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From Page 1 of the other OOC thread comes....

I would love the chance to contribute to this marvelous set of stories and would appreciate a chance to play in this world under a great storyteller. I do however have a lingering sense of dread of ever meeting the little alphabet guy.

My Submission:
Martin B. Curie
Pl8 PP120+27earned,

Str 10 Dex 16 Con 14 Int 16 Wis 16 Cha 10 [22pp]
Ref 3+4 = 7 Fort 2+4 = 6 Will 3+6 = 9 [14pp]
Toughness: 2+ 4 Defensive Roll +2 tough +2 uniform = +10 / +6 flatfooted

Skills: [13pp+2pp] Knowledge: Physical science +6 (+9), Acrobatics +4 (+7), Notice +7 (+10 ), Escape Artist +0 (+3/+8), Sense Motive +4 (+7 ), Craft: Chemicals +4 (+7), Medicine +5 (+8), Computers +2 (+5), Stealth +5(+8), Concentration +8(+10), Bluff +10, Investigate 2(+5), Sleight of Hand 2(+5) Languages - French (Native), English, German.

Feats:[23pp] Evasion, Improved Grab, Grappling Finesse, Prone Fighting, Attack Specialization – Grapple, Eidetic Memory, Improved Pin, Defensive Roll 4, Dodge 2, Improved Initiative, Attack Specialization – Unarmed, Attack Focus – Melee 3, Tough 2, Equipment 2, Second Chance(Mind Control)

Equipment: Vindicator uniform, protection 2, commlink, Quickchange, immunity heat/cold, GPS
(7ep), Smart phone(cell phone, laptop) (2ep), digital audio recorder (1ep),

Combat: BDB +4[8pp] +2Dodge = +6 / +2 Flatfooted
BAB +3 [6pp] / +6 Melee / +8 Unarmed attack
Grapple: +6 Melee +2 Grapple specialization +3Dex +5 Elongation = +16
initiative: +7

Feat: Instant up [1pp] {Rather than acrobatically leap up, he simply reforms himself in a standing position]

Anatomic Separation, Variable Split, Action - Full Round, Duration - Continuous. pr 6 [3pp]
{In his budding abilities to mitosis, like Entier could, Martin has developed the capacity to split off body parts and let him retain control over that matter. This is the Simulacrum ability he used for spying. He split off a hand, eye, ear, and nose and used morph to make it look like a little version of him (and morph to cosmetically cover the loss of those body parts).}

Maleable body Container [10pp +3AP]
-Insubstantial 1, Elongation pr 5 {100 ft, +5 Grapple}
{His amorphous body can stretch to great lengths in seconds}
AP: SuperMove: Permeate [Extra: affects Others (on rank 1 only), Flaw: Requires Grapple] pr3 + Blur + Flight 1
AP: Morph (any equivalent mass) pr3 + Feature: relocate physical features
{His Body can destabilize, breaking into the component chemicals in a loose, multi-colored puddle. Including the ability to arrange his molecules between the molecules of other things. He can extend this power to someone but must coat [Grapple] the person and must go much slower. His own form blurs as he does this and he can move in 3 dimensions by slipping in between even air molecules.
Further, he can put forth his mind to look like anything of his mass, even relocating his functional body parts.}
AP:Immutable, Sustained. {He can keep his cells from externally being forced to change, just as his sister did when possessed by Lacuna.}

Immunity: Suffocation, Poison, Disease, Critical Hits, [7pp]
Immunity Half Effect: Sleep, Starvation/Thirst [1pp]

Super senses (smell): Acute(1), Tracking(1), Accurate (2), Extended Smell (1), Analytical(1) (Chemical Composition); Vulnerable(Scent Attacks/Pheromones, +1DC); [5pp +1 AP] {Complication: Usually on}
AP: Super-Senses (Touch), {Sustained}: Analytical(1) (Chemical Composition), Microscopic Touch pr 4(Atomic-sized)
{*Can create a radius sense of what chemicals are around him, can differentiate by chemical signatures, but is foiled by a sealed ziplock bag, or in a Vacuum.
With a moment's thought he can analyze things he's touching or surrounding on an atomic level, including things in his own body.}

Dimensional Pocket, Flaw: Standard action to store, pr 1 [1pp] {Martin has duplicated his sister's trick of breaking down items and reassembling them. 100lbs.}

Immunity (half effect), Sustained Duration: All Physical Damage, Feat: Withstand Damage, Evasion (bringing it to Evasion 2 when allowing transmutable cells) [22pp+7AP]
{It’s hard to physically hurt someone whose molecular bonds give way, only to reform after}
AP:Snare, Engulf, Feat: Tether, Chokehold pr 10 (22/22)
{Martin can fully slither over someone, }
AP: Suffocate, Flaw:Requires Grapple, Extra: Duration-Sustained, Feats: Split Attack, Sedation pr 10 (22/22)
{When he binds someone up he can force his malleable body down their throat unless their autonomic responses can force him out.}
AP:Corrosion (Drain Toughness, affects objects 6 +linked+ Strike 6), Accurate 2, Slow Fade(on Drain), Feat: Power Attack pr 6 (22/22)
{Martin can also manipulate the chemical bonds of things he grasps, breaking them down… [+10 to hit, dc 16 Fort, 21 Toughness]}
AP:Transmutation, Extra: Continuous, Flaws: Permanent, Touch Range, Feat: Precise, innate pr 5 (22/22)
{… or rearranging them…}
AP: Healing, Standard Action, Total, Feat: Stabilize, regrowth PR 5 (22/22)
{…including Restoration of healthy tissue in himself and others.}
AP: Beam of Excited Molecules, Damage [Vibrating molecules], Area: Line (General), Secondary Effect, Flaw: Full Round Action, Feat: Affects Insubstantial 2, Indirect, Precise, Subtle 2 PR 8 (22/22)
{After learning that it was in his sister's Capability to project a beam of vibrating molecules and spurred by the fact that his parents worked with her from a young age to develop her powers but left him ignored, He came up with theories on how it could be done and relentless pursued them until he could also gather molecules, excite them, and release them in a destructive path that continues to agitate affected areas once penetrated.}
AP: Teleport, Medium-Own body parts, Change Direction, Change Velocity, Easy, Dimensional, Precise [all or part of himself] pr 17
{Any of Martin's body parts he can designate as his self and form a body in that location}

Drawbacks: Vulnerability: Radiation, Uncommon, Moderate (+50%) -2
{Martin is, however, more susceptible to attacks that bombard cells with free radicals and ions which disrupts his ability to manipulate his own chemical structures.}

Abilities22 + Saves14 + Skills15 + Combat14 + Feats23 + Powers 61 - Drawbacks 2 = 147 of 147


Appearance: Martin is 5 foot 6, still not grown into his adult height. He has sandy blond hair and light brown eyes. He wore glasses until his eyes corrected themselves and still unconsciously ‘adjusts’ them, especially when nervous.

65% Oxygen, 18% Carbon, 10% Hydrogen, a bit of Nitrogen, and a smidge of other stuff: Calcium, Phosphorous, Iron, Sulfur, etc… make up the Human body and Martin can describe them all.
Martin Curie was never the most popular kid, he had a fondness for science and chemistry, unconsciously drawn to it, even from a young age. This targets a kid for bullying and after the third bloody nose his parents recommended he go out for wrestling just to keep the bullies off of him. Even then, he never really bulked up, just became wiry for his small size.

If the name is familiar it is because he is indeed descended from Marie and Pierre Curie, the famous chemists and physicists. (or so he believed his whole life) This fact likewise did not endear him to the hearts of would-be-tormentors.

Discovering his abilities was a rather traumatic occurrence – during a wrestling match he abruptly ‘melted’ into a rippling gold puddle of goo. He came to facing a man in a HazMat suit in a quarantined building. His parents, Jeannette and Basil, intelligent individuals themselves, saw their dreams for their bright son evaporate in the face of his publicly awakened Neo-Sapian powers, or so Martin believed. They try to be supportive, but don’t really know what to do with him and they seemed to carefully watch his 11 year old sister, Gabrielle, for fear she might also manifest.

Though, this was, in fact, a lie. Martin's parents are a single entity known as Entier. She was a collection of unstable molecules cloned by Dr. Meinstein for his 'Primes' in the bowels of Patriot Robotics. She gained sentience and learned how to manipulate her liquidy form and inherent command over the covalent and ionic bonds in objects she touches. She escaped Patriot Robotics with her donor host, a Neo-Sapien boy with the ability to affect molecules named Martin) and fled to France where, in her desire for a mate and to provide a family for the orphaned Martin, she split off to form Basil Curie, then had another 'child', Gabrielle (Elle).
Martin (Prime) grew to young adulthood but was killed when his powers were revealed to townsfolk (saving victims of a crash, no less).
In their/her grief and loss, Entier fabricated a new 'Martin' from her/their mass and raised him as their son.
They, unbeknownst to Martin, joined a terrorist organization (a reaction to the pain and loss they were still reeling from) in misguided efforts that no one should lose a companion like they/she did.

Martin tries to be unobtrusive. Maintain his studies. Continue wrestling for exercise and because he feels it may still keep bullies off of him (not fully comprehending that his intuitive grasp of the manipulation and destruction of cohesive bonds of chemicals is a potent deterrent in its own right).

GF - Tatjana, unstable
Puddle - (Fluxx's imperfect control over his cohesion means that sometimes powerful impacts (physical or emotional) or the application of heat can cause him a temporary and messy 'accidents' as some or all of him dribbles to the ground).
Science - (He's subject to the natural laws. For example, if he's submerged in water for a long time, although immune to suffocation, he still has to pull oxygen from somewhere. Bubbles of Hydrogen fizz up from him as he strips and recombines usable O2 molecules. This could just be flavor or this could alert someone he's trying to hide from. To transmute a gallon of water to a gallon of gas requires a fair amount of carbon. He'd have to use a piece of burnt toast or a pencil, or something for the compounds he needs.)
Open to suggestions.


For Martin, start with a young Adrien Brody.

... in one of those poses that really makes him look French and vaguely disapproving. ... -26531.jpg

Jack and Fluxx (Jack is the same as before) ... 50x0-1.jpg
a yearbook picture of Adrien Brody

Edit: Spent points on Bluff, Medicine, Knowledge Physical Sciences, and Craft: Chemicals to represent likely skills gained from parents.
Edit: More skills.
Edit: 9/1/16 Added more ability to separate Anatomically and even designate a full self from a body part (i.e. teleport)

Perhaps an older Martin, envisioned by Horsenhero.
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Re: Flynn's Folio

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Space-born Urchin, Accident-scarred, Alliance Security Training-washout... but otherwise Ace-Pilot.

Nadia Patel ... i-IPS-.jpg

Nadia was born in space to a community of merchant-trader-haulers and was always more comfortable in the free-floating parts of the ship than the gravity-bound ones She thought she would be a Hauler, just like her folks and her extensive network of 'aunties' and 'uncles', the girl had an aptitude for handling the controls of any vehicle she got behind the controls of. Still, Nadia was a rebellious child. Though you can't get away with much in such a small community, Nadia delighted in getting in to where she wasn't supposed to (locked or not) and slipping through small spaces. She would steal small things, oftentimes without people realizing (that was the funnest). Usually giving them back and soothing over any hurt feelings.

But space is a cruel, cold thing. A 17-year old Nadia was flying one of the 'Whiskers', small, light tug vehicles used to position new parts for attachment and also to transverse the large mass of hauler modules without cycling through the multitude of airlocks between the interlinking parts of the ship-village, her home, The Frankenstein (she still didn't know whay it was called that).

They were docking with an old Shinigami-class patrol ship. A local Alliance officer was sweet on one of the residents of the modular hauling ship and was there for a 'con-juggling' visit, whatever that was, (Nadia just thought they were boinking).

Something on the old Alliance ship exploded out of it's side propelling the largest of debris chunks into the Frankenstein, she barely registered the explosion of one of the living modules as she looked into the cockpit of the Alliance craft. The young Alliance pilot was frantically trying to stabilize his craft and Nadia was quick to assist. She turned her own adaptive-stabilizers to full and locked on to the Alliance ship with the Whisker's magnetic tractor cables. She was monitoring the delicate operation when micro-flotsum from the accident compromised the cockpit of her own craft. She heard tiny hiss-cracks to her right just before her head and face was suctioned painfully to the breach. She felt something give in her ear and the excrutiating pain made her pass out.

She woke up planet-side in a medical facility. One of her 'aunties' from the hauler ship, Auntie Geeta, was there and filled her in. The accident destroyed some of the living modules and Nadia's own parents were among the casualties. Nadia had kept the Alliance ship from doing further damage though and even saved the crew of the Alliance vessel. The Auntie said that Nadia herself was lucky to be alive. Her cockpit was comprimised but the network of cracks was plugged... the pain she felt on her face and the loss of hearing could tell her by what. A mirror revealed a spidery network of scars on the right side of her face and the guaze covered the hollowed out ear cavity as the pinhole breach ripped much of the auditory organ(s) out.

Auntie Geeta shared good news that the pilot who Nadia saved told her heroics to... well, anyone he could and that the girl's medical expenses including the installation of a top-of-the-line bionic ear was covered by a combination of the young pilot's own well-off father and Alliance subsidies.

The rest of the hauler ship Frankenstein needed to get underway but they would be back to pick her up. The emotion-filled girl told them not to bother that she never wanted to return to them. Auntie Geeta left, forlorn.

The next year or so was a fugue of doctor's and rehab and cosmetic surgeries that reduced the terrible scarring to a fine pattern of red spider-webs that *could* be mistaken as decorative by the lay person. At 18, Nadia decided to join the Alliance Security Force because she really didn't have anywhere else to go. She went through Basic training where reflexes born of space helped her excel. She did superbly in flight simulators and was to be fast tracked to flight training when a routine psych eval diagnosed her with a situational space-related PTSD. Her progress and the prospect awaked her childhood desires to be a pilot again and having that ripped away made her fed up with the whole thing. She quit Alliance training before graduating. Now she finds herself on a train, heading for a port, no prospects for the future.

After she turned in her equipment officially she snuck back in to 'acquire' items she was training with.

PTSD - As much as she doesn't want to face it and denies it, she does have PTSD related to her accident and space flight involving explosions.
Small chance of recognition - Despite wanting to just remain anonymous, there might be people that recognize her as a brave young pilot who saved people and got her face scarred in the process. The incident was 3 years ago, but still.
Space baby - though Ground-side for 3 years, Nadia spent most of her life in 0-G. Extended physical exertion, especially carrying things impact her harder than others.
Bionic ear - Though top of the line at it's time, the ear can break down and be buggy or potentially lose power or, as an electronic device, be hacked somehow.
Crimes - In her youth she used to take things as pranks and for fun. The stolen Alliance Flight suit and stunner were in retaliation for dreams shattered. Still could get her in trouble, though.
Budding Psychic - Nadia has the potential to be a preCognitive. The Alliance knows that and that's why they have more of an interest in her. She has no clue yet and the GM is free to have any amount of wierdness manifest because of it.

PL7 105

str -2 STA 2 DEX 6 AGI 2 FGT 0 INt 2 AWE 2 PRE 0 [24pp]

Saves [24pp]
Dodge 2+6pp = 8
Parry 8pp = 8

Toughness 2sta+2vest+2Def.roll = 6

Fort 2+4pp = 6
Will 2+6pp = 8

Skills [28pp]
Sleight of Hand 4(+10), Vehicles 6(+12), Expertise - Navigation 2(+4), Investigation 1(+3), Insight 6(+8), Perception 5(+7), Ranged (Pistols) 2(+10), Close (Grapple) 7(+7), Technology 2(+4), Technology (limited-Security) 4(+8 total), Expertise - police procedures 3(+5), Deception 8(+8), Stealth 6(+8), Acrobatics 3(+5)

Advantages [18pp]:
Skill Mastery (Vehicles), Ranged Combat 2, Benefit - Ambidexterity, Luck 1, Equipment 5, Defensive Roll 2, Improved initiative 2, Precise(Ranged, Cover), Prone Fighting, Grappling Finesse, Improved Pin,
From Special: Uncanny Dodge, Evasion 2, Danger Sense,

Undercover Thermal Flight Suit; Protection 2, Subtle, Immunity cold environment, hot environment, Radiation environment (6ep)
Helmet, Immunity Suffocation, Limited O2 supply, immunity vacuum environment (2ep)
Commlink, Laptop (2ep}
Lockpicks {1ep)
Sonic Stun pistol; Affliction (R by Fort, Dazed, Stunned, Incapacitated), Ranged, Cumulative pr4 (12EP)
A: Pair Heavy Pistols Blast, Multiattack, Split Attack, Quirk: Multi and split Requires both, otherwise normal heavy pistol pr 4 (1ep)
A: High powered rifle; Blast 6, (1ep)

Initiative +10
Sonic Stunner +10 vs dodge, Fort DC14 Affliction
Brace Pistols +10 vs Dodge, Toughness DC19 multiattack
High powered Rifle +8 vs. Dodge, Toughness DC21
Unarmed +0, DC 13 Toughness
Grappling +7, DC16 (Str or Dodge), then DC21 (Athletics or Sleight of Hand) to Escape

Latent Psychic [4pp]
Advantages: Danger Sense(Mental), Uncanny Dodge, Evasion 2

Space baby;
Movement: Environmental Adaptation (0-Gravity) [2pp]
Favored Environment (0-gravity) [1pp]

Hearing Aid +;
Extended Hearing, Ultrahearing, Radio Sense [3pp]
Second Chance(Fort saves, Sonic descriptor) [1pp]

Attributes 24+ Saves 24 + Skills 28 + Advantages 18 + Special 11 = 105
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Re: Flynn's Folio

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Agent Long

Personnel File # 8674359A, Agent Nathaniel Long

Nathaniel Long was a junior researcher at a prosthetics manufacture company making new medical-grade materials - lightweight, resilient plastics. A Hulk sighting in the area prompted pursue-and-capture/eliminate directives under protocol Ross1626 and forces were sent in. (See mission logs 90548, 90591, and 90605). The Hulk, in efforts to elude pursuit, lept into the manufacturing plant, detonating an industrial heating coil by landing on it, before leaping out again.

The explosion from the damaged heating coil rocked the laboratory Nathan Long was in. At the time, Mr. Long was standing in front of a cabinet with several experimental plastic compounds and corrosives. The cabinet was toppled over on him and he lay, saturated in an unidentifiable chemical mix for hours until rescue workers directed by Homeland Security clean-up operations could dig their way to his lab and get him out. He spent several days in a military hospital, his body composition fluctuating from a viscous liquid barely maintaining cohesion to a pale plasticine capable of stretching great distances. He awoke on his own after several days in the hospital. The previously mention alterations to his physiology seemed to be permanent.

It is unknown whether the exposure triggered latent abilities or exposure to the chemical compounds (samples of which already showed degredation and half-life breakdown at time of collection) caused the change. Subsequent psychiatric evaluations preceeding the standard release of liability statements and confidentiality agreements, show his to possess a temperment suitable to our purposes and his new-found abilities could be an asset to our organization. Recemmended for training.

Family Profile:
Parents - Deceased.

Brother - Nathan has an older brother, Corporal Richard Long (USAC), that lost his legs to a land mine while on tour, honorably discharged.

Sister - Nathan has a younger sister, Kelly Long, in California who is/was an activist against the military efforts.

Training Logs:
Master Trainer Jarett Thompson -"I don't know who sent us this buttwipe but they can da#%-well take his stretchy a** back! He's snarky, mouths off every chance he gets, and can't resist showing off his abilities. Oh, he gets the job done passably but then you have to listen to him prattle on about it. Luckily there are plenty of grounds to recommend him for infiltration training, otherwise I'd throttle him myself."

Senior Trainer Phong Ngyuen - "Young Master Long shows a propensity for rashness but takes to assignments quickly and eagerly. The key to this trainee will be couching assignments in the form of games and mischiefs. He seems to take to this model of instruction readily." "AMENDMENT: Perhaps this was not the best idea. Nathan has taken to passing himself off as pieces of furniture and seeing how long it is before somebody notices. There are report that several trainees in Barracks F11 presumed the common room television was broken until Nathan's laughter at their frustrations regarding the remote gave the jest away. I, myself, have taken to inspecting my room most carefully before beginning my meditations. The student is adept but needs more discipline."

Agent Nathaniel Long

Str 0
Dex 4
Agi 2
Sta 4
fgt 0
Awe 0
Int 0
Pre 0

Toughness 4+3=7
Dodge 2+5 = 7 [5pp]
Parry 7 [7pp]
Will 7 = 7 [7pp]
Fort 4 +3 = 7 [3pp]

Skill 1/3 [16pp]: Acrobatics 10(+12), Perception 9(+9), Stealth 3(+5), Expertise - Chemistry 5(+5), Investigation 1(+1), deception 10(+10), Close (unarmed) 7, Sleight of Hand 3 (+7),

advantages [14pp]: Evasion 2, Prone fighting, Defensive Roll 3, Grabbing Finesse, Chokehold, Fast Grab, Improved
Hold, Agile Feint, Move By Attack, improved initiative, interpose

Immunity Suffocation, Critical Hits, sleep [5pp]

Second chance (Toughness saves, Bludgeoning descriptor) [1pp]

Elongation 5[5pp+3AE] {250 ft}
AE: Living Wheel: Speed 5 {60mph)
AE: Insubstantial 1,
AE: Swinging, Speed 3

Create 8, Moveable, flaw: Feedback, Range-Close, Precise, Accurate 3, innate, Subtle 2 [15pp+4AE]
{He creates shapes from his own body, He can create a dome shield over lots of innocents, or drop over a large area. As a part of him, he takes damaged when he suffers attack but can move about.}
AE: Lashing Fan Arms; Enhanced Striking strength 7, Multiattack on strength (7), Takedown attack 1
{His stretchy arms lengthen and he whirls them around like a fan, thrusting them forward into bad guys.}
AE: Octopus playing the drums: Move Object(2/r), Area-burst(+1/r), Range-Close(-1/r), Damaging(+1/r), Selective(+1/r), Duration - instant(-2/r), Precise, PR7
{Agent Long can lash out with long, fluidic, tentacly arms, to trip or disarm or deliver a slap, slash, or stab. He can't apply sustained strength to lift and hold up something but he can deliver a powerful hydrostatic shove and quick bursts of motion.}
AE: Morph 4, Increased Action: Move, Quirk: Texture is always pliable plastic
AE: Shape away the wounds; Healing, Restorative, Self-Only, Persistent pr7

Abilities 20+Defenses22 + Skills16+ Adv14 +Powers33 = 105

Family - as described above. Homeland Security has offered to supplement the disability recieved by Nathan's older brother and get him the best of care all unbeknownst to Richard.
Showoff - Nathan will casually receive the salt shaker from the kitchen without getting up two rooms away, for example.
Likes to have a good time - Since the accident that gave him these abilities, Nathan does not take life for granted. Carpe Diem!
Snarky/Mouths-off - Nathan has a tendency to say what he's thinking regardless of who he addresses. It's generally a snide comment. Activate this complication to have Nathan says something that might/will get him in trouble.

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Jimmy Greyston can't tell you how many living people are on this planet. He can tell you that it doesn't hold a candle to the number of dead ones though.

Jimmy was born a twin but his identical brother, Timothy, never drew his first breath. (A less kind soul would say that Timothy died to escape the torment of twins being called Jimmy and Timmy their whole lives). Jimmy's parents didn't tell him that he'd had a stillborn sibling however. Not even when young Jimmy asked why the boy in the mirror looked so sad or complained about the crying that kept him up at night. But he always felt out-of-sorts - never quite able to concentrate on his studies or apply himself whole-heartedly to a task. It didn't help that he was physically unimpressive - weak and not terribly coordinated. Despite a good head on his shoulders. Luckily, not much was expected of a child of the servants in a well-to-do estate outside of South Wales. Jimmy's father tried to teach him of landscaping but the boy had no knack or interest and mostly mucked out the estate's stables.

It was at the age of 19 that the truth came to light. He went to a traveling faire and a gypsy woman read his fortune and told him of Timothy. The crone even offered to let Jimmy see his erstwhile brother. He accepted. From the very first connection it was an epiphany of all that he had been missing his whole life. Timmy, who had grown and learned alongside Jimmy, unseen but felt and missed, hinted at there being so much more in 'his world'. Jimmy was hooked. With the establishing of he initial connection, Timothy could communicate freely with Jimmy. Together they found even more resources on the occult - books and teachers (though never staying with one for too long) finding that Jimmy had an affinity in that area and left the Estate of Jimmy's youth.

They were in Asia, trying to find some place called the Sanctorum when the city was beset upon. A building exploded and debris pierced Jimmy's heart. His soul clung to Timmy's as he died. Then time stopped. It reversed. Kept going. Stopped again. Over and over Jimmy died. And with each death he could feel more of them - the ghosts, the spirits of people and things long passed. They called to him could draw upon him, hungered for him, even. He could unfuse them with a substance where they could feel again, touch again, matter again. When the crisis resolved itself Jimmy found that, for him, the Veil between the living and the dead were torn asunder. And he found a wellspring inside himself of the critical vitae, the 'substance' that souls craved.

Relatives & Contacts:
living - Charlie Greyston, Father, live-in landscaper on the estate of Edward Brighton, South Wales
living - Patricia Greyston, Mother, live-in maid on aforementioned estates.
non-living - Timothy Greyston, Ghost in Jimmy's head

Samantha Brighton - daughter of Edward Brighton, she grew up along side Jimmy. She was never put off by Jimmy's 'oddness' while they were kids. He still sends her letters on his 'adventures'. Jimmy has a crush.

Obligations (Dead brother) - There's something Timothy needs in order to pass on to the other side. Jimmy is helping him find what that is.
Low on Substance - Jimmy's powers work by him giving 'Substance' to ghosts, this can deplete HIM of substance if he usees his powers too much (GM determined). He may find himself fading, unable to affect the world in ways he wants.
Somewhat cowardly - Jimmy remembers dying, the pain of it, the terribleness. He doesn't want to experience that again. He will try to stay on the sidelines of combat as much as possible.
Medium - Jimmy can't stop seeing ghosts and ghostly manifestations. It can be distracting, even frightening, at the worst possible moments.

pl8 120

Str -1
Sta 4
Dex -1
Agi 0
Fgt 0
Awe 4
Int 3
Pre 2

Tough: 4+6 = 10
Dodge: +6= 6
Parry: +6= 6
Will: 4+4 = 8 [4pp]
Fort: 4+4 = 8 [4pp]

Advantages [6pp]: Luck(Rerolls) 2, Ritualist, Skill Mastery - Occult, Favored Foes(Spirits) 2 {+4 to Deception, Intimidation, Insight, Perception vs. Spirits}
from powers: Beginner's luck [Dedicated Pool 4], Uncanny Dodge, Evasion 2, Second Chance (Will vs. Mental Afflictions)

Skills [15pp]: Expertise-Occlult 8 (+11), Investigate 3(+6), Technology 1(+4), Perception 4(+8), Insight 4(+8), Persuasion 2[+2 free from PRE](+6), Deception 4(+6), Intimidation 4(+6)

Ghostly armor; Protection 6 [6pp]
{Sometimes it appears as an actual suit of armor that shimmers into existance at the moment of impact, sometimes it's a ghostly arm raising a shield, sometimes it's just a beefy muscled chest that takes the blow meant for him.}

Ghostly defense; Enhanced Dodge 6, Enhanced Parry 6 [12pp]
Enhanced Advantages: Uncanny Dodge, Evasion 2 [3pp]
{Hands will buffet him out of the way of incoming blows or voices in his head will tell him to duck at just the right moment.}

All the Speech of the dead; Comprehend Languages (Understand, Speak(one at a time), Read) pr 3 [6pp]
{Jimmy can get realtime translations of just about anything. Even exotic or alien languages can be pieced together by dead linguists masters}

Skills of the Dead; Beginner's Luck, Lucky skills 4 {Luck/HP only useful for powering Beginner's Luck} [5pp]
{Jimmy allows himself to be possessed by a craftsman or tradesman or other person best suited for the task at hand, lending their knowledge to his.}

Medium; Comprehend Spirits (Understand, Speak) pr 2 [4pp]
Senses of the Dead; Spirit Awareness, [1pp]
Vision Gains Dimensional (Spirit Realm) [1pp]
{Jimmy sees and interacts with ghosts and spirits.}

Twin mind; Second Chance (Will vs. Mental Afflictions) [1pp]
{Jimmy's twin inhabits his mind and can snap him back to his senses if he's afflicted by external influences.}

Spirit lifted; Flight, Limited - Up and Down[1pp]
{Ghostly hands can carry Jimmy up or lower him down or keep him hovered in one place.}

Spirits Aid Me Array; [25pp+5AE]
Base: Spirit Rush; Affliction, Range - Perception, (Resist by Dodge, Overcome by Strength, Impair & Vuln, Disable & Defenseless) Limited Scope, Extra Condition, Subtle (Spirit Senses) pr 8
{Spirits barrage an individual clinging everso slightly with ghostly hands, the sheer volume of them can affect a person's coordination.}
AE: Spirit Combattant;
* Damage 4, Multiattack 4, Affects Insubstantial 2, Penetrating 2, Improved Critical 2, Variable damage type (Slashing/Piercing/Bludgeoning)
* Enhanced Skill Close Combat (spirit weapon) 12
* Enhanced Advantage Power Attack, Precise (Close, Cover/Concealment), Fearless
{Jimmy allows himself to be possessed by a spirit warrior who manifests a weapon to strike at foes, +12 to hit, DC19 Toughness [18-20, penetrating 2]. This is a last resort if he cannot avoid combat.}
AE: Possession; Affliction, Range - Perception, (Resist by Will, Dazed, Compelled, Controlled), Cumulative, Insidious pr 6
{Jimmy asks Timmy to take over a person. The target doesn't realize it and doesn't remember it afterwards}
AE: Spirit Minions; Move Object 5, Perception Range, Damaging, Feat: Precise, Subtle, Split attack 3,
{Jimmy mentally asks a spirit (or several) to accomplish some physical task and feeds it(them) enough Substance to accomplish this.}
AE: Grant Substance; Healing, Others Only, Restorative, Affects Objects Also, PR 7, Stabilize, Persistent, Extended Reach 2
{Jimmy discovered that the same ephemeral energy that he grants to spirits to let them manifest can be channelled into living beings and even broken objects to let them heal or repair. Jimmy shimmers with insolidity when he uses this ability.}
Ae: Aeronaut (Ghost Horse);
*Flight 4, Affects Other, linked
*Permeate 3, Affects Other, Linked
*Immunity Suffocation, Affects Other
{Jimmy had made fast friends with an old horse of the estates where he grew up. The horse, Aeronaut, was a thoroughbred and used to race professionally. The estate's master seemed to neglect the horse but young Jimmy would bring him soft apples and lumps of sugar. But as is the way of things the horse passed on. Young Jimmy was crestfallen but life went on and Aeronaut, special as he was, passed out of thought, at least until the floodgates From Beyond opened. The horse spirit, Aeronaut, seems to respond to Jimmy's mental call, it Gallops through the air and even takes Jimmy and one other passenger, partly into the spirit world to pass through otherwise solid objects. Aeronaut maintains a Galloping speed of 30MPH (500f/move).}

Spirit Rush, Perception, DC 18 Dodge , Affliction, Subtle
Spirit Combattant, +12 to hit, DC19 Toughness [18-20, penetrating 2, Multiattack]
Possession, Perception-Range DC 16 Will or Affliction, Cumulative, Insidious
Spirit Minions, Perception-Range DC20 Toughness, or DC (d20+5) Trip, Disarm, Grapple, Split 3, Precise, Subtle

Attribute 22 + saves 8 +Advantages 5 + Skills 15 + Powers 69 = 120
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Post by Flynnarrel » Tue Jul 04, 2017 12:19 am


Jamal Reese and his family moved to this city from Brazil when he was in his mid teens. Apparently being a curator at the city's central museum is a hazardous profession because Jamal's father was killed working late one night when the museum was broken into leaving his family without means of support.

Jamal, who'd studied capoeira most of his life and was a natural athelete turned to crime to support his aging mother and younger sister. He learned how to get into places and past locks and, since this was dangerous work, started studying the combat applications of a chain and incorporating that with his martial art style. To great effect. He joined one of the gangs even, and though he never invited them back to his home he met them for petty jobs and to split the take. He went by the nickname 'Mako'.

After a few moderately successful jobs Jamal's mother found out. The shock sent her already weakened heart into spasm and she was admitted into the hospital that very night. Guilt racked Jamal but he knew the hospital bills would just pile up. After a botched job where he barely got out he visited his mother and she extracted a promise that Jamal would never steal from innocent people again. He tearfully agreed. Those were his last words to her.

Costs for a funeral are almost as bad as the costs for keeping someone alive.

With few other options, he put on a mask (like that did anything), and went to the hideout of one of the rival small-time gangs. He broke in and found their stash - the loot from a recent jewelry store heist. He took it, returning the Jewelry but keeping the money, presumably from the register. He figured a finder's fee was not unreasonable. Something similar happened when he broke up a mugging, the three guys with knives were a challenge, but Jamal escaped unscathed. He returned the woman's purse and rifling through the mugger's pockets, figuring it was fair to take what they had since they tried to rob someone else.

While he was counting his take he was confronted by NightLark - a martial arts based vigilante. She'd known about his shady past and was willing to give him a chance to redeem himself.

The dreadlocks are a wig he wears as Cyclone. He also uses a much deeper voice and emphasizes his Brazilian accent more as Cyclone. And his costume are black and greys.

Teefa Reese - sister, 17, pretty, works as waitress at The Pork Pie, a greasy establishment with greasier clientel. Jamal hates that she's subject to that life.

Criminal - Jamal's general description could be known in connection with several B&Es. He doesn't hang around cops very long. Other sidekicks might be biased against him because of it.

Debt - His mother's hospital bills are still due.

Former gang - Jamal's old crew, The Steel Sharks, (I know, stupid name, right?) could still be looking for Jamal, sore over the fact that he quit.

Str: +2(14) Dex: +6(22) Con: +2(14) Int: 0(10) Wis: 3(16) Cha: 0 (10) [26pp]

Skills [20pp]: Acrobatics 9(+15), Escape Artist 9(+15), Notice 8(+11), Search 6(+6), investigation 5(+5), Knowledge - Street 5(+5), Sense Motive 4(+7), Sleight of Hand 8(+14), Disable device +10 (+16), Concentration +4 (+6), Stealth 6(+12), Bluff 6(+6),

Feats [20pp]: Dodge 2, Power Attack, Improved Grab, Agile lockpicker (use Dex for Disable device), Move by Action, Close Attack 6, Up the Wall, Improved Initiative 1, Skill Mastery(Acrobatics, Escape Artist, Stealth, Disable Device), Evasion 1, Luck 2, Equipment 2
from training: Prone Fighting, Acrobatic Feint, Grappling Finesse, Challenge (Feint as Move), Elusive Target, Set-Up, Great Endurance,

Equipment: B&E kit(combining lockpicks/WD-40/mini-crowbar), multi-tool, flashlight, camo clothing (dark), smart cell phone(cellphone, gps, camera, video), restraints(duct tape/zipties), Fire Extinguisher

Prone Fighting, Acrobatic Feint, Grappling Finesse, Challenge (Feint as Move), SetUp, Elusive Target [6pp]
Spinning 8, dynamic [16pp+dynamic+DAP = 19pp]
DAP: Defensive Bonus 8

Speed 1 [1pp]
Leaping 1 [1pp]
Great Endurance[1pp]

Chain Mastery:
Chain; Move Object 4, Feats; Accurate 3, Flaws; Range-Close, Duration-Concentration, Extras; Damaging, Linked Elongation 1 {10ft}, linked feats Improved Disarm, Improved Trip, Takedown, Improved Pin, Drawbacks:Powerloss-requires chain or length of weighted rope. [11pp +3AP]
AP: Chain Snag; Trip, Ranged-Close, Area-Shapeable, Improved Throw, pr 8
AP: Whirlwind in Motion; Damage 4, Area-Trail (targeted), Accurate 3
AP: Swinging, Safe Fall, linked Speed 1, linked Improved Overrun, Fast Overrun, Improved Trip

Init +10
Attack +0[BAB], +6 close, DC17 Toughness, +12 Chain, DC19 Toughness, +12 whirlwind, DC 19 Toughness, Snag DC18Ref or DC18 or 14 (Str or Dex)
Defense +2dodge +0-8 Defensive
Grapple +12/+13chain

Saves [9pp]
Toughness +2 Con + 8-0 Spinning
{At any given time he can shift his defense to be harder to hit or harder to hurt by varying his combat dance. at the extremes he can be +10 Toughness by +2 Defense or vice-versa.}

Ref 6+3pp = 9
Fort 2+5pp = 7
Will 3+4pp = 7

Attributes 26 + Skill 20 + Feats 20 + Capoeira 25 + Athlete 3 + Chain Mastery 14 + Saves 12 = 120
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Re: Flynn's Folio

Post by Flynnarrel » Wed Oct 25, 2017 10:36 pm

I don't usually like high-powered games but I have this character idea I'd like to try.

The United Coalition of Planets is the premiere presence in their universe uniting over 1000 planets across a multitude of star systems. It encourages peaceful dealings and communication across the stars. But the U.C.P. are no dummies. They know they must also be prepared for conflict. Toward that end they designed the Alpha Class starship for both exploration and confrontation, their flagship of which is the U.C.P. Praxis, commanded by Captain Jonathan Trent, a middle age Earthling with a distinguished record in both tactics and diplomacy. They gave him the best crew of science officers, medical staff, and engineers to keep the ship running smooth. Its zero-point drives would run near forever producing all the energy it would need and the onboard replicators can keep them in whatever physical matter they need be it parts or food and sundries for the crew. They would be prepared for anything. So when they were sucked into a wormhole created by a collapsing star (they were shielding a nearby inhabited planet from the effects its deadly supernova), and they emerged into a completely different Universe, they were momentarily taken aback by the fact that, apparently, their Universe was built on a mere fraction of the scale as this one. Buildings were planet-sized and people were formidable even without, apparently, some of them possessing strange powers. The Praxis started by gathering allies in this new Universe, one of which is an interplanetary corporation known as Cosmic Coil. They promised to help with whatever multi-dimensional research they could and otherwise keep on the lookout for ways the Praxis could use to get back to their home dimension.

The U.C.P. Praxis looks to be a foot-long toy model. Anyone looking closely will see the intricate details and maybe even several minuscule beings looking back at you from portholes. It was determined that the crew cannot venture outside of the Praxis due to the size difference and their bodies not able to process the size of this verse's Oxygen molecules so they act as one unit under Cpt. Trent. It is usually his voice or even a holo-projection of him that the Praxis emits during briefings (though occasionally it'll be a technician or counselor if their experience is needed).

Motivation/ Sworn duty - Peace and Protection, Captain Trent still maintains the code of the United Coalition of Planets - Protect the innocent life, establish and maintain peace.
Homesick - The Praxis is looking for a way home.
Explorer vessel - The Praxis is likewise here to gain information on Strange new life, and new civilizations; to boldly go where no one has gone before. They should have been careful what they wished for.

U.C.P. Praxis


PL12 200

Str 0/-2
Agi 4
Dex 0
Sta --
Fgt 0
Awe 6
Int 4
Per 2

Toughness 10
Dodge 4+4size+6pp = 14
Parry 4size+10pp = 14

Will 6+6pp = 12
Fort --

Advantages [15pp]: Jack of All Trades, Power Attack, Evasion 2, Prone Fighting, Uncanny Dodge, Fearless, Precise 2 (Range/Concealment,Cover), Luck 2, Improved initiative, Onboard Equipment 1, Skill Mastery (Technology), Reconfigure the Forward Array(Benefit - Ritualist using Technology)*,
Equpiment: Commlink, GPS, Video Recorder, Computer

*{unlike inventor, the use of this doesn't create items but instead let's the ship do a wide range of things more akin to Spells than anything else. Sufficiently advanced technology being indistinguishable from magic, and all that.}

Skills [17pp]: Technology 12(+16), Perception 6(+12), Insight 2(+8), Deception 6(+8), Persuasion 8(+10), Stealth 0(+12), initimidate 0(-2)

Universal Translator; Comprehend all languages- Speak, Understand [4pp+1ae]
AE: Advanced Interface adaption; Comprehend Machines- Speak, Understand

Impulse Engines; Flight 1, Continuous, Subtle, Feature-Always Prone [5pp]

Self-contained life Support; immunity Fortitide [30pp]
{The Sealed Hull of the Praxis keeps the ship operating at peak efficiency, stops external contaminants, crew shifts mean the Ship doesn't really 'sleep', it even grounds out any magical or power instance of biological attack (it may spread throughout the crew but the onboard doctors treat it too quick to register, and while the crew is subject to aging even that may not matter as children are born and trained, etc.}

Advanced Sensory sweep, Variable, Limited to Sense powers, [6pp]
{The Praxis can reconfigure it's sensors in any manner of ways. Reproducing 5pp of sensory effects.
Examples could be 'Calibrate for radiation', Detect Radiation, Ranged, Analytical, Accurate; or 'Deep Scan', Penetrating Vision, Extended; or 'Full Magnification to Science station', Atomic Vision(atomic), Analytical; or even 'Advanced Simulation modelling', Postcognition, rapid.}

Micro-dimension origins; Shrinking 8, Permanent, innate [9pp]
{1foot long, -2 Str, -1 Ground Speed, +4Active defenses, +8 Stealth, -4 intimidate}

Engineer teams on Damage Control; Regeneration 6, {One to overcome lack of Sta, so 1/2rounds} [6pp]
{Tiny damage control teams work to repair the ship mid-combat}

AI/Crew back-up; immunity Mental (half) [5pp]
{A mental Affliction or attack directed at the Praxis would be spread over the crew of 1000's of individual miniscule minds. It's a much reduced impact that way.}

Reinforced Hull; Protection 10 [10pp]

Ship's Systems;
Tractor Beam; Move Object 8, Damaging, Precise, Accurate 8 [33+6aes]
AP: Holographic Projectors; Illusion (Vision and Auditory) pr 11
AP: Cloaking Field; Concealment 10, Affects Other, Precise, Reach 2 {Can extend to cover a person 10 feet away}
AP: Volley of Photon Torpedoes; Damage, Ranged pr8, Multiattack, Accurate 8, Homing
AP: Sonic emitter array; Affliction pr 11, Cumulative, Area Cone (Resist by Fort, Daze/Stun/Incapacitated)
AP: Cutting Phaser Beam; Weaken Toughness, Affects Objects Also, Area-Line, pr 10, Linked Damage, Area-line 1, Secondary Effect
AP: Warp Speed and Hyperjump; Teleport pr 10, Change Velocity, {4 miles} and Space Travel 1 and Flight 5, {Combines with Impulse Engines to Flight 6 for 1800ft/Move, 120mph}

init +8
Unarmed/Ramming speed +0 to Hit, DC 13 Toughness, {Root-level programming in the ship will fight against any collisions}
Tractor Beam Damage: +16 to hit, DC23 damage
Holograms, DC 21 Insight
Volley of Torpedoes, +16 to hit, DC23 Toughness, Multiattack, Homing 1
Sonic Emitter, Affliction, Area-Cone, DC21 Dodge, DC21 Fort
Cutting Beam, Area-Line, Dodge DC20 for half effect, Weaken Toughness, Affects Objects, DC20, then Toughness DC16, DC16 again next turn.

Attributes 32 + Defenses 22 + Advantages 15 + Skills 17 + Powers 114 = 200/200
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Re: Flynn's Folio

Post by Flynnarrel » Wed Oct 25, 2017 10:37 pm

Flynnarrel wrote:
Thu Oct 12, 2017 10:13 pm
Drusella was an intelligent and quick orphan but too acerbic and brusk to be well liked. The horns and faint smell of sulfur than hung about her guaranteed that she was shunned at the orphanage and ridiculed and hated by the other children (and administrators). She was spiraling into self-loathing when a genius Arcanist, Tellos the Great, who made a habit of looking for likely proteges in such places, found her. He showed her how her unique physiology could be an asset in the world of alchemy, taught her that she wasn't inherently evil (just possibly having more tendencies in that direction than others), and gave her a better life than they one she was on track for. Now, after many years in his service and study, she's ready to make him proud with her own exploits in pursuit of knowledge.

Closest alignment: LN
race: Infernal
height: 5'8"
weight: ~130
Age 19, but acts older
Skin: pale, 'unhealthy' pink
Eyes: black sclera, pink-white irises, cat-slitted pupils
Hair: sparse among horn-like rows


Attributes [20pp]
Str -3
Sta 4
Agi 1
Dex 3/5
Fgt 0
Int 2/4
Awe 3
Pre 0/-2

Toughness 4+2(armor) = 6
Dodge 1+3pp = 4
Parry 0+3pp = 3

Fort 4+1pp = 5
Will 3+2pp = 5

Skills [17pp]: Expertise Alchemy 8(+12), Expertise Arcana 3(+7), Deception 8[-2pre+2race](+8), Perception 6(+9), Technology 4(+8), Insight 1(+4), Stealth 2(+5), Sleight of Hand 1(+6), Vehicles 1(+6)

Advantages [7pp]: Eidetic Memory, Equipment 1, Improved Initiative, Languages 3(4 additional - Common[Native], Abyssal, Elven, Dwarvish, Goblinoid), improvised tools
Advantages from powers/race/class: Second Chance(Toughness vs. certain dmg descriptors), Feature (Int to thrown dmg), Throwing Mastery, Brew Potion (Atificer using Alchemy skill)
Equipment: Leather Armor (2 protection), Master Alchemy kit (+2 Alchemy), Dark clothing {+5 Stealth in dark environments}
10 GP

Initiative: +5
Grapple -2
Unarmed +0 to hit, DC 12 dmg
Throw something +5 to hit, DC 20 dmg,
Bomb, ranged, burst, DC15 dodge, Dc 20 or 17 dmg
Barbs, +5 to hit, DC20 Toughness, multiattack
Spew, Area-Shapable, Affliction, DC15 Dodge then DC 15 or 12 Dodge

Tiefling (15pp)
+2 Deception, +2 Stealth [2pp]
Second chance (Toughness vs Cold/Fire/Electrical Damage) [3pp]
Dark vision, Quirk - 60 ft[1pp]
Extra Limb - Prehensile Tail [1pp]
+2 Dex, Int, -2 Pre [4pp]
Darkness; Concealment [All visual], Attack{0/r}, Area-Burst{+1/r}, Permanent{0/r}, Fades{-1/r}, Limited (5/uses){-1/r} [4pp]
{Lasts 4 rounds, Darkness out to 30 ft.}

Expert Throwing; Feature (use Int for thrown Ranged damage) [1pp]
Throwing Mastery 1 (Throw any objects for dmg +1) [1pp]
Brew Potion (Artificer using Alchemy skill) [1pp]

Alchemist abilities:[15pp + 4AE]
Bombs: Damage 5, Ranged, Area-burst
{She both draws and primes these volatile things with a drop of her blood then casts it forth where it explodes in an expanding blast. Magic, Fire}
AE: Mutagen (constitution); Grants Impervious to Toughness 5, Impervious to Fortitude 5, Great Endurance, Concealment, Partial Only, (All vision)
{Visual targeted attacks are at -2 to hit her (simulating natural armor bonus) and damaging and fort saves less than rank 3 are ignored.}
AE: Tanglefoot spew; Affliction, Area-shapable, (Resist by Dodge, Overcome by dmg, hindered&impaired&vulnerable, immobile&disabled&defenseless), Extra Condition 2, Limited Scope pr 5
{Drinking a vile brew that expands quickly in her gut she then projectile vomits an incredibly sticky substance over enemies.}
AE: Fling barbs; Damage, Range, Multiattatack pr 5
{She drinks a special concoction that adjusts her physiology to be more like her devlish heritage and loosely attached barbs sprout from her hand(s). She then flings them at an opponent in one swift motion. Magic, Piercing.}
AE: Disguise Self; Morph 3(any humanoids)
{She drinks a potion that lets her change her features at Will. +20 Deception to pass as a different person}

Attributes 20 + Saves 9 + Skills 17 + advantages 7 + race 15 +class 22 = 15+75

Prejudice Teifling - Drusella is obviously not human in her normal form. There may be prejudice from others because of that.
Hunt for knowledge - Drusella's hunger to expand her understanding of the world could lead her into dangerous situations.
Unknown parentage - Drusella doesn't know about her birth parents, only that one of them demonic or devilish in nature.
Power Loss - If her various bandoleers and belt pouches of alchemical substances are taken from her, or if she's not given at least an hour every day to maintain her concoctions, her alchemist abilities would not work.
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Re: Flynn's Folio

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Flynnarrel wrote:
Sat Aug 26, 2017 11:03 pm
Thinking of a Legacy of Alys Bishop.

I liked the concept of her using her emotion control powers to keep a hulk-type character in check. With her not being around as a safety net, can this character trust himself? What about when circumstances force a change?

Knave of Hearts / Jack Clubs

The Victorian Dr. Henry Jekyll was a brilliant chemist and alchemist. His story is a cautionary tale of the duality of man. However, the decision to enact his splitting procedure on himself had much farther reaching implications. Fast forward many many decades to the heir, in ancestry if not intellectual spirit, of the dualic doctor, and recipient of the recessive gene that triggers full body transformation.
Street rat, cutpurse, and grifter Johnny Diamond prowled the alleys and subways of London looking for a purse to lift or an unattended bag or valise that he could hawk for quid. He'd lived hard ever since running away form an orphans life two years ago. 9 months ago his transformation took place and a beast of a man, strong and seemingly unbreakable with a penchant for violence and sadism cut a swath of destruction across London. The Ministry stopped him and Alys Bishop discovered the same energy signature that she used - emotional force. In Johnny, rage was given flesh, pouring forth from him in waves and driving him to destruction. She calmed the boy using her powers. She also took him on, her powers could easily keep his in check since they knew the source. The Queen of Hearts worked with Johnny to gain greater and greater control of the change and while changed.

She took Johnny on as protege in spirit if not powerset. The boy's natural penchant as a skilled thief, conman, and second-story man (her Knave of Hearts) and also his brick/powerhouse capabilities whilst transformed into the knobby-fleshed, muscle-laden man who calls himself 'Jack Clubs' served as an interesting counter point on missions of hers. She, in turn, gave the boy purpose and helped him maintain control of Jack Clubs.

Height: 5"8 as Johnny, 7'7 as Jack Clubs

PL7 120

Johnny Diamond, Knave of Hearts




Toughness 4+2 = 6
Dodge 4+4pp = 8
Parry 2+6pp = 8

Will 2+5pp = 7
Fort 4+3pp = 7

Init +8
Unarmed +2, DC15 Toughness
Throwing (anything) +10, DC19 Toughness
Throw (Heart shuriken) +12, DC16 Toughness, Multiattack, Penetrating {19-20 crit}, subtle

Skills [32pp]: Deception 12(+14), Sleight of Hand 8(+10), Vehicles 2(+4), Acrobatics 4(+8), Perception 6(+8), Insight 8(+10), Persuasion 8(+10), Ranged-Throwing 8(+10), Stealth 4(+8), Technology 1pp (Limited to bypassing security) 4 (+6), Streetwise 2(+4)

Advantages [18pp]: Attractive, Set-up 4, Improved initiative 1, Skill Mastery- Deception, Skill Mastery - Sleight of Hand, Teamwork, Defensive roll 2, Throwing Mastery 4, Equipment 2, Precise Ranged Cover

Equipment: Commlink/Cell phone(free), GPS tracker, lockpicks, Nylon belt (Feature - adapts to size change, also not easily removable), Sharpened Heart-shaped shuriken (Ranged Damage 1, multiattack, Penetrating 1, accurate, subtle, Improved Crit 1),
(misc)Many decks of Playing cards, metal Water bottle.

Parkour; Speed 1, Leaping 1, Wall Crawling 1, sure footed 1 [6pp] {training}

Morph, Metamorph (Jack Clubs) [6pp]

Voice in my head; Second Chance (Will vs Mental Afflictions) [1pp] "Johnny stupid! Stop being stunned/charmed/asleep/etc."
Fractured Mind; Immunity to Mental descriptor, half effect [5pp]

Attributes 34 + Saves 18 + Skills 32 + Advantages 18 + Powers 18 = 120

Jack Clubs



STR 8/10
STA 8/10
DEX -2
INT -2
PRE -1

Toughness 10
Dodge 5pp -1 = 4
Parry 5pp -1 = 4

Fort 10
Will 2+2pp=4

init +8
Unarmed +4 to hit, {18-20 crit} DC25 Toughness
Improvised Weapon +4 to hit, DC25 Toughness
Throw +4 to hit, DC 25 Toughness

Skills [16pp]: Ranged Combat - Throwing 6(+4), Close Combat - Unarmed 4(+4), Intimidate 4(+15), Perception 10 (+12), Insight 6(+8), Athletics 2(+12)

Advantages[18pp]: Interpose, Improved initiative 2, Improved Smash, Diehard, Extraordinary effort, Fearless, Improvised Weapon, Power Attack, All out Attack, Powerful intimidate (Use STR for Intimidate), Startle, Fast Grab, Improved Grab, Chokehold, Improved Hold, Equipment 1, Ultimate Effort(Strength),

Equipment: Commlink/cell phone (free), GPS tracker, Nylon belt(described above), other stupid stuff in belt Jack can't use

Growth 2, innate [5pp]
(+2STR/STA, +1 initidation, -2 Stealth, -1 dodge/parry)
Impervious to Toughness pr 10 [10pp]

Regeneration 2 {1/5 rounds} [2pp]

Strong legs: Speed 4 dynamic (run 500ft/move, 30mph} [4+dynamic+2DAEs = 9pp]
DAE: Leaping 4 {up to 120 feet}
DAE: Making foot/hand holds; Wall crawling 2

Voice in my head; Second Chance (Will vs Mental Afflictions) [1pp] "Jack, snap out of it! We need you!"
Fractured Mind; Immunity to Mental descriptor, half effect [5pp]
Immunity: Poison, Disease (Half effect) [1pp]
Immunity:Suffocation 2(breath holding), Cold Environment, Hot Environments, Pressure Environments, Critical Hits [7pp]

Knobbly knuckles: Improved Critical, Unarmed 2 [2pp]

Senses: Dark Vision (Quirk - eyes glow in the dark [as pictured]), Extended Hearing, Acute Smell, Tracking [4pp]

Ear Clap/ Stunning blow; (AE off of strength damage), Affliction (Resist by Fort, Vulnerable and Dazed, Defenseless and Stunned), Extra Condition, Limited Scope pr 10 [1pp]
Stomp; Burst Area Affliction (Resist by Dodge, Impaired and Hindered, Disabled and Prone), Instant Recovery pr 10 [1pp]

Attributes 26 + Saves 12 + Skills 16 + Advantages 18 + Powers 48 = 120


Sucker for a pretty face - Johnny fancies himself a ladies' man. With his good looks and charisma he's not wrong. But his judgement is often impaired when it comes to the fairer sex.

All the Rage (Knave of Hearts) - Johnny likes to be center of attention, show off (especially when girls are around), and has a penchant for flamboyancy. Feel free to suggest any sort of stunt that would keep him center of attention and get him in trouble.

All the Rage (Jack Clubs) - Jack has a short temper and can easily be blinded by his intense Id-like emotions. His usual response is violence.

Control is an issue - Under the Queen of Hearts's tutelage Johnny has a better handle on when he transforms into Jack Clubs and the actions they take while Jack is in the driver's seat. That control is threatened in times of peak anger or peak danger for Johnny. "I took a bullet in my head once, the Big Guy spit it out."

Secret Identity - Johnny WANTS to be known as the Knave of Hearts, sidekick of one of the great Ministry members... but he also knows it'd be a bad idea. That makes it even more important that he doesn't slip up and become Jack Clubs accidentally, in front of witnesses. Plus, do you know how freaky it is for a 16 year old to have all his hair fall out? No recovering from that on youtube.

No Hurt Jack's Friends - Jack has learned that the Ministry and the other sidekicks are his friends (Johnny encouraged this before realizing the downside) sometimes a threat to one of them might call Jack to the surface as well. Unless they are playing the game 'Punch Brass'. Jack like 'Punch Brass'.

Tame the Beast - Jack must be calmed in order for Johnny to re-emerge. He can be forced calm (by drug or power Forcing Johnny back even when it'd be disadvantageous) or talked into calm when a crisis is over or driven to pass out from Fatigue. Easier to do as Jack Clubs is prone to surging for a brutal series of attacks.
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Re: Flynn's Folio

Post by Flynnarrel » Wed Apr 25, 2018 4:34 pm

Ever since I read about an external procedure that can alter one's morality ( I wanted to explore a super-criminal having this happen to them by a well-meaning criminal-psychologist. The criminal-team on probation is the perfect venue for this. I've always wanted to see how her story would play to completion. I've also been fascinated by the nature of duality and the idea that the original psycho personality is in there and watching this do-gooder in horror. Will she earn redemption? Will some villain find away to cause the original to resurface or pull it out entirely to a separate being prompting a fight like in that Superman movie we all pretend doesn't exist? Who knows?

Her parents having died in one of the many super-powered fights that occurred in and around Freedom city Margaret Francis Kane was orphan and ward of the courts, in and out of the system and foster homes and generally harboring a growing hatred for the world from an early age.

Her mutant powers* emerged when her petty criminal boyfriend, just having robbed a convenience store in order to impress one of the city's many criminal gangs, and driving recklessly to avoid capture by the cops, wrapped his car around a telephone pole. Though her boyfriend was killed a vaguely reddish-blue force seemed to surround Margaret keeping the jagged metal and broken glass off of her. She fled the scene, finding that she could take to the air on broken parts of the engine block, and finding that bullets mostly bounced off the shield surrounding her.

(* At least, Maggie always assumes they are mutant powers. In truth, they may have a connection to a single session she had with a court-mandated therapist after being picked up for a misdemeanor. The therapist asked her what she wanted most in life and she responded 'enough power to get respect and do what she wanted'. This could have been Mr. Infamy.)

She resented the big gangs as much as the cops and avoided recruitment attempts, keeping to small gangs of rougher and rougher people, lending her powers to more and more daring heists. She enjoyed the terror in her victims' eyes almost as much as tearing vault doors off their hinges and killing alarm systems. She took the name 'Violet' after the color that her powers manifest as, and how similar it sounded to 'Violent'.

Eventually she was caught and locked away in a facility for powered criminals. A psychiatrist, Dr. Paul Harris, armed with a Trancranial Magnetic Stimulator and... result-driven ethics, discovered that he could tamper with the magnified magnetic fields of Margaret's mind. Over several months he reversed the polaric pathways of her brain and found her becoming less violent and less anti-establishment driven. A previously lazy ethic became hard-working and driven. She discovered remorse and asked for the chance to work *with* the law enforcement as 'Magenta' - an eager to be helpful reformed "honest" member of society.

The woman that she is today is cheerful and eager with an almost too-wide smile that, when she's gone too long between treatments, starts to crack around the edges. She's been studying psychiatric nursing to be able to help others as she's been helped.


Just after her arrest.

Today, after months of successful treatments.


Attributes: [10pp]
STR -1

Defenses: [28pp]
Toughness 2STA+8Forcefield=10

Dodge 2+6pp + 2shield = 10
Parry 6pp+ 2shield = 8
Fort 2STA+8pp = 10
Will 2AWE+8pp = 10

Advantages [6pp]: Improved Initiative, Equipment 1, Move by Action, Attractive, Task Focus(Disabling w/Technology skill) 2
from powers: Evasion 1, Second Chance (will vs. Mental Afflictions)

Equipment: Thermal-Mylar suit (Quick Change, immunity Environmental Cold/Heat, Rebeather, Commlink) 5ep
{This light-weight suit fits in a belt-pack and she can use her powers to slither it over any outside clothes in an instant.}

Combat(2/1) [4pp]
Ranged (Magnetic Array) 8,

non-combat(3/1) [20pp]
Deception 9 (+9/11), Persuasion 6 (+6/8), Perception 9(+11), Insight 9(+11), Technology 3(+3/+8 disabling), Stealth 6(+8), Investigation 6(+6), Expertise[Criminal]3(+3), Expertise[Streetwise] 3(+3), Treatment 6(+6)


Detect Metal (Mental), Ranged, Acute (one sense), Accurate(one sense), Radius, Extended, Quirk - only ferrous metals. Awareness (electro-magnetic force) [7pp]
{Maggie senses metals in the world around her through walls or the ground or whatnot. Further, she can detect when things put off an EM field (certain electronics, etc.) though with less pinpoint precision as her metal sense.}

Flight 6, [12pp]

Ionic Forcefield, Protection 8[8pp]
{At her command, a cloud of ionized particles are tethered within an inch of her skin. They intercept incoming attacks and though some are near-microscopic, the sheer volume can minimize blows.}

Dancing Metal Shields; Dodge 2, Parry 2, Evasion 1 [5]

Mental instability: Second Chance - Will vs. Afflictions with Mental Descriptor [1pp]
{The extra voice inside Maggie's head gets even more insistent when she's threatened with Mind Control of Mental Stunning, etc.}

Magnetic Control: Move Object, Area-Burst, Selective, Range- Perception, Limited - Magnetic objects, Feats: Subtle, Precise PR 10 [42pp + 7AEs]
AE: Extension of my Iron Will; Move Object, Range - Perception, Damaging, Subtle, Precise pr 10
{Magenta surrounds a single target with metal through which she can manipulate it directly.}
AE: Shrapnel Storm: Blast, Multiattack, pr 12, Precise (Ranged, Cover/Concealment), Indirect 4
AE: Transcranial Magnetic Scramble: Affliction, Area - Cone (Resist by Will, Dazed, Stunned, Incapacitated), Progressive, Reversible, Subtle (Magnetic senses), PR 10
AE: Metal Sculpture: Create Object (Metal), Movable, Continuous, Precise, innate pr 10
AE: Metallic ensnare: Affliction, Ranged, Cumulative, Extra Condition 2, Limited Degree (Resist by Dodge/Overcome by STR, Hindered & Vulnerable & Impaired, Immobile & Defenseless & Disabled), Homing 2, pr 12
AE: Reshape Metal: Transform Metal to differently shaped Metal, Perception, Continuous, Distracting, Precise, Innate, pr 10
AP: Focused EMP: Nullify (Electronics), Affect Objects Only, Broad, Area Burst, Selective, Simultaneous, Range-Close, Precise, Innate, PR 10

Initiative +6
Unarmed +0 to hit, DC 14 Toughness
Magnetic Control, Selective Area Burst - Disarm, Trip, Grapple Metallic objects DC20
Extension of Iron Will, Single target, DC25 Toughness, Perception, Can Grab, Trip, Disarm, Subtle, Precise
Shrapnel Storm +8 to Hit, Multiattack DC 27 Toughness, Indirect 4, Precise Range/Cover, Range/Concealment
Scramble, Area Cone, Dodge DC20, or Will DC 20 or 15 Affliction, Progressive
Create Drop +8 to hit, Dodge DC20 negates, DC 25 Toughness, Movable
Create Trap +8 to hit, Dodge DC20 escape, Movable
Ensnare +8 to Hit, Dodge DC22 Affliction, Homing 2

Attributes 10 + Defenses 28 + Advantages 6 + Skills 24 + Powers 82 = 150

Reputation - Some people remember her deeds as Violet. Overcoming those prejudice's may be too much to bear. Many may assume she's elaborately faking, unable to fathom how a psycho can turn such a drastic new leaf.

Recognizable - Although MUCH more readily identifiable in her mylar suit, the criminal justice system did nothing to preserve any semblance of privacy surrounding her publicized trial. Even without being suited up she may be recognized.

Treatments - Margaret needs weekly, if not daily (if under stress) sessions in the TMS machine.

Dr. Paul Harris - Margaret thinks the best of Dr. Harris but who knows what his full agenda might be.

Power Origins - In the GM wants, Maggie's powers could be a result of a deal with Mr. Infamy. How might the cosmic wish-granter feel about one of his wishes being 'corrupted' to turn a mortal to committing good deeds?

Violet - there is still that needling dark voice of Violet in her head. It could distract her at key times.

Needs metal - her Flight and many of her powers require metal in the environment. Magenta's law-abiding nature make her hesitant to use Traffic signs and fire hydrants and otherwise cause destruction of private or city property. If she does use any environmental metal, she'll try to put it back at the end of it's use.
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Re: Flynn's Folio

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Flynnarrel wrote:
Tue Jun 12, 2018 7:31 pm
I think this matches the tone of what you're going for.

Goo doesn't know where it came from, whether alien or a terrestrial biomass recently thawed from the depths of an ancient glacier, was it a god or a lab experiment dumped down the drain? Goo only knows 'waking up' on a beach with the other scum of the tide's leavings. Goo, knowing only hunger in it's disorientation made it's way up the beach to where it smelled the delicious popcorn, and possibly a poodle but we don't talk about that. The appearance of Goo obviously caused panic and concern but Goo didn't know why the peoples would scream and run from Goo.

Eventually Goo met up with a bunch of like-minded misfits.

Together, they fight crime.


Unknown Origins - Goo is intensely curious about where it came from.

Hunger - Goo is hungry a LOT. Read this as wanting to molecularly breakdown things at regular intervals.

Prejudice - being a shapeless amalgam of mostly biomass does not endear onesself into the hearts of the populace. It makes it difficult to get a decent burger.


STA 12
INT -1
PER -4

Toughness 12
Dodge 6+2pp = 8
Parry 8pp = 8

Fort 12
Will 4+4pp = 8

Skills [14pp]: Perception 8(+12), Insight 6(+10), Investigation 4(+3), CC: Natural Weapons 10(+10)

Advantages[8pp]: Fast Grab, Improved Grab, Improved Pin, Chokehold, Prone Fighting, Instant Up, Interpose, Fearless


Elongation 3 (30ft) [3pp]

Senses: Smell gains Accurate, Acute, Extended 2, Tracking, Vision gains radius, infravision [8pp]

Immunity: Critical Hits, Suffocation, All Environmental, Poison, Disease, [11pp]
Immunity (half effect): Aging, Sleep, Psychic/Mental descriptor [6pp]

Movement: Wall Crawling 1, speed 4 [6pp+ 3AEs]
AE: Insubstantial 1, innate
AE: Healing 10, Self Only, Persistent
AE: Morphic weapons: Striking Strength 5, (for a total of damage 10), Variable descriptor, (bludge/pierce/slash)

Molecular Breakdown; Weaken Toughness pr10, Also affects Objects, linked Damage 10 [30pp +3AEs]
AE: Spew sticky mass; Affliction pr 10, Area-Cone, Extra condition 2, Limited Degree (Resist bt Dodge, Overcome by Strength/Escape, Hindered&Impaired&Vulnerable, Immobilized&Disabled&Defenseless),
AE: Tentacles burst everywhere; Damage, Area-Burst, Selective, pr 10
AE: Nuero-slime coating; Affliction, Reaction/Aura (+3/r), Limited Degree, pr 10 (Resist by Will, Dazed, Stunned).

Abilities 44 + Defenses 14 +Skills 14 + Adv 8 + Powers 70 = 150
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Re: Flynn's Folio

Post by Ken » Wed Aug 15, 2018 10:49 pm

Flynnarrel wrote:
Wed Apr 25, 2018 4:34 pm
So... Freedom City is in Wisconsin?

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Re: Flynn's Folio

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Ken wrote:
Wed Aug 15, 2018 10:49 pm
Flynnarrel wrote:
Wed Apr 25, 2018 4:34 pm
So... Freedom City is in Wisconsin?
She was a google image find.
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Re: Flynn's Folio

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Flynnarrel wrote:
Sun Aug 12, 2018 5:35 pm
PL5 80

"I'm studying maximum limb radial torque tolerances so after this, assuming you're conscious, I'd appreciate a detailed accounting of your experience. And, it's for posterity so, please, be honest."

Tall but spindly, Zezzaka took little interest in the tinkering of machines that her fellows tended to gravitate toward. She, instead, was greatly interested in the humanoid form and the perfection of it's use that might be achieved as well as the shortcomings of it. The study of Martial Sciences (You'll never be able to get her to call it Martial ARTS) was a natural extension of her chosen field. Never possessed of a strong body she nevertheless trained her skills and intuitions as an alternate path to achieve perfection of form.

Daughter of a Diplomat she had many choices of monasteries to train at. (And in truth, her family didn't object her vocational choices as she was always a bit of a 'slow' child.) After several aborted attempts where the training was overly-rooted in mysticism she finally settled on one. After years of training she's finding that her studies hit a plateau and it was suggested that she find a more diverse pool of opponents to study.

OPL: 5; DPL: 5; HP: 2
Real Name: Zezzaka
Gender: Female, but mostly Androgynous-looking
Archetype: Monk
Age: 26
Height: 5-9
Weight: 145
Eyes: Red
Hair: Black [but Shaven]
Skin: Blue
Race: Vedalken
Alignment: Hero - Lawful Neutral
Occupation: Adventurer
Base of Operations: TBD
Affiliations: TBD


SKILLS [14 pt]: Acrobatics 8 (+10) [Agile Feint][Skill Mastery], Athletics 7 (+5/+9 escaping)[Skill Mastery], Close Combat [Unarmed] 6 (+6), Expertise [Theology and Philosophy] 1 (+1), Insight 2 (+6), Perception 2 (+6), Stealth 2 (+4).

Advantages [16 pt]:
Agile Feint - Use Acrobatics for feint
Equipment 1 - 5 equipment points
Evasion 2 - +5 Dodge vs. Area attacks
Follow-up Strike - critical hit = free attack
Improved Feint - Feint as move, no penalty
Improved Critical Unarmed 2 - 18-20 crit for unarmed attacks
Uncanny Dodge - Not Vulnerable when surprised/caught of guard
Power Attack 1 (Unarmed) - trade to hit for damage
Prone Fighting - No penalties to attack from prone, close attack have no bonus to hit you.
Skill Mastery(Acrobatics)
Skill Mastery(Athletics)
Sweeping Strike - Unarmed strike = free trip
Unbalancing strike - Close atk - choose Vuln instead of Dmg
Zen Strike - Awe for unarmed dmg

VEDALKEN: 11 pts
SKILLS: Expertise [Science] +4
ADVANTAGES: Languages (1) (Vedalken, 1 other, Base: Common), Second Chance (1) (Will checks against Magical Effects)
Long Lifespan: Feature 1 (Longevity); 1 pt
Four-Armed: Extra Limbs 2 (2 Arms); 2 pts

Hands as Weapons: Feature 1 (In situations where being armed is important, you are always considered armed, even when you have no weapons in-hand); 1 pt
Brilliant Chi: Feature 1 (Your life force is so abundant and focused that you can make it visible to others with a thought, whereas others with monk training can create a faint aura of light or a shimmer between their hands to impress others, HERS actually illuminates stuff. {Environmental Light, 30 foot, rank 1}); 1 pt
Monk Trained Physique: Immunity 1 (Disease), Speed 1 (4 mph/60 fpr), Leaping 1 (15 ft); 3 pts
Chi Levitation: Flight 1, Limited - Up and down only; 1pts
Grapple training: Enhanced Skill - Athletics, Limited to escaping grapples +4 ; 1pt
Chi Power: 6 pt Array, Quirk: Chi Limits (10 Chi power uses per day, DC15 Will check to use more); 11 pts
Wholeness of Body: Healing 5 (Extra: Persistent, Flaw: Limited to Self); (6)
Chi Projection: Extra Limb 1, Sustained, Projection, Subtle [Chi/energy senses to see it], linked Elongation 3 [60ft] linked Enhanced Lifting Strength 4, All Distracting; (1)
Fist of Flurry: Multiattack 4 Bludgeoning Strength-based [Unarmed] Damage 0 (Extra: Dangerous 2)]); (1)
Pressure Point Strikes: Affliction 8 (Resisted by Fortitude; 1st: Dazed, 2nd: Stunned, Flaw: Limited to two degrees), Accurate; (1)
Light tread: Water Run: Movement 1 (Water-Walking 2 [Normal speed]) & Wall Run: Movement 2 (Wall-Crawling 2 [Normal speed, Flaw: Limited to when running]); (1)
Ignore the Elements and Hardships: Immunity 5 (Heat, Cold, Weather Effects, Sleep, Starvation/Thirst Flaw: Sustained); (1)
Analyze Style: Perception Ranged Affliction (Resisted and Overcome by Will; Vulnerable, Defenseless), Conditions Limited to Your Attacks. Limited Degree, Insidious, Subtle, Activation - Move. pr 5; (1)

Magic Items:

(5 pts)
Adventurer's Kit: Backpack, Bedroll, Flint and Steel, Belt Pouch (empty), Trail Rations (10 days), Torches (5), Waterskin, Sack(empty); 5 pts

Acquired Items:

Initiative +2
Close Attack +0 []
Unarmed +6 [Unarmed (DC19 Toughness), Critical 18-20; Fist of Flurry (DC19 Toughness), Critical 16-20, Multiattack] Trip (opposed Acrobatics vs. Athletics or Acrobatics, Failure means she could be tripped) [Sweeping strike]
Pressure point +2 [DC18 Fort Affliction]
Ranged Attack +2
Analyze style [DC15 Will Perception-Range Affliction]

Dodge 2+3= +5 [DC15] Parry 0+6=+6 [DC16]
Toughness +4, Fortitude 4+1=+5, Will 4+1=+5

Abilities 10 + Skills 14 + Advantages 16 + Race 11 + Powers 18 + Defenses 11 = 80/ 80

Aloof: Vedalken are overly logical and analytical and do not concern themselves with emotional attachments in most cases.
Obsession: Vedalken are infinitely curious about the world and how it works and know that nothing is perfect, but that doesn't mean that can't try to make things so.
Eager in battle: Zezzaka revels in the opportunity to observe fighting and fights, she enjoys the opportunity to test her own abilities. She won't pick fights - she will SUGGEST fights. She will be dimly aware that fights can be prevented by things like talking, but she will wonder why, loudly.
Self-reliant: She eschews the use of implements for instances where a person'e physical form would do just as well. She understands if others, less on their path toward physical perfection must rely on them. But she will point this out, a lot.

Why are you adventuring?: The opportunity to observe and experience new opponents, and to share her observations of their inadequacies with a whole group of people is too tempting to resist.

Why might you have to be away?: Occasionally retreats are required to recenter one's Chi. For her that more involves climbing a mountain in a zen fugue than sitting by a lake and meditating.

Why might you have to leave?: Zezzaka's family, diplomats that they are finally recall Zezzaka to be a guard on dangerous diplomatic missions. Seeing the chance for more learning, understanding intellectually how good it is to support her family's prosperity, and not having any emotional ties to the rest of the party, She'll go.

Edit: With the abundance of characters with Healing I took off Lay on Hands and replaced it with a Chi Projection. An invisible ghostly arm projects from the center of her chest which she can strike with (unarmed), or lift with strength 2. Projected to a range of 60 ft. Also replaced Slow Fall with an ability to levitate due to her abundance of Chi and Uncanny Dodge.
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Re: Flynn's Folio

Post by Flynnarrel » Mon Aug 27, 2018 7:28 pm

Flynnarrel wrote:
Wed Jul 18, 2018 12:04 am
Name: Serina Valonsark
Archetype: Hunted Tevinter Altus, heir to the Valonsark family prestige. Spoiled brat
Class: Mage
Specialization: ?
Age: 19
Sex: Female
Height: 5'1 ft.
Weight: 120 lbs.


Character Stats

Level: 1
Hitpoints: 26/26
Mana: 20/20
Armor: 3
Defense: 11 (+1 from Spiked Buckler, 12)
Speed: 11
Experience: ?


Communication: 2+1(background random, 8)=3
Constitution: 2
(P)Cunning: 0 Focus: Arcane Lore
Dexterity: 1
(P)Magic: 4+1(background)=5
Perception: 2
Strength: -2
(P)Willpower: 4+1(background Random,12) = 5

Class Powers

Arcane Lance: By using magic as a focus, a mage can create a blast of raw arcane might at a target. This blast deals 1d6+ Magic in damage, and has a range of 16 yards.
Magic Training: The very basis of being a mage, allows for the use of spells and etc.
Mana points: A pool of arcane power which allowed for the use of spells and powers. A mage starts with 10 + Magic + 1d6, and raises by Magic + 1d6 each new level. Mana is normally recovered through rest or meditation.
Starting Talent: A mage starts out as a novice in one of three fields. (Note: Since Serina didn't qualify for any of those and given her background, GM let her take different starting talent.)

Talents + Misc.

(Novice)Intrigue: if Fail Communication(Deception) test, reroll.
Weapon Groups: Brawling, Quarterstaves
Languages: Tevintir, Trade Language,

Starting Money: = 55sp
Equipment: Currency: 0sp, 0cp
free: A backpack, traveler’s garb, and a waterskin. Quarterstaff/Staff, 1 weapon (Spiked Buckler)
Tent-small (10s), 2 Belt Pouch(2s), plate (7c), metal bowl (20c),
Rations 1wk (2s), Soap 1lb (15c), Mirror (3s), Chalk, white (2c), Chalk, red (6c), Chalk, blue (6c), Chalk, black (2c) {rudimentary make-up}
10 pages paper(30c), Ink-black(20c), 2 Quill (6c), 5 pencil (5c), 4 candle (10c), Sealing wax (5cp), Sealing Ring (5s) [Diplomatic Envoy],
Dress (12c), Mage's Robe (6s), Boots (5s), gloves (4s), Cloak (3s), Belt (7c), Brush(12c), Sash, (5c)
Light leather duster (15s)
Lesser Lyrium potion (30c)
[spent: 55s]

Gauntlet: Brawling, 1d3+1 damage
Quarterstaff: Staves, 1d6+2


Drain Life

Magic School: Entropy
Spell Type: Utility Mana Cost: 4 MP
Casting Time: Major Action Target Number: 12
Test: Constitution (Stamina) vs. Spellpower
Requirement: None
You suck life energy out of a visible target within 10 yards
to heal yourself. The target takes 1d6 + Magic penetrating
damage and you are healed by the same amount. Note this
only heals damage you have suffered; it doesn’t give you
bonus Health above your normal amount. If the target makes
a successful Constitution (Stamina) test vs. your Spellpower,
the penetrating damage is only 1d6.

Mind Blast

Magic School: Spirit
Spell Type: Attack Mana Cost: 3 MP
Casting Time: Major Action Target Number: 12
Test: Strength (Might) vs. Spellpower
Requirement: None
You create a circular blast of telekinetic force with a 2 yard
radius that’s centered anywhere within 50 yards that you can
see. Those caught in the blast are knocked prone and cannot
take a major action on their next turn. Targets that make a
successful Strength (Might) test vs. your Spellpower are only
knocked prone. In either case, any prepared actions are lost.


Magic School: Entropy
Spell Type: Attack Mana Cost: 3 MP
Casting Time: Major Action Target Number: 11
Test: Magic (Spirit) vs. Spellpower
Your magic drains a visible enemy within 20 yards of energy,
making them slower and more sluggish. The target suffers a
–1 penalty to Strength and Dexterity and a –5 penalty to Speed
for a number of rounds equal to the casting roll’s Dragon Die.
If the target makes a successful Magic (Spirit) test vs. your
Spellpower, they only suffer the Speed penalty.

Story blurb:

The daughter of Lord Magistrate Carson Valonsark and an Lady Beatriss, Serina inherited nearly unparalleled magical strength. Stronger in fact than her two older siblings, Martin and Amelia.

This insured that she remained on the political radar of her father's allies and rivals alike. When an 'accident' killed Magistrate Valonsark's eldest children, Carson arranged for his daughter to be assigned as attache to a Diplomatic mission leaving the borders and hopefully out of reach of Carson's rivals while Carson tried to work out which of his political rivals was so bold as to resort to murder. It almost worked.

Serina Valonsark was a spoiled, willful young woman, entitled and sure of her own untouchableness. She didn't fathom the danger she was in and resented being sent away from the comforts of the city in order to live in these (luxurious by all standards but hers) carts:

"Of course Daddy sent men-at-arms to protect me as well. Some laconic brute in an iron mask. There were others too, I think. I don't know, it didn't really matter anyway. In any case, I was only here to add legitimacy of my name to these negotiations, I wasn't expected to take lead in the negotiations. There was a more experienced Altus for that sort of work - and older matronly type by the name of Celeste Telumsin. She was at least a decent conversationalist (unlike the iron mask guy, though perhaps I should make allowances if he's mentally deficient or horribly scarred or something).

Celeste had an elf that she was training. Some 'escaped slave', which is a waste since clearly his magic was decently strong if unrefined. Beside, it's not a mage could ever really be a slave. Fiddle-snix!

Well, the caravan was attacked. Of all the nerve! Of course I'm not a 'battle mage' but I'm not useless! I would have stayed and fought, I mean, Helloooo! My family are Blood Mages. (Oh right! I'm not actually supposed to talk about that). And never let it be said a Valonsark shirked from danger or duty, but Iron Face man bundled me off (and, I think, a few others, but whatever). Worst yet, he refused to carry my trunks of clothes! I could only grab the barest handful of things to maintain civility. Of course Iron Face made me take things like food and water and one of the servant's tents (smells like feet, by the way). He insisted I bring my leather coat (even though it was SO hot and the seamstress I brought along hadn't even finished tailoring it and the embroidery is not even started, there were going to be dragons and stars and stuff). And he even found me the quaintest little shield (a shieldlette, I think they're called) with sharp pokey bits. It doesn't really go with my outfit but at least he's trying to accessorize. Oh, I also grabbed Celeste's writing kit and important papers. But seriously, he's making ME carry these things!

Yes, well, now we don't know where to go or who we can trust. We're in the middle of the gods-forsaken wilderness of all places. And my nails are in DESPERATE need of a beauty-maid's maintenance!"


Short term
Maybe if there were important papers that need delivering or signing to deliver those (or they could be junk).

Maybe try to get someplace safe and decent-smelling for a change.

Longer Term

Bring honor to house Valonsark

Stay alive long enough for my father to discover/deal with whoever is trying to kill me or deal with it myself if need be.


"Iron Face, the Mercenary my father hired."
"Huge hulking horned Qun primitive guy, another Mercenary my father hired"
"Nevin, I think his name is, the former pretend-slave elf mage that Celeste had taken in, but mine now."
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Current configuration Leveling Schema: 2: +p.adv(banked), Magic(Entropy) focus,Spell: Paralysis 3: +1 Con(3), Dexterity(Initiative) or Communication(Deception) focus,Entropy magic(n) talent 4: +1 magic(6), Magic(Spirit) Focus,Spell: Telekinesis 5: +1 Con(4), Constitution(Stamina) focus, Entropy Magic(j) talent, Entropy Spell: Miasma 6: +p.adv(banked), Willpower(self control) focus, Blood Mage Specialization(n) 7: +1 Con(5), Strength(Might) or Dex(init) focus,Entropy Magic(m) talent,Entropy Spell: Mass Paralysis 8: +1 Magic(7), Magic(Blood) Focus, Blood Mage Specialization(j), Spell: Blood Wound 9: +str(-1)?+com(4)?, ??? focus, Spirit Magic (n) talent 10: +p.adv(banked) Magic(Arcane Lance) or Willpower(Courage)??? focus, Blood Mage Specialization(m), Spell: Spell Shield? Drain Mana? Hemmorage? Force field? Thought-Taking? 11: +1 Str(0)?, Constitution(Stamina +3) focus, Spell: ????, Spirit Magic (j) talent, Spirit Spell: Dispel Magic or Mana Cleanse or Force field or Repulse field??? 12: +1 Magic(8), Magic(Entropy +3) focus 13: +(Comm? Perc? Dex?), Spell: ????, Spirit Magic (m) talent, Spirit Spell: ?????
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Re: Flynn's Folio

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Soyokaze or 'Gentle Breeze' wandered the land in the visage of the kindly old man, once a traveling healer and herbalist, his face cracked with rivers of laughter that seemed to pour from his eyes. In reality, Soyokaze has been a kindly old man for a long time now. He is hengeyokai, a being that can take both the form of both a man and an animal. Like other crane hengeyokai, he is gentle and kindly, spreading life and health, but he is also quick witted and curious, learning the divination arts and alchemy, wind binding and sorcery (wu). His simple clothes are replete with vials and jars, sachets of herbs and jars of poultices.

He has taken a position as physician and healer for Oda Nobunga - under the condition that he treat commoners and royals alike, without prejudice or reprisal for a laborer who needed, say, a leg meded, while a noble lady had to wait for her pet shiba inu to be cured of worms. It can be trying dealing with the ruling cless of this province. Nevertheless, his divinations said that this is where his aid will be most in need.

He is slow to anger and quick to laugh. In a fight he is an elusive foe with a speed that belies his apparent age and will direct others or use some alchemical trick to confuse.


'Gentle Breeze'


Attributes: [22pp]
STR -1

Defenses: [18pp]
Toughness 4STA+2roll+2protection=8

Dodge 2AGI+4pp+ 2 = 8
Parry 6pp+ 2 = 8
Fort 4STA+4pp = 8
Will 4AWE+4pp = 8

Advantages [6pp]: Improved Initiative, Defensive Roll 2, Evasion 2, Alchemist (Inventor[potions only w/Alchemy]),

Perception 6(+10), Insight 3(+7), Expertise(Alchemy) 9(+11), Treatment 8(+10), Persuasion 10(+10), Investigation 8(+10),

'Powers': [52pp]

Hengeyokai (Crane): [4pp+1AE]
(Human) Parry +2, Dodge +2,
AE: Morph (Metamorph), Activation - Standard
Crane: trade -3 PER for
Shrinking 4 (-1Str {for STR-2 total}, +2 Active Defenses, +4 Stealth, -2 intimidate)
Flight 2(Winged)

Hengoyokai traits:
-Senses - Low-light vision, [1pp]
-Immunity Aging, Sleep (Half effect) [1pp]
-Protection 2 [2pp]

Onmyoji (The practice of Lucky directions):
Inspire 5, Leadership, Luck 4(Activating Advantages only) [10pp]

Fujin's Boon:
Immunity - suffocation, gas attacks [4pp]
Manipulate the Subtle currents; Move Object pr 1, Perception, precise, Subtle [5pp]

Alchemical Array (Removeable) 25pool + 5 AEs, -6 [24pp]
{If someone steals or divests him of all his Alchemical trinkets and reagents he can use none of these effects}
Smoke Bomb; Concealment pr 6 (All visual, All Olfactory), Attack, Area-Burst, Continuous, Fades, Trigger - breaking a clay pot.
{Noisome, thick smoke fills an area around the clay pot whenever/whereever it breaks, it stays obscured for 2.5 minutes, clearing gradually}
AE: Befuddle dust; Affliction pr 8, Area-Shapable, Cumulative (Resist by Fort, Dazed, Stunned, Incapacitated), Subtle
{with a handful of dust and a few whispered words of Wind Wu, opponents can be made woozy.}
AE: Paralytic Darts: Affliction pr 10, Ranged, Accurate 3, Homing 2, Extra Condition, Limited Scope (Resist by Will, Vulnerable and Impaired, Defenseless, and Disabled)
{Taking a few sharpened crane feathers coated with a frog's nuerotoxin, he launches them with a bit of his wind magic; they follow a target should they fail to lodge at once}
AE: Make Whole Salve; Healing 6, Restorative, Affects Objects Also, Persistant, Stabilize, Activation-Move
{This salve can knit bone and flesh as well as a broken wall. It is all the same.}
AE: Wuxing; Transform (Anything to Anything) 4, Continuous, innate, Precise, Activation - Move {12 lbs.}
{This is the crux of his alchemical knowledge.}
AE: Wind Bottle; Deflect, Reflect, Redirect, pr 8, Side Effect (Failure on Deflect and he must make a Dodge DC18 or be rendered Prone), Accurate 4, Precise 4 (close/range, concealment/Cover ), Extended Range
{Holding an air bladder that is fit to bursting, he carefully manages the stopper to release targetted bursts of wind at attackers. They can blow strikes off course, back at the attackers, or even to other enemies. There is a risk of it blowing him down.}

Initiative +6
Unarmed +0 to hit, DC 14 Toughness (DC13 toughness Crane-form)
Smoke: 30ft radius smoke blocks sight and confuses scent
Befuddle Dust: Affliction, Area-Shapeable, Dodge DC18, Fort DC18 or 14
Paralytic Dart: +6 to hit, Affliction Will DC20
Wind Bottle: Deflect 1d20+8, Reflect/Redirect, +8 to hit

Attributes 22 + Defenses 18 + Advantages 6 + Skills 22 + Powers 52 = 120


Pacifist - Soyokaze will avoid harming others where possible. His first recourse will be for peaceful resolution through dialogue. He will never strike the first blow.

Charitable - He will always lend aid and will be quick to do so regardless of the risk to himself.
"Something pithy this way comes."

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