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flynnarrel wrote:Triffilin
Dryad/Wood Wose/Tree Spirit
PL6 100
ST 8 DX 12 CN 22 IN 8 WS 16 CH 10 [16pp]
Ref: 1(dex)+2 Fort 6(con)+2 Will 3(wis)+3 [7pp]
Toughness (Max 8 ) +5 con +3protection

Att (Max 6): BAB 4 [8pp], Melee +6, Disintegration +6
Def (Max 4): 2 BDB[4pp]+2 Dodge feats, 1 flatfooted
Dmg (Max 6):
Init: +1
Grapple: +7

Skills [9pp]: Medicine +4 (+7 ), Knowledge – Life Sciences +4(+3), Survival +2(+5), Notice +10(+13), Sense Motive +7(+10), Concentration +3(+6 ), craft – structural +6(+5)

Feats [7p]: Power Attack, Luck, Dodge 2, Grappling Finesse, Attack focus – melee 2.

Protection 2, [2pp]
{Fibrous growth grow upward, barklike, over Triffilin’s body}
Tremorsense, acute tremorsense, extended tremorsense, limit - solid surfaces only [3pp]
Immunity: Suffocation, [2pp]
immunity(half effect or limited): starvation only (not thirst), (biological) poisons, (biological) diseases, Slow Aging, [2pp]
Comprehend – Plants, Sustained pr 2 [speak and understand] [2pp]
Permeate, limited: Wood and Plants, PR1 [1pp]

Plant Control
Snare: Area Burst (general), selective Attack, reversible, Obscures vision, pr6 [26pp +5AP]
{if the area doesn’t have plants she scatters seeds that sprout and writhe, entrapping those within.}
AP: Create objects, pr6, (shaped wood/vines/plants), Continuous, Feats: innate, stationary, precise 2, Subtle, Selective, Progression [10-ft cube],
{Triffilin scatters seeds from her seemingly never ending supply, at her command they sprout and grow enormously into the shape(s) she desires. At her options, viney walls can impede some and not others. This ability gives +8 to craft checks.}
AP: Obsure Visual, olfactory, increased range, pr4 + Distraction, DC 15, increased range pr 4 {Pollen cloud arises in a 50 ft radius, centered up to 100 feet away}
AP: Healing, Total, Standard Action, Persistent, stabilize pr 6
AP: Disintegration, Accurate, incurable pr 6,
{Vines, Moss, mushrooms, etc. grow over a person or object, while not hampering in any way, they find cracks in skin and armor and the penetrating clinger’s growth widens/ causes cracks and breaches.}
AP: Strike, Area- shapeable (targeted), improved critical pr6 +Linked Nauseate, Area – shapeable (targeted), Progression - Area (add two more squares so areas match) pr 4
{She sprouts a huge vine with thorny, dripping-with-allergin, protrusions and strike out in tentacle fashion from her in 6 continuous 5x5 squares. DC 21 toughness + DC 14 Fortitude}

Heart of the Forest, Device (Hard to lose), Unreliable (5 uses, then must recharge it’s life energies for 1 hour) pr 4 [12pp]
Plant mimicry, Flaws: Move Action, Sustained, Drawback: Weakness - Not around sufficient wood quantity pr 3
{This sapling has incorporated itself into Triffilin’s body on her chest. Through it, she can access abilities of all types of plants, changing her body as needed [15points, up to pr 3 of any ability that can have a plant descriptor]. By doing so, she opens herself to the distracting need to be around wood[Uncommon, Minor(-1 checks) if 20 minutes without sufficient wood.]}

Drawbacks: Weakness, must bed in soil at least once every day, Major, Affects Con -1
Weakness, requires bathing in sunlight at least once every day, Major, Affects Con -1
{these simulate a plant creature’s ‘eating’ requirements, just like a human would lose Con if he didn’t get food}
Vulnerability fire DC +50%, Common, Moderate -3

Complications: Sense of duty (plants, nature),
Protect the Heart of the Forest (which means: must remain around or near large constructs of wood, and Try to find Ground suitable to Heart of the Forest),
Foriegn and Exotic {there should be aspects of the biological world she doesn't recognize and her unique nature may cause other problems for her, Note: not naive}

The Song of Triffilin.

Young though she was, a Guardian she be.
Accomplished and strong in Wood-wise ways.
Assigned by the elders to guard nights and days,
A small glade which faced the sea.

This glade flourished under Triffilin’s care,
Patrolling its boundaries, encouraging growing,
Taking notes of wood harvested and of new seeds sowing
Under the loving Sun’s glare.

Soon a budding spirit of Forest could be felt.
The pinnacle achievement for any Bark-Kin.
By the Glade’s Heart Tree she did harken,
And by the sacred sapling she knelt.

She felt it immediately and her heart knew fear.
This was not suitable ground for this Forest to take hold.
She consulted the Elders and Triffilin was told,
She had to leave all that she held dear.

“Suitable ground must at once be sought,
Far abroad but we know not where.
Just find it with haste and take it there,
Or have undone all you have wrought.”

“To complicate things your charge will die
Should it not be around a quantity of wood
Though to make a conveyance perhaps we could
But not before Its sap runs dry.”

The guardian did ponder and an answer was found -
Years before, men came seeking trees - stout and true
For to make ships, sailing oceans of blue
From Dawnport, bound for distant ground.

Contact was made and a bargain was struck.
Passage for work, for to further the quest
To find land for the Forest that suits it best.
May the Great Sun bring her luck.

Triffilin is on a sacred quest to plant the Heart of the Forest in ground suitable to it. Triffilin was able to secure passage on a vessel travelling great distances. Triffilin serves as crew member but at every landfall takes the sapling out to see if this area suits it. It has yet rejected all locations but Triffilin remains vigilant. She will protect the sapling with everything she has. She pays a… token respect to its captain.

Triffilin appears as a solid tree of vaguely female shape. Her hair is leaves and lichen and her viny limbs are often coiled around her. There is oftentimes new growth at alarming rates for any normal tree, and the hue of her leaves change with her mood. She is slow and ponderous.


and when she's angry...

Edit: removed half effect immunity to hot/cold environments, added limit of tremorsense to solid surfaces only, removed weak point drawback on protection, added 1 point into her plant controlling array
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Faerie Dragon

Glimmerwing was born from a multi-colored egg with sparkles throughout. It was the prettiest egg of the bunch despite being only a quarter size of other submitted. It was the first time a clan of Faerie dragons submitted an egg to The Great Hatching. Their status as dragon-kin was not to be denied but their utility and classification as ‘equal status’ was oft debated.
What could be the harm?
They hadn’t counted on Glimmerwing having the bevy of faerie dragon abilities and natural aptitudes at fae talents.
Dreams of Destiny: Glimmerwing was made aware of the gravity of her position - as the first Faerie dragon ever to take part in this she'll be representing not just her clan, but her entire subspecies. She wants to do herself and her people proud. As much as she can. It's just so hard with so many new and interesting things to see.

About Half Actual Size

It's a big world: Her size may limit how she can interact with the world.
Curious: she will oftentimes show childlike enthusiasm and curiosity, and doesn’t understand the ideas of personal space.
Possible prejudice: Faerie dragons are only marginally tolerated by their ancient, colossal cousins. She may have some resentment from the ‘established’ dragon kinds.
Attention span: the shortness thereof.

pl8 120

Str -1/-3
Sta 4
Dex 4
Agi 8
Fgt 0
Awe 4
Int -1
Pre 0

Tough: 4
Dodge: 8agi+4size= 12 [0pp]
Parry: 6+4size = 10 [6pp]
Will: 6+4 = 10 [6pp]
Fort: 2+4 = 6 [2pp]

Advantages [8pp]: Evasion 2, Luck 1, Agile Feint, Set-up, Hide in Plain Sight, improved initiative, Second Chance (Area effects:Toughness)

non-combat Skills [17pp]: Deception 10, Acrobatics 6(+14), Perception 6(+10), Sleight of Hand(House Rule:Use for Open locks/SOME disabling) 10(+14), Stealth 0(+16), Insight 2(+6),


Faerie Dragon:
Shrinking Permanent, innate pl8 [9pp]
-2 Str, -1 Speed, +8 Stealth, +4 defenses, -4 intimidate
Flight, Winged, Subtle pr4 [5pp+3AE]
AE: Wall Crawling, pr2 + Prone Fighting
AE: Teleport 2, turnabout
AE: Mage Hand; Move Object, Perception, Subtle, Precise pr1
Dark Vision, Scent [3pp]
Immunity Aging,Sleep [half effect] [1pp]

Fae Tricks
Concealment, Precise, pr 10 [21pp+3AEs]
{She can make herself invisible}
AE: Fey dragon Magic: Illusion, All Senses, Precise, pr 4
{She can cover something or some area with an illusion.}
AE: Euphoric Breath: Affliction, Area Cone (resist by Fort, Impaired and entranced, disabled and stunned), Subtle, insidious 2, pr 8
{Her near invisible breath causes light-headed feelings of beauty and peace, Usually people don’t recall being blissed out by it.}
{She spends time on her incantation and releases a burst of magic to lull nearby creatures to sleep.}
AE: Grease: Affliction, Area-Cloud, duration - continuous(+3/r), Permanent, (Resisted by Dodge, Hindered and Impaired, Prone and Disabled) Extra condition, Limited Degree, Limited (those touching the ground), Effect Fades, pr 7 linked Move Object, Area-Cloud, Range-Perception, Duration-Instant, Limited to Disarm, pr 7
{Releasing a conjuration of slippery grease onto the ground, every surface is coated by it. People can be rendered unable to move or get up, and everyone is subject to a Disarm, strength vs. DC 17.}
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There are many beings of Intellect that serve alongside the Wise, the Magi. While some choose the form of an artifact - residing in book or staff or some other, lesser, knick-knack – others will exploit their ability to subsume the will of lesser creatures and thus give rise to the age-old tales of wizard familiars – cats, rodents, or birds, while yet others can inhabit the forms of the departed.

Selene is one such being. Her preferred form is that of a black-winged raven, taking refuge in the avian form to shield herself from the harsh and damning sunlight. The Raven body is actually a taxidermied corpse of a Raven, animated by her Will. She can enter it and leave it as suits her. It generally remains parked and unmolested when she exits it. In her natural form she is intangible, unseen though unusual forms of sight like infravision will detect the classic ‘cold spot’ and if she moves too quickly she's visible as a vague translucent person-shaped cloud of violet particles. When bored she will sometimes follow ‘Ghost hunters’ around and leave recordings on their instruments.

As a companion she is… between Mages at the moment. But with her nosy nature, thirst for knowledge, and penchant for mischief she cannot help but get involved in things supernatural. Besides, she justifies, how else will she pick her next companion for the upcoming century if she cannot observe someone in action?


PL8 120

Str 0/-2 in Raven form
Sta –
Dex -2
Agi 0
Int 10
Awe 4
Pre -1 {She is remarkably blunt, asking many impertinant questions and not adhering to 'silly human' social norms and customs.}

Advantages[9pp]: Speed of Thought, Eidetic Memory, Ritualist (Affects Other Only)*, Artificer(affects Other Only)*, Skill Mastery (Expertise Magic), Skill Mastery(Investigation), Teamwork, Set up, Well Informed
*Note: Selene can neither create spells nor constructs on her own but she can guide a willing person through the process.

Skills[17pp]: Deception 14(+13), Expertise Magic 5(+15), Expertise History 1(+11), Perception 6(+10), Investigation 5(+15), Technology 1(+11), Insight 1(+5), Treatment 1(+11),

In Raven Body { Dodge 8, Parry 8, Toughness 9}
Dodge 0
Parry 0
Toughness 0
Fort --,
Will 8 [4pp]


Inherent Magic Sense [8pp]: Magic/Supernatural/Mystical Awareness, Acute, Analytical, Vision Counters Concealment-All
AE: Detect Minds, Ranged, Radius, Acute, Accurate, Extended 2 [1pp]

Immunity Fort [30pp]
Immunity Mental descriptor (half effect) [5pp]
Comprehend Languages(Speak and understand (one at a time) + read) pr 3 [6pp]

Raven Body
STR –2, AGL +4, FGT +4,
Skills: Close Combat: Claws 4 (+8 ), Stealth 0(+12)
Powers: Flight 2 (Wings), Thick Ensorcelled-nigh-impenetrable Feathers (Protection 9), Senses 2 (Extended Vision, Low-light Vision), Shrinking 8 (Permanent; +4 defenses, +8 Stealth).
Offense: Init +10, Unarmed +8 (Damage –2).
Defenses: Dodge 8, Parry 8,
Advantages: Evasion, Move by action
Totals: Abilities 6 + Skills 2 + Powers 21 + Defenses 0+Advantages2 = Total 31 points. [31pp+1AE]
AE: Insubstantial, Permanent, 4 + Flight 2 (Permanent) + Concealment, Permanent, (Normal Vision, normal Hearing, normal smell), Blending, Precise, pr 4, Dimensional Movement (to Never-Never),Affects Other, (Activation:Move)

Thought Powers
Illusion(Vision and Auditory{3/r} pr 10), Mental (Resist by Will), Limited to One Target, Affects Corporeal 10, Split Attack 2 [22pp+4pp]
AE: Immunity(half Effect) Mental Descriptor, Affects Others Only, Area-Burst, Selective, link Second Chance (Mind control),affects others, area-burst link Second Chance (will-based Incapacitation), affects others, area-burst, selective
AE: Thought linked web: Communication (Mental) pr 3, Affects Others, Area, selective, Subtle, Rapid, Activation-Standard, Quirk: Affects others limited to the initial group she set up in the mental 'web' + Comprehend Spirits pr1
{This lets everyone she chooses not only receive her transmission but send their own to the same group of people initially designated.}
AE: Mental Stun; Affliction, Area-Shapeable, Flaw: Distracting, (Resist by Will, Entranced, Stunned, Incapacitated), Affects Corporeal 10, Subtle, Insidious, pr10
AE: Thoughts made real; Move Object, Damaging, Perception, pr 4, Subtle, Precise, Affect Corporeal 4
AE: Mind Laid Bare: Mind Reading, Cumulative, Subtle pr 7 [1pp]

Regeneration 1 (recover as normal despite lack of STA)[1pp]

Abil12+Skills17+adv9+def4+Powers 108 = 150 +2 exp
3 exp banked

Spirit - When not in Raven form she cannot enter a place with a threshold, even if she does in Bird form, unless invited, her thought powers of illusion do not work and her capacity to shields others is diminished.
Renewing Sun – If caught out of doors or out of Avian form during dawn, Selene Suffers Damage pr 4 (Resist by Will)
Mentally insatiable – She thrives on new information, hungers for it as another might starve for lack of bread.
Bound by Rules – Selene cannot speak falsehoods though she may mislead or obfuscate.
Intrigue - As is the nature of beings of thought like Selene, she has an obsession with something uniquely human. She is addicted to mystery novels and stories - the more complex the better. Stories of Mrs. Marple, Poirot, Sherlock Holmes, and even, in a desperate pinch, Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys, Encyclopedia Brown. She will often sneak into a library in order to read these things perched atop the stacks and shelves. Her Raven form can't carry the heavier of these and oftentimes ends up knocking them off shelves to the dismay of librarians (giving rise to stories of hauntings).
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Brogoth Stormkissed

It is said the Rock Dwarves have more in common with the mountains and vales in which they live than the others of their stocky kind - normal Hill dwarves.
Rock dwarves crunch on the very stones themselves and, as such, their bodies gain a measure of stonelike durability and denseness.
Brogoth himself is a typical representative, almost 4 feet tall, 250lbs. But with a wiry grace that belies his density. Where Brogoth differs is that during his naming journey (a rite whereupon the young dwarf's 25th year of life he starts walking in a random direction until the Divine StoneFather or, rarely, SkyMother bestow a name via visions [or the bored dwarf just picks one]). During his naming journey he didn't get more than one mountain over when a sudden storm whipped up and a bolt of lightning struck Brogoth in the head, (he felt his right eye rupture with the force of it), coursing through his body, and weakening the ground he stood on plummeting him into a cavern where he lay senseless for hours. When he came to, he saw he was in a Dwarven Lord's burial chamber. It seems he had bounced off the sarcophagus, cracking it's lid. He reached out to replace the stone cover when an exquisite hammer leapt out from the Sarcophagus into his hand. Startled, he dropped the weapon only to have it bounce back up to his hand.
He knew his simple life as a goat-herder and vetrinarian (or maybe a dancer) was to be no more.
Brogoth made quite a name for himself as an adventurer and warrior. Though the strength of his brain would never have tales told of them, his mighty thews and trusty hammer could be counted on to right wrongs and restore balances to the world.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Rock Dwarf Barbarian/Shaman

PL8 120

str 12/20 [2pp]
Con 22 [12pp]
Dex 10
Int 8 [-2pp]
Wis 16 [6pp]
Cha 10

Skills [12pp]: Acrobatics +10, Concentration 2(+5), Climb 1(+6), Ride +4, Survival 8(+11), Notice 8(+11), Stealth +3(+7size), Medicine 2(+5), sense motive 7(+10) Language: Common, Dwarvish, Elvish, Giant

Feats [18pp]: Acrobatic Bluff, fearless, takedown 2, track, interpose, improved initiative 2, Skill Mastery (Survival, Notice, Medicine, Acrobatics), luck, Dodge, Move by Action, attack focus (Melee) 3, Accurate Attack, Rage, Extended Rage (Rage + 5 rounds, 10 total)

BAB 0 + Size = +1, (Melee +4),
BDB 2[4pp] +1 Size +1 Dodge = 14, 12 flatfooted
initiative +8
Grapple +6

Thunder Smash +4 to hit, +12 toughness and Fort dc 18 Stun
Lightning, Area Line +8 toughness, Secondary effect
Gale Force, Deflected Attacks, +8 to Deflect, +8 to hit, original attack for effect.

Saves: [14pp]
Fort 6(con) +4 = 10 Ref 0+5= 5 Will 3(wis)+5 = 8
Toughness 12, 3 impervious

Shrinking 4, [4pp] Small att/def+1 str-4 tough -1 grapple–4 stealth+4 intimidate–2 height2-4ft Weight8-60lbs. carry/move x3/4
Density 6, Weakpoint (crit hit bypasses imp.Tough) [17pp] str+12 imp.tough+3 S.Str2 immovability2 weightx5
Protection 4, Noticeable, craggy, rock-like skin [3pp]
Burrowing 2, Distracting, Penetrating [2pp] 2.5MPH, 25feet/move * 3/4 = 18
Speed 1 [1pp] 10 MPH, 100 feet/move * 3/4 = 75
immunity Suffocation, critical hits, poison, [5pp]
immunity (half effect) Aging, starvation/thirst, disease, high pressure [2pp]
Dark Vision [2pp]

Stormlord's Hammer
Device [Hard to lose] [26pp]
[though a hand-held item, this loyal weapon comes back to his hand when disarmed, dropped, or thrown. Only when removed when unconscious does it not return until he reestablishes the link. Note: even when not holding it he is still it's bearer with associated effects.]
Feats: Restricted: Blessed of the Storm God, Indestructible
(30 point pool)
Immunity cold environs, sleep (half effect) (1points)
Improved Sunder, Weapon Break (2 points)
Thunder - Damage 7 (3 bludgeoning, 4 electrical, if it matters), Mighty(bludgeoning), Improved Critical, Linked Stun pr 8, (25 +2 AP)
AP: Lightning - Damage 8, Area-Line, Secondary Effect, Affects Insubstantial
AP: Gale Force - Deflect (Slow Projectiles, Energy Attacks, [and Melee]), Reflect, Flaw-Reflect limited to Melee only, Accurate 2, Extended Range 2, Weapon Bind pr 8

Storm's Blessing
Lightning's Kiss: Absorption (Limited - Electricity), Sustained, to Healing(Total) pr 6 [12pp +1AP]
AP: Obscuring Storm: Blur (partial concealment vs. Visual senses) Linked Environmental (Hamper movement 2(1/4 speed), Concentration 2(DC10 check required)) pr 2 {In 10 ft radius around Brogoth a storm rages that makes it hard for foes to concentrate and move. It makes incoming attacks targeting Brogoth by vision have a 20% miss chance.}

Drawbacks: Disability, One-eye -4
Vulnerable-Acid Damage (+1DC, Common) -2

Abilities18+Skills12+Feats18+Combat4+Saves14+Racial36+Device26 + StormBlessedPowers13-Drawbacks6=135


Rage - Brogoth can access the storm brewing inside of himself. Though he can usually control when this is there are some times when it might be triggered by stress or taunts. (Will roll to avoid). Also, while raging, if the last foe is downed and the base time of his rage (5 rounds) has not expired there's a chance that he might turn on his allies.

Motivation (Good) - Brogoth is called to take up worthy and noble causes.

Motivation (Monsters) - part of the 'Good' he enjoys doing is slaying monsters and those creatures that are hurting an area or making it dangerous.

Motivation (Hedonism) - Just as storms are the definition of the chaos and revelry of life Brogoth seeks to emulate them with his zest for life and laughter, dancing and gaity.

Religion - Brogoth knows that the Stromlord's hammer and his powers come from SkyMother, and reveres her and her consort and king, StoneFather, with all his heart. He gladly gave his eye to DaughterLightning.
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Phillip Dremmon, E.M.T.2 - PL 4

Strength 2, Stamina 4, Agility 0, Dexterity 1, Fighting 1, Intellect 2, Awareness 3, Presence -1 [24pp]

Advantages [12pp]
Equipment 5, Improved Initiative 2, Benefit security Clearance (EMT)*, Lionheart#, improved grapple, improved hold, chokehold

*in my state EMTs are eligible for concealed carry permits and could even wear a bullet-proof vest if they wanted. This also means he can legitimately be on crime scenes.
#Lionheart would give +5 vs. fear, it seemed more appropriate in this setting than Fearless.

Skills [18pp]
Expertise - Area knowledge (city) 6(+8), Investigation 3 (+5), Perception 4 (+7), Technology 4 (+6), Vehicles 7 (+8 ), Treatment 5(+7 ), Ranged Attack - Hand guns 3(+4), Close Combat - Wrestling 4(+5)

Ambulance (Treat as Armored car, with medical kit, fire extinguisher, Benefit - emergency vehicle), 11ep
Thick/leather clothing (Protection 1) 1ep
Handgun - Blast 4, 8ep
Smartphone(Cellphone, video camera) 2ep
Camera, 1ep
Bumpkey (like lockpicking gun), 1ep
Flashlight, 1ep

Initiative +8
Unarmed, +0 (DC 17)
Handgun +4 (DC19)
Wrestling +5 (DC12)


Defense [6pp]
Dodge 3pp = 3
Parry 1+2pp = 3
Fortitude 4+1pp = 5
Will 3 + = 3
Toughness 4+1clothing = 5,

Power Points
Abilities 24 + Powers 0 + Advantages 12 + Skills 18 (38 ranks) + Defenses 6 = 60

Phillip has been driving a medical rig for 5 years now. He's seen a lot and it's left him jaded and surly. He's remarkable at his job and routinely volunteers for the night shift. Knowing how rough it can get he's been going to the target range in his off hours. His wrestling background has come in handy with non-violent restraints.

He's been seeing how the city has gone downhill and doesn't know what to do about it. It started simply enough - he sprained his wrist on the job. The pain killers made things feel better. Even after his wrist was better he found ways to obtain the 'medicine' he needed to take the edge off.

His occupation could bring him in contact with any of the players. Conversely, someone could find out his secret and be holding it over on him.

Self Defense only - Phillip will only attack to defend himself or a patient.
Motivation - protect life - Phillip's instincts are to help preserve life where ever possible.
Addiction - Pain killers
Secret - Addiction
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Shu Jin Zhiang has served the Dynasties for nearly a century and has written many scrolls on subjects such as alchemy,
physiology, and healing.

His skill and reknown as a healer are legendary including the fact that his arts can be turned against a body. His strict
daily regiment of taking golden pills and only eating off of gold implements has been his path to physiological perfection. So
much so, that the gold has bubbled to the surface, dusting his skin in a golden sheen and infusing his organs in the pure

In appearance he is a bald man with a wispy pointed goatee and mustache. They would be white is they were not colored gold,
like his skin and eyes. His belt typically has a number of pouches, vials, and pots and acupuncture needles are held in bracers
at both of his wrists.

Daily regiment: In order to maintain his divine health he has to take a golden pill and eat only out of gold dishes.
Servant of the Dynasties: he has put himself at the beck and call of the Ruling house(s), not out of any sense of duty, only
because it simplifies things.
To Live is to Learn: He is remarkably curious about all things, not only the biological and natural philosphy sciences.
Fame: His distinctive appearance and Fame may make it so he gets requests for aid wherever he goes.
Haughty: He knows he is supra intelligent and maintains little humility in his skills.

pl10 150

Str 0
Sta 8
Dex 0
Agi 0
Fgt 0
Awe 6
Int 6
Pre 0

Tough: 8+5 = 13
Dodge: 0agi+7= 7 [7pp]
Parry: 0+7 = 7 [7pp]
Will: 6+4pp = 10 [4pp]
Fort: 8+2pp = 10 [2pp]

Advantages [10pp]: Speed of Thought, Eidetic Memory, Alchemist/Inventor [Use Expertise Alchemy], Well Informed, Benefit: Reknown physician, Skill mastery (Alchemy), Improvised Tools, Move by attack, Great Fortitude, Luck

Skills [25pp]: Treatment 8(+14), Perception 6(+12), Insight 4(+10), Expertise Alchemy 14(+20), Investigation 6(+12), Close
Combat (Acupuncture/Acupressure) 10(+10), Technology 2(+8),


Golden skin; Protection 5 [5pp]
Golden insides too;
immunity: Poison, Disease, Sleep, Suffocation [5pp]
immunity (half effect): Fire Damage, Aging [3pp]

Golden Mind: Quickness (Mental) 2 [1pp]
immunity(half effect): Mental Descriptor [5pp]

Golden eyes:
Vision, Low-light, Rapid, Extended [3pp]

Golden Limbs
Instant Up, Evasion 2, Uncanny Dodge [4pp]
Flight 2 (Duration-Instant) [1pp]
{Not sustained Flight so much as the ability to make fantastic controlled 60ft leaps. Must begin and end on solid surface.}
Elongation 2, Subtle (Requires Rapid senses) [3pp]
{Shu can skip forward 30ft, attack, and return to position faster than the average eye can see}

Acupuncture/Acupressure/Internal Alchemy
Chi Manipulation (Upset Balance); Weaken, Broad (Abilities) 10, Reversible, [21pp+5aes] {One ability at a time}
AE: Chi Manipulation (Restore Balance);Healing, Restorative 7
AE: Stop the blood; Affliction (Resist by Fort), Cumulative, (Dazed, Stunned, Paralyzed) pr 10
AE: Stop thought; Affliction (Resist by Will), Progressive (Impaired, Disabled, Incapacitated), Activation-Move, Accurate pr 7
AE: Chi Manipulation (Destroy Balance);Damage 10, Alternate Resistance (Fortitude), Incurable

initiative +6
Weaken +10 DC20 Fort, Reduce 1 Ability score by amount failed up to 10
Affliction, Cumulative +10, DC20 Fort
Affliction, Progressive +12 DC17 Will
Damage, incurable +10 DC25 Fort


Typical Jury-rigged items: Shu Jin can jury rig a 15-point potion in 15 rounds using Skill Mastery and his knowledge of Alchemy.
Silent gas - Affliction 6, Cloud, Subtle, insidious, Triggered(Grenade)
Universal Solvent - Weaken Toughness 10, Affects Objects Only, Accurate 5
Dragon's Breath Acid Splash - Damage 7, Cone, Incurable
Sticky Fireball - Damage 5, Area-Burst, Secondary effect
Smoke Cloud - Concealment, Attack, Area-Burst, 3 (Visual, Olfactory), Triggered 2(Variable), Subtle (Hard to spot before Triggered)
Bottled Windstorm - Move Object, Area-Cylinder, Limited Direction - Around 7, innate
Create Gold - Transform (Lead into Gold) 4, Continuous, innate, Precise, Subtle {12 lbs of lead into gold}
Universal Transmutation Potion - Transform (Solid to Solid) 2, Continuous, innate, Precise, Subtle {3 lbs of one solid to another}


His modern Day incarnation is... disappointing. Bin Zhiang is a sickly if brilliant man with a love for science and technology. He went into forensic medicine, (though the police Captain knows to keep the anemic man towards the back or only let him in if the crime scene is truly secure). The myopic man is rarely seen without his owlish glasses.
He is most comfortable with his computer rather than people though he still wears his wedding ring from a failed marriage.
(Some wonder jokingly (and unkindly) if he even realizes she's left him.)

Bin Zhiang is good at his job, and he needs to be. Neotropolis crimes oftentimes has a technological component to it so their forensics experts need to be able to identify a chip off a Muzuki-X8731 motherboard as they do a blood splatter pattern at a crime scene.

Many think that Bin is un-empathetic but the opposite is true. Bin has so much empathy that he can't be around people who are grievously hurting. He was originally going to go into medical practice when he discovered this unfortunate fact about himself. While he has no qualms about blood, gore, and the other icky parts of the medical profession, he does not do well when confronted by someone who is an injured victim of crime.

To save his own sanity he avoids situations like dealing with the injured whenever possible.

Appearance: Strait black hair kept short. His eyes, made overly large by thick glasses are brown but disappear into squints when he's not wearing them.

Focused: The opposite of ADHD, when Bin gets into a problem or research he can miss things around him.
Sickly: Any sort of prolonged physical activity can leave him weak and wheezing.
Glasses: Thick lenses that he is nearly blind without.
Puzzles: Bin has a slight obsession for puzzles and figuring things out.
Sterile: His sickly nature has left him unable to beget a child (a big factor in why his marriage broke up and why he's not seeking a new one, instead, burying himself in his work)

The build to follow is PL5, but doesn't use all the points available at that level.

PL5 75 (12 unspent)

str 0
dex 0
agi 0
sta -1
fgt 0
int 6
awe 3
per 0

Tough -1 +1leather, +4(bullets) = 0/4vs.Bullets

dodge 5pp = 5
parry 5pp = 5
Fort -1sta+4pp = 3
Will 3+4pp = 7

Skills [16pp]: Perception 7(+10), Treatment 6(+12), Insight 3(+6), Investigate 6(+12), Technology 4(+10), Vehicles 2(+2), Expertise(Forensics) 4(+10)

Adv [13pp]: Eidetic Memory, Equipment 3, Well-informed, inventor, Skill Mastery(Investigate), Minion 6 (AI),

Equipment: Stun gun, AE: pepper spray, Bulletproof vest, Leather coat
Advanced Smartphone: flashlight, cellphone, video recorder, camera, Laptop

init +0

Attrib 16 +Saves 18 +Skills 16 +Adv 13 = 63
Minion (SUKI)
(Specialized Unit for Knowledge Interface)

SUKI is a forensics tool that is housed on a small Black tablet that Bin carries. She has voice interface through an earbud/mic that Bin wears but she is also capable of projecting a holographic body. She has been programmed to manifest as a young adult Asian female, but she is also able to render overlays on a crime scene to re-enact or to call attention to specific pieces of evidence.

SUKI however has curcuits to mirror Heart and Mind Chi meridians, those (infused by Bin's own essence), along with the continual refinement of her programming, is slowly pushing SUKI into the realm of AI.

Machine: Suki has no rights and Privileges. She doesn't even have the concepts to miss them. She's subject to anything a machine is subject to.

PL6 90 (15 unspent)

str --(-2/-5)
dex -- (-5)
agi --(-5)
sta --(-5)
fgt --(-5)
int 6
awe 5
per -3

Tough 10

dodge -5+6 = 1
parry -5+6= 1
Fort --
Will 5 = 5

Skills [14pp]: Perception 8(+13), Treatment 4(+10), Insight 4(+9), Investigate 4(+10), Technology 4(+10), Expertise(Forensics) 4(+10)

Adv [7pp]: Beginner's Luck, Eidetic Memory, Teamwork, Well-informed, Luck 3,

Not a Real Girl; Immunity to Fortitude, Mental Descriptor, [40pp]

Polycarbonate shell; Protection 10 [10pp]
Shrinking 12 [12pp]
Size -3 (6inch tablet), -3 str, -1 Speed, +6 Def, +12 Stealth,-6intimidate

Holographic emitters; Illusion(Visual & Auditory) rank 1, Area 1(15ft), Independent [5pp]

Translating Software; Comprehend Languages (Sustained): Speak, Understand, Read, [6pp+1AE]
AE: Comprehend Machine(Sustained): Understand, Speak, Features: Use Int for Vehicles, Linked Enhanced Skill: Vehicles 2(+8)

Advanced Sensory Sweep: Infravision, Ultravision, Tracking, All Vision gains Analytical, Microscopic Vision 3 (DNA and cellular structure), Radio, Communication Link (Bing), Extended Vision, Extended Hearing, Direction Sense, Time Sense [14pp]

init +0

Attrib -24 +Saves 0 +Skills 14 +Adv 7+ powers 78= 75
General thoughts:
Shu Jin has lived a long life of travel and service. He's somewhat jaded in life, having seen many friends die. He can come off as gruff and uncaring sometimes but he really does have a reverence for life. He tries to pass on his teachings though he's found that mostly people just want him to make them better without changing their lifestyle to make sure they stay healthy. So he's taken to leading by example. He's found that common folk have taken his advice more often than nobles or royals. He's found in them a nobility and wisdom and generally prefers travelling among them. Unfortunately he needs his royal connections and to keep the Dynasty Houses happy in order to get the gold to maintain his daily regiment so he is oftentimes summoned before the Throne or even to some fancy dinner party as having the great Golden Scholar Shu Jin at your back-and-call is seen as something of a status symbol. Ultimately though he is cultured and civil.

Bin is a squirrely little man, quirky and odd in his habits. He interacts better with SUKI than anyone else. It probably looks creepy. He originally designed her as a sensor tool and research database, but he is slowly refining her code to make her responses more life-like. Little does Bin know that she is actually a manifestation of the great knowledge of Chi manipulation that Shu Jin learned in his life time. Bin tapped in to that knowledge and designed into SUKI's circuits her own Chi meridians for mind and heart and jump started them with his own essence. This will help her grow as a program into something more.

Evolution of Bin: He will initially be very curious about the dreams/visions/data he experiences, including many things that may contradict modern science. 'a pill of gold?! That makes no sense!' Eventually he'll try it and his body will drastically improve. He'll get SUKI's analytical help in this regard. Eventually enough of the advanced Esoteric medical knowledge will seep in that he can replicate some of Shu Jin's amazing feats.
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Re: Flynn's Folio

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I don't know if it fits the universe, but characters of this type are a staple of the genre.

Rickard Kane

Excerpt from psych evaluation: Rickard Kane, Corporal. ret. Special Air Services, Courtesy of MI-5
"I grew up in Dover Harbor, England before joining my country's military. Not much else to do for a surly youth with a zest for knockin' 'eads. I mean, seriously, 'ave you ever been to Dover? You get to stare at France all day. That's it."
"I rose ranks quickly in the old marching men, before gettin' a place in the S.A.S. Never one for the 'ole saluting-yes-sir-no-sir thing but I can keeps from telling the Seargent he smells like pig-<BLEEP> long enough fer tha chance to crack some 'eads. And the training was good, though, most if it's faded by what 'appened to me. Cognitive retraining, they calls it."
"The mission was [LONG SECTION REDACTED]... When out-a nowhere a <BLEEP>-ing ambush! We was pinned down when those <BLEEP>-ing [REDACTED] pulled out a <BLEEP>-ing rocket launcher!"
"I don't know why I did it. Not like I really got along wit' all me mates; in fact, Jimmy 'ad this bird I fancied and it woulda been sweet ta... Anyhow, I pushed them into the bunker and slammed the door to keep the blast off 'em. I took tha brunt of it on me shoulder an 'alf my face. I was a gonner."
"I only remember fragments of this next bit mind you. Mostly medicine smells, electronics beeping, blokes talking in a funny language, showing me off to other blokes. I *do* remember the explosions and then Jimmy was right there in me face sayin' 'ow they was gonna get me out, that all me old section mates 'ad been lookin' fer me this 'ole time, contrary to orders, mind you. They took me from [REDACTED] back to HQ."
"Now I'm told that puts you lot in a sticky-wicket. You can't officially acknowledge my existance. Sumpin' bout state secrets and political bull-<BLEEP>, that you can <BLEEP>-<BLEEP> with a <BLEEP>."
"But thas fine. I'm 'appy to go me own way. The private sector is still 'iring mercs. Don't you worry bout me. Yeah yeah, long sleeves for the arm and an eyepatch in public. I got it. Go <BLEEP> yourself."

pl10 150

Str 4
Sta 8
Dex 0
Agi 4
Fgt 4
Awe 4
Int 2
Pre -1

Tough: 8+3 = 11
Dodge: 4agi+5= 9 [5pp]
Parry: 4fgt+5 = 9 [5pp]
Will: 4awe+6 = 10 [6pp]
Fort: 8sta+2 = 10 [2pp]

Advantages [15pp]: Move-by-Attack, Power Attack, All-out-attack, Improved Initiative 2, Interpose, Jack of All Trades, Precise 2(Close Concealment, Cover), Prone Fighting, Powerful Intimidate(Str for intimidate), Startle, Takedown 2, Improvised Tools

Skills [30pp]: Technology 8(+10), Vehicles 6, Perception 8(+12), Close attack: Bionic arm 6(+10), Stealth 4(+8), Insight 2(+6), Expertise: Military 6(+8), Sleight of Hand 6, Intimidate 8(+12), Athletics 6[+10],


Bionic Eye - Senses - Extended Vision 2, Low-light Vision, Infravision, Tracking, Radio sense, Vision Penetrates Concealment (Noticeable-Eye glows) [9pp+1AE]
AE: Laser vision - Damage 6, Area-Line, Distracting, Precise; Laser descriptor

Advanced Blood Filters/Oxygenators - Immunity: Poison, Suffocation, [3pp]

Thick scars (Physical) - Protection 3 [3pp]
Thick scars (Mental) - Second Chance, Afflictions with Mental Descriptor [1pp]
Hard to Hold - Sleight of Hand(Limited to Escaping grapples) +8[2pp]

Bionic Arm:
Telescoping wrist - Elongation 2 (limit: arm) [1pp]
Built-in Grappling hook - Movement: Swinging Linked Speed 1 [3pp]

Cyber charged punch - Damage 6, str-based, Secondary Effect 4, [10pp+4AE]; bludgeon damage descriptor, the Secondary effect is electricity damage
AE: Retractable claws/arm spikes - Damage 4, strength-based, Accurate, Improved crit 3, Weapon Bind, Improved Disarm; slashing damage descriptor
AE: Taser Touch - Affliction 10, (Resist by Fort, Daze, Stun, Incapacitated); electricity descriptor
AE: Leg wrap - Affliction 10 (Resist by Dodge, Impaired&Vulnerable, Prone&Defenseless), Duration-Concentration, Instant Recovery, Extra Condition, Limited Degree
AE: Combat Drug Injections - Healing 10, Temporary, Restoration, Range-Personal. Move-Activation, Trigger-button on cyberarm

Attrib50+Def18+Adv15+Skills30+power37= 150

Hunted - the [REDACTED] who created him likely want him back
Once a spy - Rickard's time in the SAS could have made hm enemies, or former allies that he still owes a debt to.
Short tempered - Rickard's temper can flare something fierce leading him to do stupid, violent things or run his...
Smart Mouth - With a grating cockney accent and irreverence for just about everything his mouth can get him in so much trouble.
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Re: Flynn's Folio

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StarFish PL8 165

Myra'la Io'Nada, female Atlantean doctor and historian, Bearer of the Cosmic Items.

Everything ends up in the sea. The Atlanteans have lived by this truth for centuries and even their time of isolation doesn't stop the desire to keep their oceans clean. For an amateur Historian such as Myra, the clean up was a good opportunity to explore her passions, including learning more about the Metahuman War and Earth-that-Was.

Any day she was not in the clinic or tending to the health of Marine life she was exploring the Eastern coastline, gathering old relics for her collection and study.

One day she came upon the wreckage of a vehicle of some type and the ruined remains of some kind of sophisticated armor. In nearby coral, perfectly preserved around the skeletal remains of a girl not too structurally different than Myra'la herself, was a belt and an odd rod. She freed it from the coral of the darkened sea floor and took them back to her lair to study. She kept them in her (considerably brighter) domicile, working to clean them every day. One of those eventful days, the artifacts of a bygone time came to life. This day, coincidentally, she got an angry knock on her door from Atlantean authorities. In their isolationism, the government of Atlantis made it illegal to bring items from the above world into the city (there had been problems with toxic contamination and other dangerous substances). Myra, in her scientific zeal, had been flouting these laws for quite some time. When the squad of Atlantean soldiers broke in to her home the artifacts, already attuned to her thoughts, reacted to her distress. The belt fastened itself around her waist and the Cosmic rod flew to her hand then repelled all of the guards at once by their metal armor. A platform of solid energy formed under her feet and she rocketed out of the city. She fears to return now, certain that she is a wanted fugitive for not only her salvage transgressions but her assault on a squad of guards. She's alone trying to find her place in the world now.

or similar to ... 4d8aea.jpg

Attributes: [14pp]
STR 0/5
STA 0/7
FGT 0/3
AGI 1/4

Defenses: [4pp]
Toughness 7+2atlantean+1forcefield = 10
Dodge 4+2forcefield=6
Parry 3+2forcefield+1pp = 6
Fort 7
Will 4+2+3pp = 9

Skills [20pp]
Range Combat (staff) 8(+8), Persuasion 8(+10/+12), Treatment 6(+10), Perception 4(+8), Insight 4(+8), Expertise: History 6(+8), Expertise: Current Events 2(+4), Investigation 4(+6)

Advantages: [12pp]
Attractive, Precise (Ranged - Cover, Concealment), Move by Action, Uncanny Dodge, Skill Mastery Treatment, Intuitive Medicine (Use AWE for Treatment), Improved Disarm, Luck, Evasion 2, Languages- Atlantean, English

Init +4
Staff +9, DC 22 (Bludgeon or Heat)
Shooting Stars, DC 18 Dodge or DC 18 or 14 Fort vs. Affliction(Daze, Stun, Incap), Affects Electronics
Star Blast +8, DC 23 Toughness, Multiattack, [19-20] crit
Move Object 8, Perception
Deflect 8, +8 to aim redirected attacks, free Disarm attempt vs. Deflected melee attacks
Move Object DC 18 Dodge, Area-Burst, Metallic Objects only
Create - Entrap, +8, DC18 dodge
Create - Drop, +8, DC23 Toughness

Evolved Atlantean Physiology
Stronger: Enhanced Str 2 [4pp]
Stamina: Enhanced STA 4 [8pp]
Regeneration 1 [1pp]
Durability: Protection 2 [2pp]
Aquatic: Immunity Suffocation - Water Breathing [1pp]
Swimming 1 [1pp]
Dark Vision, Extended Vision [3pp]
Communication, Mental, pr 2, {1 mile} [8pp]
Linked to, Mind Reading, Surface Thoughts Only, Language Dependent, Feature-uses Communication as 'Perception' PR1 [1pp]
{In order to hear Communicated replies (Low DC means targets will need to allow the connection)}

> Cosmic Converter Belt Device (55 PP Base; F: Removable [–1 per 5]) [Feature: Restricted][ 44+1 PP Total ]
Enhanced Attribute 12 (+3 STR, +3 STA, +3 AGI +3 FGT) (24 PP)
Force Field Protection 1 (E: Sustained); Enhanced Defense 4 (+2 Dodge, +2 Parry; E: Sustained) (5 PP)
Immunity, All Environmental effects (sustained), (5pp)
Shooting Stars Affliction 8 (Resist/Recover: Fortitude; Conditions: Dazed, Stunned, Incapacitated; E: Area [Line, 5x30' or Cone, 60'], Variable Area [1]), Affects Objects, (Limit on Extra - only Affects electrical Objects(17+half of affects objects extra(4, due to Limit)=21 PP)

> Cosmic Rod Device (50 PP Base; F: Removable [–1 per 5])[Feature: Restricted] [40+1 PP Total ]
{Though a hand weapon would normally be Easily Removable, the Cosmic rod is under the remote control of it's attuned wielder, who can command it back to her hand if disarmed, thus only Removeable for all intents and purposes.}
Still a Stick: Strike 2, Strength-based, Variable (Bludgeon or Heat) 1, Close Attack( staff), 6(+9) (6pp)
Antigravity Field: Flight 7 (F: Platform, Aquatic) (8 PP)
Immunity: Suffocation (2pp)
Environment, Light, Intense Heat Rank 1 (3pp)
Star Blast: Damage 8 (E: Ranged, Multiattack), improved Crit, Variable Energy Types (26PP+ 5AE)
AE-Gravitic Control: Move Object 8 Perception, Subtle, Precise
AE-Telekinetic Protection: Deflect, Reflect, Redirect, Extended Range, Weapon Bind 8
AE-Magnetc Control: Move Object, Area-burst, Limited to Metallic Objects, Selective, Subtle 8
AE-Energy Construct Creation: Create, Moveable, Precise, Stationary, Tether 8
AE-Extended Antigrav bubble: Flight gains Affects Others, Area-Burst (14) Quirk: Myra'la controls where they go and they must stay with in burst area of her, Immunity to suffocation gains Affects Others, Area-Burst (4).

Atlantean - Must submerge self in water periodically. Her skin will dry and become painful if she doesn't get a soak in a reasonable amount of time.
Cosmic Energy dependent - Cosmic items must be bathed in starlight to retain charge.
A doctor's compassion - Myra still doesn't like seeing a fellow creature in distress and will be inclined to help.
A historian's curiosity - Myra is still fascinated by History and even hearing bits of current events.
Self Exile - Myra'la is convinced that if she goes back to Atlantis she would be punished for her illegal salvaging of these and many other relics, and her unitentional attack on the guards that came to confront her about them.
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Re: Flynn's Folio

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Margaret Francis Kane's breakout occurred when her petty criminal boyfriend, driving recklessly to avoid capture by the cops, wrapped his car around a telephone pole. Though her boyfriend was killed a force seemed to surround Francesca keeping the jagged metal (and some of the broken glass) off of her. She fled the scene, finding that she could take to the air, and finding that bullets bounced harmlessly off the shield surrounding her.

She fell in with rougher and rougher crowds, lending her powers to more and more daring heists. She enjoyed the terror in her victim's eyes almost as much as tearing vault doors off their hinges and killing alarm systems. She took the name 'Violet' after the color that her powers manifest as, as how similar it sounded to 'violent'.

Eventually she was caught and locked away in a facility for powered criminals. A psychiatrist, Dr. Paul Harris, armed with a Trancranial Magnetic Stimulator and... result-driven ethics, discovered that he could tamper with the magnified magnetic fields of Margaret's mind. Over several months he reversed the polaric pathways of her brain and found her becoming less violent and less anti-establishment driven. A previously lazy ethic became hard-working and driven. She discovered remorse and asked for the chance to work *with* the law enforcement as 'Magenta' - an eager to be helpful reformed "honest" member of society.


PL 8 120

Attributes [10pp]
STR -1

Saves [20pp]
Toughness 2STA+6Forcefield=8

Dodge 2+4pp + 2shield = 8
Parry 4pp+ 2shield = 6
Fort 2STA+6pp = 8
Will 2AWE+6pp = 8

Skills [28pp]: Deception 8 (+8/10), Persuasion 6 (+6/8), Perception 8(+10), Insight 6(+8), Technology 2, Technology (limited to Disabling) 2pp = +8 (+10 total), Ranged (Magnetic Array) 6, Stealth 4 (+6), Investigation 4(+4), Slieght of Hand 8(+8),

Advantages [3pp]: Attractive, Equipment 1, Move by Action,

Equipment: Metal shield, collapsible (defenses 2, subtle) 5ep,


Dual-Minded - Second Chance (Will vs. Mental Descriptor) [1pp]

Flight 4, Platform [4pp]

Detect Metal (Mental), Ranged, Acute (one sense), Accurate(one sense), Microscopic 1(Dust), Extended [6pp]

Forcefield 6 [6pp] linked Immunity Suffocation [2pp]
{Magnetic force surrounds Magenta holding her own pocket of atmosphere inside.}

Magnetic Control: Move Object, Area-Burst, Selective, Range- Perception, Limited - Magnetic objects, Feats: Subtle, Precise PR 8 [34pp + 6APs]
AE: Shrapnel Storm: Blast, Multiattack, pr 10, Precise (Ranged, Cover/Concealment), Indirect 2
AE: Transcranial Magnetic Scramble: Affliction, Area - Cone (Resist by Will, Dazed, Stunned, Incapacitated), Progressive, Reversible, Subtle (Magnetic senses), PR 8
AE: Metal Sculpture: Create Object (Metal), Movable, Continuous, Precise, innate pr 8
AE: Metallic ensnare: Affliction, Ranged, Cumulative, Extra Condition, Limited Degree (Resist by Dodge/Overcome by STR, Hindered & Vulnerable, Immobile & Defenseless), Homing 2, pr 10
AE: Reshape Metal: Transform Metal to differently shaped Metal, Perception, Continuous, Distracting, Precise, Innate, pr 8
AP: Focused EMP: Nullify (Electronics), Affect Objects Only, Broad, Area Burst, Selective, Simultaneous, Range-Close, Precise, Innate, PR 8

Initiative +2
Unarmed +0 to hit, DC 14 Toughness
Magnetic Control, Area Burst - Disarm, Trip, Grapple Metallic objects DC18
Shrapnel Storm +6 to Hit, Multifire DC 25 Toughness
Scramble, Area Cone, Dodge DC18, or Will DC 18 or 14 Affliction
Create Drop +6 to hit, Dodge DC 18 negates, DC 23 Toughness, Movable
Create Trap +6 to hit, Dodge DC18 escape, Movable
Ensnare +6 to Hit, Dodge DC20 Affliction, Homing 2

Reputation - People remember her deeds as Violet. Overcoming those prejudice's may be too much to bear. Many may assume she's elaborately faking, unable to fathom how a psycho can turn such a drastic new leaf.

Treatments - Margaret needs weekly, if not daily (if under stress) sessions in the TMS machine.

Dr. Paul Harris - Margaret thinks the best of Dr. Harris but who knows what his full agenda might be.

Violet - there is still that needling dark voice of Violet in her head. It could distract her at key times.

Needs metal - her Flight and many of her powers require metal in the environment. Magenta's law-abiding nature make her hesitant to use Traffic signs and fire hydrants and otherwise cause destruction of private or city property. And if she uses her shield for any of these things she is denied it's protection. If she does use any environmental metal, she'll try to put it back at the end of it's use. ... genta3.jpg
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Re: Flynn's Folio

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PL7 105


Name: Tommy Cho
Age: 15, going on 16
Height: 5 ft 7 inches
Weight: 135

People of Importance: Make sure to list any friends or family NPC's you wish to have, and write at least one sentence about them explaining their relationship and personality with the player.
Paternal Grandmother - Xi Cho is deceased but still an important influence in Tommy's life. Her 'prediction' (whether hokum or not) shaped Tommy's life into what it is today. She has taken almost mythic proportions in Tommy's mind as a figure of dread and foreboding.
Father - Jinghai Cho, Tommy's father and an apothecary in China town. He also teaches a few local neighborhood children martial arts. He is a kind and supporting teacher to the other students but much more strict and authoritarian to Tommy. He dreads his son's decent from the model of the perfectly controlled son he's tried to raise.
Mother - Mary Cho, more Westernized than her husband, but not enough so that she counters Junghai's methods of raising or training their son, Mary is sympathetic to her son's plight.
Friend - Suzi Wong is one of the other students in his father's class, Suzi is a little younger than Tommy but has trained along side him for years. She is shy but dedicated.

Motivation: Strict training instilled in him to not use his powers selfishly or for personal gain.

Background: When Tommy was born his grandmother did an Kau Cim casting ( for the auspiciousness of the baby's destiny. An ember from her cigarette fell on to her sticks and set the old wood ablaze. This bore ill tidings. She convinced her son, the boy's father, Jinghai, to train him early and strictly in the ways of dicipline and martial arts. The dutiful son agreed. Tommy has been rigorously trained and taught near perfect self-control his entire life. When a fever developed during his 13th year that did not subside it was almost expected and poetic that Tommy could channel flames from his fists and feet. His father worked him even harder, bucket of water handy, to focus his power further. His father forbade him to experiment with the abilities beyond the several things they'd discovered already. (Though Tommy is certain he can fly and even control flames with finer precision, maybe even douse them).

Story/character development: I'd like to tell a story of a 'perfect son' falling from grace. Tommy has tried so hard to be everything his father wants him to be, spurned by this fear that the grandmother had instilled of dire outcomes if Tommy 'fell' into slovenly, undisciplined ways. This is unsustainable for any child. As Tommy approaches his 16th year all the barriers will start to break down. He's going to discover girls (either other PCs or Suzi mentioned above) and be painfully shy around them. He's hopefully going to have opportunity to sneak out. He's hopefully going to rebel. I'd love for him to be tempted to go to the dark side and experience the power that anger can bring to a fire controller. Mary will become more of an influence in her son's life and work to counter her husband's rigidity, especially as she feels her son pull away.

Attributes [34pp]
Str 2
Sta 4
Agi 3
Dex 0
Fgt 5
int 0
Awe 3
Pre 0

Feats [12pp]: Takedown 1, Power attack, Evasion 1, Precise 1 (Close, Concealment), Agile Feint, Skill Mastery-Acrobatics, Great Endurance, Improved initiative, Defensive Roll 3,
language 1 (Cantonese, English[Native])

Skills [13pp]: Acrobatics 7(+10), Athletics 3(+5), Insight 6(+19), Perception 6(+9), Expertise - Philosophy 4(+4),

Saves: [12pp]
Toughness 4+3 = 7

Dodge 3+4pp = 7
Parry 5+2pp = 7
Fort 4+2pp = 6
Will 3+4pp = 7

Immunity Hot environment, Fire damage [6pp]

Infravision [1pp]

Fiery Feet; Speed 1 [1pp]
Leaping (Flaw: full power only) 2 {30 ft}, [1pp]

Fire Flurry; Damage 7{fire}, str-based, Multi-Attack 9, Secondary effect (6 ranks only), [22pp +3AEs]
AE: Melty Touch; Weaken Toughness, affects Objects, pr 7 linked Damage pr 7, Accurate
AE: Flame thrower; Damage 7, Area cone, Secondary effect, Split attack
AE: Elemental; insubstantial 2 (ignited air), linked Damage Aura 3,

Initiative +7
unarmed +5 DC17 Toughness
Fire Flurry +5, DC24 +multi-attack 9, Secondary effect on 6 of it only
Weaken +7, DC 17 Fort (Affects Objects), DC22 Toughness
Flame thrower DC17Ref for DC22 or DC18 Toughness, Secondary effect
Elemental DC18 if touched or touching something

Attributes 34 + Feats 12 + Skills 13 + saves 12 + Powers 34 = 105/105

Fever - Tommy's body is constantly between 105 and 110 degrees Fahrenheit. This could identify him as not normal or cause other problems.
Barely controlled - Tommy's powers are subject to uncontrolled fits, especially during times of peak emotion.
Cracking self-discipline - Tommy, who been drilled with the tenets of self-control all his life is finding that harder to maintain as puberty (in full swing now) and other factors make such control harder. He found it perfect Irony that he most closely identifies with Elsa from Frozen.
Grew up under a rock - Tommy doesn't really know how to interact with people to any great degree, nor has he watched many popular movies.
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Re: Flynn's Folio

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The Contessa d'Argentia was reviled by the countryfolk of her self-proclaimed demense in Northern Italy. She ruled over them with cruelty and without pity for their struggles as a people. Some said Salenia was in a rivalry for cruelty with the Countess Elizabeth Bathory de Ecsed, a contemporary of hers and frequent correspondent where they would boast of their exploits and some new, inventive torture, loosing to the Hungarian serial killer as Hungary lacked the Stregheria -wielding Benandanti ( The Benandanti clans, filled with 'good' shapeshifters and witches cursed the cruel Contessa with eternal life and to feel the suffering of the others.
The eternal life curse came in the form of attention from a vagabond vampire being attracted to and subsequently turning Selenia into a member of the undying. She would have welcomed this if it hadn't woken a latent psychic ability to feel the pain and suffering of others. She suddenly knew the torment she had caused. In the beginning it near-paralyzed her with shared pain. She fled her kingdom and lived in isolation for decades, always hungry as the curse left her unable to inflict the trauma of Feeding upon anyone. Eventually she learned to focus through the pain and could work to end suffering if only to get a surcease from the constant torment she felt all around her.
Over the last century she has even let the pain guide her so she can seek out and relieve the pain of the innocents in a sort of pennance for her past misdeeds.

Contessa Selenia Antinori d'Argentia

PL 10 150

Attributes [10pp]
STR 0/6
STA --

Saves [24pp]
Toughness = 10

Dodge 10pp + = 10
Parry 4+ 6pp+ = 10
Fort =
Will 4AWE+8pp = 10

Skills [25pp]: Deception 8 (+8/10), Persuasion 9 (+9/11), Perception 8(+12), Insight 6(+10), Technology 1(+3), Investigation 3(+5), Slieght of Hand 8(+8), Expertise-History 4(+6), Treatment 3(+5),

Advantages [7pp]: Attractive, Uncanny Dodge, Improved initiative, Move by action
Languages 3 (4 languages): Italian(Native), English, Spanish, French, Latin


Undead: Immunity to Fort [30pp]
Protection 10 [10pp]
Regen 1 [1pp]
{Heal Normally}
Regen 4, Source - Blood [2pp]
{Drink blood to heal quickly}

Potence: Str 6, [12pp+ 1AE]
AE: Wall Crawling 2, Leaping 2, Speed 4

Super-senses; Scent, Tracking, Detect Emotion (Scent), Extended (hearing), Dark Vision [6pp+1AE]
AE: Detect Rats(Mental), Ranged, Radius, Extended, Accurate

Cursed: Detect Suffering of innocent (Mental), Ranged, Radius, extended, Uncontrolled, Side Effect(Always) (Affliction-resist/Will, Dazed, Compelled [Stop, Suffering] Pain descriptor, pr 4) [1pp]
{This is the crux of the Benandanti curse, Selenia feels the suffering of those around her as ever-increasing pain, most of the time she can focus through it but sometimes the pain is too much and robs her of an action.}

Vampire Disciplines Array
Animalism; [16pp +4AE]
...Linked Comprehend Animals, limited-Rats pr2 [Speak and Understand] (2),
...Linked Mind Reading, Area-Perception(Communication), Limited-Animals, Limited-Rats, Sensory Link, Limited to Sensory Link, pr 5(5)
...Linked Communication (Mental), Limited-Animals, Limited-Rats pr 2[1 mile] (4),
...Linked Mind Control, Affliction, Area- Perception (Communication) (Entranced, Compelled, Controlled) Cumulative, Limited-Animals, Limited-Rats pr 5(5)
AE: Dominate: Affliction (Entranced, Compelled, Controlled), Area-Perception(Sight), Limited (One Target), Cumulative pr 8
AE: Protean(Claws); Damage 2, Str-based, Multi-Attack 8, Accurate 4, Take Down 2,
AE: Advanced Protean(Mistform); insubstantial 2, Flight 3
AE: Obfuscate: Concealment (All Vision, Normal Auditory, Normal Smell, All Mental)

Abilities10 + Saves24 + Skills25 + Advantages7 + Powers84=150
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Re: Flynn's Folio

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Recently reminded of this from the ATT board

Chronos always felt he was well-respected in a society where just about everybody kept some measure of his charge and people's thoughts were constantly turning to time - wishing for more or wondering where it had gone to. But he never felt 'worshiped', he left that to the 'younger' gods. Still, when he heard a plan the other gods hatched to bring about a resurgence of worship his old mind got to dreaming how it would be. He mingled his power with that of the other gods to be sent to the mortal realm and in 1990 a babe was born, Timothy Edwards.
This poor, wrinkled thing was diagnosed with one of the worst cases of Progeria ever seen and was not given a good prognosis.

Still, he lived, continuing to grow, his quick mind soaking in knowledge of computers and the world around him. He was one of the first to hear his benefactor 'Chronos'. The olde god knew little of how to relate to his mortal descendant but Timothy was able to grasp what his progenitor needed. He created a website and spammed the Net. "If you need more time in the day, click this length and say a prayer to Chronos and you'll find your wish granted." It was stupid. It went viral.

Chronos found that millions of tiny prayers and thoughts a day added up. He was able to reward Timothy for his service and the young man found he could walk after a lifetime confined to a wheelchair from degenerative osteoporosis. Not only his vigor, but a whole host of freedoms from physical ailments or needs along with a great measure of abilities came unto him. Chronos was happy with an increased divinity of his own all due to the 'magical' devices people had these days (Timothy tried to explain it once but the Old God of Time could not fathom such things). He understood it though when Timothy said how some of the strife and chaos the other Gods were causing was disrupting the internet and people's abilities to see his websites and pop-ups. Chronos did not relish descending into obscurity after having tasted of Greatness. When his appeals for the unruly disorder to cease went unheard he asked Timothy to get more directly involved. Timothy, not wanting to go back to the life before Chronos' touch, agreed.

powerset: I'll work with the GM to create a balanced character with time manipulation powers. Aging others (Weaken), time stopping (Progressive Affliction), redirected Deflect (essentially he sees someone about to shoot so he stops time and turns them to face their teammate), for examples.

Appearance: Timothy, despite being in his mid 20's, has white, thinning hair, and a body bent with age. He plays up his frail, aged looks even though Chronos' touch has returned a measure of youthful vigor his body had never possessed previously. He carries a white walking cane with a brass hourglass for the handle.

Timothy Edwards, Scion of Chronos

pl7 105

Str 0 Sta 1 Agi 0 Dex 0 Fgt 0 Int 4 Awe 0 Pre -2 [6pp]

Advantages [11pp]: Eidetic Memory, Seize initiative, Well Informed, equipment 2, Teamwork (Limited to skill checks, not attacks)*, Jack-of-All Trades (limited to Aid Other actions)*, Inspire 5*
Equipment: Bulletproof vest (protection 3), Smart phone (cellphone, laptop, GPS), lockpicking Gun, Walking stick (Strike 2, str-based), wind-up flashlight

{*Timothy can watch in time to see how someone is doing something, i.e. fixing a car, he can then make recommendations to a person on what hasn't worked but that's no guarantee he can explain it well (the dc10) or that it'll even help the person succeed. Likewise, by looking a moment through time he can make recommendations to a whole group of people for +5 to his allies for 1 rnd.}

Skills [9pp]: Technology 6(+10 ), Investigate 5(+9), Treatment 1(+5), Perception 6(+6)

Time Hacking Powers - Chronos has given Timothy the ability to step out of time in a limited capacity. While time is stopped the world is largely immovable; but he can try to hit or kick an object, restart time and let the imparted kinetic force have a chance to affect it or alter it's course. He has a limited ability to see ahead into time. This accounts for his defenses and ability to support others.

immunity, sleep, starvation and thirst, Aging, [3pp]
{Timothy is free from the bodily rigors of time, he can stop time to sleep.}
Enhanced Dodge 10, evasion 2 [12pp]
Enhanced parry 10 [10pp]
{Timothy can react almost instantly to incoming attacks, he's hard to hit or fully effect.}
Regeneration 4 [4pp] {2,4,7,9}
{A gift of Chronos' power, Timothy's body is constantly healing of Damage as his body reverses time's effect. He also ages backwards but that will be unlikely to have a game effect.}
Senses: Radius Vision, Rapid Vision, Danger Sense (mental), Precognition (Uncontrolled) [5pp]
{Timothy constantly pauses to look around his surroundings. Also, as part of Chronos' gift, Timothy sees events in the farther future that Chronos will share with the scion.}

Time drain: Affliction, Area-Shapeable, Progressive, (Resist by Will, dazed, Stunned, incapacitated) pr7
{Timothy starts draining time from targets in a given area. The temporal bubble forms around them preventing their action.}
AE: Stroll the world: Teleport, Accurate, Easy, Extended, Flaw: Only to where he can walk/swim/climb to, Turnabout, Change direction, Change Velocity, subtle, pr 6
{The ultimate in time stopping, Timothy Pauses the world and walks elsewhere. Since time is paused, he can only walk through open ground or across water as if open ground. Feel free to have him make an Athletics checks to climb over/up/on something to complete a teleport.}
AE: Fiddle with it: Move Object, Damage, Perception, Precise, Subtle, Flaw: Instant, Flaw: Only to where he could walk/climb/swim, Pr 2 + Advantages: Improved Disarm, Improved Trip, Benefit-Ranged Trip + linked teleport, Accurate, change facing, change velocity, subtle 1, triggered (When Move Object is used) pr 5
{The Scion of Chronos stops time and walks over to manipulate an object, a str of two indicates him using extra effort (str 0+2), or his cane, while time is stopped to try to move or manipulate something. It can only be an instant exertion of force and he can only manipulate one thing before his bubble starts to collapse. The triggered teleport is him walking elsewhere after the manipulation.}
AE: Sudden turn for the worse: Deflect, Reflection, Redirection, Accurate 4, Subtle, insidious, Indirect pr 7
{Timothy stops time and tries to rearrange projectiles or strikes so that they hit foes rather than teammates. Times when he fails are when he accidentally 'breaks' his time bubble or a random fluctuation. +8 to hit on Redirected attacks.}
AE: Stop to Look Around: Remote Vision, Simultaneous, Limit: only to where Timothy can walk to, Subtle 1, Rapid, pr 8 linked Senses: Vision Counters Illusion, Dark Vision; linked Teleport, Limit: only to where Timothy can walk to, Subtle, change direction, Change Velocity pr 3
{Timothy can stop time and walk around looking at things with his wind-up flashlight if needed. He can pass his hands through visual illusions to test there veracity. He is able to stop time and look around corners or see who's hiding behind a car.}

Toughness 1+3 =4
Dodge 10
Parry 10
Will 9 [9pp]
Fort 5 [4pp]

Time stop, Area-shapeable, DC 17 Will, Progressive
Time stopped smack (Fiddle with it), Perception, DC 17 Toughness
Walking Stick, +0 to hit, DC 17 Toughness
Turn for the worse, must succeed in deflection, +8 to hit, DC of whatever Deflected effect was.

Abilities 6 + Advantages 11 + skills 9 + Powers 66+ Defenses 13 = 105

Motivation: self-interest, and those of Chronos, stopping the disruptions of society are the only way his plan for Chronos' worship to succeed.
Challenge: Chris was essentially a hacker before the Chronos unlocked his ability to Hack Time. He enjoys seeing what can be done with the world.
Wimpy: Timothy is not combat hardened, his nerve tends to break easily in combat situations.
Unsettling: Anyone watching Timothy for any length of time may notice that in one instant he could be leaning on a wall, then the next be offset by an inch with arms folded. He constantly pauses time, looking around or whatnot, and doesn't pay enough attention to be in the exact same space when he returns it.

Editted: removed Vehicles, added array slot that signifies the ability to stop time and walk around to look at things at will.
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Re: Flynn's Folio

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Rosa Del Garrio
PL8 90
Age: teens

Rosa is the daughter of two Mexican Immigrants (her mother is legalized, her father is not). Her father works as a landscaper and her mother is a nurse at the Local University Medical Research Center. The family is tight-knit but at their wits end financially speaking. Her father works for one of the Board members and entreated for Rosa to be considered for a scholarship. The were truly blessed that she was.

Her father's immigrant status will make Rosa hesitate to reveal herself or draw attention to herself or her family in any way. Rosa is a pretty girl who been interested in cheerleading and acrobatics and horses. She'd picked up some medical knowledge from her mother and found it seems to come naturally to her; she maybe hoped to get into that field herself some day. Otherwise, her hobbies include the trampoline and cheerleading, and frisbee golf/ultimate frisbee.

Even without covering herself in bark armor she a remarkably hardy girl with insides more like the consistency of wood than flesh.

Father: Miguel Del Garrio, landscaper
Mother: Maria Del Garrio, R.N. works in Local University Medical Center
Older Brother: Carlos Del Garrio, 18, works with father as landscasper
Younger Brother: Juan “Johnny” Del Garrio, 13, jr. high school, Always getting in trouble.

STR -1
PRE 1 [22pp]

Saves: [9pp]
Fort: (add1) 7; Will: (add4) 7
Dodge 2(add2) 4: Parry 0(add2) 2
Toughness: +6 con (normal), +6protection (Alternate Form [12 total in alternate form])

Init: +2

Entangle, Area-Shapeable, DC18 Dodge or DC 18 or 14 Dodge, Str to break free, Affliction
Floral Erosion: +10 to Hit, Ranged, Weaken Toughness DC16 Fort linked Damage, Ranged, DC 21 Toughness
Disrupt Bio-ecology, +6 to hit, Close DC20 Fort save, Progressive Affliction
Biosupport, +6 to Hit Healing rank 10, split
Create Drop 'Timber' +8 to hit, Ref DC18 negates else DC23 Toughness
Create Entrap +8 to Hit, Ref DC18 or enclosed in living wooden structure.

Skills [6pp]: Acrobatics 2(+4), Diplomacy 2(+3/+8) [Attractive], Bluff 0(+1/+6)[Attractive], Treatment 2(+5), Expertise – Life Sciences 2(+2), Expertise – Popular Culture 1(+1), Perception 2(+5), Insight 1(+4),

Feats [7pp]: Attractive 2, Ranged Combat2, Intuitive Medicine (Use AWE for Treatment), Skill Mastery (Treatment), Language 1(English-native, Spanish)

Alternate Form (Sustained):
*Bark skin: Force Field 6, (Bark-like armor grows over skin and clothing, leaves sprout from hair) [6pp]
*loses Attractive 2 [-2pp]
*Elongation, Limited-arms, pr 2 [1pp] {Her viney fingers uncurl and grow to 30 ft}

Tremorsense (Detect Vibrations [Tactile], ranged, radius, Accurate, Acute, Limited to shared surface.) [3pp]

Plant Control
Entangle pr8 [Affliction (Resist by Dodge then STR, Hindered and Vulnerable and Impaired, immobilized and Defenseless and Disabled, Extras: Area Shapeable, Cumulative, Extra Condition 2; Limited Degree, PF: reversible, innate (Once created can't be Nullified)] [34pp +4AP]
{if the area doesn’t have plants she scatters seeds that sprout and writhe, clinging to and possibly entrapping those within.}
AP: Create objects, pr8, (shaped or instantly grown wood/vines/plants), [Extra: Continuous; PF: innate, precise 2, Subtle 2 [indistinguishable from real], Accurate 3]
{Rosa scatters seeds from her seemingly never ending supply, at her command they sprout and grow enormously into the shape(s) she desires. At her options, viney walls and grasses can impede some and not others. She has such precision she can cause fruits and vegetables to grow.}
AP: Floral Erosion pr6, [Weaken Toughness, Ranged, Affects Objects Linked Damage, Ranged [PF: Accurate 4]
{Vines, Moss, mushrooms, etc. grow over a person or object, while not hampering in any way, they find cracks in skin and armor and the penetrating clinger’s growth widens/ causes cracks and breaches.}
AP: Biosupport, Healing, Ranged, pr 10, Accurate 1, Stabilize, Persistent, Split
AP: Disrupt bio-ecology pr10, [Affliction (Resist by Fort, Dazed, Stunned, Incapacitated), Extra: Progressive, PF: Accurate 3] {By causing Flora/ingested mold spores to act up Rosa can disrupt normal biological functioning in an individual she touches. It continues to get worse right after initial infection.}

Totals: Abilities 22 + Skills 6 + Feats 7 + Powers 46 + Saves 9 = 90

Complications: Sense of duty (plants, nature), Duty (Family), Kind-Hearted, Possibly Second-Class Citizen (Mexican-American/poor), Passionate, Secret(powers),


Alternate Form:
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Re: Flynn's Folio

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To most people when they think of faeries, they picture cute little pink wigged people, al la Tinkerbell, who flutter about from flower to flower, sprinkling pixie dust, wearing clothing made of leaves or other such cuteness. This popular conception of faeries will get you killed if you ever encounter one.

Faeries are part of the world that remain largely hidden from the normal populace. Innately invisible, FTW! You should probably be told though… they are everywhere. No, really…. Every Where!

But just because society hasn’t adapted to them, doesn’t mean their day-to-day lives haven’t been touched heavily by modern society. Take pizza for example. The Heavenly cheesy, saucy, crusty gift from the Gods-Of-All-That-Love-Us-And-Make-Life-Worthwhile has definitely had an impact on their society.

Tanya, stands 6.1 inches, or 15.5 centimeters to be more accurate by the olde measurements (and the added ‘e’ means it’s Extra accuratE). Her weight is none of your business, thank-you-very-much. She is female, for those of you to whom such things matter. (Seelie Court if such distinctions are being used).

Tanya is a very well regarded faerie, she keeps her ears open and alert, and is always willing to trade a tidbit of news here or there for others. She is somewhat of a wizard among her folke (notice the extra ‘e’ there two), able to project her kind’s innate abilities to affect the senses forth, with sometimes devastating effect.

About Half Actual Size


Power Level: 10; Power Points Spent: 150/150

STR: -5 (1), DEX: +5 (20), CON: +2 (14), INT: +0 (10), WIS: +3 (16), CHA: +0 (10)

Tough: -1/+6, Fort: +7, Ref: +12, Will: +10

Skills[17pp]: Acrobatics 5 (+10), Concentration 9 (+12), Diplomacy 12 (+12), Gather Information 15 (+15), Knowledge (arcane Lore) 12 (+12), Notice 8 (+11), Sense Motive 5 (+8), Stealth 2 (+19)

Feats [23pp]: Connected, Defensive Roll 7, Dodge Focus 6, Evasion, Fearless, Hide in Plain Sight, Luck 2, Move-by Action, Ritualist, Skill Mastery (Acrobatics, Diplomacy, Stealth, Gather information), Well-Informed

Concealment 10 (all senses; Extras: Affects Others, Duration (continuous); Flaws: Passive; Power Feats: Innate, Progression, Affects Others (2 others), Selective, Close Range) [33pp+1pp +7AP]
. . Ball of Light (Linked)
. . . . Concealment 2 (Linked; sense - hearing, sense - smell)
. . . . Environmental Control 2 (Linked; light, Radius: 10 ft.; Flaws: Range (touch))
. . . . Immunity 3 (Linked; environmental condition: Cold, environmental condition: Heat, environmental radiation, suffocation: Completes full immunity to all kinds)
. . . . Insubstantial 3 (Linked; Energy, Notes: Light)
. . . . Non-winged Flight (Flight 3) (Linked; Speed: 50 mph, 440 ft./rnd; Extras: Stacks with (Flight 3); Power Feats: Custom 2 (Removes Power Loss (Winged / Not in water)))
. . . . Super-Movement 1 (Linked; permeate 1 (quarter / half speed))
. . You Think This Illusion Hurts (Damage 8) (Alternate; DC 23; Extras: Alternate Save (Will), Range 2 (perception); Power Feats: Variable Descriptor 2 (Broad group))
. . Fireworks (Linked)
. . . . Environmental Control 4 (Linked; distraction (dc15), Radius: 50 ft.; Extras: Independent, Selective Attack; Power Feats: Reversible)
. . . . Obscure 4 (Linked; affects: 1 type + visual - visual, hearing, Radius: 50 ft.; Extras: Independent, Selective Attack; Power Feats: Reversible)
. . Illusion 8 (Alternate; affects: all sense types, DC 18; Power Feats: Progression, Area 2 (25 ft. radius))
. . You Think This Illusion Binds (Paralyze 8) (Alternate; DC 18; Extras: Shapeable Area (8 cubes of 125 cu. ft. (5x5x5) - General), Secondary Effect; Power Feats: Reversible, Subtle)
. . Stun 10 (Alternate; DC 20; Extras: Cone Area (100 ft. cone - General); Power Feats: Sedation)
. . You Can Fly (Move Object 8) (Alternate; Strength: 40, Carry: 2.1k / 4.3k / 3.2 tons / 6.4 tons, DC 23, Feats: Chokehold, Improved Disarm, Improved Grab, Improved Pin, Improved Throw, Improved Trip; Extras: Affects Objects, Damaging, Range (perception); Flaws: Additional Save (Will), Duration (concentration); Power Feats: Precise, Split Attack 2 (3 targets), Subtle (subtle))

Flight 3 (Speed: 50 mph, 440 ft./rnd; Drawbacks: Power Loss 2 (Winged, not underwater), Reduced Load 2 (Light Load)) [2pp]
Immunity 6 (aging, disease, poison, sleep, suffocation (all); Flaws: Limited - Half Effect) [3pp]
Shrinking 12 (-12 STR, -3 Toughness, -3 size categories, 1/4 movement speed; Flaws: Permanent; Power Feats: Innate) [13pp]
Super-Senses 10 (awareness: Magic, Analytical Magic Awareness, counters illusion: Sight, detect: Hidden (Vision) 2 (ranged), extended: Hearing 1 (-1 per 100 ft), see invisible, uncanny dodge: Vision, uncanny dodge: Hearing) [10pp+1pp]

Attack Bonus: +4 (Ranged: +4 (size), Melee: +4(size), Grapple: -17)

Attacks: Damage 8 (DC Staged/Will 23), Paralyze 8 (DC Staged/Will 18), Stun 10 (DC Fort/Staged 20), Unarmed Attack, +4 (DC 10), You Can Fly (Move Object 8) (DC Tou/Will )

Defense [8pp]: +14/+4 (Flat-footed: +4), Size: Diminutive, Knockback: +0

Initiative: +5

Drawbacks: Vulnerable (Magic), common, minor, Vulnerable (Cold Iron), uncommon, major

Languages: Native Language

Totals: Abilities 20 + Skills 17 (68 ranks) + Feats 23 + Powers (68+2) + Combat 8 + Saves 19 - Drawbacks 5 = 152

Hero Lab and the Hero Lab logo are Registered Trademarks of LWD Technology, Inc. Free download at
Mutants & Masterminds, Second Edition is ©2005-2015 Green Ronin Publishing, LLC. All rights reserved.

Complications: Superstitious, Magic attractor (if something goes wrong with magic Tanya is usually the focal point of the spell’s rebound), Curious, naïve, fanatic about pizza
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Re: Flynn's Folio

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Demon of Greed
Avery Krice

Investment Banker/Business Owner

Avery Krice Is a business owner and part-time Investment Banker. Not the most physically imposing of Demons he nevertheless has a cold and calculating air about him.

Money, Power, Luxury, Avery wants it all. He took what he earned from investing in stocks and bought a night club and string of restaurants. The night clup "The Seven Deadly" or sometimes known as simply "Club Seven" was his biggest cash cow until the neighborhood started degrading into crime and low-lifes. He found others interested in addressing the problem and Avery tolerates them being in his space, using his things, so long as they are active in returning the surrounding area to their former, profitable, glory.

Greed - When Avery sees something he doesn't own his gut instinct is that he is entitled to it.
Miser - He will only reluctantly part with his money or possessions. He refuses to shoot a gun because that is money just thrown down the drain. The use of his facilities does not come freely. Nothing comes freely from him. Each Demon who wanted to live under The 7 Deadly must earn his keep. This could bring him into conflict with the other demons and people in general.
Demon - Subject to all the prejudices and superstitions that might be afforded one of his kind in this world. Though very human-looking, his horns and tinted skin give him away.
Protect what's MINE - Ultimately crime drives down property values and missing/injured/frightened customers don't come back. That hurts his bottom line.
A little bit Prissy - crawling about through muck and grime is mostly beneath him. Note: He doesn't have a driver, that would be giving away too much Power.

Demon of Avarice

PL8 110pp

Abilities (12pp)
Str: 8 (-1)
Dex: 10 (+0)
Con: 18 (+4)
Int: 12 (+1)
Wis: 14 (+2)
Cha: 10 (+0)

Combat (4pp)
Attack Melee: 0
Attack Ranged (Power array): 8
Grapple: -1
Defense: 2 +4 Dodge = 16, 11 flatfooted
Initiative: +0

Icicle, +12 to Hit, DC19 Toughness, Penetrating 4 [18-20crit], Ranged Pin
Creeping Ice; Snare, Area-Shapable, Ref DC18 or Ref DC18 or 14, Damage or Escape to get free
ICE; Create, Drop, Ref DC18 to avoid entirely, or else DC 23 Toughness
ICE; Entrap Ref DC18 or Trapped
Bone-chill, DC19 Toughness on Contact
Mine; Move object Disarm or Trip or Grapple
All Mine; Move Object, Ref DC18 or Area Disarm, Trip, Grapple[Concentration] vs. d20+8
In Greed's possession; +8 to Hit, Ref DC18 negates, Will Dc 18 (each round, Cumulative+1) to Escape

Saves (22pp)
Toughness: +10 (4 con + 6 Protection)
Fortitude: +9 (4 con + 5pp)
Reflex: +9 (0+9pp)
Will: +10 (2+8pp)

Skills (15pp)
Diplomacy +12(12)
Bluff +4(4)
Gather Information +14 (14)
Knowledge: Law +2(1)
Concentration +8(6)
Sense Motive +6 (4)
Notice +8(6)
Search +5(4)
Computers +3(2)
Drive +4(4)
Investigate +4(3)

Feats (19pp)
Attack Specialization (Ranged, Avarice Powers) 4
Beginner's Luck
Equipment (Headquarters) 3
Equipment(Vehicle) 2
Dodge 4
Uncanny Dodge (Sight)
Power Attack

HeadQuarters - Basement Under A Popular Nightclub "The 7 Deadly/Club Seven"
Size: Medium; Toughness: 15; Features: Communications, Computer,
Garage, Fire Prevention (HA!), Living Space, Power System, Security System (DC30). Holding Cells (Nullify option),
Cover-Nightclub, Personnel
Cost: 15 equipment points.

Limo; str: 35 spd:5 def:8 Tghness: 8 Size: Huge 8eq
Features: Alarm, Hidden Compartments.

Powers (38pp)
Demonic Freebies: Immunity 8 (Aging, Disease, Poison, Cold Damage), Super senses 2: Darkvision

Always Cool; (immunity Cold environment, hot environment (Half effect), Fire Damage(Half Effect)) [4pp]
Greed sees All; All-around Vision [1pp]

Stygian Skin: Protection 6 [6pp]

Greed's Stuff; Dimensional Pocket 1 [2pp+1AE] {100 lbs}
AE: Keeping up with the Jonses; Mimic, Ranged, one of one Trait, Limited: Feat, Limited: Equipment Only, Full-Round Action, pr 8 (up to 8 ranks of the equipment feat - 40 points of equipment at once) {Whatever he sees that someone else has he can have one just like it. Now, much like with rich people who just collect things to have them, this doesn't mean he knows how to use whatever he duplicates - he still has no accuracy with that assault rifle, nor does he know how to pilot that military chopper but he could copy that full suit of SWAT armor along with side arm and the tear-gas grenades they have and walk out looking like just another officer. This is mostly flavor and the GM controls what he has access to duplicate but Avery will definitely try to fire the cannon of an APC if he copies one and there is need.}

AvarIce array
Icicle Blast, Damage, Ranged, Penetrating, Ranged Pin, Accurate 2, Precise, Improved Crit 2, pr 4 [18pp +6AE]
{With a gesture, shards of ice form and lauch themselves at a foe. They can optionally Pin clothing or limbs.}
AE: Creeping Ice; Snare, Area-Shapable, Close Range, Reversible, Obscure Sight pr 8
{A clap or stomp sends a wave of Stygian Fog in a meandering tendril covering those it touches with ice crystals, binding them.}
AE: ICE; Create, Independent (Continuous, Fades), Slow Fade, Precise pr 8
{This creates a Glacial shape of ice that persists but slowly melts. It looses 5 cu.foot and 1 Toughness every minute, finally disappearing after 8 or 9}
AE: Bone-Deep Chill; Energy Aura {Cold} pr 4
{His skin becomes warmth-suckingly cold}
AE: Mine; Move object pr 8 Perception range, Limited-Toward Me or Stationary, Subtle, Precise
{Anything he sees and wants he takes, or, if Grappling, he can keep it where it is.
AE: All Mine; Move Object, range Close, Area-burst 2, Selective, Limit-Toward or Stationary. Duration - Concentration, Reach {Can pile things Next to him rather than ON him}, Subtle pr 8
{With an effort of will he can pull all things or some things in an area to a place close to him.
AE: In Greed's Possession: Dimensional Pocket, Ranged, Flaw - Full Round action, Reversible, Split attack pr 8
{He carefully lines up the person or object between his outstretched fingers and makes a pinching motion and pantomimes putting them in a pocket. They disappear.}

Abilities 12 + Combat 4 + Saves 22 + Skills 15 + Feats 19 + Powers 38 = 110
"Something pithy this way comes."

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