The Jabverse: An O.C. Thread (Triton, Patty & Grant Larceny, Orinoco Flow)

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The Jabverse: An O.C. Thread (Triton, Patty & Grant Larceny, Orinoco Flow)

Post by Jabroniville » Fri Mar 31, 2017 12:06 pm

Yeah, I figured it was about time :). I'll post up some backstory for the universe at first, before delving into the characters and world concepts.

Random Power Table

The Legion of Justice:
The Emerald Witch
Ice Princess
Night Dragon
Meteor Hammer

The Legion of Liberty:
The Barred Avenger I
The Black Fox I
Blonde Bombshell
The Blue Hood I
The Blue Hood II
Captain Fireball
Captain Guts
El Torah
The Freebooter I
The Green Piper
Kid Hercules
Major Power (Power Boy)
Miss Adventure
Miss Mystery
Mister Maximum
Mr. Meteor I
The Rapier
Reddar the Mystic
Wilhelmina Scarlet
Will Scarlet
Wingman I

Teen League:

Super-Heroes (Unaffiliated):
The Black Fox V (Travis)
Robo-Star II

Super-Villains (Unaffililated):
Alistaire Argent
Bad-Axe (Axe I)
The Black Dragon
Chain Gang
The Cosmic Collective (Kall'Cera)
The Crusher
Drill Man
The Human Tank
Lady Dynamo
Lord Tiburon
Mr. Black
Mister Dynamo
N.E. Anderthal, Esq.
The Ogre
Oil Slick
War Pangolin
The Weapon-Masters

Super-Villains (SuperStar's):
The Cuttlefish
Doctor Death
Fatal Flare
Kid Spectrum

Super-Villains (Black Fox Rogues):
Boss Orc
Cardia St. Miller
Charlie the Torso
Johnny Two-Bad
Mumbles McGhee

The Agents of Aquarius:
Blue Shark
Bull Shark
Carpet Shark
Doctor Nautilus
Goblin Shark
Great White
Manta Ray
Sand Tiger
Thresher Shark
Whale Shark

The Arthro-Squad:
Army Ants
Fire Ant
Goliath Beetle
Stag Beetle

The Four Fatales:
Wonder Witch

The Dino Crew:
Raptor Pack
Thunder Lizard

Street Gangs of Mega City:
Street Gangs Templates
The Rikishi
The World Warriors

Black Gryphon
The Dragon

Phobos & Deimos
The Muses
The Titans

King Black

The Pride:
King Leoric
King Cheetah
The Snow Leopard
Clouded Leopard

The Cockatrice

Gigasaurus Rex

Kid Pharaoh
Dragon Kid
Magic Mask
Mr. Magi
The Twilight Ranger
Dr. Fuzzypants
Kid Horus
Blank State
Captain Vindicator
Maximum Kid
Le Grande Gorille
The Dike
The Iron Paladin
The Christian Crusader
The Rifleman
Angel of Mercy
Johnny X
The Masked Marshall

The Sorceror-Kings of Aramar:
The Grim King
The Lady of the Eternal Winter

The Teen Legion:
Copycat Kid
Kid Titan
Olympus Kid
Judo Girl
Crystal Girl
Hurricane Kid
Reaction Boy
Age Boy
Four-Armed Boy
Reaction Boy
Gravity Girl
Calamity Lass
Hazard Boy
Massive Lad
Centaur Girl
Fire Boy & Water Lily
Quake King

The Teens:
Nuclear Boy
Astral Boy
le Tigre
Heat Star
Quick Fix
Miss Maximum

The Mexican Rangers:
Vampire Bat
Spider Monkey

The Agents of Aquarius:
Sand Tiger
Carpet Shark
Thresher Shark
Bull Shark
Nurse Shark
Sea Dragon
Cane Toad
Blue Shark
Manta Ray
Great White

Avro Arrow

Mega Woman Foes:
Heavenly Star
Star Master

The Troll
Turbine Man
Black Annis
Oil Slick
Sabre Man
Bad Axe
Lumberjack & Lumberjill
Tunguska Man
El Halsen Duran
The Knife
Drill Man
N.E. Anderthal
Gold Star
Piranha Man
War Pangolin
The Vamp
The Weapon-Masters
Patty & Grant Larceny
Villain Air
Ghost Elephant
Commander Zen
Crazy Jane

Mr. Goldbrick
Captain Wrestling
George Assid

Order Primata:
The Orangutan
Dr. Siamang
Skunk Ape
The Chimp

The Young Guns:
Black Attack
Javiel Stainforth

YG Enemies:
Queen Avary
General Risea
Jerrica Cross
Darius Greysmith
Rory Calhoun
Dr. Death II
Fan Zhao
Gokan Shinjan
Red Dragon
Green Dragon

The Hostile Youth:
The Air-Raiders
Deep Freeze

The Infinite Sadness:
Runaround Sue
Orinoco Flow
Southbound Pachyderm
Porcelina of the Vast Oceans
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Post by Jabroniville » Fri Mar 31, 2017 12:06 pm


PL 15:
Villains: Ultrasaurus

PL 14:
Villains: Mr. Black

PL 13:
Villains: Alistaire Argent, Lord Tiburon

PL 12:
Heroes: Mega-Woman, Titanica, Meteor Hammer
Villains: Decibelle, Alistaire Argent, The Human Tank, Black Dragon, Valedictoria, Gigawatt, Lady Dynamo (Fully-Powered)

PL 11:
Heroes: Gryphon, The Emerald Witch, SuperStar, Maximum, Major Power
Villains: Broiler, Wonder Witch, Jawdropper, Doctor Death, Fatal Flare, WhiteStar

PL 10:
Heroes: Night Dragon, Robo-Star II, Mr. Meteor I, Robo-Man, Miss Adventure, Mister Maximum
Villains: T-Rex, Thunder Lizard, Spinosaurus, Lancehead, Barricade, The Cuttlefish, Kid Spectrum, Recoil, Skyscraper, Lady Dynamo, Mister Dynamo, Antlion, Chain Gang

PL 9:
Heroes: Ice Princess, Shuriken, Blonde Bombshell
Villains: Torosaurus, Thagomizer, Raptor, Pterrax, Ankylus, Allosaurus, Quetzalcoatlus, Compsognathus, Kentrosaurus, RazorStar, Hornet, Goliath Beetle, Stag Beetle, Nobasu

PL 8:
Heroes: Hadrosaur, Shuriken (younger), Wild-Boy, The Freebooter I, Will Scarlet, Wilhelmina Scarlet, The Blue Hood II, El Torah, The Green Piper, The Barred Avenger, Kid Hercules, Dryad, Reddar the Mystic, Captain Fireball, The Black Fox I, The Black Fox V
Villains: The Crusher, World Warriors (Sagat), Styrako, Struthios, Dimitrius, Hardhat, Bad-Axe, Boss Orc, Cardia St. Miller, Gangsterbot, Charlie the Torso, Johnny Two-Bad, Mumbles McGhee, Fire Ant, Locust, Drill Man

PL 7:
Heroes: Flagman, Captain Guts, The Rapier, The Blue Hood I, Miss Mystery
Villains: World Warriors (Alex), Elite Gang Leaders, Raptor Pack, The Weapon-Masters

PL 6:
Heroes: Wingman I
Villains: World Warriors (Bison, Sagat), Powerful Thugs

PL 5:
Villains: World Warriors (2 Ryus, Zangief, 2 Vegas, Balrog, Adon, Guile, Akuma, Haggar), Elite Thugs, Rikishi Leader, Pillbugs, Army Ants

PL 4:
Villains: World Warriors (2 Kens, Bison, E.Honda, Balrog, Fei Long, Sagat, Q, Necro, Hugo, Guy, Rolento), The Rikishi, Gang Members

PL 3:
Villains: World Warriors (2 Ryus, 2 Guiles, Bison, Zangief, Dhalsim, E.Honda, Blanka, Sagat, Dee Jay, T.Hawk, Gen, Joe, Lee, Akuma, Cody), Low-End Gang Members

PL 2:
Villains: xxxxxxx
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Re: The Jabverse: A Setting Thread

Post by Jabroniville » Fri Mar 31, 2017 12:07 pm


-Yeah, I figured it was time to make a Setting/Original Character thread :). All the OTHER cool kids have OCs in their builds, why not ME? Sure, OC-based stuff is never that popular on here, but I figured I could run some of my stuff on here, while keeping my other thread going. And I mean, I come up with a lot of this stuff on my own ANYWAYS, so why not put it down for others to see? My own personal "Universe" has existed in some form or another for a couple decades now, but was usually much different- I'm still not entirely sure where I am with it, actually.

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Re: The Jabverse: A Setting Thread

Post by Jabroniville » Fri Mar 31, 2017 1:23 pm

The Jabverse- Phase One: RHINO-MAN

-Rhino-Man came about basically the way a lot of things did when you're a kid- I was trying to one-up a friend of mine. When I was about 10 or so, my best friend Paul was proudly telling me about a new super-hero he'd created called Dino-Man (a green version of Mega Man who could turn into dinosaurs)- in defiance, I announced "well *I* have a new hero too- his name's RHINO-MAN!" Rhino-Man was basically a big strong guy in a grey Spider-Man costume, with a horn on the top of his head (essentially a more normal-looking Rhino with Spidey Eyes). Seriously, he had the big giant "MacFarlane/Larsen-Era" eyes and everything. Since I had little in the way of original ideas (being ten and all), I would just re-tell Spider-Man stories, but with Rhino-Man in his place. This meant I had to come up with some way to have him swing around (I mean, I copied these stories EXACTLY- he HAD to have Swinging and a Snare), so he also got a tiny hand-Crossbow to go along with Class 50 Super-Strength.

I'd actually created some unique foes for him, however (but I DID include them all in The Destructive Six, so...). But that was mostly it. My friend had a whole WORLD centred around Dino-Man, and our characters were friends who teamed up sometimes (we did our version of the Urban Legend-ed King Kong (vs) Godzilla movie situation, where each of us did a version of the story, but where Rhino-Man won the fight in my story, and Dino-Man won in Paul's). My guy had a whole team of Rhino-themed guys teaming up with him (Torch Rhino & Robo-Rhino, plus a girlfriend in Desert Cat, who was basically all of my fetishes represented in one woman at the time). My strongest memory of the whole thing was doing a complete retelling of The Return of the Sinister Six with Rhino-Man in place of Spidey.

The Jabverse- Phase Two: "THE AVENGERS"

-While also sorta doing Rhino-Man after Paul had moved away (to the other side of town- an eternally-huge distance to a kid so we didn't hang out as much), I'd also finally started collecting comics for real- I was about 13 or so. The best books going were the Nicieza-era X-Men (well, to ME anyways...), and so I pulled a "Rhino-Man" and just started re-telling those stories, but with THE AVENGERS (my favourite team but with a worse book- this was the Bomber Jacket Era) in the place of the X-Men. I did an X-Cutioner's Song, but with two squads of Avengers in place of the other people.

This is pretty much a recurring thing with me- I'd see something I liked, and then made "my own" version of it. When I saw Sailor Moon for the first time, I made Ranger Moon and Ranger Earth (both of which featured a transparently-obvious version of me as "Ranger Earth", who was TOTALLY DATING SAILOR MARS YOU GUYS). I had my own versions of Street Fighter II and Mortal Kombat, too. Stuff like that.

In this case, the teams were:

The Avengers- Gold Strike Force (see what I mean?):
Captain America, Killer (Basically Colossus but with a jheri curl mullet, since that was the coolest haircut in the universe. And a nice guy, despite being named FREAKING KILLER), Ultra Girl (Jean Grey), Skyhawk (an Archangel-type dude) & Revanche
plus Robotech (I'd seen ads for what turned out to be the Palladium RPG for Robotech, but just figured the guys looked cool and assumed it was just some dude in a suit, so I made a hero in a brown version of that outfit) and Sabretooth (a good guy Werewolf who's basically swiped from an Avengers story I read- it was actually John "Man-Wolf" Jameson but I didn't actually know who he was- I just thought a silvery wolf dude was cool)

The Avengers- Blue Strike Force:
The Black Panther (in the Cyclops role- curiously, this meant that he & Jean Grey were a couple in this universe), Condor (a guy in a winged suit with "talons" taking the Wolverine role), Gambler (Gambit), Marvel (not sure), Jubilee, Ape-Man (The Beast, but like the dude that Alpha Flight's Manikin summons) & Tigress (Tigra, but white)

Westworks (like the West Coast Avengers, but also with a Force Works-y name):
Meta-Man (Iron Man), U.S. Agent, Ninjarra, Ant-Woman, Cybercop (basically Robocop but looked like the robotic cop from the 1980s Ninja Turtles cartoon), Kodiak, Sparkler & Typhoon (no idea who most of these are)

A-Force (like X-Force, the EXTREEEEEEEEEME version of The Avengers):
Mecha (Cable), Target (?? Domino, maybe?), Siryn, Hammer (Warpath), Slicerstar (hah), Tremer (Rictor), Leadball (Cannonball), Sunspot & Whammer (Boom-Boom)

The A-Mutants:
Leveler (Havok), Psi-Ona (Psylocke- the name is ridiculous, but I guess it's no more nonsensical than "Psylocke"), Deadpool, Spiral, Cyber (I think it's a generic Cyborg guy, but the Wolverine villain) & Tough Guy (Strong Guy. Actually that's not a bad name for a goofy hero)

A-Patrol (Silly as all these Avengers-teams are, I think it's about as many as Marvel does THESE days- I'm prescient!):
Havok (uhhh... not sure why I have two- the same real name & everything), Polaris, The Hulk, Quickster (Quicksilver), Crimson & Feline (Feral, probably)

Captain Canada, Northfire & Eastfire (the Twins), C-Girl, Box, Bigfoot (Sasquatch) & Weapon Omega

The New Warriors:
Night Prowler, Beetle (Nova), Lavastar (Firestar), Caymeera (Namorita), Fastball (Speedball), Anvil (?)

Captain England, Shadowgirl (cat), Dark Phoenix, Cerise, Krista (?), Lockheed & Nighthunter (crawler)

I had a lot of teams from this time that were basically just a "Team Shot" of guys, and I'd never used them. And OH GOD SO '90S:

The Cyber Mutants (obviously Cyberforce. Humorously, this makes The Cyber Mutants a huge knock-off of the biggest knock-off group in history):
Terrorclaw (Ripclaw, basically), High Impact (a Death's Head II knock-off), Cyblade, Sonic (like Stryker, but where that pussy only has THREE cybernetic arms on one side, Sonic has FIVE), Sheath (hee... Standard Energy Blast Guy) & NASA-2000 (WHAT THE UNHOLY F*** IS A NASA-2000 SUPPOSED TO BE!?! It's just some chick in a bikini and a leather jacket with Energy Blasts!)

AtriX (with "Staltonic Beams", whatever the f*** that means), Spark, Roxy ("Blue Bolts"??), Elec-Tricia (haha, jesus CHRIST), Wyld Chyld (I like to imagine he's a Skynyrd fan) & Junkheap (with a mystic tattoo... though the picture is clearly of Grunge from Gen-13)

Youth Corp (no bloody idea- it's just a list of bizarre names and generic looking nobodies):
Koren-Dola (??), Leena, Moltar, Hugh, Sabre, Axe, Chiela

Xsantos (WTF), Anvil, Jazz, Storm, Arcwolf (he's a WOLF!), Turok (wait that's just actually Turok), Zzap

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Re: The Jabverse: A Setting Thread

Post by Jabroniville » Fri Mar 31, 2017 9:33 pm

The Jabverse- Phase Three: The Kid Klan

-The Kid Klan was my first original concept for super-heroes. I formulated them in Middle School, and based the case off of myself and my classmates- I reimagined myself as Black Attack, a super-speedster with twin katanas, and classmates as Cementhead (a grey Hulk), Hyper (Speedball with black hair), Zappra (token hot chick, based off of the hottest girl in the class. ie. the one with the biggest boobs), Axe (guy with axe) and Wolfboy. This group would last all of five seconds before being completely restructured based around other stuff I liked, and within months was basically a more complete roster.

The Kid Klan eventually formed Black Attack (token Stern Leader Guy, with the aforementioned powers), Slammer (hot amazon), Fastball (renamed from Hyper, now more obviously a pastiche), Wolfboy, Impact (the "High Impact" from Phase Two, because I REALLY LIKED Death's Head II's design), Norman (Mighty Max's Norman with zero changes) & Thundershot (a young Thor with the same powers- oddly I was never a big Thor fan). My best friend at the time would add two characters of his own: Boltarr (electrical guy, and his idealized self, being a huge, arrogant ripped dude) and Backlash (blonde energy whip-user- his ideal girlfriend). Eventually, I would add in Inferno (fire-using black kid) and Felina (black catgirl), and switch the last two names for Shockwave & Psi-Lash (giving her psionic powers that were a combination of Psychic Knife and Green Lantern Ring). The name would eventually change to "Young Guns" when I was in college and figured that calling ANYONE "The Klan" was a bad idea. Also the name was awful without that.

This was where I REALLY got into the concept of stories and superheroes. The Kid Klan had a major enemy in "Julius Suntrion" (a name I swiped from a misreading of Iron Man foe Sunturion), who would later get a HUGE backstory involving his wife's death turning a peaceful scientist into a world-conquerer out to replace the world's governments. Wolfboy would become Fang, and Felina turned into first Jaguarundi, then Ocelot (sounds and looks cooler). I'd gather a lot of side characters, a few more pastiches of Marvel & Image's characters ("Bomber" was just The Punisher with Major Victory's cool black uniform... and giant shoulder pads).

This is the longest-running aspect of The Jabverse, still basically going on today, though I've kinda stopped coming up with ideas for the team. It'd be modified by later additions anyways.

The Jabverse- Phase Four: The Legion of Justice (and friends)

-Since I'd started reading comics again in the 2000s, and collected all of the REALLY big stories all at once (ah, to read Watchmen, Kingdom Come, Marvels, Crisis on Infinite Earths, The Dark Knight Returns and Secret Wars for the first time all in two weeks again... basically impossible to replicate now), I had some new ideas. Among the first trades I got (and first DC books, PERIOD) was Grant Morrison's stories for JLA, and as such, I got the "bug" to simply build up a Justice League-like team for the first time ever (The Young Guns universe contained far more street-level heroes). It was mostly a series of names and quick concepts, but a few seemed fairly strong.

The roster was Meta-Man & Meta-Woman (a pair inspired partially by Ninja High School's series of Tomorrow people), Night Dragon (a ninja), MatriX (robot), Diffusor (a guy in a trenchcoat with destructive disintegration powers- kind of doing the "Kyle Rayner" Rookie Hero bit), Osprey (Batman/Hawkman, but a short-haired bad-ass chick), Blank State (dark & light powers, connected to different dimensions), Maximum (all stats at human maximum- superhuman levels), Atlas (the Titan) and Shiver (ice powered girl; upgraded from a teen team).

Since I'd quickly discovered the Teen Titans, and how much BETTER they were than anything else DC had created, I quickly added a team of sidekick heroes in a Titans-like squad, then added a Young Justice like team, too. So every hero got a pair of sidekicks. They ended up getting way more focus than the Legion of Justice (which was never more than a working title... it's a TAD on the nose), who really kind of never developed after this point. I would modify a handful of them for later stories.
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Re: The Jabverse: A Setting & O.C. Thread

Post by Jabroniville » Sat Apr 01, 2017 9:06 am

The Jabverse- Phase Five: Something Unique (SU)

-The old WizardWorld Message Boards (related to Wizard Magazine) had a SuperHero ShowDown sub-board, devoted to "Versus" battles of various superhumans (then a BIG DEAL to me- now I couldn't care less). On this board, a guy named Joe Chill came up with an idea for "Something Unique..."- instead of using established characters, we'd make up OUR OWN, and have a big battle between all the characters, battle royal-style. This was AWESOME, and gave most of the posters a chance to use the characters they'd all created on their own (after all, most kids do this)- we were each allowed three powers, and had to include one weakness. This led to some outlandishly-powerful guys (many stronger than Superman), but was so popular that it led to a sequel. And another topic. Then some guys started writing actual STORIES featuring the characters, not just fights. And we all started dogpiling old concepts into things.

Eventually, we'd created our own little "world". Soon, Joe Chill would set off a story that would "reboot" the non-existent continuity, giving us a REAL continuity to go with for our stories. Since the first topic, and many after it, had been called "Something Unique", that was the name we chose. So about 10-20 writers (cycling in and out) dumped all of their OCs into one universe, and had them interact. We had a Justice League-like team featuring one each of the members' characters, everyone had their OWN super-team, and a few writers were actually quite good and did some neat stuff.

The problem? Almost every one of us was between 18 and 24. Anyone who's ever been that age can tell you the problems of trying to formulate your own stories in a situation like that, and interact with strangers online. Long story short, we had the following problems:

1) The Power Geeking- Being young nerds, we all loved power to an extent. But some people LOVED power. Imagine trying to write Street Level stories when half the writers had a guy more powerful than Superman on their roster. One guy (Azrael) had a team he said could easily beat The Justice League. One guy had SIDE CHARACTERS that were Pre-Crisis Superman powerful. There were a handful of people on REGULAR SUPER-HERO TEAMS that would have beaten The Sentry in a couple rounds, and torn apart the entire planet. This was ROUTINE.

2) Everyone that age acts like assholes: I'd re-read old posts on the forum years after the fact, gone, "Wow, what a dick!" to the comment, then realized that IT WAS ME WHO MADE THAT POST. Juggy was a bitter, obsessive little rebel who was easily angered. BAMF was basically a smart-ass, and enjoyed prodding people- Xerxes was the same way. Captain Avenger created a ton of characters with childlike glee, but had infantile reactions to his characters being beaten in other stories, and his dyed-in-the-wool Republicanisms bothered all the Liberals. IamtheRock couldn't be serious for even a second and was good at not carrying grudges, but hated the insane power levels and couldn't spell worth a damn and that annoyed everyone. Joe Chill was manipulative and at times seemed flat-out insane (one post basically demanded that if any of us published any work with our characters, we should credit him in our bylines, since he'd started SU; he also broke one of the cardinal rules: That you couldn't make permanent changes to someone else's characters without their permission- he turned them to poop). Azrael was a SERIOUSLY productive writer, but obsessive, easily-frustrated, and a HUGE Power Geek. And prone to writing his guys as barely-disguised FanFic that we didn't get because we didn't play Breath of Fire or watch anime. I was self-righteous, rude and said that Power Geeks just had tiny penises (I mean it- I literally said that. Repeatedly. To the people I called Power Geeks). Genfreak was... well, Genfreak was a guy in real life (we wouldn't find this out until YEARS later) who pretended to be a girl on the forum, and used this and a penchant for "what I say is COMPLETELY 100% RIGHT AND YOU SHOULD ALL FOLLOW ME" behavior to manipulate several of the other posters (a few were flirted with/hit on to the point of falling in love), and would later nearly tear the whole thing apart.

So you can imagine, any and every debate turned hostile.

3) A ludicrously-complicated continuity. I mean, this universe lasted a maximum of three or four years, and we made DC & Marvel look straightforward and easy to follow- the results of having 20 teenage writers with no real Editorial control. Half a dozen characters had histories more convoluted than Spider-Man or the X-Men's. It was THAT INSANE.

4) The posters slowly lost interest, and some vanished. Joe had a meltdown and ran off for a while (and returned a year later as a Buddhist with zero balls) and Genfreak ran off the boards in a huff because we wouldn't reboot the universe. We WOULD finally reboot everything after it'd gotten TOO bad, but by that point, it was too late to get most to care, and even though the first batch of stories were good (and I was even finally writing once again), some changes to the characters irked everyone (to the point where our main Super-team was nearly unrecognizable). The writing still never REALLY took off, and finally slowed to nothing when Azrael himself finally stopped doing stuff. Nobody really decided "this is the end", but we definitely realized it was done.

Despite the eventual failure of SU, I made a TON of good friends there (especially when we all got older and mostly made amends), some of whom I finally met in person for the first time over the last couple years (Xerxes & Rock). And it changed my characters a lot- using Suntrion (the Young Guns villain) in particular forced me to focus on parts of his personality and history I hadn't thought of before. Fastball (the Speedball knock-off) ended up becoming one of SU's most popular characters (as Rock mentioned- "It's nice to have a hero who can actually say OW once in a while"), leading me to focus on him as the Team Everyman. Also, looking at the kinds of characters that could interact with each other helped me broaden my horizons (my YG-verse was often quite limited in scope in terms of the kinds of heroes around).

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Re: The Jabverse: A Setting & O.C. Thread

Post by Jabroniville » Sat Apr 01, 2017 9:46 am

The Jabverse- Phase Six: Modern Times

-I've mostly stopped writing creatively- I like coming up with ideas, but the very act of writing prose just grew WAY too tiresome. But by combining the works of my previous five "Phases", I could kind of keep the stuff I liked, and drop what didn't work, and still kind of formulate a world I liked. And I realized that the limitations of the YG-verse didn't need to be permanent- I could place them INTO the greater world, and even focus on other characters. "A Band of Teenagers Who Fight For Justice" is a great, storied concept, but a true Avengers/Justice League-class squad can open up even MORE creative story ideas, especially as the heroes are more experienced and have varied backstories themselves (the YG largely shared an origin).

And so we come to this thread- a hodgepodge of my various story concepts across the years. Rhino-Man and my Avengers squads may be a bit too silly/plagiaristic, but there was still some good stuff there- stuff can easily be reworked into something decent.

The Overall Universal Timeline:

The 1940s (The Golden Age):
-Various superheroes spring up in the World War II era, many of whom go on to fight overseas and at home. The Legion of Liberty, a collection of about 20 Golden Age superheroes, forms. Most of them are killed or retire by the 1950s.

The 1960s (The Silver Age):
-A new brand of superheroes arrives, but to much more public consternation- The Teen Legion (note: find better name), a gathering of superpowered individuals, both Earthbound and Alien, that were a kind of "Super-Club".

"Modern Times":
-A kind of mish-mash of how most Post-Silver Age continuity works, as all the heroes are contemporaries, the past stuff is important to continuity, but all of the "eras" are kind of compressed together. There was a time period of "extreme" stuff that corroborates with comics' "Iron Age" period, but this was just a few years ago to the "current" heroes, despite being iconic to the 1990s.


-I've had to combine the various universes into one, here, and I think it works pretty well. I kind of tried to make it a bit of a "Real Comic Book Universe" in style at first, with characters that debuted in the '40s and then stuck around with some differences. I was going to start things off with Athena & Mega-Woman as the key originators in a line targetted around female characters, then kept them around in "modern times" with a more updated roster, but kind of moved away from that, as creating MY OWN continuity errors is actually harder than it looks to figure out in my head!

Essentially, I've set everything off with a Golden Age inspired by DC's All-Star Squadron series, featuring a massive squadron of largely-goofy characters that inspired later generations. There's a lot more Nazi, Italian & Japanese supervillains, though, as I feel that's an avenue that was often under-explored. These characters mostly disappeared by 1950, and I added in that most of them died in the War, because it's weird that their survival rate was like 99% in real comics. The "Silver Age" is more of a Teen-inspired group of kids with a Legion of Super-Heroes vibe- goofy names and costumes, but semi-serious adventures. Most of these guys are under-developed and just have "Name + Concept" done so far.

This gave way to the era that fits more of what DC & Marvel turned into by the 1970s-90s era, with more-normal names, concepts and stuff. Some of it's still a bit post-modern in feel, but I like that best. This era combines my teams inspired by the Justice League & Avengers into one, and includes their "Teen Hero" sidekicks, plus my original Rhino-Man universe, with significant changes made. This era sort of ended with a great cataclysm/war and stuff like that, leading to an ending of the "Heroic Era". Many of the old names died or retired. From THERE, I added my "Young Guns" Universe, which always felt much more modern and a bit "gritty" with most characters being combat specialists (though it's really not too '90s in scope). I mainly left the Young Guns in a future/modern time because I always felt their concept felt better when they're some of the only heroes around- setting off a NEW era of heroics.

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Re: The Jabverse: A Setting & O.C. Thread

Post by MacynSnow » Sat Apr 01, 2017 1:39 pm

so far,so good man.I really like the idea you had when you were in School:Take people you know&make them into characters.Suprised you guy's didn't make the local Bully Patrol "Arch Enemies".... :)

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Re: The Jabverse: A Setting & O.C. Thread

Post by HalloweenJack » Sat Apr 01, 2017 3:28 pm

Good stuff. Makes me think back to my own 'Titan Universe' as I called it, creating characters from basically 5th or 6th grade up where I as well just took bits and pieces of various fandoms (and usually acted them out with my G.I. Joes) before formalizing it into a true original comic style universe when I was a freshman in high school. Kept going with it until....well I'm still going with it. I just don't do alot with it now, but I've got literally hundreds of notebooks of ideas and characters lying around boxed up somewhere.

And I decided that anything original that I ever wrote took place in the Titan Universe. Whether that be a superhero story, a horror story, or even this one creative writing assignment in college where a young husband had to talk his wife down from suicide after she had a miscarriage...yeah all that was in the T.U.

Also I had a team called.....*sigh*....The Hyperions. Shut up. I was in 6th grade and thought it sounded cool as balls back then

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Re: The Jabverse: A Setting & O.C. Thread

Post by Spectrum » Sat Apr 01, 2017 3:40 pm

Jab- thanks for sharing! You've made some references to the battle board over the years. It's good to see it all collected in one place with depth. Helps make more sense of your history and where you are now.
We rise from the ashes so that new legends can be born.

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Re: The Jabverse: A Setting & O.C. Thread

Post by Jabroniville » Sat Apr 01, 2017 7:13 pm

MacynSnow wrote:
Sat Apr 01, 2017 1:39 pm
so far,so good man.I really like the idea you had when you were in School:Take people you know&make them into characters.Suprised you guy's didn't make the local Bully Patrol "Arch Enemies".... :)
I once made a game called West Park Kombat, starring the people in my Middle School as Mortal Kombat-style characters, complete with an instruction book featuring all their attacks and Fatalities. Can you imagine if someone did that today? Drew an entire book of schoolchildren murdering each other?

My West Park Wrestling Federation did, in fact, feature all of the kids in school as wrestlers, with the worst bullies as heels. But not, like, Monster Heels- I made them all terrible jobbers, and had them lose constantly. There was a kid named Art Menard who was in the IOP program (kids who'd been left back a grade; we nicknamed them the "Idiots on Patrol") who acted like a douche to me, so I immediately nicknamed him "Art Retard" (pronounced like the way Jack Galifanakis pronounced the word in The Hangover) and made him a jobber in the WKWF :).

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Re: The Jabverse: A Setting & O.C. Thread

Post by Jabroniville » Sat Apr 01, 2017 7:17 pm


-Evidence of "Superhumans" is largely a matter of myth, but it eventually becomes known to most people that the majority of "Pantheons" in human mythology actually do or did exist. Creatures known as "Gods" come from numerous sources (some are aliens from other worlds, others are Otherdimensional Entities. Some are from specially-powered bloodlines, or were Wizards), however, and none are known to be the TRUE creators of the Universe (or even of Earth)- most simply claimed such things to their human worshippers, or allowed the rumors of these myths to flourish.

-Basically, superhero stuff starts in the 1940s. A smattering of heroes, mostly-goofy ones with low or no powers, springs up just before the start of World War II. With the dawning of the War, the heroes become frontline fighters, often going abroad to battle the Nazi menace. The Germans & Japanese have superhumans of their own, some springing forth from their ancient Pantheons- Ares and Loki were known to fight on behalf of the Nazis, and some of the more-warlike Shinto "Kami" fought for the Japanese. By the same token, a few ancient European Gods fought for the Allies- among them Athena, Goddess of Wisdom & Heroic Endeavor. The superheroes of the 1940s joined forces to become The Legion of Liberty, with a revolving roster of members. By the end of the decade, most of them had retired or were killed in battle, and superheroes went into the history books for a while.

-As the Baby Boom Generation entered their teens, Super-Heroes returned. A new generation formed The Teen Legion, a gathering of human and alien super-powered individuals (aliens had been known to small numbers since the '40s, but were now known to just about everyone). After them came a more-modern generation of heroes, including the most-powerful yet known. Heroes of various origins and power-sets were formed, creating the numbers unknown in prior generations. So many heroes came about that a whole "culture" formed around them and their villains- the best of the best joined The Legion of Light, and fought every kind of threat imaginable. Their sidekicks also banded together as The Teen Guard, eventually growing to young-adulthood in their roles.

This generation lasted for decades, ending in a violent clash against the armies of Hell itself- Earth was badly damaged, and the majority of the metahuman population of the planet was killed during the final struggle, yet the Legion was victorious in the end. Most of this generation retired, but endeavored to train and protect the following ones.

There are various terms for the energy that permeates all living things, and makes all things possible. It is the fundamental energy of the universe. Less-original science-types nicknamed it "Cosmic Energy" after the spectacular, otherworldly-abilities displayed by empowered superhumans. It was nicknamed "Mega Energy" when Mega-Woman became the most-famous hero with powers resembling the source. In Asia, it is known as Chi (China), Ki (Japan) or Qi (Korea), and martial artists are often enabled to accomplish great physical feats of Leaping or Strength, or even fire massive energy blasts from their very bodies! Mages use it to empower their very spells (often called "Personal Energy", "Mana" or "Magical Potential")- those who can do little have less of the stuff, and the most powerful Wizards & Sorcerers alive have a great deal.

It can take various forms, and practitioners of various abilities can use it to do almost anything. Superheroes with "Cosmic Energy" are generally known to have it infuse their very bodies- they become stronger and faster, and can frequently fire massive energy beams, as the Power launches itself outwards. It has powerful transformative effects as well- Wizards often have a "tell" for Magical Potential (The Emerald Witch, for example, is bright green and has yellowish/golden eyes), and many individuals empowered by the Cosmic Eruption that birthed Mega-Woman were transformed either temporarily or permanently into new forms, some looking much different than their original appearance.

Dlord/Dord: A "Dark Lord", generally a serious-talking, dark-dressing, mega-villain wannabe. So named for a proliferation of super-villains attempting to be this way, to the point where the whole thing got a bit silly. Guys with long capes, metallic armor and scary face-masks demanding to be taken seriously while waxing faux-poetic. Many early names were considered quite fearsome and legitimate, but a few too many less-talented wannabes (often foreign dictators) thinned out the concept and ruined it for many others.
NPH: Non-Powered Hero. Not Neil Patrick Harris. The vast majority of costumed crimefighters are in fact non-powered- most of them simply aren't famous enough to be notable.
Sidekickers: Incompetent heroes who are seeking someone to take them on as a sidekick. Considered a nuisance by the more-successful heroes, who generally have to deal with this a lot more often (particularly NPHs with some credibility, especially if they've been known to take on Sidekicks in the past). Sidekickers are known to run in for "Team-Ups" with more experienced heroes, often unsolicited. This can be problematic and even dangerous when the hero has to be accountable for the would-be sidekick as well as other innocent bystanders. Even worse are low-end heroes who attempt to join official Super-Teams by "happening" to be around when a big fight goes down- they can interject and act like it's a "natural" team-up.
Superpower Lottery: Individuals with a large number of incredible powers. While others suffer through with just one or two abilities, "Lottery Winners" often have either much more numerous powers, or powers at incredibly high levels.
Blaster: Someone with longer-range blasts of some kind- generally energy like fire, electricity, or Cosmic Power. Usually given to heroes limited to just this type of attack.
Flying Brick: Heroes who have both super-strength and the ability to fly, considered by many to be one of the "Superpower Lottery" draws. Some of them tried to get the term "Paragon" over, but it didn't take, as it was seen as pretty arrogant.
Grimdark: A Grim & Gritty Vigilante-types. Usually seen as a pejorative, after huge numbers of them sprouted up within a year or two's time, while many regular heroes started dressing in black and having a bleaker, harsher outlook on life as well.
Trenchcoater: A superhero/vigilante who typically wears a trenchcoat. This was seen on one or two individuals back in the day, but suddenly fashions shifted and there were DOZENS of guys just like this, often wearing street clothing, eschewing superhero trappings entirely. Lesser types such as bomber jackets also became common- most of these guys were seen as "trying too hard" and going out of their way to seem "above it all", particularly those from England. This gave them all a bad reputation, to the point where there are very few "Trenchcoaters" seen in the superhero community today.
Chameleon Job: Named for the Chameleon Kid, who was one of the first to do this- a nickname for criminals who disguise themselves as superheroes, either to discredit the hero by committing crimes, or to disguise themselves. Of particular annoyance for the superhero community is the sheer number of times the general public immediately believes the hero has turned to a life of crime, despite the numerous times "Chameleons" have been discovered and unmasked.
Serum: Both a "street name" and superhero name for chemical cocktails designed to bestow superhuman powers. Though one of the most common ways to gain powers deliberately, this is also one of the most dangerous, and prone to going awry. Named for the "Super-Soldier Serum" in Captain America comics
Mirror Image Villain (MIV): Villains whose appearance or concept appear derived entirely from that of a hero, often wearing an opposite-colored costume or having the same powers. The bigger the hero, the more likely he has one (or even several) guys wearing similar outfits attempting to become his major villains- the hero SuperStar is known to have both WhiteStar (a top-tier threat) and RazorStar (... not so much) as recurring threats.
New Villain Stink: A colloquial term for the manner in which super-villains often appear to be more capable in their first appearance, before settling into a weaker role later on. Over the years, people began noticing that villains who debuted with victories over super-heroes would be less and less successful with each appearance, eventually shifting into minor background roles; the heroes who once lost to them now able to defeat them handily. In reality, this came about due to sheer familiarity, the heroes were now much more capable of predicting their opponents' moves.
Jobber Villain: Taken from the pro wrestling term for "enhancement talent" meant to lose to the real stars, "Jobbers" came to mean villains who lost consistently, never picking up big wins. The Crusher is one of the more notable ones, as the once-threatening fighter developed a reputation for losing to EVERY new hero who came down the pike.

Non-Powered Heroes: They're seen as either incompetent, or crazy. Both are due to a glut of problematic characters- the occasional "Super-Hero Crazes" that pop up over the years (chiefly in the 1960s & '90s) tend to bring in a lot of wannabes, and normal joes who decide to throw on some tights and fight crime or serve the public. Many are known to be attention-seeking blowhards, and few have serious-enough training to do the job properly, and so many types like this are generally treated as incompetent, clueless nuisances by more serious heroes (even other NPHs). It's generally common for people in Super-heavy cities to take a handful of martial arts lessons and work out a lot, and suddenly attempt to break up fights, attack drug-dealers and more. Generally, this is why vigilantism is illegal in many cities, and why a lot of these types end up dead or injured quickly. Even less-serious vigilantes are considered problematic, as they can frequently disrupt "official" law enforcement, and even other Super-Heroes.

Similarly, many are known to be crazy, after one-too-many vigilantes went insane due to the pressures of the job, or interacting with too many violent criminals. Even the more positive role models of NPHs have been known to be bitter, angry individuals (Osprey, many Black Foxes), furthering the idea that they're more or less a grouchy bunch. Many serious NPHs find other NPHs even more annoying than others, as they're the ones who have to deal with the stereotypes, crazy potential co-workers, or Sidekickers looking for a partnership.

Magical Heroes: Known for being unpredictable, overly weird, and impossible to get a straight answer from. Many deliberately kept up this kind of aloof attitude, while others were authentically crazy. The occasional horrific side-effects of Magic also cause other heroes to not want to be close to them- comparatively few Magic Heroes take part in super-teams.

Powerhouses: Often known for being thick-headed and dumb (particularly super-villains), especially if tough physicality is their only power. Unusually, they always seem to pair off in team battles, even if their powers are better-suited elsewhere.

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Re: The Jabverse: A Setting & O.C. Thread

Post by Jabroniville » Sat Apr 01, 2017 9:48 pm

Spectrum wrote:
Sat Apr 01, 2017 3:40 pm
Jab- thanks for sharing! You've made some references to the battle board over the years. It's good to see it all collected in one place with depth. Helps make more sense of your history and where you are now.
I think I have an even more insane full history of SU somewhere. I'll look for it tonight!

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Re: The Jabverse: A Setting Thread

Post by Ken » Sun Apr 02, 2017 1:57 am

Jabroniville wrote:
Fri Mar 31, 2017 1:23 pm
-Rhino-Man came about basically the way a lot of things did when you're a kid- I was trying to one-up a friend of mine. When I was about 10 or so, my best friend Paul was proudly telling me about a new super-hero he'd created called Dino-Man (a green version of Mega Man who could turn into dinosaurs)- in defiance, I announced "well *I* have a new hero too- his name's RHINO-MAN!" Rhino-Man was basically a big strong guy in a grey Spider-Man costume, with a horn on the top of his head (essentially a more normal-looking Rhino with Spidey Eyes). Seriously, he had the big giant "MacFarlane/Larsen-Era" eyes and everything. Since I had little in the way of original ideas (being ten and all), I would just re-tell Spider-Man stories, but with Rhino-Man in his place. This meant I had to come up with some way to have him swing around (I mean, I copied these stories EXACTLY- he HAD to have Swinging and a Snare), so he also got a tiny hand-Crossbow to go along with Class 50 Super-Strength.
It would have been better if, rather than a crossbow, one of his horns was fired out as a grapnel with a swingline attached to it. The mechanism for winding the line back in is actually in the larger, front horn.

Copying Spidey stories exactly leads one to picture some amusing scenes. Like, when a rhinoceros goes unnoticed as it lumbers through a radiation experiment, and then bites our not-yet-super powered protaganist to give the kid all the powers of a rhino.

Of course, the proportional strength of a rhino in a normal sized man isn't actually that great.

But the name, with the long-i sound in the first syllable means his name will scan in properly as a replacement in the theme song. Rhino man, Rhino Man, does whatever a Rhino Can, spins a web... oh, yeah.
Somewhere, across the multiverse, there is a parallel world where the only discernible difference is that Billy Idol and Tiffany flip-flopped as to which Tommy James and the Shondells songs to cover.

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Re: The Jabverse: A Setting & O.C. Thread

Post by Jabroniville » Sun Apr 02, 2017 7:23 am

Funnily enough, I don't think I ever came up with exactly what Rhino-Man's origin was supposed to be. I just remember his ridiculous "Rhino-Man Friends" group, which included Robo-Rhino (robotic rhino-headed guy) and Torch Rhino, who inexplicably was basically the Human Torch with a rhino head. I've since modified much of the original character into "SuperStar", who has entirely different powers (and no Tiny Crossbow).

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