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Re: J-Mart: FIGHT! Jago, Jin/Devil Jin, Raven, Baraka, Reptile, Riptor

Post by Jabroniville » Sat Aug 19, 2017 9:45 am

BARAKA: He's an odd case, because he's a guy who was given a distinctive gimmick and pretty bad-ass appearance, but ultimately ended up being used as the franchise's "Jobber To The Stars". He never BEATS anyone, and every subsequent game just uses him as "a guy working for The Guy"- not even the main henchman or sub-boss... just some evil dude loyal to the Big Evil.

I still wish they'd used the original design for him:


REPTILE: Reptile holds a special place in video game history for being THE "Secret Character" back in the day. Fighting him in The Pit soon became a legend, even though he was just a Green Sub-Zero, sped up to hell. He also makes the weirdest appearance in the movie, as he's just this screeching beast using the world's worst CGI, until Liu Kang kicks him into a statue, which OF COURSE turns him into a Lin Kuei knock-off (complete with narration of his name, for no apparent reason), just for the sake of another fight scene. Of course, in a Martial Arts Movie, that's the BEST reason to have a character show up!

RIPTOR: Riptor's one of the first times I saw video gaming really attempting to emulate the addition of a new Dino to the "Big Five" (effectively replacing Ankylosaurus in the group- T-Rex, Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Sauropods of any type, and now Dromaeosaurs), though the body type was oddly top-heavy and bulky, because... well, it's Killer Instinct.

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Playtest - Wonder Woman vs. Thanos

Post by Thorpocalypse » Mon Aug 21, 2017 11:09 pm

Playtest: Wonder Woman vs. Thanos

Maneuver Legend: AA – All Out Attack, ACA – Accurate Attack, DA – Defensive Attack, PA – Power Attack, RA – Routine Attack, SA – Standard Attack], TC - Toughness Check, WC – Will Check, FC – Fortitude Check

Intro: This was more of a Thanos test than a Wonder Woman test for me. Since all the hype for Infinity War is at fever pitch, he's been on my mind so I figured I'd see how he fared against a few different heroes. Diana got first shot.

Thanos is considerably more powerful, but Diana has a punchers chance. Plus, I might call in some help for her to get some more testing in if things starting going badly for her.


Thanos is bored and looking for a challenge. He decides to come to Earth to pick a fight with Superman. He materializes outside of the Hall of Justice, calling for “the Kryptonian coward to come and face him.” The front door opens and Wonder Woman strides out, sword drawn. Thanos and Diana exchange a few unpleasantries until Thanos tells her “to run along and play warrior somewhere else, little girl”, which makes Diana smile and charge the Mad Titan.
Round 1: Initiative: Wonder Woman – 28, Thanos – 16. Since I posted Thanos with 2 HP, I’ll give Diana 2 as well to even things up. They’re about 50 ft apart in the large plaza in front of the Hall of Justice. Wonder Woman can easily close the distance with her normal speed and will go PA3 against Thanos with her sword and she hits with a 30. DC31 TC and Thanos makes it easily with a 39. Thanos goes AA2 unarmed and hits with a 28. DC34 TC for Diana, and she makes it.

Round 2: Diana goes PA3 with her sword again, and she hits again with a 24. DC31 and Thanos gets a 29 for a 1st degree failure. Thanos goes PA2 unarmed against WW and misses with a 14.

Round 3: Seeing the big man bleed, Wonder Woman tries to press her advantage. She goes PA5 with her sword but misses with a natural 2. HP to reroll gets her a 25 for a hit. Thanos rolls a natural 1 on the DC37 TC! He’ll have to burn an HP to reroll to get a 32 for a 1stdegree failure. He’ll try to slug her one more time going AA2 but he misses, barely, with a 23.

Round 4: Diana again goes for a kill shot with a PA5 but misses with a 15. Thanos steps back and goes PA3 with a cosmic blast but he also misses with an 18.

Round 5: One more PA5 for Diana with her sword and she hits with a 23. Thanos gets a 23 on the DC37 TC. He’ll burn his last HP for a reroll and gets a 36 for another 1st degree failure, which is far better than the 3rd degree he was looking at. Thanos switches up and will hit her with a Mental Blast. Diana makes the dodge check and also makes the Will check.

Round 6: Diana stays in melee and goes PA2 with her sword again and hits with a 24. Thanos fails the DC30 TC with a 28. Thanos strikes back with an AA2 punch and hits with a 28, Diana gets a natural 1 on the TC, HP to reroll gets her a 24 against the DC34 TC for a 2nddegree failure.
Round 7: Diana finally has to shake off a good shot. She’ll fly back about 100 ft. Thanos will blast at her AA2 and he misses.

Round 8: Diana flies in with PA5 attack with her sword and he hits with a 22. DC33 C for Thanos and he gets a 31 for another 1stdegree failure. Diana just keeps chipping away at him. Thanos unleashes another psionic blast. Diana fails the dodge check and has to make a full DC25 Will check. And she does with a 28.

Round 9: Diana goes PA5 again and misses with a 19. Thanos steps back and blasts her with his Cosmic Blast, AA2 and he hits with a 28. DC34 TC for Diana and she only gets a 23, 3rd degree failure for the Amazonian Princess. The blast sends her sprawling back about 100 ft across the plaza. Looks like the pure power difference is starting to rear its head.

Round 10: Wonder Woman stays down and uses the round to Recover. Thanos goes PA2 with another blast and misses with a 25 thanks to Diana being prone and getting +2 for the Recover action.

Round 11: Diana will has a choice; stay and fight or back off and wait or call for help. No brainer. She flies in and uses EE for an extra action to goes PA5 with her sword and hits again with a 23. DC33 TC, Thanos gets a 23 for a 2nd degree failure. Wonder Woman is fatigued. Thanos will use his lone action to take another swipe at Wonder Woman, PA2, but misses with a 14.

Round 12: Wonder Woman goes PA5 again and hits with a 23. DC33 TC for Thanos again and he gets a 32 for another 1st degree failure. He takes another swipe at her, AA3, but misses again with a 16.

Round 13: Wonder Woman takes another PA5 swing at Thanos and hits with a 28. Thanos gets a 19 on his DC33 TC for a 3rd degree failure. Diana is going to use EE for one more attack…

…but you know what? Thanos is NOT going to risk an actual loss to this earthling female. He’s outta here. He stumbles back, tells Diana that he has other matters to attend to now, hits a button on his belt and teleports back to his base. Diana gets an HP for the fiat.

Final Status – Wonder Woman (-2 toughness, staggered, 1 hp), Thanos (-8 toughness, staggered, 0 hp)

Comments: I did not see that one coming. My plan was to have Diana take a few shots then call in Superman for a Kryptonian/Mad Titan throwdown, but the dice were on Diana’s side most of the fight. I kept things pretty vanilla for Thanos this time, since I mainly wanted to see if I had him overpowered or not, and I think he’s good, despite taking a pretty good beating. I probably could have used his Create effect to slow Diana down a bit and I’d probably use a little GM Fiat Knockback (by the way, I HATED the Knockback rules in 2E and even though they’re option in 3E, I’m only using it for flavor) to make the fight a little more wide ranging. But as things progressed, I wanted to see how Diana would do in a slugfest against a high powered foe and she more than held her own.

Despite that strong showing, I saw some room for improvement in Diana’s build and I've made tweaks to both of them since I did this. I didn’t use the lasso since he could escape pretty easily and there was no need for him to actually tell the truth, not that he would have anyway. But I think I might tweak it some and I’m not sold on that Shield mechanic. All in all, a fun fight. More to come…
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293 - Sabrewulf

Post by Thorpocalypse » Fri Aug 25, 2017 3:45 am

We've got more fighting game builds as we add this new item to our Killer Instinct line!

I must either cure this curse... or master it. - Sabrewulf


OPL: 9; DPL: 9; HP: 2
Real Name: Baron Konrad von Sabrewulf
Age: Unknown
Height: 6-8
Weight: 325
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Grey
Race: Human Lycanthrope
Identity: Public
Alignment: Villain
Status: Active
Occupation: Fighter
Base of Operations: Castle Sabrewulf
Team Affiliations: Uitratech


SKILLS: Acrobatics 3 (+7), Athletics 6 (+11), Close Combat [Unarmed] 1 (+13), Deception (-1), Expertise [Arcana] 5 (+7) [Ritualist], Insight (+2), Intimidation 9 (+8) [Startle], Investigation 3 (+5), Perception 7 (+9), Persuasion (-1), Ranged Combat [Flaming Bat] 8 (+10), Stealth 5 (+9), Technology 3 (+5)

ADVANTAGES: All-Out Attack, Benefit (3), Close Attack (1), Defensive Roll (1), Diehard, Equipment (3), Great Endurance, Improved Initiative (1), Languages (1) (English, 1 other, Base: German), Luck (Recover) (2), Power Attack (3) (Claws, Ultimate Combo, Unarmed), Ritualist, Startle, Takedown (1)

Werewolf Senses: Senses 6 (Low-light Vision, Normal Hearing [Extended], Scent [Acute, Ranged, Tracking], Ultrahearing); 6 pts
Werewolf Movement: Speed 2 (8 mph/120 fpr), Leaping 1 (15 mph); 3 pts
Werewolf Physiology: Protection 1, Feature 1 (Insulating Fur), Immunity 2 (Aging, Disease); 4 pts
Claws: Slashing Strength-based Damage 1 (Extra: Dangerous, Split); 3 pts
Killer Array: 4 pt Array; 5 pts
Ultimate Combo!: Multiattack Slashing Strength-based Damage 2 (Extra: Dangerous 2, Flaw: Inaccurate, Unreliable [5 uses]); 4 pts
Flaming Bat: Ranged Fire Damage 4 (Flaw: Distracting); 1 pt

(15 pts)
Headquarters: (12 pts)
Castle Sabrewulf: Size - H, Tough - 10, Features - Defense Systems, Grounds, Holding Cells, Isolated, Laboratory, Library, Living Space, Personnel, Workshop; 12 pts

Initiative +8
Close Attack +12 [Claws +6, Critical 19-20]
Ultimate Combo +10 [Ultimate Combo +7, Multiattack]
Unarmed +13 [Unarmed +5]
Ranged Attack +2
Flaming Bat +10 [Flaming Bat +4]

Dodge +10 [DC20] Parry +11 [DC21]
Toughness +7 (+6 without Defensive Roll), Fortitude +8, Will +5

Mental Instability: Sabrewulf's attempts to cure his lycanthropy have left him mentally unstable and violent, even with the use of his ancient/arcane medicines and treatments.
Monstrous Appearance: Sabrewulf has all but lost his ability to turn back into his human form.
Obsession: Curing his lyncanthropy.

Abilities 60 + Skills 26 (52 ranks) + Advantages 21 + Powers 21 + Defenses 12 = 140 / 140

Build Comments: Sabrewulf is a pretty generic bestial fighting character in Killer Instinct, but that name is bad ass. I didn’t realize it was actually an homage to an old video game, Sabre Wulf, that some of the creators were fans of.

With a simple “just looking for the cure” story and classic werewolf look, he could easily be added into just about any setting as an antagonist or sympathetic anti-hero.

Secret Origins: When he was human, Baron Konrad von Sabrewulf was a carefree aristocrat who tarnished the von Sabrewulf family name with his lack of interest in monster hunting. He was an alcoholic and an addict and enjoyed lavish parties, even by himself, although this eventually led to his downfall and transformation. After escaping from Ultratech, his addictions grew more and more and soon, he finds that he cannot escape the life of a wolf, for it calls to him like an endless drug.

The Story so Far/Characterization: Since the day when a wolfbite left him afflicted with a particularly virulent strain of lycanthropy, Count Von Sabrewulf has lived in exile in his remote mountain tower, shunned by society, and struggling with insanity as his disease grows steadily worse. A handful of years back his worst nightmare was realized when he failed to revert to human form at all. Every rumor of a possible cure has been at best a hoax, so when a message arrives promising salvation should he enter and win the Ultratech contest, Sabrewulf is highly suspicious but obliged to seize any chance that comes his way.

Defeated early in the KI tournament by his reluctance to unleash the beast within, Sabrewulf was heading home, injured and despairing, when he was caught and beaten by an ignorant, sadistic country lynch mob. Barely alive, he ended up back in the hands of Ultratech who set about making their ungodly ‘repairs’. But the pain, loss and humiliation rapidly drive the Count over the edge: breaking free of the company’s clutches, he loped back into the world with only revenge to live for.

Having endured agonizing procedures to remove his freakish cybernetic implants, Sabrewulf feels no closer to reclaiming his humanity. Barely clinging to sanity, he nurses an addiction to ancient medicines and artifacts which seem to slow his descent into savagery.

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294 - Kazuya Mishima

Post by Thorpocalypse » Fri Aug 25, 2017 3:53 am

We're continuing with our Tekken line with this new item for Aisle 9!

Pititful... - Kazuya Mishima


OPL: 12; DPL: 12; HP: 2
Real Name: Kazuya Mishima
Age: 49
Height: 5-11
Weight: 175
Eyes: Black (Red)
Hair: Black
Race: Human
Identity: Public
Alignment: Villain
Status: Active
Occupation: CEO G Corporation
Base of Operations: Tokyo, Japan
Team Affiliations: G Corporation


SKILLS: Acrobatics 5 (+11), Athletics 7 (+10/+12), Deception 6 (+9/+10), Expertise [Business] 7 (+10), Expertise [Demonology] 7 (+10), Insight 3 (+7), Intimidation 4 (+7/+12), Investigation 4 (+7), Perception 5 (+9), Persuasion (+3/+4), Stealth (+6), Technology 2 (+5)

ADVANTAGES: All-Out Attack, Benefit (5) (Status, Wealth, Resources 5 – Head of G Corporation), Close Attack (2), Defensive Attack, Defensive Roll (2), Evasion (1), Favored Foe (Mishima Clan), Improved Critical (1) (Unarmed), Improved Defense, Improved Initiative (1), Languages (1) (English, 1 other, Base: Japanese), Luck (Improve Roll) (1), Martial Strike* (1), Power Attack (3) (Demon Scissors, Flash Punch Combo, Unarmed), Takedown (1)

Mishima Style Karate: 5 pt Array; 6 pts
Flash Punch Combo/Electric Wind God Fist: Multiattack Strength-based Damage 2 (Extra: Dangerous 2, Variable Descriptor [Bludgeoning/Electric], Flaw: Unreliable [5 uses]); 5 pts
Demon Scissors: Bludgeoning Strength-based Damage 2 (Extra: Dangerous 2, Flaw: Distracting); 1 pt

Devil Kazuya Form: 30 pts Traits, Flaw: Activation (Move Action); 29 pts
Devil Gene Enhancements: Enhanced Fighting 1, Enhanced Strength 2, Enhanced Presence 1, Enhanced Stamina 1, Enhanced Fortitude 1, Enhanced Will 2, Enhanced Advantages 1 (Startle), Enhanced Skills 2 (Intimidation 4 ranks), Enhanced Dodge 1, Enhanced Parry 1; 18 pts
Wings: Flight 2 (8 mph/120 ft pr; Flaw: Winged); 2 pts
Hellfire Blast: Ranged Fire Damage 7 (Extra: Accurate 4, Flaw: Diminished Range [10/25/50], Distracting); 10 pts


Initiative +10
Close Attack +16 (+17 in Devil Kazuya Form) [Unarmed +3, Critical 19-20; Martial Strike Unarmed +4, Critical 19-20; Demon Scissors +5, Critical 18-20; Electric Wind God Fist/Flash Punch Combo +5, Critical 18-20, Multiattack; Devil Kazuya Unarmed +5; Martial Strike Unarmed +6, Critical 19-20; Demon Scissors +7, Critical 18-20; Electric Wind God Fist/Flash Punch Combo +7, Critical 18-20, Multiattack]
Ranged Attack +5
Devil Laser Blast +13 [Demon Laser Blast +7]

Dodge +14 (+15 in Devil Kazuya Form) [DC24/25] Parry +14 (+16 in Devil Kazuya Form) [DC24/26]
Toughness +6 (+4 without Defensive Roll, +7 in Devil Kazuya Form, +5 without Defensive Roll in Devil Kazuya Form), Fortitude +7 (+9 in Devil Kazuya Form), Will +7 (+9 in Devil Kazuya Form)

Daddy Issues: Kazuya has a vendetta against his father, Heihachi.
Enemy: In addition to his issues with his father, his son, Jin, desires to destroy him to rid the world of the Devil Gene.
Motivation: Having given his soul to the Devil Gene, his goals are world conquest and destruction.

Abilities 84 + Skills 25 (50 ranks) + Advantages 23 + Powers 35 + Defenses 14 = 181 / 181

Build Comments: Kazuya was the main protagonist in the first Tekken but over time he’s become both a heroic and villainous figure, in juxtaposition to his father Heihachi, which is a twist that I liked. As a build, he's really more PL11.5 in his devil form than PL12 so he's a touch below Akuma, who he fought to a draw in Tekken 7 and a notch above his father, who he usually fights to a draw or barely loses. I may scale him back a bit, but I like him having the edge on Heihachi, at least when he's in his final form.

Secret Origins: Kazuya is the son of Kazumi and Heihachi Mishima, the long-time CEO of a powerful worldwide conglomerate called the Mishima Zaibatsu, and grandson of Jinpachi Mishima. He has a foster brother, Lee Chaolan, who was adopted by Heihachi, and also a half-brother, Lars Alexandersson, Heihachi's illegitimate son. Most importantly, Kazuya is the father of Jin Kazama through a relationship with Jun Kazama.

When Kazuya was five years old, Kazuya found out his mother died at the hands of his father and attempted to get revenge against him. Unfortunately, Kazuya was defeated immediately and thrown off a cliff by his father, who claimed that his son was weak. If Kazuya was to be his father's successor to the Mishima Zaibatsu throne, he was to not only survive the fall, but climb back up the rocky cliff as well. Kazuya nearly died from the ordeal, but his survival was assured through a raising of a malevolent energy called the "Devil Gene", this malevolent energy was a gift since Kazuya was born with Kazumi's blood, the source of the Devil Gene itself originating from her blood clan Hachijo, and gave him enough power to take his revenge on his father.

The Story so Far: In the years prior to the events of the original King of Iron Fist Tournament, Kazuya entered martial arts tournaments all over the world, becoming an undefeated champion (only Paul Phoenix ever managed a draw with him). Twenty one years since Kazuya was thrown off the cliff, he entered The King of Iron Fist Tournament to take the opportunity for vengeance. He is able to overcome all opponents and eventually manages to get to the final round, where he battles Heihachi. Apathetic towards the tournament's proposed one billion dollar prize and fueled by his hatred for his father, Kazuya wins and drops Heihachi's unconscious body from the same cliff he had been thrown from as a child.

Two years afterward, Kazuya has usurped the Mishima Zaibatsu and under his leadership, engaged in many illegal activities such as assassination, extortion, arms dealing and the smuggling of protected species. Kazuya then decided to announce a second King of Iron Fist Tournament. However, he was shocked when he saw Heihachi, having survived both his battle with Kazuya and the subsequent fall, entering the tournament. This time, Heihachi manages to reclaim the Mishima Zaibatsu by defeating his son. Afterwards, Heihachi throws Kazuya into the mouth of an erupting volcano, supposedly killing him.

Before his defeat at the hands of Heihachi, Kazuya became intimate with Jun Kazama, who then became pregnant. When Kazuya was thrown into the volcano, parts of Devil left him and attempted to possess Jun's unborn child. Though she defeated him, he was eventually able to possess the child, now fifteen year old Jin Kazama after Jun had gone missing.

Kazuya returns twenty one years after the last tournament. He was revived by G Corporation, a rival genetics company of the Mishima Zaibatsu, a few days after his supposed death. Kazuya allowed the company to perform various experiments on him in order to learn the true nature of the Devil Gene within his body, but an attack on the research facility by the Tekken Force (sent by Heihachi to retrieve Kazuya's remains for the Devil Gene) impeded further success. Kazuya fights off the Tekken Force, and vows to get his revenge on Heihachi in the recently announced King of Iron Fist Tournament 4, and at the same time, extract the half of his Devil Gene stored in the body of his son, Jin Kazama. Kazuya makes it to the finals and battles Heihachi, and wins. Heihachi led Kazuya to Hon-Maru, a Mishima compound where Jin is being held captive (he was captured by the Tekken Forces on his way to fight Kazuya in the seventh stage). Kazuya, influenced by Devil, knocks Heihachi out of the room with his psychic powers and subconsciously taunts Jin in order to wake him up. However, the plan backfires, and an enraged Jin defeats both Kazuya and Heihachi in battle, but spares their lives after seeing a vision of his mother, after which he takes flight.

Moments after Jin's departure from Hon-Maru, Kazuya and Heihachi are assaulted by a squadron of Jack-4s sent to assassinate them by G Corporation (no longer needing him, they betrayed Kazuya) and for the Tekken Force's raid on G Corporation's laboratories. For a while Kazuya and Heihachi fought off the Jacks together, as father and son. However, he knew that they will eventually get overpowered, so he throws Heihachi in the direction of the Jacks to act as a lure. He jumps out of Hon-Maru, turns into Devil and leaves, letting Heihachi die (although Heihachi survives). Vowing to get revenge on G Corporation for their treachery, Kazuya enters the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5.

Despite not winning the fifth tournament, Kazuya discovers the division of G Corporation that tried to kill him, and brutally kills them all in revenge, becoming the head of the company from the shadows he turns it into a military company and is using it as the only powerful opposition to the Mishima Zaibatsu, led by Jin, who has begun world conquest and declared war on several nations. By this time, the world's population sees G Corporation as its only saviour though Kazuya's real purpose is to kill Jin and take over the world himself, and Kazuya uses the company's influence to his advantage: to stop Jin from taking over his plans for world domination, Kazuya places a bounty on Jin's head for whomever could manage to capture him alive and decides to enter the King of Iron Fist Tournament 6 (announced by Jin) to settle the score once and for all with his son.

When Heihachi reclaimed the Mishima Zaibatsu and announced the tournament since Jin's disappearance, Kazuya sends the army of Jack-6 to assassinate Heihachi. Unfortunately, he soon learned that his late-mother, Kazumi attempted to kill him and Heihachi, and had Akuma from Capcom's Street Fighter franchise to do her work, should she failed when she was killed by Heihachi, much to Kazuya's disbelief and consider her assassination attempt as absurd. Thus, Kazuya must eliminate Akuma as well, with his own hand besides Heihachi, knowing that sending his G Corp army will have Akuma easily beats them. During his fight against Akuma at a branch of G Corp Tower, with no one else around but him and Akuma, Kazuya's devil form has been exposed across worldwide, lives by Heihachi, who later blasts Doctor Abel's orbiting death ray on the G Corp Tower, but Kazuya survived the blast and destroys the death ray, to make sure the world remained forgetting Kazuya's true nature. In the final battle at a mouth of volcano, Kazuya finally kills Heihachi and throws into a pit of lava for good. Unfortunately, he re-encounters Akuma again, who also survived from the previous blast. As both Kazuya (in his ultimate devil form) and Akuma uses their powerful projectile blast against each other, the final outcome between them remained unknown. On the other side where Lars, Lee, Alisa and an awakened Jin finally sees what the world is like in ruin with Heihachi's death and the downfall of Mishima Zaibatsu, after they watched the final outcome between Heihachi and Kazuya, it is confirmed that G Corporation won't be fixing this disastrous situation.

Characterization: Since his original appearance, Kazuya's character has gone through many transformations: From hero to villain, from villain to anti-hero. Whatever was left of his good side appears to be totally suppressed by his Devil persona. Kazuya no longer fights against his darker side, and the two seem to have come to mutual terms, as Kazuya can call upon Devil whenever he likes now. At times, Kazuya seems less cruel, even going so far as to be more sentimental seen, that he reproaches Heihachi for having killed his mother.

Friends and Foes: His great rivals are his father Heichai and his son, Jin.

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Re: J-Mart: FIGHT! Riptor, BvS Test, Sabrewulf, Kazuya Mishima

Post by Ares » Fri Aug 25, 2017 5:00 am

I figured this might be relevant to the thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UEmhvPoWHWY

I've got to say kudos to Capcom for having an actual story for this game, and I dig the music. Not 100% sold on the outfits and character design for some of these guys (Cap looks way too swollen and ugly, IMO), but the Hulk "Fastball Special"-ing Ryu was pretty sweet.

Also, apparently frickin Hellboy is going to be in Injustice 2.

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Re: J-Mart: FIGHT! Riptor, BvS Test, Sabrewulf, Kazuya Mishima

Post by Jabroniville » Fri Aug 25, 2017 6:32 am

Yeah, Sabrewulf has a pretty bitching name and appearance, though he's fairly typical otherwise.

Kazuya, though... yikes. INSANELY long history for that dude. Since Tekken 2 was "my Tekken", I'm only used to him as a Boss who had Devil & Angel Forms. That energy beam was pretty fun, though :). I always hated him for deflowering my precious Jun, of course.

I still find it weird that Tekken did such a HUGE time-jump. They aged some characters, but left others with mysterious Younger Versions (Julia/Michelle) or just threw out cheeseball comic book explanations for others (Anna & Nina being of the same age)... basically the dudes got older while all the broads had to stay as young and tight as humanly possible :). The never-ending "Mishima Arc" of the series got a bit tiresome, especially with the Devil Gene popping up all over the place.

The whole "martial arts are the most important thing in the world" aspect, so central to many Fighting Games, is also quite funny- here, martial artists control the world's biggest corporations (which are basically nation-states). In Street Fighter, they make up the majority of the government and Shadaloo's decision-makers. In Mortal Kombat, ALL EXISTENCE is based off of the outcomes of martial arts tournaments. It's hilarious and adorable :).

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Re: J-Mart: FIGHT! Riptor, BvS Test, Sabrewulf, Kazuya Mishima

Post by Thorpocalypse » Fri Aug 25, 2017 4:45 pm

Ares wrote:
Fri Aug 25, 2017 5:00 am
I figured this might be relevant to the thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UEmhvPoWHWY

I've got to say kudos to Capcom for having an actual story for this game, and I dig the music. Not 100% sold on the outfits and character design for some of these guys (Cap looks way too swollen and ugly, IMO), but the Hulk "Fastball Special"-ing Ryu was pretty sweet.

Also, apparently frickin Hellboy is going to be in Injustice 2.
The Marvel Capcom looks like fun for sure. I know there's not much original left in terms of plot, but the whole "do we let Thanos out" thing looks a lot like the whole Injustice 2 "do we let evil Superman out" arc from that game.

And hells yeah, Hellboy in the next fighter pack for Injustice 2 looks great. Raiden was the more interesting choice to me. I just assumed Scorpion would be the choice from MK since Sub-Zero was in the first fighter pack but maybe he'll be in the 3rd one.

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Re: 188 - Duke Thomas

Post by Thorpocalypse » Fri Aug 25, 2017 5:00 pm

I don't know much about the whole thing yet, but FINALLY, Duke Thomas has a superhero name, The Signal. Apparently it has something to do with being "the signal" for some big thing that ties into the current DC crossover event. I am fighting myself on starting Dark Knights METAL since I found out that "metal" is referencing Nth Metal being like the most important thing in the universe and I loves me some Hawkpeople but I'm trying to stay strong.

Anyway, the one thing I saw was Duke emitting this burst of light that he didn't even know he could do, so I just slapped in an affliction for flavor and I'll fill him out more once I get more info. I do kinda like the new outfit. Has a Wolverine feel to it.
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Sat Mar 25, 2017 3:51 am
My career of choice has crazy hours, bad benefits, and doesn't pay. But it's the dream I never knew I always had. Mom, dad... I'm going into the vigilante business. I hope I live to tell you all about it. - Duke Thomas


OPL: 8; DPL: 8; HP: 1
Real Name: Duke Thomas
Age: 17
Height: 5-7
Weight: 145
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Race: Human
Identity: Secret
Alignment: Hero
Status: Active
Occupation: Student; Adventurer
Base of Operations: Gotham City, NJ, USA
Team Affiliations: Batman Family


SKILLS: Acrobatics 6 (+10), Athletics 7 (+9), Deception 3 (+5), Expertise [Streetwise] 2 (+5), Insight 6 (+8), Intimidation (+2), Investigation 7 (+10), Perception 8 (+10), Persuasion 3 (+5), Ranged Combat [Throwing] 4 (+10), Sleight of Hand 1 (+5), Stealth 6 (+10), Technology 2 (+5), Treatment (+3), Vehicles 3 (+7)

ADVANTAGES: Beginner's Luck, Close Attack (2), Defensive Attack, Defensive Roll (2), Equipment (11), Jack-of-all-Trades, Move-by Action, Power Attack (2) (Bat-Tons, Unarmed), Ranged Attack (2), Takedown (1), Teamwork

Signal Light: Burst Area Affliction 8 (Resisted by Fortitude; 1st: Visually Impaired, 2nd: Visually Disabled, 3rd: Visually Unaware, Flaw: Limited [one sense], Uncontrolled); 8 pts

(55 pts)
Costume: Protection 1, Immunity 2 (Critical Hits, Flaw: Limited [Ballistics only]); 3 pts
Mask: Senses 2 (Low Light Vision, Infravision), Commlink (Senses 1 [Communication Link, Bat Family]); 5 pts
Bat-Tons: Bludgeoning Strength-Based Damage 2, Double, Reach (5 ft); 4 pts
Utility Belt: (26 pts)
Flash Bang Grenade: Burst Area Affliction 6 (Resisted, Overcome by Fortitude; 1st: Visually and Auditory Impaired, 2nd: Visually and Auditory Disabled, 3rd: Visual and Auditory Unaware, Extra: Burst Area [30 ft radius], Extra Condition); 18 pts
Tear Gas Grenades: Cloud Area Affliction 6 (Resisted by Dodge, Overcome by Fortitude; 1st: Dazed and Visually Impaired, 2nd: Stunned and Visually Disabled, 3rd: Incapacitated, Extra: Cloud Area [15 ft radius], Extra Condition); 1 pt
Batarangs: Ranged Bludgeoning Strength-Based Damage 2; 1 pt
Shuriken: Ranged Multiattack Piercing Damage 1; 1 pt
Smoke Grenade: Ranged Cloud Area Concealment 4 (Visual, Extra: Attack [Resisted by Dodge], Ranged Cloud Area [15 ft radius]); 1 pt
Grapple Gun: Movement 1 (Swinging), Ranged Trip; 1 pt
Mini-Tracer: Feature 1 (Tracking, 2 Mile range); 1 pt
Rebreather: Immunity 2 (Flaw: Limited -20 Rounds of Oxygen) 1 pt
Handcuffs: Feature 1 (Toughness 9, DC20 Sleight of Hand/Technology); 1 pt
Vehicle: (13 pts)
Larkcycle: Size - M, Strength - 1, Speed - 6, Def - 10, Tough - 8, Features - Navigation System, Remote Control, Secret Compartments; 13 pts

Initiative +4
Close Attack +12 [Unarmed +2; Bat-Tons +4]
Ranged Attack +6
Throwing +10 [Batarangs +4; Shuriken +1, Multiattack]
Special Attack [Flash Bang Affliction +6, Burst Area; Tear Gas Grenades +6, Cloud Area; Signal Light +8, Burst Area]

Dodge +11 [DC21] Parry +11 [DC21]
Toughness +5 (+3 without Defensive Roll), Fortitude +6, Will +6

Motivation: Protecting Gotham and finding a cure for his parents.
Relationships: With his parents, Batman and the Bat Family, in particular Gotham Girl.

Abilities 58 + Skills 29 (58 ranks) + Advantages 25 + Powers 8 + Defenses 16 = 136 / 136

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Re: J-Mart: FIGHT! Riptor, BvS Test, Sabrewulf, Kazuya Mishima

Post by danelsan » Fri Aug 25, 2017 5:02 pm

MvC: Infinite looks fun, though current gameplay videos could look better - I'm sure it will look pretty incredible when it is done anyway. Still, I find myself more excited for Dragon Ball Fighterz than MvC.

That both have story modes and that the Dragon Ball one is an original story instead of reliving the already existing one again, is extra good.

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Re: 7 - Batman

Post by Thorpocalypse » Tue Aug 29, 2017 12:01 am

Playing around with some house rules again. I originally had Skill Supremacy as allowing someone to go to +5 instead of +2 when using an HP to improve a skill check, but I started skimming some stuff and I think I can lower some overall PLs by using it to allow someone to go 12 ranks over PL instead of 10. You stay have to pay the cost to increase the skill, plus take the Advantage so I'm not 100% sure it's balanced. Opinions are welcome.
Thorpocalypse wrote:
Tue Nov 15, 2016 10:13 pm
No, Clark, you're missing the point of the question. Why do I keep that giant penny? Or old costumes, models of the Batmobile? Orphans are collectors, Clark. Losing so much... makes it that much harder to give things up. - Batman


OPL: 11; DPL: 11; HP: 1
Real Name: Bruce Wayne
Age: 36
Height: 6-2
Weight: 225
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Race: Human
Identity: Secret
Alignment: Hero
Status: Active
Occupation: Billionaire Philanthropist; Adventurer
Base of Operations: Gotham City, USA
Team Affiliations: Justice League


SKILLS: Acrobatics 9 (+15), Athletics 11 (+15), Close Combat [Unarmed] 2 (+18), Deception 8 (+15), Expertise [Criminology] 10 (+20), Expertise [Science] 5 (+15), Expertise [Streetwise] 5 (+15), Insight 8 (+15) [Assessment], Intimidation 9 (+17/+23) [Skill Mastery, Startle], Investigation 13 (+23) [Contacts, Skill Mastery, Well-Informed], Perception 13 (+20), Persuasion 8 (+15) [Connected], Sleight of Hand 12 (+19) [Conceal Efforts, Hide Tampering], Stealth 14 (+20) [Accelerated Stealth, Hide in Plain Sight, Skill Mastery], Technology 5 (+15) [Inventor], Treatment (+10), Vehicles 5 (+12)

ADVANTAGES: Accelerated Stealth*, Assessment, Beginner's Luck, Benefit (6) (Status – Bat God, Wealth 5 [Billionaire]), Close Attack (2), Conceal Efforts*, Connected, Contacts, Deep Ties* (2) (Obsession, Responsibility), Defensive Attack, Defensive Roll (1), Eidetic Memory, Equipment (27), Evasion (1), Extraordinary Effort, Grabbing Finesse, Hide Tampering*, Improved Critical (1) (Unarmed), Improved Disarm, Improved Initiative (1), Inventor, Jack-of-all-Trades, Languages (3) (Japanese, French, Russian, Spanish, 6 others, Base: English), Leadership, Luck (Inspiration) (1), Move-by Action, Power Attack (1) (Unarmed), Precise Attack (2) (Close, Concealment; Ranged, Concealment), Quick Draw, Ranged Attack (7), Skill Mastery (3) (Intimidation, Investigation, Stealth), Skill Supremacy* (2) (Intimidation, Investigation), Startle, Takedown (1), Tracking, Trance, Ultimate Effort (1) (Ultimate Will), Uncanny Dodge, Well-Informed

The Batsuit: 21 pts Traits, Removable (-4 pts); 17 pts
Kevlar Weave: Protection 2, Immunity 2 (Critical Hits, Flaw: Limited [Ballistics only]); 3 pts
The Cowl: Enhanced Skills 3 (Intimidation 6 ranks), Feature 1 (Batcomputer A.I.), Senses 2 (Low Light Vision, Infravision), Commlink (Communication 3 [Radio, Statewide/Small Nation, Extra: Subtle, Flaw: Limited to Bat Family]); 16 pts
The Cape: Flight 4 (30 mph/500 ft pr, Flaw: Gliding, Uncontrolled); 2 pts

(135 pts)
Grapple Gun: Movement 1 (Swinging), Ranged Trip; 3 pts
Lockpicks: Feature 2 (Tools, Sleight of Hand/Technology), Concealable; 3 pts
Utility Belt: (35 pts)
Bat Gadgets: Variable 1 (5 pts traits; Any tool or skill equipment, Free Action, Quirk [Limited to 2 equipment points or less]); 6 pts
Bat Flash Bang Grenade: Burst Area Affliction 6 (Resisted, Overcome by Fortitude; 1st: Visually and Auditory Impaired, 2nd: Visually and Auditory Disabled, 3rd: Visual and Auditory Unaware, Extra: Burst Area [30 ft radius], Extra Condition); 18 pts
Bat Tear Gas Grenades: Cloud Area Affliction 6 (Resisted by Dodge, Overcome by Fortitude; 1st: Dazed and Visually Impaired, 2nd: Stunned and Visually Disabled, 3rd: Incapacitated, Extra: Cloud Area [15 ft radius], Extra Condition); 1 pt
Batarang: Ranged Strength-Based Damage 2, Ricochet 2, Variable Descriptor (Bludgeoning, Slashing); 1 pt
Exploding Batarangs: Ranged Burst Area Ballistic Damage 6, Extra: Burst Area (30 ft radius), Flaw: Diminished Range (5/10/25), Unreliable (5 uses); 1 pt
Bat Shuriken: Ranged Multiattack Piercing Damage 2; 1 pt
Thermite: Burst Area Damage 9, Extra: Burst Area (30 ft radius), Triggered, Flaw: Unreliable (5 uses); 1 pt
Smoke Pellet: Enhanced Advantage 1 (Hide in Plain Sight); 1 pt
Bolo: Ranged Grabbing 4, Flaw: Diminished Range (10/25/50); 1 pt
Smoke Grenade: Cloud Area Concealment 4 (Visual, Resisted by Dodge; Extra: Attack, Cloud Area [15 ft radius]); 1 pt
Mini-Tracers: Senses 1 (Tracking [Radio], 5 Mile range); 1 pt
Antitoxin: Feature 1 (+5 bonus on resistance checks against toxins); 1 pt
Handcuffs: Feature 1 (Toughness 9, DC20 Sleight of Hand/Technology); 1 pt
Vehicles: (58 pts)
The Batplane: Size - H, Strength - 10, Flight - 11, Def - 8, Tough - 11, Features – Autopilot, Cloaking, Communications 2, Computer, Navigation System 2 [+10], Remote Control, Air-to-Air Missiles: Ranged Burst Area Ballistic Damage 10 (Extra: Burst Area 8 [30 ft radius], Homing 6); 55 pts
The Batmobile: Size - H, Strength - 9, Speed - 6, Def - 6, Tough - 11, Features - Alarm 4 [DC35], Autopilot, Caltrops, Communications 2, Computer, Hidden Compartments 2 [DC25], Impervious Toughness 5, Navigation System 2 [+10], Oil Slick, Remote Control, Smokescreen,; 1 pt
The Batboat: Size - L, Strength - 9, Speed - 6, Def - 6, Tough - 10, Features - Alarm 4 [DC35], Autopilot, Communications, Computer, Hidden Compartments 2 [DC25], Navigation System 2 [+10], Remote Control, Smokescreen, Impervious 5); 1 pt
The Batpod: Size - M, Strength - 2, Speed - 6, Def - 10, Tough - 9, Features - Alarm 4 [DC35], Autopilot, Communications, Computer, Hidden Compartments 2 [DC25], Navigation System 2 [+10], Remote Control, Smokescreen, Impervious 5; 1 pt
Headquarters: (32 pts)
The Batcave/Wayne Manor: Size – H, Tough – 12, Features - Combat Simulator, Communications, Bat Computer 2 [+5 Intelligence Based Skill Checks], Concealed 3 [+20], Defense Systems, Dock, Fire Prevention System, Garage, Grounds, Gym, Hangar, Holding Cells, Infirmary, Laboratory, Library, Living Space, Power System, Secret, Security System 4 [DC35], Workshop; 31 pts

Initiative +10
Close Attack +16
Unarmed +18 [Unarmed +4, Critical 19-20]
Ranged Attack +14 [Batarangs +6; Bat Shuriken +2, Multiattack]
Special Attack [Exploding Batarangs +6, Burst Area; Thermite +9, Burst Area; Bat Flash Bangs Affliction +6, Burst Area; Bat Tear Gas Affliction +6, Cloud Area]

Dodge +14 [DC24] Parry +14 [DC24]
Toughness +8 (+5 without Defensive Roll), Fortitude +8, Will +10 (Ultimate Effort)

Enemy: The Joker, Ra's Al Ghul, Bane, Two-Face, Catwoman (sometimes) and a litany of others.
Flashbacks: Batman is sometimes stunned by traumatic flashbacks to the night his parents were murdered, especially in connection to Crime Alley, where the killings took place.
Obsession: Batman is driven to fight crime by the murder of his parents and the promise he made to rid Gotham of the evil that took their lives.
Relationships: He has strong relationships with Tim Drake-Wayne, Dick Grayson-Wayne, Damian Wayne, Cassandra Cain-Wayne, Alfred Pennyworth, Jason Todd, Commissioner Jim Gordon, Lucius Fox, Barbara Gordon, Zatanna, Superman and Wonder Woman. And sometimes Catwoman.
Responsibility: Batman sees Gotham as "his city" and protects it fiercely.
Rivalry: It’s more from Ollie’s side than his, but he has a bit of a rivalry with Green Arrow. And he and Hal Jordan and Steve Rogers don’t see eye to eye often, either. But there is always respect.
Secret Identity: He has a secret identity of Bruce Wayne that he protects fiercely.

Abilities 120 + Skills 69 (138 ranks) + Advantages 84 + Powers 17 + Defenses 14 = 304 / 304
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Re: 7 - Batman

Post by Ken » Tue Aug 29, 2017 12:06 am

Thorpocalypse wrote:
Tue Aug 29, 2017 12:01 am
to go to basically +12 over PL instead of +12.
After his success co-authoring a murder mystery w/James Patterson, Marvel is now talking to Bill Clinton about doing some comics writing: a revival of Steve Gerber's swamp monster hero. They expect Bill Clinton's 'Man-Thing' will be very popular.

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Re: 7 - Batman

Post by Thorpocalypse » Tue Aug 29, 2017 1:16 am

Ken wrote:
Tue Aug 29, 2017 12:06 am
Thorpocalypse wrote:
Tue Aug 29, 2017 12:01 am
to go to basically +12 over PL instead of +12.
Typo, sorry. I meant to say 12 ranks over PL instead of 10. I thought about just house ruling 12 ranks over PL into my setting, but I thought I would play with this for a bit and see how it goes.

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Re: J-Mart: FIGHT! Riptor, BvS Test, Sabrewulf, Kazuya Mishima

Post by Ken » Tue Aug 29, 2017 7:05 pm

Thank you for the clarification.
After his success co-authoring a murder mystery w/James Patterson, Marvel is now talking to Bill Clinton about doing some comics writing: a revival of Steve Gerber's swamp monster hero. They expect Bill Clinton's 'Man-Thing' will be very popular.

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295 - Vega

Post by Thorpocalypse » Wed Aug 30, 2017 11:37 pm

Our last Fighting Game build (for a little while, anyway ;) ) is getting stocked on Aisle 9 as a part of our Street Fighter line!

Victory is beautiful... and so am I. - Vega


OPL: 10; DPL: 10; HP: 2
Real Name: Unknown
Age: 32
Height: 6-1
Weight: 185
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Race: Human
Identity: Secret
Alignment: Neutral
Status: Active
Occupation: Mercenary; Warrior
Base of Operations: Mobile
Team Affiliations: Shadaloo


SKILLS: Acrobatics 9 (+16) [Accelerated Acrobatics*, Agile Feint, Up the Wall], Athletics 7 (+10), Deception 7 (+10/+12) [Attractive, Taunt], Expertise [Bullfighter] 8 (+10), Insight 4 (+7), Intimidation (+3), Perception (+3), Persuasion 2 (+5/+7) [Attractive], Sleight of Hand 4 (+9), Stealth 6 (+13)

ADVANTAGES: Accelerated Acrobatics*, Agile Feint, Attractive (1), Close Attack (2), Defensive Attack, Defensive Roll (4), Equipment (1), Evasion (2), Fearless, Grabbing Finesse, Improved Defense, Improved Initiative (1), Instant Up, Languages (1) (English, Japanese, Base: Spanish), Move-by Action, Power Attack (3) (Claw, Spinning Claw Frenzy, Unarmed), Quick Draw, Ranged Attack (2), Takedown (2), Taunt, Up the Wall*

Beautiful Moves: Leaping 1 (15 ft), Movement 1 (Wall-crawling); 3 pts
Spinning Claw Frenzy: Multiattack Slashing Strength-based Damage 1 (Flaw: Unreliable [5 uses]); 1 pt

(5 pts)
Claw: Slashing Strength-Based Damage 1, Dangerous; 2 pts

Initiative +11
Close Attack +16 [Unarmed +3; Claw +4, Critical 19-20; Spinning Claw Frenzy +5, Critical 19-20, Multiattack
Ranged Attack +7

Dodge +14 [DC24] Parry +14 [DC24]
Toughness +6 (+3 without Defensive Roll), Fortitude +6, Will +6

Arrogance: Vega loves him some Vega and has ultimate belief in his superiority over others.
Honor: Vega honors beauty over all things and will do his best not to harm or to save the things he finds beautiful.
Mental Instability: The murder of Vega's beautiful mother by his "ugly" stepfather caused him great trauma, juxtaposing his cultured and vain side, with that of a sadistic, bloodthirsty killer.
Obsession: He values beauty overall things and loathes ugliness in all its forms and he is driven to eradicate it.

Abilities 80 + Skills 23 (46 ranks) + Advantages 30 + Powers 4 + Defenses 13 = 150 / 150

Build Comments: I never saw Vega until Street Fighter X Tekken and now I am a fan. He is fast as hell and his blade combos were really hard to block, at least I thought. Reading up on him for the build, I’ve become an even bigger fan since narcissists are great characters to root against.

Secret Origins: Vega was born to a privileged noble family in Spain. For reasons undisclosed, their status dwindled, causing Vega's mother to remarry for financial security. As he matured, Vega studied bullfighting, a cultural tradition. Afterward, he went to Japan and learned ninjutsu, a style he believed meshed well with his natural grace and agility. Combining bullfighting with ninjutsu, Vega went into an underground cage fighting circuit, and quickly became one of the best.

His ugly stepfather murdered his beautiful mother because he felt she did not respect him, and Vega killed him in return. The incident warped his mind, and he developed a dual personality: honorable nobleman by day, sadistic murderer by night. It also triggered Vega's obsession with beauty as a wonderful trait, as well as his belief that ugliness is something evil that should be purged.

The Story so Far: Vega oversaw assassination operations for Shadaloo, and was associated with Cammy and the Shadaloo assassins known as the Dolls. When Cammy went rogue however, Vega was assigned to bring her in and although he failed in that mission, Cammy brought herself in and defeated M. Bison, freeing herself and the other Dolls from Bison's brainwashing. When the strain of undoing the brainwashing (as well as a dead-man's trigger in the brainwashing which was meant to kill them if they betrayed Bison) caused Cammy and the other Dolls to collapse, Vega saved them from the burning Shadaloo base because he didn't believe that anything as beautiful as them should die.

Vega then participated in the second World Warrior tournament at the behest of Bison. However, when Bison was seemingly killed by an unknown assailant, Vega disappeared back into his old lifestyle.

It is unknown what Vega was doing since the fall of Shadaloo, although it's assumed he still continued his murderous rampages. He was also rumored to have returned to bullfighting. No one knew for sure, and some even believed that he was dead. He has survived however, and returned, being re-recruited by Shadaloo through a subsidiary division called S.I.N.; an offer he quickly accepted. He does so, however, for two reasons.

First, he had grown tiresome of the aristocratic lifestyle, finding money and power to be an ugly combination. Second, although he found the new head of the organization, Seth, repugnant and ugly as well, he was intrigued at the idea of creating new bodies for oneself so as to be eternally young (despite the mold being broken with Vega himself). He returned to his job as a Shadaloo assassin; however, at S.I.N. HQ, while Seth was distracted by several assailants (not least of whom was a newly resurrected Bison), Vega stole valuable data on the project, and when Chun-Li did the same thing, he attempted to kill her by setting off the fire alarm, which released a toxic, fire-retardant spray. He escaped in a helicopter from the exploding base and noticed Chun-Li being rescued from the base along with her copy of the data. Mildly displeased that he did not have the only copy, he resolved to correct the situation later.

Characterization: Vega's character is summed up very easily. His the epitome of the Narcissist. He’s often depicted as a long-haired, effeminate self-lover. He is vain and convinced of his own abilities, almost to the point of megalomania, though this is perhaps justified, as he is shown to be a highly skilled fighter. He can be incredibly sadistic - sometimes to the point of being a bloodthirsty monster - and takes great pleasure in seeing the ugly murdered through his own doing. He often has a stone-cold demeanor and appears to be mysterious with his emotions.

Vega's unbridled and solipsistic ego is shown even in his taste in interior decor, as his mansion is decorated with portraits, all of him. Despite his vain personality, Vega's mannerisms will at times show to be elegant and gentlemanly, likely because of his noble background. He has also been described as intelligent and sophisticated. Additionally, he is also attracted to and impressed by the beauty and strength of young women, notably Chun-Li and Cammy.

He also harbors a tragic side. The family trauma he experienced molded his fragile mind to perceive physical unattractiveness not only as replusive, but also as a threat. With his mother murdered at the hands of an ugly man, ugliness came to represent evil and cowardice, while beauty represented heroism and strength.

Friends and Foes: Vega’s greatest relationships is with Vega himself and remains loyal to Shadaloo up the point that it interferes with his own interests.
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296 - Mister Fantastic

Post by Thorpocalypse » Wed Aug 30, 2017 11:55 pm

We've got FANTASTIC SPECIAL starting on Aisle 2 as we get ready to drop a Four pack of top sellers!

The Fantastic Four has never given up hope before ... We're not stopping now. If there's a way out of this, so help me - - I'll find it. - Mister Fantastic


OPL: 6; SPL: 12; DPL: 10; FWPL: 10; HP: 1
Real Name: Reed Richards
Age: 35
Height: 6-1 (Variable)
Weight: 180
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown/White
Skin: Fair
Race: Human Mutate
Identity: Public
Alignment: Hero
Status: Active
Occupation: Adventurer
Base of Operations: New York, NY, USA
Team Affiliations: Fantastic Four; JLAXI


SKILLS: Athletics 4 (+5), Close Combat [Unarmed] 6 (+10), Deception (+2), Expertise [Science] 10 (+22) [Skill Mastery, Skill Supremacy, Ultimate Effort], Insight (+5), Intimidation (+2), Investigation 3 (+15) [Well-Informed], Perception 5 (+10), Persuasion 6 (+8) [Connected], Stealth (+3), Technology 10 (+22) [Inventor, Skill Mastery], Treatment 1 (+13), Vehicles 5 (+8)

ADVANTAGES: Benefit (2) (Wealth 2 [Independently Wealthy]), Connected, Eidetic Memory, Equipment (6), Inventor, Leadership, Luck (Inspiration) (1), Skill Mastery (2) (Expertise [Science], Technology), Skill Supremacy (1) (Expertise [Science]), Teamwork, Ultimate Effort (1) (Expertise [Science]), Well-Informed

Stretching the Mind: Enhanced Intelligence 1, Enhanced Will 4 (Flaw: Limited to Mental Effects), Quickness 4 (Flaw: Limited [Mental only]); 6 pts
Elasticity: Elongation 8 (1800 ft), Protection 10, Impervious Toughness 11 (Flaw: Limited [Physical damage only]), Variable 4 (20 pts traits; Flaw: Physical traits and enhancements of physical traits only, Quirk: Limited to same color); 47 pts

(30 pts)
Fantastic Four Costume: Features 3 (Stretches, Monitors vital signs, PDA), Senses 1 (Communication Link [Fantastic Four]); 4 pts
Vehicle: (20 pts [5 pts from each of the FF])
The Fantasticar: Size - L, Str - 7, Flight - 6, Def - 8, Tough - 8, Features - Remote Control; 20 pts
Headquarters: (18 pts)
The Baxter Building II: Size - L, Tough - 12, Features - Communications, Computer, Defense System, Fire Prevention System, Gym, Hangar, Infirmary, Laboratory, Library, Living Space, Power System, Security System, Workshop; 17 pts

Initiative +3
Close Attack +4
Unarmed +10 [Unarmed +1]
Ranged Attack +3

Dodge +8 [DC18] Parry +8 [DC18]
Toughness +12 (+6 Impervious against physical damage), Fortitude +6, Will +7 (+11 against Mental Effects)

Absent Minded: Reed gets really focused on his work and can forget about the other things in his life, like his wife and kids or whether his ideas should really be brought to fruition
Enemy: Dr. Doom, Super Skrull, Annihilus, Red Ghost and others
Fame: The FF are known the world over and never hid their secret identities
Relationships: Sue and his children, Valeria and Franklin; Ben Grimm and Johnny Storm

Abilities 62 + Skills 25 (50 ranks) + Advantages 19 + Powers 53 + Defenses 15 = 174 / 174

Build Comments: Good old Reed Richards. He’s always the man in the Marvel U for inventions, so I figure he should have that +22 rank in Science and Tech. It's funny, I didn't realize how much I like Reed until they kinda quit using him after Secret Wars. He, and the FF are such mainstays in the Marvel U, it seems weird to see so much going on without them. They better f'n bring them back soon, even if they don't have their own book anymore, the FF needs to be that center that the Marvel U orbits.

Secret Origins: Born in Central City, California, Reed is the son of Evelyn and Nathaniel Richards. Nathaniel was a scientific genius, and Reed inherited a similar level of intellect and interests. A child prodigy with special aptitude in mathematics, physics, and mechanics, Reed Richards had enrolled in college by the time he was 14, attending such prestigious universities as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, California Institute of Technology, Harvard University, Columbia University, and Empire State University. By the age of 20, he had several degrees in the sciences under his belt.

It was at State that he met Benjamin J. Grimm. Reed had already begun designing a starship capable of traveling in hyperspace. Sharing his plans with his new roommate, Grimm jokingly volunteered to pilot the craft.

When 19-year old Reed continued his education by attending Columbia University in Manhattan, he rented a room in a boarding house owned by the aunt of a young girl named Susan Storm. To his embarrassment, the girl, who was 13, instantly fell in love with him. Even though Reed had to move on, she continued to carry a torch for Richards. Also while at Columbia, he met a brilliant fellow student, Victor Von Doom. In Richards, Doom met the first person who could match him intellectually; regarding Richards as his ultimate rival, Doom became increasingly jealous of Richards. Determined to prove he was better, Doom conducted reckless experiments which eventually scarred his face and would lead him to become Doctor Doom.

Moving on to Harvard, Reed earned Ph.D.s in Physics and Electrical Engineering while working as a military scientist, all this by the age of 22. Three years later, in his mid-20s, Reed used his inheritance, along with government funding, to finance his research. Determined to go to Mars and beyond, Richards based the fateful project in Central City. Susan Storm, now a young adult, moved into the area, and within a short time, found herself engaged to Reed. Due to her family's lucrative savings and involvement in charitable foundations, she provided more funding when his money ran out. Likewise, Reed's old college roommate, Ben Grimm, now a successful test pilot and astronaut, was indeed slated to pilot the craft.

All seemed well; however, when the government threatened to cut funding and cancel the project, Reed, Ben, Sue, and Sue's younger brother Johnny, agreed to sneak aboard the starship and take it up immediately. They knew they had not completed all the testing that had been planned, but Reed was confident they would be safe. Ben was initially skeptical about the unknown effects of radiation, while Reed theorized that their ship's shielding would be adequate to protect them.

It was on Reed's initiative that the fateful mission which had Susan Storm, Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm accompanying him into space took place. When their ship passed through the Van Allen belt they found their cockpit bombarded with nearly lethal doses of cosmic radiation. Reed had neglected to account for the abnormal radiation levels in the belt's atmosphere. The cosmic rays wreaked havoc on the starship's insufficient shielding and they were forced to return to Earth immediately. When they crash-landed they found that their bodies were changed dramatically. Reed's body was elastic and he could reshape any portion of his body at will. Susan Storm gained the ability to become invisible and eventually learned she could make other people and objects invisible and create objects of invisible force. Johnny burst into flame and soon realized he could fly. Ben got angry with and aggressive towards Reed which triggered a radical physical tranformation causing Ben to suddenly changed into a monstrous "thing." At his suggestion, they decided to use their new abilities to serve mankind as the Fantastic Four. Reed was chosen to lead the group, under the name "Mr. Fantastic".

He later told his daughter, by way of a bedtime story, that the reason he suggested they become adventurers and gave them such outlandish costumes and names as "Mister Fantastic" and "The Thing" was that he knew they would likely be hated and feared for their powers without such an over-the-top public image.

The Story so Far: The early career of the Fantastic Four led Mister Fantastic to a number of discoveries, and had their first encounters with many unusual characters. In the team's first appearance, they battled the Mole Man. They then battled the Skrulls. Soon after that, the team encountered the Sub-Mariner. They then had the first of many battles with Doctor Doom.

As the team leader, Mr. Fantastic created numerous exotic devices and vehicles for the team to use such as clothing made of 'unstable molecules' so that it can be used with their powers safely. Furthermore, he often leads the team into daring expeditions such as into the Negative Zone in addition to opposing evil. Also, he has felt personally responsible for Ben Grimm's grotesque change and has labored off and on to reverse it permanently.

Under his guidance, the team went on to become Earth's most celebrated band of heroes. Together, they would save the world countless times. Ever driven by his quest for knowledge, Reed is believed by most to be the Earth's foremost intelligence. There is little he cannot create, fix, or understand given time. The patents and royalties on his inventions alone have funded the group over the years.

However, there are drawbacks to his association with the team. Chief among them is the team's violent encounters with Doctor Doom, who believes that Reed was responsible for the accident that scarred him. Doom has never forgiven Reed and has sworn revenge. Doom has even gone as far as transforming Reed into a monstrous freak, attacking Reed's children and attempting to seduce Sue.

After many adventures as the Fantastic Four, Reed married Sue.[11] Not long after that, the team encountered the Inhumans for the first time. They next encountered Galactus and the Silver Surfer. Reed then opened a portal to the Negative Zone for the first time. Before long Reed and Sue had a baby, young Franklin Richards; the team battled Annihilus right before Franklin's birth. Franklin was a mutant with incredible powers, but, due to the cosmic ray alteration to his parents' DNA, they manifested while he was still very young. Franklin appears to have power that can rival a member of the Celestials; the power of a living god in the body of a small child. The couple briefly separated, and Reed further alienated Sue by shutting down Franklin's mind in order to prevent his power from causing global catastrophe; Sue Storm initiated divorce proceedings but the two were reconciled soon after.

After many other adventures, the FF were confronted by a being called Onslaught. Onslaught took control of an army of Sentinels and invaded New York City, hunting down every mutant being he could find. Onslaught wished to add the abilities of the godlike Franklin Richards to his own. Only through the apparent sacrifice of the Fantastic Four's own lives and that of many of the heroes in the was Onslaught finally vanquished. The heroes would have died then and there if not for Franklin, who created an alternate reality for them to reside in. Completely oblivious to what had taken place, Reed and his compatriots relived most of their lives. In their absence the Fantastic Four's headquarters, Four Freedoms Plaza, was annihilated by a super villain group called the Masters of Evil, posing as heroes, The Thunderbolts. One year later, Franklin returned with his family along with the other heroes from the parallel reality. Reed was overjoyed to see his son again, but he and the rest of the FF found themselves without a home, moving into Reed's storage warehouse on Pier 4, overlooking the East River. Making this their home, the Fantastic Four continued with their lives, eventually managing to move back into the Baxter Building.

It has emerged that Reed is one of the members of the "Illuminati", unknown to his wife. He is also in possession of the "Power" gem of the Infinity Gauntlet.

During the superhero Civil War, Reed Richards is one of the leading figures, along with Iron Man, on the side which is in favor of the Superhuman Registration Act. He speculates that this will lead to conflict with his wife, which came true. Soon after, Sue left Reed, along with Johnny, to join the Secret Avengers in hopes that it would drive Reed to end the conflict quickly.

At one point, Peter Parker demands to see the conditions inside the detention facility designed by Reed to hold unregistered superhumans. After being escorted to and from the prison by Iron Man, Parker returns with more doubts than ever about whether he is on the right side and asks Reed why he supports the Superhuman Registration Act, a question Reed answers by telling him a convoluted story about his paternal uncle, Ted. However, he later revealed that the real reason for supporting the registration act is due to his development of a working version of Isaac Asimov's fictional psychohistory concept. His application of this science indicates to him that billions will die in escalating conflicts without the presence of the act. In the final battle of the war, he is shot by Taskmaster, saving Sue Storm's life. With Reed on the brink of death, a furious Susan strikes Taskmaster with a telekinetic field. Reed survives, however, and Sue returns to him in the aftermath of the battle, having been granted amnesty. Seeking to repair the damage done to their marriage as a result of the war, Sue and Reed take time off from the Fantastic Four, but ask Storm and the Black Panther to take their places in the meantime.

He played key roles in World War Hulk, the Secret Invasion and Dark Reign. Tragedy strikes the team when Johnny is apparently killed in the Negative Zone. As the Fantastic Four recover from Johnny's apparent death, Mister Fantastic grows disillusioned at how scientists see science and its applications. Therefore, he creates a new team, the Future Foundation, to help create a better future for mankind. However, the team's initial tasks are complicated when they are forced to deal with the 'Council of Reeds', a group of alternate versions of Reed Richards who lack his morality or family that became trapped in the FF's reality after an accident with Reed's dimensional portal.

Characterization: Reed Richards' strength comes more from the powers of his mind than the powers of his body; indeed, he once told Spider-Man that he considers his stretching powers to be expendable compared to his intellect. He is generally considered as the most intelligent human in the world, rivaled only by Lex Luthor. A visionary theoretician and an inspired machine smith, he has made breakthroughs in such varied fields as space travel, time travel, extra-dimensional travel, biochemistry, robotics, computers, synthetic polymers, communications, mutations, transportation, holography, energy generation, spectral analysis and more.

However, he is never afraid to admit when others have greater expertise in certain fields than him, such as recognizing that Doctor Octopus possesses greater knowledge of radiation, that Hank Pym is a superior biochemist, or that Spider-Man can think of a problem from a biology perspective where he would be unable to do so, since his expertise is in physics. Richards has earned Ph.D.s in Mathematics, Physics, and Engineering. His patents are so valuable that he is able to bankroll the Fantastic Four, Inc., without any undue financial stress. Mind control is rarely effective on him and when it does work, it wears off sooner than it would a normal person, due to what he describes as an "elastic consciousness"

Friends and Foes: He is closest to his wife Sue and children, Valeria and Franklin, as well as his best friend Ben Grimm and his brother-in-law, Johnny Storm. He is one of the most respected members of the superhero community and the go-to guy for scientific problems and inventions in the superhero world.

His greatest foe is Doctor Doom who bears a long and bitter grudge against him that grows with every defeat.
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