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Jabroniville wrote:
Fri Nov 10, 2017 2:25 am
Is it just a little too much "I was on drugs while writing this", or too rape-y? Modern Moore is an odd thing.
Its more like its classic moore in that hes one of those writers who despite his brilliance seems bound and determined to utterly annihilate the genre that's made him successful.

V is not the revolutionary anti hero he is in the movie, in the comics hes nearly a purile anarchist, his torment of Evey isn't done to make her less afraid he but is movtivated by a more sadistic bend not so much that he enjoys it but its clear hes not doing it for her well being. kind of a the world sucks sweetheart so put on your big girl pants and enjoy the ride.

The movies V is very philosophical and while hurt by his past trauma and driven by vengeance, still has enough humanity to basically nearly throw out the years long plan hes been working on for evies sake. He goes through with it though for her leaving her with the final decision to throw the switch because he knows that a real person needs to do so not a personification like he reperesents.

the comics themes are very much Anarchy in the UK god and the devil walk hand in hand and their doing the tango in government and it gets worse from there.

Moore himself was adamantly against the movies portrayal of V as it was claiming it was an insult to his work. the movie was mostly anti fascist themes beware of people wrapped in flags and carrying crosses that sort of thing, while the graphic novel was it basically it all sucks burn baby burn.
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304 - The Abomination

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We've got a GREEN LIGHT SPECIAL for Aisle 2 as we add to our Villains Line!

You are beneath me, She-Hulk! You are all beneath me! For as long as your cousin is away... the Abomination is the strongest one there is! - The Abomination


OPL: 12; SPL: 8; DPL: 12; FWPL: 10; HP: 1
Real Name: Emil Blonsky
Age: 35
Height: 5-10 (7-2 as Abomination)
Weight: 180 (980 as Abomination)
Eyes: Blue (Green as Abomination)
Hair: Blonde (None as Abomination)
Skin: Fair (Green as Abomination)
Race: Human Mutate
Identity: Secret
Alignment: Villain
Status: Active
Occupation: KGB Agent; Criminal
Base of Operations: Mobile
Team Affiliations: KGB


SKILLS: Athletics 2 (+18), Deception 3 (+5), Expertise [Physical Sciences] 2 (+5), Expertise [Spy] 4 (+7), Insight (+2), Intimidation 9 (+11/+13) [Startle], Investigation 2 (+5), Perception 3 (+5), Persuasion (+2), Stealth 5 (+7/+3), Technology 2 (+5)

ADVANTAGES: All-Out Attack, Chokehold, Diehard, Fast Grab, Favored Foe (Hulks), Great Endurance, Improved Grab, Languages (1) (English, 1 other, Base: Russian), Power Attack (1) (Unarmed), Ranged Attack (5), Startle, Trance

Abomination Size: Growth 4 (+4 Str, +4 Sta, -2 Dodge/Parry, -4 Stealth, +2 Intimidation, Speed +0, +4 Mass, Reach [5 ft]; Extra: Innate, Permanent); 9 pts
Scaly Hide: Protection 2, Impervious Toughness 15; 17 pts
Abomination Physiology: Immunity 7 (Suffocation [Drowning], All Environmental Conditions), Regeneration 2 (1/every 5 rounds); 9 pts
Super Strength: Enhanced Strength 5 (50,000 Tons; Flaw: Limited to Lifting); 5 pts
Powerful Legs: Leaping 11 (2 Miles), Swimming 4 (8 mph/120 fpr), Speed 2 (8 mph/fpr); 17 pts
Powerhouse Array: Alternate Effects of Strength Damage; 3 pts
Thunderclap: Cone Area Move Object 12 (Extra: Cone Area [60 ft cone], Flaw: Range [Close], Limited Direction [away]); 1 pt
Groundstomp: Burst Area Affliction 12 (Resisted by Dodge, Overcome by Fortitude; 1st: Dazed and Vulnerable, 2nd: Stunned and Prone, Extras: Burst Area [30 ft], Extra Condition, Flaws: Limited to two degrees, Instant Recovery, Limited [Abomination must be on the ground, targets must be on the ground]); 1 pt
Groundstrike: Line Area Force Damage 12 (Extras: Line Area x2 [60 ft line], Flaws: Distracting, Limited [Abomination must be on the ground, targets must be on the ground]); 1 pt


Initiative +2
Close Attack +8 [Unarmed +16]
Ranged Attack +5
Special Attack [Groundstrike +12, Line Area; Thunderclap Move Object +12, Cone Area; Groundstomp Affliction +12, Burst Area]

Dodge +7 [DC17] Parry +8 [DC18]
Toughness +16 (+8 Impervious), Fortitude +14, Will +6

Enemy: The Hulk(s).
Monstrous Appearance: His monstrous appearance is an issue in dealing with people and he longs to return to his Emil Blonsky form.

Abilities 78 + Skills 15 (30 ranks) + Advantages 16 + Powers 60 + Defenses 13 = 182 / 182

Build Comments: Abomination has always a great arch for Banner even if he is just the mirror image trope.

Secret Origins: Emil Blonsky first appeared in the title Tales to Astonish, and is introduced as a KGB agent and spy who became the Abomination after deliberately exposing himself to a greater quantity of the same gamma radiation that transformed Bruce Banner into his alter ego the Hulk, using a machine Banner was planning on using to commit suicide. In his first appearance, Blonsky became a large scaly humanoid with twice the strength of the Hulk.

The Story so Far: Blonsky has battled The Hulk many times and generally fails to defeat him. Blonsky is also known for hiring himself to take on other powerhouses.

Characterization: Monster for hire.

Friends and Foes: Blonsky has a deep hatred for Bruce Banner and the Hulk and would like nothing better than to be the one to end their existence.
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305 - The Red Hulk

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Now we have a RED LIGHT SPECIAL getting stocked on Aisle 2 as we stay angry here at J-Mart!

No, I figured this out before I ever changed. But now I really get it. Hulk is every part of yourself you don't let out. The ugly truth any decent human tries to hide. I'm a soldier. Was. My whole career was about acknowledging that side and letting it do what only it could. To survive. To kill. - The Red Hulk


OPL: 13; SPL: 11; DPL: 13; FWPL: 11; HP: 1
Real Name: Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross
Age: 56
Height: 6-1 (8-0 as Red Hulk)
Weight: 245 (1200 as Red Hulk)
Eyes: Blue (Yellow as Red Hulk)
Hair: White (Black as Red Hulk)
Skin: Fair (Red as Red Hulk)
Race: Human Mutate
Identity: Secret
Alignment: Neutral
Status: Active
Occupation: Soldier; Adventurer
Base of Operations: Washington, DC, USA
Team Affiliations: The Avengers; The Thunderbolts; US Army


SKILLS: Athletics 4 (+21), Deception 8 (+10), Expertise [Military] 12 (+14), Insight 5 (+8) [Assessment], Intimidation 12 (+14/+16) Startle], Investigation 4 (+6), Perception 3 (+6), Persuasion 3 (+5), Ranged Combat [Guns] 3 (+10), Stealth (+1/-3), Technology 3 (+5), Vehicles 3 (+6)

ADVANTAGES: All-Out Attack, Assessment, Chokehold, Diehard, Favored Foe (The Hulk), Great Endurance, Leadership, Lionheart*, Power Attack (1) (Unarmed), Ranged Attack (4), Startle, Takedown (1)

Rulk Size: Growth 4 (+4 Str, +4 Sta, -2 Dodge/Parry, -4 Stealth, +2 Intimidation, Speed +0, +4 Mass, Reach [5 ft]; Extra: Innate, Permanent); 9 pts
Healing Factor: Immunity 14 (Aging, Disease, Poisons [Limited], Need to Sleep, Thirst, Pressure, Heat, Cold, Suffocation 2, Radiation Effects), Enhanced Advantages 2 (Diehard, Great Endurance), Regeneration 5 (1/every other round, Extra: Persistent); 26 pts
Super-Strength!: Enhanced Strength 7 (400,000 Tons, Flaw: Limited to Lifting); 7 pts
Rulk Hide: Protection 4, Impervious Toughness 15 (Flaw: Limited [Ballistics/Bludgeoning only]); 12 pts
Incredible Leg Strength: Leaping 15 (30 miles), Speed 5 (60 mph/900 fpr); 20 pts
Incredible Senses: Senses 2 (Normal Vision [Counters Concealment]); 2 pts
Finger Flick: Subtle 1 on Strength Damage; 1 pt
Makeshift Handholds: Movement 1 (Wall-Crawling, Flaw: Limited to surfaces with material Toughness less than Strength modifier); 1 pt
Super Strength Stunts: Alternate Effect Array of Strength; 4 pts
Groundstrike: Line Area Force Damage 13 (Extras: Line Area x2 [60 ft line], Flaws: Distracting, Limited [Rulk must be on the ground, targets must be on the ground]); 1 pt
Shockwave: Burst Area Affliction 13 (Resisted by Dodge, Overcome by Fortitude; 1st: Dazed and Vulnerable, 2nd: Stunned and Prone, Extra: Burst Area [30 ft radius], Extra Condition, Flaw: Limited to two degrees, Limited [Rulk must be on the ground, targets must be on the ground]); 1 pt
Sonic Slam: Cone Area Affliction 13 (Resisted by Dodge, Overcome by Fortitude; 1st: Dazed and Vulnerable, 2nd: Stunned and Prone, Extra: Cone Area [60 ft cone], Extra Condition, Flaw: Distracting, Limited to two degrees); 1 pt
Thunderclap: Burst Area Affliction 13 (Resisted/Overcome by Fortitude; 1st: Dazed and Vulnerable, 2nd: Defenseless and Stunned, Extra: Burst Area [30 ft radius],Extra Condition, Flaw: Distracting, Limited to two degrees); 1 pt
The Madder He Gets, The Hotter He Gets: Burst Area Cumulative Affliction 12 (Resisted by Fortitude; 1st: Fatigued, 2nd: Exhausted, 3rd: Incapacitated, Extra: Burst Area [30 ft radius], Flaw: Uncontrolled, Fades); 12 pts
Radiation Absorption: Immunity 10 (Radiation Effects); 10 pts


Initiative +1
Close Attack +9 [Unarmed +17]
Ranged Attack +6
Firearms +10
Special Attacks [Sonic Slam Affliction +13, Cone Area; Groundstrike +13, Line Area; Shockwave Affliction +13, Burst Area; Thunderclap +13, Burst Area]

Dodge +7 [DC17] Parry +8 [DC18]
Toughness +18 (+8 Impervious against Ballistics/Bludgeoning), Fortitude +14, Will +8

Hatred: Most of the time, it’s The Hulk.
Power Loss: In his normal form, or if his powers are moved, his stats drop to STR 2, STA 2, FGT 6.
Relationships: He is very protective of his daughter, Betty Ross-Banner, despite their many issues.
Responsibility: He feels it is his responsibility to protect America and destroy The Hulk.
Secret Identity: Very few people know he is really Thunderbolt Ross.
Temper: Thanks to influx of gamma radiation, he can lose his already considerable temper more easily.
Vulnerable: When he gets mad, his radiation aura increases and if he stays hot for more than 3 rounds, he becomes tired and impaired then exhausted and disabled in the 5th round.
Weakness: Absorbing Negative Zone radiation imposes the exhausted condition on him.

Abilities 86 + Skills 30 (60 ranks) + Advantages 13 + Powers 102 + Defenses 14 = 245 / 245

Build Comments: Even though the Red Hulk reveal was a bit of a letdown, seeing as how it was exactly who I thought it was, I dig old Rulky. At least Ross has some decent motivation for hating the Hulk and wanting to have the power he has. Plus, I always liked Ross as a pain in the ass villain.

In my setting, he is secretly working for someone in a high place, making sure that Rogers' turn as top cop doesn't go smoothly enough for it to be a long term situation.

Secret Origins: Born and raised in a military family, the young Thaddeus Ross spent much of his early life planning to join the Army, as had his father and his grandfather before him. However, the death of a close friend caused Ross to choose the Air Force instead. He attended West Point and came top of his class, and served bravely in several battles. He met and married Karen Lee, the daughter of his then-commanding officer. The couple had one daughter, Betty, and Ross used his influence to give the child a stable upbringing. However, Karen died of cancer when Betty was young teen, which caused Ross to grow distant with her. He rose quickly through the ranks, eventually obtaining the rank of general. He was assigned to command Desert Base, New Mexico, where Dr Bruce Banner's gamma ray experiments were carried out. He was in control of the base when the accident that caused Banner to become the Hulk occurred.

The Story so Far: Ross dedicated his life to bringing The Hulk and Bruce Banner to justice. For years, Ross and his forces fought The Hulk but could never gain a significant victory. He used every resource he could, including alliances with supervillains like Doctor Doom and The Leader, to achieve his goal, but he could never kill The Hulk. Eventually, he seemingly retired.

After the events of World War Hulk,, a new very aggressive Hulk with red skin began to appear. The Red Hulk murdered several Wendigoes and longtime Hulk foe The Abomination. He attacked and destroyed a S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier and beat She-Hulk severely. He rampaged across the country, defeating several heroes including A-Bomb, Green Lantern, Apollo and Midnighter, Thor and eventually The Hulk. But after causing an earthquake in San Francisco, he was finally defeated by the combined efforts of the Hulk and Thor.

It is later revealed that the Red Hulk was created as part of a Super Soldier program by persons including Doc Samson and the criminal think tank Intelligencia, headed by the Hulk foe MODOK. He also is responsible for the death of Thunderbolt Ross at the behest of Bruce Banner, with whom he has formed an alliance since the Intelligencia had figured out how to rob Bruce of his ability to transform into The Hulk, seemingly permamently.

However, it turned out that Red Hulk is Thunderbolt Ross himself, the Red She-Hulk his daughter Betty, and that the Ross who was "killed" was a Life Model Decoy used to convince the world that he had died. Red Hulk then thwarted the Intelligencia's plan to take over the United States with a Life Model Decoy of Glenn Talbot by destroying the Talbot LMD, and attempted to take over the country himself. He was thwarted by a restored Hulk, in possession of Banner's intelligence, who beats Red Hulk. Hulk tells Red Hulk that it was his idea to fake Ross's death and that he can never again resume that identity. After imprisoning Red Hulk in the Gamma Base, Banner made arrangements with Captain Steve Rogers for Red Hulk to join the Avengers.

Red Hulk has been a regular member of the team since, but also is currently working for an unknown person to keep the superheroic community in check.

Characterization: Ross is a brilliant military mind and above all is loyal to his country. When he is Red Hulk form, he is a bit more volatile than in his normal form, but then again, you don’t get a name like Thunderbolt by being mild mannered.

Friends and Foes: Rulk will seemingly always bear hid grudge against Bruce Banner and The Hulk, but they have reached a détente for the moment. He is friends with General Sam Lane, one of the few people to know his true identity and has assisted him with his vendetta against Superman from time to time.

He and his daughter Betty have a complicated relationship. His detachment from her in her youth and his hatred of Bruce drove a wedge between them for years, but from time to time, he shows his true feelings for her. They are estranged at the moment as Betty tries to find her own way as the Red She-Hulk but they are civil terms at least.
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Re: J-Mart: V, Weapon H

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Gilliam wrote:
Fri Nov 10, 2017 8:49 am
So Weapon H makes just how many characters in Marvel with an adamantium skeleton?
Adamantium...an element so rare only 40-50 characters have ready access to it! :lol:

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306 - The Superior Octopus

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We're going to add few new items to our Spidey-Verse line! And we're going to start some with new additions to our Villains Line! Check this SUPERIOR SPECIAL out on Aisle 2!

Otto Octavious...The Superior Octopus! - Doctor Octopus


OPL: 11; SPL: 9; DPL: 11; FWPL: HP: 1
Real Name: Otto Octavious
Age: 53
Height: 5-10
Weight: 175
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Brown
Skin: Fair
Race: Human Mutate Clone
Identity: Secret
Alignment: Villain
Status: Active
Occupation: Criminal
Base of Operations: New York, NY, USA
Team Affiliations: The Sinister Six; HYDRA

SKILLS: Acrobatics 0 (+10/+16), Athletics 4 (+13/+14/+17/+18), lose Combat [Unarmed] (+8/+10/+12), Deception 7 (+10), Expertise [Criminal] 1 (+10), Expertise [Radiation] 10 (+19), Expertise [Science] 7 (+16), Insight (+2), Intimidation 7 (+10), Perception 3 (+5/+13), Persuasion (+3), Ranged Combat [Throwing] (+7/+9), Ranged Combat [Web Shooters] 4 (+11), Stealth (+10), Technology 7 (+16) [Inventor], Treatment 2 (+11)

ADVANTAGES: Accelerated Climb*, Benefit [Ambidexterity], Chokehold, Defensive Roll (2), Defensive Strike*, Evasion (2), Fast Grab, Favored Foe (Spider-Man), Fighting Climb*, Improved Defense Improved Grab, Instant Up, Inventor, Move-by Action, Power Attack (2) (Tentacle Strike, Unarmed), Ranged Attack (2), Redirect, Weapon Bind, Weapon Break

Octopus-Senses: Enhanced Advantages 9 (Defensive Strike*, Evasion 2, Fighting Climb*, Improved Defense, Move-by Action, Ranged Attack 2, Redirect), Enhanced Skills 4 (Acrobatics 6 ranks, Close Combat [Unarmed] 2 ranks), Enhanced Skills 4 (Perception 8 ranks, Flaw: Limited to Danger Sense checks), Enhanced Agility 2, Enhanced Dodge 2, Enhanced Parry 2, Senses 6 (Danger Sense [Mental, Ranged, Extra: Extended, Counters Concealment]); 29 pts
Octopus Strength: Enhanced Skills 2 (Athletics 4 ranks); 2 pts
Does Whatever an Octopus Can: Enhanced Advantages 1 (Accelerated Climb*, Leaping 2 (30 ft), Speed 1 (4 mph/60 fpr), Movement 2 (Wall-Crawling 2 [Normal speed]); 7 pts
Superior Octopus Suit: 6 pts Traits, Removable (-1 pts); 5 pts
Carbonadium Plating: Protection 2; 2 pts
Superior Octopus Lenses: Feature 1 (A.I.), Senses 3 (Tracking [Visual], Infravision, Communication Link [Radio, Octo-Bots]); 4 pts

Tentacle Control: Senses 1 (Communication Link [Mental; Tentacles/Tentacle Harness]); 1 pt
Tentacle Harness: 25 pts Traits, Removable (-5 pts); 20 pts
Tentacles: Extra Limbs 4 (4 Tentacles), Senses 1 (Normal Sight [Radius]), Enhanced Strength 1 (Quirk: Limited to tentacles), Elongation 2 (30 ft); 8 pts
Tentacle Mastery: Enhanced Advantages 7 (Benefit [Ambidexterity], Chokehold, Fast Grab, Improved Grab, Instant Up, Weapon Bind, Weapon Break), Enhanced Skills 3 (Athletics 4 ranks, Ranged Combat [Throwing] 2); 10 pts
Super Movement: Speed 3 (16 mph/250 fpr), Movement 2 (Wall-Crawling 2 [Normal speed]); 7 pts
Tentacle Attacks: 10 pt Array; 11 pts
Tentacle Strike: Multiattack Bludgeoning Strength-Based Damage 0; 10 pts
Lightning Disarm: Burst Area on Strength for Disarming, Enhanced Advantages 1 (Improved Disarm), (Extra: Burst Area [30 ft radius], Selective); 1 pt


Initiative +12
Close Attack +8
Unarmed +10 (+12 with Spider Sense) [Unarmed +9; Tentacle Unarmed +10; Tentacle Strike +10, Multiattack]
Ranged Attack +7
Throwing +9
Special Attack [Lightning Disarm +10, Burst Area]

Dodge +12 (+14 with Spider Sense) [DC22/24] Parry +12 (+14 with Spider Sense) [DC22/24]
Toughness +8 (+8 without Defensive Roll), Fortitude +8, Will +6

Arrogance: Otto always has, and always will be very arrogant and overconfident in his superior intellect, which can be his downfall.
Enemy: Spider-Man.
Power Loss: Some strong strains of the flu, a radiation drain or just his own mental state can cause Otto-Peter lose his powers. If he does, his stats change to STR 2, STA 2, AGL 2, DEX 1, and FGT 1.
Relationships: Otto still has strong feeling for Anna Maria Marconi.
Secret Identity: Otto hides his identity of both being a clone of Peter Parker and his own Otto Octavious identity.
Superiority Complex: Otto is out to prove that he is a better Spider-Man and Peter Parker than the real Peter Parker could ever be, but that sometimes comes with consequences he can’t forsee.

Abilities 100 + Skills 25 (50 ranks) + Advantages 4 + Powers 76 + Defenses 12 = 217 / 217

Build Comments: Doc Ock was always one of my favorite Spidey villains. Visually arresting and usually quite well written, Doc has been one of Pete’s longest running villains and one of the few that gives him all he can handle physically. And man, did Alfred Molina just ROCK as Doc Ock in Spider-Man 2.

And then Slott had him take over as the Superior Spider-Man for a couple of years. And he became even more of a favorite. I was almost bummed when Pete came back, and I don’t think I was alone. Slott’s take on Otto as a “hero” may not have been groundbreaking, but it was compelling reading and made you think about what the real differences are between a superhero and a supervillain.

At the end of that arc, it looked Doc had sacrificed himself for his love, but of course, he couldn't truly be gone and now he is back with a fancy Parker clone body to now become the Superior Octopus. He has been seen much since the end of Secret Empire but I'm sure they have big plans for him with all the story possibilities you have with him running around with Pete's body again.

Secret Origins: Otto Octavius was raised in an oppressive household, with an overprotective mother, and a harsh, abusive father. His mother encouraged the young Otto, already a good student, to push himself in school, in the hopes that he would have a better life than his factory worker father. Otto was awarded a scholarship for university, shortly before his father died in a workplace accident. Becoming obsessed with schoolwork after his father's death, Otto applied himself even harder to his studies in science. He graduated and got work with an engineering firm, soon becoming a respected nuclear physicist and research consultant, as well as working as an inventor and lecturer. He soon developed a remarkable invention- a chest harness that connected the wearer to four mechanical arms. This invention earned him a new nickname: Doctor Octopus. Around this time, he became involved with a fellow researcher, Mary Alice Anders, to whom he eventually proposed marriage. However, the happy couple was broken up by Otto's mother, who disapproved of the young bride-to-be. Otto broke off the engagement at his mother's behest, but she died soon after in the middle of an argument with her son. Having lost all of his social ties, Otto became more withdrawn and sullen, and grew obsessively dedicated to his work while simultaneously throwing professional and operational caution to the wind.

This recklessness with his personal safety lead directly to an accident that would change his life forever. A radiation leak in the lab caused an explosion, which fused the harness and limbs onto his body. The radiation simultaneously caused mutations in his brain, allowing him to have direct control over the arms through telepathy. Driven insane by the accident and the damage it had caused to his body and mind, Doctor Octopus became dedicated to a life of crime.

The Story so Far: Doctor Octopus was the impetus for the formation of the original Sinister Six, which occurs following a series of defeats at the hands of Spider-Man. He gathers five other villains who have faced, and been defeated by, Spider-Man. Though he tells the other villains that together they will be able to defeat Spider-Man, he secretly plans to wait until all the other villains have tried and failed to kill their foe, at which point he will step in and defeat the greatly weakened hero. He kidnapped Betty Brant and May Parker to bait Spider-Man into the fights and when, as predicted, his teammates fail, he steps in and battles Spider-Man in a large fishbowl-like tank, planning to drown the hero. He is ultimately defeated.

Doctor Octopus becomes embroiled in a gang war against Hammerhead following the retirement of the Kingpin. The two wage an extremely destructive war throughout the streets of New York City in dual, competing bids to gain control over the vast criminal empire left behind. Spider-Man ultimately defeats both men, and Octavius is sent to prison.

Octavius attempts to marry May Parker, in the hopes of acquiring a Canadian nuclear power plant that she has inherited. The marriage ceremony is interrupted by Hammerhead, and the two men begin a fight that soon includes Spider-Man. The battle ultimately results in the explosion of the power plant, and the death of Hammerhead. Octavius manages to escape the island unharmed, but finds himself homeless, and haunted by the spirit of Hammerhead. He soon restores his enemy to life, simply to be rid of him.

Later, Octavious is among the villains transported to Battleworld by the Beyonder. There, he and his fellow villains are forced to battle a team of heroes who have been similarly transported to the planet without explanation. While on the planet, he rebels against the machinations of Doctor Doom, along with the other villains, and engages in skirmishes with the heroes. Ultimately, he is returned to Earth along with the other combatants.

He kept on his crime spree after his return to earth. At some time he became extremely afraid of Spider-Man and everything that had something to do with spiders. He tried to keep up his criminal activities but was almost paralyzed whenever Spider-man would intervene. At one point it even became so bad that the arms started to control Otto himself. Luckily, he managed to get back in control and he eventually overcame his fears. It was at this time that Otto started a new incarnation of the Sinister Six in hopes of making Spider-man's life a living hell.

He later saves Spider-Man when he had been poisoned by the Vulture. He does this, not out of a sense of altruism, but because he believes he is the only person who should be allowed to defeat his hated enemy. While attending to the injured Spider-Man, he learns the hero's secret identity. Following this discovery, he allows himself to be captured by police, expecting to be rescued by Stunner, who has been incapacitated and thus rendered unable to help him. Shortly after this he is murdered by Kaine. Resurrected some time later through the assistance of The Hand, he is revealed to have no memory of Spider-Man's true identity, as this discovery was not recorded on the computer chip that was used to reconstruct his memories.

Octaviuss had much trouble with returning to life and getting back his memories, most of all, he had to accept these memories. He was helped out by the female Doctor Octopus, whom was a huge admirer of him and had taken in his place when he had died. He finally managed to make amends with his past life and vowed to become a superior scientist and 'evil' genius once more.

Doctor Octopus, now in telepathic control of four additional cybernetic limbs and several "Octobots," learns that his years of fighting have irreparably damaged his body, leaving him with only months to live. Using the Octobots, he takes control of all the technology of New York City, hoping to transform the city into a utopia that is totally controlled by him. He is defeated by Spider-Man and several others, but escapes justice. He soon assembles a large supervillain team, and directs them to retrieve a number of items for him. Meanwhile, he targets the infant son of Menace, whose blood is composed entirely of Goblin serum, which he believes can be used to cure his failing body. Following the loss of the baby, he assembles a new Sinister Six, who fights alongside him against the Avengers, the Fantastic Four and Spider-Man. The heroes manage to defeat Octavius' plans to destroyan army base. Later, he kidnaps Tony Stark, with whom he had worked many years previously, before either had become involved in supervillainy or superheroics. He forces Stark to help him fix his broken body, and threatens to detonate a nuclear bomb should Stark fail. When Stark suggests seeking outside help, Octavius reveals that he expects Stark to fail, and hopes to use the explosion of the bomb, now set to go off in six minutes, to prove once and for all that he, Octavius, is the more intelligent of the two. Stark was able to foil his plans, but Doc Ock escaped.

Doc Ock's octobots took over the Apogee 1 Space Station and Spider-Man and the Human Torch have to head out to investigate it. They find John Jameson holding out against the rest of the crew who have been taken over and controlled by the octobots. As Spider-Man and Johnny defeat the octobots, Doctor Octopus attempts to destroy their shuttle on re-entry but fails. He turns to the Sinister Six an begins his final plan.

From his secret underwater headquarters Doc Ock raises his Octahedral and activates his "choir invisible". With his health deteriorating and death coming soon he uses the octo-satellites to scorch the earth by harnessing the greenhouse effect. He announces his plans to the world but offers to reverse the effects of Global Warming in exchange of their compliance. Doc Ock sends the Sinister Six to various locations to steal specific items, each being a means to take out the Avengers. He appeals before the UN where Chameleon is posing as Al Gore. When Spider-Man warns them and outs Chameleon, Doc Ock threatens to use his Octavian Lens once more.

When Doc Ock and the Sinister Six meet up to pick up Chameleon, it is revealed the Avengers tailed him. The Sinister Six take on the Avengers who are defeated one by one thanks to the Doc Ock's plans. Spider-Man is left to Doc Ock but manages to escape thanks to a distraction by Silver Sable. He returns again to his secret base and announces his demands to the world. Clean records for the Sinister Six, 2 billion in each of their accounts, and an academy built in his name & honor. He reveals he has factories around the world waiting to implement his plan upon the world’s compliance.

The remaining Sinister Six begin to question furthering their plan when Doc Ock threatens them to carry out their mission. Doc Ock broadcasts a message to the "Dark Corners", a group of various villains including Crossbones and Titanium Man, to carry out his plans upon his death. Unfortunately Titanium Man is a national hero in Russia and he alerts Spider-Man of the message. As Spider-Man continues to interfere with Doc Ock's plans he fires his Octavian Lens upon half the world, incinerating Symkaria and many more counries.

The incineration of Symkaria was revealed to be an act by Mysterio who is currently operating a Doc Ock battle suit and fighting Spider-Man. When Dock Ock realizes this he scolds Mysterio who turns to Spider-Man's side and reveals the location of Doc's secret base in Guatemala. When Spider-Man, Silver Sable and Black Widow arrive they are met by the Avengers under control by the octo-bots. Spider-Man finally makes it to Doc Ock who reveals his plans true intentions. Octavius had planned to kill just enough of the population so that those remaining would rebuild in his image and never forget him. Doc Ock is forced to use all eight of his suit's arms to restrain Spider-Man which causes him to eject from his suit to reach the lens control panel. Spider-Man breaks free and smashes the controls stopping Doc's plans once and for all.

Using a modified Octobot, Octavius successfully transfers his consciousness into Spider-Man. Leaving him with Peter's memories and body and Peter Parker in Doctor Octopus's dying one. Leaving Peter for dead, Otto begins to take on Spider-Man's life as his own. Peter eventually took control of the golden Octobot and had the Scorpion, Hydro-Man and the Trapster free him from the Raft. It was then that Peter tried to redo the body switch with Ock, but he had taken precautions to keep that from happening, but Peter instead had Otto relive all of Peter's moments showing Dr. Octopus how much had wasted his life. As a result of Peter's personality engrafted on his own, Dr. Octopus decided to continue on as Spider-Man and make up for his past mistakes as the Superior Spider-man.

After his victory over Spider-Man Otto breaks into one of his own laboratories in order to create the new equipment he wishes to use for being Spider-Man. As he breaks in he sets off the laboratories defense systems and Otto is forced to fight off his own creations while a video of himself mocks him in the process. Vowing that Doctor Octopus's days of losing are over Otto dons his newly finished Spider-Man suit.

He spent over a year in the body of Peter Parker. He truly tried to be a hero and in some way, improved on many areas of both Peter’s and Spider-Man’s lives. However, unfortunately he also created a host of new problems for Peter. Otto sacrificed himself to allow Peter to save his love, Anna Maria Marconi and seemed to be dead for good after allowing his psyche to be deleted. However, Otto had actually transferred his consciousness into Living Brain and while The Jackal again attempted to disrupt Peter’s life again with more clones, Otto was able to transfer his mind into a clone of Peter and become the Superior Octopus.

Characterization: Eogmaniacal and twisted, Otto Octavious is one of Spider-Man’s oldest and truly, most dangerous foes. He is one of the world's leading authorities on nuclear radiation and its effect on animal physiology as well as a brilliant engineer and inventor. Doctor Octopus is a superb strategist and a charismatic leader.

Friends and Foes: His greatest relationship is with Spider-Man as it is his life’s goal to defeat him and prove his superiority over him.
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Re: J-Mart: V, Weapon H, The Abomination, Red Hulk, The Superior Octopus

Post by Jabroniville » Mon Nov 20, 2017 6:01 am

The Superior Octopus is such a sneaky move to keep a popular "Villainous Protagonist" going- like "hey, we made the fans enjoy this version of the character, so let's just keep it going as long as we can, even after hitting the status quo!" Usually it takes Marvel like ten years to listen to the fans and do something like that, and even THEN they usually do it too late and/or screw it up.

Though "Chubby Guy In A Coat/Suit" will always be the iconic incarnation of Dr. Octopus, to me :).

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Re: J-Mart: V, Weapon H, The Abomination, Red Hulk, The Superior Octopus

Post by Goldar » Mon Nov 20, 2017 8:50 pm

Jabroniville wrote:
Mon Nov 20, 2017 6:01 am

Though "Chubby Guy In A Coat/Suit" will always be the iconic incarnation of Dr. Octopus, to me :).
Yeah, that Doc Ock, the one we all know now for decades, has not seen this side of 175 pounds since he was a teen. Not only is the new costume drastic from the old overalls, but also the muscular, flexible body attached to the tentacles. I would never know that it was the same man!

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Re: J-Mart: V, Weapon H, The Abomination, Red Hulk, The Superior Octopus

Post by Thorpocalypse » Mon Nov 20, 2017 11:48 pm

Goldar wrote:
Mon Nov 20, 2017 8:50 pm
Jabroniville wrote:
Mon Nov 20, 2017 6:01 am

Though "Chubby Guy In A Coat/Suit" will always be the iconic incarnation of Dr. Octopus, to me :).
Yeah, that Doc Ock, the one we all know now for decades, has not seen this side of 175 pounds since he was a teen. Not only is the new costume drastic from the old overalls, but also the muscular, flexible body attached to the tentacles. I would never know that it was the same man!
You're safe, it's not his old body. It's a clone body of Pete from the latest Clone Saga II debacle. Complete with an all new Jackal! That was secretly another character brought back from the dead. Again!

I don't get it. It was like "You know, I think a lot of people hated the Clone Saga. But THIS TIME WE'LL GET IT RIGHT..." :roll:

I try not to bitch too much at Marvel and DC for stuff like that, but geez, one would think after Civil War II and ANOTHER Secret Wars and ANOTHER Secret Empire that maybe Marvel would learn. But alas...

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307 - Green Goblin

Post by Thorpocalypse » Tue Nov 21, 2017 1:55 am

We've got a GREEN LIGHT SPECIAL hitting the Aisle 2 shelves as we add this J-Mart Favorite Item to our Spiderverse Villains Line!

You can make fun of me all you want...but you know this is true... I was right. The world is a mess and the world needed me to fix it. And I would have. I could have. This world is a madhouse of mutants, terrorists, psychotics, aliens, and monsters. All of them clashing and crashing into each other at every second of every day...I know the mutants of this world will rise up and kill us. I know that the Hulk will one day decide to destroy everything he sees. I know the Punisher will one day kill the wrong person and set off a chain of events that will lead to nuclear holocaust. I know these heroes will dive head first into something they do not understand and end up doing such insane damage to the world that humans can no longer live on it. ... I know this is true. I know it. And I could have stopped it. If not for the fact that you kept standing in my @#$@# way... - Norman Osborn

Oh Norman...Norman, Norman...Stop kidding yourself. I'm here. I'm always here. - The Green Goblin


OPL: 10; SPL: -; DPL: 10; FWPL: 8; HP: 1
Real Name: Norman Osborn
Age: 43
Height: 5-11 (6-4 in Armor)
Weight: 185 (385 in Armor)
Eyes: Green
Hair: Auburn (None as Green Goblin)
Skin: Fair (Green as Green Goblin)
Race: Human Mutate
Identity: Public
Alignment: Villain
Status: Active
Occupation: Criminal
Base of Operations: New York, NY, USA
Team Affiliations: Goblin Nation


SKILLS: Acrobatics 3 (+9), Athletics 3 (+11), Deception 9 (+13) [Taunt]], Expertise [Business] 6 (+12), Expertise [Science] 7 (+13), Insight (+3), Intimidation 9 (+13) [Startle], Perception (+3), Persuasion 4 (+8) [Connected], Stealth 4 (+10), Technology 7 (+13) [Inventor), Vehicles 8 (+12)

ADVANTAGES: Benefit (4) (Wealth 4 [Multimillionaire]), Close Attack (2), Connected, Equipment (15), Favored Environment (Glider Flying), Favored Foe (Spider-Man), Improved Initiative (1), Inventor, Move-by Action, Quick Draw, Ranged Attack (7), Startle, Taunt

Goblin Physiology: Regeneration 2 (1/every 5 rounds, Extra: Persistent), Enhanced Advantages 1 (Diehard); 5 pts
Goblin Costume: 16 pts Traits, Removable (-3 pts); 13 pts
Chain Mail: Protection 2; 2 pts
Goblin Mask: Immunity 2 (Chemicals); 2 pts
Electro Gloves: Electrical Damage 8 (Extra: Reach 4 [20 ft]); 12 pts

(75 pts)
Bag of Tricks: (32 pts)
Pumpkin Bombs: Ranged Area Burst Heat Damage 9, Extra: Area Burst (30 ft radius); 27 pts
Incendiary Bombs: Ranged Heat Damage 9, Linked (Weaken); Ranged Weaken Toughness 9, Linked [Damage], Flaw: Affects Objects Only; 1 pt
Knockout Bombs: Ranged Burst Area Affliction 9, Resisted by Fortitude; 1st: Dazed, 2nd: Stunned, 3rd: Incapacitated, Extra: Burst Area [30 ft radius]); 1 pt
Anti-Spider Sense Bombs: Cloud Area Concealment 1 (Spider-Senses), Extra: Area Cloud [15 ft radius], Duration [Continuous]); 1 pt
Smoke Grenades: Cloud Area Concealment 4 (Visual), Extra: Attack, Cloud Area [15 ft radius]; 1 pt
Razor Bats: Ranged Multiattack Slashing Damage 3, Dangerous; 1 pt
Vehicle: (43 pts)
Goblin Glider: Size - M, Str - 3, Flight - 6, Def - 10, Tou - 9, Features - Remote Control, Smokescreen, Heat Seeking Missiles (Ranged Burst Area Ballistic Damage 8, Extra: Area Burst 4 [30 ft radius], Homing 2), Glider Blade (Piercing Damage 6, Flaw: Limited to when charging), Machine Guns [Ranged Multiattack Ballistic Damage 6]); 43 pts

Initiative +10
Close Attack +12 [Unarmed +8; Electro Gloves +8]
Ranged Attack +11 [Incendiary Bombs Damage/Weaken +9; Razor Bats +3, Multiattack]
Special Attack [Pumpkin Bombs +9, Burst Area; Knockout Bombs Affliction +9, Burst Area]

Dodge +10 [DC20] Parry +10 [DC20]
Toughness +10, Fortitude +9, Will +6

Arrogance: Norman is supremely confident in his intelligence and abilities and this can often be his downfall.
Enemy: Spider-Man.
Greed: Norman wants power and fame more than just about anyone.
Mental Instability: The usage of the Goblin formula made his manic depressive issues even worse, resulting in vicious mood swings and split personality disorder where he sees himself and The Goblin as different people.
Obsession: Either killing Spider-Man or bringing him to his side.
Power Loss: If his Goblin serum wears off or is nullified, his stats drop to STR 2, STA 2, FGT 5 and INT 4

Abilities 98 + Skills 30 (60 ranks) + Advantages 37 + Powers 16 + Defenses 8 = 189 / 189

Build Comments: I was surprised they brought Osborn back as the Green Goblin so quickly after his last "death", but I think it was fitting that he would be who Peter would have to face first in his return as Spider-Man. It's really hard to pick between him and Doc Ock as Pete's true nemesis, at least for me, but considering what he did to Gwen all those years ago, Gobby really should be the top evil dog.

I need to update his Earth-217 bio, but I'm distracted by the amount of things I'm working on so I'll do it later.

Secret Origins: Norman Osborn was the son of the wealthy business man Amberson Osborn. He had a decent childhood until Amberson lost most of the family fortune after the failure of his invention company, which had Amberson becoming alcoholic and violent. Young Norman and his mother would often be the targets of physical and psychological abuse by Amberson to compensate for his failures. This abuse had Norman realize that only the strong survive and that he will never be weak. This realization caused him to kill the family's dog, seeing it as one less problem in his life.

On one stormy and thunderous night, in order to cure his son's fear of the dark, Amberson locked Norman alone in one of the family's dark empty houses where Norman encountered and feared a "green, goblin-like" monster stalking him. Alone in the dark, Norman feared the monster would eat him once the darkness is replaced by the light, so he came to grip with the darkness, wishing it would never leave him. That night, he realized that the Darkness is better than the light.

Encounters like these made Norman develop a need for power and wealth so he would not become a failure like his father. He sought to regain the wealth he once had and he would stop at nothing to reach his goal.

Norman attended Empire State University with a science scholarship and received degrees in chemistry and electrical engineering. While at ESU, he met and fell in love with a young woman named Emily. Despite his hunger for power and wealth, Emily was able to provide some balance in the young man and bring out the best in him. The two would marry and have a son, Harold Osborn. Norman loved Emily tremendously, but the good times would not last and Emily died shortly after Harry's birth. Norman was left a miserable, misguided, insane, single father. Without Emily there to give his life any light, he re-dedicated himself to wealth and power, neglecting Harry in the process.

After graduating in business and chemistry majors, Norman founded his own company, OsCorp, with his old science professor, Dr. Mendel Stromm. He would become successful and wealthy yet a ruthless businessman and always power hungry. When Stromm borrowed money from the company accounts, Osborn seized the opportunity and turned Stromm over to the police for embezzlement, leaving Norman the sole owner of the company.

With Stromm now in jail, Osborn decided to continue working on the strength-enhancing formula Stromm had been working on in order to sell it to the highest bidder. Osborn tried to re-create the formula following Professor Stromm's notes. In order to perfect the formula, Osborn used his employees as test subjects. One of those employees is Nels Van Adder, who went on a killing spree as the red, goblin-like monster called the "Proto-Goblin" who attempted to kill Osborn at his laboratory but was saved by Arthur Stacy and George Stacy. After the failed attack, Norman found more of Stromm's notes in his old desk.

He is certain the new notes are the missing piece to the formula, however when Osborn used the new information, the mixture turns bright green and explodes in his face. He is hospitalized, but recovers at an incredible, super-human rate. He realizes the explosion not only increased his strength, but also his intelligence. This pushes the megalomaniac Norman Osborn over the edge, and his sanity is lost.

The Story so Far: The Green Goblin first appeared as a villain determined to rule the underworld and in order to do that he needed to prove himself by defeating New York's newest hero, Spider-Man. The Goblin first appeared using a jet powered flying broomstick which was later replaced with the now iconic Goblin Glider. He would prove himself as a worthy foe for Spider-Man during several clashes.

The Green Goblin became even a bigger villainous threat when he became the first villain to uncover Spider-Man's secret identity as Peter Parker. He was also revealed as Norman Osborn, the father of Peter's best friend Harry Osborn, further adding a sense of drama to their conflict. However, he would lose the memory of being a super-villain and would often make appearances as Harry's kindhearted father but eventually, he would return to his villainous role.

Spider-Man's arch-enemy had always been Doctor Octopus until the Green Goblin killed Peter's girlfriend, Gwen Stacy, elevating the Goblin to the status of being Spider-Man arch-enemy who has hurt Spider-Man more than any other villain. After Gwen's death, Osborn would seemingly die as well and would disappear for two years.

During his absence, his son Harry would follow in his father's footsteps and become the Green Goblin himself. Also, Harry's psychiatrist Bart Hamilton would take up the mantle. Also, the Hobgoblin, a Green Goblin copycat, would become Spider-Man's arch-enemy. Osborn would return when it wass revealed that he had been manipulating everyone from the start. His rivalry with Spider-Man became even more intense when he killed Ben Reilly, Peter's "brother". Norman would return to the role of "evil businessman" and would torture Peter with the fact of being one of the few people to know of his dual identity.

Osborn's insanity would be explored as well as his affinity and respect for Peter as an opponent. Norman's would show that despite the mutual hatred he has with Spider-Man, he does possess a sense of respect and admiration for Spider-Man in his own twisted way. He would grow to consider Peter as his own son and attempts to have him carry on his legacy as the Goblin Heir. He later attempted to have Peter kill him in an epic battle after continuously provoking Peter and invading his life. Norman's attacks on Peter would become personal as he attacked Peter's friends and family, intensifying their mutual hatred.

During the Civil War, Norman distances himself from Spider-Man when he becomes the Leader of the Thunderbolts and his role as leader becomes explored as well as his constant fight against his insanity. He would be portrayed as being considered by himself a hero doing the right thing and shaping a world in his own vision of righteousness and perfection. This portrayal is further explored in Dark Reign where Osborn became the leader of the world's main super-hero team and tried to use his power to shape the world as he sees it fit. He truly believes that he deserves public adulation and he is annoyed that other so-called "heroes" are receiving it instead.

After The Siege, thanks to the behind-the-scenes manipulation of Lex Luthor, Osborn was cleared of all charges and returned to rebuild OSCORP, setting him as a rival to his benefactor. Luthor’s reasons for assisting Osborn remain unclear, but he and Norman are supposed to have a summit in the near future.

Characterization: Norman Osborn possesses great skills in manipulation as he has showcased over the years, most notably in Dark Reign. He often manages to bend others to his will or direct them in ways which benefit him in the long run. The value he places in others is directly related to his personal opinion of their usefulness. Evidence of this is found in his long running feud with Spider-Man, who he once considered a worthy heir to his legacy, and who he sees as a worthy nemesis. On the flip-side, an example of his ruthlessness is seen in how he used his son Harry.

Although a scientific genius, Osborn's mental condition is unstable. The Goblin formula greatly increased his intelligence but cost him his sanity, resulting in excessive arrogance and delusions of grandeur. Thus, it can lead him to make irrational decisions.

Osborn's insanity has weakened his overall thought processes and views on reality. He believes that he cannot be defeated and often underestimates his opponents. An example of this is once, when Osborn captured Spider-Man, he revealed that he knew that Spider-Man was planning to escape. However, to prove his superiority, he decided to allow Spider-Man to escape so that Norman could fight him head to head. This ultimately resulted in Osborn's defeat.

Friends and Foes: He has garnered several allies in the supervillain community during his time as “top cop”, and there are still factions of former HAMMER agents that are loyal to him.

His relationship with Harry seems to have been damaged beyond repair, but recently Norman has been reaching out to him, although Harry and Peter believe it’s just another one of his manipulations.

Although he has come into conflict with many superheroes over the years, without a doubt his greatest rivalry is with Spider-Man. They have a mutual hatred for each other than spans a decade.
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308 - The Sandman

Post by Thorpocalypse » Wed Nov 29, 2017 2:47 am

Our Spidey-Verse Villains Line gets another new addition! Check out this new item on Aisle 2 before it slips through your fingers...

Let the "inside" jokes commence...


OPL: 10; SPL: -; DPL: 10; FWPL: 8; HP: 1
Real Name: Flint Marko
Age: 32
Height: 6-1 (Variable)
Weight: 240 (Variable)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Skin: Fair
Race: Human Mutate
Identity: Public
Alignment: Villain
Status: Active
Occupation: Criminal
Base of Operations: New York, New York, USA
Team Affiliations: The Sinister Six


SKILLS: Athletics (+10), Deception 4 (+5), Expertise [Streetwise] 5 (+5), Insight (+2), Intimidation 9 (+10), Perception (+2), Persuasion (+1), Ranged Combat [Sand Control] 4 (+9), Stealth 2 (+3)

ADVANTAGES: Close Attack (2), Diehard, Fast Grab, Power Attack (3) (Hammer Hands, Sand Blast, Unarmed), Ranged Attack (3)

Body of Sand: Protection 4, Immunity 12 (Life Support, Critical Hits), Elongation 3 (60 ft), Immortality 10 (1 hour; Flaw: Limited [Requires sand to reform]); 29 pts
Hard Sand/Soft Sand Control: 19 pt Array; 20 pts
Hard as a Rock: Enhanced Strength 4 (Flaw: Limited to resisting movement), Impervious Toughness 13, Feature 2 (Increased Mass 2); 19 pts
Like Sand through a Sifter: Insubstantial 1 (Fluid), Movement 1 (Slithering); 1 pt

Sand Control: 24 pt Array; 27 pts
Suffocating Sand: Cumulative Affliction 8 (Water; Resisted and Overcome by Fortitude; 1st: Fatigued, 2nd: Exhausted, 3rd: Incapacitated, Extra: Duration [Concentration]); 24 pts
Sand Blast: Ranged Bludgeoning Damage 11; 1 pt
Sand Snare: Cumulative Affliction 11 (Shifting Sand; Resisted by Dodge, Overcome by Strength/Damage; 1st: Hindered and Vulnerable, 2nd: Defenseless and Immobilized; Extra: Extra Condition, Flaw: Limited to two Degrees); 1 pt
Sandstorm: Cloud Area Cumulative Affliction 8 (Resisted by Fortitude; 1st: Visually Impaired, 2nd: Visually Disabled, 3rd: Visually Unaware, Extra: Cloud Area 2 [60 ft radius], Flaw: Limited to one sense [Visual]); 1 pt
Regeneration: Healing 12 (Extra: Restorative, Flaw: Self Only, Requires Sand); 1 pt
Hammer Hands: Bludgeoning Strength-based Damage 2 (Extra: Split); 1 pt


Initiative +1
Close Attack +8 [Unarmed +10; Hammer Hands +12; Suffocating Sand +8]
Ranged Attack +5
Sand Powers +9 [Sand Blast +11; Sand Snare Affliction +11]
Special Attack [Sandstorm +8, Cloud Area]

Dodge +6 [DC16] Parry +6 [DC16]
Toughness +14 (+7 Impervious with Hard as a Rock), Fortitude +10, Will +5

Hatred: Spider-Man.
Relationships: With his daughter, who he loves dearly.
Vulnerable: He is susceptible to water based attacks. He loses his Protection against water-based attacks and he takes an extra degree of damage when he fails a toughness save against them. If incapacitated by the effect, he is transformed into a mindless sludge for GM determined period of time.
Vulnerable: He is susceptible to wind/air based attacks. He loses his Protection against wind/air based attacks and he takes an extra degree of damage when he fails a toughness save against them. He must also make a DC17 Fortitude check or be dispersed for a GM determined period of time.
Vulnerable: He is susceptible to heat/fire based attacks. He loses his Protection against heat/fire based effects and if he fails a toughness save against them, he must make a DC17 Fortitude save or be turned into glass for a GM determined period of time.

Abilities 64 + Skills 12 (24 ranks) + Advantages 11 + Powers 78 + Defenses 8 = 173 / 173

Build Comments: Good old Sandman. Going back a few years, despite my overall disappointment with Spider-Man 3, I thought Thomas Haden Church's Sandman was a highlight. I wish he got to do more. And the scene when he gets turned into the Sandman is one of my all time favorites in superhero movies.

In my setting, he is, and has always been Flint Marko (I don't care for the William Baker retcon) and is trying to go straight, but he can't quite seem to get it done and he still has a wicked mad-on for the Webhead.

Secret Origins: Flint Marko was born in Queens, New York. At three years old his father abandoned him and his mother. In these early years she took her son to Coney Island beach. He lost himself happily in sand sculptures, a craft he would use in secondary school under the encouragement of his teacher.

In preparatory school, a boy named Vic bullied Flint until he learned to fight using opponents' motions against themselves, a technique he performed as if he "slipped through their fingers like sand." Vic and his buddies posed no match to Flint, who wore them, and anyone they even befriended, down throughout high school. At this time, Flint, a football player on his school's team, used football to channel his anger to apply it to what he sensed as a nascent change in himself.

Vic incurred a large debt to a mob. In desperation, he begs Flint to fix a football game he bet on to pay off his debt. Flint does, but finds himself kicked off the team after the coach discovers his involvement in this corruption. The coach vituperates the young, tenderfoot trickster by saying that he will accomplish nothing of importance in his life. Flint soon roughs up his ex-coach, resulting in his expulsion from school and segue into a life of crime.

His illegal activity increases in depth and scope, turning him into a violent, bitter man. Eventually he ends up in prison on Ryker's Island where he meets his father, Floyd Marko. He is friendly to his father but does not tell him who he is. His father's presence ameliorates him. After Floyd is released from prison, Marko escapes.

Immediately, Marko sought refuge at a nuclear test site near Savannah, Georgia. He was lying on a nearby beach when an experimental reactor's steam system exploded, bombarding him with a massive dose of radiation. After a short period of unconsciousness, Marko awoke to find that he could transform his body into an animated, sand-like substance. Now able to elude the authorities with ease, he names himself the Sandman after his new powers.

The Story so Far: Marko embarked on a criminal career that brought him into conflict first with Spider-Man, who defeated him by sucking him into a industrial vacuum cleaner; then the Human Torch, who defeated him with an indoor sprinkler system; and a number of other costumed champions. After a while the troubled youth resurfaced as a member of the Sinister Six, led by Doctor Octopus. He battled Spider-Man inside an airtight metal box, which was activated when Spider-Man touched a card saying where the Vulture was, but the Sandman was defeated due to Spider-Man having stronger lungs than him.

After Spider-Man defeats Flint numerous times, Flint diverted his attention to other super heroes. He teamed with the Wizard, Paste Pot Pete and Medusa to form the Frightful Four to combat the Fantastic Four, which attacked during Reed and Sue's engagement party. The Fantastic Four, with the help of a few other super heroes, pound this fledgling group. In another battle he loses against the Four, he dons a diamond-patterned green costume designed by Wizard with a purple cap and is joined by Blastaar. Later he and Hulk duel for the first time. Mandarin joins him in his next conflict against the Hulk.

In time Sandman discovers—starting with his hands—his body can transform into glass and that he can reverse that effect. He contracted cancer and overtook a medical research center. He battled Wonder Man but was cured of cancer by radiation. Afterward, he allied himself with Hydro-Man to battle their mutual enemy, Spider-Man. An accident merged the two villains into a muddle-headed mud monster called Mud-Thing whose rampage was short-lived when Spider-Man and the police dehydrated the monstrosity. Months later, the supervillains managed to separate their masses and went their separate ways.

Depression sinks into Marko in an episode where he is having second thoughts about his life of crime. The Thing of the Fantastic Four sees Baker's angst and urges him to straighten himself out and use his ability to do good. He began boarding with the Cassadas and teamed with Spider-Man against the Enforcers. Sandman then makes sporadic appearances assisting his former enemy. The first such appearance has him coming to the rescue of Spider-Man and Silver Sable, who are outnumbered and surrounded by the Sinister Syndicate. Silver Sable is impressed by Sandman's performance and recruits him as a freelance operative. Doctor Octopus coerced him to rejoin Sinister Six, but he turned against the clan, but Doctor Octopus, turned him into glass for his treason. Spider-Man, however, saved the Sandman.

Sandman also appeared as part of The Outlaws, a group of reformed Spider-Man enemies, such as Prowler, Rocket Racer, Puma and Will o' the Wisp, that on occasion that would aid Spider-Man. Later he received a presidential pardon and briefly joined the Avengers as a reserve member. Later, he becomes a full-time mercenary in the employ of Silver Sable, as a member of her Wild Pack, serving alongside heroes such as Paladin and Battlestar. Sandman is one of the few heroes temporarily overwhelmed by their evil doubles during the Infinity War. This double almost kills them all.

Eventually, Marko turned against Spider-Man and his own ally The Thing and declared his allegiance to evil and his former employer, the villainous Wizard. It turned out that the Wizard kidnapped Sandman and used his mind control machine, the Id Machine, to control him.
The machine worked too well and Sandman went about reforming the Sinister Six to destroy both Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus, only to be double-crossed by Venom, who Sandman recruited as the sixth member of the team. During Venom's brawl against Sandman, the vicious black spider's mouth ripped a chunk of sand from Sandman. That missing sand destabilizes Sandman, causing him to lose his ability to maintain his human form. Before falling into the sewer, Sandman admitted that part of the reason for his fall from grace was the trouble he had to really cope with life on the good guys' side, and asks Spider-Man to tell his mother he's sorry he didn't fulfill his promise to her, to be a force for good. Sandman washes away and slides down a sewer, from which he mixes into Jones Beach, New York, and is thought dead.

Sandman's body and mind are scattered throughout the beach. This separation lasts too long for him, causing his mind to split into good and its opposite, evil, which when dominant created sand vortexes to ensnare beach combers. Spider-Man arrived to confront Sandman, ultimately using Sandman's mental instability to free his captives and cause him to explode.

His sand wafts throughout New York and touches down into piles forming beings that personify him: the good, the bad, the gentle and the innocent. Spider-Man locates these sandmen to convince them unify. Sandman's evil persona merges with his innocent and gentle personas, but Sandman's good one rebuffs the evil one. Because Sandman's mind can handle his personality in separation for a limited time, he loses his ability to retain himself, crumbling and blowing away, leaving Spider-Man to ponder the nature of his scuddled foe.

While investigating a series of murders and a missing girl named Keemia, whose mother is a victim of those murders, Spider-Man traces the murders and the abduction to the Sandman, the girl's father, who is hiding on Governor's Island with Keemia. Sandman's powers have evolved to where he can create duplicates of himself who have their own personalities and to Marko's shock claim they committed the murders. Spider-Man sneaks away and uses a massive fan to obliterate the sandmen. Originally Spider-Man believed Keemia would be handed to her grandmother, but instead she was sent to a foster home by Child Protective Services. Carlie, one of Spider-Man's friends who had been under police suspicion for tampering with evidence from the murders committed by Sandman's duplicates, is exonerated, but Sandman is at large.

During the Origin of the Species event, Sandman is among the supervillains invited by Doctor Octopus to join his villains' team where he becomes involved in a plot to receive a reward by securing some specific items for him. Sandman went after Spider-Man for Menace's infant, believing that Doctor Octopus would reward him by reuniting him with Keemia. He ended up being accidentally stuck with lightning by Electro, temporarily turning him into fulgurite. Spider-Man went on a rampage against all the villains after the Chameleon stole the infant and tricked him into believing it had died. In the dock, Sandman along with Shocker and the Enforcers are hiding, however Spider-Man collapsed the floor of the building, which falls into the water. Sandman attempts to rise to attack, but Spider-Man shot him using Shocker's vibrational air-blasts.

Later, he is part of the new Sinister Six, along with Mysterio, Rhino, Doctor Octopus, Chameleon and Electro. He rises up against Doctor Octopus' plan to detonate New York, saying Keemia is still there. He is later angered when, during a confrontation between the Sinister Six and the Intelligencia, Doctor Octopus teleports the Wizard into the upper atmosphere using the Intelligencia's equipment (Sandman was talking with his former Frightful Four teammate and old friend at the time). When the Mad Thinker goes after Electro, Sandman violently attacks him, claiming that he did not want to lose any more friends.

When Doctor Octopus puts his final plan into action, Sandman is satisfied with the job because of the planned two billion dollar "compensation fee", which he reasons will help him gain custody of Keemia. However, although sent to guard a facility in the Sahara Desert giving him complete control of the largest body of sand in the world, he is defeated by Spider-Man, Black Widow and Silver Sable when Spider-Man identifies and isolates the one grain of sand that contains his conscious mind. Spider-Man and Silver Sable then violently interrogate Sandman to reveal all of Doctor Octopus' secrets to them.

Characterization: Although he pulled many schemes to earn cash, Spider-Man stopped him every time. He grew to hate Spidey and want cash. Joining the Sinister Six, he became a frequent enemy of Spider-Man, the Hulk, and Daredevil. At one point early in his career he joined the Frightful Four alongside Trapster, Wizard and Medusa in their battles with the Fantastic Four. In a fight with Hydro-Man, he was mixed with him into a mud monster. This gave him a new sense of worth and outlook on life and changed him to the side of good. He was even recruited to be a reserve member of the Avengers, but has had trouble fitting in with them. Later, he was recruited and joined Silver Sable's Wild Pack. While in the Wild Pack he would become romantically involved with Silver Sable and would lead an offshoot team of Sable's Wild Pack called the Intruders.

Friends and Foes: He has a long standing rivalry with Spider-Man and a frequently adversarial relationship with Doctor Octopus, although they have worked together many times. His current goal is to resume his relationship with his daughter Keemia.
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A very happy holiday season to you and yours, J-Mart customers! Hopefully in the new year I'll have some time again to get the store back up to snuff.

While I've been attending holiday concerts, online shopping and waiting outside in my vehicle for the missus while she shops, along with a little business travel, I have been reading comics on my phone, including Old Man Logan, Phoenix Warsong and Endsong, Justice League Unlimited, Hawkeye (Kate) and Infamous Iron Man. And I finally got around to Logan (awesome), saw Justice League, Star Wars and Thor: Ragnarok so the build ideas are brewing, I just need the time to knock them out.

I also binged the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix so I feel some Titus Andromedon a'comin', too. 8-)

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And a very Happy Holiday to you, J-Mart, my favorite store! :D

Holidays are a great time to read iconic superhero stories! I know I have since I was as small as Gam. Always added something special to an already magical season!

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Happy Holidays Thorp to you and yours. :D
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Thorpocalypse wrote:
Fri Dec 22, 2017 3:08 am
I also binged the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix so I feel some Titus Andromedon a'comin', too. 8-)
I'm so sorry to hear that you were subjected to that series. You poor poor man.
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Merry Christmas, Thorp! Your present is the build of Ash Ketchum you requested in my Castellia thread :).

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