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Adventurers! Bilbo Baggins

Post by MisterB » Mon Jan 15, 2018 7:25 pm


Bilbo Baggins (27xp)
Concept: Reluctant Hobbit Burglar

STATS (16xp)
Strength -2, Agility 2, Mind 2

Defense 2, Endurance 3, Heroism 3
Armor Mithril Shirt (3 / 4/ 6; Resistant)

Learning: B
Stealth: B
Status: B (New; with Hobbits and elves only)
Relic: Gondolin Blade B (Glows in the presence of goblins/orcs, Balanced; +1 Dmg, -1AR against goblins/orcs)
Relic: Mithril Shirt B (AR 3-4-6; Resistant; Enc 1)

Gondolin Blade (Attack = 2, +1 Dmg, -1 AR against goblins and orcs, glows in the presence of them)

In a hole in the ground, there lived a hobbit.
The son of Bungo Baggins and Belladonna Took, he spent his youth exploring the shire and catching fireflies. Often dreaming of meeting elves. And then one day while sitting on a porch, a wizard came by, offering him the chance at an adventure. The subsequent meeting with a group of 13 dwarves, sparks his tookish side and he begins his greatest adventure ever.

As promised I am doing my lord of the rings builds using the Adventurers! RPG. Have to say I really love this system. It's pretty simple and open-ended enough to let me do what I need. So here we have Bilbo, the hero of "The Hobbit" series by JRR Tolkien. The lovable protagonist of the series, which spurns on the events to follow in the Lord of the Rings. I decided to stat up the Relic known as "The One Ring" in a later build. Interestingly enough Bilbo comes out at just under thanks to his lower strength score.

B: Advantage in social activities when someone recognizes your Status. Ie: Lord.
A: You gain a +1 to your social activity rolls for the whole scene, when someone recognizes your Status. Ie: King

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Amulet - A HeMan style Character.

Post by MisterB » Wed Jan 31, 2018 11:03 pm

AMULET - PL10 (150pp)

Attributes (104pp)
Str 12, Sta 12, Agi 4, Dex 4, Fgt 8, Int 8, Awe 2, Prs 2

Advantages (6pp)
Attractive, Distract (Persuasion), Eidetic Memory, Inspire 2, Luck 2

Skills (8pp)
Expertise (Scholar) 4, Insight 4, Perception 4, Persuasion 4

Defenses (6pp)
Dodge 8, Parry 8, Toughness 12, Fortitude 12, Will power 8

Initiative +4, Base Melee Combat +8, Base Ranged Combat +4

Powers (26pp)
Protection from Harm: Immunity 10 (Life support)
Verdant Wings: Flight 5
Champion of the Verdant: Enhanced Trait 1 (Attractive), Immunity 2 (Critical Hits), Regeneration 3

Identity (Secret): Amulets secret identity is that of Sheena Durane, a Scholar at the great library.
Motivation (Doing good): Amulet strives to do the right thing.
Power-loss (The Verdant-Seed): Amulet possesses a powerful artifact that transforms her into a champion for good. Attributes are Str 0, Sta 0, Agi 1, Dex 2, Fight 0,Int 8, Awe 2, Pre 0. Keeps Eidetic Memory, Luck 2. No Powers.
Relationship: Mentor. Amulet is guided in her life as a hero, by Lore Keeper Toman.
Enemy: The evil warlord Relik wants the Starseed amulet for himself.

As Sheela, amulet is an attractive young woman, but quiet and unassuming in nature. She has brown hair and blue eyes and is of moderate size and build. As the champion Amulet, she is tall and shapely with long dark hair and green glowing eyes. Everything she has always wanted to be. When transformed she is garbed in revealing armor and a billowing violet cloak and a glowing green gemstone at the center of her armor.

The amulet is the verdant champion of good who battles the evil that threatens her world. The cruel machinations of the warlord Railok. All he wants is the Verdant seed so he can corrupt its power and become the undisputed ruler of the world. As Sheena Sheena, she is a quiet and shy young woman who works as a Scholar in the great library of the capital city. Under the tutelage of Toman, Grand keeper of secrets. Not only to teach her the skills of her profession but to guide her as a champion for goodness.

The great library came under attack by Railokin search of the Seed, and the secrets of the library opened up to Sheena. As if the library was alive, or some magical intelligence guided her to the secret chamber where the Verdant Seed dwell. She took as if guided by instinct, and when she spoke these words. "By the power, if the Verdant", she is transformed into the magical champion of the world.

Builder's notes
So yeah I was watching old cartoon intro's and came across HeMan. I had an idea for a female version though not quite like him. And I had really wanted to delve back into MnM and still do something new. So I delved back into the beginnings of my Realms of Magnor setting with the first age. The gods or Verdant lived upon the world fashioning it as they saw fit. The Verdant is a mysterious source of power that comes from the planet. It's the raw power of creation. Just another name for magic. I hope you enjoy this build because I'll probably delve into more of the beings of creation if you folks would like to see more of this setting. Which I touched upon in the old threads.

All information is subject to change xD BTW, I wrote this all up on my Tablet! XD Now my index finger hurts. Lol

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