Pulp Heroes: The Sentinel Society

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Pulp Heroes: The Sentinel Society

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Col Adamant

Strength 10, Stamina 10, Agility 6, Dexterity 6, Fighting 9, Intellect 10, Awareness 8, Presence 3
Accurate Attack, Agile Feint, Assessment, Attractive, Benefit (Ambidexterity), Benefit 3 (Wealth, status, security clearance), Contacts, Diehard, Eidetic Memory, Fascinate (Expertise: Science), Fast Grab, Fearless, Great Endurance, Holding Back 1, Leadership, Move by Action, Precise Attack (All), Power Attack, Speed of Thought, Takedown 2, Ultimate Close Combat Skill.
Acrobatics 10, Athletics 10, Close Combat (Unarmed) 1, Expertise: Science 10, Insight 12, Intimidation 3, Investigation 10, Perception 10, Persuasion 4, Ranged Combat (Guns) 14, Stealth 6,Technology 6, Treatment 8, Vehicles 6.
Perfect Man- Immunity (Disease, Poison), Impervious Tough 10, Regeneration 5, Quickness 10 (Mental Only), Senses (Acute Sight, Analytical Sight, Low Light Vision, Rapid Sight, Ultra hearing) Speed 4.
Equipment (20 EP as required)
Example Heavy Pistol, Holdout Pistol, Iron Dagger, Silver Dagger, Stake, Toolkit
Dodge 10, Parry 10, Fortitude 10, Toughness 10, Will 10
Power Points
Abilities 124 + Powers 31 + Advantages 33 + Skills 55 (110 ranks)+ Defenses 7 = 250

History: Arthur Campion Adamant was like his sister and all of his future teammates born on the day the Victorian Age died, his parents were english nobility who continued the work of their parents and grandparents in creating a superior breed of human being through genetics, chemistry and extreme training in the mental, physical and spiritual arenas, both Adamants were successful even by the standards set by the previous generations and joined the fighting Europe in 1916 despite being only teenagers, Arthur there encountered the five men who led him to create the Sentinel Society at the wars end in order for them to ensure the world survived long enough for the best class of humanity to come to pass, in addition to his heroics he founded the Adamant Philosophy to continue his parents work to shepherding the unborn seeds of a better future, after his death with the rest of the Sentinel Society in 1945 in battle with the extra-dimensional Supreme Society his sister Victoria took the reins of the Philosophy, a position she still holds in the present day.

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