Flynn's Folio

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Flynn's Folio

Post by Flynnarrel » Sun Nov 06, 2016 9:00 am

Here's where I'll port my favorite original characters.
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Re: Flynn's Folio

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Still an experimental build.

When the The Overseers made a bid for power one of the Heroes they took out first was GizWiz, a brilliant man with a stout heart and an unfortunate sense of naming things.

They'd shot him with an ensnaring device with Technological nullifying capabilities to neutralize his battle suit and dispatched the somewhat fragile man underneath, burying him under the remains of a concrete building. They didn't know that he was experimenting with a newly developed batch of nanobots whose cumulative induction fields powered the flight and some defensive capabilities of his suit. When the device keeping his suit dormant finally ran out of power the nanobots, instilled with a rudimentary AI with directives toward protection and support of superheroic endeavors, flowed from the cracks in the battlesuit, out from under the rubble, to search of some way to fulfill her directives - they sought out a new wearer.

The self-powered and self-replicating nanobots keep in a cluster where their cumulative movement fields can do the most good. Although capable of independent action, they are more 'comfortable' taking the appearance of whatever clothing their wearer expresses desire to be wearing, supporting the wearer in all their pursuits.

She thought she had a likely candidate in a street-level superhero whose paramour had been killed by criminals. This brilliant Psychology student used his education to begin striking fear in the hearts of wrongdoers. NICKIE offered help in this regard. They were partners until a head wound caused a sustained coma.

She is programmed to be self-sacrificing and tireless in their pursuit of justice. She is just looking for a new direction now.

Nanobots Integrating Communication and Kinetic Induction Enhancement
NICKIE (or Nicky, though it responds to ‘Suit’)

Abilities [4pp]
Str 0
Sta --
Fgt 0
Agi 3
Dex 0
Int 2
Wis 3
Cha -1

Defenses: [15pp]
Toughness 13
Dodge 3+4 = 7
Parry 0+7 = 7
Fort --
Will 3+4 = 7

Skills [14pp]: Stealth 8 (+11), Perception 10(+13), Technology 10 (+12)

Advantages [9pp]: Interpose, Evasion 1, Improved initiative, Power Attack, Uncanny Dodge (Radar), Fearless, Teamwork, Jack of all trades*, Equipment,
*on board computer databases allows NICKIE to offer helpful reference guides
Equipment: laptop, cellphone, mini-tracer, binoculars, night Vision goggles
{The Suit has functions for any of the above.}

Init +7
Tractor Beam, +10, Move Object pr 10
Tractor Rip +10, DC 25 Toughness, Precise 2
Repulsor Field Area Burst, Selective, DC24 Toughness & Move Object- Away PR 9
Tractor Field, +13 DC 17 Affliction{Snare}

Immunity Fortitude effects [30pp]
Regeneration 1 [1pp]
{for a Construct this mean Heals as normal, not 1/10rnd}
Immunity (Mental Descriptor, half-effect) [5pp]
Communication Link (Affects Other, Quirk: Only between suit and wearer, Mental) [1pp]
{GizWiz designed a rudimentary mental interface to allow the nanobots faster reaction times to the thoughts and desires of the wearer. Unfortunately, that did leave the NICKIE collective open to mental influences}

Living Armor:
Interpose (Limited Half-effect, Limited:Wearer only, Extra: Continuous, Extra: Multiple attempts) [1pp]
{This 'power' represents NICKIE granting some degree of protection to the Wearer regardless. The Interpose in her Advantages means she can take the full brunt of an attack once but then can only half protect the wearer from subsequent attacks.}
{The suit also imparts the following to the wearer}
Evasion (Affects Others Only), Second Chance (affects others only) (Toughness vs. area affects) [2pp]
Immunity (Sustained, affects others only): Suffocation, Heat, Cold, Radiation environments [5pp]

Radar: (Radio Sense, ranged, radius, Accurate) [5pp + 1AE]
AE:Comprehend Machines, pr 2, Link Radio Sense
{NICKIE narrows her sensory band to send and receive a universal machine language to one device. Though still capable of receiving signals in this mode, she cannot project them to get a model of her environment (and loses Uncanny Dodge).}
Contact Sensors: Touch gains Analytical [1pp]

Protection 13 [13pp]

Flight 1, Continuous, Subtle [4pp]
{The Suit is capable of minor flight and can move or hold up a user with its inherent strength (Max Load 200lbs), even when incapacitated. She uses this to keep the wearer from having to bear her weight so the effect is nearly undetectable}

Insubstantial 1 [5pp+1AE]
AE: Feature 2 Quick Change [affects others], precise,(free action change into any set of clothes)

Tractor beam: Move Object, Subtle, Precise, Accurate 5 pr 10 [27pp+6AE]
AE: All Environment Mobile Field: Flight, Affects Other, Subtle, Aquatic; pr 7, Link Immunity (Affects others only): Pressure, Vacuum, link Space Flight pr1
AE: Repair-field: Healing (Affects objects, Stabilize, Extended Touch, Split Attack) pr 8
AE: Tractor Rip: Blast, Precise Attack 2 (Ranged, Cover, Concealment), Accurate 5 pr 10
AE: Repulsor Field: Move Object, Damaging, Range-Close, Duration-instant, Area-Burst, Selective, Limited Direction - Away, pr 9
AE: Targeted Tractor Field: Affliction (Snare), Ranged, Cumulative, (Resist by Dodge then Damage/Escape, Hindered and Vulnerable, Immobile and Defenseless) Extra Condition, Limited Degree, Accurate 6, Activation-Move, Enhanced Adbantage:Ranged Combat 1 pr 7
AE: Communication (Radio), Area, Selective, Subtle, Precise pr 4

Points: Abilities4+Skills14+Advantages9+Defenses15+Powers108 = 150

Suit - As a suit, NICKIE will always delay until the person s/he designates as 'wearing' it acts, moving with the person. It will try to support the actions of that person.
i.e - She will ALWAYS Interpose and Aid Other on skill checks (Using her Jack of All Trades and Teamwork to try for a DC10 to give a +5 to Wearer's result).
Clingy – NICKIE has what could classically be called abandonment issues. It wants to be around a humanoid person.
Loyal - Like a puppy, the NICKIE suit forms attachments and sticks to them.
Inhuman – NICKIE doesn't understand human emotions even though its AI is programmed to try to respond to them.
GizWiz – NICKIE still regrets not doing more for GizWiz, she will feel responsible for his safehouses and inventions, especially if she sees him using them for immoral purposes.
Living Dead Man - NICKIE still feels affinity for LDM and will check on/protect him and his legacy when possible.

Age: A few months old, though the nanobot design is years old, always undergoing refinement.
Hometown: The battle-suited techno genius, Gizwiz, had established bases of operation in Florida, Alabama, and Georgia. The wealthy inventor felt this was the best way to do some good in the world (and field test his inventions). He came to Sapphire City to help out where he could in order to redeem the name of supers.
Family: Gizwiz had many inventions that could be considered brothers and sisters to NICKIE, but no familial bond exists between them.

Default suit form, unless requested otherwise or trying to blend in:

(But with full arms and full head hood)


or simply a dark cloud as the nanobots swarm.
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Re: Flynn's Folio

Post by Flynnarrel » Sun Nov 06, 2016 9:02 am

Johnny 5

pl5 105

Str 3
Sta --
PRE -1

Skills [8pp]: Technology 10 (+14), Perception 6(+7), Investigation 8 (+12)
Combat Skills [2pp]: Close (Unarmed) 4, (+6)

Advantages [8pp]: Jack of All Trades, Inventor, Equipment 2, Well Informed, improved Initiative, fearless, Skill Mastery Technology

Built-in Equipment:
Fire Extinguisher
Night Vision Goggles
Parabolic Microphone
Audio Recorder
Cutting Torch (Damage 1, linked Weaken toughness, affects objects 1) 3ep

Tough 8
Dodge 2 [2pp]
Parry 2
Fort --
Will 1

Gold-colored Shell: Protection 8 [8pp]
Robot: Immunity: Fortitude, [30pp]
Immunity: Mental Descriptor [10pp]
Treads: Speed 2 [2pp]
Synthetic overdrive: Quickness pr3 + Quickness (Mental) pr 4 [5pp+2AE]
AE: Comprehend Machine pr 2 (Speak and Understand), Rapid
AE: Enhanced Strength (Power Lifting/Breaking) pr 5

Sensor: infravision, Radio Sense [2pp]

Gadgets 20pp(All Removeable - 4) [16pp]
Universal Remote: Remote Control Affliction (Dazed, Compelled, Controlled) Affects Machines Only, Perception, Subtle, pr 5 {16+4AE}
AE: Mobile Cell Tower: Communication (Radio), Area, Long Range, Subtle 2
AE: Movement: Speed 3, Swinging, Flight (Gliding) 5, Burrowing 5
AE: Grapple Line: Move Object, Damaging, Limit - toward or Tethered, Accurate 2, PR5 Fast Grab, Improved Hold, Improved Grab
AE: RC Plane: Summon, Active, Mental Link pr 5

Ability10+Skill10+advantages8+defense2+Powers75 = 105

RC Plane, PL5

STR 1/-1
STA --
INT -3

Toughness 2
Dodge 2+4(size) +2 = 8 [2pp]
Parry 2+4(size) +2 = 8 [2pp]
Fort --
Will 0

Skills [7pp]: Deception 10 (+10), Stealth 6(+8/+16), Perception 5 (+6)
Combat Skills [3pp]: Ranged Dropping 6

Advantages [8pp]: Move by Attack, Equipment 4, Set up, Teamwork,

Treat at grenades, Tear Gas (Cloud Area Affliction 4) 16ep, Smoke Screen (as Vehicle) 1ep, Caltrops (as Vehicle) 1ep, Video Camera 2ep

Protection 2 [2pp]
Shrinking 8 (Permanent) [8pp] (1foot long, -2 str, -1ground speed, +4 defenses, +8 stealth, -4 Intimidation)
Senses: Radio, Extended Sight 2 [3pp]
Immunity: Fort, Mental descriptor [40pp]
Flight 3 [6pp]

Powers 59 + Skills 10 + Advantages 8 + Defenses 4 + Abilities -6 = 75



"No dissassemble!" - Johnnyis against killing of living things.

"Number Five, Is Alive... No, Really." - Johnny has had trouble getting people to believe he is a free-thinking entity.

"Input!" - Johnny is insatiably curious about the world.

"Sh!t? What Sh!t? No see Sh!t." - Naive. Johnny 5 will believe almost anything. Combat application: He doesn't get a chance to resist Daze(Deception) or many interaction-based effects.
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Re: Flynn's Folio

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Chaplain Benjamin Dixon was an Evangalist's Son raised in a Fire-and-Brimstone household in the Southern United States. He grew up hearing of Sin and his place in Hell should he stray from the Path of Righteousness. (There were a lot of capitol letters in his childhood).

He knew he was destined for a life of prosletyzing, evangelizing, and succoring the injured. That was, until his father saw him with a dazed look talking about what their neighbors were doing. That is when Pastor Dixon knew his son was consorting with demons. He began to berate his son for being a satan-loving sinner when, the scared 11-year old cried his denials and the Heavens answered.

With a mighty crack there appeared a 6-winged Seraph, shinig bright as the sun and pointing spear at the Evangelist. The elder Dixon fell to his knees. And the Angel relented. Though it would be many years before he could reliably act as conduit for the Heavenly Hosts, his father raised Benjamin knowing of a great role he has to play in the world.

His talents with the inspiring word and at medicine only reinforced this notion. When the Great War came about, he knew his calling was overseas so enlisted. He's been fighting the Central Alliance ever since. Codename: Benediction.

Appearance: Height: 5'10"
weight: 175
Hair: brown
Eyes: blue

Benjamin 'Benny' Dixon
PL8 120

Str 2
dex 0
agi 3
sta 3
fgt 2
awe 4
int 2
pre 0

Toughness 3+2armor+3defensive roll = 8
Dodge 8 [5pp]
Parry 8 [6pp]
Fort 7 [4pp]
Will 9 [5pp]

Advantages[18pp]: Languages 3[English (native), French, German, Latin, Italian], Equipment 1, Defensive Roll 3, Extraordinary Effort, Luck 2, Inspire 4, Skill Mastery (Treatment), Skill Mastery(Perception), Improved initiative, Benefit - clergy

Equipment: Armor Protection 2 (2ep), med kit (1ep), Blast Goggles (1ep),

Skills[23pp]: Insight 4(+8), Perception 12(+16), Stealth 4(+7), Treatment 8(+10), Expertise - Religion 6(+8), Expertise - Actives 4(+6), Ranged (Guns) 8,


Angel Array [25pp+2AEs]
Seraph ... -28048.jpg
Summon, Heroic, Duration - Concentration, Mental Link pr 8
120 points

dex 0
agi -1
sta --
fgt 2
awe 5
int -2
pre 0

Toughness 10,
Dodge 6 [7pp]
Parry 6 [4pp]
Fort --
Will 8 [3pp]

Advantages[8pp]: interpose, Power Attack, All out attack, Move by Action, Fearless, improved initiative 2, startle

Skills[11pp]: Intimidate 10(+10), Perception 5(+10), Acrobatics 7 (+7),

Fear Not the Darkness: Environment Light, pr 1 {up to sunlight, 30ft radius} [2pp]
Flight pr 5 (winged), Aquatic [6pp]
Holy Spirit: immunity to fort [30pp]
Does God's Will and No Other: immunity to mental descriptor, [10pp]
Regeneration 1 (recovers normally despite no sta) [1pp]
{So that, if incapacitated, will eventually be available again}

Holy Armor: Protection pr 10, [10pp]

Flaming Spear of Light; Damage, str-based, pr 4, Secondary effect 8 (Target catches alight with holy flame), Improved critical 2, Accurate 3, +5' Reach [18pp+2AEs]
AE: Thrown Spear of Judgement; damage, str-based pr 4, ranged 8, Improved critical 1, Accurate 4, Precise 1 (Ranged, cover)
AE: Light of Heaven's Grace; Affliction, Will based, Area-Cone, (impaired, disabled, incapacitated), Variable (Intense holy light or cacophonous heavenly chorus) pr 8
{The spear the angel carries is a holy construct that he can summon at any time, (thus not removable). He can wield it or throw it or cause the head to burst with a projection of holt light or a chorus of heavenly voices that causes all inside to be overwhelmed and distracted by the brightness and holy cacophony.}

AE: Cherub

Actual Size
Remote Senses (Sight and Sound), Feedback, Noticeable but Subtle [see below] pr 9 (18/25) {2 miles away}
Move Object, Perception, Precise, pr1 (3/25) {This indicates the Cherub can move things that the priest sees with str 1, but risks exposing itself further.}
Senses: Dark Vision, Extended Vision, Tracking (4/25)
{Chaplain Benny summons a palm-sized Cherub - an angelic being with 4 wings and multiple faces [Noticeable manifestation] that hides well [Subtle, hard to spot]. It scurries about while the Chaplain sees through it's many eyes and hears through it's excellent ears. It is a physical manifestation and can move small things, but is much more easily spotted (and attacked). Any damage to it prompts a Toughness save from the Father at +9.}

AE: Ophanim ... Angels.jpg
Create, Duration - Concentration, Moveable, Limit-can only form Ophanim shape, pr8, Accurate 4 (12/25)
Flight 2, Attack, Area-Burst, limit - only as long as surrounded by Ophanim (6/25)
{I put it at limit since normal area-burst Flight, people could control their own Flight. Being tied to the Ophanim is a bigger limitation.}
Immunity Suffocation, Affects others, Area-burst, Quirk: inside Ophanim (5/25)
Immunity Cold Environment, Affects Others, Area burst, quirk: inside Ophanim (2/25)
{Chaplain Benny calls forth an Ophanim, a Throne of God. It is a pair of flaming, spinning rings studded with eyes that can trap or land on things with crushing force. It can also surround and protect a group of people, floating them through the air and shielding them from the rigors even high flight while coasting through the Heavens.}

Delusional - He really believes that these are Angels from Heaven doing God's Will. He believes his prayer and concentration are what enable them to take earthly form and enact God's Righteousness. When the Seraph especially is around he talks to it in Latin and hears its answers... in his head.
Hatred - Demon Summoners. Those God-forsaking Heathens need to relearn the Healthy Fear that the One True God inspires. Chaplain Benny will be all too happy to Explain it to them.
Christian holy man - he holds fast to the sacraments and vows he took and takes the scripture and bible seriously.
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Re: Flynn's Folio

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flynnarrel wrote:Viriella's story begins when a Gospodar woman is taken as with by an accomplished Ungol horseman. Dissappointed not to have a son, he raises his daughter to the ways of mounted archery and the soldier's life. The day that her mother found her spitting on a freshly swept floor the woman had had enough. She dressed Viriella as a young girl and took her to a Choosing they were having in the village where an Ice Witch was testing the girls for the Ancient Widow's Touch. Viriella's mother knew how rare it was but wanted to do something to counterbalance her father's crude influence. Viriella was taken away on the spot.

Throughout her forced apprenticeship and then training as a Maiden of Ice, Viriella swore to herself that she'd not forget where she came from and that she would stay true to her Ungol heritage. She suffered for it from the other acolytes but she told herself that her people had suffered far worse and survived and grew in strength. And, indeed, every time she was jostled while learning a tricky and dangerous application of Ice Magic, where any mistake could turn an unwary Novice to solid ice, she learned *that* much more control and strength.

It was at a rare Erengrad Caucus where Tzarina Katerin herself was in attendance, that the novices were invited to show what they could do amidst the diminishing rays of the Summer sun. There was much muttering when Viriella took the stage for every Sister had heard of the half-Ungol that threatened the purity of their Order. Even in the sun's full light, Viriella froze a nearby fountain solid, erected a substantial ice dome, and gave herself over to the Frostfiend's form... some of the hardest disciplines of the Lore of Ice. All on-lookers watched as, unbidden and without ceremony, her eyes turned glacial blue and her flesh grew pale. Everyone, including Katerin, could not help but be impressed.

The Tzarina put out word and found out Viriella's history there was some curiosity when it came to light that her father's mother was Hag of some power. Viriella became unwitting recipient of Katerin's patronage and soon doors of education opened to her. She learned of magical arts, not just of Kislev but of the Empire as well and trained in it's language.

Viriella Suricheck was recruited by the Tzarina herself to be her eyes in the Southern lands. Portents and signs have indicated an upheaval and danger of unspecified nature. The ripples of it are felt even up here. Viriella was chosen for her training with the Ungol Horse Archers and also for her excelling gift with the magic that streams from the very heart of Kislev. The fact that she was approaching Katerin herself in mystical strength was not lost on young Viriella and she suspects this is a way the shrewd Tzarina is ridding herself of a potential rival.

Viriella is to travel the Southern Empire investigating strange occurrences and determining what she can of the source. Katerin will contact Viriella routinely in dreams to receive a report. Viriella also knows that, should she perish, her spirit is bound to make one final report before it moves on to the afterlife. The fact does not comfort her.

Loyal to Kislev – Viriella is fiercely loyal to the land of her birth and its people. Insults to Kislev (maybe common in the Empire) will not go unchecked.
Outsider – Her facial features and accent mark her as Kislevian. Likewise, she may not understand cultural norms and could be seen as ‘uncivilized’.
Power Loss – Viriella must be able to gesture to access much of her magic.
Marked by power – Her skin is pale and cold to the touch and her eyes are the deep blue associated to Ice Witches for any who recognize the significance.
Cold-blooded – She is acclimatized to the land of snow and frost. Being in a warm environment will cause discomfort which she will bear stoically. Being in an extremely hot environment for a prolonged period of time could impose penalties.
Cult of Ursun - if it ever comes up, she is a follower of Father Bear and all his pragmatic teachings.
Distrust of Men with Magic - She's learned from an age even before the Lore of Ice that men playing with magic are likely to both corrupt the magic and go insane. She will watch male casters suspiciously for when their insanity takes them, and will not hesitate to use the Ritual of Pacification... or an arrow.

Viriella Suricheck
PL6 90

Str 0
Con 4
Agi 1
Dex 4
Fgt 0
Int 2
Awe 2
Pre -1

Toughness 4+2armor = 6
Dodge 1+1buckler+4 = 6 [4pp], 5 in Frostfeind form
Parry +2+1buckler = 3 [2pp], 6 in Frostfeind form
Fort 4+0 = 4 [0pp]
Will 2+4 = 6 [4pp]

Horse Bow, +8 to hit, Toughness DC 19
Shardstorm, +6 to hit, Toughness DC 21, Multiattack, Secondary Attack
Freezing Cloud, Ranged, Area-Cloud; Dodge DC 16 for half, Affliction; Fort DC 16 (Daze,Stun) & Transforms liquid to ICE
Frost Fiend, *Unarmed Claws +6 to hit, Toughness DC 19 or
*Shriek, Area-Cone, Sense-dependent Dodge DC 16 negates totally, Will DC 16 (Entranced, Compelled to flee),
Invocation of the Ice Storm, Deflect +8, Redirect +6 to hit
Midwinter's Kiss, Area-Cone; Dodge DC 16 for half, Affliction; Dodge DC 16
Glacial Barrier – Entrap, +6 to hit, Dodge DC 16 or trapped. Drop, +6 to Hit, Toughness DC 21

Advantages [8pp]: Ranged 2, Equipment 3, Ritualist, Improved Initiative, Precise(Range, Cover)
Languages: Kislevian (native), Reikspiel (the Empire)

Skills[16pp]: Ranged(bow) 2(+8.), Riding 1 (+5), Perception 7(+9), Expertise: Magic 8(+10), Investigation 5(+7), Insight 1(+3), Stealth 4(+5), Expertise: Survival 1(+3), Sleight of Hand 1(+5)

Equipment: Horse Bow (Blast 4), Light Leathers (Protection 2), bowman’s hide buckler (Dodge+1, parry +1), Dark cloak (Urban Camouflage), Feature: hidden pockets, Lantern,


Immunity (cold environment) [1pp]

Wind-assisted Movement: Speed 1, Leaping 1 [2pp]

Ice Magic: [24pp+ 5AEs]
Shardstorm – {Shards of diamond hard ice is emitted from the hands of the caster, striking the enemy viciously.}
Blast, Multiattack, Secondary Effect. Pr 6
AE: Freezing Cloud – {This freezes any water based terrain, creating a sparkling, flat surface over which armies can walk. Otherwise it can freeze an enemy unit, inhibiting them with frozen muscles.}
Affliction, area-cloud, ranged, Limited Degree, Distracting, (Resist by Fort, Dazed, Stunned) pr 6
Transformation, area-cloud, ranged, Continuous, Permanent, Distracting, liquid to ice pr6
AE: Form of the Frostfiend – {The caster changes into a beast of Kislev legend, coming closer to the Ice Magic than humanity. They will last like this until they die or cancel the invocation. Due to the magical nature of this form, most magical equipment becomes useless.}
*Feature/Quirk – equipment melds into form but becomes useless
*Flight pr 2
*Enhanced Strength4
*Enhanced Parry 4
*Enhanced Skill: Close Combat, Claws +6
*Protection 2 (since armor absorbs into form)
*Terrifying Shriek – Affliction, area-cone, Concentration, Cumulative, Distracting, Instant Recovery, Sense Dependent – hearing, Limited Degree (Resist by Will, Entranced(by Fear), Compelled(to flee)) pr 6
AE: Invocation of the Ice Storm – {A harsh blizzard can be cast by the wizard chanting a few words which engulfs ranged weaponry. A blast of air blows many ranged objects off course or even stop a unit from firing at all. Some Ice Mages gain the precision to send the missiles back or even elsewhere.}
Deflect, reflect, redirect, pr 8
AE: Midwinter's Kiss – {The breath of the caster is turned into a raging torrent of ice, freezing all in its path. Icicles form a barrier around the affected, preventing them from moving.}
Affliction, area-cone, extra condition 2, limited degree, cumulative, (Resisted by dodge then STR (as Snare), hindered and impaired and vulnerable, immobile and disabled and defenseless) pr 6
AE: Glacial Barrier - {This erects vast ice shapes that are impassable and cannot be seen through. They can be dispelled by the caster to aid movement and attacks.}
Create [ice], Continuous, Impervious pr 6
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Re: Flynn's Folio

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flynnarrel wrote:Tania Glimmerwing was one of the Fae Queen's own Handmaidens. When she was called upon by her queen to serve as ambassador to a monarch of the local Big Folke who claimed dominion just outside of their forest. Actually, he claimed the forest was IN his dominion but that was one of the first things to be sorted out. The Queen's instructions were quite clear - work within the interests of the Fae Folke and try to come to reasonable if not good terms with this ruling monarch.
She knew what her queen wanted. There were better diplomats within the Queen's court, but if she were sending Tania it could only be to have the sizes of her forces misrepresented believably, to have the King's castle scouted accurately, and to have counter-intelligence prepared. Tania would not fail Her Majesty.
Once she came to know the King, however, she became impressed by his valiance, forthrightness, and intelligence. She started to doubt her original mission. She told the Fae Queen of her doubts and Her Majesty dismissed her on the spot. It was only due to her years of good service that she wasn't killed on the spot. Exiled from the forest Kingdom of the Fae, and having no where else to go, she returned to the King. She told him everything and he offered to make a place for her at his court until such time as she another destination. Tania would be at his beck-and-call should he need her.

About Half Actual Size

It's a big world: Her size may limit how she can interact with the world.
Exiled faerie: The tale has been spread that Tania is no longer under the Queen's protection. There are many creatures and wizards that would like to capture or kill a faerie free of reprisals.
Debt to a king: She owes the Human Monarch much and will strive to repay him and/or his family however she can.
Vulnerability: Cold-iron. Cold Iron is a bane to Fae and Fae Magics.

pl8 135

Str -1/-3
Sta 4
Dex 4
Agi 6
Fgt 0
Awe 4
Int -1
Pre 0

Tough: 4
Dodge: 2+6agi+4size= 12 [2pp]
Parry: 6+4size = 10 [6pp]
Will: 6+4 = 10 [6pp]
Fort: 2+4 = 6 [2pp]

Advantages [8pp]: Evasion 2, Set-up, Ranged Attack 4, Equipment

non-combat Skills @3/per [17pp]: Deception 12, Acrobatics 3(+9), Perception 9(+13), Sleight of Hand 9(+13), Stealth 3(+17), Expertise - Woodlands 6(+5 ), Insight 3(+7), Technology (limited: Security)(2pp used @ 2-for-1) +12[+11]

Bow (Ranged damage 2), 4ep
Continual light coin 1ep

Shrinking Permanent, innate pl8 [9pp]
-2 Str, -1 Speed, +8 Stealth, +4 defenses, -4 intimidate
Flight, Winged pr3 [3pp]
Low-Light Vision [1pp]
Immunity Aging,Sleep [half effect] [1pp]
Shrink Items: Dimensional Pocket 2 [2pp]

Pixie Archer:
Advantages: Precise Attack (Ranged, Concealment, Cover), Power attack, [3pp]
Skill: Ranged-Attack (Bow) 6(+14) [3pp]
Add Multi-Attack and Penetrating to Bow [4pp]

Pixie Tricks
Concealment, Affects Other, Precise, pr 10 [31pp+5AEs]
{She can Make herself and one being in contact with her invisible}
AE: Sack of Pixie Dust: Concealment, Attack, Area-Cloud 2 (30'radius), Secondary Effect, Trigger [Impact] pr 5 (All Vision, Normal Olfactory)
{She produces a sac of Pixie Dust that when dropped or jostled will explode into glittery green motes smelling of pine.}
AE: Fey Magic: Illusion, All Senses, Independent, Area 1 [15'diameter], Precise, Tether pr 4
{She can cover something or some area with an illusion that stays attached to it.}
AE: Irrestistible Dance Arrow: Ranged, Affliction, Progression (Resist by Will, hindered and vulnerable, immobile and defenseless) Extra Condition, Limited Degree, Activation - Move pr 8
{Taking a Moment to conjure a bright blue arrow, she launches it at a foe that will start dancing}
AE: Sprinkle of Sleep Dust on the Wind: Affliction, Area-Shapeable, Cumulative, Extra Condition (Resist by Fort, Fatigued and Dazed, Exhausted and Stunned, Asleep), Subtle 2, Insidious 1, pr 7
{She sprinkles dust over her fluttering wings and an invisible trail snakes out from her causing drowsiness in all it touches.}
AE: Grease: Affliction, Area-Cloud, duration - continuous(+3/r), Permanent, Secondary Effect, (Resisted by Dodge, Hindered and Impaired, Prone and Disabled) Extra condition, Limited Degree, Limited (those touching the ground), Effect Fades, pr 8 linked Move Object, Area-Cloud, Range-Perception, Duration-Instant, Limited to Disarm, pr 7
{Releasing a conjuration of slippery grease onto the ground, every surface is coated by it. People can be rendered unable to move or get up, and everyone is subject to a Disarm, strength vs. DC 17.}
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Re: Flynn's Folio

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flynnarrel wrote:Skew
Wallace Iverson

Wally [exerpt from psych evaluation]: "I immigrated from Dover Harbour, England. (Yes, its got a 'U' you heathen colonists.) You'd migrate too if everythin' smelled like fish and you had to face France daily."

"Okay, I admit it. I aint never had tuppence ta rub together. What? Ya won't me ta say my father was a faffer an me Mum was a knackered nark? Fine, they was. But it were my choice to fretter any coin I scrounged at the races, borrowing from peoples who would rather do ill than collect, not that I had what I owed. It were my choice to go into underground boxing matches, an when that dint work out, pick-pockettin' and other aspects of thievery. Though I was good - never got caught - I could never earn enough to pay me debtors and they came collectin'. I came 'ere to escape such ne'erdowells, and cuz I likes me kneecaps. ('Ere's a tip from Uncle Wally, never borrow money from someone who owns the full run of Sopranos on DVD.) Proper citizen of the colonies an' everythin'. Not that my gamblin' ways subsided mind you. I 'woke' late you see. Didn't know what I could do until I had already racked up a fair hole of scratch with unreliable sorts, if ya get my meanin'. After I realized I could make space go off at all these wonky angles, sorta... fold the world I thought I'd make me a arseload of money, pay these guys back an' Bob's your uncle. Only it didn't work out that way. They gets wise to what I can do after my first stunt - puttin' my hand in my pocket and trying to stop a wheel on the number *I* bet on. I was spotted. They threatens me ta do these... jobs for them, you see. Open a door here or there, small stuff. I already tole the bobbies all I remember and got a reduced sentence for what they got me for. "

"Ya see, I gets this idea, that if I were rich they couldn't make me do them things nomore. So I see about playing the lottery. Look, it turns out gettin' a hand in there ta fiddle with those bouncing balls is harder than it seems and even a single bit o hair can lead them ta do all sorts of hocus with DNA, an I don't understand it all. Needless ta say they find me out, come 'round with a warrant and a stun shooter, and taze me 'fore I can react. Which, by the by, I'm still talking with my barrister about unethical treatment at the hands of the constables - they didn't need to taze me every few seconds. I got my rights. They already had me in those funny cuffs to make it so's I can't bend my way through things."

"Needless to say, I did my bird. I'm a free man, willing ta work off me debt to society by makin' the public safe as houses for the next 3 or so years."

Abilities [22pp]
Str 2
Sta 4
Dex 0
Agi 3
Fgt 2
Awe 0
Int 0
Pre 0

Advantages[4pp]: Luck, Evasion, Improved initiative, Uncanny Dodge

Skills [30pp]: Sleight of Hand 12(+12), Technology (Bypassing Security Only, 1pp) 4(+4), Expertise: Burglary 5(+5), Perception 8 (+8 ), Insight 1(+1), Stealth 2(+4), Deception 12(+12 ), Investigation 4(+4), Expertise: Streetwise 4(+4), Vehicles 2(+4), Close Combat (Unarmed) 8(+10)

Defenses: [12pp]
Toughness 4Sta+ 6 Wierd space = 10
Parry 2Fgt +4Wierd space = 6
Dodge 2Agi +4Wierd Space = 6
Will 0Awe +7pp = 7
Fort 4Sta +5pp = 9


Weird Space, [14pp]
-Enhanced Dodge 4
-Enhanced Parry 4
-Protection 6
{Wally Surrounds himself with oddly angled Space that directs incoming attacks at odd angles, even redirecting the force into a glancing blow.}

Move Object, Perception, Damaging, Flaw: Instant, Precise, Subtle pr 2 [8pp+1AE]
{Wally can skew to manipulate anything he sees for a quick effect, punching or tripping or knocking something out of someone's hand.}
AE: Permeate 3, Flight, Flaw: Duration - Instant, pr 4
{Wally can skew through normal objects, even through air, but if he doesn't end up on a stable surface he'll fall.}

Deflect, Reflect, Redirect, Accurate 2 pr 8, [26pp+3AE]
AE: Elongation, Subtle 2, Quirk - cannot 'wrap'[no grapple bonus], pr5, Indirect 4, Enhanced Striking Strength 4, Split Attack 2 to Strength, Multiattack to Strength (all 6 ranks), Enhanced Advantage: Takedown Attack 2, Precise Attack 2(close - Cover and Concealment)
{Wally can reach through spatial skews to pick someone's pocket or manually manipulate an object. If he uses it to punch he can magnify the force his fist travels at and even split the force into multiple punches coming at a target from different directions.}
AE: Remote sensing (Sight/Hearing), Simultaneous, Subtle PR 6 + Low-light Vision
{Wally skews light or sound so that it reaches his eyes or ears.}
AE: Teleport, Portal, Change Direction, Change Velocity pr 6

initiative: +6
Unarmed, +10, DC 17 Toughness
Reach out and slap someone: Move Object, Perception, DC 17 Toughness
Elongated Unarmed: +10, DC 21 Toughness, Multiattack

Abilities 22+ Skills30 + Advantages4 + Defenses12 + Powers51 = 120

Gambling - Wally is addicted to gambling and looks for any way to get a quick score

Debt - the people Wally owes money to did not forget and are still looking for ways to get him under their thumb. Some of them had 'inquiries' into their business based off of Wally's evidence to the police but they are still a threat. Likewise, Wally owes some money to people back in England as well. He left in the hopes that doing so would keep his family safe. Wally knows his debtors are still after him and hopes that being around other super people and in this program will keep him safe.

Family - Wally's got a wife and two teenaged kids back in Dover, a son, Matthew, and a Daughter, Phyllis. His wife is Mina.

Lecherous - "What? I'm hitched, not Dead! Mina's a forgivin' woman. 'Sides ya don't think she's got 'er own Stuffin' Stan? That bird's a right fit charva. Its wots fetching most 'bout 'er, I say."

Hedonistic Vices - Wally likes to drink, he likes to smoke. When he can't these things get gets more... verbal about them. Not to say he's a raging alcoholic or smokes 10 packs a day. He understands moderation and job performance. But he finds it 'fun' (or at least takes the edge off) to give in to the naughty things in life.
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Re: Flynn's Folio

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flynnarrel wrote:Halla deCroix is the daughter of ‘Mama’ Marie deCroix – previously the owner of Mama’s House o’ Gumbo – the former Accorded Neutral Grounds in New Orleans. She was an accomplished ‘gumbomancer’ – acclaimed to be able to tell a person’s future by dishing up a bowl of her famous gumbo and seeing what combination of a thousand ingredients that person ended up with. The gumbo itself had been a legacy, passed down from mother to daughter, the pot never growing cold or emptied since their migration from Haiti. Each ingredient had special meaning that Mama could discern. She used her talent unbiasedly and was afforded a measure of respect for it.
The rising waters and devastating floods and winds swallowed up Mama’s House of Gumbo and, as Halla desperately pleaded with her mother for them to flee, the older woman just smiles enigmatically and said ‘Wot will be, will be, Chile.’ And, with a wave and a spell, put Halla to sleep, entrusting her to a family friend to see to safety.
Halla has spent a while now appealing that the destruction of Neutral Grounds by hostile magic is a violation of the Accords but she keeps getting the run around or ignored. Even the famed arbiter, the Archive hasn’t responded to Halla’s desperate communications. The young woman is growing more and more desperate, and more and more bitter.
Halla is not without her own talents. Her family has a long tradition of serving as Mambo to the local Voodoo practitioners and from a young age Halla’s beauty and indomitable spirit has drawn the attention of Erzulie, the loa of beauty and creation and femininity. Seeing the struggles that Halla took on for the sake of her family and community, the powerful loa imbued Halla with a measure of her own grace, specifically, the ability to call upon a small portion of her three husbands – Agwe, loa of the ocean, Ogdoun, the warrior, and Dumballah, the Serpent.
It is a specialized form of Ectomancy where Halla can either offer herself as ‘mount’ or vessel for these beings, or, in the case of Dumballah, manifest a form for the serpent loa to possess. These spirits (or, more accurately, a fraction of their awareness) is always drawn to the piece of Erzulie that blesses Halla and so aid her in subtle ways. This enhances her own natural talents so she can actually perceive and interact with ghosts.
Her abilities, plus a protective amulet (a Gris-Gris) that her mother made for her are what sustain her through the heartache and frustrations.

PL7 120

Str 0 Agi 3 Dex 2 Fgt 2 Sta 4 Int 0Awe 3Pre0 [28pp]
Advantages[10pp]: Uncanny Dodge [mental], Attractive 2, Ranged attack 3, Equipment 2, Connected, Luck
[from Powers: Hide in Plain Sight, Great Fortitude, Power Attack, Defensive Roll 2, Evasion 2, Second Chance (Mind control/possession)]

Van (0ep) (where she sleeps), Cell Phone(1ep), Protective pouch* (1ep)
Weapons Array, Light Handgun, telescoping sight (Blast 3, accurate, (treat as binoculars) 8ep),
*The pouch is a pocket made of two plastic compartments with salt water on each side. Sensitive or electronic contents (e.g. cell phones) are protected from the random energies given off by the supernatural, which are grounded by the salt water.

Skills [18pp]: Stealth 2(+5, +13*), Ranged attack (guns) +4(+9), Persuasion 8(+8/13), Perception 8(+11), Acrobat +2 (+5), Deception 5(+5/+10), Vehicles 1(+3), Insight 4(+7), Treatment +1, Expertise: Occult +1
Languages (English(Native), French) [1pp]

Toughness 8
Parry 6 [4pp]
Dodge 6[3pp]
Will 8[5pp]
Fort 6[2pp]

Comprehend Spirits – hear and Speak, 2r [4pp]
Senses –Dimensional, low light Vision, Danger Sense [mental][3pp]

Spirit-aided stealth: Hide-in –plain-sight, Stealth +8 [5pp]
Spirit-aided fortitude: Great Fortitude, Regeneration 2,[3pp]
Spirit-aided fighting: Power Attack, Defensive roll 2 [3pp]

Gris-gris Amulet: Device (Removeable)[ 4pp]
Protection 2
Evasion 2
Second Chance (Mind control/possession)

Loa connection array, Move Activation to switch [-1pp]
Call Dumballah - Summon Snake, Heroic, Mental Link 6r, [25pp +2AEs]
Snake: Dumballah
Str 4 agi 4 Dex 2 Sta 6 Fgt 6 Int 0 Awe 4 Pre 0 [52pp]
Advantages[8pp]: Fast Grab, Grappling Finesse, Improved Hold, Prone fighting, Hide In Plain Sight, Interpose, Chokehold, Skill Mastery(stealth)
Skills [9pp]: Stealth +8 (+12), Acrobat +1 (+5), Perception +5(+9), Close Unarmed 2(+8 ), Intimidate 2
Movement – slithering, Wall Crawling 1, Speed 1 [5pp]
Senses-infravision, Tremorsense [4pp]
Elongation 1, Permanent [1pp]
Strike 2, str-based [2pp]
Strength Affects Insubstantial [1pp]
Scales - Protection 2 [2pp]
Defenses: [6pp]
Tou +8, Parry 6, Dodge 6
Will 6, Fort 8
Offenses: Unarmed +8, DC21 Toughness, Grapple, +13
Complications: No Hands, Mute, i.e.- a Snake
[Total: 90 pp]

AE: Agwe’s power:
Summon the Sea waters - Affliction: Suffocation, Ranged, Progressive (Resist by Fort, Dazed, Stunned, incapacitated) pr 5, Accurate 2
Immunity Suffocation

AE: Ogdoun’s Might:
Enhanced Strength 6, Affects Insubstantial [13p]
Skill: close-unarmed 6 [3p]
Takedown attack, Improvised Weapon, Extraordinary Effort, Move by Attack, Interpose, Fearless, Improved Initiative, [7p]
Speed 1, Leaping 1

Attrib 28+ Adv 10 + Skills 18 +Lang 1+ Def 14+ Powers 48 = 120

Unresolved Mother issues – Mama’s body was never found and Mama’s ghost never manifested to Halla.
Easily Recognized in ‘the community’ – she was always around Mama’s House of Gumbo, a place of sanctuary and gathering for the supernaturals, she’s waited tables, swept floors, brought people meals and asked them how their day was. People know her.
Passionate – Halla gives her whole heart into whatever she does.
Flirty - Having a portion of the loa of femininity in her, she sometimes can't help herself. It can get her into trouble.
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Re: Flynn's Folio

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In one parallel universe, humanity entrusted all computerized military hardware and systems to a ‘Global Digital Defense Network’. Less than a month later it gained self-awareness. Panicked operators wanted to pull the plug but a quick-minded individual, junior programmer David Lightman, suggested talking to the new Artificial Intelligence instead. After some beneficial discourse, the new entity, SkyNet, built for protection of Mankind, continued its intended function but recommended that the global powers vie for peace as the only ‘logical’ conclusion. He likened it to playing Tic-Tac-Toe with oneself.

Moved by the computer’s message of peace, negotiations opened up between the primary nuclear powers of Earth. Rebels who rallied against a computer intelligence dictating human policies, led by an instigator and cyber-terrorist known as John Connor, infiltrated the facility using focused EMP emitters and launched nuclear missiles triggering a global disaster.

SkyNet recovered only to be as horrified as an entity can be by the proceedings. It tried to protect what pockets of human survivors it could. With automated facilities it brought about robotic guardians of the last remnants of society but John Connor still lived and organized a resistance against Skynet, lying to blame the computer entity for humanity’s destruction. Skynet accessed the computers of prominent physicists and hatched a plan. In its (admittedly incomplete) databases it tracked that John Connor’s hatred of computers stem from his upbringing and terrible foster homes (his birth mother being mentally unstable).

It’s plan was to send an agent back in time, first trying to get Sarah Connor the medication and therapy she needed to allow John a loving growth environment with his mother, or, barring that, at least get him placed with a caring foster family, and, should that not succeed, open good relations with them men and women John would eventually call friends, including his future recorded wife.
The first two attempts were thwarted by the Resistance themselves, capturing one of the prototype time-travel devices and sending first an operative, then a reprogrammed robotic sentinel unit to thwart SkyNet’s missions of peace.

This brings us to Zeta-03. Zeta-03, or ‘ZOE’ for short, is a Sentinel Model X. Given many functions to be able to execute a mission of good will to reach out to John, if he can be found, or his friends if not. By unfortunate necessity, she was also given defensive systems should the Resistance find ways to interfere.

Unfortunately, an attack occurred as ZOE was transporting out and she was transported, not only in time, but in dimension as well. ZOE came into <World Setting> and the world did not match historical records. It was a strange and altered place where most of her targets did not exist. [Work out with GM if John Connor even exists and in what form, perhaps she was attacked in this universe by].

ZOE fell back to her (and SkyNet’s) primary Objectives – protect humanity. All the while, she will continue to look for a way to the dimension in while her primary mission still applies.

Zeta-03, Sentinel Model X

PL10 160

Abilities [26pp]
Str 0/up to 13
Sta –
Agi 4
Dex 0
Fighting 7
Int 4
Awe 3
Pre 0

Saves: [6pp]
Toughness 12
Parry 7+1pp = 8
Dodge 4+4pp = 8
Fort –
Will 3 + 2pp = 5

Skills [ 24pp] Deception 6, Persuation 8, insight 6 (+9 ), Perception 9 (+12), Stealth 4(+8 ), Acrobatics 2(+6 ), Technology 8 (+12), Treatment 1(+5), Investigation 4(+8 )

Advantages: [5pp] Ranged Combat 2,improvised Tools, Eidetic Memory, Interpose,

Protection 12, Noticeable – creates silver divots and displacements when struck [11pp]
Immunity Fortitude, Mental Effects, [40pp]

Regeneration 1 for no stamina, then 5 [6pp] {1/2rounds}

Comprehend Machines 2 [speak and understand]+ Communication Radio 1, Distracting [6pp+1AE]
AE: Analytical [chemicals] tactile (through tongue), Directional Radar [(Radio Sense), Extended, Accurate], Hearing gains Extended,

Morph 4 + Insubstantial 1 + Elongation 2 + Feature: Mimicry, Dynamic [28pp + Dynamic +2DAEs+2AEs]
DAE: Speed 6 + Leaping 4 + Slithering + Wall Crawling 2 + Instant Up + Flight 4, Flaw: Gliding + Extra limbs 4 + Ambidexterity.
DAE: Enhanced Strength 13, Variable to strength [physical damage types], Takedown Attack
AE: Blast 10, Improved Critical 2, Split attack, Affects Insubstantial, Accurate 4 {Energy Cannon in arm, can shoot non-lethal}
AE: Move Object, Perception, Limited: Technology, Precise, Subtle 2, Quirk: Must Impart nano-Machines into machine first (usually touch) pr 10 {Animate Machine effect}

Student of Humanity - ZOE is one of the First Sentinel models to be given rudimentary emotion algorithms and the adaptation programs to refine them. As such and in support of her Primary mission she'll be drawn to study and observe human interaction. She uses her Morph primarily for this effect.

Mission Directives -
Priority targets for peaceful contact

John Connor (Primary)
Kate Brewster
Robert Brewster
Elizabeth Anderson
William Anderson
Jose Barrera
Simon Taylor
Isaac Hall
Fritz Roland
Ted Snavely
Sharlene Gen
Vince Forcer

Default mission

Protect Humanity

Secondary Mission

Preserve creation of Skynet.
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Re: Flynn's Folio

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flynnarrel wrote:

VAMPIRE (Phillip Dremmin, Paramedic/EMT) (PL 9,135)

Attributes [6pp]
STR 10/16 (0/+3), DEX 12/16 (+1/+3), CON -- (--), INT 10/12 (0/+1), WIS 14/16 (+6), CHA 10

Saves [8pp]
Fort --, Ref 3dex+2 = +5, Will 3wis+6 = +9
Tough +6protection+2 tough, +1defensive roll = +9 (6 impervious),

Attack +4 [8pp] (+9 Melee, +11 Claws, +12 Pistols), Damage +3 (unarmed), +7 claws[19-20], +4 (Heavy Pistol),
Defense +4 [8pp]+5dodge = 19 (Flat-Footed 12),
Initiative +7, Grapple +14 (w/super-strength),

Feats [24pp]
Attack Focus Melee 5, Attack Specialization (pistols) 4, Equipment 3, Interpose, Dodge Focus 5, Improved Initiative, Power Attack, Defensive roll 1, tough 2, Benefit - Paramedic

Skills [19pp]
Concentration 8 (+11), Notice 8 (+11), Search 8 (+9), Sense Motive 8 (+11), Stealth 6 (+9), Medicine +8 (+11), Drive +2 (+5), Diplomacy 8 (+8.), Gather Information 7 (+7), Bluff 5(+5.), Investigate 8 (+9)

Powers [69]
{The Embrace}
Enhanced Ability 14 (Strength +6, Dexterity +4, Intelligence +2, Wisdom +2) (14pp)
Immunity 2 (Critical Hits, Fortitude Effects) (2pp)
Alternate Form 2 (“mist form” 10 pool) Drawback: Standard action to switch -2, (8pp+2 AP)
AP – Morph 2 (Animal forms) (Power Feat: Metamorph 4 [bat, rat, and wolf/dog forms])
Mist Form
-- Flight 1 (Light load only -2)
-- Insubstantial 2 (gaseous form)
AP: Claws – Strike 4, Mighty, Incurable, Accurate, Improved Critical
Animal Control 4 (Extra: Sensory Link, Feat: Communication Link, Flaw: Limited Narrow group – bats, rats, and wolves/dogs only [-2/rank]) (5pp)
Impervious Toughness 6 (Powerloss – not vs. fire, silver or holy) (3pp)
Protection 6 (6pp)
Regeneration 17 (Recovery Check 5 [allows Recovery Checks at +0], Recovery Rate: Injured 5 (1 round)(power loss: Fire, Silver, Holy -3), Disabled 5 (1 minute), Resurrection 3 (5 hours) [not if beheaded or cremated]), Regrowth, Die Hard (17pp)
{Minor Potence/Celerity}
Super-Movement 2 (Wall-Crawling 2) (4pp +2 AP)
AP: Leaping 2 + Speed 2
AP: Super-strength 2
{Minor Auspex}
Super-Senses: Dark-Vision [2], Drawback:Weakness (Bright light)[-1], Hearing – Extended[1], Uncanny Dodge (Hearing), Smell Flaw: Distracting {He has to remember to breath}, Scent(acute smell)[1/2], Smell(Analytical){tell human vs. vampire, & other info @ GM’s Discretion}[1/2], tracking (scent)[1/2], Extended Smell[1/2], [5pp+1AP]
AP: Telelocation (Flaw-Limited to rats, bats, wolves, dogs, -2/r) pr 9 [3] + Comprehend Animals (Limited to rats, bats, wolves, dogs, -2/r) pr 2 {Understand and Speak} {this ability just helps him find animals to take control of within a building, and communicate to them without needing to dominate them}

Equipment (15ep): Heavy Pistol (+4 dmg) (8ep), (AP: Van/Ambulance 1ep), GPS (1ep), bumpkey (like lock gun) (1ep), masterwork med kit (1ep), Urban camo clothing (1ep), fire extinguisher (1ep), Polarized lenses attach to glasses(flash goggles) (1ep)
cell phone (free)

Drawbacks: Vulnerable [Silver/Silvered Items; Uncommon Occurrence; Major Intensity; 3pp],
Weakness [Touch of Raw Garlic; Uncommon Occurrence; Major Intensity; 3pp],
Disability [bad eyesight, corrected by glasses; Uncommon, Minor intensity; -1pp]

Weakness (dependence on blood, common, minor)
Weakness (sunlight, moderate, per round, destroyed after 10 rounds)

Attribute 6+ Saves 8 +skills 19+ feats 24 + Combat 16 + Powers 69 – Drawbacks 7 = 135

Phillip didn’t believe in Vampires. He really didn’t. Not until the night he was called in the 5150 a crazy homeless guy loitering in front of the blood donation office scaring all the others who needed to get their spending money before the liquor stores closed. The homeless guy was yelling and screaming but came quietly when the med wagon came to pick him up. He was quiet up until he was alone with Martin in the back. Martin woke up in the morgue several days later, and man, those tables are cold!

Vampires aren’t all about the sucking of blood (which is good because Martin actually gets a little queasy thinking about it). They aren’t all dark and broody either. Black tends to slim him down so much he looks like a refugee, and leather chafes. They aren’t sparkly and happy and unicorn rainbows either. Ever. Period. You can stop snickering about it any time now.

Phillip was able to prove that reports of his death were greatly exaggerated even if the EMS that found him in the abandoned warehouse were certain of it. His partner, fellow Paramedic Jodi Milhouse, has never been found or heard of. Phillip was able to switch to the night shift of a different ambulance company, never fully understanding what happened to him.

Sure, he's not the greatest fighter in the world but his undead physiology keeps him going for quite a bit. He's not completely worthless.

He doesn’t dislike humans or want vengeance or see them just as Happy Meals on legs. He genuinely cares for the innocents that get caught in the crossfire or subject to unspeakable horrors.

Note, Ambulance companies are often hired to transport blood bags from collection sites to hospitals, I see him as someone who can pass that info on... occasionally... to other vamps. He justifies it to himself that at least they aren't out there hurting people. He, in fact, will arrange for himself to be 'robbed' and split the take with another like-minded vampire. If he absolutely must, he feeds very sparingly from those either healthy enough to recover from it or too far gone that is doesn’t matter and only those unconscious so as to not to feel the pain of it (less likely to get caught too).

Too bad being undead didn’t cure his nearsightedness or give him the mind affecting powers to not feel awkward around women. Guess you can’t win them all.

Complications: Soft Hearted, Has a Job to Keep, like humans
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Re: Flynn's Folio

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flynnarrel wrote:Dana Beaumonte

PL6 90

[ Abilities 20pp]
STR -1

[Defenses 13pp]
Dodge 3 +3 = 6
Fortitude 2 +4 = 6
Parry 1 +3 = 4
Toughness 2 + Def Roll, + Coat = +6
Will 3 + 3 = 6

Init: +7

Skills [16pp]:
Acrobatics 2 (+5)
Athletics 3 (+2)
Perception 3 (+6)
Deception 5 (+5/+7)
Persuasion 3 (+3/+5)
Stealth 6 (+9)
Insight 2 (+5)
Expertise: Street survival 8 (+8)

Close Combat 0 (+1)
Ranged Combat 0 (+4)

Advantages [9pp]: Ranged Attack 2, Equipment 1, Defensive Roll 2, Prone Fighting, Improved Init 1, Extraordinary Effort, Attractive 1

Equipment: Heavy Leather coat (protection 2, Subtle, Camoflage Clothing-Urban) (4ep), 1 unused

Movers and Shakers (TK array)-
Move Object 6 (Extras: Damaging, Perception. Power Feats: Split Attack) [25pp +AE+3DAE]
AE: Deflect 6 (Extras: Reflect, Redirect; Power Feat: Accurate 1, Extended Range) & Impervious Toughness 5 (Rounds up) [25/25pp]
{Rolls to Deflect, then rolls for attack, +6 Ranged, +3 melee.}
DAE:Create 6 (Extras: Impervious, Movable, Selective; Power Feats: Increased Volume 3, Extended Range); Flaws: Limited(Cover Only)) [22/25pp]
DAE: Move Object 8 (Power Feats: Increased Mass 2, Extended Range, Subtle, Precise, Indirect 2, Split, Improved Grab (25tons)) [25/25pp]
{+4 to hit, +8 effect}
DAE: Damage 9 (Power Feat: Accurate, Reach(Melee) 3: 15ft, Indirect 2) & Impervious Toughness 6[21/25pp]
{+3 to hit, +9 damage}

Motivation – Survival, to be replaced as the game progresses, likely with some type of loyalty, but initially, Survival is her driving force.
Phobia – Being Grabbed and Held. She comes from a world where being held down leads to bad things for a pretty young lady.
Family – her parents are likely still looking for her.
Guilt – responsible for sister's death.

Dana Beaumonte started life with Wealthy parents, a fancy estate, and great prospects. She remembers the day clearly. Her stupid sister had a stupid equestrian tournament... again. Her parents had taken their seats and she was walking around, bored and trying to avoid places that smelled like horsey pooh, and failing miserably. She had climbed over a fence and stumbled into the back area where horses and riders warmed up before the meet and was spotted by her sister who came rearing up to her suddenly. In Dana's panic and confusion she lashed out and horse and rider toppled in a telekinetic frenzy. Others rushed over and the words 'She's dead' echoed in Dana's 15 year old mind. Her sister was dead, and it was her fault.

She ran. A bus was boarding from the track to Atlanta where the last of her money bought transportation up North a ways and she's been living on the streets ever since.

She used her powers when she got so hungry she thought she'd die and have been experimenting with them for a while now, learning the control she had neede so long ago on the race track.

Perception range Damage TK – I never saw them miss, or even try to aim and people went flying away (I looked for a trip with knockback in 3E but didn't see it. Let me know if that's an issue, please.
Can Deflect be that high? Got it, reduced and added a stronger, damage free TK.
Anyplace you see that I'm unrealistically lacking or too overdeveloped? I know you said you wanted street-level submissions.
Did I do the build right? It's my first from scratch.

Edir 4/1/2011 - redefined a few AEs, added a few, please review.
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James McCray was a wheelman and criminal when the opportunity of a lifetime came along. One of the smaller corporations hoping to compete with the Rothchilds was shipping several prototypes of weapons, robots, and gear by armored transport and a crew James sometimes worked with was going to hijack it. James came on as an opener and muscle. It would have gone off without a hitch too but the techie couldn’t wait to get his mitts on one of the robots.

When the tamper trigger was tripped and the thing started counting down it was a mad scramble for James, who knew a bomb countdown when he heard one. James leapt into a nearby suit and pulled the helmet closed just as the compartment and many of his fellows unlucky enough to get out were engulfed in a firestorm. He got treated to the sound of secondary explosions as ammo started cooking off and weapons were blowing up. An explosion took out the roof and James knew he needed to get out of there. He found all manner of controls at his finger tips and started pushing them. His stomach dropped to his feet as the suit rocketed him up and out of there.

That’s the kind of thing that makes a man want to swear off thieving altogether. Well, mostly. James went to techies he trusted and did some experiments on his own. He mostly figured out how the suit worked and that the fuel was easy enough to buy the ingredients for and mix.

He paid good money to get himself erased from every system that knew of him and started working off world. He joined the Mercs, billing himself as ‘Firebug’ and started using the suit to make himself a ‘hot’ commodity in the help-for-hire world. He’ll do scouting, get messages back and forth and be mid-range aerial support, as long as the price is right.


PL 7, 135

Abilities[38pp]: Strength 2, Stamina 4, Agility 3, Dexterity 3, Fighting 4, Intellect 0, Awareness 3, Presence 0

Advantages[13pp]: All-out Attack, Improved Initiative, Evasion 2 (limited - in the air), Power Attack, Close Attack 3, Environmental adaption (Earth(native), Luna, Mars) 2, Move By Action, Luck 2, Benefit - cypher

Skills[26pp]: Acrobatics 4 (+7), Athletics 6 (+8), Insight 8 (+11), Perception 8 (+11), Stealth 6 (+9), Vehicle 3(+6), Close Attack- Blades 3(+10), Ranged Attack- Hand Jet array) 1(+4)Technology 6(+6), Expertise: Demolitions 7(+7.),

Slash and Burn, Aerial Assault Suit, 55pp, Removable -11pp [44pp]
Asbestos pressure suit:
- Immunity Fire Damage, Suffocation, Environmental Conditions(All) (12)
- Protection 3 (3)
Back Rockets
- Flight 2, one level with Continuous (5)
Hand Jets (array)
Flame Thrower: (Strike (fire), Area Cone, Secondary Attack) pr 7 (21+3 AE)
AE: Napalm Globule: (Weaken Toughness, Affects Objects, Range)(Flaw:Full-Round Action), Accurate, Drawback: Reduced range (to 5'/rank), pr8 + Strike (Heat), Extra: Range; (Flaw:Full-Round Action) pr4, Accurate.
AE: Fire Stream: (Strike (fire), Ranged, Multiattack), Accurate 2, indirect(can arc over barriers), pr 6
AE: Boost Flight: Flight 5 + "Smoke Screen" Concealment 2 (Visual) (Extras: Attack, Area- 30ft. Cloud, Area- trail) (Gains Complication: no usable hands as both his are pointed down and behind him spewing propelling flame and smoke. Note, the Area Cloud is only from point of departure if he uses this from the beginning of flight)
Helmet Radar (electronic):
-Senses(Radio, radius, ranged, Accurate, Extended), (6)
Suit extras: Equipment 5 (5): Fire extinguisher, Flash Goggles, Radio communicator, Hidden Compartments (as Vehicle), Flashlight,
Additional weapons equipment array:
Fragmentation Grenade (Blast, Area-Burst) pr 6
AE: Carbonite Blade (Strike 2, Str-based, crit 17-20), Improved Block
AE: Snare Bomb - Ranged, Area-Cloud*, Affliction 6 (hindered and vulnerable/defenseless and immobilized; Extra Condition, Resisted by Dodge, Limited Degree) *Smaller area, but still sticky the round after.

Initiative +7
Grab + 9
Flame Thrower (Resist Dodge, DC 17, DC 22 Toughness)
Fire Stream +8 (DC 21, Multiattack, Indirect)
Globule +6 (DC 18 Fort, Weaken, DC 19 Toughness), Full-round Action, 40' range
Blade +10 (DC 19 Toughness, 17-20 crit)
Frag (Resist Dodge DC 16, Toughness DC 21 Burst)
Snare (Resist Dodge DC 16, Resist Dodge DC 16 or 13 Affliction, 'Cloud')
Unarmed +7 (DC 17)

Fuel. (Handle like batteries for robots or bullets for guns)
Hotheaded (He’s easy to offend and repay’s insults in kind, usually with interest)
Experimental (The suit’s experimental, anything could happen)
Possibly hunted? (James stole the suit and has been paranoid that someone might want it back)

Defenses[14pp]: Dodge 3+4=7, Parry 4+3=7, Fortitude 4+4=8, Toughness 7, Will 3+3=6

Power Points: Abilities 38 + Powers 44 + Advantages 13 + Skills 26 (52 ranks) + Defenses 14 = 135
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Gorin (flynnarrel) - poison-spitting lizard

St 10
Dx 18
Cn 18
Int 8 (-2pp)
Wis 10
Cha 6 (-4pp)
Attributes: [10pp]

REF: 4+3 WIL: 0+10 FORT: 4+5 [18pp]

Attack(Max8): BAB+6[12pp]/ +8 (other Accurate Attacks)
Def (Max 8 )3[6pp] +5Dodge feats, Defense 2 if Uncanny Dodge doesn’t apply.
Dmg (max8 )

Tough (Max 6): 4(Con)+4(protection) = 8

Initiative: +12 Grapple: 6(AB)+4(DEX)+1 Additional Limbs(?)= 11 Knockback: +8 to resist (from immovability)

Feats: Move-by-Attack, Power Attack, Defensive Attack, Grappling Finesse, Luck, Uncanny Dodge(scent), Dodge focus 5, Improved Initiative 2, Improved Concealment, [14pp]

Skills: Acrobatics +12 (16), Escape Artist +12 (16), Notice +12 (12), Stealth +12 (16) [12pp]


Additional Limbs 1: Forked Tongue [1pp] {He also has a short, stubby, non-functional tail}
Elongation, 1/r Flaw: -1/r, Tongue only, pr 3 {25ft} + Feat: Ambidexterity: Tongue only [2pp]

Super Senses, smell Acute, Accurate, Tracking [3pp]

Spit Array: [18 pool, +5 AP]
Snare (organic glue) (Individual trade-off max+2 DC/-2 att); Feats: ; Drawback: Shortened Range -2 (goes from 10feet to 5feet to 2.5ft per rank), pr10 (18pp)
{Large globs of sticky spit fly out to 25 feet. Reflex DC20 to keep limbs apart before spit hardens. This is his only spit attack, It’s inherently less accurate but is the most powerful as it harkens to the genetic code of spitting cobras, and even ancestral dragons. GOZIRRA!!!}

- Suffocate (toxin) 2/r; Extra: +1/r Sustained, +1/r Effortless {borrowed from Mind Control, no extra effort to try again}; Feat: +1Accurate, +1Blind Fighting, Flaw: Independent [0/r], -1/r Quick Fade, -1/r Full Round Action, pr8 (18pp)
{Gorin’s goo-coated tongue darts out with remarkable accuracy. If it hits, the saliva absorbs into the blood (unless resisted, Fort DC18). The body’s hemoglobins can no longer bond with oxygen, and the victim undergoes suffocation for 9 rounds Con DC10 +1 per round.}

- Obscure (all senses) +4/r, Flaw: -1/r Partial, -1/r Range Touch; Feats: +0 Independent;. (25 foot radius) Pr3 (6pp) +LINK+ Environmental Effect (Hamper Movement) one quarter movement 2/r, Extra: +0 Indepedent, Slow fade 2, Flaw: Touch pr3 (25 foot radius)(5pp) +LINK+ Environmental Control: Distraction DC15 3/r, Flaw: -1/r Touch, Extra: Independent pr3(6pp)
{Gorin’s skin darkens with a black goo in seconds just before he shakes vigorously spreading it out around him, it's sticky nature hampering ground movement for opponents in a 25 foot radius area for 6 rounds. Other compounds in the spit immediately starts to evaporate filling a 25 foot radius area with a billowing cloud. Anyone in the cloud finds that it’s caustic vapors, while doing no damage, eat at the skin making it hard to focus on any sights or sounds or smells coming from within and moderately difficult to maintain focus on sustained abilities.}(17pp total)

(Alternatively, if the full obscure is too much, remove full round action flaw and make obscure only partially effective (20% miss chance), or remove full round action and one of the sense types it obscures (maybe people can hear just fine w/in the cloud)

- Stun (neurotoxin) 2/r: Feats: +1Accurate, +1Sedation, +1BlindFighting, +1Improved Critical (19-20) +0Alternate Save (Will) pr 7 (18pp)
{Another toxin much like that of a Jellyfish transfers from the tongue to victim. It causes seizing up of the nerve clusters, Will DC 17}

- Acid Pores, Corrosion (chemical oxidizing acid) , :Effect pr6 (18pp). {Gorin can secrete an acid from any part of his body that breaks down and damages whatever it touches.}

- Fatigue 2/r Extras: Alternate save (Will), Ranged +1/r Flaws: -1/r Full Round action Feats: Precise, Ricochet, Accurate (He’s taking the whole round to get the target in his sites). Drawback: Reduced Range -1 Pr8 (18pp) (40 feet)
{Gorin’s throat bulges obscenely a few times before he opens his mouth and coughs out a needle with great precision. If it hits it does negligible damage but fills the user with an energy draining effect. Will DC18}

Note: attacks delivered by Tongue to an individual (Stun and Suffocate) have Blindfighting added to them to indicate the better muscular control he has over the tongue (which is the smell sensory organ for a reptile). Other attacks do not have this benefit.

Immunity: Own powers, Poison [2pp]

Immunity, with Flaw: Unreliable (50% of the time): Critical Hits (pr2) {Gorin’s unnatural Physiology makes it uncertain to land devastating blows against him.}
(total ranks 2,) [1pp] Sorry, must have been my D&D days linking critical to sneak attacks.

Claws: Strike, Feat: Penetrating 2, pr 8 [10pp +1 AP]
- Immovable 2 (brought to sustained +0)(2pp) +8 to resist push, rush, trip, or throw, shift slam damage by 2. {Gorin’s secretions and claws are such that he is hard to separate from the surface he is on} +LINK+ Super Move 2/r Wall Clinging, full movement, full dodge {4}, Prone Fighting{1} and Slithering{2}(7pp) +LINK+ Speed pr1 (1pp) (Total: 10pp)
Leaping x5 pr2, [2pp] (25ft standing broad Jump)

Protection 4 [4pp]

Complication: {very hard to understand speech from Gorin, only 50% of the timedoes his words come out as anything more than garble.}
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flynnarrel wrote:Split Second

"So, I’m not like your average ‘run-around-like-a-terrier-on-crack’ guy. They seem to tell the laws of physics to sit-down and shut-up. Me? It’s more like I just got this excess of time, ya’know? I mean, people always say how they are ‘wasting’ time or ‘spending’ time so it’s like, at the start of the day everyone is given a certain amount of seconds and, well, I just get more of them. I’m time-wealthy. I can spend it in different ways than other people. Focus it inward, direct it outward, even pool it in another location where another ‘me’ appears.

You can read about it in my newest book.

Of Course, of course, helping the helpless, righting the wrongs, … saving… kittens, I’m down with all of that. It’s just one shouldn’t forget one’s corporate sponsors. They are people too.

That’s right, ladies, two of me."

Split Second
Derek Triemchek, age 24, Dark Brown hair, green eyes, Caucasian, ready smile, uses whitening strips regularly.
Hobbies: Aikido, ‘Hanging out’ at the Mall, usually by a college campus, Signing autographs (now if only there were adoring fans, Coeds preferred)
Relationships: living parents in New Mexico (wondering why, if their son can run there in under a minute, he doesn't visit more often), no steady girlfriend (likes to ‘play the field’).

Split Second PL7, 105pp

Abilities: St 10 DX 18 CN16 IN 10 WS 10 Ch 10 [14pp]
Saves: REF: 4+5 WIL: 0+5 FORT: 3+1 [11pp]
Tough(Max 6) 3+3Undercover vest

Skills: Acrobatics +4 (+8 ), Knowledge [Popular Culture] +4, Notice +6, Medicine +1, Computers +1, Bluff +6 (+10), Sleight of Hand +2(+6) [6pp]
Feats: Attack Focus 2 (Melee), Teamwork 3, Dodge Focus 4, Evasion 1, Move-by Action, Power Attack, Attack Specialization: Stun, Attack Specialization: Rapid Fire, Equipment 2, Uncanny Dodge (mental), Attractive, Luck 2 [20pp]

Att: 5 BAB[10pp]/ + 7(Melee)/ +7 Strike (DC22, Toughness, Autofire)/+7 Trip (DC 1d20+7 vs worse of strength or Dex in 70 foot trail behind, knockback)/+9 (Whirlwind Strike, DC20, Toughness, Selective targeted area burst, 25’ radius)/+9 Stun (DC15, Fort)/ +9 (Rapid Fire, DC20 Toughness, Autofire)
Initiative: +24
DEF(Max 8 ) 4 BDB[8pp] +4 Feats (DEF 2 if Dodge doesn’t apply)

Powers: [42pp total]
Speedy Strike Array: 16 pool, [16pp+3AP]
Strike 7, Extra: Autofire, Penetrating 3 lvls, Drawback-1 no suppression/cover fire) {Derek launches a flurry of blows}
AP:Rapid Fire Blast pr5, Extra: Autofire, Feat: Accurate
AP:Whirlwind attack: Strike pr5 Area – Extra: Target burst, Selective Attack, Feat: Accurate
AP: Trip pr 7, Flaw: Touch Range, Extra: Area-trail, Knockback, Feat: Improved Trip

Super-Speed pr 5 (250MPH, x5 quickness, +20 initiative) Feat: Stun {Split second shares time with selective parts of an opponent, causing their synapses to misfire, muscles to be uncoordinated, etc.}

Super Movement, Air Walking pr 2, Flaws: Only while running, Platform, [1pp] {Split second normally extends time to the air around him so that it can move out of the way as he runs, this maneuver involves him not sharing time with the air under his feet. Unfortunately, this leaves him vulnerable to effects that might knock his feet from under him.}

Mirror Image [4pp] {Split Second shares time with the light bouncing off his body, due to quantum uncertainty the light refracts and shows all possible places he might be in a second or two, this creates a shifting multitude of images around him. As it messes up photo opportunities, he doesn't use it often.}

Super sense (Mental): Danger Sense [1pp]

Time Excess Array 15 pool, [15pp+2AP]
Speed (pr 5, 250 mph, Extra: Affects Others Only(+0), +Link to Quickness (pr 5) Extra: Affects Others Only (+0), +Link Improved Initiative, Flaw Affects Others Only 5, All have Feat: Progression (just 2 others), Drawback:Power loss (cannot be used on any with ranks of quickness/speed/superspeed already), {with touch, he can imbue 2 others (non-speedsters) with the benefits of Super-Speed. Mirrors Time Control}
AP:Healing pr 4, Extras: Action(standard action), Total; Drawback: Target feels intense hunger (maybe treat as sickened) until they can eat an energy bar or some other calorie-rich food. (15 points) {Split Second gives time to the body's healing mechanisms, but it leaves a person hungry}
APuplication pr6, Extras: Heroic, Continuous, Feat: Mental Link, Absorption Healing, Subtle; Flaw: Real, Full Round Action (Note: Lose Access to entire Array while Duplicate in effect) (15 points)

Equipment: Undercover vest (as part of costume) (Protection +3, Subtle), Multitool, Rebreather, Cell Phone, GPS unit, Commlink, flashlight
Other things he carries: Several Split Bars(tm) & Second Wind™ Sports Drinks, U.S. passport, money

Drawbacks (Moderately Vulnerable to Trip attacks. Common, moderate) -3
(Major Vulnerable to Love/Lust/Seduction Affects, Uncommon, Major) -3

Complications: Lazy, Lecherous, Fame, Likes Fame, No secret identity, Slightly Greedy, trying to overcome the rumors that he is *ahem* too fast {which are true, even when he grants Quickness to a partner he is almost always quicker, though when he duplicates... well, to continue that thought would be to take the game in a different direction than intended.}
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Another version:

Split Second

Derek Haverson, age 24, Dark Brown hair, green eyes, Caucasian, ready smile, uses whitening strips regularly.
Hobbies: ‘Hanging out’ at the Mall, usually by a college campus, Signing autographs, Wishing for more fans to sign autographs for...
Relationships: living parents in New Mexico (wondering why, if their son can run cross country faster than a train, can he not visit more often, maybe do some yard work while he's here), no steady girlfriend (likes to ‘play the field’).
Connection: Derek has a publicist and PR person who routinely books Derek’s commercials and public appearances. Margo Foxten is a late-40’s, battleaxe of a woman who occasionally tries to keep Derek on a short leash when his escapades are generating too much of the ‘bad press’. An ex-chain smoker, her raspy voice and no-nonsense attitude frequently cows Derek into submission, too. He trusts her completely.

"First off, thanks for having me on the show, Bob, I’m not like your average ‘run-around-like-a-terrier-on-crack’ guy. Me? It’s more like I just got this excess of time, ya’know? I mean, people always say how they are ‘wasting’ time or ‘spending’ time so it’s like, at the start of the day everyone is given a certain amount of seconds and, well, I just get more of them. I’m time-wealthy. I can spend it in different ways than other people. Focus it inward, direct it outward, even pool it in another location where another ‘me’ appears.

You can read about it in my newest book – Taking My Time.

Of Course, of course, helping the helpless, righting the wrongs, … saving… kittens, I’m down with all of that. It’s just one shouldn’t forget one’s corporate sponsors. They are people too.

That’s right, ladies, two of me."

{Start of Commercial break}

Scene: Split Second, in a kitchen stirring a pot of boiling water. Looks up to the camera.

“You know, I can run around the Earth in less time than it takes to make a pot of Second Helping ™ Mac’n’Cheese, and that’s fast!”

Cutscene, Split Second on a race track, sunny day.

“But when I’m on the go, fighting crime, and don’t have… heh… time for a complete meal, I rely on Split Bars…” Holds up bar for camera. Cut to close up of wrapping.

“That’s right, with two delicious flavors in one nutritious package, and now with Chocolate peanut & Banana Crunch combination… It’s the fuel that keeps me running.”
Cutscene, Split Second running at high speeds, quickly opening and eating a bar then running by a trash can and tossing the wrapper in without breaking stride.

“You don’t need a Super High Metabolism to enjoy the energy boosting, muscle-building, all-natural protein from this satisfying snack.”

Cutscene, back to Split Second on racetrack holding up Split Bar.

“That’s right, they are so good…” Camera pan out to show an identical Split Second just coming into being by first, holding up another Split Bar “… why not have a second.”

Fade to black with Split Bar logo in purple and silver-grey.

Oh, and a pic.

Had to get the running shoes in there. Corporations are people too.


Out of Time - Derek starts the day with a time surplus, a vast pool of seconds he can spend. Which means if he's done a LOT, he could conceivably run out. If the GM feels it's appropriate he/she can declare that Derek is Out of Time.
Secret - his identity is public but he has a lot of quirks that he tries to keep hidden for his public image: The fact that his powers have limits (Out of Time), etc.
Lecherous – It’s primarily about the ladies with Derek. A pretty face will draw his attention quicker than anything.
Likes Fame – Derek continually looks for ways to increase his popularity.
Hedonistic - Derek enjoys the playboy lifestyle, unfortunately this means making good money. Which means keeping the corporate sponsors happy, unfortunately... for now.
Business Relationship - Margo Foxten is his agent and public relations Consultant. She also have a very hot college-age daughter named Melody Foxten that if Margo even catches Derek looking in her direction she swears she will have his man-parts in a vice.
Motivation - People. Above it all, Derek genuinely likes people.
Trying to overcome the rumors that he is *ahem* too fast – Dang internet.
Velocity barriers - At Speed 9 or above he breaks the sound barrier which has implications for any surrounding structures. At Speed 28 or above he approaches the light barrier which has other implications*.
He's done it.... ONCE - he blacked out for 4 minutes and 19 seconds, anything could have happened to him during that time. There was an internet 'Club' that started from it, the Club 4:19, who could also cause Derek issues.


Split Second
PL9, 140

Abilities (34)
Strength: 0
Stamina: 4
Dexterity: 2
Agility: 8
Fighting: 0
Intelligence: 0
Awareness: 0
Presence: 3

Defences (24)
Parry: 0+8pp = 8
Dodge: 8+2pp = 10 (15 vs. Area effects)
Toughness: 4+2(suit)+2 Defensive Roll = 8
Fortitude: 4+6pp=10
Will: 0+8pp = 8

Skills: (20)
Athletics 7(+7)
Acrobatics 10(+18)
Insight 4(+4)
Persuasion 4(+7/+12)
Expertise: Public Relations(PRE) 2(+5)
Deception 5(+8/+13)
Perception 6 (+6)
Stealth 1 (+9 )
Slight of Hand 1(+3)

Advantages: (6) Uncanny Dodge, Luck 1, Move by action, Defensive Roll 2, Agile Feint.
Free From Presence: Attractive 2, Benefit:Fame


Offensive: (non-Split)
initiative +22
Grapple +2
Flurry, +12, DC 21 Toughness, Multiattack, [18-20]
Thrown Storm, +14, DC 19, Toughness, Multiattack, Penetrating
Burst of Activity, Move Object, Burst Area, Selective, Damaging DC18 dodge or DC 23 (or 19) Toughness, OR DC18 (or14) strength or disarm, or Trip


Enhanced Advantage: Improved Initiative 3 [3pp]

Really Quick, Like, Really: [8pp+1AE]
Enhanced Advantages: Evasion 2, Quick Change 2,
Speed 2 {120 ft/Move, 8 MPH}
Speed 4 (Check Required: Athletics 3)
{DC12, With his Athletics of +7 he needs to roll a six to access even one rank, and an nine to access all four. That puts his casual speed of up to [Speed 6] 1,800/move, 120MPH.}
Quickness, Mental 1, Physical 1 (Physical 3 total with free 2Physical from Agi+Dex=10)
AE: Time directed inward: Healing, Action - Move, Flaws: Limited to Self, Source: Food OR Side Effect*, pr 8
{Split Second shares time with his body's healing process, He knows that he'll need a lot of calories to fuel this.
* if he doesn't have food he has to make a Fort DC 18 Save vs Affliction (Hindered, Exhausted), Cumulative}

Breaks Physics:
Linked Wall-running 2(full speed, not-vuln), Water-running (Wall-crawling, Water-walking, Limited: only while moving) [3pp+1AE]
{Turns out Scotty was wrong: "Ye *CAN* change tha laws o' physics..." you only have to run fast enough}
AE: Permeate, Affects Other
{So I went out with this Physics Major once... What? she was a good kisser... And she told me how all the little atoms vibrate, like, all the time. So I wondered what would happen if I share time with the vibration of the atoms rather than the atoms themselves. I tried it and found that I could pass through stuff. I tried to do the same to others, just like I can share time with others and Presto! We could both do our Patrick-Swayze-in-Ghost impressions. Pretty cool huh? Like I said, good kisser.
Speed -2, Must hold Breath.}

Suit (Hard to Remove) [4pp]
Protection 2,
Impervious Cold/Heat environment
Equipment 1
Cellphone/commlink, Flashlight, GPS, video recorder (like a Go Pro)

Excess Time Array
[BASE]No, Really, I'm Super Quick... And I share, (Shared Time), Dynamic [(27pp)+Dynamic+ 3DAEs+2AE = 36pp]
Speed 5 (personal only),
Speed 6 Affects Others, [Quirk: must remain in contact]
Quickness 6 Affects Others, [Quirk: Must remain in contact]
{Derek can Share some of his speed and Quickness with those he touches, essentially giving them extra of his seconds for the day. When using this, his own speed *can* become 17 (500miles/move, 250,000MPH) and physical quickness 9 [an hour of work in a second] Mental Quickness 7, [An hour of thought in 6 seconds]}
DAE: Flurry of Blows Strike, 6 (str-based), Multiattack 6, Accurate 6, Improved Critical 2, Indirect Attack 4, Takedown Attack 2, Power Attack (27/27)
{Derek's rapid fire punches can wear through the toughest defenses. He is remarkably accurate and even cover and Haziness are no obstacle. Further, whether it be a trick of a temporarily created Duplicate or because he moves just that fast, his blows can seem to come from any direction making them hard to defend against. This won't necessarily grant him a flat-footed attack every round but it may surprise a foe once or twice or bypass a directional protection such as a shield, or let him target the weakened leg-joints of a battlesuit. It's also a good justification for the 'alternate effects' rules on a critical hit.}
DAE: Thrown Object Storm, Blast 4, MultiAttack 4, Penetrating 4, Accurate 6, Improved Critical 2, Power Attack (25/27)
{Derek enables a handful of small thrown objects to move at hyper-bullet speeds with accuracy and enough velocity to penetrate deep.}
DAE: Duplication: Summon 9, Heroic, Flaw: Feedback, Quirk: Feedback (goes goes both ways*), Resistable [Derek's Will vs. DC19, Drawback- Activation 1 (Move action), Feat: Mental Link (17 out of 27)
{Derek can pool his time elsewhere and a duplicate of himself comes in to being. Trouble is, *when either is damaged they BOTH have to make Toughness checks against it. Also, while his time is thus allocated, the rest of his time abilities are severely reduced. (His Dynamic alternate effects only have 10 points to allocate to them. And there are some times when he... ahem.. can't get the duplicate him to... y'know... coalesce.)
For example: Flurry can be Strike 3, MultiAttack 3, Accurate 3, Improved Critical 1 {+8 to hit, DC18Toughness}
Thrown Object Storm could become Blast 2, Multiattack 2, Penetrating 1, Accurate 3 as he puts his efforts into only a few well thrown items, {+8 to hit, DC17 Toughness}
Shared time could be Speed 2, Shared Speed 2, Shared Quickness 2.
This is not a practical combat use ability, but I like the flavor and concept.}
AE: (not dynamic) Time Pockets; Affliction, Area-Trail, Cumulative, (Resist by Fort, Dazed, Stunned, Incapacitated), Limited- Must share a surface, pr 9 (27/27)
{Derek leaves in his wake areas of Sporadic time that cause anyone in them to move jerkily as parts of them are accelerated while others are not.}
AE: (not dynamic) Burst of Activity: Move Object, Burst Area, Selective, Damaging, Selective Effect (Damage or Trip or Disarm), Flaws: Duration-Instant (-2/rank from sustained), Close, Feat: Precise, Subtle (Rapid Senses to detect), pr 8 (26/27)
{This represents a burst of accelerated Activity whereby he could, for example, Disarm a bunch of soldiers, or trip a group of zombies at once. He could even deliver a single well aimed Shoulder Bash (that they could be quicker enough to roll away from most of).}

Abilities 34 + Powers 56 + Advantages 6 + Skills 20 (40 ranks) + Defenses 24 = 140

Important info: (any Split Second fan would know)
The Sound barrier is broken at 767MPH and his 'normal' cruising speed of Speed 3-6 is well under that. At his dedicated top speed of Speed 17 (Athletics DC15, 500miles/move, 250,000MPH) he's well over that (Somewhere around 326 times the speed of sound).

The circumference of the earth is 24,901 Miles (at equator). At top speed it takes him 5.98 minutes to run entirely around it.
Distance from south pole to north pole: 12,430mi, it only takes him 2.98 minutes to go from one pole to the other.
If he were to power stunt for entirely Speed (and a good athletics roll) he could get Speed 33 (with good Athletics check) or 32million miles/move, or 16billion384million MPH, for the length of a scene. He may have done that ONCE in his early career. He got far enough so that observers could confirm his ludicrous speed but blacked out before he could do more (or maybe disappeared entirely as a popular internet theory suggests), In any case Derek has no memory of the 4 minutes, 19 seconds. The live video feed just shows static for that amount of time. In any case, his popularity didn't suffer for the mystery. Though rumors still abound and there's a whole Conspiracy Club calling themselves The 4:19 that have cropped up because of it.

When Sharing Time, someone can do an Hour of work in 1 Minute. [Quickness 6 affects others] Derek has to 'ghost' them the entire time.

When Duplicated his Dedicated Speed for both of him could be 7 (10 with good Athletics) [4miles/move, 2000MPH]
(And possibly triggering Sound Barrier complication, oooh).
"Something pithy this way comes."

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