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Background Information

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"Superpowers" is the most general and relatively neutral, albeit sometimes a bit dramatic, term used for - in technical terms - the vast variety of capabilities possessed by individuals beyond the human norm. Superpowers are generally associated with superheroes and supervillains, as even though it's possible to become one without any innate powers through the use of equipment and training, powered individuals have a particular tendency to become such and are typically the trendsetters in the field, defining the standard that nonpowered people have to meet if they wish to compete. Although superhumans have always existed in various forms, as have people using them for good or evil, their number and prominence has exploded within the last century or so, owing to population growth, increased awareness, and the emergence of artificial superpowers. The modern concept of superheroes and villains is similarly recent, created in the interwar period and popularized during and after WW2.

Variously called anything from "mutants" to "talented" to "gifted" to "blessed" (that last one feeling a bit antiquated), no true catch-all and neutral term really exists outside "naturally powered". Such powers are often difficult or impossible to explain through conventional biology or physics, and they're only natural in the sense of being innate and inborn. Some people are simply born with powers or at least the capacity for them, or otherwise develop them later in life without a clear outside source. "Having powers" seems to be hereditary to a degree, yet no specific genome has been identified, the offspring's powers may be entirely different from their parents', and often there are no known powers in the family tree. The distribution of powered individuals seems to be roughly even throughout the global population, yet there are some local variances big and small. Perhaps the most famous is the nation of Japan, which has a disproportionately large powered population to the point that they've become a major demographic factor and high-profile facilities have been founded that specialize in training children in the safe and applied use of the powers, setting an example for similar initiatives elsewhere in the world.

Throughout the ages, those without natural powers have been able to simulate them through "supernatural" means, manipulating esoteric magical energies or drawing on the power of inhuman, often extradimensional beings. For millennia, magic was a known if not necessarily accepted part of society; for the last several centuries, there has been a powerful political and scientific movement to deny their existence altogether. Today, the existence of such dimensions, creatures and energies is a poorly understood but still acknowledged scientific fact, with research ongoing in the field, arguably making magic a science and the supernatural merely natural. It often has traits of being an art rather than a science, though, and there is speculation of whether the capacity for magic could in fact be a natural superpower of sorts, since not all seem to be able to wield it to an equal degree. Some can do it seemingly without training, while for others, no amount of training will help. Traditionalist and the emerging "analytist" magicians are often seen as rival schools, separated by differences in vocabulary, aesthetic, methodology and other beliefs - even scientists who study magic don't always accept all the traditional ideas of its metaphysical origins or philosophical meanings.

And this isn't even going into the variety of supernatural creatures themselves - fey, gods, demons, undead etc. - who somehow become active in superhuman circles, or the humans whom they bestow with magical power.

Artificial superpowers became a prominent trend in the 1930s and '40s as the various military powers of the world rapidly geared up for the production of "supersoldiers" that they hoped to produce en masse, or at least large enough in number and power that they could prove a vital advantage against their rivals. The most famous examples from this era include the Champion Plan (American), Patriot Program (Soviet), Ûbermensch Initiative (German) and Tentou Project (Japanese). The latter two were abolished at the end of the war - though some vestiges remained in hiding or were absorbed into the former two, which remained in action until the end of the Cold War or, in different forms, all the way to the modern day. All experimented with different ways of using medicine and technology to enhance people with and without natural powers into more efficient soldiers; the Initiative was particularly esoteric in adding the occult to the mix, and Tentou's somewhat less impressive work was largely based on what notes the Nazis deigned to share. Today, supersoldier research remains highly classified, but has also been propagated and streamlined to the point that all sorts of actors can muster their own. As the origins and applications of artificial superhumans grow more and more varied, the term supersoldier becomes less and less applicable, but still very evocative. Exactly where the line between artificial superpowers and mere use of technology falls can be unclear - how firmly does a gun need to be attached, for instance, before it becomes a cybernetic enhancement?

There's a relatively marginal group of seemingly superhuman beings who aren't actually human at all, arguably making the term misleading depending on how you interpret it ("above human" vs. "human who is super"). They may be extraterrestrial, part of a hidden sapient race, or even animals who have somehow gained human intelligence (without falling into the supernatural category). Their existence could have far wider implications regarding the rest of the world than the existence of any other superhumans, but they tend to be sidelined for one reason or another.
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Background Information

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Superhuman laws are a complicated, controversial subject, concerning a very small but very visible minority with a tendency (and arguably need) to act outside the boundaries of general civil law. As the legal recognition of superhumans as a special group is a relatively recent phenomenon, the legal framework is also a work in progress, and obviously varies across the world.

In some countries, typically more authoritarian ones, non-state-mandated use of superpowers is entirely banned or very heavily restricted. Most, however, at least attempt a more fine distinction between different powers. For instance, weapon-like superpowers tend to be treated in broadly similar terms as weapons themselves; one cannot be penalized for “carrying” a power, of course, but openly brandishing or firing an energy blast is comparable to doing the same with a firearm, and related laws in a given legislation tend to echo the status of gun control there. Less clear-cut powers like superstrength generally aren’t penalized in themselves, but lead to higher scrutiny in questions like proportionate defense and accidental harm. Things like superspeed and flight are governed by traffic laws, physically superhuman individuals tend to be barred from regular sports, etc. Previous trends leaned towards surveillance and control, but for the sake of equality, the liberal “modern” principle is that superhumans should require no special restrictions in regular civilian life. However, the constant balancing act between fair treatment and public security is fragile at best.

Socially speaking, the treatment superhumans receive is at least as varied as that of any other minority, with the added caveat that superhumans aren’t merely “different”, but often more powerful, dangerous, and capable of resisting personal violence. Most of them are capable of blending in and hiding their powers, but those with more obvious superhuman traits are at greater risk of discrimination. Strong powers inspire greater fear, while weak ones make for an easier target. Communities where ideologically motivated discrimination towards superhumans is the norm are also increasingly rare in the modern day, but still a concern.

Villains - those who use their powers for crime or “evil” - are obviously treated as criminals, typically armed and dangerous ones (though the difficulties of containing some of them can raise questions regarding the limits of humane treatment and death penalties). Heroes, however, are a more complicated question, as they use their powers openly and assume some extralegal authority, but typically in the best interest of society. Most countries acknowledge this, to various extents. The exact rights and classifications of heroes vary, but the categories below tend to be present in one form or another:
  • Vigilantes: The term’s colloquial use is quite wide, but technically it refers to alleged heroes whose methods, targets etc. aren’t accepted by the state, or at least not legally. Depending on the case, this can mean outright criminalization or merely the lack of special rights given to “proper” heroes. Low-profile and beginner heroes may technically classify as vigilantes due to sheer obscurity and thus lack of official recognition, which they’ll hopefully receive quite soon.
  • Recognized heroes: People who are officially or unofficially recognized as heroes by the state, granting them a more positive public image and certain privileges in things such as use of force, civilian arrests, and property damage in the line of duty. The official recognition of heroes, or lack thereof, has often become a political tool to put pressure on either individuals or heroes as a whole. Recognized heroes are almost as a rule allowed to maintain secret identities, as long as they stay on the right side of the law.
  • Registered heroes: Heroes who have registered themselves with the state, which means confirming their legality, negotiating certain restrictions, handing over a thorough explanation of their abilities etc. Often required to disclose their identity to one or more official agencies, which many justifiedly dread, since this leaves them very vulnerable to leaks, hackers or the agency itself. Some legislations only allow registered heroes, granting no legal status to merely recognized ones.
  • State-licensed heroes: Those who aren’t merely registered, but directly affiliated with the state, variously receiving things like sponsorship, useful contacts and legal privileges in return for agreeing to certain terms and answering the state’s calls to action while still maintaining a degree of autonomy. Almost always required to disclose their identity to an agency. Often organized into teams such as the California Corps, Blue Cross, Union Force and the Liberty League, becoming national icons and representatives of the state, with all the good and bad publicity that brings.
  • Official heroes: Quite widely defined in general use, but legally speaking, official heroes are employed directly by an official party like the military, the police or a government agency. Typically given a lot of legal liberty, but only in the pursuit of their given assignment, and strict penalties outside of it. Legally not allowed to be anonymous, but actual practice may vary. They tend to have a somewhat distasteful reputation as paralegal secret police, political assassins etc., whether accurate or not.
Regardless of legality, actual will to enforce superhuman laws is a different question altogether, and typically related to how harmful and high-profile a given hero tends to be. Often the state not recognizing a hero is simply a way to wipe its hands of any responsibility for the hero’s actions, not a true moral or legal judgment. However, whatever their category, the basic rights of a hero generally can’t exceed that of the local police: the situation of a hero killing a criminal, for instance, tends to be treated with equal or even greater seriousness as a police officer doing the same, whatever that means.
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The Swan

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PL 10 (145)

OPL: 10; DPL: 9
Identity: Marja Kalakoski (secret, known to officials)
Status: Alive at age 32
Nationality: Finland
Languages: Finnish, Swedish, English, French
Affiliation: Blue Cross
Special Traits: Hydrokinesis and advanced wingsuit


Acrobatics 4 (+7), Athletics 4 (+5), Expertise (Skating, AGL-based) 8 (+11), Expertise (Superhero) 6 (+8), Insight 2 (+5), Perception 4 (+7), Persuasion 6 (+8), Ranged Combat (Water) 6 (+10)

Evasion, Improved Disarm, Improved Initiative, Move-By Action, Ranged Attack 4, Takedown

“Wingsuit” [Removable: 17 total, -4 cost]
Flight 4: 60 mph (Wings -1) [4]
Immunity 3: Cold, suffocation [3]
Enhanced Dodge 4, Parry 2 [6]
Protection 4 [4]
Feature 1: Retractable ice skates [1]

“Water Propulsion”
Swimming 7: 120 mph [7]
  • AE: “Water Leaping”
    Leaping 5: 250 ft. (Limited to out of water -1) [1]
  • AE: “Water Walking”
    Movement 2: Water-Walking 2 [1]
“Ice Structures”
Create 10: Ice (Movable +1, Innate; Permanent +0) [31]
  • AE: “Ice Snare”
    Ranged Affliction 10: resisted by Dodge, overcome by Damage, Hindered+Vulnerable/Immobilized+Defenseless (Cumulative +1, Extra Condition +1; Limited Degree -1) [1]
  • AE: “Freeze Machinery”
    Perception Weaken 10: Mechanisms (Affects Objects Only +0) [1]
  • AE: “Hydrokinesis”
    Perception Move Object 10 (Subtle; Limited to forms of water -1) [1]
  • AE: “Water Blast”
    Ranged Damage 8 (Indirect 4; Variable Descriptor [Water/Ice]) [1]
  • AE: “Fog & Ice”
    Environment 4: Cold, Impede Movement, Visibility 2 (250 ft.) (Continuous +1) [1]
Unarmed +7 (Tough DC 16)
Water Blast +10 (Tough DC 23)
Ice Snare +10 (Dodge DC 20), Ice Structures +10 (Dodge DC 20)
Freeze Machinery (Fort DC 20)

Dodge 11 (DC 21), Parry 9 (DC 19)
Toughness +7, Fortitude +7, Will +9

Abilities 44 + Skills 20 + Advantages 9 + Powers 59 + Defenses 13 = 145

Power Loss: Marja requires water and moisture to manipulate, and though she can draw it from afar, in a sufficiently enclosed or dry space she can quickly run out or at least have to reuse it. Larger feats might be impossible without a source of already liquid water.
Relationship: Marja is married to her fellow hero Arctos (Otto Kalakoski). Further, Chainmail (Seppo Tuoni) is actually her paternal uncle, and him getting Marja into the hero business is a source of friction with her parents.
Responsibility: Being part of the Blue Cross, Marja has certain responsibilities as a state-licensed hero.

Marja Tuoni was born in Mikkeli, Finland, in 1986. Her natural power of hydrokinesis became apparent at a young age, but her parents didn’t like her using it, and especially tried to deter her from any thoughts of heroism. Of course, this already seemed “suspiciously specific” to her by the time she was a teenager, but it wasn’t until 2009 that her relatively distant uncle Seppo revealed his identity as the superhero Chainmail. He was the real reason for her parents’ attitude, but he believed that the choice should be Marja’s to make, though he obviously nudged her in that direction.

Marja wanted more time to consider, but after a some time practicing with her powers, she decided to take up Seppo on his offer. Seppo built her a highly advanced flying suit for more protection, and she originally joined him and his team the Blue Cross as something of a sidekick before quickly becoming a full-time member, reluctantly abandoning her career (though not hobby) as a figure skater.

Some time later, she met her future husband Otto Kalakoski while living in Helsinki. When he found out about her powers in 2013, it was revealed that through some tremendous coincidence, he actually had superpowers of his own, and Marja successfully persuaded him into joining Blue Cross as well. Today, both of them are very successful and iconic Finnish heroes.

Marja’s hydrokinesis allows her to manipulate water in all its forms, which has proven quite handy in one of the world's wateriest countries, but
she can only lower its temperature, not increase it. This means that she can turn ambient moisture into water and water into ice, but not the other way around. She also can’t actually breathe underwater without her wingsuit.


A relatively straightforward status controller/blaster. For a full-PL Damage effect, though, she needs to have a bunch of water to throw at someone through Hydrokinesis instead of merely her blast. A lot more versatile than her husband, but with less raw power.

Worth noting that a big part of her being branded as a swan of all things is that while Finland's national animal is the bear, the national bird is the whooper swan, at least as iconic as the bald eagle is to the USA. Combined with the flag on her costume, she's about the closest thing the country can have to a "Captain America" type without feeling too weird about it.

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PL 10 (160)

OPL: 10; DPL: 10
Identity: Seppo Tuoni (secret, known to officials)
Status: Active at age 56
Nationality: Finland
Languages: Finnish, Swedish, English, Russian
Affiliation: Blue Cross
Special Traits: Genius inventor in power armor


Athletics 2 (+3/+10*), Expertise (Engineering) 10 (+16), Expertise (Physics) 10 (+16), Insight 4 (+6), Investigation 6 (+12), Perception 4 (+6), Ranged Attack (Armor Weaponry) 4 (+9), Technology 10 (+16), Treatment 2 (+8)

Benefit (Wealthy), Extraordinary Effort, Improved Initiative, Improved Smash, Inventor, Ranged Attack 5, Takedown, Skill Mastery (Technology), Well-Informed

“Rautapaita v6.0” [Removable: 62 total, -14 cost]
Enhanced Strength 7 [14]
Power-Lifting 1: 12 tons [1]
Protection 9 (Impervious 9) [18]
Enhanced Fortitude 3 [3]
Immunity 8: Cold, heat, high pressure, radiation, vacuum, integrated gas mask, suffocation [8]
Senses 6: Visual (Distance Sense, Extended, Infravision, Low-Light Vision), Auditory (Ultra-Hearing [Sustained +0]), Radio [8]
Flight 5: 120 mph [10]

“Power Maul” [Easily Removable: 25 total, -10 cost]
“Force Blast”
Ranged Damage 11 [22]
  • AE: “Hammer Strike”
    STR-based Damage 3 (Improved Critical 2, Penetrating 6, Power Attack) [1]
  • AE: “Ground Strike”
    Damage 9 (Burst Area +1 (30 ft.); Quirk -1 [requires surface to strike]) [1]
  • AE: “Concussive Wave”
    Move Object 10 (Cone Area +1 (60 ft.); Close -1, Instant -2, Limited to directly away -1) [1]
Unarmed +7 (Tough DC 16/23), Hammer Strike +7 (Tough DC 19/26)
Ranged +5, Force Blast +9 (Tough DC 26)
Ground Strike (Dodge DC 19, Tough DC 24), Concussive Wave (Dodge DC 20, Strength DC 20)

Dodge 7 (DC 18), Parry 7 (DC 17)
Toughness +3/+12* (Imp. 9), Fortitude +7/+10*, Will +8

Abilities 42 + Skills 26 + Advantages 13 + Powers 63 + Defenses 16 = 160

Enemy: Seppo’s personal nemesis is his old colleague and now villain Brassbird (Lauri Kokko), both of them accusing the other of selling out their research.
Identity: Seppo remains a professor at Aalto University, though he doesn’t necessarily have much time for his work there.
Old Age: Despite being in good shape, Seppo’s getting up there in years, and tends to get tired more quickly etc. than his younger compatriots.
Power Loss: When used by Seppo outside his armor, or anyone else without at least STR 5, the Power Maul is highly inaccurate (-2 to -5 depending on the user) and packs a tremendous amount of recoil.
Relationship: Seppo is the uncle of fellow hero The Swan (Marja Kalakoski) and feels even more responsible for her due to getting her into the hero business to begin with.
Responsibility: Being part of the Blue Cross, Marja has certain responsibilities as a state-licensed hero.

Seppo Tuoni was born 1956 in Mikkeli, Finland. He studied engineering at Aalto University, and also taught there for a while after graduating as a doctor. His most notable work in this period, however, was his groundbreaking collaboration with fellow researcher Lauri Kokko in force propulsion technology. However, this fruitful partnership was cut short in 1984, when it was discovered that their research had been leaked to the black market and forward from there. They both accused each other of this treachery and promptly split apart.

When the villain Brassbird soon showed up, attacking all sorts of shipments and research facilities, Seppo knew perfectly well what was happening and decided to craft his own suit of armor. Thus began his long career as Chainmail, fighting Brassbird at first and later criminals in general. In 1998 he became a founding member of the state-licensed superhero team Blue Cross, thus becoming even more of a career hero. His greatest work had been compromised and spread to all sorts of buyers worldwide, but he continued his research on intentionally more modest subjects.

He’d told his elder brother Kaarlo about his hero work almost as soon as he’d started, but Kaarlo strongly disapproved and refused to tell his superpowered daughter Marja, lest she get any funny ideas. When she was grown up, however, Seppo told her himself and invited her to join the Blue Cross, even building another suit for her.

To date, Seppo remains the Blue Cross’ primary armorer and notable veteran. He’s never gotten that much fame and spotlight, being more of a “workhorse” type as he puts it himself, but is still recognized and respected for his service.


Every team needs a tech guy, right? Seppo’s armor isn’t quite as versatile as something like Iron Man’s, but like any Inventor, he can whip up tech on the fly if he needs to. I second other people’s suggestion that highly flexible Devices should suffer additional risks of subsystems being damaged etc. to stop them from overshadowing other people too badly, though all in all, they tend to become decent all-arounders rather than the best at everything.

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Captain Nemo II

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PL 9 (190)

OPL: 9; DPL: 9
Identity: Purnama Astuti (abandoned)
Status: Active at age 31
Nationality: Indonesia
Languages: Indonesian, Malay, Javanese, Sundanese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Tagalog, Thai, Khmer, Vietnamese, English, Dutch, Spanish, possibly more
Affiliation: The Voyagers
Special Traits: Genius inventor, skilled combatant and charismatic leader


Deception (+5) (Attractive +7), Expertise (Engineering) 8 (+16), Expertise (Oceanology) 6 (+14), Insight 4 (+7), Investigation 2 (+10), Perception 4 (+7), Persuasion 4 (+9) (Attractive +11), Ranged Combat (Firearms) 4 (+10), Technology 10 (+18), Vehicles 8 (+10)

Attractive, Benefit 5 (Wealth & Status - Dazzlingly Wealthy), Close Attack 2, Connected, Contacts, Eidetic Memory, Equipment 22, Fearless, Improved Defense, Improved Disarm, Improved Initiative, Improvised Tools, Inventor, Jack-of-All-Trades, Languages 3, Leadership, Power Attack, Ranged Attack 4, Skill Mastery (Technology), Teamwork, Tracking, Weapon Bind, Well-Informed

“Great Genius”
Quickness 2 (Limited to mental tasks -1) [1]

“Shield Belt” [Removable: 7 total, -2 cost]
Protection 6 (Subtle; Sustained +0) [7]

“Shocker Cane” [Easily Removable: 27 total, -6 cost]
“Stun Shot”
Affliction 7: resisted and overcome by Fortitude, Dazed/Stunned/Incapacitated (Concentration +1, Cumulative +1; Reach 5 [30 ft.]) [26]
  • AE: “Electrified Cane”
    Damage 7 (Improved Critical) [1]
“Radar Pocketwatch” [Easily Removable: 4 total, -2 cost]
Senses 3: Radio (Accurate) (Sustained +0) [3]
Inbuilt Equipment 5: Commlink, Computer, GPS, Mini-Tracer, Videocamera [1]

Assorted Gear: Flashlight, Multitool, Rebreather, Restraints (4)
“Concussion Bomb” Ranged Damage 9 (Burst Area +1 [30 ft.], Triggered [on button press]; Diminished Range 3 [100 ft.]) (24)
  • AE: “Flare Gun” Ranged Damage 5 (Burst Area +1 [30 ft.] on 3 ranks) (1)
  • AE: “Flashbang” Ranged Affliction 6 (Burst Area +1 [30 ft.; Diminished Range 2 [125 ft.]) (1)
Vehicle: “The Nautilus”
Size – A, Strength – 20, Speed – Swimming 6 (60 mph), Defense – 0, Toughness – 15 (11)
Powers: Concealment 2 (Radio, Sonar), Impervious Toughness 13, Ranged Damage 9 (Burst Area +1), Senses 3 (Accurate Radio) (47)
Features: Blast Doors, Central AI, Communications, Computer, Dock, Escape Pods, Fire Prevention System, Gym, Hangar, Holding Cells, Infirmary, Laboratory, Library, Living Space, Navigation System, Power System, Remote Control, Security System, Workshop (19)
Cost: 11+50+19 = 77

Unarmed +11 (Tough DC 17)
Stun Shot +11 (Fort DC 17), Electrified Cane +11 (Tough DC 22)
Ranged +6, Firearms +10, Flare Gun +10 (Tough DC 20/18, Dodge DC 18)
Concussion Bomb (Dodge DC 19, Tough DC 24), Flashbang (Dodge DC 16, Fort DC 16)

Dodge 9 (DC 19), Parry 9 (DC 19)
Toughness +9, Fortitude +7, Will +8

Abilities 70 + Skills 25 + Advantages 52 + Powers 29 + Defenses 14 = 190

Fame: Nemo is a well-known genius and philanthropist with a lot of media presence, in his corner of the world as well as elsewhere.
Idealist: Nemo is extremely devoted to his hero persona to the point of abandoning his civilian life. He also holds true to the idea of not using lethal force, and will object to anyone else’s attempts to do so. He’s also a fierce and vocal opponent of anything he sees as imperialism, sometimes getting off on the wrong foot with people.
Responsibility: Nemo is the founder and leader of his own hero team, the Voyagers, and feels personally responsible for everything concerning the team and its members.

Captain Nemo, originally named Purnama Astuti, was born in 1987, the only son of one of the richest industrial tycoons in Indonesia and all of Southeast Asia. He was raised in opulence, allowing his outstanding intellectual talents to flourish with the best education money could buy. Over time, it became clear that he resented his privileged status in the world, but he was willing to follow in his father’s footsteps to humor him. He also trained in all manner of other skills, such as martial arts to maintain a healthy body for a healthy mind.

Purnama had already earned his doctorate at the National University of Singapore when his father died in 2007, leaving the whole fortune to him. Purnama channeled an increasing amount of money into philanthropic causes, as well as scientific research in his fields of interest, especially oceanology. In 2011, a drone of his researching the bottom of the Mariana Trench discovered a strange sealed capsule. Inside was the detailed autobiography of one Captain Nemo, semi-legendary Indian scientist and freedom fighter from the 19th century, as well as notes and blueprints on a lot of his research. Apparently he had sunk these books there shortly before his death as some manner of time capsule, and in hopes that someone would one day carry on his legacy.

Increasingly frustrated with his current way of life, Purnama quickly became obsessed with this Nemo, his work and his ideology, much to the confusion and worry of those around him. In 2012, he made the shocking declaration that he would sell most of his inherited industrial empire, and even took “Captain Nemo” as his semi-official name. While keeping just enough investments to maintain his activities in the long run, he built a state-of-the-art submarine, named it after the previous Nemo’s famous Nautilus, and started building a team of Southeast Asian heroes, baffling the media around the world.

His fledgling Voyagers have proven relatively successful in these past six years, though, using the Nautilus as their mobile base, allowing them to operate all over the ocean. Nemo initially explored the option of becoming a state-licensed team for Indonesia, but soon decided that this would bring little to no advantage and a lot of unnecessary baggage, restricting his ability to protect the region as a whole. His habit of sailing around in his nigh-undetectable submarine has caused some consternation with various governments, but despite his eccentricities, Nemo has proven a remarkably good negotiator, securing a delicate working environment for the Voyagers.


Not-overly-specialized inventors are always somewhat weird to build, because you run into a million questions of “then why aren’t they using X?”, to which the answer is typically just “because it’s not part of their core concept”. Not to mention “why aren’t they richer?”, i.e. the Reed Richards problem. Sure, everyone just accepts super-science as inherently weird at this point, but it still irks me sometimes, even in my own characters.

I love stuff like historical and legacy heroes, and I just kind of came to the realization that an eccentric billionaire who can afford to latch onto whatever oddity he wants was actually a really good fit for the role.

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Hero Association

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Origin: One-Punch Man

The alternate dimension generally known as Earth-O.N.E. (after the initials of its Earth-side discoverer) is a generally Earth-like world, with the major exception that it has multiple natural satellites and is composed of a single supercontinent surrounded by ocean and smaller islands. Contact between Earth-Prime and Earth-O.N.E. is highly limited, though, restricted to some very basic dimensional observation and the very rare crossover from either side. Human civilization is largely similar to ours, but organized into a cluster of large cities designated A to Z. These cities are often harassed or even destroyed en masse by a variety of monsters, be they naturally occurring or just horribly mutated humans, a process which seems to happen quite spontaneously in this world.

As monsters started to appear more frequently a few years ago, the Hero Association was founded to combat them. It comprises over 500 members, carefully organized into Classes S-A-B-C, with the higher-ups generally having superpowers, skills or equipment far beyond the human norm, and the lower ranks being merely trained individuals who can beat a few street criminals. Each Class also has its internal ranking based on activity and performance in the field, and one must reach #1 before rising to the higher Class. The Association is highly bureaucratic, being built around standardized admission tests and productivity quotas.

Monsters are similarly ranked into Wolves, Tigers, Demons and Dragons depending on how grave of a threat they are and what rank of hero it takes to defeat them, but this classification is generally just the Hero Association’s first impression and often based on false or incomplete information. The rank of God is theoretically included above Dragon, meant for truly world-destroying threats, but has never actually been used.


I’ll be honest, I just wanted to build a bunch of OPM characters without overly worrying about how they’d fit into any sort of united setting. Depending on how much I’m into it, we might be here for a while, but at least their bios are going to be very short and simple. They’re a bit too numerous and often wacky to really fit into a world not built around them, but also make for great jobbers and the occasional legitimate badass. I won’t be building the main character himself, though; his whole point is to be so ridiculously overpowered that he can beat literally anyone in an attack or two, and giving him stats is kind of dumb. Most of the fights in the series that are actually supposed to be dramatic rather than comedic are centered around the extensive supporting cast.
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Vaccine Man

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PL 13 (208)

OPL: 13; DPL: 13
Origin: One-Punch Man
Level: Dragon
Affiliation: Mother Earth
Special Traits: The power of the Earth


Intimidation 12 (+15), Perception 4 (+7)

All-Out Attack, Daze (Intimidation), Diehard, Fearless, Improved Grab, Improved Hold, Improved Initiative, Ranged Attack 4, Startle

“Size Manipulation”
Elongation 2: 30 ft. [2]

Flight 6: 250 mph [12]

“Fangs & Claws”
STR-based Damage 3 (Improved Critical 2) [5]

“Energy Bomb”
Ranged Damage 13 (Blast Area +3 [120 ft.]) [52]

Unarmed +10 (Tough DC 28), Fangs & Claws +10 (Tough DC 31)
Ranged +4
Energy Bomb (Dodge DC 23, Tough DC 28)

Dodge 10 (DC 20), Parry 10 (DC 20)
Toughness +16, Fortitude +16, Will +10

Abilities 104 + Skills 8 + Advantages 12 + Powers 71 + Defenses 13 = 208

Motivation: Vaccine Man’s only goal is to kill and destroy as much as he can, which he seems to take great pleasure in.

The monster Vaccine Man proclaimed that he was created by Nature itself to avenge mankind’s exploitation and pollution of the planet. Massively powerful, he single-handedly defeated several Association heroes and blew up a chunk of A-City. He grew into a massive size to fight the unregistered hero-for-a-hobby Saitama, who interrupted his rampage, before being defeated in one punch.


I’ll go in order of appearance for at least a while before possibly settling on another system. A lot of the monsters in particular are very simple, if their abilities are shown at all, but I'm probably only building the ones that have at least some meat or other significance to them.
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PL 6 (53)

OPL: 6; DPL: 6
Origin: One-Punch Man
Classification: Tiger
Affiliation: -
Special Traits: Crustacean upper body


Intimidation 6 (+6), Perception 4 (+4)

Fast Grab, Improved Hold

Senses 1: Visual (Radius Vision) [1]

“Crab Shell”
Protection 3 [3]

“Crab Claws”
STR-based Damage 3 [3]

Unarmed +4 (Tough DC 20), Crab Claws +4 (Tough DC 23)
Ranged +0

Dodge 4 (DC 4), Parry 4 (DC 14)
Toughness +8, Fortitude +8, Will +3

Abilities 30 + Skills 5 + Advantages 2 + Powers 7 + Defenses 9 = 53

Enemy: Crablante seeks to hunt down and kill “the cleft-faced kid” for drawing nipples on his chest while he was sleeping in the park.
Motivation: After becoming a monster, Crablante has no interest in anything other than beating up people in the street.
Weakness: Crablante’s eye-stalks are highly vulnerable, and any amount of properly applied strength is sufficient to tear them out and kill him instantly.

Crablante is a former human who ate too much crab and turned into a crab-like monster. He went around beating up people who mocked his appearance or looked at him wrong, but spared the then-unpowered Saitama, a down-on-his-luck unemployed young man, for having “the same lifeless eyes” as him. However, when he attempted to murder a random kid for playing a prank on him, Saitama intervened and got beat up, only to then kill Crablante by pulling out one of his eyes (and much of his guts with it). It was this incident that inspired Saitama to change his life and become a hero.


Probably one of the best jobber designs I've seen. And by best I mean worst, in a good way. He's pretty strong, but very unskilled, and capable of being defeated by an untrained civilian with some quick thinking.

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PL 12 (186)

OPL: 12; DPL: 10
Origin: One-Punch Man
Classification: Demon (likely deserving of Dragon)
Affiliation: Brain & Brawn Brothers
Special Traits: Humongous giant


Intimidation (+16*)

Accurate Attack, Daze (Intimidation), Diehard, Great Endurance, Improved Grab, Startle

“270 Meters Tall”
Growth 16: +16 STR/STA, +16 Intimidation, +2 Speed, -8 Defenses, -16 Stealth (Permanent +0) [32]
Elongation 2: stacks with above for 500 ft. (Permanent +0) [2]
Impervious Toughness 20 [20]

“Massive Swipe”
Damage 12 (Cone Area +7 [½ mile]) [96]
  • AE: “Massive Stomp”
    Damage 12 (Burst Area +5 [500 ft.] [1]
  • AE: “Furious Barrage”
    STR-based Damage +0 (20 ranks of Multiattack +1) [1]
Unarmed +4 (Tough DC 35)
Ranged +0

Dodge 0 (DC 10), Parry 0 (DC 10)
Toughness +20, Fortitude +20, Will +4

Abilities 24 + Skills 0 + Advantages 6 + Powers 152 + Defenses 4 = 186

Motivation: Beefcake’s greatest ambition was to become the strongest man in the world.
Responsibility: Beefcake is very close with his older brother Fukegao.

Beefcake, formerly Marugori, was a human athlete who devoted himself to becoming the strongest man in the world. However, his genius brother Fukegao helped him cheat a bit, creating the experimental steroid Biceps Brachi King that turned him into 270-meter tall giant. Overjoyed to have reached their goal, the brothers went off to conquer the world, only to be stopped by Saitama. After absentmindedly squishing Fukegao, Beefcake flew into a berserk rage and pounded on Saitama for a while, creating a massive crater before being killed in one punch. He still manages to destroy much of B-City by falling dead on top of it, though.


Guy this big, and he still fails to make a scratch and gets killed in one shot, illustrating what sorts of power levels we’re dealing with and why I'm not going to bother building Saitama. The only difference is that his head doesn’t quite explode when punched, like most monsters'.

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