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Re: Bladewind's M&M 3ed Builds

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You sure you want to give me ideas? :P :lol: Or were you talking to Thorp?
Enigmatic One wrote:Note to self, get Bruce and his Bat-force to take this one.
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Bladewind's 3ed M&M Builds

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Re: Bladewind's M&M 3ed Builds

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Both actually. It is a good resource, not mine of course.

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Re: Bladewind's M&M 3ed Builds

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Kid Martian
M'att M'orzz (Matthew Morse)


Strength 2,
Stamina 2,
Agility 0,
Dexterity 0,
Fighting 6,
Intellect 1,
Awareness 1,
Presence 1

Telepath: (7 points)
Telepathic Comprehension: Comprehend 2 [Speak/ Understand All],
Mind Reading 6
Shapeshifting: (70 points)
Humanoid Forms: Morph 4,
Voice Mimic: Feature 1,
Power Mimicry: Variable 7
Primary Variable Allotment Choices: “Martian Powers”:
Martian Durability: Protection 3 [Sustained; Linked Immunity 10 (Life Support, Sustained)], 13 PP
Invisibility: Concealment 4 [(Visual)], 8 PP
Super Senses: Senses 7 [Extended Vision 2, Mental Awareness, Vision Penetrates Concealment], 7 PP
Mindwipe: Affliction 7 [resisted by Will - Stunned, Incapacitated: Continuous, Progressive, Limited Degree, Reach 2] 30 PP Telepathy: Communication 3 [(Mental)], 12 PP
Sap Will: Weaken [Continuous, Distracting] 21 PP
Telekinesis: Move Object 9, 19 PP
Flight 9,19 PP
Mind Control: Affliction 7 [(Dazed, Compelled, Controlled), Resisted and Overcome by Will; Perception Ranged, Cumulative; Subtle], 29 PP
Mental Blast: Damage 7 [Perception, Alternate Resistance (Will)], 28 PP
Intangibility: Insubstantial 4, 20 PP
Defensive Roll 2,
Improved Initiative 2,
Benefit 1, Established Identity (M'Att M'Orzz/ Matthew Morse)
Eidetic Memory

Athletics (+8),
Deception 6 (+7),
Insight 4 (+5),
Intimidation (+1),
Perception 4 (+5),
Persuasion (+1),
Stealth 4 (+4),
Technology 3 (+4)

Initiative +8
Dodge 7,
Parry 7
Toughness 7 (Def Roll 2),
Fortitude 7,
Will 7

Power Points
Abilities 26 + Powers 77 + Advantages 6 + Skills 7 + Defenses 19 = Total 135

Responsibility - Adopted sister: Gertrude Logan (Beast Girl) - A supposed rule 63 version of Beast Boy, in fact another Grue.
Secret - White Martian (Actually... Grue)

Design Notes
:arrow: A Young Hero Initiative build.
:arrow: Originally, I had Shifter (A Jayna/ Wonder Twins Pastiche) in mind for this one. Then a White Martian. Then the Grue. Finally went with someone who can be all of that.
:arrow: The base build for this is a point for point copy/ paste of the Grue Infiltrator from the Cosmic Handbook. I then tweaked it for House Rules and PL.
:arrow: So, Kid Martian is not a rule 63 Miss Martian. He's something worse. However, his secret is not as secret as he thinks and he has been admitted to the school to try and double-spy/ double-cross his superior's motives. (I eventually want him to turn on the collective. Maybe have him meet Changeling from the Alterniteens at one point.)
:arrow: There are 67 extra points "spent" on the character sheet - it's essentially a set up of powers from Miss Martian (From DCA HV Volume 2 and the Young Justice cartoon) in case the Variable is too much. Having only 35 PP available at any given time to copy powers, he can't actually emulate all of those at once of course, but visually I found it easier.
:arrow: Although listed as Power Mimicry, the Variable actually doesn't have a flaw on it, and I think it should stay that way. He would be able to mimic powers he knows about - powers that he's seen or experienced. Probably tends to take on something of the appearance of that person when he does, but I haven't decided on that yet.

(adapted from Hero High 1st Edition, Changeling)
Kid Martian is a member of an alternate-reality version of the Grue Unity – a close parallel to the universe where Changeling of the Alterniteens hails. In fact, he was a member of another version of the Alterniteens.

The Grue that most familiar with the species recognize are are militaristic and tied into the collective of the Meta-Mind. However, like Changeling’s people, Kid Martian's people prized individual growth and thought. Each Grue was encouraged to evolve in its own fashion and add back something new to the race. Kid Martian’s people were among the most advanced, enlightened, and xenophilic (rather than xenophobic) species of their dimension.

When a version of Elite and the others from another variant of the Alternitees arrived in Kid Martian's universe, they panicked at the sight of the Grue and fought to escape. They were captured and brought before the Majestry Collective. The AlterniTeens realized their error and explained how the Grue of the different realities were more warlike. The Majesty was horrified at the thought that in other realities, the Grue were villains. They asked permission to send an observer with the AlterniTeens. Kid Martian was chosen because he was young and capable of imprinting easily. He would evolve according to his experiences and eventually bring that knowledge and his evolution back to his people.

The AlterniTeens agreed, uncertain if they could trust even this reality’s version of the Grue. Since then, Kid Martian's unadulterated enthusiasm, innocence, and love for life have taught the AlterniTeens the truth. He always sees the better in others, and she is totally obtuse when it comes to detecting sarcasm. While he understands there’s evil out in the omniverse, he rarely matches evil with the villain standing before her. Still, his experiences have taught him much, and while he dislikes hurting people, his shape-shifting abilities make him a formidable opponent. (By the time he becomes a PC though, this enthusiasm and bubbly personality has subsided substantially and he is very much like his adopted identity's inspiration during season 1 of Young Justice.)

Having been warned about how others perceive his people in other dimensions, Kid Martian adopted a very human—and very perky—appearance. Since the Merge, that appearance has changed to became a male version of Miss Martian, complete with the name Kid Martian and the assumed identity of Matthew Morse/ M'Att M'Orzz. As noted above, thankfully, he is somewhat less perky these days.

Enigmatic One wrote:Note to self, get Bruce and his Bat-force to take this one.
Earth 218 - JLA Academy Setting
The Merge Setting document
The Merge: Character List

Bladewind's 3ed M&M Builds

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