Character back-up file

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Character back-up file

Post by pathfinderq1 » Wed Sep 19, 2018 12:46 pm

So I keep getting blocked from That Other Site, and I wanted to put up a back-up file of my character sheets (both in use and in development), for this site and others.

1. Lena Longclaws: Pl5/80 (fantasy setting)
2. Yasmira Spiritsinger PL 5/80 (fantasy setting)
3. Buzzbomb PL 10/150 Speedster, nuisance villain

Others to follow

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Re: Character back-up file

Post by pathfinderq1 » Wed Sep 19, 2018 12:46 pm


PL ?/ PP ? (Unspent 0)

Real name: ?
Codename/nickname/other aliases: ?
Concept/archetype: ?
Gender: ?
Age: ?

-Magic school/type:
-Base of operations:

-Why are you adventuring?:
-Why might you have o be away?:
-Why might you have to leave?:

Abilities: (? pp)
STR ? / STA ? / DEX ? / AGI ?
FGT ?/ INT ? / AWE ?/ PRE ?

Defenses: (? pp)
Toughness: +?
Parry: +?
Dodge: +?
Fortitude: +?
Will: +?

Immunity: ?
Immunity (Half effect): ?

Initiative: +?
Close attack: ?
Ranged attack: ?

-Specific attacks:

Skills: (? pp)
>Trained: TBD

>Untrained: TBD

Advantages: (? pp)
>Base: -TBD

>Enhanced Advantages (bought as Powers): ?


History: TBD

-(At least 2; TBD)

Description: TBD

Point Accounting: Abilities ?pp; +Defenses ?pp; +Skills ?pp; +Advantages ?pp; +Powers ?pp= ?/ ?pp

Future planning: TBD

Capsule: TBD
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Re: Character back-up file

Post by pathfinderq1 » Wed Sep 19, 2018 12:47 pm

Lena Longclaws- IN PROGRESS

"Now this is the law of the jungle, as old and as true as the sky, And the wolf that shall keep it may prosper, but the wolf that shall break it must die."- Rudyard Kipling

PL 5/ PP 80 (Unspent 0)
-HP: 2 (base)

Nicknames/ other aliases: Elfling, Cub, Loudmouth
Real name: Lenya'ra Shwartzgrendt
Concept/archetype: Ranger, Scout (Certainly not a werewolf)
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Height- 5' 7"
Weight- 145 lbs
Hair- black (cut short)
Eyes- Hazel/gold (wolf eyes)
Skin- tanned
-typically wears brown-and-grey forester's garb and carries a bow
-"Observe carefully, speak quietly, ACT decisively"

-Languages: Elvish, Gesture/combat hand sign
-Magic school/type: N/A (Martial styles)
-Alignment: CG (tending N)(Basically good, but independent and a bit distant, mixed with cynicism/pragmatism)
-Deity: Nylea (the hunt), Kord (like most mercenaries); she is not particularly devout in any case
-Occupation: Mercenary, caravan guard, adventurer
-Base of operations: Mobile
-Affiliations: The Party (?); formerly the village of Sarzenn (near Konstantinopolis); formerly Arko's Fist (mercenary company, based in Konstantinopolis)

-Why is she adventuring?: For the most part, it is a combination of wanderlust and thrillseeking- after hearing her father and his friends tell stories for years, she wanted to SEE for herself. After a few bad experiences, she realized life in a formally structured mercenary cohort did not suit her, and she HATES bandits- so that left caravan guarding and adventuring. She has a great hope that she will find a band of allies to work with on a long-term basis (though she doesn't realize it, deep down she craves a Pack to be a part of). And, of course, she has had just enough odd experiences to realize that there might be something a bit odd about her, something that wouldn't fit into a simple settled life. So she wants to explore the world, master her skills, and get rich- in approximately that order.

-Why might she have to be away?: While she cannot consciously change to wolf form, an extreme experience or event could make her change (while asleep or unconscious, perhaps) and wander off- and if she wakes up covered in blood in a strange place, she might take some time to return to her "pack" (the party). A particularly intense event (like the rare 'Blood Moon), or falling under the sway of a more powerful werewolf might also delay her return. OR, more mundanely, one of her father's old friends might need a favor... (+See also: Motivation- wanderlust)

-Why might she have to leave?: If she is forced to change, she might not be able to change back, or could be warped into a mindset too evil or too feral to travel with normal folk. OR she might have to return to her father's homeland, in an effort to remove the taint in her blood (or to truly master it), a process which could take years.

Abilities: (34pp)
STR 1 / STA 3 / DEX 1 / AGI 3
FGT 5 / INT 1 / AWE 4 / PRE -1

Defenses: (4 pp)
Toughness: +3 (STA 3, 0pp)(+4 with leather armor)
Parry: +5 (FGT 5, +0pp)(+6 with shield)
Dodge: +5 (AGI 3, +2pp)(+6 with shield)
Fortitude: +4 (STA 3, +1pp)
Will: +5 (AWE 4, +1pp)

Immunity: Supernatural infection
Immunity (Half effect): Age, Disease, Poison, Sleep
Immunity (Half effect): Fear, Interaction effects

Initiative: +3; Perception +7
Close attack: +5
Ranged attack: +1

>Specific attacks:
-MW Recurve bow +7, DC 18 (Crit 19-20)
-Short sword +7, DC 18 (Crit 19-20)
-Whip +5; DC 17 (Reach 2)(+Disarming, Grabbing)
-Knife +5; DC 17
-Unarmed: +5; DC 16

Skills: (11 pp= 22sp)
>Trained: Acrobatics +4 (1sp); Athletics +3 (2sp); Investigation +2 (1sp); Perception +7 (3sp)(+11 Tracking); Stealth +7 (Skill mastery, Hide in plain sight); Treatment +2 (1sp); Ranged combat- Bow +5 (4sp); Close combat- Light blades +7 (2sp); Expertise- Survival +3 (3sp); Expertise- Mercenary/soldier +2 (1sp); Expertise- Craft (Bowyer/fletcher) +2 (1sp)

>Untrained: Deception -1, Insight +4, Intimidation -1, Persuasion -1, Sleight of hand +1, Technology +1, Vehicles +1; (Uses Jack of all trades)

-Ranged combat- Other +1; Close combat- Other +5

Advantages: (17 pp)
>Base: Benefit 1 (Ambidexterity); Equipment (x6; 30ep); Great endurance; Hide in plain sight; Improved Critical (x1, Bow); Jack of all trades; Languages (x1); Move-by action; Power attack (Bow); Quick draw; Skill mastery (Stealth); Track

>Enhanced Advantages (bought as Powers): Diehard

POWERS: (14pp total)
>Wolf's blood:
-Feature- Wolves (and to a lesser extent other canines) accept her as a wolf (+ See under Complications)(1pp)
-Unnatural vitality 1: Regeneration 1, Persistent; Quirk- does not heal from fire or silver (1pp)
-Unnatural vitality 2: Immunity 1 (Supernatural infection)(1pp)
-Unnatural vitality 3: Immunity 4 (half effect)(Aging, Disease, Poison, Sleep)(2pp)
-Unnatural vitality 4: Enhanced trait- Advantage (Diehard)(1pp)

-Lupine awareness 1: Wolf's eyes- Senses 1 (Low-light vision)(1pp)
-Lupine awareness 2: Master tracker -Enhanced trait- Skill; +4 Perception, (limited- only to find or follow tracks)(1pp)
-Lupine awareness 3: Wary- Senses 1 (Danger sense)(1pp)

-Untamed: Immunity 6 (half effect)(Fear, Interaction effects)(3pp)
-Can't get lost: Senses 1 (Direction sense)(1pp)
-Run with the pack: Speed 1 (1pp)

History: Lenyara's story truly begins with her father Gunther, who was born many years ago in Wolfenstrahd. Following some unspecified "family trouble", he left home as a young teenager, and never went back- for the most part he almost never spoke about his family, or the Old Country. He was, of course, a true (naturally born) werewolf, afflicted as many of his ancestors had been down through the ages. Like many natural lycanthropes, he had better control than the infected variety, and he managed to have a fairly successful career as a mercenary and adventurer. In middle age, he settled in the city-state of Konstantinopolis, where he led the guard force for one of the Guilds. By the age of sixty, he was still vigorous enough to lead his guards in a real fight, but almost all of his time was instead spent on administrative and ceremonial tasks- in short, he felt that it was time to retire.

With the money he had earned over the years, he bought a small farm near the village of Sarzenn, in the belt of farm country about a two-day ride from the outer walls of Konstantinopolis, and he settled down with a young wench from one of his favorite taverns. Just as a hobby, he put together a village militia, though there was never any serious trouble this close to the city walls. And, scandal of scandals, his much-younger wife was soon pregnant. She died giving birth to their daughter, while Gunther fled out into the night- the attending midwife (and, indeed, most of the villagers) swore that his howls of grief were appallingly loud and almost inhuman... When he returned the next morning, the midwife presented him with a healthy daughter, who he named Lenya after his own grandmother, adding the " 'ra" suffix that his wife's people gave their first-born daughters. Years passed, and Gunther and his daughter kept the farm alive. They spent most of the growing season in relative solitude, tending to the various tasks around the place (though unlike most small farmers, they had only crops and trees, and kept no animals, bartering in town for milk and eggs, and hunting for meat)- in the off season Gunther bullied the village militia and taught Lenya'ra as much as he felt she needed. A few times a year they would travel into the "Big City" bringing a wagonload or two of goods from the village- on may of those trips Gunther visited with old friends, and Lenya'ra got to meet a wide variety of people, from many backgrounds. Still, she chafed at the limits of her life- she wanted to experience all that the wider world had to offer, and she decided that becoming a soldier (or at least a scout) offered a better chance than being a simple farmer's daughter. Her father, predictably, wouldn't think of it- so "Lena" practiced with the village militia when her father was busy, and dreamed of being old enough to leave.

When she was 14, things changed, and not for the better. Following years of restlessness and neglect, small groups of bandits began to plague the villages near the great city- they moved too quickly and too unpredictably for the city's outer patrols to strike back, and internal disagreement thwarted the planning of an effective large-scale operation to wipe the bandits out. And one day it was Sarzenn's turn to be raided- a villager made it to Gunther's farm, and the old man headed out alone to help the paltry militia; while he ordered Lena to stay behind with the wounded villager she soon found out he had also left the armor and weapons he usually wore when 'training'. Filled with something that she thought was fear on behalf of the old man (but might have been wild anger under the gaze of a new-risen full moon), Lena put on the armor herself and took up a weapon she had sparred with a hundred times. While her father had always been strong, he wasn't THAT hefty, and scale armor can adjust well enough with proper padding- sure she rattled a bit, but she was the best-armored person in a twenty-mile radius... By the time she got to town, it was full dark- but between the full moon and the light of burning buildings, Lena could see enough (or perhaps too much). What seemed like dozens of bandits rampaged back and forth through the town, directed by a single hooded man on a huge horse- they shifted away whenever the shrinking militia tried to form up. But again and again, a massive black creature, surely too large and savage to be a normal wolf, darted forth from the shadows to strike at the bandits. Their numbers dwindled, and even as Lena stepped into line with the remaining militia, the bandit leader finally turned to face the true threat. As it turned out, he was a wizard, and while the bandits blades could leave no mark on the massive wolf, the spears of silvery fire could, and did. The beast managed to make one final charge fatally injuring the wizard's not-entirely-natural horse- and as it collapsed it rolled across its master; wards that turned away arrows could not stop more than a ton of horse-thing. While the wizard was still screaming out his last breath, the wolf lurched off into the shadows one last time. Lena saw no more than that- as the bandits realized their leader had fallen, they drove through the weak line of militia in a mad rush to escape- one of the struck Lena's loose-fitting helmet hard enough to ring it like a bell, but did not stop to finish her as she fell into unconsciousness. When she awoke it was daylight (more than a day later, though she didn't realize it), and none of the villagers would meet her gaze, or let her see her father's body. He had fallen valiantly, they insisted, but had been burned to death trying to rescue someone from one of the burning houses. No one would tell her the truth- that they had followed the blood trail from the massive wolf only to find a man's dead body, which they had burned at the insistence of the village wisewoman. Lena retreated to the farm to heal, far more quickly than she expected- but no one from the village came to visit, and Lena knew she could not stay there alone.

A week later, she left for the big city, her father's traveling gear bundled into a heavy pack. While the gate guards gave her a long glance, one of her father's friends took her in for a time. She knew the basics of a hundred jobs well enough to gain an apprenticeship, despite her age- but there was a whole world out there... A traveling mercenary company was hiring- and while she was too young to fight, Lena was old enough to work on the supply wagons, and to train for when she WOULD be old enough to fight... Two years passed, through every kind of weather you could imagine- and while Arko's Fists didn't see a lot of action, they saw some, and they certainly did get around. Lena made a few friends in the company, and some enemies, and learned (or improved) a number of skills. While she still wasn't ready to be on the front lines, she was better than most villagers and many bandits, and she was honestly dangerous with a bow. One of the troop sergeants saw her interest and got her shifted into the "headquarters detail"- for the most part it meant standing around the field leaders or command tent on guard, but it offered a rare opportunity to learn something more complicated than marching drills and formation fighting. She also showed an aptitude for scouting, and trained with the Fists' trackers.

Then she went on her first field assignment... It was supposed to be a simple scouting job, with one of the company's lieutenants leading a team chasing down some rumors about the bandits that the Fists had been hired to root out- Lena was along mostly to serve as a runner and gofer for the lieutenant, but she was dressed and armed to fight. Grrr, bandits! Right from the start, the lieutenant knew SOMETHING was wrong, and his nerves rubbed off on the rest of the group. Everybody was jumpy and stressed out- and when mercenaries get stressed, they tend to get aggressive. Easy to lead into an ambush kind of aggressive. They realized that their point man hadn't signaled in a bit- just as the first flight of arrows came flying at them, and everything turned to chaos. The lieutenant went down in the first wave, along with their medic. Lena tried to shout for help, or a rally point, but no one was listening. She could almost smell the blood in the air, and a haze of red swept across her vision.

When she woke up, she was lying on the ground- the lieutenant, battered but alive, was standing over her, wide-eyed, pale, and shaking. Her shattered shield and broken weapons were beside her, as was a veritable pile of dead bandits. She was also covered in blood, some of it hers, and her clothing and armor were shredded in a way that should have exposed a dozen fatal wounds. While she was sore, that was all- and she had no memory of what had happened; while some of the other Fists had survived, it was mostly because they had fled in the chaos- no one would admit to having seen what had happened.

There were meetings among the officers, consultations with hedge wizards and 'supernatural advisors' who had helped Arko's Fists before- it went on for weeks. But at the end of it, Lena was removed from the company- with neither honor nor dishonor; they simply bought out her contract and left her at a caravan hub with a few recommendations. This sort of thing, for more mundane reasons, happened all the time among mercenaries. Lena found work as a caravan guard for a while, which is what brought her as far as Gilthorian, but that kind of work couldn't hold her interest for long. The idea of adventuring had been mentioned to her before, through the years- many ex-Fists had found such work interesting and profitable; now it was Lena's turn to give that a try...

-Heart of the wolf: While she has not learned how to assume wolf form (and, in fact, does not know that she could do so), she is, deep down, a natural werewolf. The phases of the moon CAN influence her behavior, usually for the worse- making her prone to reckless behavior or even violence. In addition, she has a mild vulnerability or allergy to silver- prolonged contact can be painful or even debilitating (silver manacles would be bad). In a truly unusual situation, she might even transform unconsciously (while asleep or badly wounded, for instance), though she would likely have no control, or memories of the event.

-Scent of a wolf: While the dormant nature of her heritage makes it difficult for traditional forms of detection to discern her nature, natural animals (and many other creatures that act like or resemble natural animals) treat her as if she were a wolf. This makes it a bit difficult to ride a horse, for instance, and other interactions with domestic (or wild) animals can be unpredictable.

-"Die bandit scum!": Lena has a terrible, almost irrational hatred for bandits. She will go after them without hesitation, pursue them (or rumors of them) farther than she should, and treat them badly (even when she shouldn't- she is inclined to not accept surrender from them, and to hang them rather than take them in for trial). While she can be reined in, it requires some doing, and her hatred can lead to trouble. (This is likely to fade as she develops)

-Wanderlust/thrillseeking: Lena wants to see what is over the next ridgeline or down the road, or just "over there". She gets bored easily, and she is a bit prone to being distracted, or wandering off, especially in unfamiliar or uncomfortable settings. And she likes to convince her friends to come along for the ride...

-Sins of the father (Relationship): Her father had a LOT of friends from many different backgrounds, in a wide variety of places. While this CAN come in handy from time to time (she has been known to use an HP for a dose of Connections), it also means there is always a chance one of her father's friends might need a favor (legal or otherwise). Some of them might also know her father's secret, and have darker goals...

-Leader of the pack (Motivation): Lena wants to prove herself- to herself, and to the world (if her father was still alive, it would be to him- since he isn't, she has to impress everybody else). She wants to find a group of friends/allies (A Pack), and she wants them to succeed, even if she has to MAKE them succeed. She will risk herself for a friend, keep her word unto death, and push herself and her friends into situations that ought to avoid, in pursuit of improvement or accolades.

-Wild child: Lena doesn't really like people all that much. She rarely speaks when she can avoid it, and never looks anyone directly in the eyes (which some people find unsettling, shifty, or rude). She doesn't like cities and similar crowded, chaotic settings- and has no tolerance AT ALL for courtly graces and fancy clothes (or the nobles who use them- this has caused her trouble in the past). Also, given her skill set and the way she dresses and acts, many civilized folks assume she is a criminal, or at least a shiftless drifter.

Description: Lena is a bit over average height, with a lean, athletic build. She keeps her black hair cut short, to fit under a helmet or hood, and she has the noticeable tan of someone who spends almost all of their time outside (accentuated just a bit by the slightly olive complexion she inherited from her mother). She tends to dress in simple, utilitarian clothing- armor or hunter's leathers, and prefers to keep her weapons close. Her most striking feature is her eyes, which have an unusual grey-flecked gold hue, more the eyes of a wolf than a human. She also has noticeably sharp canine teeth- she hides these traits around strangers by never smiling and keeping her eyes down. She tends to speak quietly, if at all (Her nickname in the Fists was 'Loudmouth', in the usual sarcastic/ironic fashion of mercs).

Point Accounting: Abilities 34pp; +Defenses 4pp; +Skills 11pp; +Advantages 17pp; +Powers 14pp= 80/ 80pp

Future planning: Improve fighting styles (Archery, whip, 2 knives), improve scouting and tracking. Convert bow from equipment to Device. Maybe improve wolfy-ness (up to controlled Metamorph?)

>Equipment: (30ep)
-Fighting leathers: Protection 1, subtle (2ep)
-Buckler/small shield: +1 Parry, +1 Dodge (2ep)
-Bullwhip: STR +1, Reach 2, Disarming, Grabbing (5ep)
-AE: Short sword: STR +2, Slashing, Dangerous (+1ep AE)
-Knife: STR +1 Pierce or Slash, Dangerous, Precise (4ep)
-AE- Holdout knife: STR +0, pierce, dangerous, Precise, Concealable (+1ep)
-Masterwork recurve bow: Ranged Piercing 3, Accurate 1, Extended range 1 (8ep)(Add variant arrows)

-Adventurers kit: (5ep) Backpack, sack, waterskin, bedroll, flint and steel, belt pouch.
-(TO ADD: pack harness, spare clothes, rope, whetstone, bowyer's tools

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Re: Character back-up file

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Rachel Tapperly

PL 5/ PP 75 (Unspent 0)
-HP: 1

Concept/archetype: apprentice wizard, scribe, scholar
-Human (some elven blood- about one quarter elf)
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Height- 5'0"
Weight- 105 lbs
Hair- Black (Straight, long; single braid)
Eyes- Green
Skin- pale gold/light tan

-Alignment: NG
-Occupation: scholar, scribe, healer, apprentice wizard
-Languages: Desert trade speech, Elven, Goblin, Draconic (+Native- Common)

Abilities: (30 pp)
STR -1 / STA 4 / DEX 1 / AGI 2
FGT 0 / INT 5 / AWE 4 / PRE 0

Defenses: (7 pp)
Toughness: +4 (STA 4, +0pp)(+5 with armor)
Parry: +4 (FGT 0, +4pp)
Dodge: +5 (AGI 2, +3pp)
Fortitude: +4 (STA 4, +0pp)
Will: +4 (AWE 4, +0pp)

Immunity: n/a
Immunity (Half effect): natural aging, need for sleep (racial)

Initiative: +2; Perception +5
Close attack: +0
Ranged attack: +2

>Specific attacks:
-Crossbow: +8 DC 17 (+2), crit 19-20, ranged piercing
-Staff: +2, DC 16 (+1), close bludgeoning, reach 1

Skills: (17 pp= 34sp)
>Trained: Acrobatics +3 (1sp); Athletics +0 (1sp); Deception +1 (1sp); Insight +5 (1sp); Intimidate +1 (1sp); Investigation +8 (3sp); Perception +5 (1sp); Persuasion +1 (1sp); Sleight of hand +2 (1sp); Technology +6 (1sp); Treatment +8 (3sp); Expertise (Perform- singing/PRE) +1 (1sp); Expertise (Perform- harp/DEX) +3 (2sp); Expertise- Merchant +8 (3sp); Expertise- Scribe +6 (1sp); Expertise- Magic +6 (1sp); Expertise- Languages +6 (1sp); Expertise- Bardic lore (songs and stories) +6 (1sp); Expertise- Folklore and mythology +6 (1sp)

>Combat skills: Ranged combat- Crossbow +8 (6sp); Close combat- staff +2 (2sp)

>Untrained: Stealth +2, Vehicles +1
-Expertise (most others, with Eidetic memory) +5

Advantages: (18 pp)
>Base: Attractive x1; Benefit x1 (Wealth- well-off); Eidetic memory; Equipment x5 (Gear; 25ep); Equipment x1 (HQ; 5ep); Fascinate (Perform- harp); Languages x3; Luck x1; Move-by action; Ranged attack x1; Ritualist; Well-informed

>Upcoming/ to learn: Artificer, Taunt (Creative curses), Quick draw, etc.

>Enhanced Advantages (bought as Powers): N/A

>Elven heritage (Racial powers- Rachel is not even a true half-elf, but she does have some elven blood in her, enough to make her different):
-Senses 1: Low-light vision (1pp)
-Immunities 2 (half effect): natural aging, need for sleep (1pp)

>Gift of knowledge:
-Comprehend 1 (Languages- Read all), Distracting (full focus) (1pp)

History: Once upon a time, there was a young girl who lived in a village where nothing ever happened- no matter how much she wanted something to happen. Anything, anything at all, as long as it was as exciting as the tales she had heard from wanderers in the local inn. Her name was Rebecca Tapperly, and this is not HER story.

She was one daughter among many, part of the Tapperly family who ran the largest inn in the quiet village of Solmir. Rebecca spent most of her childhood and her early teenage years listening to every story from every traveler, and dreaming of "getting out"- her family for the most part, simply shook their heads and waited for her to settle down. Nobody ever really left town, after all.

Except Rebecca, who ran away from home at 15 and was never seen in town again. At the time, everyone thought she had stowed away with a caravan headed back to the desert cities, and they knew she would be back as soon as the merchants discovered her. She never came back, and in time her family almost forgot about her- running the inn was a full-time, all-hands sort of business and anything outside of town seemed to just fade out of mind, after all.

Imagine how surprised all of them were, years alter when another caravan of traders from the desert showed up- carrying a tiny baby in a basket and insisting that the child was Rebecca's daughter Rachel, who they had been told to bring to her relatives in Solmir. None of the merchants seemed certain of what had happened to Rebecca. Even her own family had all but forgotten about her, and they took some convincing before they would accept the child- among other issues the girl's eyes were a catlike green, speaking of some measure of elven heritage. Just who had Rebecca married, wherever she had gone?

But young children have a magic all their own, and in time the Tapperly family adopted her- Rebecca's own siblings had children of their own now and ran the inn for the most part. Her parents (little Rachel's grandparents were still well enough to help, including caring for the new child. Years passed, and the girl became part of the family, as much 'daughter' as 'niece' and more sibling than cousin to those nearer to her own age. She was quiet but very curious, and very very smart. And like her mother, she loved to listen to songs and stories, noo matter what she should have been doing instead. As the years passed, she helped around the inn like the other children. She also learned to read and write and to fgure sums- from a fairly early age she helped out with lists and book-keeping- when she began to learn other languages she helped her "parents" with foreign travelers who passed through the village (and either stayed at or traded with the inn).

-Curiouser and curiouser: Rachel doesn't have a cat, and that is probably a good thing. She is very curious by nature, and loves riddles, puzzles, and mysteries of all sorts- she loves SOLVING them most of all. Her curiousity (and her "Let me try" approach to puzzles) could get her into trouble.

-The value of words:

-The sorrow of the elves:

-The sins of the mother:

Description: TBD

Point Accounting: Abilities 30pp; +Defenses 7pp; +Skills 17pp; +Advantages 18pp; +Powers 3pp= 75/ 75pp

-Reinforced robes: +1 Protection, Subtle (2ep)
-MW Healers kit (2ep)
-Tools (Ritualist)(1ep)
-Light crossbow: Ranged Piercing +2 (DC 17), Dangerous 1, improved range 1 (6ep)
-Ritual knife: STR+0 slashing/piercing, Silver (2ep)
-Quarterstaff: STR +2, bludgeoning, Reach 1 (3ep)
-Spare clothes: 2 sets (1 plain traveling, 1 moderately fancy)(2ep)
-Backpack, bedroll, waterskin, flint and steel, scholars pack (??ep)

>Grandparents' cottage (HQ; 5ep)
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Re: Character back-up file

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Real name: Keyanna 'Kix' Ortiz
Codename: Buzzbomb
Concept: Speedster; minor villain, bad attitude. Buzzbomb appears to be a typical mid-tier speedster, and like many such, her powers do involve some temporal distortion. She has only recently realized this, after discussions in the speedster villain therapy group in prison, so she hasn't really practiced those aspects much...
Gender: Female
Age: 19
-Androgynous-looking; lean, well-toned and graceful; very short, tightly curled black hair, brown eyes; light-skinned black/ dark hispanic (Dominican)
-5'6"; 130 lbs
-typically has a defiant/surly expression and posture. Is NOT smiling.

PL 10; 150/ 150 pp

Abilities: (42 pp)
STR 1 / STA 7 / DEX 1 / AGI 4 (8)
FGT 4 (8) / INT 1 / AWE 3 / PRE 0

Defenses: (9 pp)
Toughness: +7
Parry: +6 (up to +13)(AGI 4/8, +2pp, +3 powers)
Dodge: +6 (up to +13)(FGT 4/8, +2pp, +3 powers)
Fortitude: +7 (STA 7, +0pp)
Will: +8 (AWE 3, +5pp)

Immunity: Intoxicants/street drugs (Limited- Friction heat)
Immunity (Half effect): Aging, Disease, Poison, Sleep

-Base: Speed 1, Leaping 1
-Powered: Speed 7 (Speed 9 including Superspeed 2)

Initiative: +16 (AGI 4/8, +Improved initiative x2)
Close attack: +4/ +8 (FGT 4/ 8)
Ranged attack: +1 (DEX 1)

-Specific attacks:
>Basic unarmed: +8, DC 16 (+1)
>Baseball bat: +8, DC 18 (+3)
-High speed strike: +13, DC 22 (+7); Crit 18-20 (+); physical/blunt
-Jackhammer punch: +15, DC 20 (+5), Multiattack 5, Penetrating 5; Physical/blunt
-Fingersnap 'sonic boom': +13, Affliction DC 17 Fort (+7), Crit 19-20, Close/ 5' reach); Sonic/force

-High speed throw: +12, DC 18 (+3), Crit 18-20; Range 30/75/150; Damage- varies by projectile type (mostly piercing)

Skills: (11 pp)(24sp noncombat= 8pp; +6sp combat= 3pp)
>Trained: Acrobatics +9 (1sp); Athletics +5 (4sp, Mastery); Deception +5 (5sp)(+11 for Taunt); Insight +4 (1sp)(+10 to resist interaction/ Influence); Investigation +2 (1sp); Perception +4 (1sp); Sleight of hand +2 (1sp); Stealth +9 (1sp); Technology +2 (1sp); Expertise- Streetwise +5 (4sp); Expertise- Criminal +2 (1sp); Expertise- Pop culture +3 (2sp); Expertise- Area knowledge (Boston) +2 (1sp)

>Combat skills: Close combat (high speed strikes array) +13 (5sp); Ranged combat (throwing) +2 (1sp); Close combat (all other) +8 (0sp)

>Untrained: Intimidation, Persuasion, Treatment, Vehicles
>Notes: Noncombat skill cost 1pp per 3 ranks; Combat skills cost 1pp per 2 ranks (House rule)

Advantages: (14 pp)
>Base: Agile feint; Equipment x1; Evasion x1; Great endurance; Improved trip; Languages x1 (Dominican Spanish, native is English); Lionheart; Luck x1 (basic); Move-by action; Power attack; Quick draw; Skill mastery x1- Athletics; Takedown x1; Taunt

>Enhanced Advantages (bought as Powers): Improved Initiative x2 (+others- Limited or attack specific)

>Natural abilities:
-Track and field: Speed 1, Leap 1 (2pp, natural ability +training)
-Run home: Sense 1 (direction sense)(1pp)
-Run around the block: Movement 1- Environmental adaptation (urban)(2pp)
-EPIC eye-roll: Enhanced skill- Insight +6 (Limited- only to resist Influence/ interaction)(1pp)

>Speedster metabolism:
-Regeneration 1, Persistent (2pp)
-Immunity 1: Street drugs/intoxicants (1pp)
-Immunity 4 (half effect): Aging, Disease, Poison, Sleep (2pp)

>Built for speed:
-Enhanced AGI +4 (8pp)
-Enhanced FGT +4 (8pp)
-Enhanced defenses: +3 Dodge, +3 Parry (6pp)
-Superspeed 1 (+Speed 1, Quickness 1, Improved initiative 1; superhuman physicality)(3pp)
-+Superspeed 1 (+Speed 1, Quickness 1, Improved initiative1; Temporal)(3pp)
-Enhanced Speed +6 (7 total; Speed 9 including Superspeed 2)(6pp)(Stunt- Movement: Permeate)
-Movement 2: Wall-running 1, Water walking 1 (Both Limited- only while moving above human Speed 3+)(4-2= 2pp)
+Voicebox vibration: Feature 1- disguised voice, +Enhanced Skill- Deception +6 (Limited, only for Taunt)(1+1= 2pp)

>Temporal senses
-Senses 2: Awareness (temporal), Danger sense (Other- temporal; "not quite precognition")(2pp)

>Past to Present to Future (Array):
-Present tense (base)- Senses 3: Rapid x1 vision (x10), Radius vision, Time sense (3pp; base power)
-Past tense (AE): Enhanced advantage (Tracking); Enhanced advantages 2 (Eidetic memory, Well-informed)(Limited- require conscious activation/ Move action; -1); Senses 4 Post-cognition (Limited- Unreliable, Distracting; -2)(1+1+1= 3pp; +1pp AE)
-Future tense- Enhanced advantage (Luck x1- Inspiration); Senses 4- Precognition (Limited- Uncontrolled/ GM whim; -1)(1+2= 3pp; 1pp AE)

>High-speed combat (Array)
-High speed strike: STR +6 close damage, blunt; Improved crit x2; Precise attack x2 (Close, concealment and cover); Enhanced Takedown +1; Subtle x1 (temporal senses or Rapid sense); Affects insubstantial 2 (full); 6+2+2+1+1+2= 14)(base, 14pp)

-Jackhammer strike: STR +4 close damage, blunt; Multiattack 5; Penetrating 5; Accurate x1; Quirk- multiattack vs. single target only (4+5+5+1-1)(14pp, +1AE)

-Finger snap/ sonic boomlet: Affliction 7, close, sonic/force; Improved crit x1; Precise attack x2 (Close, concealment and cover); Reach x1 (5'); Affects insubstantial 2 (Limited- only vs. level 1-2 insubstantiality; -1); Resist- FORT; Recover- FORT; Dazed +impaired/ Stunned +disabled; Limited degree, extra condition (12pp, +1AE)

-High speed throw: Enhanced advantages 3 (Throwing mastery x1/ weaponize; Improved critical x2- thrown weapon); Ranged damage 3 (DC 18); Feature 1 (Variable damage type; projectile +Cutting or blunt or piercing); Quirk 1 (requires ammunition to throw); +Precise; Accurate x5 (+10); Diminished range x1 (30/75/150 at rank 3; -1 flat)(3+6+1-1+5-1= 14)(14pp, +1 AE)

-Timeskip: Immunity 10 (Entrapment/grapples 5, Temporal effects 5)(Limited- Unreliable, -1); Immunity 1 (Friction heat); Feature 1- 'blur disguise'/visual; Speed +1 (10); Speed gains Precise (+1); Quickness +2 (4); Enhanced advantages 3 (Hide in plain sight, Improved defense, Evasion +1)(5+1+1+1+1+2+3= 14)(14pp, +1AE)

>Known array stunts: Tag everyone (Burst selective strike); High-speed disarm; 'Handful of ball bearings' (cone damage throwing); Vertigo (WILL affliction); Bullet catch (Deflect/Reflect/Redirect- physical projectile)

History: Keyanna was born in Florida, but her family moved to Boston before she could walk- her father had a solid job with the city's Parks Department. They settled in Dorchester on the south side of the city- a 'working class' neighborhood that was actually a bunch of smaller neighborhoods. There was the Dominican enclave (where the Ortiz family settled), the Irish section, the growing Vietnamese section, and a number of other smaller zones- and well, there were some good parts of town, and some very, very bad parts of town. Keyanna's father had been raised in a rural setting, and even when he wasn't on the job he enjoyed the outdoors- he was forever trying organize walks, picnics, and so on. From an early age, Keyanna was all on board with that- she had an excess of energy and though she would never admit it, she liked the time alone. Her older brother Henry was more of an urban child- he had lots of friends in the neighborhood, and the only time he enjoyed being outside was playing on the baseball field or the basketball court (and he was great at both). As a result, Keyanna grew up very much in her brother's shadow.

Over the years, their neighborhood got worse and worse. There were drugs, and gangs, and violence. Dad, of course, stubbornly refused to admit it- but he DID make even more efforts to get the family out of the neighborhood whenever there was a chance. Like many kids his age, Henry ended up in a gang and started putting his life on the line for the possession of two square blocks- his serious chance at athletics was basically over. He was still strong and fast and tough and he had a lot of friends, and so Keyanna was still insulated from the worst the neighborhood had to offer- no one wanted to mess with Henry's little sister. By 13, she had started to demonstrate her own athletic potential- she was the only freshman on the varsity track team, and her ideal afternoon consisted of putting on some headphones and going for a run (though she DID avoid the neighborhood as much as she could).

By the time Keyanna was 16, her brother was firmly established in the neighborhood gang, warlord of a good solid block. Keyanna, still at home, hardly ever saw him except in passing, though she heard his name often enough in school and out. Then one day when she was across the river in Cambridge at a track meet, she heard her brother's name someplace she didn't expect- two of the members of one of the other teams, with their own ties to another Dorchester crew, were talking about an upcoming rumble, and about how one of their other friends had scored some serious assistance, some kind of super-drug.

The Boston area didn't have a huge superhuman population, then or now- nothing like Freedom City, or Emerald City out on the west coast. Supers weren't unknown though- and the so-called "Power drugs" like Max and Zoom were common enough in the right circles (though not usually among Dorchester street gangs). Even worse, between MIT researchers and the massive number of biopharmaceutical companies in the area, there were an awful lot of experimental power drugs out there- some very effective and some very unpredictable, put out by unethical scientists unwilling to go through the formal clinical trials process.

Keyanna sought her brother out that night, braving some of the worst parts of the neighborhood to track him down. She was thoroughly disgusted by some of the stuff she saw but well, he WAS her brother. She delivered her warning- and Henry just laughed it off, saying he had a few surprises of his own. Not exactly convinced, Keyanna went home- but she didn't tell their parents. A few days later at school, she was just sitting down to lunch with some of her friends from the track team when one of her brother's friends burst into the cafeteria. There was no way Case should have been on school property to start with, and he was moving strangely- both too fast and too erratically. And he made his way right through the middle of the caf, straight to Keyanna's table, babbling so fast she couldn't understand him. She knew what was happening though- she grabbed her bag off the back of the chair and headed for the door.

They were back on the streets in a minute, and Keyanna ran like she never had before. Case, for all his speed (wherever it had come from) didn't maneuver very well, and Keyanna was mostly able to keep up with him. On the corner of their block, they found a blasted hole in one building where an empty storefront had been. There, in the wreckage, was Henry- and two other kids in H-Block colors, one of whom seemed to still be moving (or at least wavering) even as he was lying still.There were no firemen, no EMTs- just one cop lazily stringing up some crime scene; from around the corner the was the echoing crack of gunfire, and a sharper sound that wasn't guns. That was where the rest of the police and emergency personnel were tied up, and Case took off towards the excitement as soon as Keyanna realized what had happened. The lone cop, no longer looking bored, took a quick look at Keyanna kneeling by her brother's body before taking off after Case. Keyanna wasn't really crying, that wasn't her style, and if she was screaming, it was AT her brother, not ABOUT him. When she shook him, his eyes slid open for a moment and he reached out, pressing something into her bloodied hand before his eyes slid closed again, and his breathing stopped.

What he had put in his sister's hand was a pair of pills, like nothing she had ever seen- they looked more like tiny crystals, and they seemed to react to the still-warm blood on her fingers. Without even thinking about it, she swallowed the pills- and her head exploded. At least, that was what it felt like. Blinking her eyes, her vision seemed to stutter like an old-fashioned film strip, and she could feel her heart racing. She stood up, despite a wave of dizziness, and took a stumbling step- and was fifty feet down the street. Still wavering, she made her way around the corner to where the fighting was still going on- some of her brother's friends and a half-dozen H-Block boys were all going at it. The police were busy setting up a perimeter and keeping bystanders away- Keyanna could see one of the armored SWAT trucks trundling closer, and she heard one of the cops screaming into his radio for an AEGIS response team. Because that was all they COULD do, really- all of the combatants were moving incredibly fast, rapid jagged movements that Keyanna could barely track- until she blinked, and they were all moving at normal speed. Another blink, and everyone on the street was moving too slowly now- everyone but her. In what felt like one step, she was beside Case, casually pushing away the cop who had was trying to wrestle him down. Someone had dropped a bloodstained baseball bat- Keyanna picked it up and strode into the fray. In seconds the fight was over- and everybody was looking at her (at least as soon as she slowed down enough for them to be able to see her, that is).

One of her brother's friends recognized her, and the words "Yo, Kix..." were barely out of his mouth before the cops started moving in. Still hyped up Keyanna almost laid all of them out beside the other fallen combatants- instead she dropped the bat and took off, No way they were going to catch her... She went home and grabbed a bunch of her clothes and belongings, but she didn't stay- she couldn't face her parents, and she knew AEGIS would be coming. She couldn't go to any of HER friends either, couldn't drag them into this. She took to the streets instead, looking for some of her brother's friends- they might be disreputable, but they were all she had.

The news of the day, between Henry's death and Keyanna's change, gave her father a stroke- but she still couldn't go home. One of her friends live-streamed Henry's funeral, because Keyanna knew better than to go to that. One of Henry's friends was really clever- he set Keyanna up with a place to stay, anything she might need- he even promised more, "as soon as he could call in some favors". All he needed in return was a little help from her, a couple of errands that she was uniquely capable of attending to. Deliver this, pick this up... Maybe, if you want to, steal this thing for me... It was like that for a couple of weeks. And by then, Keyanna was all too aware that whatever had happened to her, it wasn't wearing off like Zoom did, it wasn't going away- if anything it was getting stronger, more under control.

So she decided to have a little fun. She started off by trying some of the "speedster tricks" she had seen on the news, Youtube, that sort of thing- trying to figure out which ones she could do. Armed with that knowledge, she exercised a bit of revenge and busted up the operations of the H-Block gang, blaming them for her brother's death. She made sure to dump a lot of their ill-gotten resources on her parents' back porch- with her father in the hospital they needed all the help they could get. And then she started tearing around town, making a general high-speed nuisance of herself. While Boston didn't have a lot of superheroes, they had a few- and she quickly ran afoul of one of them, the MIT-based powered armor hero known as Ramjet. He was fast, but his jet-suit operated best away from ground clutter and he couldn't corner worth a darn- he almost caught her with a snare-burst shell, but she managed to escape it somehow, not even certain what had happened...

Keyanna, now using the alias "Buzzbomb" because of the vibrato whine her voice emitted at high speeds, stayed in the Boston area for a few months, doing a few jobs for her brother's friend, or out of necessity for her own sake. AEGIS dutifully added her to their list of superhuman criminals, but didn't set her threat rating very high- she was mostly a petty criminal, with a few high-value thefts and very little violence. Most of the heroes in town made a try for her once or twice, but none of them came close to catching her. After a while, though, she knew it was time to leave- being near her parents, her old home, her friends, without being able to visit them- it was starting to grind her down. And Ramjet just would not let up- he was just fast enough to be a real threat, and his technological skills include surveillance and 'predictive software'- it seemed like he was always showing up on her trail, and often at the worst time. With another winter right around the corner, she left town- after, of course, taking a moment to run the famous Marathon route. Keyanna wandered around the country for a while- she didn't have a lot of allies to rely on, but she was adaptable, and she could always just steal anything she needed.

Even this unfettered lifestyle grew kind of stale after a while, and she started looking for a new place to set up shop- especially after a run-in with the famous Johnny Rocket. She only got out of that one because one of his more well-known foes broke up the fight, pretty much by accident. Luckily for Keyanna, somebody else had been keeping a quiet eye on her. Hellbent and Fullbore, the leaders of the Masters of Speed, were always on the watch for new recruits, and after a few encounters they offered her a try-out for their team. It did not go well. To start with, Buzzbomb did NOT mesh well with Whiplash, and her often sour attitude didn't appreciate Blur's pranks. And well, there was this one time, where Keyanna might have accidentally made a possibly flirtatious comment to Cheetah- which neither Cheetah, nor Hellbent, nor Fullbore really liked... So she was out- no real hard feelings, just don't come back, that kind of thing. She has heard that they picked up some other new guy instead, but whatever...

So she tore around the country some more, generally making a nuisance of herself. Since she wasn't a hardcore Capital V Villain by nature she even picked off a few crooks here and there, dropping them for local police to find- or leaving them behind so that pursuing AEGIC agents would pick them up instead and stop chasing her.

And then Ramjet, that jerk, caught up to her AGAIN. She had only come home to watch some of her old friends graduate from high school. She was just another audience member, another anonymous shape in loose clothes, a Sox cap, and sunglasses- but when she left the auditorium, Ramjet was RIGHT THERE, hovering in his jetsuit and ready to rumble. Keyanna just took off. This time, Ramjet was prepared, flying a couple of harrier drones through his suit's uplink to disrupt her escape. Going all-out, Keyanna made it to the Charles and zoomed away upstream, running on water. Aweome! Ramjet kept on after her, and she jumped up onto a bridge, then into the tangled streets around Harvard Square- still couldn't shake him. After a tight turn, her long braided hair slipped out of her hood and started trailing along behind her- just far enough for Ramjet to snag. Before he got tighten his grip and bring her down, Keyanna tried something she had only done once before, and turned to run directly at a wall. And then through it, cleanly, without a scratch on her or the wall- even more awesome!

Except that Ramjet hadn't left go of her hair in time, and he had been pulled into the wall before he could release his grip- she had pulled him out of phase, but he solidified when he let go. Inside the wall, at least mostly. Keyanna was horrified, actually physically ill and traumatized. And that had certainly moved up her threat as far as AEGIS was concerned- Ramjet had been a well-regarded, established hero, and they had no reason to believe this had been an accident. Keyanna headed for the hills, as far away from Boston as she could get. A month on the run, then two- with AEGIS and a bunch of Ramjet's friends after her- then she was back in California, where it was warm and sunny. And where Johnny Rocket nailed her to a wall, not QUITE literally. At trial the made sure to mention she had killed before (both at her initial manifestation and once or twice by causing accidents involving vehicle pursuits)- she certainly didn't have anyone pleading FOR her (though maybe some of the Masters of Speed, well-disguised, showed up in the courtroom audience).

And so she ended up in jail- not just regular jail, but Super-jail, with her powers damped and no visitors, not one. She did finish up her GED, for all the good it was going to do her, and she took some tips from older, experienced speedster-crooks. But she spent the rest of her time alone in her cell or alone out on the yard, keeping in shape and maintaining an armor of sullen disinterest. For someone who treasures the freedom to just go out and do stuff, this locked-down boredom was worse than torture.

-Motivation (Thrills): Like many speedsters, Keyanna tends to revel in the expression of her powers- she loves to fast, and to do stuff (fun, exciting stuff, like learning new tricks and competing against other superhumans). Sometimes she doesn't do a very good job of weighing consequences, or of exercising proper precautions about her behavior. Especially these day, she would be as likely as not to jump at a chance of amateur vigilante heroing- as long as she gets to run... ("I got this!")

-Responsibility (Family): Keyanna's father is now an invalid, and her mother is a nervous wreck- neither one of them wants anything to do with her. Her father did keep his pension, but only after a fight, and they don't have an easy time of it. Keyanna feels as if their troubles are all her fault (instead of only some of them), and she desperately wants to help them out. Anyone who offered her an opportunity to improve things (or, conversely, threatened their fragile state on her behalf) would get her attention very quickly.

-Can't sit still, can't wait around: Keyanna, like a cat, has two basic conditions- flopped out half asleep, and moving at full speed. She is comfortable at rest, but she prefers to be moving, if there is anything to do. Waiting around, complicated plans, and coordinating actions with slow-movers aren't things she does well- though lately the realization that some of her powers involve temporal distortion has led her into trying to learn meditation; we'll have to see how THAT goes).

-Don't cross me/ drugs suck: Keyanna has a bit of a temper, and once she gets angry or frustrated, she tends to hold a grudge and retaliate a bit too strongly. She doesn't apologize, or often accept apologies. At least she is pretty open in her anger- she doesn't understand or enjoy clever devious subtle anger or vengeance- so she could be easy to mislead for an experienced manipulator. As one might expect, she has a hard time making friends, and has had terrible luck with what friends she HAS made- she tends to armor herself in sullen disdain, and expects no good from anyone. She would really LOVE to be proven wrong, just once- and if she did make a real friend she would do ANYTHING for them. She also hates 'street drugs' and those who make, use, or sell them- she wholeheartedly believes they ended her brother's life, and destroyed hers, and she would go out of her way to make trouble for drug dealers, even ones who wear a doctor's coat and 'official approval'.

-Accident (Kinetic/speed): Keyanna moves very fast, and generates a lot of potential energy. Luckily her control is pretty good- but when you are moving that fast, accidents can happen.

-Accident (temporal): In addition, some of her abilities involve an element of temporal distortion- primarily her perception of time. When using her time-related senses, she can get 'lost in the moment' and lose track of the actual progression of time- possibly a brief distraction, possibly a more lengthy fugue state or 'time loop'. Her abilities may also affect time in an uncontrolled fashion- a bubble of 'stuck time' or worse...

Description: Keyanna is a young woman of Dominican descent- she looks like a light-skinned black girl with a very lean, well-toned build (even before her powers manifested she was a serious runner). She has brown eyes, usually half-closed in a disdainful squint, and tightly curled black hair- she used to wear it long, in narrow silver-tipped braids but that was what got her caught; she now keeps it trimmed very short. She does not have a specific costume, though she prefers functional athletic clothing- she does usually wear close-fitting sunglasses, black fingerless gloves, and a messenger bag. She would probably not kill you for a phone with decent music selection and a good set of headphones (PROBABLY wouldn't...). Between her lean build, her close-trimmed hair, and her general disdain for make-up, she has a very androgynous look- not terribly butch, but not exactly femme either. Her nickname on the cellblock is 'Prettyboy', and most people have a bit of confusion when they meet her for the first time.

Point Accounting: Abilities 42pp; +Defenses 9pp; +Skills 11pp; +Advantages 14pp; +Powers 74pp= 150/ 150pp

Future planning: Improve Will save (and AWE ?), add advantages, improve array and speed. Maybe improve temporal abilities.

Capsule: Former city kid who metahuman powers activated after taking a dose of Zoom cut with "Something else". She ran wild for a while, more a nuisance and troublemaker than a serious villain- but then she accidentally killed somebody (phased them partway through a wall). She has been in jail since- she has had serious thought about 'turning good' or giving up the whole active super career, but she is holding on to a cocky attitude.

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Re: Character back-up file

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Anna Katherine Prydeman
Birth name: Ilyana Rachel Pryde-Rasputin
-Prefers Anna, Kate or Katie is okay, Kitty will get you slapped or mocked; only her DXDO case officer and her mentor Touchstone know her real birth name (all official ID documents are for Anna Katherine Prydeman
Codename: Featherweight
Concept: Density-controller, legacy heroine, X-D
Gender: female
Age: 15
4'10"; 90 lbs. (Varies between 0-ish and 1500-ish lbs)

PL 7; 135/ 135 pp

Abilities: (44 pp)
STR 0 / STA 5 / DEX 1 / AGI 5
FGT 4 / INT 2 / AWE 4 / PRE 1

>Defenses: (6 pp)
Toughness: +5 (0pp)(Varies)
Parry: +6 (FGT 4, +2pp)(Varies)
Dodge: +6 (AGI 5, +1pp)(Varies)
Fortitude: +5 (STA 5, +0pp)
Will: +7 (AWE 4, +3pp)

-Low density: T +6/D +8/P +8 (~12lbs)
-Full phase: T +5/D +6/P +6
-High density: T +10 (Imp 6)/D +4/P +4 (~1500 lbs; STR 10, STA 10, AGI 3, FGT 2, DEX 0; ground speed -1, cannot swim)
(+others by Stunt)

Immunity: Disease (+Limited: Poison, Street drugs/intoxicants)
Immunity (Half effect): Aging, Starvation/thirst (CAN eat and drink)

Initiative: +5 (base)
Close attack: +6
Ranged attack: +1

>Specific attacks:
-Basic unarmed: +8; DC 16 (+1)
-Unarmed (Low-D): +10; DC 19 (+4)
-Unarmed (High-D): +4; DC 25 (+10)
-Selective density alteration: +0 touch; DC 24 Weaken Toughness 14, Objects only, +associated effects)(This LOOKS like an attack power, but is really more of a Utility power)
-Thrown something: +2; DC varies
-Grab: +6; DC 10 (+0)

Skills: (42sp= 14pp)
>Trained: Acrobatics +6 (1sp); Athletics +3 (3sp); Deception +8 (Mastery, 7sp); Insight +6 (2sp); Investigation +5 (3sp); Perception +5 (1sp); Persuasion +2 (1sp); Sleight of hand +2 (1sp); Stealth +9 (Mastery, 4sp); Technology +3 (1sp); Treatment +3 (1sp); Ranged combat (Throwing) +2 (1sp); Close combat (unarmed) +8 (2sp)
-Expertise (X-Men trainee) +5 (3sp)(Mostly recognizing other members of various X-continuities)
-Expertise Streetwise) +5 (3sp)
-Expertise (Criminal/thief) +3 (1sp)
-Expertise (Urban survival) +3 (1sp)
-Expertise (Geek culture) +5 (3sp)( A variation on Pop culture)
-Expertise (Student) +3 (1sp)
-Expertise (Art- Sculpture, uses DEX) +3 (2sp)

>Untrained: Intimidation +1 (or less); Vehicles +1

Advantages: (15 pp)
>Base: Benefit 1 (Burglar- Stealth); Close combat x2; Disarming x1; Evasion x1; Hide in plain sight; Improved trip; Languages x3 (Russian, Japanese, Hebrew, Morse code); Luck x1; Move-by action; Power attack; Skill mastery- Stealth; Taunt

>Enhanced Advantages (bought as Powers): Diehard, Great endurance (+Others, depending on density array choice)

>Free (from PRE 1): Skill mastery- Deception
>Free (Campaign): Legal identity (provided by DXDO)

-To add: Teamwork/combat stuff mostly, some stealth and/or deceit stuff.
-Benefit (Burglar): Substitute Stealth skill check for Technology checks related to security (locks, alarms, etc.) but not other Technology uses (Gadget Guide)
-Disarming (Fortune, ranked- to 10): (AKA Puppy-dog eyes) Looks cute and non-threatening, so villains might not want to flatten her. Can directthis against one villain- Spend an HP to force the target to roll Will (DC 10 +double the ranks in Disarming). If they fail, they will "pull their punch", reducing the attack by 2 ranks, 5 ranks for 2 degrees of failure, 10 ranks for 3 degrees. This lasts until she attacks and hurts the target- if they make the initial save, or if she does hurt them, they can't be affected by Disarming for the rest of the encounter. (From Hero High)(In this case, it is more "non-threatening" than "Innocent" and she often keeps this in reserve, hidden by a mask or sunglasses)

>Unstable molecule costume
-Feature 1: costume adapts to powers (avoiding "Wear and tear" Complication) and 'heals' from most damage (1pp)
-Feature 2: Instant change (Any), Limited- Activation required (Move action), always the same material (Black spandex-ish)(1pp)(Her costume can shift from the equivalent to a conservative one-piece bathing suit to a full bodystocking with hood and face coverage, but is obviously the same material)

>Spatial awareness
-Senses 2: Direction sense, Distance sense (2pp)

>Hit 'em where it hurts
-Martial strike: STR +1 unarmed damage (1pp)

>Never let 'em see you sweat
-Immunities 6 (Half effect): Fear, Interaction effects (3pp)

>Personal cellular control (Package)
-Regeneration 1, Persistent, Regrowth (3pp)
-Immunities 1: Disease (1pp)
-"Purge" -Immunities 2: Poison, Street drugs/intoxicants; Limited- Activation required (Standard action; -2)(1pp)
-Immunities 2 (Half effect): Aging, Starvation/thirst (CAN eat/drink)(1pp)
-Enhanced advantages: Diehard, Great endurance (2pp)

>Merge-muddled memories
-Enhanced trait Advantages) 2: Eidetic memory, Well-informed; Limited- Unreliable (1pp)(To be improved, but if the reliability roll fails, the GM can feel free to make stuff up instead)

>Merge-muddled mind
-Immunity 2 (Half effect): Mind reading (1pp)

>Density control (Array)(35 pt base, +3 AE)
-1. Low density: Insubstantiality 1 (+Reaction, Continuous)(7), +Subtle 2 (looks normal)(2), +Precise (1); +Feature 3 (Reduced mass x3)(3); +Enhanced trait 4 (Defenses- Dodge +2, Parry +2)(4); +Enhanced trait 3 (Skills- Acrobatics +3, Athletics +2, Stealth +2, Close combat/unarmed +2)(3); +Enhanced trait 2 (Advantages- Evasion +1, Improved defense)(2); +Protection +1 (1); +Speed 1 (1); +Leaping 1 (1); +Immunities 3 (Atmospheric pressure, critical hits)(3); +Movement 4 (Trackless, Safe fall, Waterwalking 2)(Limited- Distracting)(4); +Martial strike +3(+4 total, "Selective rigidity")(3); (7+2+1+3+4+3+2+1+1+!+3+4+3= 35pp, base power)

-2. (AE) Full phase: Insubstantiality 4 (full incorporeal; Sustained; affected by Magic), Reaction, Subtle 2 (looks normal), Precise (20+4+2+1pp); +Feature 1- Affects corporeal for normal STR (1pp); +Linked- Flight 1, Subtle, Precise (2+1+1pp); +Enhanced trait 2 (Advantages- Improved trick, Redirect)(2pp); +Enhanced trait 1 (Skill- Stealth +3=+12)(1pp). (20+4+2+1+1+4+2+1= 35pp; +1pp/AE)

-3. (AE) High density: Density growth 4 (Sustained)(8), Subtle 1 (looks normal)(1); +Enhanced traits 7 (Abilities: STR +6, STA +1)(14); +Immunities 11 (Critical hits 2, Up to full Life Support 9)(11); +Impervious 8 (8); +Enhanced traits 4 (Advantages- Improved grab, Improved critical x1/ unarmed strike, Improved smash, Interpose)(4); +Feature 1 (Hands like tools)(1); +Precise for STR (1); +Penetrating 1 (Unarmed strike)(1); +Flaw- "Loses some flexibility": Reduced traits 5 (Abilities- AGI -2, FGT -2, DEX -1)(-10); Reduced traits 2 (Skills- Acrobatics -3, Stealth -3)(-2); Reduced ground speed -1, cannot swim (-1); Inaccurate x1 (Unarmed strike, -2)(-1)(8+1+14+11+8+4+1+1+1-10-2-1-1= 35pp; +1pp AE)
(Anna calls this her "Dad Bod")

-4. Selective density alteration: Weaken 14 (Toughness); Affects objects/objects only (+0); Inaccurate x3 (-6), Precise (1), Subtle (1), +Reversible (1); +Transform 14 (Any object into any other object of the same material, 3/rank); +Continuous (+1/r; effect is permanent), +Distracting (-1/r), +Grab-based (-1/r), +limited (-1/r, only on objects reduced to 0 Toughness or less), +Precise (1), +Subtle 1 (1), +Inaccurate 3 (-6, +0 ttl), +Activation (Standard, -2), +Quirk (Takes as long as the GM Wants it to, up to 1 round per mass rank, -1); +Affects incorporeal 2 (normal STR)(2); +senses 2 (Acute normal touch, analytic normal touch; 2); +Enhanced trait 4 (Advantages- Fast grab, Improved grab, improved hold, Improvised tools)(4); +Feature 1 (Iron stomach- can break down and absorb anything like food); (14+3-3, +14+1+1-3-2-1, +2+2+4+1; 14+10+9; 33pp, +1pp/AE)(Possible stunts- Burrowing, Object restorative persistent Healing)

+Stunts: Hyperdensity, Full phase with others ("Take a deep breath- and DON'T LET GO"); Compression (Shrink, normal STR); Cloud form; Disruptive phase (attack)

-The group known as the X-Men existed in a large numbers of worlds before the Merge, though not many of those X-Men seem to have made it through the Event. In a large number of those iterations, Kitty Pryde and Piotr Rasputin were closely entwined- they were one of the most iconic pairings in a wide variety of X-continuities, outdone only by Jean Grey and Scott Summers. While Kitty and Piotr were often closely linked in a romantic fashion, very few of those matches ever produced a child...

In her world, her parents met in the mid-1990s, when Kitty was 14 and Piotr was 19. While they were fond of each other almost from the start, Piotr was a good guy, and he held out until Kitty was 18. They were married shortly thereafter, but as in nearly every continuity the X-Men led busy chaotic lives- ther daughter was born several years later, in early 2003. They named her after Piotr's beloved sister (who in that world had died mysteriously at a young age) and one of their time-traveling friends- the other X-Men were honorary aunts and uncles (only natural for a child actually born IN the mansion). Unfortunately, the situation was hardly an ideal one... For starters, while Kitty loved her daughter, she was, frankly, a terrible mother- far too busy with her work, among other things. In addition, the X-Mansion was definitely NOT child-proofed, and even the youngest other students were far older than little Ilyana, and not fond of 'tag-along babies'. And, of course, the team was often gone on extended missions, and various enemies were known to attack the mansion from time to time. In short, Ilyana spent an awful lot of her early childhood visiting her grandparents- aside from one brief visit to the Rasputin family farm in Russia, that meant she was a regular at the Pryde household in Illinois. On the plus side, she got to spend time with her grandparents, and with her still-living great-grandfather Samuel Prydeman (who was a wealth of great stories- some enthralling and some TERRIFYING). On the other hand, her grandparents were also occasional foster parents to a number of disadvantaged children from nearby Chicago, kids from broken homes and other bad situations- and many of them were all too willing to expose Ilyana to bad language, bad attitudes, and bad habits (And she, eager for kids who didn't scorn her, was quick to learn those lessons, which did NOT please her parents). They tried to be good parents, really they did- Piotr more so than Kitty, but both of them put in some effort. It just didn't seem to stick- whenever the relationship seemed to be getting better, the X-Men would have to jaunt off to some other planet or timeline or something, and by the time they got back Ilyana hated her parents again. It didn't help that Kitty never told her daughter that she was proud of her, or pleased with her...

Ilyana ran away from home for the first time just after her 11th birthday- a day she spent being shuttled back to Illinois before her mother and the X-Men shot off into space (again) to assist their Shi'ar allies against some cosmic threat (instead of Kitty and her daughter spending a long-promised day together). Ilyana remembered some of the things she had learned from one of the Pryde foster kids on her last visit and she took off out a window in the middle of the night (this was before she had demonstrated any kind of powers, but she WAS clever). Somehow she made her way to Chicago, and survived on her own for three days before the police found her and dragged her back to her grandparents- mortified, they never mentioned it to Kitty when she came back three weeks later. Two months after that Ilyana displayed the first sign of her powers, in a totally uncontrolled fashion- her mother, of course, didn't admit pride or approval; she simply set about giving her daughter a whole new round of lessons (though she STILL wasn't old enough to officially train with even the youngest official students). The next time she was dropped off with her grandparents, Ilyana ran away again, and this time she was much better prepared. Calling herself 'Anna', she went back to Chicago and this time she found one of the former foster kids who had 'advised' her. Most importantly, she wasn't back with the Prydes when her mother returned. Kitty flipped out, and she would have mobilized all of the X-Men in a military style operation to shame D-Day and stormed the city of Chicago looking for her daughter- but Professor X sent out an urgent call with no room for delay, and Kitty returned to the mansion to see what was going on. She would return, of course, with help. Any minute now, right?

Except things went to heck in a handbasket, and the X-Men were stuck in some warped dimension. After a few weeks Ilyana and her new friends scrounged up enough money for a bus ticket, and she made her way back to the mansion. The X-Men had just returned, and Ilyana caught a brief glimpse of her mother's fierce smile as she opened the front door...

And in that brief shining moment, the world collapsed around her, as countless realities were shuffled together. Everything went black, and when Ilyana woke up she was someplace new, someplace unfamiliar. In fact, she was somewhere in Illinois- where the Pryde family house had never existed. She made her way to Chicago, where everything was a thousand times more chaotic than she remembered. In the first days after the Merge, no one really seemed to know what was going on- though someone recognized her on the street (or rather recognized her as her mother). Somehow, she managed to survive, and made her way to Salem Center. When she arrived, the person who opened the door was her father- or rather, a version of her father who wasn't much older than Anna herself. He too thought she was Kitty, which led to a brief and very weird interaction- and to Anna running away. The next few weeks were a blur- the slow understanding of what had happened, the brief glimpses of familiar faces (and the people who recognized her), and the simple chaos of the new, Merged world; and a gradual understanding of her powers, which were Much stronger than they had been. She tried to ignore the voices that tickled the back of her mind, the fleeting memories that weren't hers. Anna doesn't remember how she got into the Morlock tunnels beneath New York, nor does she remember what happened there- or what caused her to shift into an immovable hyperdense form. She was stuck in that form for more than a year, before one of the expeditions into the labyrinth of tunnels found her. At first they thought she was a statue- or possibly someone who had been petrified by a previously unknown Morlock- what they DID know was that she was all but impossible to move. After they were sure the tunnels were safe, they brought in the British spirit-mage Touchstone, who was able to discern that there was someone in the statue- and was able to reach Anna's mind long enough to bring her out of the shifted state. By then it was 2017- the Chaos Incursion was over, and the Merge was almost two years past; Anna remembered none of it, but too much of what had happened before. The swirl of memories threatened to overwhelm her again, but this time Touchstone was with her and helped Anna through the trauma- Touchstone was a counselor in her civilian life, and had worked with MGS patients in the past. While Anna's case wasn't exactly MGS, Touchstone knew the symptoms and coached her through the adjustment process- learning how to handle the memories of not people but POTENTIAL people took even more time. And, of course, Touchstone had other cases, throughout the world- and everytime she had to leave, Anna ran away from the facility where the DXDO was holding her until her "Adjustment" was complete. At first there was discussion of moving her to Xavier's Institute, given that she had a prior connection- but Anna refused; that was the one place she definitely DIDN'T want to go. And she was too young and volatile to accompany Touchstone as a ward or fosterling... Over time, she settled down, though there were still concerns about her attitude- it was obvious that she needed guidance and training. When the YHI project was approved, she was one of the candidates identified as potentially suitable, and Touchstone managed to get Anna to agree to the idea...

-Wear and tear (Inanimate objects): Anna's powers take quite a toll on inanimate objects, especially fragile or complicated things. While she cannot disrupt electronics simply by passing through them like her mother could, the simple process of density shifting (especially on a repeated basis) can be damaging. A normal cell phone won't survive more than a few shifts, clothing quickly looks tattered or pitted (as if washed with too much bleach), and other things grow fragile or brittle. With the exception of special materials and some extremely resilient compounds, objects don't last long. (In mechanical terms, the GM can invoke complication to wreck stuff as desired, even beyond the 'easy breakage' of normal equipment- or to warp things instead of simple destruction, or to have somebody grab something she has set aside for safekeeping). Pretty much, only things that are specially adapted (A Feature, or some Devices) would be safe. In consequence, Anna does not depend on gear or have a lot of treasured old possessions. Right now she DOES have a really nice coat, and she takes great pains to 'protect' it (Shrugging it off before shifting, etc.)

-Power loss (and power lock): While her powers work differently than her mother's did, she still has trouble phasing through certain substances (Adamantium is difficult, and vibranium is nearly impossible, and more exotic materials could have unknown effects). In addition, her powers work much better on non-living matter than on living creatures (this is one of the reasons why she finds it so difficult to phase another person, a trick her mother mastered early on). Even though she looks normal while phasing, passing through another living creature gives both of them a slight 'pins and needles' tingle (noticeable, but not damaging). Because of the nature of her powers, surfaces or objects that are sealed against teleportation or dimensional travel MAY slow her down or stop her as well. On the flip side she may also, from time to time, find herself unable to TURN OFF a power, leaving her stuck in one form or another (while her fully phased state usually 'wears off' when she passes out from not breathing, her high density state can last longer (she spent more than a year in her hyper-dense statue form just after the Merge, before someone 'woke her up'). This is most likely if she is surprised while changing states, or as a consequence of mental power effects (as if she needed more reason to dislike telepaths).

-Responsibility (Xavier's dream, adapted): Anna was raised in the X-Mansion, and she was 'brainwashed from an early age to believe in Charles Xavier's great dream, that mutants and humans could live in peace, work together, and share the world- and that mutants would step up, into the very fires of the Hells, to protect a world full of people who hate and fear them. In the post-Merge world, that dream has changed, if only a little. The version that Anna subscribes to is similar- that X-Ds, the Gestalts, and Empowered natives can all live in peace, work together, and share the world (especially since this is the only one they've got, it seems) with mundane natives who might hate and fear them. And like all the X-Men, Anna is willing to step up and lay her life on the line to protect the world, and to protect that dream. In this, if nothing else, she is willing to follow in her mother's footsteps.

-Parental issues: Like you wouldn't believe. Luckily, she hasn't met an incarnation of her mother post-Merge, and while she has met one version of her father it was only briefly (and it was terribly uncomfortable for both of them). Anna has avoided the X-Mansion since the Merge, and was pushed towards the YHI as one of the few reputable alternatives for powered teenagers. Any meeting with a version of her parents would be likely to be problematic, but deep down Anna misses them both, and would do almost anything to see them again, or to gain their approval- this could be used to manipulate her.

-Where EVERYBODY knows your name (Mistaken identity): The worlds that were folded into the Merge contained many versions of the X-Men and among those who crossed over, almost all of them see Kitty Pryde when they look at Anna (despite the differences), especially since many of the versions of Kitty were about the same age her daughter is now. In addition, her mother was a fairly well-known comic and movie character, so even some natives or people from non-X worlds might recognize her (again, despite the differences). This can lead to all sorts of confusion, from hilarious to sort of squicky- especially since Kitty was famously a multi-talented genius and Anna... isn't (and really hates the fact that she still can't escape her mother's shadow). (The most common reaction is: "Kitty!? Is that you?" Followed by "What did you do to your hair? And what the &%$* are you wearing?")

-Wild child: At least on her own time, Anna maintains a sullen, sarcastic demeanor- her personality could be described as "spiky" and in school terms her natural habit would be "in detention". Adults and other authority figures tend to assume she is up to no good (and they are often right), and if they see trouble, they will usually assume she is the cause of it. Her bad attitude and disreputable appearance can make a bad situation worse (Especially if there are police or similar authorities about). In addition, most adults tend to not listen to her, or take her seriously- even if they ought to; this factor is much lower when she is "in uniform" instead of street clothes (possibly because she also ACTS more serious and focused when she is 'on the job'), but a GM can invoke Complication along these lines as needed. In addition, she IS 15, and can be prone to extreme displays of emotion from time to time (or was that All The Time...).

-Heart of gold (or some other high-density metal): Despite her sullen and sarcastic nature, Anna is, deep down, a good person- she wants to make friends, and she is willing to risk all sorts of trouble to help out those friends (or potential friends). She could be led astray, or simply get into a hazardous situation. She is also quite willing to do risky things to protect innocents (especially children or cute animals). Deep down she does have good heart, and she does want to help people- she just doesn't want anyone to know it was her that helped... And while she might be a liar and a thief, she values her word, and will keep her promises (if you can get her to make a REAL one, instead of the sullen "I promise..." she gives to grown-ups). In more basic terms, she is basically good deep down, and despite her demeanor, the administrators in charge of the YHI consider her to be "redeemable".

-Merge-muddled: It isn't QUITE MGS, or at least not a normal case. While Anna is, as far as anyone knows, unique throughout the worlds that Merged, the number of worlds where her parents existed (and so she COULD HAVE existed) is rather high. And given the way that the X-Men tended to tie the timelines in knots, this made the status of various potential copies a bit more complicated. In short, Anna seems to have 'inherited' the existence of many potential copies, instead of several ACTUAL iterations. As such, she will occasionally have thoughts or memories that are not QUITE her own, or memories or thoughts that were true in one lost reality, but aren't true here-and-now. She is still trying to bring these issues under control, but the usual therapy drugs don't work very well, and she is VERY wary of telepaths... ("There are a lot of people in here with me sometimes, and some of them might have BEEN me, if things were different- so my brain is basically a giant Jenga tower, and I'd rather not have anybody else shaking the stack")

-Prejudice (X-D): Plenty of people hate or fear XDs in general, and especially powered ones, and even some un-powered XDs manage to hate those with powers (native or not). Coming from a world that hated and feared mutants, Anna is used to that kind of treatment- but it doesn't make life any easier some days.

-Relationship (Touchstone): The UK-based "spirit mage" and psychic counselor helped Anna through her rather complicated adjustment to the Merged world, and is just about the only person that she fully trusts. The two are in occasional contact, which is contingent on Anna's maintaining a reasonable disciplinary record in "school" though this has taken on a more friendly, almost familial role (Anna's actual continuing therapy is handled by DXDO staff these days). Anna greatly values her mentor's opinions, and secretly wants to work with her someday (or, at least, to prove worthy of working with her). (NOTE: Touchstone is a character that I was working on for the Merge- London game- I'm not sure if I'll have her done though. She is a spirit-focused mage and a trained psychiatric counselor, in demand worldwide for her work with MGS patients. It is most likely she will appear in 'off-screen' conversations with Anna, acting to temper her more illegal or antisocial impulses to the point where she fits into a team setting).

-Anna is short and rather slender, though she has decent muscle tone- it is obvious she hasn't hit her full growth yet. While almost anyone who sees her is reminded of her mother, there are some differences- because of her father, she has a somewhat rounder face, and her hair is somewhat darker (nearly black in the right light, instead of Kitty's medium brown hair); she also wear her hair cut quite short, a style her mother didn't use until she was older. In addition, Anna tends to dress in a punk/goth style very much at odds with her mother's fashion choices- a dark plaid schoolgirl skirt and a tattered tee-shirt is standard, possibly with a long black coat. (In basic terms, think of the Ellen Page version of Kitty Pryde, cosplaying as the DP 1 version of Negasonic). In the field, she tends to wear a plain black bodysuit (with a mask, if she expects to encounter anyone who might know her).

Point Accounting: Abilities 44pp; +Defenses 6pp; +Skills 14pp; +Advantages 15pp; +Powers 56pp= 135/ 135pp

Capsule: Density control secretly (unknown to her, certainly) has 'Dimensional' descriptor, may develop relevant powers. Skills 3sp/pp, free advantages from PRE
-1. Her density alteration tends to affect an object's rigidity as well as its density- this is most obvious with her Selective Density Alteration power, but also shows up in her personal shifting. if density drops, things become more malleable; if density increases, they become more rigid. This is one of the reasons she is so hard on inanimate objects.
-2. A number of her powers are a bit unreliable or conditional- this is because she is still young, and still learning how to put them to best use. In addition, while she has some combat training, it is mostly on an individual level- she is definitely seeking to improve her team/group skills.
-3. So, the big one- that Selective Density Alteration AE slot. This LOOKS like an attack power, but is actually more of a Utility. By phasing into sync with an object, she can become 'in tune' with its molecular structure (living creatures have an energy signature which resists this melding, which is one reason she finds it so hard to phase other people with her). She can reduce an object's density and rigidity to the point where it is as soft as pudding- and once she does that, she can 'sculpt' it into a new form (though she cannot change the actual material). This is a slow process, as she must be very careful to maintain her 'link' to the object- much too slow to use in a combat situation, or against an object that is capable of motion. But given enough time, she can create some interesting shapes/objects (like small tools out of available steel), or shaping a steel cell door into a table. As noted, this isn't intended for combat- IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ON THIS, LET ME KNOW, I really had some trouble trying to accurately model my intent here.

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Re: Character back-up file

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"It's all right. I'm here to help."

PL 9/ PP 135 (Unspent 0)
-HP: 1

Real name: Katie (KT) Sullivan
Codename/nickname/other aliases: Steadfast
Concept/archetype: Paragon-in-training (Tactile TK)
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Height- 5'9"
Weight- 155 lbs
Hair- Auburn
Eyes- Green
Skin- Fair, freckled

Abilities: (44 pp)
STR 1 (Enhanced 2; up to 12) / STA 6 (enhanced 7) / DEX 1 / AGI 2
FGT 4 / INT 3 / AWE 3 / PRE 2

Defenses: (13 pp)
Toughness: +6/+7 (0pp)(Enhanced up to +12)
Parry: +6 (FGT 4, +2pp)
Dodge: +6 (AGI 2, +4pp)
Fortitude: +6/+7 (STA 6/7, +0pp)(Enhanced up to +8)
Will: +10 (AWE 3, +7pp)

Immunity: Disease, Poison (others possible, depending on power array)
Immunity (Half effect): Aging, Sleep

Initiative: +2 (or higher)
Close attack: +6
Ranged attack: +1

-Specific attacks:
>Basic unarmed: +8, DC 17 (+2)
>Enhanced STR unarmed: +8, DC 25 (+10)
>Full STR unarmed: +6, DC 27 (+12)
>Thrown something: +4, damage variable (up to +12)

Skills: (28sp/ 14 pp)
>Trained: Acrobatics +3 (1sp); Athletics +5 (Mastery, enhanced up to +16)(4sp); Insight +4 (1sp); Investigation +4 (1sp); Perception +4 (1sp); Persuasion +5 (attractive +7, Mastery)(3sp); Technology +4 (1sp); Treatment +4 (1sp)
-Ranged combat (Thrown object) +4 (3sp)
-Close combat (Unarmed) +8 (2sp)
-Expertise (Science) +5 (2sp)
-Expertise (Engineering) +5 (2sp)
-Expertise (Architecture) +5 (2sp)
-Expertise (Building traces/construction) +5 (2sp)
-Expertise (History) +4 (1sp)
-Expertise (Streetwise) +4 (1sp)

>Untrained: Deception +2, Intimidation +2, Sleight of hand +1, Stealth +2, Vehicles +1
-Can use some skills untrained (Jack of all trades)

Advantages: (15 pp)
>Base: Attractive x1; Benefit x1 (Ambidexterity); Close combat x2; Equipment x1; Equipment x1 (dedicated to team HQ); Fearless; Jack of all trades; Languages x2 (Irish Gaelic, Spanish; learning Italian); Luck x1; Move-by action; Skill mastery x2 (Athletics, Persuasion); Teamwork.

>Enhanced Advantages (bought as Powers): Evasion x1, Great endurance, Interpose, Throwing mastery x1 (+others possible)

-To ADD: Combat advantages, Leadership-type advantages

>Raised in Boston:
-Senses 1: Direction sense (1pp)

-Enhanced Trait 1 (ability) STR +1 (2), Permanent (2pp)
-Feature 1- Force gloves (1pp)
-Feature 1- Hands like tools (1pp)
-Feature 1- Tactile TK (can use STR without leverage or grip, just contact)(1pp)
-Enhanced Trait 1 (Advantage); Throwing mastery x1 (1pp)

-Enhanced trait 1 (Ability) STA +1 (7), Permanent (2pp)
-Enhanced trait 1 (Advantage): Diehard (1pp)
-Regeneration 1 (1pp)
-Immunities 2: Disease, Poison (2pp)
-Immunities 2 (Half effect): Aging, Sleep (1pp)

-Enhanced Trait 2 (Advantages): Evasion x1, Interpose (2pp)
-Quickness x1 (1pp)
-Speed 1 (1pp)
-Leaping 1 (1pp)

>Stronger, Tougher, Faster (Dynamic Array; 25pp base, +2 dynamic slots; 25+1+2+2; 30pp total):
>STRONGER (Base power 25pp, Dynamic):
-Enhanced trait 8 (Ability) STR +8 (10)(16pp)
-+Enhanced trait 2 (Ability) STR +2 (12), Inaccurate x1 (+3pp)(must be purchased after base STR slot)
-Powerlifting +2 (2pp)(Enhanced STR +2, only to lift/carry, max 14)
-Enhanced traits 4 (Advantages) 4: Fast grab, Improved grab, Improved hold, Power Attack (4pp)

>TOUGHER (DAE, 25pp):
-Protection +5 (12)(5pp)
-Impervious 12 (for Protection, up to +12 max)(12pp)
-Enhanced trait 1 (Defense) FORT +1 (8)(1pp)
-Enhanced trait 2 (Advantages): Great endurance, Ultimate effort (Toughness check)(2pp)
-Improved Regeneration: Raise to 2, add Persistent 2 (3pp)
-Immunity 2 (Critical hits)(2pp)

>FASTER (DAE, 25pp):
-Enhanced traits 9 (Advantages): Accurate attack, Evasion +1 (2), Improved defense, Improved Initiative x3, Quick draw, Takedown x2 (9pp)
-Flight 6, Precise (13pp)
-Speed +1 (2)(1pp)
-Leaping +1 (2)(1pp)
-Quickness +1 (2)(1pp)

>Standard configuration: STR +8 (16pp); Protection +5 (5pp); Flight 1, Precise (3pp); Accurate attack (1pp); 25pp total

History: Katie was born and raised in South Boston, a mostly-Irish working class neighborhood known locally as Southie (and QUITE different than the nearby South End). Katie was one of four kids, with three brothers (one older and two younger, though her older brother was, well, kind of weird). Her father was a firefighter, at least for a while, and her mother was mostly a stay-at-home mom. But then her dad got hurt on the job, and he started hitting the bottle pretty hard- his wife had to take part-time work where she could, and that meant Katie had to help out around the house. She did her share of chores and more, acted as a caretaker for her two rambunctious younger brothers, and took odd jobs around the neighborhood- and still managed an afternoon every week at the soup kitchen run by the local church. She just felt better when she was helping people.

Then her mother got sick. Really sick. Before she got married, Eileen Reilly had gone to college in New Bay City, and she had had some "therapy" at the Midwifes Hospital for Childbirth. That particular project had folded years ago, and the records had long since been destroyed- but in the long term it also gave her cancer. And it gave her children a secret, dormant legacy. By then Katie's oldest brother Daniel was studying out in Arkham, and he was the first to discover this secret, after the (mostly retired) Deathknell interrupted a ritual Daniel was performing- and saved his life. Not long after that, Eileen Sullivan died- and it nearly tore the family apart. Katie's attempts to keep things together drove her nearly to the breaking point, and after Eileen's funeral Patrick found he could crawl even further into the bottle- and Robby and Petey were worse than ever. When Daniel visited the crumbling family, he used his new-found abilities to create a vision of his mother's ghost, and just like A Christmas Carol, that "haunting" brought everyone back from the brink. Robby and Petey went back to their old selves, and Patrick dragged himself back out of the bottle- and stayed out. Katie pulled herself back together and got on with her life- she even managed to get into MIT after she finished high school.

While Patrick Sullivan was never going to get his old job back, he partnered up with an old friend and opened a building restoration and salvage company- Katie worked there part-time while she was studying Structural Engineering at MIT. While she and her father shared the interest in fixing up old buildings she knew she would have to strike out on her own someday. Life went on.

Boston wasn't the sort of city that had a big superhuman community, but they had their share- first and foremost, at least among the good guys, was the team known as the Twin Lamps, and they dealt with most of the super-villains in New England. One night Katie was headed home late when she got caught up in an honest-to-goodness super-fight. Well, the whole train did, as the fight between Empress of the Twin Lamps and some nameless flying psycho spilled out of downtown and onto the Red Line tracks over the Longfellow Bridge. People screamed- half of them in terror though there was nowhere to run to, and half in excitement as cell-phone cameras started recording. Metal and people shrieked on a whole new level as th trains started to fall sideways off the bridge, And Katie found herself dangling by her fingernails- and starting to slip.

Then Empress was there, the first superhuman Katie had ever seen up close- there to save her life. It seemed like there was a massive explosion inside her head and then Katie was standing on the bridge beside Empress, working with her to pull the entire train car back to safety. Before either of them could question this development, the costumed bad guy was back, and he and Empress went back to their fighting. By the time it was over, Katie was home, wondering just what had happened. She started watching the news sites, but the pictures were chaotic enough, it didn't look like anyone saw her or realized what she had done. But somehow, not an hour later, her phone rang- it was her older brother Daniel, calling for the first time in over a year. Somehow, he knew what had happened- and they had to talk. She made time to visit him in Arkham, and he told her about what had happened to him, and what he had learned since then- and about what had happened to her, as far as he could tell. They discussed things for a good long time, and pledged to keep in touch, to help each other out.

And then Katie went back to her life, as best she could. There was schoolwork, and life around the house which was better than it had been in years, and even church once in a while (though not nearly as often as before Eileen Sullivan had passed). But now there was this other thing... Katie didn't do a lot of superhero stuff, and most of it was fairly low-key. Sure she wanted to help out around town, and now she had these amazing gifts... But she didn't want to be some kind of big public Capital-H Heroine (if you said 'heroine' around town, people wanted to make jokes about Charlestown anyway), and she didn't want to get tangled up with the Twin Lamps, especially Empress, for fear that the other woman might "take her powers back" somehow (though Katie realized pretty quick that her powers were not quite the same, despite a surface similarity, and Empress certainly didn't seem to have been weakened). In time, Katie finished her Bachelor's degree in Structural Engineering. While she wanted to go on to get an MS in Architecture, she wanted to do it on her own- she could have stayed in town, continued at MIT, and even worked with her old man's company, but she wanted to get out on her own. She was accepted into a Masters program at New Bay City University, and she one of her professors helped her get a paid internship with a local building restoration company.

So away she went- that was about a year and a half ago. It didn't take long to see that New Bay City was a mess- it wasn't just the Mob (though that was a big part). Katie settled in to her new school, her new job, her new neighborhood... And a new role, hidden behind a mask. She has tried to keep her efforts fairly low-key, but somehow Mr. Hugo managed to realize what she was up to. Maybe it is hard to subtle when you can toss a getaway car half a mile and shrug off a full clip from an assault rifle. One of the reasons she has tried to keep a low profile is that she hasn't practiced very much at full strength- Fitness City doesn't have 100 ton weights. Maybe this Mr. Hugo and whoever else he is recruiting can help her get some real training- ooh, and maybe an actual costume...

-Do good (Motivation); Katie has picked up a solid helping of Catholic guilt- she wants to help people out wherever she can, and to make the world a better place. When she was a kid, she volunteered for various projects through her parish back home, and as a teenager she helped build houses through Habitat for Humanity. Now that she is living in New Bay City (and now that she has powers), just dropping a few coins to the panhandlers and volunteering at the womens shelter aren't enough (though she still does those as well). This compulsion to help out where she can might be a source of trouble, especially in a place like New Bay City, where there are so many people in need of help, and so many problems that need fixing.

-That Irish temper: Katie is, for the most part a very good person, a very NICE person- polite, helpful, and friendly. But she is still a bit of a tomboy at heart, born stubborn and raised to be independent. She grew up in a chaotic family, in a rough-and-tumble neighborhood- she is used to dealing with her trouble-making younger brothers, and FOR them against the neighborhood bullies, and against her father's drunken brutality. She doesn't back down easily (and almost never for her own sake), and if pushed she tends to shove back, rewarding threats with defiance and violence with worse. In a place like New Bay City, this can cause all kinds of problems- and while she tries to keep her temper under control, she acknowledges that this is her worst failing...

-Full power (accident): Katie tries to watch out for collateral damage as much as she can- but she is REALLY strong,and she doesn't have a lot of practice at full power (and almost no experience in real combat with other superhumans). She might break something, or worse, really hurt somebody simply by accident.

-My brother's Keeper: Katie's older brother was always a weird kid, but he went away to college in Arkham and ended up downright eerie. They keep in touch, more so than with the rest of the family. Maybe he needs a favor, or maybe he has gotten into some trouble that he can't handle on his own. Also, what if her younger brothers, so far totally mundane, begin to exhibit powers of their own?

-Secret Identity: Don't let the Mob know who you are, or where you live. Between her schoolwork and her internship, she has the equivalent of a full-time job, at least, and while she has been in town for more than a year, she hasn't gone out much or made a lot of friends. Unfortunately, some of the people she has met are involved with the Mob- while her employers are honest enough, the construction industry in New Bay City is full of corruption, from the Planning Department in city hall right down to the Mob's "union representatives". It was this sort of thing that first showed her just how bad things are in New Bay City, and convinced her she needed to step up her game a bit- and she still sees Vinnie coming into the office to collect "processing fees" for their construction permits, and one of his cousins takes "Community Improvement" donations at the work sites around town. At least the older Italian ladies at church are nice to her- and not all of their grandsons are in the Mob, right?

-Strength of will (Power loss): Katie's powers are dependent upon her strength of will, both actual concentration and her belief that was she is doing is RIGHT. Anything that significantly interferes with her concentration, or with her sense of conviction, could weaken her powers as well. A mental attack or compulsion, a clever deception, or even being shown the truth of a situation that is VERY different from what she thought it was might mess her up.

>Family matters (RP hook, more than complication): Katie has a family, though she doesn't speak to them as often as they would like, and she hasn't been home to Boston for a visit in nearly a year. Even if she gets in trouble with the Mob, they don't have much to worry about- the Irish mob controls Boston, and Southie is not welcoming to outsiders (not to mention there are an awful lot of Sullivans to sort through to find the right ones).
-Her father Patrick is pretty spry and seems to have conquered his alcoholism; he is part-owner of a building restoration and salvage company.
-Her older brother Daniel (NOBODY calls him Danny) is a scholar in Arkham, a psychic/medium/amateur mage.
-Her younger brothers Robby and Petey are in college at BU, living at home, and still a pair of troublemakers.

-The devil you know (RP hook, more than complication): While Katie (and everyone else, as far as is known) is unaware of the source of her powers, the details are thus:
-Her mother received treatments and therapy at the Midwifes Hospital for Childbirth many years ago (while she was in college in New Bay City, before she got married). This 'treatment' was part of a long-shut down part of Project M- it was considered a failure and all records were destroyed years ago.
-Katie and her older brother Daniel have developed powers, their two younger brothers have not (so far)
-The powers are, at base, psychic in nature (Katie's abilities are similar to tactile TK, and Daniel's are those of a medium, but opened the door to more).
-In both cases, their powers manifested after an encounter with another superhuman, and reflect that person's abilities to some degree, a sort of psychic copy (but not of their ACTUAL recorded powers, instead of the powers as the 'copier' understood them and believed them to act).
-In Daniel's case, he imprinted Deathknell of the Gravestalkers, gaining the powers of a psychic and medium (which has allowed him to learn magic from 'helpful spirits'). In Katie's case, she imprinted on Empress of the Twin Lamps, gaining superhuman physical abilities.

-Katie is fairly tall, with lean athletic build- she is pretty attractive in a wholesome, "All-American" sort of way. She has shoulder length wavy auburn hair, more red than brown, and sparkling green eyes. She has pale skin, lightly dusted with freckles, and a pleasant, friendly-looking face- made that much better by a near constant smile, She wears minimal make-up, very little jewelry, and fairly plain, comfortable clothes (nothing fancy). The general impression is "Pretty, but not Stunning- nice, friendly, approachable. She has not done enough Hero work to have a real costume- but at her brother's insistence (and with his help), she has a very good mask; it covers the upper half of her face, and actuall doesa good job of altering her hairline and the shape of her nose and cheeks. She has been THINKING about a costume- maybe this mysterious benefactor will help out...

Point Accounting: Abilities 44pp; +Defenses 13pp; +Skills 14pp; +Advantages 15pp; +Powers 49pp; 135/ 135pp total

Future planning: Improve her base powers (shift points from Array to full time). Improve fighting skills/advantages, improve Leadership Advantages.

Capsule: Katie is a low-level Paragon- she is strong, tough, and she can fly. She can kinda-sorta do all three- or she can focus on one area and do THAT really well. Her power-set is a variation of tactile TK

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Re: Character back-up file

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PL 8/ PP 120 (Unspent 0)
-HP: 1

Real name: Amanda Zephyr Kerrigan
Codename/nickname/other aliases: Fairwind, Zee
Concept/archetype: Air elementalist
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Hair- Black, long and wavy.
Eyes- Brown
Skin- pale golden brown, (caucasian/middle eastern, lightly tanned)

Abilities: (30 pp)
STR -1 / STA 4 / DEX 2 / AGI 4
FGT-1 / INT 2 / AWE 4 / PRE 1

Defenses: (13 pp)
Toughness: +4 (0pp, enhanced up to +6)
Parry: +5 (FGT-1, +6pp)(enhanced up to +8)
Dodge: +5 (AGI 4, +1pp)(enhanced, up to +10)
Fortitude: +6 (STA 4, +2pp)
Will: +8 (AWE 4, +4pp)

Immunity: Suffocation (all, sustained), Own powers
Immunity (Half effect): n/a

Initiative: +4
Close attack: -1
Ranged attack: +4

>Specific attacks:
-unarmed strike -1, DC 14 (-1)
-Wind blast +8, DC 23 (8), ranged
-Suffocation +8, DC 18 FORT
-Flinging gust- Close/ cone area Move Object 8
(+Non-damaging Move Object 1, depending on power selection)

Skills: (18 sp; 9 pp)
>Trained: Acrobatics +5 (1sp; +9 flying- or higher); Athletics +2 (3sp); Insight +5 (1sp); Investigation +3 (1sp); Perception +5 (1sp); Persuasion +3 (2sp); Stealth +5 (1sp); Treatment +3 (1sp); Expertise (mythology and folklore) +4 (2sp); Expertise (magic) +3 (1sp); Expertise (history) +3 (1sp); Expertise (student) +3 (1sp); Expertise (Perform- dance, AGI) +5 (1sp); Expertise (Perform- drumming, DEX) +3 (1sp)

>Untrained: Deception +1, Intimidation +1, Sleight of hand +1, Technology +2, Vehicles +1

Advantages: (17 pp)
>Base: Accurate attack, Agile feint, Equipment x1, Evasion x1, Great endurance, Holding back x1, Improved feint, Languages x2 (Arabic, Farsi), Luck x1, Move-by action, Power attack, Ranged attack x2, Ritualist, Set-up x1, Teamwork

>Enhanced Advantages (bought as Powers): Evasion +1 (2), Improved defense

POWERS: (51pp)
>Commune with the spirits
-Comprehend 2 (spirits), Distracting (2pp)
-Senses 3: Awareness (air), Direction sense, Ranged (touch)(3pp)

>Air spirits blessing
-Flight 1, Precise (3pp)
-Feature- dramatic wind (1pp)
-Immunity 2: Suffocation (all), Sustained (2pp)
-Immunity- own powers (1pp)
-Enhanced trait 2 (Skill): Acrobatics +4 (+9 total), Limited- only while flying (1pp)

>Sheltering winds
-Protection +1, Sustained (1pp)
-Enhanced trait 4 (Defenses): Dodge +3, Parry +1; Sustained, linked to Protection (4pp)
-Enhanced trait 2 (Advantages): Evasion +1 (2), Improved defense (2pp)

>Dancing winds (array)(5+1+1; 7pp total)
-Warding wind- Enhanced traits 5 (Defenses): Protection +1, Dodge +2, Parry +2 (5pp; base power)
-Dance with us- Enhanced traits 2 (Advantages): Skill mastery (acrobatics), Fascinate (Acrobatics); both limited- only while flying; +Enhanced trait 2 (Skill) Acrobatics +4 (+13), Limited- only while flying; +Feature 1 (Soundtrack danceable drumming beat); (1+1+1= 3pp; 1pp AE)
-Mischievous winds- Move object 1, Ranged +1 (Perception), Subtle, Precise (2+1+1+1= 5pp; 1pp AE)

>Forceful winds (Array)(20+1+1+1+1= 24pp total
-Wind blast (Base power): Ranged damage 8, Accurate x2 (+4); Affects insubstantial x2; 16+2+2= 20pp (base power)

-Wind storm (Alternate effect): Environment 3- Impair movement 2, Impair visibility 1, Selective x1, Affects insubstantial x2, +Feature 1 (Impair movement also hinders Acrobatics/Athletics rolls), -Quirk 1 (Impair visibility requires sufficient loose material as chaff); (4/rank x3=12+2+1-1) +Linked Move object 1 (non-damaging), Close range, Selective, Cloud area x1, Affects insubstantial x2, (3/rank x1=3+2); (12+2+3+2=19pp; 1pp AE)

-Lifting winds (alternate effect): Flight +6 (7); +Enhanced STR +6 (5), Limited- only to carry extra weight while flying; (12+8=18; 1pp AE))

-Flinging gust (alternate effect): Move object 8, Close range, Area- Cone, Damaging, Limited direction (away only), Affects insubstantial 2; 2+1-1+1-1+1=2/r x8, 16+2; (18pp; 1pp AE)

-Suffocation (alternate effect): Affliction 8, Ranged; Resist- FORT, recover- FORT (DC 18); Dazed/Stunned/Incapacitated; Accurate x2; 8x2= 16+2 (18pp; 1pp AE)

-Known Stunts: Dizzying spin, Air bubble (power profiles), Nullify (Air/gas); Tornado (area/concentration damage), Air ball (Wind-aided projectile)

History: Amanda, more often addressed by her middle name or Zee, is the daughter of Frank Kerrigan, a swashbuckling archaeologist, and his wife Zamira, a scholar of folklore. They met one of of Frank's earliest adventures (I mean Expeditions) and traveled the world together, even after their daughter was born. Instead of slowing down, they employed Amanda's grandmother (or possibly great-grandmother?) to keep the daughter occupied (and their current campsite or living space in good order. The old woman was a font of wonderful stories about all kinds of incredible things- she was also what most cultures would call a witch, and a powerful one at that. The old woman was happy to help out, especially with her granddaughter- even more so when she found out that the girl had inherited her ability to see and interact with spirits, a rare and powerful gift (and all the more so in the changing modern world).

From an early age, Zephyr was taught to respect the elemental spirits that she could perceive, and was instructed with the same old folktales that her grandmother had been. There seemed to be little room for such spirits in the modern world, but in a campsite in the high desert their presence was both appropriate and welcome. Both of her parents took the news in stride- they were used to dealing in legends, after all, and the spirits, acting through either Zephyr or her grandmother, were quite convincing.

For her twelfth birthday, her grandmother taught her a ritual to attract the attention of nearby elemental spirits (specifically spirits of air), and Zephyr has been working with them ever since, such that some tasks are practically second nature- larger effects are still, well, kind of a work in progress. Over the last few years, her grandmother's health has begun to decline just a bit, leaving the old woman less suited for traveling and so on- and Zephyr's parents definitely aren't ready to settle down. After some debate, they decided to get her some additional training, and some time with kids her own age- and so they packed her off to the Claremont Academy.

-Motivation (the Greater Good): Zephyr has been taught that those who possess gifts like hers are supposed to work to protect their community, and the world around them, from threats both mundane and supernatural- up to putting their own lives on the line if needed.In her current view, that applies to the world at large- but also to the Claremont Academy 'community' and of course to her family. In addition, she is a genuinely nice person, and likes to help people, just on general principles.

-Not-so-secret identity: Amanda HAS a codename, but she almost never uses it (except for official Claremont business)- likewise, almost nobody ever calls her Amanda. All the other kids just call her Zephyr, to the point that most people think that IS her codename (Zef and Zee are also used). She doesn't use a formal costume either, though she wears a Claremont uniform when she must. In general, she doesn't put any effort into hiding her identity- supervillains would be just another hassle for her parents (those who could even find her parents, likely on a dig who-knows-where), and any super villain who went after her grandmother would deserve anything they get... On the other hand, it also means she can be a little too casual with other people's secret identities, and she rarely bothers to pretend she doesn't have powers (why walk when you can fly?)

-Power loss: Zephyr's powers require some amount of actual air to manipulate, of course, though the elemental spirits she works with can create air in most environments. Her powers also depend, more importantly, upon the presence of spirits who can do her bidding- certain magical wardings can keep such spirits at bay, and some environments can hinder them as well. Last of all, she requires some degree of freedom of movement to invoke her Arrayed powers- simple handcuffs won't prevent this, but paralysis or more thorough bindings might.

-Melodramatic wind (accident): While her powers are mostly well-controlled, they have been known to cause a bit of chaos from time to time. Especially if Zephyr is startled or in the grip of strong emotions, sudden gusting winds may surge up around her- scattering papers or small objects, slamming doors, etc. This isn't strong enough to really HURT anyone, but it can be startling, or make a mess.

-Responsibility (Spirit's due): Zephyr's powers depend upon the good will of elemental spirits- for the most part they are happy to help. But from time to time,they will want some sort of favor- or other factors may require some degree of ritual will be required to appease them. (For future development, this will progress into Connections and Contacts through spirits)

-Vulnerability (gas/smoke/smog, etc.): While Zephyr has a limited need to breathe, but she and the air spirits she controls are susceptible to impurities in the air around them. Smoke, tear gas, and even unusually thick smog can have unpleasant effects- and she is often reluctant to enter such environments, even if they are not strictly dangerous.

-Space case: Zephyr has a fairly mild case of claustrophobia, and values both the freedom to move about and her own personal space. Riding in a crowded elevator or car would be quite a trial, and a more limited environment might require some convincing.

Description: Zephyr is a bit under average height for her age, and about average weight- she has the sleek musculature of a trained dancer. She tends to wear her dark wavy hair long and loose, and her skin is a light golden brown- the slight olive tone of Mediterranean or Middle Eastern heritage accented by a light tan, the look of someone who spends most of her time outside. She does not have a formal costume yet- while she does wear the standard Claremont class uniform when needed, she usually wears loose-fitting comfortable clothing on her own time.

Point Accounting: Abilities 30pp; +Defenses 13pp; +Skills 9pp; +Advantages 17pp; +Powers 51pp=120/ 120pp
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Re: Character back-up file

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PL 8/ PP 120 (Unspent 0)
-HP: 1

Real name: Juanita (Jenny) Lin
Concept/archetype: Street kid, fire sorceror, spirit medium
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Height: 5'0"
Weight: 105lbs
Hair: Black (Straight, almost to shoulders)
Eyes: brown
Skin: light brown

Abilities: (38 pp)
STR -1 / STA 5 / DEX 1 / AGI 2
FGT 1 / INT 4 / AWE 4 / PRE 3

Defenses: (13 pp)
Toughness: +5 (STA 5, +0pp)(+6 Defensive roll)
Parry: +6 (FGT 1, +5pp)(Efreet 10)
Dodge: +6 (AGI 2, +4pp)(Efreet 10)
Fortitude: +5 (STA 5, +0pp)
Will: +8 (AWE 4, +4pp)

Immunity: Fire (damage/effects), environmental heat
Immunity (Half effect): Disease, Poison, Need for sleep, Radiation, environmental cold, natural aging

Initiative: +2
Close attack: +1
Ranged attack: +3

>Specific attacks:
-Sorcery: +2, DC theoretical (no damage/effects under normal circumstances- YET)

Skills: (? pp)
>Trained: TBD

>Combat skills:

>Expertise skills:

>Untrained: TBD

Advantages: (17 pp)
>Base: Defensive roll x1; Eidetic memory; Equipment x2; Evasion x1; Hide in plain sight; Languages x2; Luck x1; Move-by action; Quick draw; Ranged attack x1;

>Campaign bonus (Free from PRE): Connections, Well-informed,

>Enhanced Advantages (bought as Powers): None (yet)

>Sense of place:
-Senses 1: Direction sense

>Sharp tongue:
-Enhanced Skill 2: Deception +6, Limited- only for Taunt (1pp)

>A friend in need:
-Enhanced Skill 2: Persuasion +6, Limited- only for dealing with Connections (1pp, +See Complications)

>Awakened senses:
-Comprehend (Spirits) 1, Distracting (1pp)
-Senses 1: Awareness- Sorcery (1pp)

>Possessed by an Efreet:
-Morph 1, metamorph; Continuous, Activation- Standard, Q- Activation is distracting, Q- Activation is Unreliable
(PL 8, 120 PP Efreet form)

History: Jenny is biracial, of mixed Hispanic and Chinese heritage- a product of the great melting pot that is southern California. Her parents were both architects who diversified into real estate after their daughter was born- while the family was not disgustingly rich they were more than comfortable. Throughout her childhood, Jenny did not want for much, and she went to the finest schools and had the best toys. Her parents made sure it didn't go to her head, and they were very involved in a number of urban charities, and often brought Jenny with them to volunteer in downtrodden areas. While Jenny was very smart and quite artistically talented, her parents saw her more as a prop or a trophy than anything else. They didn't really love her, no matter how much attention they gave her- they loved what she represented, especially to those in their social circle. This meant that they didn't really notice her problems at first. From a fairly early age, Jenny was afflicted with hallucinations- she saw people and things that weren't there, answered questions that no one else heard being asked, and had an invisible friend who lasted until she was a teenager. The stress of these hallucinations (and occasional related seizures) added up, but her parents never really seemed to notice- unless they had to take her to the hospital at an inconvenient time (AGAIN!). It took her first suicide attempt, at the age of twelve, for her parents to actually do something- in this case, it was to pack her off to an institution.

The doctors took her seriously, but there wasn't much they could do- her problems were, after all, all in her head. Before the Inheritance, ghosts and other paranormal happenings were all too often dismissed. It is only now, with the effects spread worldwide, that researchers have figured out that such incidents were in fact expressions of dormant genetic traits, momentary flickers of the markers that the Virus has reawakened. The Institute kept her comfortable- the Art Therapy program helped hone her artistic talents, and the other residents on the ward kept her socially engaged. In particular she made one real friend, a long-term "guest" named Taylor who had been abandoned by their parents and was a ward of the state. Jenny and Taylor bonded almost immediately- at first in the art room and then over the Harry Potter franchise. By the time Jenny went home six weeks later, they were best friends.

-Street rat (Prejudice, etc.): Jenny has been living on the streets for more than two years, since she ran away from home for the last time. She has very little in the way of shelter, or any resources or possessions that she does not carry with her. In addition, she has a scruffy appearance and is known to local police and social service agencies- not as a serious criminal, but certainly as a nuisance and potential problem (for example, one of her Cantrips allows her to produce something very much like spray paint, and she has been labeled as a graffiti artist even though they have never caught her with paint). She is smart and resourceful, though, and has managed to keep herself relatively clean (most of the time)- she also keeps up her own education through local libraries and similar assets.

-Taylor (Motivation/Responsibility): Age 20, They/Them; Jenny's best friend and soulmate, Taylor was abandoned as a toddler and grew up in state care. Now just another street rat, Taylor has a genuine talent for getting into and out of places they shouldn't be able to (possibly augmented by a minor Inhertitance trait?)- while not a hard-core criminal, they do use a bit of thievery to help make ends meet. Taylor would do anything for Jenny, and Jenny would do anything for Taylor- it just so happens that Taylor needs help more often, as they seem to have an honest gift for getting into strange or even dangerous situations.

-Do good (Motivation):

-Fire is dangerous: The efreet in her head is a spirit of fire, and when it takes control Jenny becomes capable of impressive fire magic. Unfortunately, fire is inherently unpredictable and destructive, and the efreet isn't always concerned with collateral damage. Things might burn up (or blow up!)- either little things (like important papers) or big things (like cars or buildings). Even when Jenny is (mostly) in control, a stray wisp of flame might slip through the metaphysical cracks...

-Past is prologue:

-A friend in need: Jenny seems to have a gift for making friends in all kinds of social spheres, and she can get help from all kinds of sources when she really needs it. But she really values those friends, and she does her best to help them out when they are in need as well. Most of her friends know she has an ear to the street and some serious artistic talent- but some of her friends know she has other talents as well. Somebody (almost anybody really) might need "just a little favor, so easy..."

-They're here: Jenny is sensitive to spirit entities, and is trying to learn to communicate with them effectively. Unfortunately, while she is good at resisting mental attack or compulsion, she is unusually susceptible to being possessed by spirits. They also seem to find her "comfortable" to inhabit, like a soft pair of pajamas or a well broken-in pair of shoes. While the efreet currently bound to her provides some manner of protection, it is not perfect. For the most part, an entity which possesses her can use her senses or whisper to her- but stronger beings (or certain situations, such as being under the effect of Source, which increases her sensitivity) might allow more complete control, and be harder to dislodge.

>Description: TBD
-Normal form:

-Metamorph (Efreet form): In this form, Jenny does not actually change in a truly physical fashion- her height, weight, and shape are not altered. But there are changes- she stands up straighter, moves with confidence and grace, and speaks with a deeper husky (or rather smoky) voice. Oh, yes, and a closer look shows dancing fire in the depths of her eyes, and from time to time flames might trail from her hands or mark her footsteps...

Point Accounting: Abilities 38pp; +Defenses 13pp; +Skills 14pp; +Advantages 118pp; +Powers 36pp= 120/ 120pp

Future planning: Improve sorcery (as an array outside of Metamorph)

Capsule: At a basic level, Jenny is a fairly weak but rather flexible sorceror- She has a particular gift for ritual magic and divination spells, but her other 'spells' are not much more than parlor tricks. She is also unusually sensitive to spiritual entities- and, somewhat unfortunately, she seems to be overly susceptible to attempts by such beings to possess her. Under most circumstances, being in her mind simply allows the spirit to use her senses and enjoy the sensations of a physical form- or perhaps whisper in her ear. Under the right circumstances, she can draw upon the spirit's powers- by allowing it to take control of her- this is much easier when she is under the effect of certain substances (especially Source). At this time, she is the Host to a relatively young (and weak) efreet, a formless spirit of "smokeless fire" who formed a seemingly permanent bond with her during her first exposure to Source.
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Re: Character back-up file

Post by Thorpocalypse » Tue Sep 25, 2018 2:43 am of these characters looks familiar... ;)
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Re: Character back-up file

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Real name: Allison Jane Sullivan ("AJ")
Codename: Charger
Concept: Flight speedster (KE manipulation)
Gender: female
Age: 16
-5'8"; 125 lbs (tall for her age, but skinny as a beanpole)

PL 8; 120/ 120 pp

Abilities: (42 pp)
STR 1 / STA 5 / DEX 1 / AGI 5 (enhanced 8)
FGT 4 / INT 1 / AWE 3/ PRE 1

Defenses: (9 pp)
Toughness: +5 (0pp)(Enhanced to +6)
Parry: +6 (4 base, +2pp)(Enhanced to +8)
Dodge: +6 (5 base, +1pp)(Enhanced to +10)
Fortitude: +6 (5 base, +1pp)
Will: +8 (3 base, +5pp)

Immunity: Disease, Poison (Enhanced: Friction heat, own slams)
Immunity (Half effect): Aging, Sleep

Initiative: +9 (5 base, +Improved initiative 1; Enhanced +12 total)
Close attack: +4
Ranged attack: +1

-Specific attacks:
>Unarmed strike: +8, DC 16 (enhanced up to DC 23; Bludgeoning)
-Velocity strike: +10, DC 21 (crit 19-20; reach 5'; Force)
-Pressure slap: Close Affliction, +8, DC 18 Dodge resist; DC 18 FORT recover; Daze/Stun/Incapacitate (reach 5', Force descriptor)
-Grab: +4, DC 11 (up to DC 18)
-(Stunts: Jet blast, sonic boom, etc.)

Skills: (18 sp= 9 pp)
>Trained: Acrobatics +6/+9 (1sp)(+13 while flying); Athletics +4 (3sp)(up to +11); Investigation +2 (1sp); Perception +4 (1sp); Persuasion +2 (1sp); Technology +2 (1sp); Vehicles +2 (1sp); Close combat- unarmed +8 (4sp); Ranged combat- throwing +2 (1sp); Expertise- Student +2 (1sp); Expertise- Outdoor survival +2 (1sp); Expertise- mechanic +2 (1sp); Expertise- Classic cars +2 (1sp)

>Untrained: Deception; Insight; Intimidation; Sleight of hand; Stealth; Treatment

Advantages: (5 pp)
>Base: Attractive x1; Equipment x1; Great endurance; Move-by action; Power attack

>Enhanced Advantages (bought as Powers): ?

POWERS: (55pp)
>Hyper-efficient metabolism:
-Immunities 2: Disease, Poison (2pp)
-Immunities 2 (Half effect): Aging, Sleep (1pp)

>Born to fly
-Flight 1, Precise (2+1= 3pp)
-Feature 1: Dramatic wind (1pp)
-Senses 2: Direction sense, Distance sense (2pp)

>Aerial agility
-Enhanced attribute AGI +3 (8)(6pp)
-Enhanced advantages: Agile feint, Evasion x1 (2pp)
-Enhanced skill: Acrobatics +4 (limited- only while in flight)(1pp)

>Built for speed
-Senses 2: Extended x1, Rapid x1 (for normal vision)(2pp)
-Quickness 1 (1pp)
-Enhanced advantage: Improved initiative x1, Quick draw, Takedown x2 (4pp)

>Slip field
-Protection +1, sustained (1pp)
-Immunities 3: Friction heat, own slams (linked to Protection)(3pp)
-Enhanced defenses: Parry +2, Dodge +1 (3pp)

>"Jet power"(Dynamic array)(18+1+2+1+1)
-Flight +9, Dynamic (Base power)(18+1pp)(max Flight 10)
-Enhanced strength +7 (8), +Powerlifting 2 (Lift 10); Dynamic (14+2= 16; 2pp/ DAE)(2pp Flight left at max, Flight 2)
-Velocity strike (AE) STR damage +5 (6; DC 21); Accurate x1, Improved Crit x1; Reach 5' (5+1+1+1= 8; 1pp/ AE)(Cannot link with enhanced Strength slot)(Force descriptor)(10pp Flight left; Flight 6)
-Pressure slap (AE) Close, Affliction 8; Resist- Dodge; Recover-FORT; Dazed/Stunned/Incapacitated; Accurate x2 (+8); Reach 5'; Affects insubstantial x2 (Full; Limited- only vs. rank 1 or 2 Insubstantiality, -1); Force descriptor (8x1= 8+2+1+1= 12; 1pp/ AE)(6pp Flight left; Flight 4)
-Stunts: Jet blast, sonic boom

>"Jet boost/ Afterburners"
-Enhanced advantages: Extraordinary effort, Untapped potential (both Limited: only to improve flight speed or lift/carry strength; -1)(1pp)

History: AJ's parents met when they were serving in the US Air Force- her father Jack was a mechanic from west Texas, and her mother Cathy was from rural North Carolina; she was also one of the first female fighter pilots, a truly amazing aviator. The two of them fell in love almost immediately, and while they wanted kids, their life together took a back seat to Cathy's flying career- Jack mustered out at the end of his term so he could follow his wife to a series of bases around the world. When Cathy finally mustered out after 12 years, they moved in with her parents on the family farm in Henderson County, and they had their first child, a boy they named Mack. After a year or so, Cathy was hired by a major defense contractor to work as a test pilot for the next generation of combat aircraft (Secretly using some stolen alien technology). She shuttled back and forth to the west coast, while Jack and Mack stayed on the farm- but the project kept dragging on for years... Cathy never even realized she was pregnant again, until one of her frequent routine physicals found it out- by then she was more than a month along, and who could say what energies she had been exposed to by then. Her employer gave her a generous leave, but when it was over they wanted her back in the cockpit. Unfortunately the project kept hitting snags, financial and otherwise, and it still wasn't complete 5 years later. The official story is that Cathy died when her test plane crashed in the Nevada desert- but in truth she simply disappeared in a burst of unknown energy when the propulsion system 'exploded' (and certainly NOT because the company had begun cutting corners on safety to expedite the testing). The whole family was devastated, and their relationships definitely suffered. Mack had always been close to his grandparents, and only grew closer (and further from his father and sister)- he spent all his time working around the farm, and when the time came for him to go off to college he didn't go far; he ended up just down the road at UNC Asheville, studying Sustainable Agriculture so that he could take over the farm when the time came. AJ on the other hand, had always been her Daddy's darling- they both loved hiking and camping, and AJ grew to share his interests in cars and racing. When she wasn't in school or running around with the other kids in town, she was likely to be in the garage where her father spent almost all his time. She was driving ATVs, tractors, and the farm truck by the time she was 12- and even went with her father whenever NASCAR was at a racetrack nearby. That sort of thing was just a fun hobby, but it kept her close to her father over the years. While she had answered to "Allie" as a child, she started using "AJ" instead, after the legendary driver/owner who was one of her father's idols.

Like most metahumans, AJ first manifested her powers in her early teens, in a particularly stressful moment. In her case, she was 13, and hiking in the mountains with a group of friends (an informal, more adventurous outing than the REAL Girl Scouts ever enjoyed- and AJ didn't like the cookies much either...). The trail was wet and slippery, and AJ was at the back of the group when her friend Debbie started to slip- towards a 300-foot drop. AJ dove for her hand- and came up inches short, as Debbie went over the edge. Without thinking, AJ scrambled and lunged, just brushing Debbie's fingertips before she slid over the muddy edge herself.

Ten seconds of chaos and disorientation later, AJ flew back up over the edge where her friends were still wide-eyed with terror, holding Debbie in a clumsy carry. THAT story made the local papers, made her the subject of tales for the rest of middle school. But no matter how much she enjoyed flying, and no matter how much the other kids JUST WOULD NOT SHUT UP about it, she didn't show off where other could see her- both her father and her grandparents were quite insistent. That doesn't mean she didn't practice, or go flying just for fun- the rural mountains were full of places where nobody was watching, as long as she kept her altitude and speed to reasonable levels... (She even remembered her mother's old jokes about "never break the sound barrier near population"). High school was a whole new world- and a much larger crowd of kids to fade into, especially since she didn't join any of the sports teams, and she wasn't really a prep or a brain. The fact that her older brother had just graduated, as a top student AND a football star before he went to college made her beneath most notice. For most of the year anyway...

The last week of school was low-key, and the whole freshman class signed up for a field trip down into Raleigh to see some sights and museums and so on. Some of the kids had never even left the county, so it was a big deal for them. In fact, it started to turn into kind of a bust for everybody when their bus blew a tire on I-40. Most of the kids ended up having an impromptu picnic sitting by the side of the highway watching airplanes heading in to land at RDU. And once again, everything turned in one terrible moment...

Along with everyone else in her class, AJ was watching when a small business jet, a Learjet 40, was heading in- and its left engine simply exploded. For just a second or two it wobbled- and then it started falling out of the sky, engine fragments having wrecked some of its control surfaces. Most of AJ's classmates screamed, and some of them covered their eyes- AJ had seen some terrible NASCAR crashes so she didn't turn away. Time seemed to slow, and she had enough of a chance to look around as her startled schoolmates reacted in stunned horror- except her friend Debbie, who was looking straight at AJ, who knew what to do, what she HAD to do.

She dropped her jacket and her hat on the ground, took two running steps, and was in the air. She didn't QUITE break the sound barrier- but she was beside the struggling plane in seconds, close enough to see the terrified people inside the windows, and close enough to realize there was no way the plane could land safely. Unless it had some help... AJ slid in under the damaged wing, and pushed upwards- it wasn't anything like she had tried before, and the effort was almost unbearable for few seconds before something shifted, and suddenly it just felt natural, like any other kind of workout. A minute later and the plane touched down on the runway- AJ tumbled to a stop, nearly unconscious from the strain. The plane belonged to a major research company executive who had been flying in for a meeting in RTP, and there were press members waiting for him. The resulting photo of a fireman cradling AJ in a safety blanket by the side of the runway made national news- it pretty much destroyed any hope of her having a normal high school life in Henderson County, but it got the attention of the All-Star Squadron...

-Tomboy/ Spirit of adventure (motivation): AJ is pretty athletic and quite competitive. She can get into all kinds of trouble by getting into competitions with classmates, friends, or random other people- and she can get into almost as much trouble all on her own, if she overestimates her own abilities. It also means she is long on planning or analyzing things- she likes to jump right in. Given her tendency towards physical solutions, she might even REALLY hurt somebody, without meaning to- especially since she seems to be getting stronger... On a lighter side, she has a lot of typically 'boy' oriented interests (cars, hiking, sports), and dresses like a boy to boot (she hasn't worn a skirt since she started climbing trees at the age of seven), which might lead some people to make certain (incorrect) assumptions about her habits. She also tends to think of problems and solutions in a very straightforward, physical fashion- complicated scenarios or diplomatic interactions aren't really her style (she is totally the type to try out her Leatherman on that there Gordian Knot thingy).

-Country girl (prejudice): Annie is rather proudly a country girl, the product of rural America, in speech, dress, and attitudes- in fact, she tends to play up some of those details almost reflexively, as something she is proud of. In a cosmopolitan setting like Platinum City (and a snooty private school like the Carson Academy) she definitely stands out. And in a situation like high school where cliques and social status are the order of the day, she is bound to make some waves (and have some trouble fitting in).

-"Raised right" (Motivation): Annie was raised with a strong moral code and fairly traditional standards of good behavior. She is very honest, doesn't swear, and doesn't have any of the bad habits that many kids her age have picked up. She believes in fighting fair (for the most part), and hates liars and bullies of all stripes. Her habits may put her in opposition to less "good" classmates, and make her easy to anticipate (or even manipulate) in many situations- she is rather naive, and by most modern standards she is easily shocked by a lot of things that a jaded 'city kid' wouldn't bat an eyelash at (and conversely, she has seen a lot of bloodshed and violence close up, either at butchering time or in car crashes, so such things don't bother her as much). And her attitudes aren't the sort of thing she could hide very well, even if she wanted to.

-(Not so) Secret (identity): Since the Carson Academy has many super-powered students, and AJ is a terrible liar, she is pretty open about the fact that she has powers- though as far as the school and most of her fellow students know, she is just a fairly fast, agile flier- she doesn't show off her strength. Like her fellow recruits, her selection as a trainee for the All-Star Squadron IS a secret (and her costumed identity as Charger, novice superhero), even at school. And like many of her fellow students, she is SUPPOSED to keep her abilities under wraps when off campus, and out in public. She didn't grow up wanting powers, but she loves having them, and she wants to put them to use- like, you know, for a good cause and all. She kept her identity under wraps for a couple of years at home (mostly), but at this point she isn't as cautious as she probably should be- she thinks nothing of flying from place to place, for instance. In rural North Carolina there aren't a lot of people to see her- but Platinum City is a whole different world.

-Doing Good (Motivation): AJ is a strong believer in "doing the right thing" and helping people out if she thinks they need it (sometimes even when they don't think they need help). She won't hesitate to step in where she thinks there is trouble, and she isn't great at defusing stressful situations. She could easily make things worse- or she could be misled into helping the wrong person (or the right person at the wrong time). She could also get into trouble if she steps into a situation that is worse than she thought it was- and she isn't great at backing down either.

-Melo-Dramatic wind (Accident): The same air movement that can work to her advantage for a dramatic entrance or stunt can also work against her. Particularly when she is angry or stressed (even a 'pleasant' stress, like the attention of a cute guy), things around her are subject to a sudden burst of air- enough to slam doors, scatter papers or hats, or upset someone's tray in the lunchroom. It isn't enough to actually HURT anyone, but it can make quite a mess, and somehow it draws attention in AJ's direction.

>Relationships (Family)(More RP hooks than real Complications, presented for completeness)
-Idolizes the memory of her mother (and so would likely respect women in a military/police role, even more than one might expect)
-Adores her father, wants to make him proud of her- also maintains shared interests to keep their strong connection
-Fond of her big brother (and doesn't know that he has begun to have friends who are strongly anti-metahuman)
-Distant but basically positive relationship with her grandparents- she was never their favorite grandchild, even before THAT DAY, and they weren't shy about showing it. Even so, their rural hardworking lifestyle is a central part of her personality.

Description: AJ is pretty tall for her age, but currently as thin as a beanpole- she has grown into most of her height, but hasn't filled out yet. She has wavy strawberry blonde hair, just past shoulder-length- she keeps it tied back in a simple braid or pony tail most of the time so it doesn't get in the way. She also has green eyes, a wide engaging smile, and the healthy tan (dotted with a few freckles) of someone who spends most of her life outside. AJ tends to dress in a simple, functional fashion- shorts or jeans, sneakers or cowboy boots, tee shirts- and occasionally a denim vest or flannel shirt. She usually wears a hat (baseball cap or straw cowboy hat) and sunglasses, and often carries a set of heavy work gloves "just in case". Around school, she usually carries her books and stuff in a battered leather backpack, far more suited to a camping trip than a classroom. Since her enrollment at the Carson Academy, she has somewhat reluctantly acquired a costume- in her case, a bright red jumpsuit with a stylized white horse (similar to the Ferrari logo) on the upper left side of the chest.

Point Accounting: Abilities 42pp; +Defenses 9pp; +Skills 9pp; +Advantages 5pp; +Powers 55pp= 120/ 120pp

Future planning: Improve Flight/ speed/ agility; Improve STR and array, boost defenses and combat advantages.

Equipment: Multitool, Smartphone with GPS
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Re: Character back-up file

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Warp 2.0

PL 10/ PP 150 (Unspent 0)
-HP: 0

Real name: ?
Codename/nickname/other aliases: ?
Concept/archetype: Teleporter (mobility/blaster)
Gender: female
Age: ?

-Why are you adventuring?:
-Why might you have to be away?:
-Why might you have to leave?:

Abilities: (? pp)
STR ? / STA ? / DEX ? / AGI ?
FGT ?/ INT ? / AWE ?/ PRE ?

Defenses: (? pp)
Toughness: +?
Parry: +?
Dodge: +?
Fortitude: +?
Will: +?

Immunity: ?
Immunity (Half effect): ?

Initiative: +?
Close attack: ?
Ranged attack: ?

-Specific attacks:

Skills: (? pp)
>Trained: TBD

>Untrained: TBD

Advantages: (? pp)
>Base: -TBD

>Enhanced Advantages (bought as Powers): ?


History: TBD

-(At least 2; TBD)

Description: TBD

Point Accounting: Abilities ?pp; +Defenses ?pp; +Skills ?pp; +Advantages ?pp; +Powers ?pp= ?/ ?pp

Future planning: TBD

Capsule: TBD
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Re: Character back-up file

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PL 8/ PP 120 (Unspent 0)
-HP: 1

Real name: Roberta Margaret McGregor
Codename/nickname/other aliases: Bobbi
Inheritance: Shapeshifter (werewolf)
Gender: female
Age: 20
Height- 5'7"
Weight- 135 lbs
Hair: Dark brown (red highlights; cut short and spiky)
Eyes: hazel

Abilities: (50 pp)
STR 1 / STA 6 / DEX 1 / AGI 5
FGT 3 / INT 3 / AWE 4 / PRE 2

Defenses: (12 pp)
Toughness: +6 (+8 with Defensive Roll)
Parry: +8 (base 3, +5pp)
Dodge: +8 (base 5, +3pp)
Fortitude: +6 (base 6, +0pp)
Will: +8 (base 4, +4pp)

Immunity: Supernatural infection
Immunity (Half effect): Disease, Poison

Initiative: +9
Close attack: +3
Ranged attack: +5

>Specific attacks:
-Unarmed strike: +5, DC 16 (+1)
-To add: knife, baseball bat, tazer

Skills: (16pp; 36/12 NC, 8/4 C)
>Trained: Acrobatics +6 (1sp); Athletics +8 (7sp, Mastery); Insight +5; Intimidate +3; Investigate +5; Perception +8 (+11); Persuasion +5; Stealth +5; Treatment +5
>Ranged combat (slingshot) +10; Close combat (Unarmed) +5 (2 Csp)
>Expertise: Outdoor survival +8; Nature (plants/animals ) +5; Sports/fitness +5; Student +4; Current events +4; Pop culture +4; Folklore/mythology (North America ) +4; Supernatural creatures (cryptozoology) +4

>Untrained: Deception +2; Sleight of hand +1; Technology +3, Vehicles +1

Advantages: (27 pp)
>Base: Animal empathy; Benefit x1 (ambidexterity); Defensive roll x2; Equipment x5; Evasion x1; Fearless; Great endurance; Improved defense; Improved initiative x1; Jack of all trades; Languages x1 (Spanish); Luck x1; Move-by action; Power attack; Quick draw; Ranged attack x4; Skill mastery x2 (Athletics, Perception); Teamwork

>Free (PRE campaign bonus): Benefit x1 (Money- well off), Connections
>Enhanced Advantages (bought as Powers): None yet


History: James McGregor was an avid outdoorsman all his life- his wife Anne was less interested in the wilderness but had an excellent head for business. The family founded the Highland Havens, a small chain of campgrounds scattered around the United States primarily catering to urban denizens who wanted a rustic experience. They had two children- an older son and a younger daughter. Both Bill and Bobbi spent most of their childhood with their father checking the family camps, looking for new sites, and having other outdoor adventures. Their mother Anne spent most of her time at the sprawling family estate in Colorado, though she would join them at "roughing it" from time to time.

From an early age Billy and Bobbi were raised to love the outdoors, and to be both athletic and self-sufficient. Because of their somewhat nomadic upbringing, they were are also quite close- both one another's best friends and biggest rivals, though Billy was three years older. By the time he entered high school, they couldn't compete equally on a physical level- Billy was big and strong, while Bobbi was lean and quick. He went into football and wrestling, while she turned to running (though she remained very much a tomboy). Bobbi spent much of her high school life in her brother's shadow- he was a senior when she was a freshman, and his athletic achievements lingered on after he left for college. She made All-Sate in both cross-country and track her senior year, though, and that WOULD have been enough to gain her father's approval- but the old man was already sick by then, afflicted with the first wave of the Virus. James McGregor quite literally withered away, even after the family moved to (CITY?) for cutting-edge treatment.

-Where wolf- there wolf: Bobbi is a natural shapeshifter, and is MOSTLY in control of her Changes- she also usually retains most of her human mind while shifted. Certain environmental or emotional factors may influence the change, or make her more bestial when she does shift.
-Gone to the dogs: Bobbi has only recently learned how to change forms, and her wolf form retains most (but not all) of her normal intelligence.
-Doing good (Motivation):
-Brother Bear: Bobbi's older brother Bill is also a shapeshifter, though he takes the form of a large bear.
-Petting zoo: Bobbi is a supernatural creature. There are many people (and not-people) who are interested in such beasts- some want to study them, some want to collect them as pets or weapons, and some want to hunt them for sport.
-Leader of the pack (Motivation): (Prove herself)
-Inheritance (prejudice): The Devolution Virus (or Inheritance, depending on who you ask) is a recent and still poorly understood phenomenon. Many people who weren't affected by the change (and some who were) have strong opinions about those who WERE affected- often very negative ones.

Description: Bobbi is a lean and athletic young woman of just above average height. She tends to wear casual clothes (workout or hiking gear, mostly), more for convenience than fashion, and keeps her hair cut rather short, for similar reasons. She has the deep tan of someone who spends most of their time outside, rather unassuming features, and a broad ready smile. She rarely wears much in the way of jewelry or make-up (or "Girly" clothes)- most people's first impression is "Butch".

Point Accounting: Abilities 44pp; +Defenses 19pp; +Skills ?pp; +Advantages ?pp; +Powers ?pp= 120/ 120pp

Future planning: In human form, improve senses, speed, and combat abilities (especially at range- get a gun or tazer?), also improve social abilities. In wolf form, improve physical abilities (speed, senses, durability).

Capsule: Bobbi is a natural shapeshifter, able to assume the form of a large wolf at will. Even in human form, her senses are unusually sharp, and her reflexes are uncanny. She has only recently learned how to fully shift into wolf form
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Re: Character back-up file

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Hey man, welcome to the boards! Sorry to hear about everyone's trouble at Ronin Army- while I pretty much took my whole thread over here, I still know and like some of the people there. Hearing about them getting constantly screwed by that buggy forum is pretty unfortunate.

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Re: Character back-up file

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PL 8/ PP 120 (Unspent 0)
-HP: 1

Real name: Rose McKenzie
Codename/nickname/other aliases: Presto! (Scamp, Shortcut)
Concept/archetype: teleporting trickster/nuisance
Gender: female
Age: 14?

-Why are you adventuring?:
-Why might you have o be away?:
-Why might you have to leave?:

Abilities: (? pp)
STR ? / STA ? / DEX ? / AGI ?
FGT ?/ INT ? / AWE ?/ PRE ?

Defenses: (? pp)
Toughness: +?
Parry: +?
Dodge: +?
Fortitude: +?
Will: +?

Immunity: ?
Immunity (Half effect): ?

Initiative: +?
Close attack: ?
Ranged attack: ?

-Specific attacks:

Skills: (? pp)
>Trained: TBD

>Untrained: TBD

Advantages: (? pp)
>Base: -TBD

>Enhanced Advantages (bought as Powers): ?


History: TBD

-(At least 2; TBD)

Description: TBD

Point Accounting: Abilities ?pp; +Defenses ?pp; +Skills ?pp; +Advantages ?pp; +Powers ?pp= ?/ ?pp

Future planning: TBD

Capsule: TBD
1. "Jette": Jenny was abandoned just after birth, and mostly grew up in the care of the state. After some rough years, including institutions, indifferent (or worse) foster care, and a bit of time alone on the streets, she was finally adopted by a family in Bodega Bay. And for six months everything was wonderful- at the ripe old age of 14, she actually felt loved and accepted for the first time she could remember, even finding some friends at school. And then the Merge happened.

The family spent months in a resettlement center, since the new geography had wiped out their home (in fact, their whole street)- but luckily none of them seemed to have been Changed (though Jenny had some headaches for a while, they didn't last, and were attributed to outside changes, not to her). Jenny's parents (and especially her 'brother' whose best friend had been turned into something out of a Dungeons and Dragons game manual) grew to hate and resent the "invaders", making little distinction between those who had been brought over and natives who had been Goblinized, empowered, or otherwise changed. And they found plenty of like-minded people to share their hatred... The family moved away after a while only to have their new home town mostly obliterated during the Chaos Incursion- which did nothing to improve their opinions. Jenny was much more accepting, having learned to judge people far differently- but she kept her head down and her mouth shut (especially since, by then, she knew that she HAD been changed after all). The family moved again, to rural Oregon and a community of people who shared their hatred and shunned all the products and people "tainted" by the Merge. Jenny kept her changes secret, out of necessity (and because even now, she did love her family), but it was less and less easy to do so as time went on and her raw power increased. From time to time, she would "go hiking" and try out her skills, but it was nothing like real training or practice

2. WaRp: Aoife Rose McKenzie was a bit of a gymnastics prodigy, and by twelve she was competing at the junior elite level, based out of a gym in San Francisco- her parents were proud of her, but the stress of keeping up her abilities did wear on them a bit. Until the day of the Accident- no, not the Merge, not yet, just a mundane car accident. Her father was killed, but her mother was almost unhurt- Aoife was badly injured- she would walk again, but probably never compete at the same level. She and her mother moved to the small coastal village of Bodega Bay, and they tried to start over. Her mother started a little yoga and fitness studio, and there were a few basic gymnastic pieces at the school down the road- which Aoife couldn't bring herself to even look at. Instead she began to train in the martial arts- first Hapkido, then Capoeira, styles than drew on her gymnastic ability but did not stress her body in the same ways. Her confidence began to heal, and her relationship with her mother was stronger than ever- she even made some friends in school, a luxury she had never had before. And then the Merge happened, and the life they had built was upended. While most of the geography was changed, it seemed that Aoife and her mother hadn't been. In truth, Aoife HAD been changed, though it was subtle at first. She had been merged with another version of herself, but one that was VERY similar- the only difference was that the Other" Aoife was a potential Slayer, one who had just been Activated by Willow's spell
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