The Jabverse: An O.C. Thread (Athena! Ares! Phobos & Deimos! Eris!)

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Sand Tiger

Post by Jabroniville » Mon Sep 18, 2017 7:04 am


SAND TIGER (Arlo Thomas, aka Sand Trap)
Variable Wgt: Variable
Role: Alternate Form Guy
PL 8 (179)

Athletics 2 (+9)
Deception 6 (+6)
Expertise (Criminal) 4 (+5)
Perception 4 (+5)
Stealth 2 (+5)

All-Out Attack, Fast Grab, Improved Critical (Unarmed), Power Attack, Startle

"Low-Yield Psionic"
Mind-Reading 2 (Flaws: Tiring) [2]
Move Object 2 (Flaws: Tiring) [2]
Enhanced Fighting 3 (Flaws: Limited to Within Alternate Forms) [3]

"Mental Transference" Variable 20 (Powers Within Alternate Forms) (Flaws: Limited to Materials Copied) [120]
"Sand Form"
Enhanced Strength 6 (12)
No Stamina Score -7 (-14)
Immunity 30 (Fortitude Effects) (30)
Protection 7 (7)

"Particulate Anatomy" Insubstantial 1 (5)
"Swimming Through The Earth" Speed 5 (60 mph) (Quirks: Limited to Within Earth) (4)
"Frightening Form" Enhanced Skills 8: Intimidation 8 (+8) (4)
Morph 4 (Any Shape) (Flaws: Limited Coloring) (16)
Movement 2 (Permeate) (Flaws: Limited to Earth) (2)

"Hard To Hurt" Immunity 20 (Bludgeoning Damage) (Flaws: Limited to Half-Effect) (10)
"Hard To Pierce" Immunity 20 (Slashing & Piercing Damage) (20)
-- (96 points)

Unarmed +6 (+1 Damage, DC 16)
Sand Form +9 (+7 Damage, DC 22)
Initiative +4

Dodge +8 (DC 18), Parry +6 (+9 Alternate Forms, DC 16-19), Toughness +2 (+7 Sand Form), Fortitude +3, Will +5

Responsibility (Arrogance)- Like many "Psykers", Sand Tiger sees himself as a bit "above" the herd, and thinks little of civilians, or anyone without powers.
Enemy (The White Room)- The American government has its own wing of Psykers, and Arlo spent years there. Believed to be barely psychic at all, he was allowed to leave. When it was discovered that he was hiding his true power, they became VERY interested. Arlo now lives in fear of them capturing him once more, and taking pieces out of his brain until there's nothing left.
Relationship (The Agents of Aquarius)- Most of the Agents are there for back-up, assistance and a "get out of jail free" card. Arlo is all this and more- the Agents might be his only defense against his former bosses.
Power Loss (Psionics)- Psykers are prone to erratic power-loss when subject to certain sounds, vibrational effects, or elements.

Total: Abilities: 28 / Skills: 18--9 / Advantages: 5 / Powers: 127 / Defenses: 10 (179)

-Arlo Thomas was like many psionically-gifted children- taken from his parents at a young age (for their own good, of course) and placed in a national psionics program, meant to train, focus and study these children. Unfortunately, as such things tend to do, it went awry- many of the children lost their minds, had too many parts removed, were forcibly depowered, or turned towards evil. Arlo seemed calmer, more controllable, and of course less powerful, so he was mostly ignored. However, he had a secret- the boy was MUCH more capable than he'd ever appeared. His powers were hidden away, while he only showed off slight powers, such as weak Telekinesis and Mind-Reading.

-In truth, Arlo had the power of Mental Transference- the unreal ability to disperse his own body, and mentally place it within another form. Upon "graduating" from the program under minimal supervision (most of the surviving children were turned into government agents), he instead became a criminal, using his powers in order to steal. He found highly-durable too malleable forms difficult to control (his Telekinesis was rather weak, and this extended to his powered-up forms), something like a particulate form was much easier- the happy medium of things like sand, dirt or other particles. It was in his early career that the villain "Sand Trap" was recruited by Aquarius into becoming "Sand Tiger".

-Greedy, overconfident and sardonic, Arlo fit right in with his team, often taking a frontline point, or getting off on frightening people with his "Land Shark" act (typically manifesting as a large dorsal fin sliding across the concrete towards people). When he was defeated and discovered for the first time, he learned the consequences of his actions- the very agency he'd left of his own volition was now INTENSELY interested in him, and subjected him to numerous tests. Though he would escape frequently, often depending upon the other Agents to do so, he now fears for his life, as the implacable people he'd lied to were now very eager to gain access to the nature of his powers. Initially just one of the gang, seeing himself a big "above" them, he's become afraid to go anywhere without back-up, and appears almost sycophantic to the others.

-Sand Tiger is the most versatile member of the Agents of Aquarius, being able to take multiple forms. Concrete or Metal forms are harder to control (dropping combat ability considerably), but in his Sand Form, he is terribly difficult to injure, very fast, and can get nearly anywhere- he's even better at getting places than Oarfish.

Jab's Notes: Sand Tiger was one of the trickier ones to figure out. While I came up with the concept quickly enough ("Tiger Shark" was clearly taken by Marvel, so I didn't want to go there, but a type of Tiger Shark is called a "Sand Tiger", which easily led me to "tiger made of sand"), the exact nature of WHY a guy was made of sand, yet in the shape of a shark, was beyond me.

-I came up with the idea of a Psionic who was able to take sand-form- an undercurrent of my setting was an Evil Government Organization that took Psychic kids away and trained them- some of the heroes would inevitably fight these guys, or try to free the kids. I thought maybe this guy was permanently trapped in this form, and going insane. But that sympathetic backstory was also shared by Triggerfish, plus Thresher Shark was also a bit unfortunate, and I didn't want to overdo that concept. So instead I made him a huge liar who hid away his true powers, and could simply take alternate forms, a bit like Absorbing Man with a different gimmick. Obviously, the government would still be VERY interested in him, so he had that wrinkle added to his backstory, too. So now a Sandman rip-off has a slightly different schtick.

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Post by Jabroniville » Tue Sep 19, 2017 6:55 am


The guy on the right.

SIXGILL (Real Name Unknown)
6'3" Wgt: 215 lbs.
Role: Mystery Mercenary
PL 9 (139)

Athletics 8 (+11)
Deception 4 (+7)
Expertise (Mercenary) 6 (+9)
Insight 3 (+6)
Intimidation 5 (+8)
Investigation 3 (+6)
Perception 5 (+8)
Sleight of Hand 2 (+8)
Stealth 8 (+12)
Ranged Combat (Boomerangs) 2 (+12)
Technology 2 (+5)
Vehicles 2 (+8)

Accurate Attack, Assessment, Chokehold, Defensive Attack, Equipment 4 (Spy Gear, Guns), Improved Aim, Improved Critical (Guns), Improved Defenses, Improved Initiative, Ranged Attack 6, Startle, Well-Informed

"Sixgill Armor" (Flaws: Removable) [8]
"Fin Gliding" Swimming 5 (5)
Immunity 1 (Drowning) (1)
Protection 2 (2)
-- (10 points)

Unarmed +11 (+3 Damage, DC 18)
Guns +12 (+4-6 Ranged Damage, DC 19-21)
Initiative +8

Dodge +12 (DC 22), Parry +11 (DC 21), Toughness +4 (+6 Suit), Fortitude +5, Will +6

Motivation (Greed)- Sixgill is a mercenary.
Reputation (Pride)- Sixgill prides himself on professionalism, stealth and skill. Hanging around with some of the idiots in the Agents of Aquarius is something he feels is humiliating, and "beneath" him. But so long as the money is good, or he needs goons, he's happy.

Total: Abilities: 74 / Skills: 50--25 / Advantages: 20 / Powers: 8 / Defenses: 12 (139)

-Sixgill is an independent contractor, separate from the rest of the Agents of Aquarius- he's usually a solo operative who specializes in maritime crime, acting as both pirate, hostage-taker, thief and assassin. His operations usually involved opposition to Kid Axolotl, a young aquatic superhero. He engaged in several team-ups with other villains over the years, but usually only with a payday in mind, or a grudge against his enemy. His reputation grew as his operations became more elaborate- he is generally known as a cold, calculating, dangerous professional.

-Sixgill refused the initial offer to join the Agents, believing an unpaid position as a regular criminal was beneath him. One of the few aquatic animal-themed super-villains to not join the team, he was recruited later via a large payment from the rest of the group, who needed his experience and status for a job. Disliking many of his "amateur" teammates, he nonetheless kept some of them on as hired goons or allies in other operations, leaving many to assume he's a recurring member of the squad- this annoys him greatly. He has noticed, however, that the group is beginning to bring in some real cash from time to time, and the large roster prevents easy capture. He's starting to get the impression that the more rudderless group (which insists on a roving "Chairperson" position most of the time) just needs a serious-minded, professional leader. While leading a "Jobber Army" is something he never imagined himself doing... it just might be worth it.

Jab's Notes: Sixgill is pretty much inspired by some of the bad guy armor seen in the official "Freedom City" stuff, but named for the Sixgill Shark- a fairly obscure animal. I had the idea that he was a mercenary who typically didn't join the team (his more bad-ass "dark" look didn't mesh well with the orange Thresher Shark, or the powder-blue Blue Shark, for example). A guy acting and sounding more like Boba Fett (I basically "hear" him in that exact voice), being completely serious, but forced to hang around some of these idiots is amusing to me. However, I found his bio still a bit "short", so I added the bit in at the end, where he's considering LEADING the team.

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All Done the AoA

Post by Jabroniville » Wed Sep 20, 2017 6:33 am

-And that's it! That's the entire Agents of Aquarius! It was a fun squad to lay out, though I feel like I'm workin' on the friggin' Sigmarillion here, with all the giant backstories these guys ended up with. I was kind of aiming for Serpent Society-like Goon Squad, and I feel they still fit that, but my desire to really figure out the characters lead me to create a lot of detailed histories, in part to justify why so-and-so would just have powers one day, or why another character would be a super-villain.

-Several guys started off with concepts (Triggerfish was like Bushmaster and needed the job; Thresher Shark was an amputee; Blue Shark was Anaconda-like in her brutish ways), and a few were much older characters (Barracuda, Mako & Great White were from a "Something Unique" story I never managed to really get going, despite a HUGE backstory and planning phase). Dr. Nautilus was inspired by Tarantulas from Beast Wars, and more. A few had no real concept at all, however. Until I laid them out, I had absolutely no idea what Carpet Shark, Sixgill, Manta Ray and even Aquarius himself were like. I didn't even have Aquarius' LOOK nailed down- he's not a part of their group picture!

Potential Capers:
* Knifefish's "Honeypot" trick against SuperStar- her attempt to wear him down, confess his love to her, and finally reveal his secret identity (probably to sell it for millions on the black market). Failing that, just leading him into a trap.

* The Agents losing money and failing repeatedly, ultimately realizing that Aquarius was correct- though he was dishonest in his intentions, his plan was solid. They attempt to recruit him back into the organization.

* Factions within the Agents endeavor to split the group up- Manta Ray and Carpet Shark vie for leadership, with various members pledging their loyalty (some are dishonest and on the take for the other side, however). Or Aquarius makes an attempt at coming back, leading to a rivalry with Manta Ray.

* The group starts doing a "Roving Chairperson" concept, with some negative results when Blue Shark puts the team against her old fighting rivals (unprofitable ventures), or Barracuda just makes them yacht-hunting pirates.

* A group finally tries to take Whale Shark's "Monster Stone" back from him, by force. The Agents briefly attempt to defend him, but ultimately abandon him to his fate, leading to him going to some superheroes for help.

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Oil Slick

Post by Jabroniville » Thu Sep 21, 2017 4:37 am


OIL SLICK (Oliver Brut)
5'9" Wgt: 135 lbs.
Role: Jobber Villain
PL 9 (195)

Deception 5 (+7)
Close Combat (Oil Attacks) 2 (+10)
Expertise (Industrial Espionage) 7 (+11)
Expertise (Criminal) 1 (+5)
Intimidation 4 (+6)
Investigation 4 (+7)
Perception 3 (+6)
Stealth 4 (+8)
Technology 2 (+6)
Vehicles 2 (+7)

Evasion, Improved Critical (Oil Attacks), Improved Defense, Improved Trip, Ranged Attack 3, Startle

"Oil Form"
(Move Action -1) [-1]
Elongation 4 [4]
Insubstantial 2 [10]
Movement 2 (Sure-Footed, Slithering) [4]
"Hard To Punch" Immunity 20 (Bludgeoning Damage) (Flaws: Limited to One-Quarter Effect) [15]
"Impossible To Stab" Immunity 20 (Slashing & Piercing Damage) [20]
Concealment 2 (Visuals) (Flaws: Limited to Within Oil) [2]
Regeneration 8 (Flaws: Source- Oil & Pollution) [4]

"Toxic Sludge" Snare 8 (Feats: Accurate, Split) (Extras: Contagious) (34) -- [39]
  • AE: "Oil Slick" Affliction 8 (Athletics; Dazed & Hindered/Stunned & Prone) (Extras: Area- 30ft. Burst, Extra Condition, Ranged) (Flaws: Limited to Grounded Foes, Limited Degree) (16)
  • AE: Oil Blast 7 (Feats: Accurate, Split) (16)
  • AE: "Oil Storm" Blast 5 (Extras: Multiattack) (15)
  • AE: "Oil Wave" Damage 7 (Extras: Area- 30ft. Cone +1/2) (10.5)
  • AE: "Oil Hammer" Strength-Damage +4 Linked to Snare 5 (Flaws: Touch Range) (14)
Unarmed +8 (+2 Damage, DC 17)
Snare +10 (+8 Ranged Affliction, DC 18)
Oil Slick +8 Area (+8 Ranged Affliction, DC 18)
Oil Blast +10 (+7 Ranged Damage, DC 23)
Oil Storm +10 (+5 Ranged Damage, DC 20)
Oil Wave +7 Area (+7 Damage, DC 22)
Oil Hammer +10 (+6 Damage & +5 Affliction, DC 21 & 15)
Initiative +4

Dodge +10 (DC 20), Parry +8 (DC 18), Toughness +4, Fortitude +5, Will +5

Motivation (Greed)- Oil Slick commits sabotage for money.
Enemy (The Recyclists)- The teenage band of multinational environmentalists made a regular enemy of Oil Slick, opposing his tendency to commit espionage and destruction on big-business (which disastrous environmental side-effects).
Responsibility ("Toxic Love")- Oil Slick loves to lounge about in spilled oil, garbage or other forms of toxicity. This gives the impression that he pollutes simply for the hell of it.
Reputation (Backgrounder)- Oil Slick tends to appear a lot in group scenes, often without doing or saying anything. This gives the impression he's a bit lazy, and that his time fighting the Recyclists has made him "soft" and ruined his reputation.

Total: Abilities: 64 / Skills: 34--17 / Advantages: 8 / Powers: 97 / Defenses: 9 (195)

-Oliver Brut was one of the best industrial saboteurs of his day- clever, sneaky, dishonest and willing to do anything to discredit or damage his victims, he charged high prices, and got the job done. Elgon International, powerful oil company hired him to damage an oil shipment from a rival- oil spills are big news, and hurting their rivals would help Elgon. Unfortunately for Oliver, the shipment containing the oil also contained illicit biological weapons- when a placed charge tore a hole in the ship's side, the weapons went live; before he could get to his escape craft, he was overtaken and literally dissolved. This would have been the end of Oliver, had the oil not begun seeping over the resulting "mush"- he merged with the raw material, eventually taking on a humanoid shape. Enraged, he attacked Elgon for not telling him about the weapons, barely being contained by the hero Maximum.

-Oliver eventually learned to take human form after his next few battles, and moved on from a "Maximum" villain to a bit of a Journeyman, ultimately facing off against the teenage environmentalist/bike enthusiasts known as The Recyclists a great deal, though this would come to embarrass him later. Nowadays, he stands as one of many curious characters in large groups of villains- his stand-out appearance making him easy to point out. He's known as a good hired hand.

-Oil Slick is a very dangerous combatant, largely due to attrition- he is very hard to injure (almost immune to most forms of conventional damage, and capable of Regeneration), and has several avenues to both injure and hinder his opponents. Though he does not have a strong reputation, he is extremely annoying to fight, and tends to create a gigantic mess everywhere- it wreaks havoc on the secret identity to have difficult-to-remove oil all over your body, never mind your hair.

Jab's Notes: Oil Slick is one of those guys I created for the visual appearance- a similar "white features on black face" expression that Mr. Black has, but with a more "Super-Villain" bent. He's a deliberate attempt at a "Recognizable Background Villain"- those guys who are always there at the Bar With No Name and don't say anything. His dripping, reflective body sets off well with that white oil symbol, and would make him pretty fun to draw. I ended up creating the "industrial saboteur" thing to make him an asshole BEFORE he gained powers, and then came up with the Recyclists- a band of goofs that parody both the Planeteers and the Right-Riders (from that Marvel giveaway book about bicycle safety)- he's a natural threat to them, but would also be "slumming it", as he's also a regular-caliber villain. And, as always, "Alternate Form" guys are among the most fun to stat.

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Re: The Jabverse: An O.C. Thread (Carpet Shark! Barracuda! Manta Ray! Sixgill!)

Post by Horsenhero » Fri Sep 22, 2017 2:40 am

Loved the Agents of Aquarius! I'm quite the fan of jobber teams and the agents are awesome!

Looking at the next quartet of builds I'm most excited for "Drill Man" because I have a secret wish for his origin I'll reveal when the build is done.

As for Oil Man...the Recyclists really need to be a trio that combines their powers to form "Triple R" kind of like a low-budget Captain Planet.

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Re: The Jabverse: An O.C. Thread (Carpet Shark! Barracuda! Manta Ray! Sixgill!)

Post by Jabroniville » Fri Sep 22, 2017 2:52 am

Drill Man was actually posted a while back, along with The Bashers (aka Lady & Mister Dynamo). I just got around to Oil Slick :).

Drill Man

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Post by Jabroniville » Fri Sep 22, 2017 9:38 am


9'2" Wgt: 950 lbs.
Role: Powerhouse, Grappler
PL 10 (136)

Close Combat (Unarmed) 1 (+8)
Deception 4 (+4)
Expertise (Criminal) 3 (+3)
Intimidation 9 (+9)
Perception 3 (+3)
Ranged Combat (Thrown Objects) 4 (+9)

Chokehold, Diehard, Fast Grab, Great Endurance, Improved Critical (Unarmed), Improved Grab, Improved Hold, Power Attack, Ranged Attack 5, Startle, Takedown

"Titanian Physiology"
Immunity 2 (Aging, Disease) (Flaws: Limited to Half-Effect) [1]
Regeneration 6 [6]

"Titanian Size" Growth 2 (Str & Sta +2, +2 Mass, +2 Intimidation, -0 Fighting/Dodge, -2 Stealth, Reach 1) -- (10 feet) (Feats: Innate) [9]

"Class 400 Powerhouse"
Impervious Toughness 11 [11]
Leaping 3 (60 feet) [3]
Speed 2 (8 mph) [2]

Unarmed +6 (+14 Damage, DC 29)
Initiative +0

Dodge +6 (DC 16), Parry +6 (DC 16), Toughness +14 (+6 Impervious), Fortitude +14, Will +5

Motivation (Daughter of Saturn)- Bruticaa seeks to train and improve herself so that she may be considered worthy enough to lead the Titans in battle.
Enemy (The Olympians)- Bruticaa is the descendant of Saturn himself, and wishes to punish Olympus for turning on and imprisoning her family.
Enemy (Athena & Titanica)- Both Greek-themed heroines are enemies of Bruticaa, who often calls them out.
Prejudice (Obvious Superhuman)- At more than nine feet tall, Bruticaa cannot pass for an ordinary human.
Responsibility (Arrogance)- Bruticaa is convinced that her Titanian heritage makes her superior to all the other beings of the cosmos. She will almost always attack the strongest or largest person present in a super-battle.

Total: Abilities: 64 / Skills: 24--12 / Advantages: 15 / Powers: 32 / Defenses: 11 (134)

-Bruticaa is the descendent of the most dreaded enemies of Olympus- the Titans. She hails from a long-lost enclave of descendants of Saturn himself- the Saturnian Sect retain much of their former divine heritage, though the years have dwindled both their numbers and their power- Bruticaa is the strongest by far, at Class 400. Tired of hiding away and biding her time, Bruticaa, using the training of her Sect, decided to "prove herself" to the faraway Saturn, and went off to kill Athena herself. She won the early battle, proving too might for Athena's most-damaging attacks to harm. However, the Goddess soon outsmarted her simple-minded foe, tricking her into striking a massive power supply.

-The Saturnian Sect was eventually found out, and rejected Bruticaa for revealing them. Instead of being heartbroken, she was furious at their cowardice, and renounced their ways, proclaiming her to be a true Daughter of Saturn. She has since attempted to take out numerous powerful superheroes, generally calling them out and then attacking with full force- this makes her predictable, but dangerous.

Jab's Notes: Bruticaa occupies a similar role as Jawdropper- a powerful, muscular female thug. Whom I lo-- I mean, am indifferent to as a lady. I wanted an origin that linked her to my other characters, and so I went with a Titanian backstory. She's merely a "Standard-Issue Giantess" rather than a being dozens of feet tall, but she's still many times larger than a normal person.

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War Pangolin

Post by Jabroniville » Sun Sep 24, 2017 6:14 am


WAR PANGOLIN (Fernando Meloni, aka "The Pangolin")
6'9" Wgt: 850 lbs.
Role: Jobber Villain
PL 9 (98)

Deception 3 (+4)
Expertise (Criminal) 5 (+5)
Insight 3 (+3)
Intimdiation 4 (+5)
Perception 1 (+1)

Defensive Attack, Fast Grab, Improved Hold, Startle, Takedown, Withstand Damage (Trade Defenses For Toughness)

"Roll Into A Ball" Speed 2 (8 mph) (Flaws: Uncontrolled Direction) [1]
"Scales" Protection 1 (Extras: Impervious 11) [12]
"Pangolin Claws" Strength-Damage +1 (Extras: Penetrating 4) [5]
"Pangolin's Tail" Reach 1 [1]
Features 1: Increased Mass [1]

Unarmed +8 (+9 Damage, DC 24)
Claws +8 (+10 Damage, DC 25)
Initiative -1

Dodge +7 (DC 17), Parry +8 (DC 18), Toughness +10 (+6 Impervious), Fortitude +9, Will +4

Motivation (Greed)- A former henchman, Fernando uses his power to muscle-in on gang territory, or hire out his services as a super-villain for hire.
Normal Identity (Fernando)- Fernando's stats are ST 2, STA 2 & AGI 1.

Total: Abilities: 52 / Skills: 16--8 / Advantages: 6 / Powers: 20 / Defenses: 12 (98)

-Fernando Sanchez was a mere henchman, working for an up & coming super-villain. Unfortunately, it turned out that the guy was a mere wannabe- a false "Dark Lord" who was nowhere near as magically-gifted as he claimed. His "big spell" was meant to give his henchmen all the powers of the great beasts at the local zoo. Unfortunately, spells like this are much harder to pull off than they seem, and nothing seemed to happen. When the magical superhero Mr. Magi appeared, the gang was swiftly defeated and the villain captured- he made one last attempt at the spell, with unexpected results. The spell had merely been dormant, gathering power- this last "push", and the proximity of Mr. Magi's own magical might, resulted in a successful cast. However, the spell had been unfocused in the first place- merely standing in the Africa Wing and assuming you'd get the strongest animals for a group of people is not how magic works. Instead, all of the energy was transfered into Fernando, and taken from a single species- the Pangolin.

-Pangolins are not famous creatures, nor are they particularly mighty- similar to Armadillos, they are small, armored creatures. Despite this, Fernando was imbued with a rather impressive amount of energy, resulting in a serious power gain. Since he could take the form of "The Pangolin" at will, he made a go of a super-villain career, becoming a Journeyman Villain who fought various heroes. Though strong, he rarely was victorious- he was too slow for the best fighters, and too weak for the strongest. Annoyed over his lack of success, he changed his name to "War Pangolin" and decided to take himself much more seriously. Unfortunately, these things are easier said than done- for all his attempts, he was still the same old villain, and just as easily beaten as before. Despite that, he's not as poor-off as several "Jobber Villains", and his distinctive appearance and noted toughness still result in a lot of villain-for-hire work, and let him dominate local criminal organizations should he choose to take over. He also makes a bit of money in the super-powered fighting leagues, becoming popular enough for his look that he's made a solid amount of coin selling merchandise.

-After disappointing his mother with his career, Fernando has made an attempt or two at reforming and becoming a superhero. Despite the help of a few superhumans (notably Mega-Woman and Meteor Hammer), he often slides back into less-honest means of making money (he has few skills beyond "beating people up for money").

Jab's Notes: Pangolins are one of my favorite "weird looking" animals, notably resembling super-villains in their baseline forms- they're basically giant pinecons with eyes. Thus, a pangolin was the natural inspiration for my Expy of The Armadillo- if there's one thing I love, it's quirky Jobber Villains. This guy keeps the ethnicity and nature of the original (somewhat-innocent and sometimes tries to reform), but drops the science/sick girlfriend origin story for a weird one based around magic (which I like to showcase as unpredictable and very strange).
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Re: The Jabverse: An O.C. Thread (Manta Ray! Sixgill! Bruticaa! War Pangolin!)

Post by Horsenhero » Sun Sep 24, 2017 6:23 pm

War Pangolin...that's beyond awesome.

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Re: The Jabverse: An O.C. Thread (Manta Ray! Sixgill! Bruticaa! War Pangolin!)

Post by Jack of Spades » Mon Sep 25, 2017 2:44 pm

If I steal nothing else from your universe, I'm stealing the War Pangolin.
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Re: The Jabverse: An O.C. Thread (Manta Ray! Sixgill! Bruticaa! War Pangolin!)

Post by Skaramine » Tue Sep 26, 2017 12:00 am

War Pangolin... because hell to the yes!

Brutica is also glorious.
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Re: The Jabverse: An O.C. Thread (Manta Ray! Sixgill! Bruticaa! War Pangolin!)

Post by Jabroniville » Tue Sep 26, 2017 7:09 am

heh- I'm glad War Pangolin's gone over so well. I liked the name so much I almost boosted him in Power Level and made him a major name... but that betrays the true nature of The Armadillo too much to do it :).
Brutica is also glorious.
Fun Fact: I almost put "Hatred (Consent Laws)" in her Complications, but figured that was a bridge too far :).

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The Ogre

Post by Jabroniville » Tue Sep 26, 2017 7:11 am


THE OGRE (Harry Ogurson)
6'7" Wgt: 950 lbs.
Role: Powerhouse, Pro Wrestler
PL 10 (146)

Deception 4 (+5)
Close Combat (Unarmed) 2 (+8)
Expertise (Criminal) 2 (+2)
Insight 3 (+5)
Intimidation 9 (+10)
Perception 2 (+4)

Fast Grab, Improved Hold, Interpose, Takedown 2, Withstand Damage (Trade Defenses For Toughness)

Features 1: Increased Mass [1]
Impervious Toughness 13 [13]
Enhanced Strength 4 (Flaws: Limited to Opposing Movement) [2]

"Power Step" Damage 8 (Extras: Area- 60ft. Burst +2) (Flaws: Both Must Be Grounded) Linked to Affliction 10 (Athletics; Dazed & Hindered/Stunned & Defenseless) (Extras: Area- 60ft. Burst +2, Extra Condition) (Flaws: Limited Degree, Both Must Be Grounded) [36]

Unarmed +8 (+12 Damage, DC 27)
Power Step +8-10 Area (+8 Damage & +10 Affliction, DC 23 & 20)
Initiative -2

Dodge +5 (DC 15), Parry +8 (DC 16), Toughness +14 (+7 Impervious), Fortitude +14, Will +6

Motivation (Greed)- Harry fights for money.
Prejudice (Half-Human)- Harry is the child of an Ogress and a human. He is often unwelcome in both communities.
Responsibility (Temper)- Harry gets extremely violent with people who make fun of his origins.

Total: Abilities: 66 / Skills: 22--11 / Advantages: 6 / Powers: 52 / Defenses: 11 (146)

-Harry Ogurson has a strange origin- he is only half-human. One of his parents is an Ogre- this is a semi-common thing on Castellia, where inter-species breeding is considered pretty normal (if a bit gross by many). Consorts, concubines, mistresses and wives are taken from all over, and half-breeds are the natural result. However, his origin is a bit more unusual- his FATHER is the human in the pairing, and his mother was an Ogress. This oddness came because his father, a brave chieftan, wished for an exceptionally strong son to carry on the family legacy. This was a pretty common desire in the dangerous, war-torn parts of that world, but most men didn't find a solution by banging a giant, hideous monster.

-This odd origin gained another wrinkle when his father's clan was attacked by Wizards (this is the kind of thing that made men want to have strong sons)- the Wizards teleported much of the clan to Earth as a result of a massive "Dimension Door" spell- Harry's pregnant mother did not survive, but the child was born. The chieftan, trapped on Earth, tried to give him the name "Harokk" (like "John" in their tribe), but it was understood by the nurse as "Harold", and so the normal-looking (but chubby) boy had a name.

-The chieftan was soon found to be an unfit father (birth parents being from other planets was thankfully something that had been dealt with on Earth before), and Harry was raised by other people, but allowed visitation rights. He grew up very obese, to the point where his health was in question- this led to some degree of teasing, but his raw strength and power made most people regret it. Boisterous and scary but more clever than he let on, he dominated in football and in wrestling. However, certain things began happening when he hit his teens- his strength was now many times greater than that of any human being, and he could literally shatter stone with his footfalls. The wizard Mr. Magi was eventually called, who located the source- the Dimension Door spell, being cast on a developing fetus, imbued Harry with tremendous power.

-Unable to make regular money (most bosses didn't want a dangerous metahuman around), Harry instead joined the Super-Fighting Leagues as a powerhouse competitor. Despite his odd looks, he is a dominant power-fighter, famous for taking any amount of damage, and hitting massive area attacks that are lethal in Battle Royals. He has taken part in many aggressive actions against unwilling superheroes to force them to fight in the arena, but is known to be more than just a mere thug- people expecting a stupid opponent will be sorely mistaken.

Jab's Notes: Harry Ogurson takes his name and concept entirely from my old "Wrestling Federation". Like a lot of nerdy wrestling fans, I'd invented my own "fed" years ago as a kid, and made the obese, Akeem-looking Harry (a big fat guy in a blue & yellow outfit) my "Yokozuna"- a 600-lb. Monster Heel and early opponent of my top babyfaces. I ended up turning him into a Tag wrestler (like Yoko himself), and used him for years before I got tired of the Big Fat Monster concept. Once I needed names for my "Unlimited Class Wrestling" knock-off, I realized that my old "fed" had TONS of guys available for use. Given that Harry's name was derived from Ogres, it was natural to call him "The Ogre", and this led to his unusual birth. He also kind of takes the place of my "Blob", but is more of a guy who fights for money than a common thief.

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BRICKHOUSE (Barney Brown)
6'6" Wgt: 1,000 lbs.
Role: Powerhouse
PL 10 (176)

Deception 4 (+4)
Expertise (Criminal) 3 (+3)
Intimidation 8 (+8)
Perception 4 (+4)
Ranged Combat (Bricks) 5 (+9)

All-Out Attack, Close Attack, Fast Grab, Improved Grab, Improved Hold, Power Attack, Ranged Attack 4

"Man of Stone"
Immunity 30 (Fortitude Effects) [30]
Protection 12 (Extras: Impervious 11) [23]
Healing 10 (Flaws: Source- Bricks) [10]

"Living Brick"
Concealment 2 (Visuals) (Flaws: Limited to Within Bricks) [2]
Movement 1 (Permeate) (Flaws: Limited to Ground & Bricks) [1]
Morph 3 (Other Forms) (Flaws: Limited to Stone Materials) [12]
Features 2: Increased Mass 2 [2]

"Ton of Bricks" Blast 11 (Extras: Multiattack) (33) -- [37]
  • AE: "Brickstorm" Damage 10 (Extras: Area- 30ft. Burst) (20)
  • AE: "Brickstream" Damage 10 (Extras: Area- 30ft. Line) (20)
  • AE: "Spinning Castle" Damage 10 (Extras: Area- 30ft. Cylinder) (20)
  • AE: "Brickalanche" Damage 10 (Extras: Area- 30ft. Shapeable) (20)
Unarmed +8 (+12 Damage, DC 27)
Ton of Bricks +9 (+11 Ranged Damage, DC 26)
Brick Attacks +10 Area (+10 Damage, DC 25)
Initiative -1

Dodge +6 (DC 16), Parry +6 (DC 16), Toughness +12 (+6 Impervious), Fortitude --, Will +4

Motivation (Greed & Power)- Barney's desire for power led him to make a deal with the Gods that went poorly- now, he simply fights and steals for money.
Prejudice (Obvious Superhuman)
Enemy (Eris)- Barney initially swore vengeance upon the Gods for altering his form into that of a man of brick- he would find out later that Eris was responsible for his condition. He swore vengeance against her, but the crafty Goddess generally escapes harm.
Rivalry (The Olympians)- Believing Zeus to be responsible for his condition, Brickhouse swore vengeance upon the Gods, becoming an enemy of many of them, especially Athena. Even though he was misinformed, old grudges are hard to lay aside, as long rivalries formed.

Total: Abilities: 28 / Skills: 20--10 / Advantages: 10 / Powers: 117 / Defenses: 11 (176)

-Brickhouse was a common criminal given great power by Eris, sister-enemy of Pallas Athena, in order to vex the Goddess of Heroic Endeavor. Seeking a way to gain superpowers to compete with the modern era of superheroes, Barney Brown pledged to the Gods themselves. Eris appeared, disguised as Zeus himself, and gave him a downloadable program that cybernetically-altered him into a living mass of bricks from a nearby wall. Brown's switch ended up becoming permanent, horrifying him, and sending him against Athena and other Gods with equal force- it was years before he discovered the truth, and that Eris was to blame for his predicament. With that, he swore off his vengeance against the Gods, but by this point he was already a career crook, and simply maintained status as a super-villain. Later on, he became a popular Maximum Fighting Championship fighter, using his spectacular powers as one of the more "showy" fighters.

-Brickhouse was initially a challenge for most of the Olympians, but faltered over time, as his tactics became easier to discover. He was still highly-difficult to stop, being extremely durable, and he could be reduced to only a small number of Bricks and still remain conscious.

Jab's Notes: A pretty simple recurring villain, Brickhouse has an ax to grind, and is quite similar to many early "Thor" villains- a thug with a gimmick.

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Re: The Jabverse: An O.C. Thread (Sixgill! Bruticaa! War Pangolin! The Ogre!)

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Now, Brickhouse has a really cool concept. It reminds me of a character in Ultimate Muscle/Kinnikuman Nisei who was basically made of living lego bricks and could form all manner of shapes, even able to copy his opponent by encasing them in his bricks and copying their shape, which somehow included all their moves and skills. His biggest weakness, though, was that he had a single core brick, that if damaged, would cause him to lose his current shape and collapse, and destroying it would defeat him completely.

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