The Jabverse: An O.C. Thread (Cyber-Samurai, Lady of the Eternal Winter)

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The Larceny Twins

Post by Jabroniville » Tue Dec 26, 2017 6:18 am


PATTY LARCENY (Patricia Jane Larceny)
5'5" Wgt: 120 lbs.
Role: Super-Powered Thief, The Flirt
PL 8 (145)

Athletics 5 (+5)
Close Combat (Unarmed) 1 (+8)
Deception 2 (+5, +10 Attractive)
Expertise (Thief) 6 (+7)
Insight 4 (+6)
Perception 3 (+5)
Persuasion 2 (+5, +10 Attractive)
Sleight of Hand 8 (+12)
Stealth 5 (+8)

Attractive 2, Defensive Attack, Hide in Plain Sight, Set-Up

"Density Control"
Flight 1 (4 mph) [2]
Insubstantial 4 (Feats: Precise, Subtle) (Extras: Affects Others, Attack- Affects Corporeal, Reaction) [38]

"Leave Things Inside Other Things" Damage 8 (Extras: Penetrating, Affects Corporeal) (Flaws: Limited to The Size of Objects) (24) -- [25]
  • AE: "Render Lightweight" Move Object 7 (Extras: Affects Others- Others May Move Objects Around Too) (Flaws: Touch Range) (14)
Unarmed +7 (+2 Damage, DC 17)
Move Object +8 (+6 Move Attack, DC 16)
Penetrating Attack +8 (+8 Damage, DC 23)
Initiative +3

Dodge +8 (DC 18), Parry +10 (DC 20), Toughness +2, Fortitude +4, Will +5

Motivation (Greed)
Relationship (Grant- Brother)- Patty finds her twin brother a bit annoying and thick-headed, but he remains her closest companion, and her strongest protector.

Total: Abilities: 44 / Skills: 36--18 / Advantages: 5 / Powers: 65 / Defenses: 13 (145)

GRANT LARCENY (Grant Jeffrey Larceny)
6'5" Wgt: 270 lbs. (Variable)
Role: Overprotective Brother, Powerhouse
PL 11 (172)

Athletics 1 (+5, +13)
Close Combat (Unarmed) 1 (+10)
Deception 3 (+2)
Expertise (Criminal) 3 (+3)
Intimidation 12 (+11)
Perception 2 (+2)

All-Out Attack, Daze (Intimidation), Diehard, Fast Grab, Improved Critical (Unarmed), Improved Grab, Improved Hold, Power Attack, Ranged Attack 2, Startle, Takedown

"Density Control"
"Dense Musculature" Enhanced Strength 8 [16]
"Dense Flesh & Bones" Protection 7 (Extras: Impervious 11) [18]
Features 10: Increased Mass 10 [10]
Immunity 6 (Falling Damage, Pressure) (Extras: Sustained +0) [6]

"Groundstrike" Affliction 11 (Athletics; Dazed & Vulnerable/Stunned & Defenseless) (Extras: Area- 60ft. Burst +2, Extra Condition) (Flaws: Both Must Be Grounded) Linked to Damage 10 (Extras: Area- 30ft. Burst) (Flaws: Both Must Be Grounded, Limited to Objects) (34) -- [35]
  • AE: "Enhanced Density of Others" Features 10: Increased Mass (Extras: Affects Others Only +0) Linked to Affliction 11 (Strength; Vulnerable & Impaired/Defenseless & Immobile/Paralyzed) (Extras: Extra Condition) (32)
Unarmed +10 (+4 Damage, DC 19)
Density Punch +10 (+12 Damage, DC 27)
Groundstrike +11 Area (+11 Affliction & +10 Damage, DC 21 & 25)
Enhance Density +10 (+11 Affliction, DC 21)
Initiative +2

Dodge +8 (DC 18), Parry +9 (DC 19), Toughness +6 (+13 Max Density, +6 Impervious), Fortitude +7, Will +5

Motivation (Greed)
Relationship (Patty- Sister)- Grant is notoriously, psychotically-protective of his twin sister Patty. He will violently assault any male he sees flirting with her, even if Patty was the instigator.

Total: Abilities: 44 / Skills: 20--10 / Advantages: 12 / Powers: 85 / Defenses: 12 (163)

-The Larceny Twins, Grant & Patty, were from a middle-class family, but Grant fell onto the wrong side of the tracks, growing into a large, vicious bully and criminal (drug-dealing and acting as an enforcer to various bosses), eager to start fights. Patty was incredibly-popular with boys, having developed both physically and mentally to be able to perfectly-manipulate the minds of men, and was deep-down just as much of a crook as Grant, but in less obvious ways (she maintained a "Good Girl" reputation with adults, though most of the boys knew better, if you know what I mean). Patty would get boys to steal for her, and eagerly accepted various gifts from the richest kids in school, being a classic "Trophy Girlfriend". However, the vicious Grant would often beat Patty's "boyfriends" to a pulp, refusing to believe reports that his sister was "easy" (those who made those accusations were often savagely-beaten themselves). Before long, Grant was expelled from school, while Patty deftly avoided getting into trouble.

-Eventually, one of the Science Geeks at school had fallen in love with the beautiful Patty, and seeing her "heart of gold", tried to prove his attraction by earning some money with which to buy her presents. To do this, he created an Artificial Dwarf Star, ignoring the obvious fact that such things are incredibly dangerous and highly illegal- he wished to sell it to make a killing. Eager to show it to her near her home, he made his move, but was confronted by her protective brother. Patty tried to blow the geek off delicately (trying to keep up her reputation as a nice girl), but Grant violently grabbed his wrist, causing him to crack the containment unit of his Dwarf Star- the resulting conflagration tore the geek's body apart (or removed him from reality- his body was never recovered), but affected the Twins differently- Patty became able to reduce the density of her molecular structure (and that of those she was touching), and Grant was able to do the exact opposite- increase them.

-The two realized their powers gave them tremendous capability for riches, and the materialistic twins became a criminal duo. Patty was a consummate liar and stealth operative, able to enter safes and lockers- easily stealing the contents by simply carrying them out the front door; Grant was strong enough to fend off nearly any armed opposition. The two generally didn't carry grudges against particular Super-Heroes, but were considered dangerous nuisances. Patty specialized in flirting with male attendants, police officers and super-heroes, getting them to lower their guard; while Grant specialized in violent action (especially against anybody who responds to Patty's flirting) and drawing fire.

-The pair rarely wore traditional superhuman costuming in their early days, typically going "undercover" as civilians. However, when they began teaming with more regular villain groups, they began wearing some kind of uniform- non-costumed superhumans are often seen as "putting on airs" ("what- you're TOO GOOD to look like the rest of us?") or trying too hard to be cool. Typically, Grant wore his trademark vest and boots over it, while Patty ensured that hers somehow had the equivalent of a G-string over top of her tights. Grant is known to be violent with anyone who draws too much attention to it. It's believed Patty just likes seeing guys get hurt.

-Grant is a Powerhouse, able to convert himself into a PL 11 fighter with a vicious Groundstrike- Patty is a semi-standard Insubstantial-based character with lower capabilities, but a specialty in interpersonal relations (particularly with men) and stealth. Between them, they are a serious annoyance to law enforcement, and a danger to Super-Heroes.
Jab's Notes: These two are entirely because I love terrible punny names for bad guys. "Patty Larceny" is the name given to a character on "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?" TV game show, and I always thought that was a combination of insanely clever and groan-worthy- perfect for swiping. Grant was just a natural addition to that- Petty & Grand Larceny are both classifications for small and large theft in legal terms. Once I'd come up with the duo's names, their personalities were easy- Evil Flirt and Overprotective Brother. Unusually, they have no costumes, instead just having "distinct clothing"- something I'd usually only try with villains.

* The geek who built the Artificial Dwarf Star for Patty returns to reality, empowered by vast amounts of Cosmic Energy, and seeks vengeance. However, Patty seduces him and now has a PL 14 agent at her beck and call. What kind of trouble can she get into NOW?

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Re: The Jabverse: An O.C. Thread (Poseidon, Triton, Patty & Grant Larceny)

Post by Ken » Tue Dec 26, 2017 6:27 am

I love these two. Great names.

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Re: The Jabverse: An O.C. Thread (Poseidon, Triton, Patty & Grant Larceny)

Post by Jabroniville » Tue Dec 26, 2017 5:05 pm

Thanks! I do so love punny names :).

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Orinoco Flow

Post by Jabroniville » Fri Dec 29, 2017 7:17 am


ORINOCO FLOW (Chiquinquira Velasquez)
5'7" Wgt: 135 lbs. (Variable)
Role: Water Elemental
PL 10 (221)

Deception 2 (+5)
Expertise (Environmental Studies) 7 (+7)
Insight 2 (+4)
Intimidation 4 (+7)
Perception 2 (+4)
Ranged Combat (Water Attacks) 4 (+10)

All-Out Attack, Daze (Deception), Improved Critical (Water Attacks), Ranged Attack 2

"Water Elemental"
Swimming 9 (250 mph) [9]
Immunity 1 (Drowning) [1]
Insubstantial 1 (Feats: Precise) (Extras: Reaction) [7]
Reach 2 [2]
"Watery Arms" Extra Limbs 8 [8]
Movement 2 (Slithering, Water-Walking) [4]
"Merge With Water" Concealment 2 (Visual Senses) (Flaws: Limited to While in Water) [2]
"Strong Like Water" Protection 2 [2]
Immunity 20 (Slashing, Piercing Damage) [20]
Immunity 20 (Bludgeoning Damage) (Flaws: Limited to Half-Effect) [10]

"Mass Drowning" Affliction 10 (Fort; Dazed/Stunned/Incapacitated) (Feats: Dynamic) (Extras: Area- 30ft. Burst, Sustained +2) (40) -- [56]
  • Dynamic AE: Water Snare 8 (Feats: Dynamic) (25)
  • Dynamic AE: Water Blast 10 (Feats: Dynamic, Split 2, Precise) (24)
  • Dynamic AE: "Water Cannon" Damage 10 (Feats: Dynamic) (Extras: Area- 30ft. Cone +1/2) (16)
  • Dynamic AE: "Water Whirl" Damage 8 (Feats: Dynamic) (Extras: Area- 30ft. Shapeable) (17)
  • Dynamic AE: Environment 6 (Feats: Dynamic) (Impede Movement 2) (13)
  • Dynamic AE: "Tidal Flow" Move Object 10 (Feats: Precise, Dynamic) (22)
  • Dynamic AE: "Forced Drowning" Affliction 10 (Fort; Dazed/Stunned/Incapacitated) (Feats: Dynamic) (Extras: Ranged) (21)
  • Dynamic AE: "Water Control" Move Object 10 (Feats: Dynamic) (Extras: Perception Range) (Flaws: Limited to Water) (21)
Unarmed +10 (+4 Damage, DC 19)
Water Snare +10 (+8 Ranged Affliction, DC 18)
Water Blast +10 (+10 Ranged Damage, DC 25)
Water Whirl +8 Area (+8 Damage, DC 23)
Drowning +10 (+10 Ranged Affliction, DC 20)
Mass Drowning +10 Area (+10 Affliction, DC 20)
Initiative +4

Dodge +10 (DC 20), Parry +10 (DC 20), Toughness +8, Fortitude +6, Will +6

Motivation (The Environment)- Chiquinquira is a devoted environmentalist, willing to kill or injure those who would harm the planet, especially her beloved Venezuela's.
Reputation (Violent Criminal)- The Infinite Sadness are notorious for causing public spectacles, damaging property and engaging in brawls with superhumans of all varieties.

Total: Abilities: 66 / Skills: 24--12 / Advantages: 14 / Powers: 119 / Defenses: 10 (221)

-Chiquinquira Velasquez was a high-spirited girl with a penchant for excitement and adventure. Growing to love the wildlife and nature of her beloved Venezuela, she became an environmental activist at a young age. However, she soon grew to love the risks and dangers of challenging loggers and others who would harm the environment, taking bigger and bigger chances each time. Slowly, her group of activists continued to shrink, until only a few zealots remained. In a final attack on a group attempting to deforest a wild area to create an oil refinery (oil is Venezuela's biggest export- they are one of the top exporters in the world), she was shot and left for dead in the Orinoco River. There, she was confronted by a Water Spirit, who merged with her dying body to create a super-powered being capable of wiping out those who would damage Mother Earth.

-Chiquinquira assaulted numerous polluters and forest-clearers, and soon became known even in the United States, after tracking her attempted killers to an American company. There, she discovered The Infinite Sadness, who admired her love of fun and risk. Eager to add "Activists" to their list of hipster activities, the Sadness asked her to join them, and soon she became a famous "Performance Super" like the others, fighting for kicks AND the environment. Of the group, she has the most public credibility (often fighting on the side of good), and goes solo the most often. Her unique powers, honorable motivation, and appearance (a woman made of water) make her a fan-friendly individual.

-At PL 10, and with numerous Water-based effects, Orinoco Flow is difficult to bring down and highly-versatile. She can affect wide areas of any battlefield, cause debilitating disadvantages to others, and remain highly-resistant to the attacks of others. Only Energy & Mental Attacks are terribly-effective.

Jab's Notes: ... WHAT? Enya & Celtic Woman are awesome! Go to Hell!

-Orinoco Flow is my favorite kind of villain- a Body Transformation type. That she's made of water gives her an element that's fairly rare in comics. Doesn't make her easier to draw, though- it's surprisingly hard, especially in lineart, to convincingly-render water. I did my usual thing with her name- finding an interesting, semi-common name known in her home country, which I figured out after researching what the actual Orinoco River was, and where it was located. That she could be an Eco-Terrorist was a happy accident, as I found out that the environment was a big deal in Venezuela.

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Dr. Reverb

Post by Jabroniville » Wed Jan 24, 2018 10:55 am


DOCTOR REVERB (Dr. Liu Wei Zhang)
5'11" Wgt: 165 lbs.
Role: Master Villain
PL 12 (243)

Deception 5 (+9)
Expertise (Science) 11 (+19)
Expertise (Criminal) 2 (+10)
Insight 4 (+8)
Intimidation 4 (+8)
Perception 6 (+10)
Ranged Combat (Vibrational Waves) 4 (+12)
Technology 10 (+18)

Improved Critical (Blasts) 4, Improved Grab, Inventor, Ranged Attack 4, Ultimate Science Skill

"Exists Between Dimensions"
"Out of Phase With Reality"
Insubstantial 4 (Feats: Precise) [21]
"Deflection Field" Enhanced Advantages 9: Defensive Roll 8, Evasion [9]
Immunity 20 (Energy Effects) (Flaws: Limited to 3/4 Effect) [15]
Immunity 40 (Fortitude Effects, Mental Effects) (Flaws: Limited to Half-Effect) [20]
"Constantly Shaking" Enhanced Defenses 4 [8]

"Sees the Vibrations in Space/Time" Senses 11 (Detect Vibrations- Acute, Accurate & Analytical, Ranged 5) [11]

"Out of Phase With The Earth's Rotation" Teleport 14 (Feats: Change Direction & Velocity) (Extras: Extended) (44) -- [52]
  • AE: Vibrational Blast 12 (Feats: Extended Range) (25)
  • AE: "Power Blast" Blast 14 (Extras: Penetrating 12) (Inaccurate -1, Reduced Defenses -2) (35)
  • AE: "Vibrational Wave" Damage 10 (Extras: Area- 60ft. Cone) (20)
  • AE: "Vibrational Burst" Damage 10 (Extras: Area- 30ft. Burst) (20)
  • AE: "Shattering Grip" Damage 16 (Feats: Improved Critical 4) (Extras: Penetrating) (36)
  • AE: "Out of Phase With The Spectrum of Light" Concealment (Visuals) 4 (8)
  • AE: "Out of Phase With This Dimension" Movement 3 (Dimensional Travel 3) (6)
  • AE: Vibrational Aura 11 (44)
Unarmed +8 (+2 Damage, DC 17)
Shattering Grip +8 (+16 Damage, DC 31)
Vibrational Aura +8 (+11 Damage, DC 26)
Vibrational Blast +12 (+12 Ranged Damage, DC 27)
Power Blast +10 (+14 Ranged Damage, DC 29)
Vibrational Area Attacks +10 (+10 Damage, DC 25)
Initiative +3

Dodge +8 (+12 Shaking, DC 18-22), Parry +8 (+12 Shaking, DC 18-22), Toughness +4 (+12 Deflection Field), Fortitude +5, Will +8

Motivation (Power)- Doctor Reverb sought power and recognition as a human, and now as an empowered being, he wishes to be ruler of the world. He believes that he alone can create the "Chinese Century", surpassing the "American Century" that preceded it. But only with himself at the helm.
Motivation (Permanent Cure)- Dr. Reverb wishes to return himself to a completely human state- his powers often leave him inconveniently out of phase with reality, and discorporation is a constant threat.
Responsibility (Arrogance)- Dr. Zhang was an arrogant man in life, and even now, thinks himself impossibly-brilliant. He cannot comprehend failure, being outsmarted, or even tricked, especially by a woman. He nearly always thinks he has the upper hand.
Enemy (Mega-Woman, Heavenly Star)- The two super-heroines were central to Dr. Reverb's first defeat, and have beaten him several more times. The depths of his grudge are limitless.
Vulnerable (Vibratory Attacks, Over-Doing It)- Dr. Reverb is powerful, but has limits- he cannot maintain cohesion for long, and the energies that now make up his body may be disrupted by energies of certain wavelengths (especially once Mega-Woman learned to vary the wavelengths of her own Cosmic Power). These can discorporate him at high enough levels.

Total: Abilities: 74 / Skills: 46--23 / Advantages: 11 / Powers: 125 / Defenses: 10 (243)

-Doctor Reverb was once the most famous scientist in China. In a society based around subservience and uniformity, he stood out head and shoulders above the rest, much to the consternation of his superiors in the "Party". However, his brilliance left him relatively untouchable- particularly that into various forms of energy. He had created weapons of startling power that could be wielded by any well-trained soldier- weapons using the vibrational frequencies between reality, tapping into the very power of the cosmos itself. Such things are usually well beyond modern Earth science, but Dr. Liu Wei Zhang was of uncommon genius. And he was well-rewarded for this, gaining positions of great wealth and power in a society growing increasingly capitalistic.

-In a move orchestrated by the world's governments, Wei and some American counterparts engaged in the most advanced form of "Big Science" ever known- a teleportation experiment that could change human history forever. Utilizing these cosmic forces, the expectation was that humans could now translocate all over the globe. The changes to shipping, travel and more were staggering.

-Unfortunately, Zhang's genius had its limits- the Cosmic Power he was attempting to utilize was far greater than even he could have anticipated. The crossed energies between Beijing and the counterpart laboratory in Mega City, USA grew out of control. In his arrogance, Zhang believed that he could use his own body as a conduit for the energy, controlling it by force of will. Instead, he was torn to pieces in front of his horrified colleagues, while explosions soon followed- imbuing many human beings with tremendous power- the most famous of these being Mega-Woman, the most powerful of Earth's heroes.

-Wei was thought dead for months, but eventually a man claiming to be him emerged- empowered by the same energies that had given so many others super-powers, he had become semi-permanently "out of phase" with Earth's reality, vibrating at a difference resonance with the rest of the world. Though occasionally uncontrollable, it could be corralled enough that Zhang, now "Doctor Reverb", was incredibly powerful. Seeking to restore himself to reality, he took over various laboratories the world over, then engaged in a preemptive strike against the Chinese leadership, wishing to take over the country himself. Only Mega-Woman and some Chinese superhumans (including the similarly-powered Heavenly Star) were able to stand against him.

-Doctor Reverb returned many times- proving to be one of Mega-Woman's most dangerous enemies, and one of the few villains with a decent shot at ruling the world- his power and relative invulnerability make him hard to defeat. His genius, combined with his great power, earned him status as a Global Threat. He can often leave this reality, and return from another one, having made powerful allies or gained greater weaponry. He is nearly impossible to permanently imprison, making him a recurring danger.

-Doctor Reverb has numerous powers and capabilities- offensively, he can cause internal damage with Vibrational Blasts and a touch attack (Mega-Woman describes it as "the worst pain imaginable", as if every cell in one's body erupts at once). He can create lower-yield Area Effects as well. However, the true issue is his defensiveness- aside from Teleportation, he can go Insubstantial, Invisible or otherwise deflect incoming attacks that he sees coming (Defensive Roll). His body has tremendous immunity to certain types of attacks, including Mega-Woman's Cosmic Power. Generally, the only hope of defeating him is either ensuring his solidity (such as when he is attacking), then striking him physically. Either that, or taking advantage of his vulnerability to certain vibrations (though the precise vibrations are constantly changing, making this a time-consuming tactic that leaves one vulnerable).

Jab's Notes: This guy was meant as a kind of "Moses Magnum"-powered guy, but I had no real central concept, only that he was part of the accident that gave Mega-Woman and others their powers. But then I remembered a background villain I created when I was in college (no name or anything) who was basically a guy with the image blurred so there were multiples- essentially my riff on how Alex Ross drew The Flash in "Kingdom Come". I wanted another "Major Villain" in the Jabverse, since I was fairly light on them beforehand. Vibration Control is a very rare power-set, and one that has a LOT of potential in terms of stunts, powers and immunities, so I really went all-out with it this time around.

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The Teen Guard

Post by Jabroniville » Tue Feb 20, 2018 11:43 am


The Teen Guard are the heroes that took up the "middle period" between the Legion of Liberty and the Legion of Light. Trained by the second Black Fox and the mysterious Palladia, they were a band of teenage super-heroes, many from across the stars, who formed a "club" of sorts on 1960s Earth. Rebellious and prone to impulsive decisions, they were decried by "The Man", worried about by parents, and idolized by many teenagers. As "Youth Movements" are common on just about any world, the teens found a great number of sympathetic members. They were typified by odd names and singular, strange abilities.

The first three members were Hypno-Girl, Hazard Boy and Olympus Kid. Eager to form a crime-fighting trio, they were discovered by the second Black Fox (the son of the first), who put them into contact with the Olympian-themed Palladia, hoping to train and watch over the kids. Though the trio were often quite rebellious and prone to doing whatever they wanted, they respected their teachers enough to listen at least some of the time.

New members arrived almost weekly after a point, soon amassing an enormous roster. Kid Titan quickly joined the team, allying with Olympus Kid. The descendents of Titans and Olympians, respectively, the two boys were friends, but competed with each other in contests of strength, as well as for the heart of their green-skinned teammate. Earthlings like Judo Girl arrived, as well as aliens like Medi-Girl, Centaur Girl, Fire Boy/Water Lily, and more. Though they were controversial (most were near-permanent outsiders), they saved the galaxy numerous times, and suffered a casualty rate much higher than heroes before or since- it's thought that their numbers, combined with the relative "newness" of super-heroics, left them more vulnerable. "Superhero Training Schools" were thus not used for many years.

Jab's Notes: This team is clearly based off of the Legion of Super-Heroes, and most of the team members have pretty minor, or non-existant bios. I intended for a massive team, comprised of "kids we never see", but I never got around to building most of them, nor completing full bios. Largely because I didn't quite want it "set in stone" who lived and who died.

I kind of put the kids into an odd role- taking up the same general timeline as comics' Legion, with a similar concept ("Superhero Club", basically), but putting them in the past instead of the future, which changes the dynamic quite a bit. This lets them get involved with the massive cultural changes of the 1960s, reveal the existence of aliens to human civilization, and more. It also fills in that "middle period" between superhero squads.

No builds for this crew; they're pretty much just a "ball of ideas" at this point, and I usually never posted a team until they were ALL finished, along with visual descriptions. Part of why I never posted them, despite having written most of this more than two years ago. Let me know if any of them strike your fancy, and I might build members of the group periodically. Or at least flesh out all the people without real names or bios (all the "xxxxxxxxxx" stuff).

PALLADIA (Pallas Athena of Earth)- After the Golden Age, Athena was de-powered greatly after a battle with her half-brother, Ares. As a result, she took on a new identity, and when a new Heroic Age presented itself, she began training the new generation. This incarnation uses unique weapons, including the Lightning Rod, a weaker variant of her father Zeus' Thunderbolt Staff, though the Aegis was still hers to use. With much weaker powers, she nonetheless was among the most capable team members, often protecting the others with the Aegis Force Field in combat, and dealing tremendous damage with the Lightning Rod.
Powers: Class 10 Superhuman, Leaping, Immortality, "Lightning Rod" (Electrical Blast), "Aegis Shield" (Invincible Force Field Dome)

THE BLACK FOX II (Richard "Dick" Clamency Junior of Earth)- The son of the Golden Age elite detective The Black Fox, Dick Jr. took up his father's mask at a young age. Hero-worshipping his father, Dick even became a PI at a young age, and aided the police department whenever he could. As a young adult, he teamed up with Palladia, his father's old teammate, to form the guard among the young teenagers developing powers in the Second Heroic Age. Despite his lack of powers, he was an able 'father figure' to the barely-younger kids, using modern martial arts and gadgetry to back up his natural intelligence, becoming one of the most effective team members.
Powers: Peak Human physical abilities, detective & crimefighting skills, gadgets, Grappling Snare-Wire

HYPNO-GIRL (Kayla Bargle of Mirradon)- Kayla Bargle, a green-skinned telepathic alien teenager, crash-landed on Earth after an assassin who killed her parents chased her to Earth's atmosphere. Teaming up with the other founders, she was offered membership in their club, with no other way home. Though she was contacted by her people later, she found she could not leave her new teammates and loves, and so stuck with the team, leaving for 'vacations' periodically. A powerful mentalist, Hypno-Girl could psionically take over people's minds upon making eye contact, commanding them mentally from then on. Initially controlling only one victim at a time, she later developed further strength, controlling additional subjects until entire groups could be controlled at once. She could also fire Menta-Bolts of "psionic energy" as a mind-blast, communicate Telepathically with her teammates, or read the minds of others, sometimes by force. Proximity and eye contact helped all of these powers.
Powers: Telepathy, Mind-Reading, Mind Control (eye contact), "Menta-Bolts" (Mental Blast)

OLYMPUS KID (Xenos Pallatopoulis of Earth)- Olympus Kid was another Founding member. His heritage a mystery, Xenos ("stranger") was raised by human parents after being abandonded by one or more Greek Gods. His early childhood was spent being obsessed about his parentage, as he exhibited massive Super-Strength and the healing properties of his forebears. Joining the guard, he cherished his friends, and they frequently helped him against Greek-themed threats. Falling for Kayla, aka Hypno-Girl, he frequently competed with Kid Titan for both her affections, and the sibling rivalry of Olympians (vs) Titans, mythologically-speaking. He had a recurring crush on the older Palladia for a long time, however, throwing a frequent kink into his plans to woo Kayla. Over the months and years, he started developing new powers that made some realize his lineage: invisibility, shadow-control, and an immunity to Hellfire. A few years in, they discovered his parents... Hades and Persephone, the King & Queen of the Dead! Xenos was horrified at the revelation, and it was revealed that his mother abandoned him when she disappeared from her husband's realm. His anger at Persephone was great, but came to forgive her, and even his father Hades, when the latter ravaged a portion of the Earth (and took over Xenos' mind and made him like himself) looking for his lost wife. He orchestrated the reunion of his parents, who agreed to 'start over' with a normal marriage for once.
Powers: Class 70 Superhuman, Leaping, Immortality, Shadow/Darkness Control, Invisibility, Immunity & Control of Hellfire, Darkvision

HAZARD BOY (Kirk Planter of Earth)- Kirk Planter was one of the Original Three teenage recruits. Gaining his radioactive powers after a chemical accident at his father's plant (set up by a rival attempting to kill his father for the rights to an invention), Hazard Boy came to be the first teen leader of the team, with even Palladia & Black Fox conferring decisions with him as an equal over time. Serious-minded, un-romantic and noble, Kirk was nonetheless the target of many crushes during his day, ignorant to most of them. His Radiation powers made him one of the most powerful Guardians, especially once he learned the myriad uses for it (he could tire people by causing invisible radiation sickness, fire devastating bursts in varying shapes and forms, create radioactive 'objects' out of energy, heat things from the inside-out, cover his body with energy, create force fields, and nearly any other tactic of energy-using heroes). His example is still one of the primary sources metahumans of all types look to when they consider how to use their powers.
Powers: Radiation Blasts, Auras & Invisible "Tiring" Beams

FIRE BOY & WATER LILY (xxxxxx of Hydropyre)- xxxxxxxxxxxxxx is an alien from a race where everyone possesses the ability to split into two individuals, one of each gender, each possessing the power of Pyrokinesis (males) and Hydrokinesis (females), even creating the elements from thin air. Adrogenes in base form, xxxxxxx was nonetheless accepted into the guard's ranks. Complications arose when Fire Boy fell in love with fellow member Gravity Girl, and Water Lily with Reaction Boy, because Hydropyreans have an extremely complicated system of relationships and marriage (males mate with females, but frequently go back to androgene forms, forming massive family units).
Powers: Splits into two separate beings; Fire Boy- Pyrokinesis, Flight; Water Lily- Hydrokinesis, Jet-assisted Flight

JUDO GIRL (Kasumi Kim of Earth)- Kasumi Kim is a rare "half-breed" in 1960s Japanese society; the daughter of a Japanese career woman and a Korean diplomat. This made her an outcast in a time of great racism and inner hatred between the two cultures, and she reacted accordingly. Initially bratty and spoiled by fairly well-off parents, reacting violently to others' insults, she developed greater control through the martial arts, introduced by her maternal grandfather. The guard discovered her when she was fighting her beloved grandfather's murderers, Yakuza hitmen who carried a grudge from years earlier when he stopped them from a massive job. Saving her, the guard offered her membership, which she accepted on a whim. Her constant rage issues and combative nature were a problem for years, but she eventually mellowed. Having no powers made her a 'weak link' of sorts, except for occasions when something other than firepower was needed- she excelled in stealth missions and situations where their powers were nullified or useless.
Powers: Martial Artist of high order, can smash beams and doors down with ease.

MASSIVE LAD (Riggle Pardour of Bulkkor)- Massive Lad is a mid-run member of the team. Despite a humorous appearance and power-set (he grew super-fat, gaining Super-Strength & Invulnerability along the way), the rest of the team liked him well enough, and he even saved the day a few times. Even so, he eventually fell by the wayside, and became a Reserve member of his team, called back to his homeworld for various duties, though he remained happy.
Powers: Rapid-Mass Growth, becoming Class 30 Superhuman with hyper-durability

HURRICANE KID (xxxxxx)- A teenager with the ability to create massive hurricanes and tornados at will, in addition to controlling weather patterns with some level of distraction. He was in love with Medi-Girl for years, but eventually stood aside while she began a regular relationship with Quake-Boy.
Powers: Weather Control, focusing on Wind Powers

SPACE NINJA (xxxxxxxxx)- A black alien from a far-off world, Space Ninja is an elite martial artist who also possesses a Flight Belt and a knack for competitive dancing.
Powers: Martial Artist of high order, "Flight Belt"

KID TITAN (Patrellus of Earth)- The son of the super-powered Titans Iapetos & Clymene (and brother of mighty Atlas), born after their freedom from Tartarus in recent history, Kid Titan grew up believing in the stories of his race's triumphs, and their eventual fall against the Greek Olympian Gods in the Titanomachy. Though not evil, his sense of superiority made him no friends at first, especially with Olympus Kid. Fighting with Xenos over their respective ancestors, as well as the heart of Hypno-Girl, their teammate, Kid Titan was still spectacularly powerful, growing to massive size and being the strongest member of the entire team, instrumental to many battles. When he finally lost Hypno-Girl's heart to Xenos, he moved on after a period of bitterness, finding love with Crystal Girl.
Powers: Growth (60 foot maximum, over Class 100 at peak size), Immortality

COPYCAT KID (Por Reflax of Parador)- Copycat Kid comes from a race that all possess the ability to 'copycat', or absorb, the properties of any object they touch. Turning super-strong and durable by touching steel, or fluid like water, or malleable like clay. Among the most powerful of his race, he was sent to Earth to partake in the new super-hero team, so that he may serve his own people better. Initially cranky and believing himself more important than his teammates (along with a healthy bit of xenophobia), he quickly had his live saved by them several times, and grew humbled. Eventually, he became among the most selfless and peaceful of his teammates. His love for a common Earth girl led to a stable family life, and his granddaughter Sophie has inherited his powers in near-full amounts.
Powers: Absorbs the properties of material touched by physical contact, and powers supporting them (Steel & Stone- Protection & Super-Strength, Water- Fluid Form)

MEDI-GIRL (Reena San'Dor of Ascellia)- Reena was born into the greatest family of doctors on the greatest world of doctors known- a planet where the people developed natural guards against disease and poisons of all types. The Ascellians used these unique traits to aid them in curing the sick of other worlds, until the planet became revered as the last defense against the worst illnesses- for a price, of course. Rejecting her family's rules about charging exorbitant prices for medical treatment, Medi-Girl fled her homeworld with the Healing Staff, a device her beloved late grandfather invented, using it to cure the sick and wounded across the galaxy. When hired guns attempted to bring her back, the guard stepped in, and she quickly joined the team. The Healing Staff has been responsible for the saving of countless lives (many of them the Guard's), as it can reverse the most severe injuries imaginable- even bringing the recently deceased back to life! Though the victim cannot have been dead for more than five minutes in order to do so. Though she was the target of Hurricane Kid's affections for a long time, she herself grew to love Quake-Boy as the ultimate "bad boy". After a long, drawn-out romance frought with battles, they became a regular couple.
Powers: Immunity to most Poisons & Diseases, "Healing Staff" (Tremendous Healing properites)

DINO-BOY (xxxxxxxxx)- His power is the ability to transform his body into the shape of any known Dinosaur (including non-dinosaur prehistoric creatures such as Dimetrodons, Plesiosaurs & Pterosaurs) for a finite period of time. Larger creatures (Triceratops/T-Rex & higher) require more energy and tire him out far faster.
Powers: Shapeshifts into Dinosaur Forms

REFLECTO-GIRL (xxxxxxxxx)- Her entire race possesses the ability to mimic the appearance and powers of other creatures, effectively re-writing their own genetic codes. Though they can be exact, Reflecto-Girl often creates a pink version, so that her teammates know who is whom. The Mimicking has a limit, however, in that she must be able to see what she is mimicking within the previous twenty-four hours (absorbing it's genetic coding with her antennae), and she can only adopt half the total power. This power is effective on spy & espionage missions, but can be a tremendous battlefield asset as well, as she can copy half the powers of her strongest teammates (often Kid Titan or Olympus Kid) and become a frontliner in combat.
Powers: Shapeshifts into an exact replica of someone she just saw, Power Mimicking (Half of Total Powers)

JUNGLE BOY (xxxxxxxxx)- Jungle Boy possesses the ability to mimic the powers and abilities of any animal. This actually varies based off of which world he is on (for example, he can gain fire-spewing powers if he is on a world where animals exhibit this behavior), but he can only mimic one animal at a time. Frequently-used powers include an insect's super-strength, a cheetah's speed, cat's claws, sharks' super-senses, and an elephant's toughness.
Powers: Gains Animal Powers

CRYSTAL GIRL (No Real Name)- Crystal Girl was created by one the Teen Guard's worst enemy, (insert name of rad villain here), in order to infiltrate and destroy them. With her innate abilities to shift into different gem-based forms to gain different super-powers (Ruby- Eye Beams, Sapphire- Crystal Object Creation, Diamond- Class 70 Super-Strength, Jade- Reflects Energy Back), she nearly destroyed the whole team, until she discovered the joys of free will. Joining the Teen Guard under normal conditions, she was proudly accepted, but had to learn the basics of personal interaction from the ground up. Crystal Girl formed close bonds with Hypno-Girl (who was able to understand her mind the best), Gravity Girl (the boy-crazy one), and Kid Titan, whom she developed feelings for. Her crystalline nature caused problems, as they could never consummate their relationship, and Crystal Girl's passive-aggressive personality irked Kid Titan frequently.
Powers: Various forms based off of ore composition; base of Class 10 Superhuman, Immunity to Fortitude-Effects

GRAVITY GIRL (xxxxxxxxx)- xxxxxxxxx
Powers: Manipulate the Gravity of a wide region or objects within it

REACTION BOY (xxxxxxxxxxx)- xxxxxxxxxxx
Powers: Gains Superpowers in opposition to whatever obstacles he faces (Uncontrolled)

KID HORUS (xxxxxxxx)- xxxxxxx
Powers: Telepathy, Mind-Reading, Mind Control (eye contact), "Menta-Bolts" (Mental Blast)

MECHANO-GIRL (xxxxxxxxx)- xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Powers: Super-Genius Computer Brain, Array of alterable gadgets and mechanical devices

QUAKE-BOY (Lorr Kalogar of Cibigibi)- Quake-Boy was a child of the streets, living on a vibrating world famous for it's music and dance styles. Becoming a violence-themed bad-boy musician with a style reminiscent of 80s punk bands, he joined up with a rotten gang attempting to hold hostage a large group of wealthy patrons (including Medi-Girl of the guard). Realizing that the crew he was with was no good, Quake-Boy betrayed them, helping save the day. Though his brash attitude and punk style rubbed nearly everyone the wrong way, Medi-Girl saw the good in him and attempted to get him to join the guard. Initially rejecting them cruelly, he eventually got himself into trouble with a ganglord and required guard help, finally joining their ranks. Since his world was permanently vibrating (visitors to the homeworld would merely take some free pills to bring them 'up to speed'), it's people often calmed themselves on outer worlds. Fully vibrating again, they would destroy things they touched, even people! Using these powers, he became a destructive force on the front lines, though much more vulnerable to damage than the others. He & Reena were off & on, as his terminal bad attitude occasionally angered her, and there were issues from Hurricane Kid's long-held crush on her (resolving itself in a few brawls within guard HQ itself!), but they finally settled down some and became a constant couple.
Powers: Creates Vibrations in hands for destructive purposes

SENSORY BOY (Wrynn Tellor of Phakkaxx)- The people of Phakkaxx live on a world of varying light patterns, darkness and other upheavals, necessitating in most of the race developing extra-sensory powers and other major sensory abilities. Wrynn Tellor, more of an adventurer than most of his race (who found their own world strangely comforting in it's chaos), sought out new things, and came to catalogue much of space for his people. Benevolent aliens directed him towards Earth & it's Teen Guard, where he joined the team. Frequently feeling useless for his non-combative powers (by his own lack of confidence, and many of his male teammates making fun of him), he nonetheless proved integral to several missions, especially ones where dazzling lights or pitch-blackness were common.
Powers: Radar Sight, Super-Abilities in All Senses, Infra-Vision, Microscopic Vision, X-Ray Vision, ESP

DEFENDER (Warren Gladstone of Earth)- A young hero joining in the later era, Warren was chosen (seemingly at random, but truly not) by an ancient Cosmic Intelligence, meant to be the "Universal Defender", protecting the entire universe from threats. Initially nervous and scared of battle, Warren joined up with the Teen Guard to attempt to live up to his duties, and slowly came to do them all proud. Despite this, he left the Guard in it's later days, distraught over the deaths of some close colleagues.
Powers: "Cosmic Bands" (Dimensional Travel, Cosmic Blasts, Light Speed Flight, Life Support)

PARSEC (Pergo Malloran of Kurr)- Kurr is a planet "out of sync" with our own, where everything happens for them at super-speed. They are born, live out their lives, marry, have children & die in mere weeks by our standards. The only member of his race to venture to the "Slower Worlds" following the deaths of his family, Pergo learned to 'negate' his inner speed unless needed to live a normal life amongst humans & other races, returning occasionally to a worshipful people to discuss the outside world.
Powers: Mach 15 Super-Speed, Fast Healing

CENTAUR GIRL (Megaera of Bala)- Megaera hails from the magical world of Castellia, where creatures like Orcs, Centaurs and Elves live alongside humans and assorted monsters. Though strong, she was less useful in battle compared to her super-powered teammates until she "upgraded" her gear with cosmic weaponry.
Powers: Centaur Body, Class 1 Superhuman, Fast Running Speed, "Space Armour" (Life Support, Armour), "Space Lance" (Energy Blast & Weapon)

WARHEART (xxxxxxxxxx)- An injured boy placed in a cybernetic shell.
Powers: Class 50 Superhuman, Cosmic Energy Blasts

SKY MANTA (xxxxxxxx)- From a race of space-spanning sentient manta-like beings, Sky Manta is one of the few with a personality unique enough to venture out on his own to find his own 'pack'.
Powers: Life Support, Light Speed Flight, Mind-Numbing Psi-Blasts

BALLOON BOY (xxxxxxxxx)- xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Powers: Balloon Form- Resistant to Harm, Floats (may Fly if he lets out air)

CALAMITY LASS (Prissi Maldor of Xintoflax)- xxxxxxxxxxxx
Powers: Creates "Bombs" of Good or Bad Luck (Uncontrolled)

AGE BOY (xxxxxxxxx)- xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Powers: Shapeshifts to Decreasing or Increasing Age

FOUR-ARM BOY (Kayla Bargle of Quattrona)- xxxxxxxxxxxx
Powers: Four Arms

Love Triangle: Olympus Kid/Hypno-Girl/Kid Titan-
Love Triangle: Quake-Boy/Medi-Girl/Hurricane Kid-
Fire Boy & Gravity Girl-
Water Lily & Reaction Boy-
Copycat Kid & Normal Human Girl-
Crystal Girl & xxxxxxxxx-
Crush: Reaction Boy on Judo Girl-
Crush: Calamity Lass on xxxxxxx-
Crush: xxxxxxxx on Black Fox-
Crush: Olympus Kid, Copycat Kid & Fire-Boy on Palladia- A beautiful older woman, it is unsurprising that Palladia drew alot of early attention from the male members of the team. Though nearly the entire team showed an affection for her, the Virgin Goddess was nonplussed (and usually humorously unaware) of their intentions, frequently ignoring them and misunderstanding their ploys for her attention. Frequent were games & challenges involving all the boys competing for the "prize", a date with Palladia that she would interpret as a training excercise of something like that. As the boys grew up, they came to view Palladia as more of a mother/big sister, and dropped their childish crushes.

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Re: The Jabverse: An O.C. Thread (Orinoco Flow, Dr. Reverb, Teen Guard)

Post by MacynSnow » Tue Feb 20, 2018 1:44 pm

I note that Black Fox wasn't on that list of Crushes for Palladia,out of pure nosyness mind telling us/me why?

Also,i want to play in this soooooo bad!Please run a game on here with this,pretty please?......

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Re: The Jabverse: An O.C. Thread (Orinoco Flow, Dr. Reverb, Teen Guard)

Post by Yojimbo » Tue Feb 20, 2018 6:24 pm

Four-Arm Boy, ha ha, that's great.

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Re: The Jabverse: An O.C. Thread (Orinoco Flow, Dr. Reverb, Teen Guard)

Post by Jabroniville » Wed Feb 21, 2018 2:57 am

MacynSnow wrote:
Tue Feb 20, 2018 1:44 pm
I note that Black Fox wasn't on that list of Crushes for Palladia,out of pure nosyness mind telling us/me why?

Also,i want to play in this soooooo bad!Please run a game on here with this,pretty please?......
Fox knows it's Athena, so he's not barking up the wrong tree :) .

I've been thinking able a game- issue is, I barely know the rules anymore, and I haven't GMed in 15 years.

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Re: The Jabverse: An O.C. Thread (Orinoco Flow, Dr. Reverb, Teen Guard)

Post by RainOnTheSun » Wed Feb 21, 2018 6:18 am

I don't know, you make an awful lot of characters for someone who barely knows the rules anymore.

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Re: The Jabverse: An O.C. Thread (Orinoco Flow, Dr. Reverb, Teen Guard)

Post by Jabroniville » Wed Feb 21, 2018 6:21 am

RainOnTheSun wrote:
Wed Feb 21, 2018 6:18 am
I don't know, you make an awful lot of characters for someone who barely knows the rules anymore.
I know pretty much every rule for Character Creation, but the second something mentions a "Slam Attack" or "Aid Another" I literally have no idea what to do, lol :).

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Re: The Jabverse: An O.C. Thread (Orinoco Flow, Dr. Reverb, Teen Guard)

Post by Tattooedman » Wed Feb 21, 2018 6:35 am

Jabroniville wrote:
Wed Feb 21, 2018 6:21 am
RainOnTheSun wrote:
Wed Feb 21, 2018 6:18 am
I don't know, you make an awful lot of characters for someone who barely knows the rules anymore.
I know pretty much every rule for Character Creation, but the second something mentions a "Slam Attack" or "Aid Another" I literally have no idea what to do, lol :).
Pretty sure there's some rolling of dice involved..... :lol:

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Re: The Jabverse: An O.C. Thread (Orinoco Flow, Dr. Reverb, Teen Guard)

Post by Ken » Wed Feb 21, 2018 6:43 am

Looks like a fun team.

A lot of the builds look like they'd be pretty straight forward.

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Re: The Jabverse: An O.C. Thread (Orinoco Flow, Dr. Reverb, Teen Guard)

Post by MacynSnow » Wed Feb 21, 2018 1:47 pm

Jabroniville wrote:
Wed Feb 21, 2018 6:21 am
RainOnTheSun wrote:
Wed Feb 21, 2018 6:18 am
I don't know, you make an awful lot of characters for someone who barely knows the rules anymore.
I know pretty much every rule for Character Creation, but the second something mentions a "Slam Attack" or "Aid Another" I literally have no idea what to do, lol :).
That's the thing about "teen teams"(heh heh),they've really only got one-two major powers at the most so they're easier than adult equivalents.

As for not knowling the rest of the rules that well or you being "out of the screen" for 15 years,that's why you do something here like a one-shot,to both get you aquainted with the rules and get those gm gears going you can tell,i really want you to do this,even if i don't get picked for said game.... :D

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The Infinite Sadness

Post by Jabroniville » Tue Apr 10, 2018 6:40 am


-This gang of Supers are known for their rather unusual gimmick- they're among the semi-numerous Super-People out there who do the whole thing for kicks- they don't really "Fight Crime" any more than they deliberately COMMIT them- they're just in it for the sake of fighting and enjoyment. However, in addition to being the most well-known of this group, they're also among the few with a "higher calling" in it- not mere thrill-seekers, they consider themselves Performance Superhumans. Pseudo-Intellectual, deliberately-confrontational Hipsters, this crew stage public displays of their powers for good or ill, usually to cause a reaction or start a fight. Their end goal is a weird combination of fame, greed, excitement and groupies.

-The gang has been observed commiting generic crimes in hopes of drawing out superheroes, attacking Super-Villains as if they were a SUPER-HERO team, destroying public landmarks, staging "performance pieces" of high art involving their powers, and more. Most super-heroes consider them little more than nuisances- they are not murderers, despite the somewhat-deadly nature of their powers, and their predilection for pointless brawls.

-The Infinite Sadness are often seen with various henchwomen, all female: Rhiannon, Barbara Ann, Valerie, Sara, Diana, Gloria, Sherry and Jolene. Largely they are standard Henchmen.

Jab's Notes: Kurt Busiek, Accidental-Plagiarist that he is, debuted "Performance Criminals" in "Astro City" years after I'd come up with the idea, but told no one about it. The asshole. Similarly, I've tried to come up with a great costume that includes that "jagged line between two circles" electricity-logo for years before Alex Ross did a flawless rendition of it in that same book.

-I just think it's a fun concept for super-villains/heroes, and a reflection of the weird society these people end up in. Like, since fighting is such a huge focus in that world, wouldn't there be a lot of people into it JUST for the fighting?

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