Castellia- A Fantasy Setting (Heroes! Legendary Beasts! Cubone!)

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Castellia- A Fantasy Setting (Heroes! Legendary Beasts! Cubone!)

Post by Jabroniville » Sat Jun 24, 2017 6:47 am

Figured I'd re-post my Fantasy Builds over here- these are fairly old, being from the Atomic Think Tank.

Castellia World Overview
Animal Kingdom

Abominations (Aboleths)
Abominations (Beholders)
Abominations (Grells)
Abominations (Mind Flayers)
Aquatic Creatures
Beast-Kin (Heavy)
Dark Elves
Dragons (Ages)
Dragons (Fire, Magma)
Dragons (Frost, Oceanic)
Dragons (Templates I)
Dragons (Templates II)
High Elves
Greenskins (Bugbears)
Greenskins (Goblins)
Greenskins (Hobgoblins)
Greenskins (Orcs)
Humans (Basic Troops)
Humans (Elite Troops)
Humans (Rangers)
Humans (Pegasus & Masked Knights)
Mermen & Other Races
Reptilians (Heavy)
Reptilians (Kobolds)
Reptilians (Saurus)
Reptilians (Skinks)
Trolls (Common Trolls)
Trolls (Stone, River & Marsh Trolls)
Wood Elves

Cloud Giants
Death Giants
Hill Giants
Fire Giants
Forest Giants
Frost Giants
Mountain Giants
Ocean Giants
Stone Giants
Storm Giants
Sun Giants

Grotsnik & Tirr'Krokht
Arghast & Gurrbakh
Crimson Fire
Jaharl & Melkarr
Kaiser Elric
Stomrvald & The Snow Queen

Magical Animals:
Blue Worm
Bralox (Normal & Giant)
Crimson Worm
Dire Bear
Displacer Beast
Giant Cat/Arcanine
Purple Worm
White Worm
Winter Wolf
Wyvern (Riding & Great)

Bulbasaur & Venusaur
Charmander & Charizard
Kyogre & Groudon
Legendary Trio (Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos)
Onyx Worm
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Re: Castellia- A Fantasy Setting

Post by Jabroniville » Sat Jun 24, 2017 6:47 am

Archives Part 2

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Re: Castellia- A Fantasy Setting

Post by Jabroniville » Sat Jun 24, 2017 6:51 am

Welcome to the re-posting of my Fantasy builds! Done of course, in Mutants & Masterminds 3rd Edition rules. I did this set many moons ago (2011 to be exact), on the old Atomic Think Tank board. It was a really fun set to do, with a combination of OCs and World-Building that I'd never actually shown to anyone before. I remember it drawing quite a bit of attention, and a lot of people commenting on various things in their own games. Plus I got to comment on the weird things I found about Dungeons & Dragons and stuff. I remember a lot of stuff from Murkglow & Woodclaw, two old, greatly-missed ATT posters- one of whom just could NOT get over the fact that I was using so many Sentient Races in my world, and wouldn't drop the subject :).

I never really considered re-posting them, since I'm often posting new stuff and didn't want to do "just re-posting" for MONTHS, but since we're on a different board and I can update it pretty much whenever, I can make a whole new thread, and post stuff here. That way anyone who doesn't care for Fantasy Whatever can just ignore it and focus on my main thread :).

In this thread, I'll be re-posting my old Fantasy Builds, possibly with some additional notes here and there. Plus I'd always kind of had a thought in the back of my head to post builds of D&D's Demons and Devils. I never thought of it while doing my initial set, and it'd be years before I'd do it on my main thread.
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Re: Castellia- A Fantasy Setting

Post by Jabroniville » Sat Jun 24, 2017 6:59 am


Okay, so I've had this idea in my mind for a very long time (I'd started on some 2e ones, periodically working on them, but then they switched to 3e), but it's time to finally lay them out- Fantasy Builds! Basically, I plan on doing some standard builds for various D&D-type races, plus some elite classes and some monsters. I'll also include a fair bit of information regarding my own setting (those are usually called "homebrew", but I despise that term for reasons I don't really get), since it's kinda boring to just plop a bunch of random stuff out there. So a lot of this will be "In Character", though I'll include "Jab's Notes" after everything to explain the stats, or my take on certain creatures.

This isn't an attempt to do direct translations of D&D builds- Prodigy Duck already does an excellent job of that, and I have my own ideas about how stuff would work. Of course, I'll be taking a ton of stuff from D&D as well:

Stuff I'm Ripping Off:
I've heard it said that EVERYTHING is a rip-off of SOMETHING, but that true brilliance can be achieved by ripping off multiple sources (I think George Lucas said something similar about "Star Wars", and how he took from various things- Kurosawa films, Westerns, etc.), and so that's what I'll be doing. Plus, if you ANNOUNCE that you're ripping off ideas (instead of just having it be revealed in later lawsuits), you can call in an "homage" :). So here's the list of stuff I'm ripping:
* Dungeons & Dragons (especially their Giants, and certain large-type creatures)
* Shining Force (a kick-ass Tactical RPG series from the early-90s- used most of the standard races)
* Fire Emblem (long-running Tactical RPG series- REALLY REALLY hard games- most Human vs. Human stuff)
* The whole "Use modern nations as an analogue for my Setting Nations" thing- it's just plain easier, though I modify certain things.
* Warhammer (super Grim'n'Dark '90s-style Fantasy to go along with their Sci-Fi worlds; it begat Warcraft in a downright-litigious way)
* Plus whatever else I'm forgetting.

Regarding my Experience with Fantasy:
Actually, I don't have a whole heck of a lot of it. I recall knowing of the EXISTENCE of Dungeon's & Dragons as a kid (you couldn't own a comic book without having SOMETHING advertised from TSR in them- all sorts of miniature sets, card-games and stuff where classically-cool pre-teens seemed to be enjoying whatever they were doing), but I had no concept of how it was played. It wasn't until High School, when an old friend I'd gotten into contact with sold me on Rifts, that I even know what a "Tabletop Role-Playing Game" ACTUALLY WAS. I was seventeen at the time. In the end, I read a bunch of books, but didn't actually buy any of them until my mid-20s when I wanted reading material, and no longer lived with people who had access to them. So as a result, I've only ever played about three individual D&D games in my entire life (my friends are classic "plan a game for months and then sit down for two sessions" people), so I'm not that experienced with the rules or concepts. I just read the books for the fluff nowadays, which is part of why I didn't like any of the 4e stuff (I could care less about their rule changes- I just want to read "The Ecology of the Night Hag", dammit!).

I've played a bunch of Fantasy-type video games, read Wikipedia, and done other types of dork-stuff though, so I think I know my stuff by now. I'll also post up a few specific "Important Character" PC & Villain-types.

D&D (vs) M&M:
I've noticed that the different game systems (3.5 D&D & 2nd/3rd M&M, specifically) handle things in different ways, and have their own strengths.

D&D's Strengths:
- Much wider system of Challengers- everything from 1/2 CR (Challenge Rating) to 25 CR-plus, and that's not even including the Gods! It basically makes up over 20 different levels of power.
- This also leaves things open for different types of weapons- whereas M&M kinda has to make them all sort of the same. Granted, this also happens in D&D when they have 50 types of weapons- some are flat-out weaker in every possible way.
- Big ol' Magic system in place, that works in it's own way.
- Easier ways to futz around with new powers- "It just works this way", with few mechanics needed.
- The Mental Stats are less of a bunch of "Dump Stats" than in M&M, because there are multiple classes that specifically use them (Sorcerors & Charisma, Mages & Intelligence)

M&M's Strengths:

- More sensical challenge system- in real life, a regular Human with a sword can STILL kill an expert with a sword in one hit if he gets lucky. This is pretty much impossible in D&D. CR 1s have NO chance against CR 20s, whereas in M&M, a giant group of PL 5s can still beat a PL 10 hero.
- Points-buy system makes everything more balanced- D&D is pretty legendary for being pro-Caster after a point.
- Humans can be more recognizably weaker than bigger creatures- Human Strength maxes out around 4, whereas D&D uses the older d20 System, making them all only a little bit stronger in some cases. Most 2e M&M Giants look pretty much the same, and are barely higher than a max-level human in damage-potential (like +7 for humans, versus +8-10 for Giants), whereas you can vary them better in 3e.

Power Levels:
"Wizards & Warlocks", the 2e M&M book on Fantasy gaming, suggested capping-off at PL 8 to reflect the lower levels of Fantasy Worlds. I partially agree (I got with lower levels most of the time anyways), but there are some variations. Human PCs probably start off at PL 4 (which is really low- a mere Sword can boost you by +2-3 Damage), and can slowly build up to PL 8-9. I figure that my Fantasy Builds could be translated to modern-day comic book worlds with little problem, so some humans CAN become as good as someone like Daredevil (PL 10) or Moon Knight (ditto)- it's just EXTREMELY rare that anyone ever lives to get that good.
PL 0: Commoners, Unarmed weaker creatures (Goblins & stuff)
PL 1-3: Weaker Soldiers, Peasant Conscripts
PL 4: Common Soldier-types.
PL 5-6: Elites, Larger Creatures
PL 7: Low-level Giants
PL 8: "Soft Cap" for PCs, Extremely Skilled Elites, Giants
PL 9: Elite Giants
PL 10: Superhero-Level Powerhouses, Huge Animals
PL 11-12: Dragons, Rocs, The Kraken

Animal Builds:
I've got a few more types of animals (usually Magical, some super-huge ones) to include as well. Some variations on D&D creatures, plus a few related to Pokémon- I figure "why not?", because there's a TON those little bastards can do in a Fantasy World. If you hate Pokémon, that's fine too- you can either ignore them... or use the opportunity to cook & eat wild Pikachu, or make a suit of armour out of Squirtle! On that note- I won't be handled the entirety of that franchise (of obvious logistical reasons), but I'll take some requests- I'll let people request two or three Pokémon each.

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Post by Jabroniville » Sun Jun 25, 2017 5:53 am


The Continent of Castellia (named after a Nymph of Greek Mythology- just as "Europa" itself was :)) is your typical D&D-styled fantasy world, containing pretty much every animal and concept you see in their main books. A crescent-shaped continent over twice the size of Europe, it's a mainly Middle Ages-type world where the crossbow is the cutting-edge of technology, although the entire world is strongly implied to have a past with much higher levels of power ("Legendary Weapons" resembling modern laser pistols have been uncovered). Armored knights are still the most powerful individuals, but magic is commonly practised in many areas. It's extremely dangerous and unpredictable, so many societies either outlaw it period (violations punishable by death) or force magically-powered individuals into segregated training schools. As such, high-class warriors (usually nobility) and wizards/mages are the peak of power... except for Monsters.

"Adventurers" (sometimes known as Mercenaries, Questers, or Heroes- to the more idealistic) are extremely numerous. The land is dangerous, well-forested, and covered with all sorts of beasts. Mercenary work is plentiful- from scouring a nest of bug-people to defending a village from 40 marauding Orcs, it's all there. Some cities have laws against brandishing full arms in their limits, but even more welcome a paid defense corps. Though some people dislike and mistrust Questers, they are an accepted part of life.

Oh, and Dinosaurs are everywhere. Because that's just way more awesome.

The Creation of the World:
First there was nothing, then there were Primordials. The Primordials begat the Dragons, who held all the power in the world. The Dragons created the Titans, who overthrew them, and created their old cruel Empires, adn gave birth to the Giant races. The Giants then begat the Gods of the Humans, Elves, Dwarves and Beasts, who overthrew the GIANTS, forming the world we now know today. The Dragons and Giants both still dream of Empire, but both are too heavily-split to make this a practical idea.

The Kingdoms of the World:
Within Castellia:

Gallea- A Germanic-type kingdom, once made up of city-states and minor provinces, but now combined under the power of the Grand Kaiser, Elric the Great. They are an "antagonist" of sorts, attempting to control all Human lands, and eventually the entire continent. Their best soldiers are the Masked Knights, armoured men wearing "Totem Masks" that represent animals or other monsters.
Marsellia- Gallea's powerful neighbors, these French/English-hybrids are less technologically-minded, but use a powerful force of Knights and Centaurian Lancers. Most of the "heroes" come from here.
Corellia- A Rome-type nation that once held power over almost all of Castellia, but lost it centuries ago. Currently undergoing a renaissance of sorts.
Lacae- Close to the Elf lands, Lacae has been altered by their culture, creating armies of skilled Swordsmen in lighter armour. Much wilder and more plains-oriented than most Human lands. It contains MANY large forests, but also the Giant Forest, home to extremely large variations of many known types of creature.
The Orc Kingdoms- Various tribes of Orcs and other Greenskins live in this region.
Hobland- The Hobgoblin's powerful City-State, far away from most Humans.
Jobbonia- A Goblin-led City-State, not known for being overly powerful, nor very orderly.
The Undead Lands- Hordes of Undead, led by power-hungry Vampires, rule a large swath beneath Gallea (separating it from Corellia), breaking up many Human lands (though many Humans live within it's borders).
The Underworld/Subterranea- The underground homes of Dark Elves, Dwarves and Fire Giants, among other, more ancient creatures. It runs under almost all of Castellia, effectively doubling the liveable size of the continent.

Off Castellia:
Albador- A Magic-tinged Isle (with satellite islands) to the Northwest, of indeterminate size (combined, the islands are easily the size of Castellia proper), home to the Elves.
The Grimmsvell- Far to the Northeast, it is connected to Castellia in Summer months, it rapidly approaches with a magical sheet of ice in Winter. It is largely ruled by Human Barbarians, and the mighty Frost Giants.
The Eastlands- Settled by a variety of creatures. The Ogre Kingdoms are at the edges, separated from the Egyptian-themed Sun Giants by a vast desert and mountain range. Much of the land is Africa or Mongolia-themed, with similar types of animals.
The Southlands- An enormous continent, ruled by the last vestiges of old Reptilian Kingdoms. It is from here that Dinosaurs, Giant Snakes and Lizardmen come. A large portion of the world's Dragons come from here.
The Seas- More vast than any place on land, it is home to countless racers, monsters and animals.

Much of the other lands have been unexplored.

Racial make-up:
Humans: Fast-breeding and intelligent, they are known as the fastest-learning race, are the most powerful overall on the continent, but are splintered and prone to civil war. Currently, the mighty Kingdoms of Gallea and Marsellia are opposing each other in the central region of the crescent, while Korellia, a once-mighty kingdom, lies to the South, split off from the others by the Undead Lands.

Greenskins (Orcs, Goblins, Hobgoblins & Bugbears): The Greenskin Races (though other colours are common) are the most common, but disorganized, often devolving into warbands and small tribes, though the occasional actual civilization has sprouted up, sating the usually-famous "Green Temper".
Orcs- Large, burly and stupid, the Orcs lean towards chaos, though at least one semi-civilized city has formed. Some are not as stupid as thought.
Goblins- Small and skittish, Goblins are victimized by other, larger Greenskins, and rarely get to own their own lands. They are famous as the "Jobbers" of all the races, producing the weakest soldiers.
Hobgoblins- Human-sized, Hobgoblins are the most-civilized Greenskins by far, and run their own City-State, populated by Wyvern Knights, riding Horse-sized armless Dragons.
Bugbears- The largest and most anti-social "Greenskin" (most are brown), they are often solitary.

Elves: These types are haughty and formal, usually hiding away on their mystical islands off-continent or in the dark forests and Underworld (depending on the type) unless they're specifically dealing with humans as part of their profession.
High Elves- Live on Albador, a very Magical isle. They are the most proud of the Elves, and have an Oriental/Japanese theme, with elite Samurai and powerful Wizards. The Kingdom has been closed off from Castellia for a long time.
Wood Elves- Live in the Forests of Marsellia and Lacae, usually outside the influence of others. They have agitated relations with other types of Elf.
Dark Elves- Split from the High Elves millennia ago thanks to a war between their Gods, they vary in colour, and live either on Dark Isles to the West, or in the Underworld.

Dwarves- They are common but keep to themselves, living in the underground.
Heffolk- The Heffolk (a bastardization of "Half-Folk" aka Hobbits/Halflings) are common as an underclass, treated like modern Roma (aka "Gypsies") in the big cities, and band together for protection.
Trolls- Not quite Greenskin and not quite Giant, these hungry monsters occasionally gather, and Regenerate from damage quickly.
Shokan- Underworld-dwelling four-armed monsters, these are some of the most brutal unarmed fighters in the world.
The Undead (Vampires, Skeletons, Zombies, Mummies, etc.)- These monsters have overtaken a huge portion of the Eastern part of Castellia, led mainly by a Vampiric Aristocracy- various Undead have even discovered how to breed via Dark Magic!

Beast-Kin: Extremely numerous, but separated by species for the most part, Beast-Kin are made up of nearly every known animal, merged in form with humans. Though Centaurs and Minotaurs are considered related to them, they have rarely allied with these creatures. Most-common are Goat-Kin, Canids and Hyena-Kin (also known as Gnolls). They act as raiders.
Centaurs- They make up a large portion of the civilization of Marsellia, one of the main human kingdoms, and their power has led to them being raised as a second-citizen warrior-knight class (their "Wild" kin still exist, and resent them).
Pegasus Centaurs- Very rare, but mostly evil, armoured Sky Knights. Like Centaurs, but with wings.
Minotaurs- Descending from one key Island City in the human Kingdom of Gallea, these have provided a source of warriors for that country.
Man-Scorpions- Large, Centaurian arachnids living in the Eastland deserts.
Seafolk- Underwater types of Beast-Kin are known to exist, from Merfolk on the "good" side, and nastier, more animalistic types on the other, though any alignment is possible.
Death Mantas- Evil, sentient Manta Ray-type creatures that control large areas of the underseas through fear.

Reptilians: The most ancient sentient creatures in the world- they once owned the entire planet, but lost all their power millennia ago.
Skinks- The thinkers and aristocrats of Reptilian Kingdoms. They use poisoned darts and spears as weapons, and master magic more than their fellows.
Kobolds- Similar to Goblins, these tiny humanoids are famously weak, and by FAR the most common reptiles on Castellia proper, possessing numerous huge "hives" of underground creatures. Famous for using traps.
Lizardmen- Burly, man-sized creatures, they are slow to move and slow to think, but are incredibly-strong warriors.
Heavy Lizards- A catch-all for all giant Lizard-like creatures, including Crocodilian, Ceratopsian, Stegosaurid and Tyrannosaurid-type humanoid monsters. As dumb as Hill Giants, they are the most powerful Lizards around.
Dragon-Men- Draconic humanoids with wings and great strength. Often the minions of true Dragons.
Dragons- Numerous races all-around, these are the mightiest creatures in the world PERIOD. Huge and incredibly dominant, they vary in alignment and organization- some are solitary, sleeping giants, while others are rulers of massive kingdoms. Some are good, and others are evil creatures devoted to ruling the world once again.

Giants: These beings once held most of the power on Castellia, and remain a huge factor in the world as well, existing in various types and subtypes throughout all the major Kingdoms, taking up various roles.
Some have even formed their own Kingdoms.
Fire Giants- Nivelhoemme, Lair of the Fire Giant King, is home to a Dwarf-shaped 12-foot-tall race of black or red slavers.
Frost Giants- The Grimmsvell region, a large portion of the Northern Wastes, is home to the raider-like Frost Giants. They are easily the largest Giant-based empire, and often invade human settlements with their Human Barbarian allies.
Forest Giants- Large green and yellow Giants living in Lacaean and Marsellian forests, they live like Wood Elves, with large poisoned arrows.
Hill Giants- A numerous race of either foolish Barbarians, or Human-shaped and minded creatures at 10-foot sizes.
Ogres- An eight-foot race of hungry raiders, with their own Kingdom to the East.
Sun Giants- Egyptian-styled large human-type Giants, controlling a large, civilized nation.
Stone Giants- Xenophobic but not evil, these Giants are filled with the shame of losing their old lands.
Cloud Giants- Arrogant sky-titans who rarely "sully their hands" with others.
Storm Giants- Incredibly-powerful geniuses, related to the Titans of old.
Ettins- Large, two-headed morons with clubs.
Athaches- Three-armed monstrosities.
Death Giant- Huge, white or black monstrosities.
Mountain Giant- The largest humanoids in the world, these foolish barbaric types can lay waste to entire cities.

Plus just about anything else you feel like: Rakshasa, Psionic creatures, Thri-Kreen (Ant-people), whatever. I can add more when I think of them, or have ideas.

Inter-Species Breeding:
The Gods are fickle and strange, and have a sick sense of humour. In general, any creature can mate with any other type of creature (assuming the anatomies line-up...), and produce a hybrid. It is by this manner than Minotaurs were created (a human female was forced by the Human Goddess Aphrodite to fall in love with a Bull), and possibly other types of creatures as well. Though this is by far the most rare type of reproduction (most races mate with their own kind), it is still known in areas where two races overlap. The creature born most-often resembles the mother in size and shape, for reasons of survival (hard for some creatures to give birth to other creatures- imagine a Human Female birthing a full Centaur) and simple decency.
Inter-species love is infrequent, but still common enough to have solutions. To avoid certain impracticalities, some creatures are known to visit powerful Alchemists, who can transmute a member of the couple into another species. These spells are often complicated (due to permanency), difficult and highly-dangerous, and so run at a tremendous cost.
Common Hybrids:
Half-Elves (Elf/Human)- Probably the most common type of hybrid. Few react overly much to these (both races are often common in many areas), but they rarely find true acceptance in either culture. The classic "Tragic Outcast".
Elf Hybrids (Hill/Wood/Dark Elf)- The races are largely-alike, so their half-offspring could pass for either race, much more easily than a Half-Elf could.
Ogrillon (Orc/Ogre)- Two brutish races appear to be natural mates.
Half-Giant (Frost Giant/Human)- Frost Giants control many lands that Humans frequent. Though this has anatomical difficulties, many Alchemists, talismans and spells will allow for it.
Hill Ogre (Hill Giant/Ogre)- The two races are already quite similar, and produce grey or brown-ish, hefty offspring.

The Eldritch Pools:
Castellia and it's surrounding continents possess large sources of energy known as the "Eldritch Pools". These Pools of glowing energy (flowing out of huge craters) are created from sheer chaos, and are the results of the wars between the Gods, and meteor strikes from afar. Strange occurences happen around the Pools, and bizarre creatures (often regular Animals turned magical) are created from the proximity to such primal forces. Many avoid these areas whenever possible, while other creatures appear to worship them, and others still actually draw real power from them. Great danger always occurs for those who stray too near.
Known Eldritch Pools (all are visible from space, and appear to have numerous colourations):
The Giant Forest- Lacae's fabled forest, where the trees, animals and even people grow to spectacular heights, is fueled by a Pool in dead-centre.
The Great Maw- Centred in the Ogre Kingdoms, it soon came to represent their entire mythology, based around consuming various things. It is the source of the Ogres' ability to eat all substances, and gives their Divine Clerics (the "Butchers") their powers.
The Undead Pit- Hidden from mortal eyes by hordes of Undead.
The Dinosaur Crater- In the Southlands, said to be near the lair of a mighty Dragon.
The Sea Crater- Actually at the ocean's depth, it is the source of many extra-normal sea creatures. It is surrounded by other, smaller Pools.
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Re: Castellia- A Fantasy Setting

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MAGIC IN Castellia-
(note: This is the same as the Magic rules in my comic book universe. This is actually where I originally came up with that idea!)
The Art of Magic has many forms, and many different schools and methods. Most are surrounded by secrecy, with many hundreds known to have died in the search for greater power.

Magic is the power by which various entities enforce their will over the natural order of the universe. The exact source of these abilities is largely unknown, though it is certain that the abilities take a tremendous amount of effort and experience to attain, and require the most-serious concentration. There are three distinct levels of spells and experience- the stronger the mage, the further up the chain they may go.

Note: All Magic is inherently dangerous, and has the Complication (Must Roll on the Miscast Table if rolling a Natural 1). To avoid this, all Mages must also spend an Equipment point on a Magical Staff with which to focus their spells.

Level 1- All spells require a physical sacrifice and/or a scroll reading. A "Flame" spell would require a piece of flash paper anointed with special oils, etc. Common in mass-group spells or anything requiring transformative effects, and the more powerful ones require large amounts of specific items. Scrolls are a common source of mystical power- befitted prior by the same mage or another. Any form of writing from the mystically-inclined individual will suffice. Most scrolls will 'burn out' after one or a few uses, though some of the most powerful mystical tomes in existence may be used indefinitely. These are exquisitely rare, and are much sought after, kept under careful protection by Gods or Master Mages.
Game Mechanics: Limited (Requires Ingredients) (-1 Flaw)

Level 2- Verbal components. Easier spells and more powerful mystics using larger spells both sustain this level most of the time. Nearly every magic spell can be expected to have a chant of some kind attached to it, usually in the language of the spell's creator. As such, the hands must be free to gesture, and the mouth unhindered.
Game Mechanics: Power Loss (If Unable to Speak or Gesture)

Level 3- Non-vocal spells. Only the most powerful mystics can do this with their spells. Even then, they tend to focus themselves by speaking.
Game Mechanics: None

The Colours of Magic:
Magic is a devastatingly erratic force, and it's myriad capabilities are usually limited to the very few. The vast majority of mages will utilize only one "Colour" of magic, as they have been named- only the best Mages can ever learn a second type, and this is generally less powerful than their first (creatures with Innate Magical properties and Spell-Like Abilities, such as Dragons or Magical Beings, may still take two powers in addition to their innate abilities). It is common for mages to wear clothing that fits their Colour; this is believed to be a form of focus for them.

RED MAGIC- Powerful, attacking magic of the deadliest elements- fire, thunder, and lightning; virtually all damaging spells are in this school. Fire is the most common element, being a primal force of life; but lightning and cthonic bolts of the "Universal Energy Source" are also common for more elite mystics. Also common are light spells to illuminate or dazzle. Mages typically focus these powers through staffs garnished with fabulous gemstones. Red Mages are known to be easily angered, impatient, and focused on battle and warfare. Because of battlefield uses, they were once relatively common. But because of their destructive power, they were among the most prone to going bad or creating a massive warp that caused their own death.
Sacred Stone: Ruby
Samples: Fire/Electrical/Cosmic Energy Blast (Area-Cone, Line or Shapeable, Autofire, Penetrating), Snare (Area-Shapeable), Dazzle Visual/Audio, Light Control, Fire Control, Electrical Control, Force Field

BLACK MAGIC (Necromancy)- Better known as "Necromancy", this is the power over the dead. Though not necessarily limited to evil beings, it is the school which has the greatest 'pull' towards Hellish intent. Necromancy is most easily utilized through the materials of the dead- primarily skulls, the source of wisdom and intellect. These are usually arrayed upon staffs. Necromancers can summon armies of undead, command already-created undead, or steal the very souls of living creatures with clinging, black hands. Various known forms of undead include Zombies, Skeletons, Wights, Ghouls, Ghosts, Vampires and Mummies. Most are humanoid, but animal variants are also known- these require more concentration and a knowledge of the animal in question.
Sacred Stone: Obsidian, Bones
Samples: Blast (Penetrating), Drain Constitution/Strength, Summon Minions (Horde), Mind Control (Limited- Undead Only), Communication (with Undead)

GREEN MAGIC (Druidism)-
One of the oldest schools of magic, Druidism came from simple harvesting magic and prayers, and has shifted into a form of exerting one's will over the natural world. Green Magicians (most commonly known as Druids) focus a great deal of power through Jade or similar green gemstones, usually placed on their foreheads, or from common wooden implements. Walking sticks are especially common. Though initially viewed as gardeners and plant-mystics, Green Magic also holds sway over the animals of the world as well, allowing communication with nature, and the ability to copy or transform the abilities of animals. Some Druids are even known to be able to take animal form- though each individual animal is a different spell, and such abilities are extremely rare and difficult (in fact, several Druids have been trapped forever in the bodies of animals they've transformed into).
In many senses, Green Magic is a combination of Gold Magic (transformation) and Violet Magic (Mentalism)- but all focused towards the power of nature. This combination of elements makes it the most-likely magic to overwhelm the mind of the user, twisting them towards insanity.
Sacred Stone: Jade, Malachite, Nephrite (and other "Sailor Moon" villains)
Samples: Plant Control, Snare (Area-Shapeable), Blast, Poison, Corrosion, Summon Minions (Horde), Animal Control, Animal Powers or Forms, Communicate with Nature, ESP (Through Plants & Animals)

BLUE MAGIC (Elementalism)- Blue Magic is relatively unknown, being one of the least 'flashy' magical abilities, but was arguably the most common of the pre-historic ages- every "rain dance" was in essense an attempt at creating Blue Magic. Elementalists focus their powers through perfectly clear orbs, or the creations of the ocean such as pearls or perfectly-rounded stones. With them, they are able to summon torrents of wind and rain, or part the very earth; from simple weather adjustments to fissures capable of swallowing buildings. These are among the few mages who can also fly with simple spells, being carried by the winds. Blue Mages can be found in arctic climates as well, as they are the Mages with most direct control over the cold.
Sacred Stone: Pearls, Rounded Stones, Clear Glass
Samples: Water/Earth/Air Control, Snare (Area-Shapeable), Tornado, Flight, Ice Powers

WHITE MAGIC (Clericism)- White Mages, known also as Clerics or Healers, are the holy men of the magical world. Though not necessarily religious men, many use the names of Gods or other powers far more than most other Mages, as a focus. They use pure crystal to christen their canes, staffs and weapons (in fact, these are among the most martial Mages in physical combat, if necessary). White Mages are the only mages with natural healing powers- they can reverse damage, suture wounds with words, heal broken bones, and in rare cases of great power, restore life to the recently deceased. Though in seeming opposition to Necromancy, the Art of Death, the Art of Life also allows communication with friendly spirits. White Mages, however, possess the ability to speak to and rebuke undead, withering them as a Black Mage would create them. Similarly to Undead, White Mages hold power over Daemons and other unholy creatures, being able to burn them with the merest touch, or creating holy symols (to the Wizard) to ward such beings off. Using their powers, they are also able to judge the quality of a person's character, both suddenly or with major spells to be certain.
Sacred Stone: Crystal, Diamond
Samples: Healing, Regeneration, Rebuke Undead & Daemons

OCHRE MAGIC (Traveling/Summoning)- Ochre Mages, also known as Travellers or Summoners, are the Mages specialized in the nature of space. They can bend the walls of the universe, traversing their own planes, or walking between barriers into other worlds. The most powerful can send enemies to faraway places with an eyeblink. It is the rarest school of Magic, as it is the least outwardly powerful, and the most likely to take the life of the user (portals may close on bodies half-through, or ways may be lost forever). Other Ochre Mages are capable of altering the ways of time itself, reaching suspended animation, or moving at supernatural speeds. Others still are summoners, a different form of the spells that allow the Mage to pull creatures from other planes to do battle or perform tasks. Many creatures are unwilling and must be threatened or bribed to action, but others are friends and allies, or at least working quid pro quo.
Sacred Stone: Unknown
Samples: Teleport (Portal), Dimensional Movement, Flight, Summon Minions (Horde), Time Travel, Time Control

GOLD MAGIC (Alchemy)- Gold Magic is the art of transmutation, forming one element into another. One of the most difficult arts to master, it can bring untold wealth to it's user, now able to form objects into gold. They are masters of matter, capable of seemingly pulling objects out of nothing (transmuting air or particles into objects), turning the ground beneath them to sludge, and forming shapes and creatures out of everyday objects. As well, they can change the size and nature of beings themselves, warping their very structures. Alchemists have a reputation for being flighty and bizarre; not unearned when one considers the effects chemical compositions and constant thought of formulas and material makeups have on the mind. Alchemists focus their powers often through Gold or other pure elements and metals, and are the Mages most dependent on potions and elixirs. Things must be spread, thrown, mixed or injested to perform the majority of their effects: Very few mystics could ever hope to transmute objects with just a gesture.
Sacred Stone: Pure elements (usually Gold, but Silver, Platinum, or even Tin may be used)
Samples: Animate Objects, Transform, Create Object (Moveable, Precise), Metamorphosis

VIOLET MAGIC (Mentalism)- Mentalists possess power over the minds of others. They can read minds, move into the Astral Plane, form illusions, or lift objects by thinking about them. At once the simplest and most complex of Magics, the Mentalists are in danger of permanently warping their own minds, or those of others, and so most of them put effort into rituals and trances rather than flinging their minds out into the open. Rather than focus on material elements, the Violet Mage may simply place any gem or object on their forehead as a concentrative element.
Sacred Stone: None (many gems may be placed on the forehead)
Samples: Telepathy, Telelocation, Telekinesis, Illusion (Visual & Audio), Mind Control, Astral Travel

The Miscast Table:
-When a Magically-gifted creature attempts a Spell, they must roll a d20 (Spells that are Attacks may use the same d20 roll for their attack roll). If this is a natural 1, something terrible has occured. They could have pronounced the ancient words wrong, made the wrong gesture, or otherwise fumbled. Roll on the following table to see what happens:
1-2) KABOOM! The Mage is struck by a powerful explosion that also covers his immediate area. The Mage is hit with Damage 10, while a Burst Area Damage Spell goes off around him, doing damage equal to his Power Level. The Area is 15-feet until PL 6, then it's 30 feet. At PL 10, the Mage's burst goes to 60 feet.
3-4) BOOM!: The Mage is hit with Damage 10, with no Area Effect.
5-6) Daemon!: A Powerful Daemon (or something) comes through a rift in space/time that the Mage's flawed spell caused. It is under the GM's complete control, but usually attacks the Mage.
7-8) Reversed Spell: The Mage is hit by whatever he was trying to do (Mind-Reading allows the enemy to read HIS mind, he gets hit by his own Blast, etc.).
9) Emptied the Spells I: The Spell fizzles, nothing occurs, and the Mage loses all of his powers for a full day.
10) Emptied the Spells II: The Spell fizzles, nothing occurs, and the Mage loses all of his powers for the battle (he may re-focus his energies outside of combat for a ten-minute duration).
11-12) Random Effect: The GM may decide the result, often based off of the School of Magic. Alchemists may change forms, Travellers may Teleport involuntarily, etc.
13-14) Forgotten Spell: The Spell does nothing, and the Mage "forgets" the spell for a full day.
15-16) Nothing: The Spell fizzles, and nothing occurs.
17) Emptied the Spells III: The Spell goes off as normal, and the Mage loses all of his powers for a full day.
17) Emptied the Spells IV: The Spell goes off as normal, and the Mage loses all of his powers for the battle (he may re-focus his energies outside of combat for a ten-minute duration).
19) Phew!: The Spell casts as normal.
20) Empowered Spell!: The Spell goes off, but at a tremendously-higher amount of power! The effects are multiplied by 1.5 times, rounding up (Blast 10 becomes Blast 15, Mind-Reading 5 becomes Mind-Reading 8, and so on).

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Re: Castellia- A Fantasy Setting (World-Building)

Post by Thorpocalypse » Sun Jun 25, 2017 8:50 pm

Cool beans! I loved your fantasy stuff. I need to get back in the swing on mine as well. Looking forward to it.

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Post by Jabroniville » Mon Jun 26, 2017 7:46 am


Typical Adult Height: 5'3"-6'10"
Birth Rate: 1-2 infants every 9 months
Lifespan: 0-12 (Child), 13-18 (Young Adult), 19-54 (Adult), 55-80 (Elder)
Nicknames: Half-Orcs ("halfway between an Elf and an Orc!")
Sexual Dimorphism: Mammaries, size, less body hair and much more delicate features.
Skin Tones: Pink, brown
Hair: Long, almost any naturally recurring colour (blonde, brown, black, red)
Racial Mounts: Horses, Struthiomimus, Raptors, Great Eagles, Pegasi, etc. (almost any)
Racial Weapons: Swords, Spears, Lances
Religion: Any

Allies: Wood Elves, Dwarves, Undead, Giants, Nearly Any Other Race (to some degree or another)

Encounter Groups:
Solo (1)
Group (2-4, plus 0-4 Mounts)
Bands (4-25 plus 0-5 Elites, 0-20 Mounts, 0-5 Animals, 0-3 Heavies, 0-2 Monsters)
Town (15-70, plus 3-30 Elites, 5-50 Mounts, 0-10 Heavies, 0-10 Animals, 0-4 Monsters)

PL Variants:
PL 0: Commoner
PL 1-2: Weaker Specimens, Peasant Conscripts
PL 3: Bandit
PL 4: Professional Soldier, Ranger
PL 5: Elites- Knight, Swordsman, Pegasus Knight, Ranger
PL 6: Masked Knights, Paladin
PL 7+: Important Characters, High Elites

-Humans are one of the most populous races on Castellia (excepting only Goblins, Kobolds, and occasionally Orcs), and easily the most powerful- controlling the two middle nations of Marsellia and Gallea, as well as the Southern land of Itria, and their numbers have also scattered into small factions across the lands. It is unknown exactly how young this "young race" is- they appeared to show up long after the Elves, and civilize themselves even later than that- many Elves and Dragons currenly alive recall the days when humans walked the earth in loincloths, using weapons of stone (not that this doesn't occur nowadays as well). Humans adapt more quickly, and learn faster, than any other known race, owing to shorter lifelines than Elves or Dwarves. As such, Humans have been colloquially known as "Everyone's second-best friend", when individuals adapt and befriend the more personable members of other races.

-Humans are easily the most explorative and curious of the races. Indeed, Questers are vastly made up of Humans seeking adventure and knowledge- such things are relatively unusual amongst Elves or Dwarves, so a Questing band is likely to be made up of at least 50% Human stock. Even Elven scholars attest that Humans have sought their knowledge as much as Elves have, but are also known for being quick to bore, and a lack of focus. These factors make Humans rather notorious, even among those that like or tolerate them, as their boundless energy and desire to catalogue and discover everything for themselves allows them very little time to specialize.

-Because of these factors, the elder races often pity them as much as look down upon them- their short lifespans disallow even the greatest Human Swordsman to match an Elf of similar focus. Dwarves admire Human accomplishments with their devices- but admonish their quick, shoddy repairs and fantastical creations.

-Humans are also known as conquerors, much to the other races' chagrins. Their empires can wax and wane with the generations (often only twenty or thirty years apart), peaking by overrunning into Elven or Dwarven lands, then shrinking back rapidly with the latest fight over who should rule the kingdom. This has made Humans many enemies among longer-lived races that don't quite understand that one or two Human Empires don't speak for the entire species- as those who wronged the Elf or Dwarf have long since died, replaced by different offspring.

-Because of their aggression, expansion, quick aging and variable dispositions (some are angry, some are mean, some are kind and gentle), Humans are often called "Half-Orcs" derogatively by Elf & Dwarf-kind. They fit an odd middle-ground between Orcs and the other two- being halfway in terms of size, conquests and temperament. Though even the most hateful of those races would admit that Humans are far preferable as neighbors compared to the Greenskins.

-Humans maintain strained relations with most other sentients on Castellia, aside from the Dwarves. The Greenskins despise their Empires and perceived weaknesses (though not as much as they hate the Dwarves), Giant-kin admire their wealth and foodstuffs, but dislike their expansionist policies and obsession with 'taming' Giant-kind. Kobolds and other reptilians mistrust them greatly, and try to steal from them.

Jab's Notes: Humans are basically the "Normal", Baseline Race, much like in D&D, but since you can balance anything you need to with points-buying, you don't need boosted Skills or anything to "compete". They're basically just regular, normal Humans, being capable of anything, but differing slightly from other races all the same.
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Human Mooks

Post by Jabroniville » Mon Jun 26, 2017 7:48 am


Cannon Fodder
PL 2 (13)

Expertise (Any) 2 (+2)
Expertise (Soldier) 2 (+2)
Perception 2 (+2)

Close Attack, Equipment 2, Ranged Attack, Teamwork

Any Combination of:
"Sword" Strength-Damage +2 (Feats: Improved Critical) (2)
"Spear" Strength-Damage +2, Reach 3 (5)
"Bow & Arrow" Blast 3, Improved Critical (7)
"Leather Plate" Protection 1 (1)
"Shield" Enhanced Parry & Dodge 1 (2)

Unarmed +2 (+0 Damage, DC 15)
Sword or Spear +2 (+2 Damage, DC 17)
Bow & Arrow +1 (+3 Ranged Damage, DC 18)
Initiative +0

Dodge +1 (+2 Shield, DC 12), Parry +1 (+2 Shield, DC 12), Toughness +1 (+2 Armour), Fortitude +1, Will +0


Total: Abilities: 4 / Skills: 6--3 / Advantages: 5 / Powers: 0 / Defenses: 1 (13)

-Peasants are as weak as they come- vast in number, mostly unskilled labour, and capable of little in combat. Only through protracted drilling and teamwork do they become a threat, weighing down large, powerful units by sheer virtue of outnumbering. The majority of soldiers in any Human army will be scores of these, drilled to the standards of their generals. Easily replaceable, easily trained, and an effective wall against the enemy's power.

Jab's Notes: Peasants are simply Mooks- as weak as they come for challenging enemy combatants. They're only really dangerous in numbers, or to PL 4 starter PCs.


PL 3 (31)

Acrobatics 2 (+3)
Athletics 3 (+4)
Close Combat (Unarmed) 2 (+5)
Close Combat (Knife) 1 (+4)
Expertise (Thief) 4 (+4)
Insight 2 (+1)
Perception 3 (+2)
Stealth 3 (+5)

Equipment 3, Ranged Attack 3, Teamwork

"Sword" Strength-Damage +2 (Feats: Improved Critical) (3) -- (4)
  • AE: "Knife" Strength-Damage +1 (Feats: Improved Critical) (2)
"Bow & Arrow" Blast 3 (Feats: Improved Critical) (7)
"Chainmail" Protection 1 (1)

Unarmed +5 (+1 Damage, DC 16)
Knife +4 (+2 Damage, DC 17)
Sword +3 (+3 Damage, DC 18)
Bow & Arrow +3 (+3 Ranged Damage, DC 18)
Initiative +2

Dodge +3 (DC 13), Parry +3 (DC 13), Toughness +2 (+3 Armour), Fortitude +2, Will +0


Total: Abilities: 14 / Skills: 20--10 / Advantages: 5 / Powers: 0 / Defenses: 2 (31)

-Bandits are highly numerous all over Castellia, and take the form of many races. The most common are Goblins, Orcs and Humans, with the latter especially insidious in Human-controlled lands, simply because they can easily hide in the normal populace without drawing suspicion.

Jab's Notes: Bandits are sorta like what Orcs, Goblins & others are in Fantasy Campaigns- generic baddies that you can kill without feeling bad. Their numbers "justify" the in-world reasoning for there being Questers running all over the place.


PL 4 (41)

Athletics 3 (+4)
Close Combat (Unarmed) 1 (+5)
Expertise (Soldier) 5 (+6)
Intimidation 3 (+4)
Perception 4 (+5)
Plus 4 Ranks

Close Attack, Equipment 3, Improved Defense, Ranged Attack 2, Set-Up, Teamwork

Any Combination of:
"Common Sword" Strength-Damage +3 (Feats: Improved Critical) (4)
"Spear" Strength-Damage +2, Reach 3 (5)
"Bow & Arrow" Blast 3 (Feats: Improved Critical) (7)
"Chainmail Armour" Protection 2 (Extras: Impervious 5) (7)
"Shield" Enhanced Parry & Dodge 1 (2)

Unarmed +5 (+1 Damage, DC 16)
Sword or Spear +4 (+3-4 Damage, DC 18-19)
Bow & Arrow +2 (+3 Ranged Damage, DC 18)
Initiative +1

Dodge +3 (+4 Shield, DC 14), Parry +3 (+4 Shield, DC 14), Toughness +2 (+4 Armour), Fortitude +2, Will +1


Total: Abilities: 20 / Skills: 20--10 / Advantages: 9 / Powers: 0 / Defenses: 4 (41)

-Professional Soldiers are a step above the common rank & file, being career warriors, focusing on a single weapon and becoming a great master with it (as far as Humankind goes). Though reasonably elite in combat, they fall short of most other races' Elites, but make up for this with sheer numbers and speed of recruitment- a Common Peasant would likely become one of these after a year or two of combat- compared with decades for an Elf or Dwarf! Gruff, determined and fighty, Soldiers turn the tide much more than the Conscripts ever would.

Jab's Notes: These pros are more the Generic Non-Crappy soldier-type, and are roughly the equal of a "Soldier" of any other species.

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Lacaean Swordsmen

Post by Jabroniville » Mon Jun 26, 2017 7:52 am


Elite Mooks
PL 5 (41)

Acrobatics 2 (+5)
Athletics 4 (+5)
Expertise (Soldier) 5 (+6)
Expertise (Animal Handling) 4 (+5)
Insight 1 (+3)
Intimidation 3 (+4)
Perception 4 (+6)
Stealth 3 (+6)
Plus 4 Ranks

Accurate Attack, Assessment, Cunning Fighter, Defensive Attack, Defensive Roll, Equipment 3, Improved Critical (Sword), Improved Defense, Improved Disarm, Power Attack, Quick Draw, Ranged Attack 2

"Lacaean Longsword" Strength-Damage +3 (Feats: Improved Critical) (4)
"Bow & Arrow" Blast 3 (Feats: Improved Critical) (7)

Unarmed +6 (+1 Damage, DC 16)
Sword +6 (+4 Damage, DC 19)
Bow & Arrow +4 (+3 Ranged Damage, DC 18)
Initiative +3

Dodge +7 (DC 17), Parry +7 (DC 17), Toughness +2 (+3 D.Roll), Fortitude +3, Will +2


Total: Abilities: 36 / Skills: 30--15 / Advantages: 15 / Powers: 0 / Defenses: 9 (41)

-The plains and forests of Lacae are a smaller Human Kingdom (if you don't include the giant forests), bordering Marsellian and Wood Elven lands, as well as the Orc Lands. Because of this, they are constantly under threat of invasion, taxation, and peasants seeking land, which makes them mistrustful and insular. Having been trained by the Elven Masters generations ago, the Lacaean Swordsmen are their Elite Infantry, taking unarmoured men & women with extremely well-made, sharp blades attached to ornate hilts to make the nation's trademark: The Lacaean Longsword. Using a unique fighting style, Lacaean Swordsmen dodge, bob and weave, striking an enemy's weakpoint using the sharpest blade known to the Human Nations (and fire arrows at anyone else from a distance), using dexterity and accuracy rather than raw toughness or perserverance to win. By using careful tactics, hit & run capabilities, and other forms of guerilla warfare, Lacaeans have repeatedly fought off invasions, or aided their Human & Wood Elf neighbors in times of war.

Jab's Notes: These guys are basically variants of the Sacaean Swordfighters from "Fire Emblem", representing the less-armoured but more-agile types of fighters. They're fast and accurate over the Knight's brute power.

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Re: Castellia- A Fantasy Setting (World-Building)

Post by Skaramine » Mon Jun 26, 2017 3:37 pm

I am loving this.

The spells for crossbreeding remind me of the origins of powers in my universe, namely a dragon named Fortune, raised as a human, having a family (a couple apparently) and leaving the "seeds" for many things: shape shifting, energy projection (possibly psychic in nature), psychic powers (humans were already capable psychics without Fortune's genes, but WITH psychic and dragon genes...), super strength and durability.
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Post by Jabroniville » Tue Jun 27, 2017 4:45 am


Elite Soldiers, Cavalry
Group Affiliations: The Crown
PL 5 (58)

Athletics 3 (+5)
Athletics 2 (+7) -- Flaws: Limited to Riding
Expertise (Knight of the Crown) 6 (+7)
Expertise (Religion) 4 (+5)
Insight 2 (+4)
Intimidation 4 (+6)
Perception 2 (+4)
Persuasion 1 (+3)
Treatment 1 (+2)

Benefit 2 (Rank), Close Attack 2, Defensive Attack, Equipment 4 (Knight's Gear), Improved Critical (Sword), Improved Smash, Minion 4 (Warhorse), Move-By Action

"Knight's Gear"
"Shield" Improved Dodge & Parry 2 (4)
"Lance" Strength-Damage +5 (Feats: Improved Critical, Reach 3) (Flaws: Limited to When Mounted) (Quirk: Must be Charging, Inaccurate) (4.5) -- (5.5)
  • AE" "Sword" Strength-Damage +3 (Feats: Improved Critical) (4)
Enhanced Advantages 1: Withstand Damage (1)
Protection 4 (Extras: Impervious 3) (7)

Unarmed +4 (+2 Damage, DC 17)
Sword +4 (+5 Damage, DC 20)
Lance +2 (+7 Damage, DC 22)
Initiative +2

Dodge +2 (+4 Shield, DC 14), Parry +2 (+4 Shield, DC 14), Toughness +2 (+6 Armour), Fortitude +4, Will +4

Motivation (Wealth/Noble Deeds/Religion)

Total: Abilities: 26 / Skills: 24--12 / Advantages: 16 / Powers: 0 / Defenses: 4 (58)

-Marsellian Knights (or "Lancers") are the elite soldiers of their armies, being the cavalry that punches through enemy lines and runs down fleeing soldiers. Such is their glory and respect, that they come almost exclusively from the wealthy families and nobility of the region. It is likely that every Marsellian Knight has an obsessive catalogue of family members that go back to centuries ago, all of whom were Knights and defenders of the realm. Well-armoured and possessing deadly Lances, they ride Warhorses with great skill. Their greatest rivalry is either with the Armour Knights of Gallea (a rival nation), or the Centaurian Lancers also employed by Marsellia. The Centaurs are bigger and stronger than their Human counterparts, and are known for more boisterousness and bravado, which irks the weaker Humans. The Centaurs, by comparison, resent the wealth and status of the Knights. As such, both are in great competition with each other, which serves to further both of them, though the public clearly favours the less-fear-inducing Knights.

-In combat, the Knights are elite enough to overrun almost any enemy units. Only the true Elites of enemy forces ('Eavy Metal Orcs, Boar Boyz, Ogres and other Large units, Wyvern Knights, etc.) can stand up to them, and on the charge, even these might falter. The Marsellian Knights also outnumber most of these forces greatly, it is worth mentioning.

Jab's Notes: A "Generic Knight", but nonetheless quite powerful. His weapons and Toughness make him much more dangerous than most common fighters. This build can also pretty well reflect a regular ol' Human Knight in the Middle Ages.


Elite Soldiers, Cavalry, Healers
Group Affiliations: The Crown
PL 6 (95)

Athletics 5 (+7)
Athletics 2 (+9) -- Flaws: Limited to Riding
Close Combat (Sword) 1 (+7)
Close Combat (Lance) 1 (+5)
Expertise (Knight of the Crown) 7 (+8)
Expertise (Religion) 6 (+7)
Insight 3 (+6)
Intimidation 4 (+6)
Perception 2 (+5)
Persuasion 4 (+6)
Ranged Combat (Turn Undead) 2 (+6)
Treatment 4 (+5)

Benefit 2 (Rank), Close Attack 3, Defensive Attack, Equipment 4 (Knight's Gear), Improved Critical (Sword), Improved Smash, Minion 4 (Warhorse), Move-By Action, Ranged Attack 4

"Paladin Abilities"
Features 1: Attacks Count as Holy [1]
Immunity 10 (Black Magic Effects) (Flaws: Limited to Half-Effect) [5]
"Lay on Hands" Healing 4 (Extras: Restorative) (Flaws: 3/day) (8) -- [10]
  • AE: "Turn Undead" Blast 5 (Flaws: Limited to Undead & Daemons) Linked to Weaken Toughness 3 (Extras: Ranged) (Flaws: Limited) (8)
  • AE: "Turn Undead II" Damage 5 (Extras: Area- 60ft. Cone) (Flaws: Limited to Undead & Daemons) Linked to Weaken Toughness 3 (Extras: Area) (Flaws: Limited) (8)
"Knight's Gear"
"Shield" Improved Dodge & Parry 2 (4)
"Lance" Strength-Damage +5 (Feats: Improved Critical, Reach 2) (Flaws: Limited to When Mounted) (Quirk: Must be Charging, Inaccurate) (4.5) -- (5.5)
  • AE" "Sword" Strength-Damage +3 (Feats: Improved Critical) (4)
Enhanced Advantages 1: Withstand Damage (1)
Protection 4 (Extras: Impervious 3) (7)

Unarmed +6 (+2 Damage, DC 17)
Sword +7 (+5 Damage, DC 20)
Lance +5 (+7 Damage, DC 22)
Turn Undead +6 (+5 Ranged Damage, DC 20)
Turn II +5 Area (+5 Damage, DC 20)
Initiative +2

Dodge +3 (+5 Shield, DC 15), Parry +3 (+5 Shield, DC 15), Toughness +3 (+7 Armour), Fortitude +6, Will +5

Motivation (Wealth/Noble Deeds/Religion)

Total: Abilities: 32 / Skills: 40--20 / Advantages: 21 / Powers: 16 / Defenses: 6 (95)

-As a Marsellian Knight grows in experience, his knowledge in all things increases. Marsellians greatly value teaching, and the young Squires are often forced into gruelling hours of careful study of their history and their Gods. Therefore, their Paladins are the most knowledgeable and wise Knights in existence. A Paladin is an elite version of the already-elite Lancers, possessing magical abilities unusual to "rank & file" Humans, and they can match up to any Elites the Lancers themselves cannot counter. Their Holy Auras allow them to resist the powers of ancestral enemies such as the Undead & Daemons, as well as super-powerful Healing capabilities, bestowed by their Gods after countless hours of extreme study. In fact, Paladins are the only creatures in the world capable of using Magic whilst heavily-armoured, albeit only a single spell. Even more elite Paladins (the purview of Characters only) can use even greater White Magic spells such as "Rebuke Undead & Daemons" or "Blinding Aura".

Jab's Notes: My Paladin is basically a Knight with White Magic- that's pretty much a D&D Paladin anyways. I got rid of the "Summon Mount" ability since I think that's goofy, and really super-expensive (to get a half-decent Warhourse, you need to spend TONS of points on it).
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Post by Jabroniville » Tue Jun 27, 2017 4:48 am


PL 4 (60)

Acrobatics 2 (+5)
Athletics 5 (+6)
Expertise (Ranger) 4 (+5)
Expertise (Animal Handling) 5 (+5)
Intimidation 2 (+2)
Perception 3 (+5)
Stealth 3 (+6)

Equipment 3, Favoured Environment (Woodlands or other Wilds), Minion 3 (Gray Wolf), Ranged Attack 4, Tracking

"Ranger's Favoured Enemy" (All Have Flaws: Limited to Chosen Foe -2)
Enhanced Advantages 3: Favoured Foe (Choose One), Ranged Attack 2 [1.5]
Enhanced Fighting 2 [1]
Enhanced Dodge 2 [0.5]

"Longbow" Blast 4 (Feats: Improved Critical, Extended Range) (10) -- (11)
  • AE: "Short Sword" Strength-Damage +2 (Feats: Improved Critical) (3)
"Light Armour" Protection 1 (1)

Unarmed +5 (+1 Damage, DC 16)
Sword +5 (+3 Damage, DC 18)
Longbow +4 (+4 Ranged Damage, DC 20)
Initiative +3

Dodge +5 (DC 15), Parry +5 (DC 15), Toughness +2 (+3 Armour), Fortitude +4, Will +3


Total: Abilities: 28 / Skills: 24--12 / Advantages: 12 / Powers: 3 / Defenses: 5 (60)

-Rangers are common to all races- in a land as wild and untamed as Castellia can be, it's a requirement to have individuals talented enough to take you through a valley inhabited by Dinosaurs, or a forest with Giant Weasels running about. Rangers often specialize in ranged weaponry (usually Bows), being as it's a far more safe way to attack animals (who can't respond in kind). Some Rangers with innate Magical abilities attempt Druidic Magic, creating a true nature-borne warrior. Many Rangers also maintain an Animal Companion or two- it's much safer to travel in the wild with something that has enhanced Scent capabilities, or can fly for additional reconaissance. Most Rangers become adept at slaying a single foe over time- usually creatures that frequent the woods. Animals are common, as are Greenskins or Giants. But any creature type can be taken.

Jab's Notes: This is my one attempt at creating a generic "Starter PC"- and man, is it NOT natural for me to make PC-level builds anymore! :). This felt like cutting straight to the bone to hem all his stuff down to 60s points. Ah well, it's a "Starter" character for a reason- there's time enough to do all that cool stuff later. Note the "Favoured Enemy" stuff- it kinda reflects the D&D way of doing it, but is keyed towards accuracy & defense, Limited to a single opponent type (I figure that's a -2 Flaw since few would get to use it ALL the time... other Rangers can take a regular -1 Flaw to have multiple Foes), instead of doing more damage to certain enemies (which always made little sense to me- learning an enemy's moves and habits would help your AIM, not your DAMAGE). It's three points altogether. This Ranger also has an Animal Companion- a Wolf as a Minion- it's all I could really fit in without REALLY nerfing him.


PL 5 (89)

Acrobatics 2 (+5)
Athletics 6 (+7)
Deception 2 (+2)
Expertise (Ranger) 6 (+7)
Expertise (Animal Handling) 7 (+7)
Insight 1 (+4)
Intimidation 3 (+3)
Perception 4 (+7)
Stealth 5 (+8)

Defensive Attack, Equipment 3, Favoured Environment (Woodlands or other Wilds), Improved Critical (Longbow), Improved Defense, Power Attack, Quick Draw, Ranged Attack 6, Sidekick 7 (Gray Wolf), Tracking, Uncanny Dodge

"Elite Ranger" Movement 1 (Environmental Adaptation- Wilderness) [2]

"Ranger's Favoured Enemy" (All Have Flaws: Limited to Chosen Foes)
Enhanced Advantages 3: Favoured Foe (Choose One), Ranged Attack 2 [2]
Enhanced Fighting 2 [2]
Enhanced Dodge 2 [1]

"Longbow" Blast 4 (Feats: Improved Critical, Extended Range) (10) -- (11)
  • AE: "Short Sword" Strength-Damage +2 (Feats: Improved Critical) (3)
"Light Armour" Protection 1 (1)

Unarmed +6 (+1 Damage, DC 16)
Sword +6 (+3 Damage, DC 18)
Longbow +6 (+4 Ranged Damage, DC 20)
Initiative +3

Dodge +7 (DC 17), Parry +7 (DC 17), Toughness +2 (+3 Armour), Fortitude +5, Will +3


Total: Abilities: 32 / Skills: 36--18 / Advantages: 24 / Powers: 7 / Defenses: 8 (89)

Jab's Notes: This is my Elite, more nifty Ranger, with more ability and a better Animal Companion (being a Sidekick means it can take a punch). He has a lot more Skill, especially in Combat, and his Favoured Enemy ability allows him to take on two or three different types of enemy with enhanced skill (I figure PL caps can be ignored for a single foe like an Orc or something. Other GMs may disagree- M&M DID remove the old Favoured Enemy Feat after all- so feel free to toss it out).

GRAY WOLF (Canis lupus)- Common Version
Apex Predator, Pack Hunter
PL 3 (35)- Minion Rank 3, Sidekick Rank 7

Athletics 2 (+4)
Expertise (Hunters) 2 (+4)
Insight 2 (+4)
Intimidation 4 (+2)
Perception 3 (+5)
Stealth 1 (+5)

Great Endurance, Improved Critical (Natural Weapons), Fast Grab, Improved Trip, Teamwork

"Animal Senses" Senses 6 (Acute & Extended Scent, Low-Light Vision, Scent-Tracking, Ultra & Extended Hearing) [6]
"Animal Physiology" Speed 2 [2]
"Natural Weapons- Teeth" Strength-Damage +2 [2]

Unarmed +3 (+1 Damage, DC 16)
Natural Weapons +3 (+3 Damage, DC 18)
Initiative +3

Dodge +3 (DC 13), Parry +3 (DC 13), Toughness +3, Fortitude +4, Will +2

Disabled (Animal)- Wolves cannot speak to humans, nor use their paws to easily manipulate objects.
Relationship (The Pack)- Wolves are known by a strict pecking order in the pack, with the Alphas getting first choice in any matter, and Omegas at the bottom.

Total: Abilities: 12 / Skills: 14--7 / Advantages: 5 / Powers: 10 / Defenses: 1 (35)

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Pegasus Knights

Post by Jabroniville » Tue Jun 27, 2017 6:30 pm


Florina is the greatest.

Flying Cavalry
PL 5 (85)

Acrobatics 2 (+5)
Athletics 3 (+4)
Athletics 4 (+8) -- Flaws: Limited to Riding
Expertise (Soldier) 5 (+6)
Expertise (Animal Handling) 5 (+6)
Insight 2 (+4)
Intimidation 3 (+4)
Perception 3 (+5)
Persuasion 3 (+4)
Ranged Combat (Lance) 2 (+6)
Stealth 2 (+5)

Accurate Attack, Defensive Attack, Equipment 2, Evasion, Favoured Environment (Airborne), Improved Critical (Lance), Move-By Action, Ranged Attack 2, Takedown, Set-Up, Sidekick 12, Teamwork, Uncanny Dodge

"Sword" Strength-Damage +3 (Feats: Improved Critical) (4)
"Thin Lance" Strength-Damage +3 (Feats: Reach 2) (5)
"Throwing Lance" Strength-Damage +2 (Extras: Ranged 3) (Diminished Range -1) (4)
"Light Armour" Protection 1 (1)

Unarmed +6 (+1 Damage, DC 16)
Sword +6 (+4 Damage, DC 19)
Thin Lance +6 (+4 Damage, DC 19)
Throwing Lance +6 (+3 Ranged Damage, DC 18)
Initiative +3

Dodge +6 (DC 16), Parry +7 (DC 17), Toughness +2 (+3 Armour), Fortitude +3, Will +4


Total: Abilities: 36 / Skills: 32--16 / Advantages: 26 / Powers: 0 / Defenses: 7 (85)

-Marsellia is a land of many military traditions, and the rarest of them is the ranks of the Pegasus Knights, among the only female-only battalions in the world. They were formed during the most desperate period in a losing war: The women of a city had been sent into the mountains to flee the sacking of their lands by opposing Orc forces while the men fought. While the men were nearly overrun, the women arrived to save the day, utilizing tamed Pegasi from the mountains as mounts (this was considered an act of Divine Providence, as the Human Gods opposed the Orc ones). Ever since, women from this rebuilt city have strived to be trained in the honoured legions of the Pegasus Knights. Though war is generally considered unwomanly, few crack jokes about the often-victorious battalion. Being a Pegasus Knight is considered an honourable position, and retirees often fall into elite social circles: only the richest can generally afford a Pegasus.

-Pegasus Knights are more lightly-built than most Cavalry- this is a requirement, since even strong Pegasi cannot easily heft around fully-armoured individuals. They cry out "Speed-Based Fighters", and they usually fight in pairs or "triangles". Their mounts can vary in strength (some are even mightier than the Knight herself), but are often bred lighter than the hardy Mountainous breed.

Jab's Notes: These are stolen part and parcel from the "Fire Emblem" series- I LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of Special Animal Mounts more than any other single thing in Fantasy, and so that game's set of female Knights atop majestic Pegasi were the greatest thing ever. Pegasus Knights were VERY Light Cavalry, but had extremely high speed and were great against mages. They were weak against Archery, though. These builds represent the same kind of concept, with a weaker Pegasus than my "normal" build (an ideal Super-Pegasus is PL 8, but most in the "wild" are PL 6-7).

Awesome Mount
PL 5 (58)- Minion Rank 4, Sidekick Rank 12

Athletics 2 (+8)
Expertise (Survival) 2 (+5)
Insight 3 (+6)
Intimidation 6 (+5 Size)
Perception 5 (+8)
Stealth 2 (+1 Size)

All-Out Attack, Attractive (To Women), Great Endurance, Improved Critical (Hooves), Improved Initiative

"Animal Senses" Senses 3 (Acute Scent, Low-Light Vision, Radius Sight) [3]
"Animal Physiology" Speed 3 [3]

"Natural Size" Growth 3 (Str & Sta +3, +3 Mass, +1 Intimidation, -1 Dodge/Parry, -3 Stealth) -- (10 feet) (Feats: Innate) (Extras: Permanent +0) [7]
Protection 1 [1]
Reach 1 [1]

"Wings" Flight 6 (120 mph) (Flaws: Winged) [6]

Unarmed +4 (+6 Damage, DC 21)
Initiative +6

Dodge +3 (DC 13), Parry +3 (DC 13), Toughness +7, Fortitude +8, Will +3

Disabled (Animal)- Pegasi cannot speak to humans, nor use their hooves to easily manipulate objects.

Total: Abilities: 18 / Skills: 20--10 / Advantages: 5 / Powers: 21 / Defenses: 4 (58)

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Masked Knights

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Note: Sometimes they take the masks off- All the better to show off how great they are.

Elite Soldiers
Group Affiliations: Gallea
PL 6 (58)

Athletics 3 (+6)
Expertise (Knight) 6 (+6)
Insight 2 (+2)
Intimidation 6 (+8)
Perception 2 (+2)
Persuasion 1 (+3)

All-Out Attack, Benefit 2 (Rank), Diehard, Equipment 4 (Knight's Gear), Improved Critical (Chosen Weapon), Improved Smash, Power Attack, Ranged Attack 4, Startle, Withstand Damage

"Knight's Gear"
"War Axe or Hammer" Strength-Damage +4 (Feats: Improved Critical, Reach) (6)
"Armour" Protection 4 (Extras: Impervious 7) (11)

Unarmed +5 (+3 Damage, DC 18)
Weapon of War +5 (+7 Damage, DC 22)
Initiative +1

Dodge +4 (DC 14), Parry +5 (DC 15), Toughness +2 (+6 Armour), Fortitude +5, Will +4

Motivation (Wealth/Power/Fame)

Total: Abilities: 28 / Skills: 20--10 / Advantages: 17 / Powers: 0 / Defenses: 9 (58)

GALLEAN MASK SOCIETY: Gallea worships strength, toughness and perserverance above all things, and their Masked Knights are the definition of this. Using the various Crest Animals of their society, the Galleans fashion masks based off of the animals they most respect, in addition to packing banners on their backs featuring the Family Crest on them, and often the Crest of Gallea as well.
Gallean Royal Crest (Tyrannosaurus Rex & Triceratops): The ultimate symbol, acceptable only for the aristocracy and Royal Family. Both animals are sacred to the Galleans for being the absolute toughest creatures around.
Ankylosaurus: Individually the toughest dinosaur, and available for the more elite nobles.
Lesser Ceratopsians: Protoceratops, Pachyrhinosaurus, Styracosaurus
Lesser Armoured Dinosaurs: Polocanthus
Carnosaurs: Carnotaurus, Megalosaurus, Allosaurus, Albertosaurus, Dilophosaurus
Other Dinosaurs: Kentrosaurus, Stegosaurus, Pachycephalosaurus, Stegoceras
Insects: Rhinoceros Beetle, Stag Beetle
Mammals: Rhinoceros, Hippopotamus, Elephant, Mastodon, Woolly Rhinoceros, Elasmotherium
Not Pokemon: Aggron, Golem, Onix (one particularly famous band of Knights guards the Mountains of Mortis by riding Onyx Worms and wearing armor made of stone)

Jab's Notes: These guys are sort of like the hardcore "Foot Knights" you'll see in various games- basically Tanks, but in dude-form. These guys are HARDCORE, and do more damage than most Human troops. I also threw in some Animal Motifs for Masks, just because I got into reading up on Family Crests and stuff like that, and realized I could do the same thing for my 'verse, plus combining the coolness of Heavy Knights with the awesomeness of Mexican Luchadors- the Masks being sacred, and all that. These guys'll be the hot-blooded ass-kickers with the giant weapons, absorbing tons of punishment while wearing a sweet-ass Triceratops Mask.

Finding pics is hard to find, and I'm not the greatest at medieval helmets, but I should give it a shot someday.
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