The T-Verse (Earth 75): Bipolar, Mindcrime & Elemental

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Strength 1
Stamina 2
Agility 2
Dexterity 0
Fighting 5
Intellect 0
Awareness 1
Presence 4 (1)

Skills: Close Combat [Unarmed] 4 (+9), Persuasion 4 (+6), Expertise [Earth Sciences] 2 (+7), Intimidation 5 (+7), Perception 4 (+5), Ranged Combat [Magnetic Mastery] 4 (+9), Technology 3 (+5)

Advantages: All-Out Attack, Attractive, Improved Critical [Magnetic Blast] 3, Improved Initiative, Power Attack, Ranged Attack 5

Powers: Altered Brainwaves:
Enhanced Presence 3
Enhanced Will 6
Impervious Will 12 (Flaw: Limited [vs Mental Effects Only]

Magnetic Mastery:
Minor Ferrokinesis: Feature 1 [Can generate a strong enough magnetic field to move small (mass rank –5 or less) ferrous objects within about an arm’s reach]
Minor Magnetism: Feature 1 [Can magnetize a small [hand-sized] ferrous object of mass rank –5 or less by holding it and taking a standard action to do so. The object remains magnetized until degaussed]
Magnetic Manipulation: Feature 1 [Can use magnetic fields to turn or operate small metal fasteners [screws, bolts, nails, etc.] within arm’s reach as if you had the proper tools]
True North: Feature 1 [Has an “internal compass” — always able to sense magnetic north on a planet with magnetic poles, equivalent to the Direction Sense effect and know if an object is magnetized by touching it]

Magnetic Awareness: Senses 5 [Detect (Magnetism; Accurate, Acute, Radius, Ranged)]

Magnetic Levitation: Flight 6

Metallic Armor: Protection 10 (Extra: Impervious)

Sense Metals: Senses 5 [Detect (Metals; Accurate, Acute, Analytical, Radius, Ranged)]

Magnetic Mastery Array:
Shape Metal: Ranged Transform 10 [assemble or disassemble metal objects, shape metal objects into other metal objects] (Extras: Increased Duration [Continuous], Perception Range); (Feats: Increased Mass 2 [100 tons])
-Magnetic Energy Blast: Ranged Magnetic Damage 11 (Extra: Penetrating)
-Magnetic Disarm: Move Object 14 (Extra: Area [Shapeable] 2, Selective); (Flaw: Limited [Disarm checks only], Limited [Metallic objects only])
-Magnetic Lifting: Move Object 10 (Extra: Perception Range); (Feats: Precise, Increased Mass 2 [100 tons]); (Flaw: Limited [Metallics only])
-Magnetic Pulse: Nullify 8 [Electronics & Machinery] (Extras: Area [Burst] 2, Sustained); (Flaw: Close Range)
-Magnetic Blinders: Concealment 10 [All Senses] (Flaws: Limited [Machines only])
-Metal Everywhere: Environment 4 [Impede Movement 2] (Flaw: Quirk [Requires Metals] -2)
-Metal Storm: Ranged Slashing Damage 11 (Extra: Multiattack); (Feat: Variable Effect [Piercing]); (Flaw: Quirk [Requires Metals] -2)
-Metal Trap: Ranged Affliction 10 [Hindered & Vulnerable, Defenseless & Immobilized; resisted by Dodge/Damage] (Flaw: Quirk [Requires Metals] -2)
-Rail Gun: Ranged Ballistic Damage 11 (Flaw: Quirk [Requires Metal Objects As Ammo])

Offense: Initiative +6
Melee Attack +5 // Unarmed Attack +9
Ranged Attack +

Defense: Dodge +8
Parry +8
Toughness +12*/+2 [*Metallic Armor (Impervious 10)]
Fortitude +8
Will +12*/ +6 [*Altered Brainwaves]

Costs: Abilities 24+ Skills 11+ Advantages 12+ Powers 153+ Defenses 20= 220 pts.

Real Name: Francis “Frankie” Dane
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 135 lbs
Hair: Black
Eye Color: Brown

Her Name Says It All: Bipolar is an alternate personality created by the influence of Frankie’s magnetic powers. On occasion, her true personality can exert itself, particularly if her powers are temporarily weakened or nullified.

Greed: Bipolar is motivated by a desire to have everything Frankie was ever denied in life, and more.

Temper: Bipolar has a fierce temper, particularly when defied or denied something she wants.

Background: Frankie Dane’s family never had much, and Frankie was forced to make do with what her parents were able to provide; she didn’t have the latest fashions, or the most up-to-date cell phone, or even her own car, but she did learn the importance of hard work. She applied herself to become a straight A student in high school, then worked on earning several scholarships which allowed her to study information technologies. Frankie worked hard enough in college to graduate with honors, then pounded the pavement relentlessly to get an internship and later a job at Oddessy Technologies. Along the way, she passed up the college parties, and the relationships that would have distracted her from her goals; she was on the road to success.

Then she started to suffer from blackouts, at first losing hours of time but frighteningly quickly growing to be days at a time with no idea what she was doing or where she was going. Fearing she was losing her mind Frankie sought medical help from a Dr. Grant McAllister, who would become known as the criminal Encomium just a few years later. Within a few sessions McAllister discovered that Frankie was suffering from Dissociative identity disorder (or as it is more commonly known - multiple personality disorder), and he began treating the other personality as well. At some point the alternate personality revealed that she possessed Transhuman powers, something that McAllister secretly wanted to use for his purposes and wasted no time subverting Frankie's personality so that the alternate personality could become the dominate one and help him in creating Children of Quetzalcoatl (which would later become known as Black Sun). For the most part the alternate personality, who named herself Bipolar, worked behind the scenes helping to build the beginnings of Cibola (the flying island that the Children of Quetzalcoatl would call home). However, Bipolar wasn't a stable member (not surprising honestly) despite McAllister's efforts to manipulate her and she came to realize what had been done to her and reacted.....poorly.

Weeks later Frankie woke up to find herself in the hospital, as Bipolar had took a lot of punishment in the fight with other members of Children of Quetzalcoatl. What was more frightening was the fact that Frankie was wearing power dampening restraints. When told, or rather shown video footage, of the various crimes she committed, Frankie was horrified and embarrassed beyond all measure and refused to see her family when they came to visit her. While doctors from Oddessy Technologies said it wasn’t her fault, that her powers altered her brain; this allowed Frankie’s lawyer to enter a plea of innocent due to mental defect, but it didn’t make much difference: Frankie would still be put away because she was a danger to society. So, when a malfunction happened to her power nullifying restraints, Frankie was secretly glad to relinquish control to the power that surged up from inside her.

She couldn’t cope any longer, but Bipolar could handle anything.
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Re: The T-Verse (Earth 75): Argus & Bipolar

Post by Jabroniville » Fri Jul 06, 2018 3:06 am

Wow, Bipolar is really cool! Sympathetic and powerful, yet ultimately tragic.

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Re: The T-Verse (Earth 75): Argus & Bipolar

Post by EnigmaticOne » Wed Sep 05, 2018 4:09 pm

Jabroniville wrote:
Fri Jul 06, 2018 3:06 am
Wow, Bipolar is really cool! Sympathetic and powerful, yet ultimately tragic.
Of course, she's basically a reskinned Death Magnetic, but yes it's a tragedy.
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Re: The T-Verse (Earth 75): Argus & Bipolar

Post by Tattooedman » Thu Sep 06, 2018 3:55 am

EnigmaticOne wrote:
Wed Sep 05, 2018 4:09 pm
Jabroniville wrote:
Fri Jul 06, 2018 3:06 am
Wow, Bipolar is really cool! Sympathetic and powerful, yet ultimately tragic.
Of course, she's basically a reskinned Death Magnetic, but yes it's a tragedy.
True, but that was only a temporary bit as I wanted to tie her to other characters in the setting but wasn't sure who exactly until recently while re-working things. Now she's more original. :D

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Strength 1
Stamina 1
Agility 3
Dexterity 2
Fighting 3
Intellect 3
Awareness 5
Presence 2

Skills: Athletics 3 (+4), Close Combat [Unarmed] 5 (+8), Deception 12 (+14), Expertise [Spycraft] 5 (+8), Insight 9 (+14), Intimidation 8 (+10), Perception 3 (+8), Persuasion 6 (+8), Ranged Attack [Blasters] 10 (+12), Vehicles [Land] 3 (+5)

Advantages: Attractive 2, Benefit [Cipher], Defensive Attack, Defensive Roll 3, Equipment 4, Improved Defense, Languages 2 [Base: English, German, French], Trance, Ultimate Will

Powers: Psionic Senses: Senses 5 [Detect (Minds: Acute, Extended, Radius, Ranged), Awareness (Telepathic)]

Telepathic Array:
Telepathic Probe: Mind Reading 10 (Extra: Cumulative); (Feats: Split 2, Subtle 2)
-Mind Blast: Ranged Affliction 10 [Dazed, Stunned; resisted by Will] (Extras: Concentration, Perception Range); (Feats: Insidious, Subtle); (Flaws: Limited [Range is limited by range of Detect Minds]), Limited Degree)
-Mental Link: Communication 2 [Mental] (Extras: Area, Selective); (Feat: Subtle 2)
-Super-Ego Motivation: Ranged Affliction 10 [Dazed, Compelled, Controlled; resisted by Will] (Extra: Perception Ranged); (Feats: Insidious, Progressive, Subtle 2); (Flaw: Limited [3rd Condition only forces victim to act upon personal desires & forget any sense of right and wrong or acknowledge any guilt of those deeds done], Limited [Range is limited by range of Detect Minds])

Offense: Initiative +3
Melee Attack +3 // Unarmed Attack +8
Ranged Attack +2 // Blaster Attack + 12

Defense: Dodge +8
Parry +8
Toughness +10*/+7**/+3 [*Armored Costume & Defensive Roll/Armored Costume]
Fortitude +5
Will +10

Equipment:: Armored Costume: Protection 4 [4 ep]

Blaster Pistol: Ranged Energy Damage 8 [16 ep]

Costs: Abilities 40+ Skills 25+ Advantages 16+ Powers 42+ Defenses 19= 142 pts.

Real Name: Michelle Evans
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 119 lbs
Hair: Brown
Eye Color: Blue

Motivation ~Mercenary: Mindcrime is always willing to take on any work as long as the paycheck has enough zeros in it.

Shadowy Past: Mindcrime’s time as a spy can sometimes make her life complicated.

Background: Michelle Evans worked hard to become part of the CIA, though her emerging telepathic powers helped a great deal. Soon she was engaging in spycraft in various countries deemed potential enemies of the United States, all the while slowly growing more and more embittered by the experiences as she saw the dirty underside of how the various governments of the world operated under the noses of those who supposedly actually ran the world.

At some point Evans decided to go freelance, using her powers for her own benefit and gain. Something which has brought her into conflict with several members of the Vanguard as well as a few solo operating heroes. None the less her skills have been up to the task as she’s spent very little time behind bars, and the few times that she has been locked away Michelle has been able to call in certain “favors” owed to her from her time as a spy to regain her freedom.

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Post by Tattooedman » Tue Sep 11, 2018 1:30 pm

Strength 12
Stamina 12
Agility 6
Dexterity 6
Fighting 6
Intellect 0
Awareness 4
Presence 0

Skills: Expertise [Magic] 13 (+13), Intimidation 13 (+13), Insight 8 (+12), Investigation 6 (+6), Perception 8 (+12), Ranged Combat [Elemental Mastery Array] 4 (+14)

Advantages: All-Out Attack, Close Attack 8, Improved Initiative, Instant Up, Luck [Determination] 2, Move-By Action, Power Attack, Ranged Attack 4, Takedown 2, Task Focus [Expertise (Magic): Ghosts/Spirits]

Powers: Elemental State:
Enhanced Strength 4 (Flaw: Limited [Lifting Only])
Immunity 13 [Aging, Critical Hits, Life Support]
Impervious Toughness 12
Shockwave: Damage 12 (Extra: Area [Burst]); (Flaw: Limited [Both Elemental & his targets must be in contact with the ground])
-Groundstrike: Affliction 12 [Vulnerable, Defenseless; resisted by Fortitude] (Extra: Area [Burst]); (Flaws: Instant Recovery, Limited [Both Elemental & his targets must be in contact with the ground])], Limited Degree)
-Thunderclap: Affliction 12 [Hearing Impaired, Hearing Disabled, Hearing Unaware; Resisted by Fortitude] (Extra: Area [Burst]); (Flaw: Limited [Both Elemental & his targets must be in contact with the ground])

Elemental Master:
Elemental Manipulation: Move Object 14 (Extra: Damaging); (Feats: Precise, Variable Descriptor [4 elements])
-Earthquake: Damage 14 (Extra: Area [Burst])
-Earthen Shapes: Create Object 14 (Extra: Moveable)
-Crushing Wave: Ranged Damage 14 (Extra: Area [Cone])
-Fireballs: Ranged Damage 14 (Extra: Multiattack); (Feat: Improved Critical 2)
-Firebomb: Damage 14 (Extra: Area [Burst])
-Fire Gout: Ranged Damage 14 (Extra: Penetrating); (Feat: Improved Critical 2)
-Fire Shield: Damage 10 (Extra: Reaction)
-Fire Spout: Ranged Damage 14 (Extra: Area [Line])
-Ice Bonds: Ranged Affliction 14 [Hindered & Vulnerable, Defenseless & Immobilized; resisted by Dodge] (Extras: Cumulative, Extra Condition); (Flaw: Limited Degree)
-Patch Of Ice: Ranged Affliction 14 [Vulnerable, Prone; resisted by Dodge] (Extra: Area [Burst] 2, Cumulative); (Flaw: Limited Degree)
-Rip The Air Out: Ranged Affliction 14 [Dazed, Stunned, Incapacitated; resisted by Fortitude] (Extra: Progressive)
-Stone Shards: Ranged Damage 14 (Extra: Area [Cone])
-Tornado: Ranged Damage 14 (Extra: Area [Burst])
-Water To Ice: Ranged Transform 14 [water to ice]
-Water Tendrils: Ranged Damage 14 (Extra: Multiattack)
-Water Whip: Ranged Damage 14 (Feats: Precise, Variable Descriptor [Blunt/Piercing])

Offense: Initiative +10
Melee Attack +14 // Unarmed Damage +12
Ranged Attack +10 // Elemental Mastery Attack +14

Defense: Dodge +14
Parry +12
Toughness +14* [*Impervious 12]
Fortitude +14
Will +13

Costs: Abilities 92+ Skills 19+ Advantages 22+ Powers 102+ Defenses 25= 260 pts.

Real Name: Allen Stevens
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 172 lbs
Hair: Brown
Eye Color: Brown

Five-In-One: Elemental is a combination of five consciousnesses, that of Allen Stevens and four elemental spirits. Often times the elementals are able to exert a limited control over Stevens’ actions when he’s not transformed, a problem Stevens’ is trying to correct.

Uncontrolled Transformations: Allen Stevens doesn’t have complete control over his change into Elemental - in moments of high stress or increased anger he can change into his super-powered form.

Weakness: Exposure to pollution, radiation, or anything that causes damage to nature will do additional damage to Elemental.

Background: A dabbler in the realm of magic, Allen Stevens made his living as a spiritual debunker - proving that hauntings were real or fake. This also allowed him to travel all over the country and support his interest in all things supernatural and build an impressive collection of items connected to various "proven" hauntings. The problem was that a few of those items actually held vestiges of supernatural energies that Baron Twilight wanted to tap into and sent one of his agents to take them from Stevens.

Needless to say Stevens had a near fatal experience and tried to use a "spell book" he'd recently purchased to empower himself so that he could save himself. Unfortunately for him the injury he'd suffered to his throat left him unable to correctly pronounce some of the words of the spell and instead of allowing him to channel the power of the elements Allen Stevens opened up his body as the host to four elemental beings - which did save his life but left him with the burden of trying to contain the power and personalities of four alien creatures who wanted to explore the world they now were living in.

Now Elemental, as Stevens has become known, is a creature of random whim and chaos as Stevens has limited control over his transformation into the hybrid elemental creature; he now finds himself traveling all across the United States to try and find a way to undo what has happened to him. However, his efforts haven't produced any positive results as it has been several years now and Stevens finds himself wondering if he's not simply cursed.

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