: Rm/30
P: Rm/30
Health: 34
Karma: 100
Resources: In/40
Popularity: -15
Telepathy: In/40
  • Mind Control: Rm/30
  • Hypnosis: In/40
  • Hallucination: In/40
  • Mental Blast: In/40
  • Mind Probe: Rm/30

Psi – Screen: Rm/30

Talents: Leadership; Psychology; Repair/Tinkering

Contacts: Secret Society of Super Villains, Underworld

- From the Wiki: Henry King was a lonely child who spent his formative years daydreaming. One day, King discovered he had the mutant ability to project realistic three-dimensional illusions from within his conscious mind. As he matured, King developed complete control over these astral projections.

A greedy man, King sent obedient thought images out to steal for him until he had amassed a great fortune. Financially secure, and now calling himself Brain Wave, he then set his sights on world domination. Realising that the members of the Justice Society of America would be major obstacles to overcome, King attempted repeatedly to overcome them both by his own devices, and with the help of the members of the Injustice Gang of the World.

King went on to marry the heroine known as Merry "the Girl of a 1,000 Gimmicks" and they had a son, Henry King Jr, who became Brainwave Jr. After first joining and then being betrayed by the Ultra Humanite in his version of the Secret Society of Super Villains, King died protecting his son from the brutal albino gorilla villain. As a final gesture of paternal love for his son, King transferred the bulk of his awesome mental powers to him.

Brain Wave has been identified as one of the deceased entombed below the Hall of Justice.

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Re: Sidious' FASERIP Builds: Apocalypse, Aurora, Belasco, Blazing Skull, Brainwave I

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Crystal Amaquelin Maximoff
Team Affiliation: Fantastic Four, Avengers, Inhumans
F: Gd/10
A: Ex/20
S: Gd/10
E: Ex/20
R: Gd/10
I: Gd/10
P: Gd/10
Health: 60
Karma: 26
Resources: Ex/20
Popularity: 15 / 80 among Inhumans
Inhuman Physiology: Her Inhuman metabolism affords her certain physical skills superior to those of human athletes.
  • Longevity: Ex/20
Elemental Control: Crystal can control the four classical “elements” of earth, air, water, and fire with Monstrous rank ability. She can maintain a specific effect for up to one hour before fatigue sets in. She has developed the following stunts that she can use without cost:
  • Aerokinesis: She can control oxygen atoms and oxygen-containing molecules to create atmospheric disturbances of various kinds.
    • Flight: Remarkable (30), she can summon wind currents strong enough to support her weight and others and elevate herself to fly at high altitudes and speeds
    • Force Fields: Amazing (50) vs physical, by controlling air molecules, she is able to bind them together psionically and compact them into a boundary to such a degree that matter cannot pass through.
    • Whirlwind—Crystal can make the air transport her and anyone in the same area with Remarkable speed.
    • Weather Control: Remarkable (30)
  • Geokinesis: Crystal has the Monstrous ability to move natural soil and rock, create tremors of Amazing intensity, and propel rocks as weapons that do Incredible (40) damage up to 5 areas away.
  • Hydrokinesis: Crystal has the Monstrous ability to move water.
    • Cryokinesis: Remarkable (30), her control of water molecules extends to all of its forms, including ice. She uses this ability most commonly in the form of ice blasts.
  • Pyrokinesis: Monstrous (75), she possesses the psionic ability to manipulate fire, cause it to grow in size and intensity, and take any form that she desires.
    • Fire Generation of Remarkable intensity within five areas.
    • Negating fires with Remarkable intensity within five areas.
Elemental Awareness: Monstrous (75), Because of her psionic connection to the elements around her, she has the ability to sense things an ordinary human or Inhuman would not, such as sensing how much moisture is contained within the air or other matter, being aware of movement in the air or water around herself, and being able to determine that a soil sample was not "native" to a particular area.

Talents: First Aid; Politics

Contacts: Inhumans (high), Avengers (high), Fantastic Four (high), Quicksilver, Human Torch, Magneto (low), Ronan (high)

- From the Wiki: Crystal was the second child born to the Inhuman nutritionists Quelin and Ambur. She is considered part of the Royal Family of Attilan. Like her older sister, Medusa, Crystal was subjected to the Terrigen Mist when she was an infant, and the process endowed her with certain mental powers.

While she was still a child, war erupted, forcing Crystal and her kinsmen to flee Attilan. Crystal passed through adolescence into young adulthood while wandering with her kinsmen through Asia, Europe, and finally America in search of Crystal's amnesiac sister Medusa. When they finally caught up with Medusa in New York, Medusa had sought refuge with the Fantastic Four, mistaking her kinsmen for her enemies. Crystal then met Johnny Storm of the Fantastic Four and the two began a romantic relationship that survived Crystal's return to Attilan and a lengthy separation.

Crystal eventually returned to New York and served as a substitute member of the Fantastic Four during the Invisible Girl's first pregnancy and post-childbirth. During this time Crystal performed quite admirably as Susan Storm's replacement and effectively defeated the Wizard all by herself. Crystal was forced to return to Attilan when her health became impaired by prolonged exposure to pollutants in the atmosphere. However, en route to Attilan, Crystal became a pawn in a plan by the alchemist Diablo, and then happened upon the mutant Quicksilver, who had been wounded in battle with the Sentinels.

She brought Quicksilver back to Attilan, nursed him back to health, and became romantically involved with him. The Human Torch soon learned of Crystal's change in affections, and after a futile battle with Quicksilver, terminated his relationship with her. Crystal and Quicksilver were wed shortly thereafter, theirs being the first marriage between an Inhuman and a human (albeit a human mutant) in recorded history.

Crystal and Quicksilver conceived a child, a girl bearing no apparent Inhuman or mutant characteristics, whom they named Luna after the world on which she was born. While Quicksilver wanted to exercise the father's right to have his child subjected to the Terrigen Mist, Crystal convinced him to let her grow up normal.

Eventually, Crystal and Quicksilver's marriage began to deteriorate, due to Quicksilver's temper, which may have been aggravated by the evil Inhuman, Maximus the Mad. Dissatisfied, Crystal briefly had an affair with another man. Crystal left Quicksilver and Attilan with Luna and her nanny, Maya, and returned to the Fantastic Four. Although she searched for the relationship she once had with Johnny, he was then married with Alicia Masters (later revealed to be a Skrull agent named Lyja). Crystal returned to Attilan to deal with a crisis posed by Medusa and Black Bolt's child. Amidst the troubles, she and Quicksilver reconciled.

Later, the Inhumans were attacked by the alien Brethren, and Crystal sought out the Avengers for their help. Shortly there after she joined them, moving into the Avengers Mansion with Luna and nanny, Marilla.

During her tenure with the Avengers, she developed an attraction with teammate Dane Whitman, the Black Knight. This relationship was complicated by a contrite Pietro trying to fix their marriage, and the available and aggressive Sersi pursuing Dane at the same time. Crystal recommitted to Pietro when he returned to the Avengers and Dane and Sersi were soon transported to another universe, ending their thoughts of an affair.

Crystal was among the Avengers who seemingly sacrificed themselves to end the menace called Onslaught. Actually transported to a different reality created by Franklin Richards, Crystal was restored when the heroes returned.

When the heroes, who were believed dead, returned to Earth, Crystal and Quicksilver were reunited. Both helped the Avengers reassemble. Crystal returned to Attilan, where she remained beside the Royal Family, raising Luna.

Earlier, Quicksilver had revived the Knights of Wundagore (actually animals mutated into humanoids by the High Evolutionary) and encountered Black Knight and his hero team, the Heroes for Hire. The two would eventually fight over Crystal's affections, whereupon an embittered Crystal estranged herself from Quicksilver again.

More recently, the Inhumans were captured by the alien Kree, the original creators of the Inhumans. The Kree judge and warrior, Ronan the Accuser, hoped to use the Inhuman Royal Family to assassinate the Kree's enemy, the Shi'ar empress Lilandra. Black Bolt single-handedly duelled and defeated Ronan, but the Inhumans turned away from him, deposing him by decree and exiling him. The Royal Family returned to Earth, monarchs with no people.

After the events of House of M, Crystal was reunited with her depowered husband, only for him to steal the Terrigen Mist from Attilan, in an attempt to use it to restore the depowered mutants. Luna was exposed also, granting her various abilities.

During the events of Silent War, the Inhumans located Quicksilver, who allowed Black Bolt to beat him in response to his betrayal. Their marriage has now been annulled. Crystal participated in a series of battles against S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Mighty Avengers when the Inhumans declared war on the United States.

The Inhuman royal family travelled into Kree space, seeking an alliance against the invading Skrulls. Ronan the Accuser welcomed this alliance, but only on the condition that Crystal would become his bride. Medusa agreed, much to Crystal's chagrin.

Crystal's marriage to Ronan proceeded, even following Black Bolt's decision to usurp the throne of the Kree. She came to accept the idea of the marriage, defending it to her sister-in-law Polaris as a matter of statecraft (though there are indications that Ronan wished for more). The wedding proceedings were interrupted by the Shi'ar Imperial Guard, who attacked as part of Emperor Vulcan's invasion of the Kree Imperium. Ronan was beaten nearly to death in this attack. While visiting Ronan in recuperation, Crystal inadvertently helped rally the Kree people when she showed compassion towards injured Kree commoners. Acts which (thanks to Polaris) were eventually broadcasted over the Kree networks. This led to her being referred to as the "people princess" among some of the Kree people. Crystal was eventually separated from Ronan under the orders of Black Bolt, as part of a truce made between Black Bolt and the Supreme Intelligence to ensure peace between Inhumans and the Kree Empire before they stepped down as rulers. Crystal and Ronan were deeply saddened by this decision, as their arranged marriage had eventually become a stronger relationship based on deeper feelings of love.

Crystal was made an ambassador by her sister Queen Medusa and tasked with overseeing diplomatic relations, recovery efforts with other countries who have been or will be affected by the Terrigen Cloud. Her entourage included Gorgon, Naja, Flint, and Grid. In command of the Royal Inhuman Vessel, which was nicknamed the R.I.V. by her assistant Swain, Crystal invited members of the United Nations to come aboard the vessel for an inspection so she could convince the U.N. that the Inhumans were on their side.

As the tour came to an end, the X-Man Frenzy smashed her way into the vessel with hopes to destroy it since she blamed the Inhumans for the chemical attack on her people. Luckily Crystal intervened using her elemental abilities to entrap Frenzy in a hydro-kinetic bubble and shot her out of the ship's airlock. Later it was revealed that the whole fight was staged in order to gain the UN's support. Frenzy allied herself with Crystal in exchange for their help with saving mutants from the effects of the Terrigen.

Three months later, Crystal visited the city of Sydney, Australia in order to help with humanitarian needs when she came across a huge protest in the main square of the city. A group of rioters were showing off a captive Nuhuman saying how humanity's numbers were dwindling because of the chemical attack created by the mist. Crystal approached the man in charge of the protest to have their captive released without resorting to violence. Her suggestion only agitated the situation further and was attacked by the group. She used her abilities to make quick work of them but found resistance in one of their members who ended up being a Nuhuman in disguise but who was disgusted with what he was turned into.

Jack along with Crystal were being attacked by his own group. By this time Crystal's cousin showed up with Grid and Flint. Flint used his geokinetic powers to create rock arms extending from the ground to hold Jack. Crystal had Naja release the captured individual who introduced himself by the name of Ash. Going to the R.I.V., Crystal received a message from Swain letting her know the next location the cloud was going to hit, the country of South Korea whose leader was Ban Ki-moon.

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Re: Sidious' FASERIP Builds: Apocalypse, Aurora, Belasco, Blazing Skull, Brainwave I

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Terry Curtis
Team Affiliation: Ultra-Humanite’s Crew
F: Ex/20
A: Rm/30
S: In/40
E: In/40
R: Rm/30
I: Rm/30
P: Rm/30
Health: 120
Karma: 22
Resources: Rm/30
Popularity: -6
Atomic Powered Physiology: Curtis’ body was irradiated and powered by atomic energy.
  • Flight: In/40
  • Energy Absorption –atomic: In/40, Curtis could absorb atomic energy and dissipate it from his body.
  • Atomic Blasts: In/40, Cyclotron can release destructive bolts of atomic energy.
  • Atomic Explosion: Mn/75, Cyclotron could overload his internal energy creating a small atomic explosion. This would cause him to destroy himself.
Talents: Engineering, Physics, Radiation

Contacts: Firebrand II, Amazing Man I

- From the Wiki: Terry Curtis (born Terrence Kurtzberger) was a nuclear scientist and later villain under the name Cyclotron. In the past, Curtis had a brief romantic relationship with Dannette Reilly, the second Firebrand. Curtis was eventually kidnapped by the villainous Ultra-Humanite who sought to make use of the scientist's expertise with atomic energy. He was subjected to the Humanite's experiments and exposed to radiation which granted him superhuman abilities.

Used as a pawn by the villain, Curtis was forced to go up against the heroic All-Star Squadron. In the process, he waged battle with the original Atom, exposing the hero to powerful radiation. This later became the source of the Atom's own superhuman abilities. Cyclotron died trying to be a hero by taking the Humanite into the atmosphere and allowing himself to blow up. Inspired by this selfless sacrifice (and the super-power left in its wake), the Atom would later adopt a costume patterned after Cyclotron's own.

Curtis' daughter, similarly named Terri, entered the custody of Firebrand and the Atom. The two served as godparents to Terri's baby, with Curtis' ex-lover Firebrand raising the child herself. Though cured of any potential radiation poisoning, Terri had evidently absorbed a large dose of her father's energy and passed the side-effects to her son Albert who became the hero Nuklon (later Atom Smasher).

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