Character back-up file

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Character back-up file

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Original characters for various games (active and inactive)

1. (This page- Index)
2. Template
3. Jenny Ember: Street-level sorceress, Spirit wrangler; 8/122; New Mythos
>4. Jenny- Sorcery Array build-out
5. Featherweight: PL 7/135pp (142), Density shifter; Merge/YHI game (daughter of AU Kitty Pryde and Colossus)
6. Dash: PL 7/135 (142); Speedster; Rainbow +Dash +Incredible; Merge/YHI
7. Steadfast: PL 7/ 135 (142); Tactile TK/powerhouse; Merge/YHI
8. Final Girl: PL 8/ 150; Chaos-tainted Slayer; Merge- Gestalt Syndome
9. TBD (Empty)
10. (Visitor comment)
11. Charger 2.0 (Mag-Lev): PL 8/120 (STH version); cosmic energy projection
12. Scamp: PL 8/120 (STH version); teleporter, Bad Girl
13. Ranger: Pl 8/120 (Street); New Heaven/New Earth; Teleporter, EMT
14. (Visitor comment)
15. Buzzbomb: 10/150; (Suicide Squad); Speedster

(Page 2)

16. Harbinger: Merge A+P; 6/140 (135+5); Minor psychic; Investigator/Face
17. Jakita: Merge A+P; 7/125 (120+5); Enhanced Physical
18. Figment- Palladium 9/135
19. Rebound- Palladium 9/135
20. Firefly: 10/150; Pixie, arcanokinetic
>21. TBD- Empty
>22. TBD- Empty
>23. TBD- Empty
>24. TBD- Empty
>25. TBD- Empty
>26. TBD- Empty
>27. TBD- Empty
28. Setting notes (To expand, Move)

Others to follow
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Re: Character back-up file

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PL ?/ PP ? (Unspent 0)

Real name: ?
Codename/nickname/other aliases: ?
Concept/archetype: ?
Gender: ?
Age: ?

Abilities: (? pp)
STR ? / STA ? / DEX ? / AGI ?
FGT ?/ INT ? / AWE ?/ PRE ?

Defenses: (? pp)
Toughness: +?
Parry: +?
Dodge: +?
Fortitude: +?
Will: +?

Immunity: ?
Immunity (Half effect): ?

Initiative: +?
Close attack: ?
Ranged attack: ?

-Specific attacks:

Skills: (? pp)
>Trained: TBD

>Untrained: TBD

Advantages: (? pp)
>Base: -TBD

>Enhanced Advantages (bought as Powers): ?


History: TBD

-(At least 2; TBD)

Description: TBD

Point Accounting: Abilities ?pp; +Defenses ?pp; +Skills ?pp; +Advantages ?pp; +Powers ?pp= ?/ ?pp

Future planning: TBD

Capsule: TBD
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Re: Character back-up file

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Jenny Ember

PL 8/ PP 125 (Unspent 0)
-HP: 1
>Basic concept: relatively low-power sorceror, primarily gifted as Sensitive to spirits (who provide advice, and what little formal magical training she has). She has bonded with a efreet after rescuing from the ring where it had been imprisoned for (mumble mumble) years. An unholy fusion of Gotham's Cat and Luna Lovegood.

Real name: Zehaina (Jenny) Olivera
Concept/archetype: Street kid, neophyte sorceror, spirit medium, Efreet host
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Height: 5'0"
Weight: 105lbs
Hair: Black (Straight, almost to shoulders)
Eyes: brown
Skin: light brown/gold

Abilities: (36 pp)
STR -1 / STA 5 / DEX 1 / AGI 2
FGT 0 / INT 4 / AWE 2 / PRE 5

Defenses: (14 pp)
Toughness: +5 (STA 5, +0pp)(+6 Defensive roll)
Parry: +4 (FGT 0, +4pp)(Enhanced +8)
Dodge: +4 (AGI 2, +2pp)(Enhanced +8)
Fortitude: +5 (STA 5, +0pp)
Will: +10 (AWE 2, +8pp)

Immunity: N/A
Immunity (Half effect): Need for sleep, natural aging

Initiative: +2
Close attack: +0
Ranged attack: +2

>Specific attacks:
-Unarmed: +0, DC 14 (-1)
-Throw: +2, DC Variable
-Sorcery: +2, DC Variable (mostly Affliction/Illusion)
-Conjure flame: Perception, DC 19 (+4), fire
-Magic missile: +10, DC 21 (+6), Ranged (force/magic)
-"Fatal Distraction": Affliction +8, Ranged; DC 18 WILL (or Vulnerable/Defenseless)
-"All the pretty colors": Affliction 8; Close burst 1, Selective, +Self; DC 18 WILL (or Dazed+Impaired/ Stunned +Disabled)
-Whirlwind blast: Damaging Move Object 8, close/Cone 1,

Skills: (17 pp total; 51= 17 noncombat, +0 combat)
>Trained: Acrobatics +3 (1sp); Athletics +0 (1sp); Deception +7 (2sp); Insight +10 (8sp; Enhanced +11); Investigate +9 (5sp; Enhanced +10); Perception +8 (6sp; Enhanced +9); Persuasion +7 (2sp); Sleight of hand +2 (1sp); Stealth +4 (2sp)

>Combat skills: Ranged combat (throw something) +2 (0Csp); Ranged combat (sorcery) +2 (0Csp); Close combat (knife) +0 (0Csp); Close combat (unarmed) +0 (0Csp)

>Expertise skills: Streetwise +15 (11sp); Ritual magic +8 (4sp); Urban survival +5 (1sp); Sorcery +5 (1sp); Area knowledge (Mirum Urbem) +6 (2sp); Current events +5 (1sp); Folklore/mythology +5 (1sp); Pop (geek) culture +5 (1sp); Street art +5 (1sp)

>Untrained (Use Jack of all trades): Intimidate +5, Technology +4, Treatment +4, Vehicles +1
>Untrained expertise (via Eidetic Memory): Religion, History, Supernatural creatures (All +4)

Advantages: (13pp)
>Base: Benefit x3 (See below); Defensive roll x1; Eidetic memory; Equipment x1; Evasion x1; Great endurance; Luck x1; Move-by action; Ranged attack x1; Set-up x1, Teamwork

>Campaign bonus (x5; Free from PRE): Connections; Languages x3 (Native= English; +Farsi, Spanish, Classical Arabic, Latin); Well-informed

>Specific Benefits:
1. Word on the street: Can use Expertise (streetwise) for Gather Information checks or Well-informed (for appropriate subjects)
2. Power in a name: Has a recognized name and reputation, both in the local occult community and on the streets, as an information broker. People with the appropriate skills or background are likely to know her, or at least know OF her. (Basically, she has Contacts/Connections, and a lot of other people have HER as a Contact/Connection).
3. Cipher 1

>Enhanced Advantages (bought as Powers): Ritualist, Contacts, Jack of all trades, Holding back x1
>To Add: Hide in plain sight, Trance, ++Cipher

>Equipment: Masterwork tool kit (Ritualist), Fancy jacket (with lots of pockets and trinkets), Waterproof messenger bag(+emergency back-up ritual toolkit, plain, Stored)
(To Add: HQ/hide-out)

POWERS: (45pp total)

>Spirit Sensitive:
-Senses 2: Direction sense, Awareness (Spirits); (2pp)
-Comprehend 2 (Spirits); (4pp)

>Wisdom of the spirits:
-Senses 1: Danger sense; (1pp)
-Enhanced Advantage 2; Contacts (Spirits), Jack of all trades; (2pp)
-Enhanced Skills 1: Insight, Investigate, Perception; +1 each; (1pp)

>Apprentice Sorceror:
-Senses 1 (Awareness- Magic); (1pp)
-Enhanced Advantages 1: Ritualist; (1pp)
-Quickness 4, Limited -2; only for Ritualist tasks); (1pp)
-Defensive magic: Enhanced Defenses 8 (Dodge +4, Parry +4); Resistable (WILL, DC 18); Activation required (Move action, -1); (3pp)

>Sustained by magic:
-Immunity 2 (Half effect): Natural aging, Need for sleep; (1pp)

-Variable 4 (20 pp available), -Quirk: can only shift a limited number of points per round (Make a DC 10 Expertise- Sorcery check; can shift 1 PP for every point y which the check is made)(27pp)

>Efreet possession:
-Enhanced Advantage 1 (Holding Back x1); (1pp)(Associated Complication= Host)

History: Jenny was born and raised in the San Francisco area- she was an only child. Her parents owned a small real estate business- they were fairly wealthy but not truly super-rich, and they were very concerned with their social status, meaning that Jenny herself was treated more as a trophy or status symbol than a beloved child. Her father is Hispanic, a third-generation Californian. Her mother is of Iranian descent- her family came to the US when the Shah was desposed in 1978, but they trace their lineage back to Persian scholars and mystics from ancient times. Jenny was a smart child, but she was always a bit strange, even before the Devolution Virus struck. At the age of 5, she asked both her parents about "the man at the top of the stairs"- that no one else had seen or heard. At 7, she tearfully informed her parents that her grandmother was dead- five minutes before the hospital called. And she had an imaginary friend that lasted until she was 12- when her parents, disappointed in the lack of progress from her third therapist, had her 'hospitalized' for two months. Not surprisingly, she ran away from home for the first time the night after she was released. She was only on the streets for a few days- that time.

So began a vicious cycle of running away, therapy, and institutionalization which lasted for about two years. She ran away from home for the last time at 14- in the chaos of the first round of the Devolution Virus, her parents lost track of her and assumed she was dead. Instead she survived and after a rather epic journey, she made her way to the city of Mirum Urbem. She was living rough, mostly in abandoned buildings, but something about the city seemed somehow right to her- it felt more like Home than anyplace else she had ever been. She wasn't the only runaway living on those streets either, and they looked out for one another. Life was good for a year or so- as good as one could expect, given the situation. Who knows how things might have worked out in the long run?

And then the second round of the Virus struck. Jenny and her friends were holed up in an abandoned train depot for the worst of it. Some of them died, some simply disappeared, and others were, well, changed... Jenny got really sick for a few days, shivering under a threadbare blanket- and she was sure that she was hallucinating for most of that time. Except that when she started to feel better, the hallucinations didn't go away. There were shifting translucent shapes just at the edges of her vision, and whispering voices which faded away when she tried to listen more carefully. She really thought she was going crazy, like her parents had said for years.

But then she recognized one of the gauzy forms- it was her friend Taylor, one of the other street kids from her crew. Except that Taylor had gotten sick too- and he hadn't survived; his body was still under a blanket in the corner, and he was just as surprised as Jenny was that she could hear him. What the h...

Taylor managed to talk to some of the other entities- it seemed that they were spirits, mostly but not entirely those who had died but had not passed on to any kind of afterlife, for a variety of reasons. And Taylor acted as a guide of sorts, "introducing" Jenny to some of the other spirits- many of whom were quite excited to encounter someone who could actually communicate them.

Spirits had always been a part of the world- in ancient times they could sustain themselves with tiny drips of magic from the Arcane Sphere (though hardly any knew to call it that). But once magic had died away, and the connection to the Arcane Sphere was no more (or at least was too weak to provide for them), most of the spirits had faded away. From time to time, one spirit might sustain itself on its own energy or the spiritual power of a particular place- it was this that led to stories of "Ghosts" down through the years. But with the effects of the Virus, and access to the Arcane Sphere once more a possibility (for this was how sorcerors could work their magic, and how legendary beings might appear once more), the spirits began to reappear, like flowers after a rainstorm.

The spirits were, at least partially, spirits of magic- they were able to understand magical energy at a fundamental level, and they were drawn to sources of magical energy (especially sorcerors and magical beings with similar abilities). Most of the sorcerors could not sense these spirits, but the spirits could watch them- and learn from them. Some of the spirits that Jenny dealt with were willing to pass on what they knew- and so she began to learn the craft of sorcery. Her ability was fairly weak, but her will was strong- and to a sorceror, THAT made a meaningful difference. Other spirits could not teach her anything new, but they could point her towards other sources of magical energy- including faint traces from "interesting" artifacts. She found a book of two which helped with her studies, but such works were few and far between in the modern age. In addition, she found items that might be of interest to scholars, or to other students of sorcery- and those things she could sell, or barter for favors.

One day she was scavenging through the remains of a burned-out building when she found a massive ring of iron and brass- she did not even need the guidance of the spirits to show that this was something special. She took the ring home, and began to study it- but before she could think which one of her contacts might be a good customer for such a find, she had an unsettling experience... There was a voice from WITHIN the ring, somewhat like the spirits she dealt with, but also somehow different. And it called out for release... In sudden shock, she dropped it- and the voice faded away instantly- she could only speak to it while she held the ring. And so the negotiations began...

The efreet was not nearly as strong as it had once been, and after watching the fate of its brethren it was cautious. Jenny was likewise cautious, after she realized just what was inside the ring- she took a bit of time to do some research (including a repeat viewing of 'Aladdin'). The efreet would not risk being without a shelter, but the lure of the larger world was SO compelling. In time, a bargain was struck. The young sorceress would bond with the efreet, in effect becoming a living vessel to provide shelter and stability, while still allowing the efreet some ability to experience the physical world. In return, it would act as an adviser and lend her some of its magical energy to fuel her own spells- at need it would even act to protect the body that they now shared, though this would require Jenny to allow it greater control for a time. The "new arrangement" took a bit of getting used to, but after a while, Jenny began to use her new abilities as an information broker of sorts- between the physical world and the spiritual one, and between mundane folk and those touched by magic... Perhaps, in time, she might find true power or riches- or something else...

-Street rat (Prejudice, etc.): Jenny has been living on the streets for more than two years, since she ran away from home for the last time. She has very little in the way of shelter, or any resources or possessions that she does not carry with her. In addition, she has a somewhat scruffy appearance and is known to local police and social service agencies- not as a serious criminal, but certainly as a nuisance and potential problem (for example, one of her Cantrips allows her to produce something very much like spray paint, and she has been labeled as a graffiti artist even though they have never caught her with paint). She is smart and resourceful, though, and has managed to keep herself relatively clean and healthy(most of the time- she just uses magic to wash up, or to conjure food)- she also keeps up her own education through local libraries and similar assets.

-Outsider (Prejudice/Limitation): Jenny has been truly changed, first by the Virus and then by her exposure to spirits and to true magic. While she is still a mortal, she is no longer truly human. The supernatural energies which surround her cause a number of problems which make it difficult for her to maintain anything like a "Normal" life. Most obviously, technological items do not fare well around her- she cannot keep a cell phone for more than a day, must avoid computers and similar electronic devices, and even something as simple as an ATM card won't last long. In addition, spooky or inexpicable events tend to happen around her (uncontrolled phenomena on the level of the Prestidigitation or Dramatic Wind Features, most often)- these events and even, to a degree, her mere presence make normal people (anyone not touched by or familiar with the supernatural world) uncomfortable around her. Not hostile, necessarily, just uncomfortable.

-Do good (Motivation): Jenny is basically a good person at heart, and she has a strong inclination to help people out, and to try to make the world a better place. This can be as simple as helping out the other disadvantaged people (or sort-of people) of the city, or as complicated as trying to handle serious supernatural problems.

-Words matter: Jenny tends to trade heavily on favors (given and received), and her reputation and the value of her word are important factors. She maintains a policy of strict honesty- she always keeps her promises, and she won't tell a direct lie (though she can shade the truth or keep silent, and is rarely compelled to "correct" someone else's statements). In addition Jenny's reliance upon an economy of favors means that she may owe favors to others (both mortals and more exotic creatures)- and someone or something might call upon her to repay such a debt. In more mundane terms, she has many Contacts and Connections- but many others have HER as a Contact or Connection.

>Power loss (Sorcery): Jenny is a sorceror, but she is still a mortal, and relatively inexperienced. Using her sorcery variable requires her to be able to speak and to have her hands free (At least partially- cuffed is okay, but fully entrapped is a problem). Many of her incantations use pseudo-Latin (which she picked up from the two Harrys- Potter and Dresden). She does NOT need a wand, but sometimes uses props and ritual trappings to impress the muggles. In addition, extensive use of her spellcasting may physically tire her, or have her reach the limits of her available magical energy. Last but not least, certain complicated or unusual spells may be beyond her ability to conjure up quickly, and the GM may dictate that she can only perform them as rituals- In her case, Healing-type spells must always be done this way.

-Normal form: Jenny is a petite young woman, moderately attractive in a vaguely exotic fashion, though she often displays a distracted, vaguely 'spaced out' demeanor. She has pale golden-bronze skin, long black hair, and big brown eyes (which always seem to be looking at something just behind whoever she is talking to). She wears weathered, tattered clothing but is both cleaner and healthier-looking than one might expect for a homeless runaway. She typically carries an oversize messenger bag of heavy canvas, which contains the sum total of her worldly possessions. Her most distinctive feature is a long coat, equal parts leather and denim, which is embroidered with unusual and arcane symbols, and covered in ribbons, pins, and other decorations, including religious and arcane symbols of nearly every tradition one could think of. The only other detail a normal person might notice is a large ornate ring of iron and copper which she wears on two fingers of her left hand. Those sensitive to arcane energies might notice more about her, for she seems to have some measure of Talent, and is often accompanied by an entourage of spirits... In fact, the most distinctive feature she has is one that she almost never shows- she has the Great Seal of Solomon branded onto her body, a symbol nearly eight inches across on her upper back. It was incredibly painful, but even a tattoo was too impermanent, as this represents the 'shelter' for her bonded efreet, replacing the old ring.

Point Accounting: Abilities 34pp; +Defenses 14pp; +Skills 14pp; +Advantages 14pp; +Powers 43pp= 125/ 125pp (120+5)

>Variable settings:
-Sorcery Spells (up to 20 pp available)
-Conjure Flame: Damage 4 (Fire), Ranged- Perception, Contagious, Secondary effect (20pp max)
-Magic Missile: Ranged damage 6, Accurate x4, Affects Insubstantial 2 (18pp max)
-Active shields: Protection +2 (+Possibly relevant Advantages, linked to the Protection)
-Mage hand: Perception range Move object 1, +Precise, +Subtle; (5pp)(+Affects Insubstantial, if needed)
-Feature 1 (Prestidigitation); (1pp)
-Feature 1 (Projected image); (1pp)[/color]
-Dress for the role: Instant change 2 (any clothing)(+Add: Affects Others, +Self; +2pp); (2 or 4 PP)(Conjuration; can also manifest as Armor, with enhanced Defenses)
-Flying Carpet: Flight 4, Platform, -Quirk 1 (requires physical prop- broomstick or carpet); (4-1= 3pp, +Extra Weight, if using carpet)
-Sumptuous feast: Create 1, Precise, +Feature 1 (real food and drink); (4pp; + add levels of Create to provide for more diners)(-Quirk: Requires a few drops and crumbs as a "starter")
-Feature 1 (Clean up self, or others, as if by shower and shampoo); (1pp, +affects others if needed)(No water, just flickering lights and'smoke', all magic)
-Illusion (up to 20 pp total)
-Create (up to 20 pp total)
-Feature 1: Personal soundtrack
-Feature 1 (+): Dimensional pocket
-Mage sight: Vision counters Illusion, +Detect Magic (Ranged, Acute, Analytic)
-"Tagging": Create 8, -Close range, -Proportional (Toughness always 0); +Permanent; +Stationary; +Innate, +Precise, +Subtle 1 (looks real/natural); (11pp total); (This is functionally magical spray paint, and is a personal favorite)[/color]
-"Out of sight" Concealment 2 (Normal vision), Limited (Only vs. Muggles/normal people) (Usually with Hide in Plain sight)
-"Fatal Distraction: Affliction 8, ranged, Accurate x3; Resist- WILL, Recover= WILL; Vulnerable/Defenseless; Limited degree; (11pp)
-"All the pretty colors": Affliction 8, Close, Area- Burst 1, Selective; Side effect- User is also affected; Resist= WILL, Recover= WILL; Dazed+Impaired/ Stunned +Disabled; Limited degree, Extra condition; (16pp)
-"Whirlwind blast": Move object 8, Close range, Area- Cone 1, Damaging, Limited- push away only; Affects Insubstantial 2; (18pp)
>(She would love to have Healing, but that doesn't work for her- she usually needs a ritual instead)
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Re: Character back-up file

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Jenny Ember

>Sorcery Array Build-Out Project:

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Re: Character back-up file

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Anna Katherine Prydeman
Birth name: Ilyana Rachel Pryde-Rasputin
-Prefers Anna, Kate or Katie is okay, Kitty will get you slapped or mocked; only her DXDO case officer and her mentor Touchstone know her real birth name (all official ID documents are for Anna Katherine Prydeman
Codename: Featherweight
Concept: Density-controller, legacy heroine, X-D
Gender: female
Age: 15
4'10"; 98 lbs. (Varies between 25-ish and 800-ish lbs)

PL 7; 142/ 142 pp (135 +7)

Abilities: (58 pp)
STR 2 / STA 6 / DEX 2 / AGI 6
FGT 6 / INT 3 / AWE 2 / PRE 2

>Defenses: (4 pp)
Toughness: +6 (0pp)(Varies)
Parry: +6 (FGT 6, +0pp)(Varies)
Dodge: +6 (AGI 6, +0pp)(Varies)
Fortitude: +6 (STA 6, +0pp)
Will: +6 (AWE 2, +4pp)

-Low density: T +6/D +8/P +8 (~25lbs)
-Full phase: T +6/D +6/P +6
-High density: T +8 (Imp 8)/D +6/P +6 (~800 lbs; STR 8, STA 8, cannot swim)
(+others by Stunt)

Immunity: Disease, Poison
Immunity (Half effect): Aging, Starvation/thirst (CAN eat and drink), Fear, Interaction effects, Mind reading

Initiative: +6 (base)
Close attack: +6
Ranged attack: +2

>Specific attacks:
-Basic unarmed: +8; DC 17 (+2)
-Unarmed (Low-D): +10; DC 19 (+4)
-Unarmed (High-D): +4; DC 25 (+10)
-Selective density alteration: +0 touch; DC 24 Weaken Toughness 14, Objects only, +associated effects)(This LOOKS like an attack power, but is really more of a Utility power)
-Thrown something: +2; DC varies
-Grab: +6; DC 10 (+0)

Skills: (42sp= 14pp +4 Csp= 2pp; 14+2= 16pp total))
>Trained: Acrobatics +8 (2sp); Athletics +5 (3sp); Deception +11 (Mastery, 9sp; +17 Taunt); Insight +5 (3sp); Investigation +4 (1sp); Perception +5 (3sp); Persuasion +3 (1sp); Sleight of hand +3 (1sp); Stealth +11 (Mastery, 5sp; Enhanced up to +17); Technology +4 (1sp); Treatment +4 (1sp);

>Combat skills: Ranged combat (throwing) +4 (2Csp); Close combat (unarmed) +8 (2Csp)

>Expertise skills: X-men trainee +5 (2sp), Streetwise +5 (2sp); Geek culture +5 (2sp); Student +4 (1sp); Delinquent/Criminal +4 (1sp); Urban survival +4 (1sp); Artist (sculpture, uses DEX) +3 (1sp)

>Untrained: Intimidation +2; Vehicles +2

Advantages: (14 pp)
>Base: Benefit 1 (Burglar- Stealth); Diehard; Equipment x1; Evasion x1; Great endurance; Hide in plain sight; Improved trip; Languages x3 (Russian, Japanese, Hebrew, Morse code); Luck x1; Move-by action; Power attack; Skill mastery- Stealth

>Enhanced Advantages (bought as Powers): N/A (+depending on density array choice)

>Free (from PRE 2): Skill mastery- Deception; Taunt
>Free (Campaign): Legal identity (provided by DXDO)

-To add: Teamwork/combat stuff mostly, some stealth and/or deceit stuff.
-Benefit (Burglar): Substitute Stealth skill check for Technology checks related to security (locks, alarms, etc.) but not other Technology uses (Gadget Guide)

>Unstable molecule costume
-Feature 1: costume is self-cleaning and self-repairing; (1pp)
-Feature 2: Instant change (Any), Limited- Activation required (Move action), Quirk- always the same material (Black spandex-ish)(1pp)(Her costume can shift from the equivalent to a conservative one-piece bathing suit to a full bodystocking with hood and face coverage, but is obviously the same material)

>Spatial awareness
-Senses 2: Direction sense, Distance sense; (2pp)

>Never let 'em see you sweat
-Immunities 6 (Half effect): Fear, Interaction effects; (3pp)
-Immunity 2 (Half- effect): Mind reading; (1pp)

>Personal cellular control (Package)
-Regeneration 1, Persistent, Regrowth (3pp)
-Immunities 2: Disease, Poison; (2pp)
-Immunities 2 (Half effect): Aging, Starvation/thirst (CAN eat/drink)(1pp)

>Density control (Array)(32 pt base, +2 AE)
-1. Low density: Insubstantiality 1 (+Reaction, Continuous)(7), +Subtle 2 (looks normal)(2), +Precise (1); +Feature 2 (Reduced Mass x2; <25lbs); +Enhanced Defenses 4 (Dodge +2, Parry +2); +Enhanced Advantages 4 (Evasion +1, Improved defense, Takedown x2); +Enhanced Skill 1 (close combat unarmed +2; +10 total); +Close damage STR +2 (Unarmed, +4 total); +Immunity 3 (Critical hits 2, Environmental high pressure); +Elongation 1, +Speed 2, +Leaping 1, +Swimming 1; (7+2+1+2+4+4+1+2+3+2+2+1+1= 32pp, base power)

-2. (AE) Full phase: Insubstantiality 4 (full incorporeal; Sustained; affected by Magic), +Reaction, +Subtle 2 (looks normal), +Precise; +Feature 1- Affects corporeal for normal STR (Half power; STR 1); +Linked- Flight 1, +Subtle, +Precise; (24+2+1+1+4= 32pp; +1pp/AE)

-3. (AE) High density: Density growth 2 (STR +2, STA +2, Mass +2r), +Subtle 1; Enhanced STR +4 (8 total); +Powerlifting 2 (10 total, 25 tons); +Feature (Increased mass +1); Immunity 4 (Critical hits, environmental high/low pressure); Impervious Protection 8; +Enhanced Advantages 4 (Improved critical x1- unarmed strike; Improved Smash; Interpose; Withstand damage); +Feature 1 (Hands like tools); -Quirk (Reduced skill 1: Close combat- unarmed -2; +6 total); (4+1+8+2+1+4+8+4+1-1= 32pp; +1pp/AE)
(Anna calls this her "Dad Bod")

-(STUNT): Selective density alteration: Weaken 14 (Toughness); Affects objects/objects only (+0); Inaccurate x3 (-6), Precise (1), Subtle (1), +Reversible (1); +Transform 14 (Any object into any other object of the same material, 3/rank); +Continuous (+1/r; effect is permanent), +Distracting (-1/r), +Grab-based (-1/r), +limited (-1/r, only on objects reduced to 0 Toughness or less), +Precise (1), +Subtle 1 (1), +Inaccurate 3 (-6, +0 ttl), +Activation (Standard, -2), +Quirk (Takes as long as the GM Wants it to, up to 1 round per mass rank, -1); +Affects incorporeal 2 (normal STR)(2); +senses 2 (Acute normal touch, analytic normal touch; 2); +Enhanced trait 4 (Advantages- Fast grab, Improved grab, improved hold, Improvised tools)(4); +Feature 1 (Iron stomach- can break down and absorb anything like food); (14+3-3, +14+1+1-3-2-1, +2+2+1; 14+10+5; 28pp, +1pp/AE)(Possible stunts- Burrowing, Object restorative persistent Healing)

+Other Known Stunts: Hyperdensity, Full phase with others ("Take a deep breath- and DON'T LET GO"); Compression (Shrink, normal STR); Cloud form; Disruptive phase (attack)

-The group known as the X-Men existed in a large numbers of worlds before the Merge, though not many of those X-Men seem to have made it through the Event. In a large number of those iterations, Kitty Pryde and Piotr Rasputin were closely entwined- they were one of the most iconic pairings in a wide variety of X-continuities, outdone only by Jean Grey and Scott Summers. While Kitty and Piotr were often closely linked in a romantic fashion, very few of those matches ever produced a child...

In her world, her parents met in the mid-1990s, when Kitty was 14 and Piotr was 19. While they were fond of each other almost from the start, Piotr was a good guy, and he held out until Kitty was 18. They were married shortly thereafter, but as in nearly every continuity the X-Men led busy chaotic lives- ther daughter was born several years later, in early 2003. They named her after Piotr's beloved sister (who in that world had died mysteriously at a young age) and one of their time-traveling friends- the other X-Men were honorary aunts and uncles (only natural for a child actually born IN the mansion). Unfortunately, the situation was hardly an ideal one... For starters, while Kitty loved her daughter, she was, frankly, a terrible mother- far too busy with her work, among other things. In addition, the X-Mansion was definitely NOT child-proofed, and even the youngest other students were far older than little Ilyana, and not fond of 'tag-along babies'. And, of course, the team was often gone on extended missions, and various enemies were known to attack the mansion from time to time. In short, Ilyana spent an awful lot of her early childhood visiting her grandparents- aside from one brief visit to the Rasputin family farm in Russia, that meant she was a regular at the Pryde household in Illinois. On the plus side, she got to spend time with her grandparents, and with her still-living great-grandfather Samuel Prydeman (who was a wealth of great stories- some enthralling and some TERRIFYING). On the other hand, her grandparents were also occasional foster parents to a number of disadvantaged children from nearby Chicago, kids from broken homes and other bad situations- and many of them were all too willing to expose Ilyana to bad language, bad attitudes, and bad habits (And she, eager for kids who didn't scorn her, was quick to learn those lessons, which did NOT please her parents). They tried to be good parents, really they did- Piotr more so than Kitty, but both of them put in some effort. It just didn't seem to stick- whenever the relationship seemed to be getting better, the X-Men would have to jaunt off to some other planet or timeline or something, and by the time they got back Ilyana hated her parents again. It didn't help that Kitty never told her daughter that she was proud of her, or pleased with her...

Ilyana ran away from home for the first time just after her 11th birthday- a day she spent being shuttled back to Illinois before her mother and the X-Men shot off into space (again) to assist their Shi'ar allies against some cosmic threat (instead of Kitty and her daughter spending a long-promised day together). Ilyana remembered some of the things she had learned from one of the Pryde foster kids on her last visit and she took off out a window in the middle of the night (this was before she had demonstrated any kind of powers, but she WAS clever). Somehow she made her way to Chicago, and survived on her own for three days before the police found her and dragged her back to her grandparents- mortified, they never mentioned it to Kitty when she came back three weeks later. Two months after that Ilyana displayed the first sign of her powers, in a totally uncontrolled fashion- her mother, of course, didn't admit pride or approval; she simply set about giving her daughter a whole new round of lessons (though she STILL wasn't old enough to officially train with even the youngest official students). The next time she was dropped off with her grandparents, Ilyana ran away again, and this time she was much better prepared. Calling herself 'Anna', she went back to Chicago and this time she found one of the former foster kids who had 'advised' her. Most importantly, she wasn't back with the Prydes when her mother returned. Kitty flipped out, and she would have mobilized all of the X-Men in a military style operation to shame D-Day and stormed the city of Chicago looking for her daughter- but Professor X sent out an urgent call with no room for delay, and Kitty returned to the mansion to see what was going on. She would return, of course, with help. Any minute now, right?

Except things went to heck in a handbasket, and the X-Men were stuck in some warped dimension. After a few weeks Ilyana and her new friends scrounged up enough money for a bus ticket, and she made her way back to the mansion. The X-Men had just returned, and Ilyana caught a brief glimpse of her mother's fierce smile as she opened the front door...

And in that brief shining moment, the world collapsed around her, as countless realities were shuffled together. Everything went black, and when Ilyana woke up she was someplace new, someplace unfamiliar. In fact, she was somewhere in Illinois- where the Pryde family house had never existed. She made her way to Chicago, where everything was a thousand times more chaotic than she remembered. In the first days after the Merge, no one really seemed to know what was going on- though someone recognized her on the street (or rather recognized her as her mother). Somehow, she managed to survive, and made her way to Salem Center. When she arrived, the person who opened the door was her father- or rather, a version of her father who wasn't much older than Anna herself. He too thought she was Kitty, which led to a brief and very weird interaction- and to Anna running away. The next few weeks were a blur- the slow understanding of what had happened, the brief glimpses of familiar faces (and the people who recognized her), and the simple chaos of the new, Merged world; and a gradual understanding of her powers, which were Much stronger than they had been. She tried to ignore the voices that tickled the back of her mind, the fleeting memories that weren't hers. Anna doesn't remember how she got into the Morlock tunnels beneath New York, nor does she remember what happened there- or what caused her to shift into an immovable hyperdense form. She was stuck in that form for more than a year, before one of the expeditions into the labyrinth of tunnels found her. At first they thought she was a statue- or possibly someone who had been petrified by a previously unknown Morlock- what they DID know was that she was all but impossible to move. After they were sure the tunnels were safe, they brought in the British spirit-mage Touchstone, who was able to discern that there was someone in the statue- and was able to reach Anna's mind long enough to bring her out of the shifted state. By then it was 2017- the Chaos Incursion was over, and the Merge was almost two years past; Anna remembered none of it, but too much of what had happened before. The swirl of memories threatened to overwhelm her again, but this time Touchstone was with her and helped Anna through the trauma- Touchstone was a counselor in her civilian life, and had worked with MGS patients in the past. While Anna's case wasn't exactly MGS, Touchstone knew the symptoms and coached her through the adjustment process- learning how to handle the memories of not people but POTENTIAL people took even more time. And, of course, Touchstone had other cases, throughout the world- and everytime she had to leave, Anna ran away from the facility where the DXDO was holding her until her "Adjustment" was complete. At first there was discussion of moving her to Xavier's Institute, given that she had a prior connection- but Anna refused; that was the one place she definitely DIDN'T want to go. And she was too young and volatile to accompany Touchstone as a ward or fosterling... Over time, she settled down, though there were still concerns about her attitude- it was obvious that she needed guidance and training. When the YHI project was approved, she was one of the candidates identified as potentially suitable, and Touchstone managed to get Anna to agree to the idea...


-Power loss (and power lock): While her powers work differently than her mother's did, she still has trouble phasing through certain substances (Adamantium is difficult, and vibranium is nearly impossible, and more exotic materials could have unknown effects). In addition, her powers work much better on non-living matter than on living creatures (this is one of the reasons why she finds it so difficult to phase another person, a trick her mother mastered early on). Even though she looks normal while phasing, passing through another living creature gives both of them a slight 'pins and needles' tingle (noticeable, but not damaging). Because of the nature of her powers, surfaces or objects that are sealed against teleportation or dimensional travel MAY slow her down or stop her as well. On the flip side she may also, from time to time, find herself unable to TURN OFF a power, leaving her stuck in one form or another (while her fully phased state usually 'wears off' when she passes out from not breathing, her high density state can last longer (she spent more than a year in her hyper-dense statue form just after the Merge, before someone 'woke her up'). This is most likely if she is surprised while changing states, or as a consequence of mental power effects (as if she needed more reason to dislike telepaths).

-Responsibility (Xavier's dream, adapted): Anna was raised in the X-Mansion, and she was 'brainwashed from an early age to believe in Charles Xavier's great dream, that mutants and humans could live in peace, work together, and share the world- and that mutants would step up, into the very fires of the Hells, to protect a world full of people who hate and fear them. In the post-Merge world, that dream has changed, if only a little. The version that Anna subscribes to is similar- that X-Ds, the Gestalts, and Empowered natives can all live in peace, work together, and share the world (especially since this is the only one they've got, it seems) with mundane natives who might hate and fear them. And like all the X-Men, Anna is willing to step up and lay her life on the line to protect the world, and to protect that dream. In this, if nothing else, she is willing to follow in her mother's footsteps.

-Wild child: At least on her own time, Anna maintains a sullen, sarcastic demeanor- her personality could be described as "spiky" and in school terms her natural habit would be "in detention". Adults and other authority figures tend to assume she is up to no good (and they are often right), and if they see trouble, they will usually assume she is the cause of it. Her bad attitude and disreputable appearance can make a bad situation worse (Especially if there are police or similar authorities about). In addition, most adults tend to not listen to her, or take her seriously- even if they ought to; this factor is much lower when she is "in uniform" instead of street clothes (possibly because she also ACTS more serious and focused when she is 'on the job'), but a GM can invoke Complication along these lines as needed. In addition, she IS 15, and can be prone to extreme displays of emotion from time to time (or was that All The Time...).

-(Motivation) Heart of gold (or some other high-density metal): Despite her sullen and sarcastic nature, Anna is, deep down, a good person- she wants to make friends, and she is willing to risk all sorts of trouble to help out those friends (or potential friends). She could be led astray, or simply get into a hazardous situation. She is also quite willing to do risky things to protect innocents (especially children or cute animals). Deep down she does have good heart, and she does want to help people- she just doesn't want anyone to know it was her that helped... And while she might be a liar and a thief, she values her word, and will keep her promises (if you can get her to make a REAL one, instead of the sullen "I promise..." she gives to grown-ups). In more basic terms, she is basically good deep down, and despite her demeanor, the administrators in charge of the YHI consider her to be "redeemable".

-Prejudice (X-D): Plenty of people hate or fear XDs in general, and especially powered ones, and even some un-powered XDs manage to hate those with powers (native or not). Coming from a world that hated and feared mutants, Anna is used to that kind of treatment- but it doesn't make life any easier some days.

>Quirks/ RP Guidelines:
-Relationship (Touchstone): The UK-based "spirit mage" and psychic counselor helped Anna through her rather complicated adjustment to the Merged world, and is just about the only person that she fully trusts. The two are in occasional contact, which is contingent on Anna's maintaining a reasonable disciplinary record in "school" though this has taken on a more friendly, almost familial role (Anna's actual continuing therapy is handled by DXDO staff these days). Anna greatly values her mentor's opinions, and secretly wants to work with her someday (or, at least, to prove worthy of working with her). (NOTE: Touchstone is a character that I was working on for the Merge- London game- I'm not sure if I'll have her done though. She is a spirit-focused mage and a trained psychiatric counselor, in demand worldwide for her work with MGS patients. It is most likely she will appear in 'off-screen' conversations with Anna, acting to temper her more illegal or antisocial impulses to the point where she fits into a team setting).

-Dislikes telepaths: If there is one thing X-trainees get over-exposed to, it is telepaths- from the top down, the mansion is full of them. Anna, who values her privacy more than most, has a "perfectly justified" dislike of telepaths in general, and a red-hot hatred for any telepaths that pry around in her head.

-Anna is rather short, with the fireplug build typical of many gymnasts. While she has decent muscle tone, it is obvious she hasn't hit her full growth yet. While almost anyone who sees her is reminded of her mother, there are some differences- because of her father, she has a somewhat rounder face, and her hair is somewhat darker (nearly black in the right light, instead of Kitty's medium brown hair); she also wear her hair cut quite short, a style her mother didn't use until she was older. In addition, Anna tends to dress in a punk/goth style very much at odds with her mother's fashion choices- a dark plaid schoolgirl skirt and a tattered tee-shirt is standard, possibly with a long black coat. (In basic terms, think of the X-2 version of Kitty Pryde, cosplaying as the DP 1 version of Negasonic). In the field, she tends to wear a plain black bodysuit (with a mask, if she expects to encounter anyone who might know her).

Point Accounting: Abilities 58pp; +Defenses 4pp; +Skills 16pp; +Advantages 14pp; +Powers 50pp= 142/ 142pp (135 base, +7 earned)

Capsule: Density control secretly (unknown to her, certainly) has 'Dimensional' descriptor, may develop relevant powers. Skills 3sp/pp, free advantages from PRE
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Re: Character back-up file

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PL 7/ PP 142 (135+7; Unspent 0)(Merge/YHI build)
-HP: 1

Real name: Desiree ('Dashy') Robin Parnell (NOT "Dashiell Robert Parr")
Codename/nickname/other aliases: Dax, Dash, Bobbi
Concept/archetype: Speedster, young hero
Gender: fluid (they/them; typically presents as female)
Age: 15
Height- 5'0"
Weight- 105
Hair- multi-colored/variable (natural strawberry blond)
Eyes- green
Skin- pale, lightly freckled

Abilities: (50 pp)
STR 0 / STA 5 / DEX 2 / AGI 6
FGT 6 / INT 1 / AWE 2 / PRE 3

Defenses: (4 pp, +Powers)
Toughness: +5 (+6 with Defensive roll)(STA 5, +0pp)
Parry: +6 (+8 enhanced)(FGT 6, +0pp)
Dodge: +6 (+8 enhanced)(AGI 6, +0pp)
Fortitude: +5 (STA 5, +0pp)
Will: +6 (AWE 2, +4pp)

Immunity: Disease, Poison (+Friction heat, own slams)
Immunity (Half effect): Natural aging, need for sleep (+Fear, Interaction skills)

Initiative: +14
Close attack: +6
Ranged attack: +2

>Specific attacks:
-High-speed strike: +8, DC 21 (+6), crit 18-20
-Jackhammer punch: +8, DC 21 (+6), Multiattack
-Gotta catch 'em all: Burst area selective move Object 2 (non-damaging)
-Fastball not-so-special: +10, DC 19 (+4); thrown projectile
-Sonic snap: +8; Affliction DC 16 (FORT), Multiattack

Skills: (11 pp; 27/9 Noncombat, +4/2 Combat)
>Trained: Acrobatics +11 (5sp); Athletics +8 (2sp, +mastery); Deception +6 (+12 Taunt/feint)(3sp); Insight +3 (1sp); Investigate +2 (1sp); Perception +4 (2sp); Persuasion +5 (2sp); Sleight of hand +3 (1sp); Technology +2 (1sp)

>Combat skills: Ranged combat (throwing) +4 (2 Csp); Close combat (speed combat array) +8 (2 Csp)

>Expertise skills: Pop culture +5 (4sp); Streetwise +2 (1sp); Sports +2 (1sp); Student +2 (1sp); Science (physics) +2 (1sp); World geography +2 (1sp)

>Untrained: Intimidate +3; Stealth +6; Treatment +1; Vehicles +2

Advantages: (9pp)
>Base: Benefit x1 (ambidexterity); Benefit x1 (Athletics based on AGI); Defensive roll x1; Equipment x1; Evasion x1; Great endurance; Hide in plain sight; Luck x1; Move-by action

>Campaign bonus (3; Free from PRE): Attractive x1 (androgynously "cute"); Language x1 (Spanish); Taunt

>Enhanced Advantages (bought as Powers): Agile feint; Evasion +1 (2); Power attack; Quick draw; Takedown x2; Uncanny dodge; +Improved initiative x2

>POWERS: (68pp)
>Nothing special 'bout me:
-Sense 1- Direction sense (1pp)

-Instant change 1 (to/from suit); (1pp)
-Feature 1 (suit is self-cleaning/self-repairing); (1pp)

-Enhanced advantages 7: Agile feint, Evasion +1; Power attack, Quick draw; Takedown x2; Uncanny dodge (7pp)

>Speedster metabolism:
-Regeneration 1, Persistent (2pp)
-Immunities 2: Disease, Poison (2pp)
-Immunities 2 (half effect): Natural aging, need for sleep (1pp)
-Luck 2 (Recover); Limited- only for Fatigue from extra actions; (1pp)

>"Wait, what did you say?":
-Immunities 6 (Half effect)- Fear, Interaction effects (5)(3pp)

-Enhanced skill 2: Deception +6, Limited (Taunt/feint only)(1pp)

>Really fast:
-Superspeed 2 (Speed 2, Improved initiative 2, Quickness 2); Subtle 1; (7pp)
-Leaping 1 (1pp)
-Senses 1: Rapid x1 (vision; x10)(1pp)
-Enhanced defenses 4: Dodge +2, Parry +2 (4pp)

>No, Really really fast:
-Speed +10 (Stacks; total Speed 12); Quirk- loses Subtle (Leaves visible contrail/wake)(9pp)
-Movement 3: Water-walking 1, Wall-running 2; Limited (only while moving, above human speed/ 3+)(3pp)
-Concealment 4 (all vision); Partial (blurred, not invisible); Limited (only while moving, above human speed /3+)(2pp)
-Immunities 3: Friction heat, own Slam damage (3pp)

>High speed combat (array; 13 base +5 AEs= 18pp)
-!. Base- Run run away: Movement x3 (Environmental adaptation- Urban, Sure-footed x2); +Swimming 1; +Enhanced Advantage x4 (Improved defense, Set-up x1, Skill mastery- Acrobatics, Skill mastery- Athletics); +Feature 1 (Internal speedometer); +Movement +1 (Safe fall, Limited- must flap arms at speed, visible/distracting); (6+1+4+1+1= 13pp; base power)

-2. AE- Jackhammer strike: Close damage 6, multiattack 6; +Enhanced Advantage 1 (improved smash)(Linked); (6+6+1= 13pp; +1pp/AE)

-3. AE- Gotta catch 'em all: Move object 2, Area- burst 1; Selective; Close range; +Precise; +Subtle x1; +Affects insubstantial 2 (Limited- only vs. Insubstantial 1 or 2); +Enhanced Advantage 1 (Improved Trip); +Linked: Quickness +6 (Limited- physical tasks only)(8 total); (2r x3= 6+1+1+1+1+3= 13pp; +1pp/AE)

-4. AE- Fastball not-so-special: Ranged damage 4; Accurate x3; +Enhanced Advantages 1 (Throwing mastery x1); +Variable damage descriptor 1 (Cutting/Piercing/Bludgeoning, by projectile type); -Quirk (requires small projectiles to throw); (8+3+1+1-1= 12pp; +1pp/AE)

-5. AE- High speed strike: STR +6, Close, Damage (bludgeoning); Precise, Subtle 1; +Enhanced Advantages 5 (Linked; Accurate attack, Improved critical x2, Precise attack- Close/Cover, Precise attack- Close/Concealment); (6+1+1+5= 13pp; +1pp/AE)

-6. Sonic snap: Affliction 6 close, Multiattack 6; Resist= FORT (16), Recover= FORT (16); Dazed+Impaired, Stunned +Disabled; Extra condition, Limited degree; (6+6= 12pp; +1pp/AE)

>Speed stunts :
-Go get it: (Create) Dax doesn't actual create stuff, they just speed off and find what they need- food, small household objects, whatever. These things are actual physical items, and they had to come from somewhere within range (one Move)- GM's call if something is too rare or otherwise unavailable.
-High-speed nuisance (trip, burst disarm, etc.)
-Hit everybody: (burst damage)
-Vibrate out:
-High-speed disarm
-Handful of ball bearings (cone/thrown damage)
-Vertigo/tornado spin (burst/cloud affliction)
-"I'm already there" (Teleport AE)
-Sonic rainboom (Flight AE)

History: Desiree Parnell hasn't used their real name in years- even their parents call them Dax or Dash (for early mispronunciation of their own name as a toddler). Dax is the middle child of Roberta and Alan Parnell, with an older brother Vincent (usually "Vee") and a much younger sibling Jay-Jay (born just post-Merge). Dax was born in San Francisco, but the family moved to Bodega Bay shortly thereafter- the city was no place to raise a growing family. Alan Parnell was a house husband and dedicated community volunteer- everyone in town knows him. Roberta has an utterly soul-less but surprisingly well-paying job in middle management at an insurance company and commutes into the city for work every day (though that city is now much closer, since the company moved to San Fransokyo). Rumor has it that Robin and Alan used to be much more exciting before they settled down- but there has never been any proof of it (though some of their friends are kind of cool, like honorary Aunt Lucia); they have been pretty much the most boring people around for, like, years...

Dax was always a physical kid, walking and running well ahead of expectations- but a series of sports-related injuries always seemed to keep them in check. By the age of ten, the doctors were getting tired of seeing the results of tree-climbing and BMX racing, and they increasingly warned of dire long-term consequences if the damage didn't stop...

And then the Merge happened. At first, it seemed like none of the family had been affected at all- even their house was unchanged, though the end of their street was now a steep drop into the new bay... Alan helped out with the relief and resettlement, just like everyone expected, and only his distaste for the spotlight kept him from getting elected mayor when Bodega Bay voted to re-name itself as Bay Shore. Robin certainly didn't expect another pregnancy, though Jay-Jay was born with no problems, nine months to the day after the Merge (and certainly seemed normal). And, most interestingly of all, Dax's lingering injuries stopped getting worse, and in fact began to heal far faster than one could believe. Doctors were baffled, but that was hardly the weirdest thing they had seen after the Merge- it didn't even make the papers. By the time Jay-Jay was born, Dax was at full speed again, and was back on their bike, exploring the new hills around town. A year later, Dax found out that the changes had been a bit more profound, and they were now able to run faster than the new monorail into San Fransokyo.

Robin and Alan wouldn't hear of such nonsense, instead devoting all of their time to their youngest child. Dax was forbidden to even speak of such things and extra-double-special forbidden to show off these new tricks. Vee, ever the bookworm, did some research (which the two of them were very careful to keep secret from their parents) and then he went away to college, in the least-Merged city in America, and wouldn't talk about it anymore. Dax was left to fend for themself, mostly by just skirting the edges of getting into trouble. By sheer luck, the whole family was on a camping trip for the worst part of the Chaos Incursion- and it took Dax literally months of sneaky research to find out what had happened. They were so pissed- they could have helped.

A chance encounter with a more famous speedster in San Fransokyo led to Dax being contacted by representatives of the Young Hero Initiative- and their parents were NOT pleased about that. It took some determined effort from YHI for Dax to be enrolled- mostly their parents had to be reassured that Dax would be learning how to control their powers very very far from home...

-Speed (accident): Dax can move really fast, and that has the potential for trouble all by itself. In addition, that speed can even outpace their enhanced reflexes and fine control. Oops!

-Do good, help people (Motivation): Dax is a friendly and cheerful person, who enjoys being helpful- and could get into all kinds of trouble by jumping in to help without assessing the situation first. Dax would have made an awesome Boy Scout, if they weren't still so hung up on tiny little details. Dax also shares some of their father's fondness for social causes- they are always up for a good protest march, and love to cheer for the underdog, to fight discrimination, and to stand up against bullies of all sorts.

-Impulsive/ prone to distraction: Like many speedsters, Dax is impulsive and fond of immediate gratification- they like to do stuff and do it now. They aren't fond of drawn-out plans or complicated strategies. Let's go, let's go, let's go! In addition, Dax is always eating stuff, or paying attention to the wrong thing. At a critical moment, Dax could be not paying attention, or could have stepped out to get a burger. Be right back though! Oh, did you want one? Let me go get...

-Adventure!: Dax loves to Go Places! and Do Stuff!, preferably physical things, at speed. Dax is also very competitive, and could develop a rivalry with any other speedster-type. A competitive nature and a fondness for excitement and adventure can lead to all sorts of trouble- especially at 4000 MPH... Like many young heroes, and most speedsters, Dax does have a bit of a problem with overconfidence.

>RP Hooks (not full Complications):
-Family matters (Responsibility): Dax's parents are, without doubt the most boring mundane people in their city, maybe in their entire state. They have absolutely forbidden any discussion of Merge people or phenomena in their house or their presence (which is kind of funny, since Robin works in San Fransokyo- they simply call it "The City"). Older brother Vee isn't much better, but went to college in the least-Merged city in America,, just to stay away from any mention. Jay-Jay, now almost 4, still doesn't really talk much... Dax has spent the last few years as "not allowed" to talk about "Merge stuff" and certainly not allowed to show off any unusual abilities- which of course makes them about a thousand time more interested in anything Merge related (and not too shy about asking)...

>Description: Dax is fairly short, with the slender toned build of a distance runner. They are generally likable, and "cute" in a youthful androgynous sort of way (though strangers tend to guess "Boy"). They wear their hair in a short, shaggy cut- the color is variable on a daily, or even hourly basis. Dax has sparkling green eyes, and moderately pale skin dusted with freckles- somehow they never seem to tan or get a sunburn. Dax does have a costume (a birthday present from Vee, and yes, it looks like the Incredibles suit in sky blue with multicolored accents), but isn't used to wearing it yet- they usually dress in comfortable athletic fashion (skater clothes), often a bit tattered from minor tumbles.

Point Accounting: Abilities 50pp; +Defenses 4pp; +Skills 11pp; +Advantages 9pp; +Powers 68pp= 142/ 142pp

Future planning: MORE SPEED! and maybe more control, and practiced abilities instead of stunts.

>Parnell= Parr, Roberta= Robert, Alan= Helen, Vincent (Vee)= Violet (Vi), you get the picture...
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Re: Character back-up file

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(Merge/YHI build)

PL 7/ PP 142 (135 +7 earned; Unspent 0)
-HP: 1

Real name: Katherine Theresa Callahan (Katie)
Codename/nickname/other aliases: Steadfast
Concept/archetype: Powerhouse (Tactile TK)
Gender: female
Age: 15
Height- 5'6"
Weight- 125 lbs
Hair- red/blond (long and wavy; tied back in ponytail or single braid)
Eyes- grey
Skin- pale, lightly freckled

Abilities: (56 pp)
STR 0 (8) / STA 6 / DEX 1 / AGI 4
FGT 6 / INT 2 / AWE 4 / PRE 5
-(Lift/throw STR 10)

>Defenses: (6 pp)
Toughness: +6 (STA 6, +0pp)
Parry: +6 (FGT 6, +0pp)
Dodge: +6 (AGI 4, +2pp)
Fortitude: +6 (STA 6, +0pp)
Will: +8 (AWE 4, +4pp)
-Rigid shielding: T 8 (Imp 8)/D 6/P 6
-Flexible shielding: T 6/D 8/P 8

-Immunity: Fear, Disease
-Immunity (Half effect): Poison, Need for sleep, Starvation, Natural aging
(Others are possible, depending on power settings)

Initiative: +4
Close attack: +6
Ranged attack: +2

>Specific attacks:
-TTK Unarmed strike: +6, DC 23 (+8), crit 19-20
-Thrown something: +6, DC variable (up to 23/ +8)(throwing distance as STR 10)
-Grab +6, DC 18 (+Special)

Skills: (12 pp total; 30= 10 noncombat, +4= 2 combat)
>Trained: Acrobatics +5 (1sp); Athletics +5 (+13)(5sp); Insight +11 (7sp); Investigation +3 (1sp); Perception +8 (4sp); Persuasion +12 (7sp)

>Expertise skills: Profession- Student +3 (1sp); Pop culture +3 (1sp); Profession- Tomboy +3 (1sp); Profession- Babysitter +3 (1sp); Sports (Basketball) +3 (1sp)

>Combat skills: Close combat (TTK/unarmed) +6 (0 Csp); Ranged combat (Throwing) +6 (4Csp)

>Untrained (with Jack of all trades): Deception +5, Intimidate +5, Sleight of hand +1; Stealth +4; Technology +2; Treatment +2; Vehicles +1

Advantages: (13 pp)
>Base: Benefit x1 (ambidexterity); Equipment x1; Evasion x1; Fearless; Great endurance; Interpose; Jack of all trades; Luck x1; Move-by action; Ranged combat x1; Skill mastery (Athletics); Throwing mastery x1; Uncanny dodge

>Bonus (Campaign/setting bonus, from PRE 5): Inspire x2, Languages x1 (Irish Gaelic), Leadership, Teamwork

>Enhanced Advantages (bought as Powers): Luck x1 (Recover); others are possible, depending on power selections

POWERS: (55pp)
>Mundane talents:
-Can't get lost: Senses 1 (Direction sense)(1pp)

-Regeneration 1, Persistent (2pp)
-Immunity 1: Disease; (1pp)
-Immunity 4 (Half effect): Poison, natural aging, need for sleep, starvation/thirst; (2pp)
-Enhanced Advantage 1: Luck x1 (Recover); (1pp)

>TTK Shielding (Array; 14pp base, +1 AE)
-1. Rigid shielding (base power): Protection +2 (8), Impervious 8; Sustained, Subtle 1; +( Linked) Enhanced advantages 2: Ultimate effort (Toughness check), Withstand damage; + (Linked) Immunity 2 (Critical hits)(Q- must be aware of attack); (2+8+1+2+1= 14pp, base power)

-2. (AE) Flexible shielding: Enhanced defenses 4 (Dodge +2, Parry +2), Sustained, Subtle 1; +(Linked) Enhanced Advantages 2 (Evasion +1, Improved defense); +(Linked) Immunity 5 (Grapple/entrapment effects)(Quirk- does not prevent full enclosure effects); +(Linked) immunity 2 (environmental high pressure, environmental low pressure/ vacuum; (4+1+2+5-1+2= 13pp)

>Tactile TK: (Dynamic array) (Force, telekinesis)
-1. TTK Strength: Enhanced STR +8 (8), Precise, Subtle 1; (18pp) +Powerlifting 2 (10 total)(+2pp); (18+2= 20pp, +1 Dynamic/base power)

-2. (D/AE) TTK-assisted movement : Leaping 6 (6pp), +Movement 1 (Safe fall)(2pp), +Movement 2 (Wall-crawling 2)(4pp); +Burrowing 8, Penetrating 1, Quirk= Messy, may cause collateral damage (8pp); (6+2+4+8+1-1= 20pp; +2pp/DAE)

(+) TTK Stunts/ future array slots: Groundstrike, Shockwave, Pulse, Bracing, Directed flight (cannonball); Rend (Weaken Toughness/ objects, +Damage); Squeeze play (Grab-based FORT Affliction)

>TTK Combat: Enhanced Advantages 6: Fast grab, Improved critical x1 (TTK/Unarmed); Improved Grab, Improved Smash, Improved Trip, Power attack; (6pp)

>"Long fist": Reach 1 for Unarmed strike/ maneuvers, Subtle 1, Activation (Move); (1pp)
>TTK toolbox: Features 3: Hands like tools, Can use STR without grip or leverage (Half effect= STR 4), STR Affects Insubstantial 1 (Half effect= STR 4); (3pp)

History: Katie Callahan was born and raised in Greenwood, IN- a southern suburb of Indianapolis. She is the oldest of 4 children, with 3 younger brothers (Frank junior is currently 8, and Robert and David are 12-year old twins). Before the Merge, Katie and her family lived in a world where superhumans were confined to comic books and movies- the real heroes were people like her father, a firefighter who died in the line of duty.
But after the Merge, it was a whole new world- and in this new world, her father Frank was actually an Irish-American superhero (Shamrock), who had died in the line of duty, helping to fend off an alien invasion. Nobody outside their family knew the secret of his identity- and in many ways, the changed history didn't change who Frank had been, or the impression he left on his kids (especially Katie). Even before her father died, Katie liked to help out around the house- afterwards, she took over even more of the responsibility, acting as both big sister and substitute mom for her younger brothers while her mother went to work. By the time she was 10, she was often the bus stop and playground shepherd for most of the neighborhood kids.

The Merge changed a lot of the world, but it didn't change suburban Indiana very much- there were some strange things flying through the sky, and (especially in the early days) all kinds of weird stories on the news, but most of THAT was Somewhere Else. There were still bullies and brats and all of the ordinary chaos that marked suburban life, no matter which world you Merged from.

The Chaos Incursion was different. Things happened (Bad Things! Utterly Wrong Things!) even in the suburbs. And even in the Midwestern suburbs, people stepped up to combat these Bad Wrong Things- at age 12, Katie Callahan was one of those people (though her story is a bit less high stakes than some of the tales of the Incursion). When the playground fixtures at Greenwood Elementary School sprouted greasy tentacles and threatened to turn recess into a bloodbath, Katie stepped forward into the fray- and wonder of wonders, she did not, in fact, die horribly. The tentacles could not seem to grasp her like they did the other kids, and one vicious slap that should have smashed her ribcage merely bounced off- and when she tied the tentacles into knots they faded back into normal (though destroyed) playground equipment.

Somebody filmed all of it, of course, and once the DXDO had taken care of much larger and more prominent cases, someone actually watched that video. Two days later the Callahan family had some carefully nondescript visitors. One mild misunderstanding and one agent tossed down the driveway later, the DXDO opened a file on Katie- merely a formality, of course. Life went on, only a little stranger than it had been- but Katie wanted more. Fast forward to six months ago, when the DXDO stopped by to check in on the family- they opened a few more files on the Callahan brothers (more formalities, though Frank junior was intriguing), but they also offered Katie in the YHI, which was exactly what she wanted.

-"Big sister": (Motivation- Do Good/Help out) Even before the Merge, Katie loved helping people and wanted to grow up to be a nurse or a cop or a firefighter. Now she wants to be a superhero- she got her first taste of this during the Chaos Incursion, and she has never looked back. She will eagerly take up just about any opening to help someone in need or in danger, especially younger kids or similarly helpless folks, and especially those in physical danger. She will stand up to bullies or thugs, dive in front of bullets- or even help a frail neighbor bring in heavy bags of groceries. In addition, she is basically a good person- she keeps her promises, doesn't lie, and generally tries to model good responsible behavior (she is used to being an example for her trouble-making brothers, and for other kids around the neighborhood). She likes to have fun and do exciting adventurous things, but she doesn't like to cause Trouble.

-Self-confidence (Power loss): Katie's powers are fueled by her own resolve and self-confidence. If her confidence or self-control are weakened (perhaps by an Affliction), her powers might be weakened as well (or become Unreliable or unpredictable).

-Punch-through (Accident): Katie's strength does not come from muscles, it comes from telekinetic force. While her instinctive control is generally good, she IS very strong and can misjudge her application- especially if she is angry or otherwise distracted. Things can break- people can break...

-Won't back down: (Responsibility/ Motivation) Katie is a good person- honest, dependable, and very responsible for her age- but she has a stubborn streak a mile wide. Once she has made up her mind about something, it is nearly impossible to change her opinion. And while she doesn't like to start a fight, she is very nearly incapable of backing down from bullies or threats, especially if she is defending someone else. Like many teenagers, she also has a bit of a problem with overconfidence...

-MGS: Katie has a fairly mild case of this- the main difference is her father's altered history. Most of the time she remembers the "new" version, but every once in a while she remembers the 'original' history, and a world without "real" superhumans. Perhaps there are other memories in her head that could get equally mixed up, prompting momentary confusion or indecision...

>RP Hooks (Not full Complications):
-Relationships (Family): Katie's mom is a widow, trying to raise 4 kids (all with some degree of powers)- she is strong-willed, stubborn, and independent (all traits her daughter has as well), but she is still glad for the help that the DXDO has offered. Youngest brother Frank junior (age 8) seems to have some degree of enhanced intuition or precognitive ability (weak yet at his age), and the twins (Robby and Dave, age 12) both have some degree of enhanced strength and durability (not as strong as Katie, and they mostly use their gifts for greater pranks and escapades). For now the DXDO is helping with their housing and other needs (and, of course, monitoring them for future usefulness). If the YHI project continues, Katie's brothers might be headed to the island in a few years (she hopes to be long gone by then). In addition, the DXDO doesn't ask for any repayment (yet), but they could (this is basically a reverse of Connections). And, of course, her brothers might get up to Something, and call Katie to help out, the way she always has...

Description: Katie is pretty tall for her age, but somewhere between "lean" and "skinny"- she has grown into most of her height, but hasn't really filled out, though her muscle tone is good, and she doesn't have the gawky gracelessness many teenagers experience. She has pale skin with a scattering of freckles (though her powers make frequent sunburns a thing of the past). She has bright coppery hair, typically tied back into a rough ponytail. She has a broad, engaging (and near constant) smile, and is quite pretty in a wholesome, "All American" fashion. She does not, as yet, have an official costume- on her own time she prefers jeans, sports jerseys, and similar comfortable clothes, though she wears a school-issued uniform when appropriate (and tends to wear a private school 'uniform' when on official school trips or in class). She has recently started playing basketball (and has enjoyed watching it for years)- if she were in normal school, this would be her athletic and social pastime, but on the island it isn't that common a hobby (though they do have a court).

Point Accounting: Abilities 56 pp; +Defenses 6 pp; +Skills 12 pp; +Advantages 13 pp; +Powers 55 pp= 142/ 142 pp (135 base, +7)

Future planning: TBD
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Final Girl

"I know what you are thinking- 'Slayer', right? Strong, fast, tough, armed with a wooden stake, or maybe a crossbow... Maybe that was enough, in the old days where you had a few lonely B-strain vamps, maybe a werewolf or a Turok-Han for variety. Not anymore. I mean there are things out there now that move too fast to even see, things that simply can't be hurt without magic, horrors that make anything in the Slayers Handbook look like fluffy little bunnies. Times have changed, the world itself has changed- but there are still monsters out there, and SOMEBODY needs to deal with them. Sometimes that is just a stake and some muscle, sometimes it is a 357 with silver bullets, sometimes it is a flamethrower. We find it, we figure out what makes it tick, we end it. Just look at the best of Us, the role models- Ellen Ripley, Laurie Strode, Sarah Conner. It doesn't take Slayer Strength to get the job done- it is Will, and Luck, and the right weapon at the right time."

PL 8/ PP 150 (Unspent 0)
-HP: 1

Real name: Rowan Catherine McKenzie
Codename/nickname/other aliases: Cat
Concept/archetype: pre-Merge native (empowered/altered); Slayer, Bad-ass Bookworm
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Height- 5'8"
Weight- 145
Hair- Dark brown bob/page-boy cut)
Eyes- green/gold (cat pupils)

Abilities: (56 pp)
STR 1 / STA 5 / DEX 2 / AGI 4
FGT 6 / INT 5 / AWE 3 / PRE 2

Defenses: (17 pp)
Toughness: +5 (+6 with Defensive roll)
Parry: +10 (FGT 6, +4pp)
Dodge: +10 (AGI 4, +6pp)
Fortitude: +5 (STA 5, +0pp)
Will: +10 (AWE 3, +7pp)

Immunity: (Fear)
Immunity (Half effect): Natural aging, Need for sleep, Disease, Poison
Awareness: Merger, Chaos, Supernatural creatures, Danger
Senses: low-light vision, direction sense; Insight +12, Perception +5

Initiative: +8
Close attack: +7
Ranged attack: +9

>Specific attacks:
-Unarmed/martial arts/improvised weapon: +7, DC 16+ (+1+)
-Staff: +13, DC 18 (+3), bludgeoning; wood/cold iron/silver, reach 1, double
-Kukri: +7, DC 18 (+3), cutting, Crit 18-20, silver
-Heavy pistol: +12, DC 19 (+4), Crit 19-20
-Hunting rifle: +11, DC 20 (+5), Crit 19-20
-Shotgun/other ranged: +9
-Throwing: +9

Skills: (17 pp)(Non-combat 36/12; +Combat 10/5)
>Trained: Acrobatics +5 (1sp); Athletics +5 (Mastery; 4sp); Deception +3 (1sp); Insight +12 (9sp); Investigation +8 (3sp); Perception +5 (2sp); Persuasion +3 (1sp); Sleight of hand+3 (1sp); Technology +6 (1sp)

>Combat skills: Ranged combat (Handgun) +12 (3cSP), Ranged combat (Throwing) +10 (1cSP); Close combat (staff) +12 (6cSP)

>Expertise skills: Supernatural creatures ("Critter lore") +8 (3sp); Ritual magic +8 (3sp); Pop (Geek) culture +6 (Horror fandom +12)(1sp); Occult/supernatural community ("Who's who") +6 (1sp); Streetwise +6 (1sp); Tactics/CQB +6 (1sp); Firearms/gunsmith +6 (1sp); Military/heavy weapons +6 (1sp); Arcane lore/ Magic +6 (1sp)

>Untrained: Intimidation +3, Stealth +4, Treatment +5, Vehicles +2
>Other expertise uses (Untrained, through Jack of all trades and Eidetic Memory): Current events, Slayer (job skill), Sports/fitness, Folklore/mythology, Survival

Advantages: (41 pp)
>Base: Ritualist (Uses Expertise- Ritual magic; Stunt- Artificer); Beginner's luck; Benefit x1 (Ambidexterity); Close attack x1; Deadeye(*); Defensive roll x1; Equipment x5 (HQ, gear, vehicle); Equipment x9 (Weapons); Evasion x1; Favored foe (Vampires); Fearless; Improved critical x1 (handguns); Jack of all trades; Languages x2 (Spanish, Latin); Luck x1; Move-by action; Power attack; Quick draw; Ranged attack x7; Skill mastery- Athletics; Tracking

>Free x2 (from PRE, campaign bonus): Connections (favors, Persuasion); Well-informed

>Enhanced Advantages (bought as Powers): Assessment; Improved initiative x1; Improvised weapon x1, Throwing mastery x1; +Great endurance
>Other/Special: Holding back x2 (Uncontrolled, Host- Chaos; acts as a Complication)

POWERS: (19pp total)
>Merge sense:
-Awareness (Merged), Detect (Merged; touch/Acute)(0pp)

>Can't get lost:
-Senses 1: Direction sense (1pp)

>Hard-earned ability:
-A morning run: Speed 1 (1pp)
-Situational awareness: Senses 1- Danger sense (1pp)
-Final girl: Enhanced Skill 2- Expertise/ Pop (geek) culture +6 (Limited- Horror fandom)(1pp)

>Still a Slayer:
-Slayer sense: Senses 1- Awareness (Supernatural creatures)(1pp)
-Slayer basic training: Enhanced advantages 4- Assessment, Improved initiative x1, Improvised weapon x1, Throwing mastery x1 (4pp)
-Slayer durability: Regeneration 1, Persistent; Immunity 4 (half effect; Natural aging, need for sleep, disease, poison); Enhanced Advantage 1 (Great endurance)(5pp)

>Came back different:
-Cat's eyes: Senses 1- low-light vision (1pp)
-Like calls to like: Senses 1- Awareness (Chaos)(1pp)
-Warp touch: Feature 2- dimensional pocket 1; Affects insubstantial 2 (Normal STR/touch; Limited- Left hand only) (2pp)
-Gatekeeper: Enhanced advantage 2- Holding back 2 (Host- Chaos), Uncontrolled (Acts as Complication- can't be used BY her, but might need to be fought down)(1pp)

-History: Rowan McKenzie was born in southern California- her mother was a fitness instructor and her father was a computer programmer (they were also both hard-core geeks, having met while LARPING and being regular Comic-Con attendees). From an early age, Rowan was a gymnastics prodigy- by the time she was six she was competing regularly and her parents moved to San Francisco to study with a well-regarded coach. Rowan enjoyed the physical rush of her activities, and she really wanted her parents to be proud of her (she also REALLY wanted a kitty, but their apartment building was strictly No Pets Allowed). She qualified for Level 10 for the Junior Olympic program just two weeks after her 9th birthday (the legal minimum), and soon enough her name started to get serious recognition. But she was rarely happy anymore, and her parents (especially her father) began to resent the amount of energy they were spending on her "career". They still loved one another, though, and there were some pleasant times- one of her last genuinely happy memories as a whole family was going to see the premiere of the MCU Avengers movie, with all of them in costume (Mom as Black Widow, Dad as Captain America, and young Rowan as a Hawaiian-shirted Hulk).

And, all of a sudden, everything changed. No, not the Merge- not yet. Rowan and her parents were driving home from a meet in LA, late on a rainy night, when a drunk driver in a semi knocked their car of the road. Rowan's father was killed, but her mother was unhurt. Rowan herself was badly injured- while she would certainly walk again, her competitive career was over. After a few months of therapy, Rowan and her mother moved north to Bodega Bay to live with her mother's family- they had visited there often over the years, and it was a laid-back comfortable place to start over. Rowan even (finally) got the pet cat she had wanted for years.

Her mother started a beachside yoga studio, mostly for the tourists, and started coaching cheerleading at the nearby high school in Tomales. One of the other coaches taught Tai Chi and Aikido, and after a bit Rowan started learning those as part of her physical therapy program. The soft styles did not stress her body overmuch, and they brought back the freedom of movement she had once loved. In time Rowan even started to something like a normal teen life- without the endless pressure for perfection, she even made few friends, a luxury she had never had before. Time passed, nearly two years in fact... Mother and daughter began to bond- especially over the sorts of movies and TV that her mom had always loved- Classic Buffy, the evolving MCU, and even a new show called Gotham. For Halloween in 2014, they both dressed up as Black Widow, and as they entered 2015, Rowan started taking capoeira. While she had some problems at school, being bullied wasn't one of them.

They both missed Rowan's father but really, after all, they would probably been okay in the long run. But the Merge had other plans.

The immediate aftermath of the Merge was a madhouse- hills rose out of the ocean west of town, and a brand new bay swallowed a lot of real estate to the south and east. And, of course, there was a brand new mega-city just across that bay, a brilliant rainbow of lights blazing through the fog. Rowan and her mother were luckier than most- neither one of them was hurt, or visibly goblinized, and their house was on the edge of safe territory. Just in case, they were shuffled off to an emergency shelter at the local high school, now perched on a bluff overlooking the bay. Rowan woke up the next morning to a strange feeling- or rather, the lack of one. The low-level nagging pain she had carried for years was simply gone- in fact she felt stronger, better than she ever had before. Over the course of a few weeks, she explored the limits of her new abilities- she was at least as agile as she had been before her accident, and she was MUCH stronger, strong enough to make her sensei cautious.

Weeks went by, months... Rowan and her mother moved back to their house as soon as the FEMA teams declared the area safe- and they watched as new construction began to sprout throughout the area- by the New Year, the town was twice as big as it had been, and still growing. Some of their old neighbors moved away (and her grandparents, headed for a more remote and peaceful locale), but many others moved in, drawn by the proximity of San Fransokyo. Other things began to move in as well- where the prey was numerous, the predators began to gather. And sometimes Rowan could tell that a new neighbor, or a new classmate, wasn't quite right (or, in fact, human). Rowan binge-watched the entire series of Buffy, and Angel, and Supernatural (just in case)- and she began to prepare. The first time she got caught bringing a stake to school "just in case" she got suspended, and things would probably have gotten worse- but then the visitors showed up, and everything changed AGAIN.

The woman who knocked on their door was tall, with a lean, almost feral look to her- but the woman beside her was instantly recognizable, not quite Alyson Hannigan. Invited inside for tea, Willow introduced her escort as Dani, a pre-Merge native like Rowan- and like her, also a Slayer who had been activated when the universes Merged (Kennedy, it seemed had NOT crossed over, and this version of Willow knew nothing of the comics follow-up continuity). Rowan signed on even before Willow had finished her recruiting pitch- something BAD was about to happen, and all available Slayers were needed. Once her mother signed a very old-fashioned permission slip, Rowan was sent down to Sunnydale, CA to join the other new Slayers for training, while Willow and Dani continued their recruiting drive.

The assembled Slayers trained up- many of them had been Natives, activated by the Merge, and many of them had never fought before. And, of course, there wasn't nearly enough time to prepare, as the Chaos Incursion began to gather momentum. Ready or not, it was time for war! Willow took most of the strongest Slayers with her, but Rowan and most of her 'classmates' were dispatched to the awakening Hellmouth in Cleveland- they were led by the Wizard Harry Dresden and his second-in-command Karrin Murphy (who was, in fact, a Slayer herself in the Merged world). The battle went as well as could be expected- that is to say, TERRIBLY. Between Dresden's sheer power and Murphy's tactics, the team managed to hold out until the Hearthstones could do their work, but it was at a terrible cost. Many of the young Slayers in particular, on the front lines of the battle, were killed or simply GONE. Others (Slayers, combatants, and innocent bystanders) were warped or altered by the Chaos creatures and the energy around them. Rowan was lucky, in a manner of speaking. At the height of the battle, she had been partially absorbed by a creature of formless chaos- but her strength of will and the durability of a Slayer kept her at least partially intact for a crucial extra moment, long enough for the torn edges of reality to seal shut. So she lived, and with the effort of some of the mages on the battlefield, she was even (mostly) restored- though not without cost. Her body was put back together, but the supernatural strength and speed of a Slayer was gone- the supernatural vitality burned to fight the effect of the Chaos within her, in much the same way a person fighting the flu might be sleepy and weak. And her mind, her strong memories of herself and her will, augmented by the mages, was mostly salvaged, though traces remained of some of the other beings who had been absorbed with her (mostly a female police officer, and a cat- the familiar of one of the wizards who had perished). Dresden and Murphy evacuated the survivors to their home base in Chicago, where they might be able to heal. Some of them didn't make it- the physical or emotional trauma of the Chaos proved too much. Rowan did survive, though it took a great deal of adjustment. She had dealt with long-term pain before, and she remembered life before she had gotten the Slayer strength- and she refused to give up.

Recovery was a long process, and most of the important people had other work to do. Rowan had a few training sessions with Karrin Murphy (assessing how much Rowan had lost of her strength and fighting skill, and learning the basics of firearms and CQB), and one of the other wizards began to teach her the basics of ritual magic, which almost anyone with strong will and a speck of talent could learn (and which would be far safer for her- even if she COULD have learned "real" magic the Chaos that lingered within her might have tainted the evocations). Rowan began, so very slowly, to walk the new path that lay before her. Even without the Gifts of a normal Slayer, she was still one at heart- and there was still work to be done. She started calling herself "Cat", a new name for a new life, and her mantra at the start of each day is " eight more to go".

Since then she has kept moving, taking training wherever she can. Mages who have examined her think that her Slayer strength might come back, in time, but it is currently being burned as fast as her body can restore it, fighting the taint of Chaos within her- healing could take years (if in fact it EVER happens). So she has to work with what she can get- and since Buffy and Willow hate guns, it means working outside the Slayer hierarchy. But then again, most monsters know how to fight a traditional Slayer- they have a harder time with one who uses online research and divination rituals, and who fights with blessed hollowpoints and incendiary grenades...

Rowan draws some of her strength for the continuing fight against the Chaos within her from the supernatural strength of a Slayer, but also some from her will and strong sense of self. On the advice of some friends and counselors, she has decided to head back home to Bay Shore- to see her mother again, and to draw from her own memories of the place.

-Came back wrong: While Rowan survived the Chaos Incursion, she was not unscathed. Much of the superhuman strength and speed that marks a normal Slayer is gone, spent to fight the Chaos within her- physically she is comparable to a normal woman of her age and build who is fairly well trained and in good condition (though she does heal far better than normal). Her strength and speed MAY come back in time, but it could be years (or never). In addition, there is still a seedling of Chaos within her soul, kept mostly at bay by the Slayer energy. While it can do little under most circumstances, it is a constant struggle- the right situation might lend the Seedling power (See the Gatekeeper power/Complication above)- and killing her might release it instead of destroying it. It manifests as a physical mark on the palm of her left hand (covered by a glove)- beings which can sense Chaos might notice her, and wards or spells which target Chaos beings might work on her as well (though at a lesser degree).

-Slayer: (Motivation/responsibility) In the aftermath of the Chaos Incursion, Cat isn't a typical Slayer- she is durable enough, but neither as fast or as strong as a normal Slayer. But she is one nonetheless- she feels a strong bond with the other members of that elite sisterhood (especially now with their numbers greatly reduced by the battles of the Incursion, and the ongoing war with supernatural beasties of every sort), and she is dedicated to the task, almost like a compulsion. In addition, some supernatural beings can sense the presence of a Slayer, just as she can sense them- and with no love lost, to say the least. In addition, the blood of a Slayer can be a valuable resource for dark wizards or similar malcontents.

Slayer's duty (Prejudice/responsibility): In addition, A Slayer's profession is putting down things that need to be killed (or otherwise dealt with)- some of which look disturbingly like normal humans. This can make some people, especially law enforcement and capital-H Hero types, very unhappy. It also carries a heavy burden, especially if you can't forget- what happens if you Choose wrong?

-Relationship (Mother): Rowan's mother still lives in Bay Shore, and still teaches yoga and coaches cheerleading- she has tried very hard to keep her life the way it was. Even though she loved movies and comic books and so on, she is deeply disturbed to see such things made manifest and walking in the "real World". Rowan still loves and respects her mother, and her return to town might be good for both of them- or it might not.

-MGS: Rowan has a very mild case of MGS- only one other 'version' Merged into her, and that one was very, very similar, causing almost no distortion. Unfortunately there are several other 'remnants' in her mind now, beings who were absorbed into Chaos with her, but were not strong enough (or complete enough) to be recovered. One of them was a military veteran and policewoman, the other one was a Cat, the familiar of a now-deceased wizard. At this point they are almost entirely passive passengers, but their "voices" have been heard before...

-Power loss (ammunition): Rowan depends on specialized weaponry and equipment to make up for the Strength she has lost- some of it VERY specialized. While she is unlikely to run out of normal guns or bullets, she might run out of dragons-breath shells, or holy water, or silver bullets. Some of these she can make, while others may require her Connections, who may need something in return.

-"Show me the magic" (Accident): Rowan's changes have exposed a talent for magic, which she has begun to develop as another tool in her arsenal. For the most part she sticks to the "slow and steady" path of ritual magic, where she can be sure the spells are properly constructed and "safe". But a dire situation might make her use faster, more risky energies. She can Stunt 'quick' magic from her Warp touch, but anything she uses will be prone to Chaos taint (Side Effects or random GM choice). In a truly dire situation, or if under mental influence, strange Chaos magic effects might simply happen, outside of her choice or control (this is a lesser version of her Holding Back complication).

-Helping out/Doing good: (Motivation) Even outside of a Slaying situation, Rowan likes to do good deeds and help people out. It might be as simple as helping an elderly neighbor carry their groceries- or it might be putting her life on the line to help an innocent in danger. While she has no qualms about Slaying things that need it, she has a deep concern for victims and innocent bystanders.

-Methodical, Disciplined, Stubborn, Relentless, Merciless

Description: Rowan is just a bit taller than average for a woman, with the lean build of a distance runner. She has dark hair, typically worn in a bob or page-boy cut and a healthy California-girl tan. Her eyes are unusual- green and gold with the split pupils of a house cat (a detail she keeps hidden behind sunglasses). She tends to dress in comfortable utilitarian clothes, usually in dark colors, and she almost always has a jacket of some kind (from a light windbreaker to her preferred "Bad-ass long coat"). She rarely wears make-up or obvious jewelry, and makes an effort to appear plain, modest, and "normal". She almost always has a book with her (could be a battered fiction paperback, could be an Army training manual), and is almost always armed.

Point Accounting: Abilities 56pp; +Defenses 17pp; +Skills 17pp; +Advantages 41pp; +Powers 19pp= 150/ 150pp

Future planning: 1. Improve equipment (specifically weapons)

>Equipment List (in progress):
-HQ/Vehicle/Gear (25ep total)
Merge-surplus black Chevy Suburban (SUV, hidden compartments)(8ep)
HQ component- Library (+1ep)
HQ component- Workshop (firearms/gunsmith)(+1ep)(HQ Components are "in storage" until she gets an HQ to put thme in- either her own space or a shared HQ)

Smartphone (with Camera, GPS, police scanner, Encrypted)(6ep)
+AE: "Batphone" (Encrypted smartphone, used for Connections)(AE, +1ep)
+AE: cheap burner phone (for gunrunners)(AE; +1ep)

Flash goggles
Long coat with extensive pockets
Tool kit (Ritualist)
Holy water (5 uses)
+0 ep stuff: Duct tape, Ball of string, wooden stakes (6 or so); messenger bag, tactical gloves

>Weapons (43/45ep):
-Staff: STR +2, close/bludgeon, Reach 1, double, Counts as iron, silver, hardwood (2); Collapsible/takedown (7ep)
+AE: Kukri: Str +2, close/cut, Dangerous 2, Silver (5; +1ep)
+AE: Spike: STR +0, close/pierce, Dangerous 2, Precise, Concealable, Silver (5; +1ep)
+AE: Sap gloves: STR +1, close, counts as unarmed, Concealed (3; +1ep)

-Assault rifle: Ranged damage 5, Multiattack 5, Accurate x1 (+2)(16ep)
+AE: Hunting rifle: Ranged damage 5, Accurate x1 (+2), Dangerous x2 (aimed shot only), Improved aim, Scope (Rangefinder, Extended vision 1/ x10)(15; +1ep)
+AE: Heavy pistol- Ranged damage 4, Penetrating 4
+AE: Heavy pistol ammunition (Silver)- Ranged damage 4, counts as silver
+AE: Heavy pistol ammunition (Gel round)- Ranged Affliction 4, Resist- FORT 14, Recover- FORT 14, Dazed/Stunned/Incapacitated
+AE: Hold-out pistol- Ranged damage 4, Concealable 2 (10; +1ep)

-Pump Shotgun (flechette): Close, Cone 1, damage 5 (piercing)(10 ep)
-AE: Shotgun ammunition (solid slug): Ranged damage 5 (10; +1ep)
-AE: Shotgun ammunition (stake slug/sabot)- Ranged damage 4, piercing, wooden stake (9; +1ep)
-Shotgun (sawed off double)(Dragons breath ammo): Close line 1, damage 5 fire (2 charges) OR Close Cone 2, damage 5 fire (1 charge)(gun destroyed after charges are used, must be replaced)(AE; +1ep)

TO add:
-Grenades (Frag, Incendiary, flash-bang, Concussion, smoke)
-Crossbow (high tech, Dixon-style)
Improve Truck (Armor, comms, etc. +AE- motorcycle)
HQ component- Workshop (Ritualist/Artificer)
UV light +lenses, pistol mount
+Stakes, ++holy water
Steel cuffs
Tactical helmet/headset (handsfree phone, eye/ear protection)
+More weapons and/or ammunition (Maybe a Variable for Weapons/Equipment only, changed/replaced through Connections ?)
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Re: Character back-up file

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Re: Character back-up file

Post by Thorpocalypse » of these characters looks familiar... ;)
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Re: Character back-up file

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Charger (Small Town Heroes variant- Revised)
PL 8; 120pp; base stats at -1, except 1 at 0; normal cost for Skills.

Real name: Allison Jane Sullivan
Codename/nickname/other aliases: AJ, Rusty (AJ mostly for friends and family, Rusty mostly by those who are NOT her friends, or friends of her family); Maglev
Concept/archetype: flying blaster, science wiz
Gender: female
Age: 15
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 112 lbs
Hair: Auburn (more red than brown), tied back in pony tail or single braid to mid-back)
Eyes: Green
Skin: Pale, freckled (doesn't sunburn or tan)
-Looks like: Sadie Sink

Abilities: (40 pp, +)(Base stats= -1, except INT 0)
STR -1 / STA 5 / DEX 0 / AGI 2
FGT 1 / INT 5 / AWE 2 / PRE -1

Defenses: (10 pp, +powers)
Toughness: +5 (STA 5, +0pp)(+6 force field)
Parry: +4 (FGT 1, +3pp)(+6 Force Field; Up to +10 enhanced/flying)
Dodge: +4 (AGI 2, +2pp)(+6 Force field; Up to +10 enhanced/flying)
Fortitude: +5 (STA 5, +0pp)
Will: +7 (AWE 2, +5pp)

Immunity: Fear
Immunity (Half effect): (6) Disease, Poison, Radiation, Starvation/thirst, Need to breath (all/2)

Initiative: +2
Close attack: +1
Ranged attack: +1

>Specific attacks:
-Basic unarmed: +2, DC 14 (-1)
-Cosmic bolt: +10; DC 21 (+6); Ranged, (Split x1)
-Cosmic strike: +8; DC 23 (+8), Crit 19-20, Split x1, Close
-Cosmic pulse (Narrow): +8; DC 18 (FORT Affliction); Split x1, Ranged

>Skills: (9 pp= +18 ranks)
-Trained: Acrobatics +3 (1sp; flying +7, up to +11); Athletics +1 (2sp); Investigation +6 (1sp); Perception +4 (2sp); Persuasion +0 (1sp); Technology +1 (1sp); Vehicles +1 (1sp)

-Combat skills: Ranged combat (throwing) +1 (0sp); Close combat (Unarmed) +1 (0sp); Ranged combat (cosmic array) +2 (1sp); Close combat (cosmic array) +2 (1sp)

-Expertise skills: Student +6 (1sp); Science +6 (1sp); SCIENCE! +6 (1sp); Mechanic +6 (1sp); Pop culture +6 (+10 Sci-fi; 1sp+); Computers +6 (1sp); Tomboy +6 (1sp)

>Untrained: Deception +0; Insight +2; Intimidation +0; Sleight of hand +1; Stealth +4, Treatment +4; (+X- Pilot, Current events, Civics, Survival)

>Advantages: (11 pp, +Powers)
-Base: Benefit x1 (Ambidexterity); Eidetic memory, Equipment x2; Evasion x1; Fearless; Great endurance; Jack of all trades, Luck x1; Move-by action; Ranged combat x1

-Enhanced Advantages (bought as Powers): N/A (some by array selection

-To add: Connections, Inventor, +Equipment (HQ/workshop)

POWERS: (50pp)
>Naturally gifted:
-Enhanced Skill 2: Expertise- Pop culture +4 (Limited- science fiction)(1pp)
-Senses 1: Direction sense (1pp)

>Enhanced human (Metabolism):
-Immunities 6 (half effect): Disease, Poison, Environmental radiation, Starvation/thirst; Need to breath (all/2); (3pp)
-Regeneration 1 (1pp)

>Improved neuro-conduction:
-Quickness 2; Limited- mental only; (1pp)
-Senses 1: Awareness (magnetic fields); (1pp)

>Born to fly:
-Flight 1, +Precise, -Activation (Move action); (2pp)
-Enhanced Defenses 8 (Dodge +4, Parry +4): Limited- only while flying; (4pp)
-Enhanced Skill 2: Acrobatics +4; Limited- only while flying; (1pp)

>Force field:
-Protection +1, Sustained; (1pp)
+Linked: Enhanced Defenses +4 (Dodge +2, Parry+2); (4pp)
+Linked: Immunity 1 (Friction heat); (1pp)

>Basic field manipulation:
-Move object 1, +Precise, -Diminished range x2; (2+1-2= 1pp)

>Cosmic energy projection (Dynamic array; 27pp total; 19+1+2+1+1+1+1+1)
-(Base) Control field: Move object 4, +Damaging; +Area- burst 1, +Selective; -Close range; +Precise; +Affects insubstantial x2; (2+1+1+1-1= 4 per rank x4= 16, +1+2= 19pp base, +1pp Dynamic= 20pp total)

-(D/AE) Enhanced Flight: Flight +6 (7 total), +Flight +5 (12 total), -Distracting, -Quirk: Force Field must be active; +Movement 1 (Environmental adaptation- high altitude), +Immunities 2 (half effect)(Environmental cold, Low pressure/vacuum); (12+5-1+2+1= 19pp; +2pp/Dynamic AE)

-(AE) Cosmic strike: STR +9 Damage (8 total; DC 23), Close range; +Accurate x3 (6= +8 total); +Precise; +Affects insubstantial x2; +Split x1; +Enhanced Advantages 3 (Power attack, Improved Smash, Improved critical x1); (9+3+1+2+1+3= 19pp; +1pp/AE)

-(AE) Cosmic blast: Ranged damage 6, +Accurate x4 (+8= +10 total); Affects insubstantial x2; +Split x1; (12+4+2+1= 19pp; +1pp/AE)

-(AE) Cosmic energy pulse (Bio-EMP): Ranged Affliction 8, Resist= FORT, Recover= FORT; Dazed +Impaired/ Stunned +Disabled; -Limited degree, +Extra condition; +Accurate x3 (+6= +8 total); +Split x1; -Diminished range x1; (16+3+1-1= 19pp; +1pp/AE)

-(AE) Maneuver drive: Enhanced Flight +4 (5 total); +Aquatic; +Feature 1 (Perfect maneuverability); +Enhanced Advantages 7 (Agile feint, Evasion +1; Fascinate- Acrobatics (Aerial); Favored environment- flying/open air; Improved defense; Set-up x1; Skill mastery- Acrobatics); +Movement 1 (sure-footed x1); (8+1+1+7+2= 19pp; +1pp/AE)

-(AE) EM Field Analysis: Senses 7 (Detect- Electromagnetic energy spectrum 2, +Ranged, Acute, Analytical, +Precise, +Tracking 1); +Senses 5 (Radio- base Acute, ranged, radius; +Analytical, Precise, Extended x2); +Senses 2 (Distance sense, Time sense), +Senses 2 (Infravision, UV vision); (7+5+2+2= 16pp; +1pp/AE)

History: The Sullivan family has been living in and around Bass City for generations, and AJ has a bunch of cousins and other relatives scattered throughout the county. Her father Ted left town after he graduated from high school and joined the Air Force as a mechanic- he had always loved to tinker, and cars just weren't impressive enough. AJ's mother Cindy was from West Texas, and she was in the Air Force as well- she was a very good pilot, though women weren't allowed to fly in combat yet. The two of them got married and moved from base to base over the years. After their first child (a son named Mack), AJ's mom mustered out of the service, dissatisfied at the thought of flying cargo planes and tankers for the rest of her career. Shortly afterwards, she was approached by a secretive aerotech research company that hired her as a test pilot. In fact, they were developing a whole new airframe and propulsion technology system, converted from equipment "acquired" after a UFO crash- and Cindy's reflexes and physical abilities made her a prime candidate; she jumped at the chance. Within a year the family was living full time at a research facility in the Southwest- Cindy had been flying the new prototype for several months before she realized she was pregnant (company doctors SHOULD have noticed it beforehand, but didn't). It is entirely possible that the energies released by the drive system altered AJ even before she was born...

Cindy was back in the cockpit less than two months after AJ was born, and Ted handled most of the housekeeping and child care (though the company handled some of the duties as well, through a string of nannies and other minders (anything to keep their best pilot happy). While AJ was a child, her father would sometimes bring her along when he visited the "Lab"- a lot of the complex was off limits, especially to a kid, but there were all kinds of interesting details, and AJ shared her father's interest in cool technology. As AJ grew older, though, she was allowed into the lab less and less- she was VERY curious, and some of the instrumentation tended to glitch more often when she was around. Over the years, AJ had rare mild seizures, but medical tests found nothing conclusive (since the hospital's instruments were calibrated for normal energy sources), and the symptoms faded as she grew up.

Unfortunately by then AJ's life had changed rather radically. The aerotech company that her mother worked for had seen years of problems, and they were desperate for a success to justify further research on the project (or, for that matter, to justify all the time and money they had already spent). A likely objective was proposed, but the process was rushed and a number of shortcuts were taken. Expecting a significant breakthrough, the company had AJ and her family front-and-center to watch, and a number of reporters were there as well (not mainstream press, but people from a number of aviation and technology outlets). When the prototype aircraft vanished in a flare of silvery light, one of the Aviation Quarterly photographers was in the perfect spot to get a picture of young AJ's terrified expression. The bad publicity and the loss of their only functional prototype (as well as their best pilot) drove the company to the brink of bankruptcy, though a number of smaller units were split off and sold to other aviation companies. Ted Sullivan went back to work as an aviation mechanic, working for Lockheed, Boeing, and Grumman for short stints as he tried to provide for what was left of his family (and as a government investigation into the crash and the company's research dragged on).

Finally things got to a breaking point, and Ted moved back home to Bass City, taking his two kids with him. Mack went straight into regular high school, and AJ went to the local middle school- Ted went back to work for his older brother, at the family-owned auto salvage yard (though he actually spent most of his time in the garage, restoring classic cars for wealthy collectors. Handsome, personable, and a star athlete, Mack had a great time in high school, despite his family's reputation. AJ, with her grease-smeared jeans and soft Texas drawl found middle school to be far less welcoming- she didn't make any real friends and spent most of her spare time at the garage with her father

Life moved on. Finally Mack graduated from high school and went to Texas A&M on a football scholarship, and AJ managed to muddle through middle school. She was still a tomboy, but she didn't have a lot of time for sports- she was also really smart, and seemed to have a real aptitude for science, reading through high school and even college textbooks on physics and other, more esoteric, disciplines. It was never too early to start thinking about CalTech or MIT, was it?

As she started the summer between middle school and high school, though, AJ started having seizures again, this time accompanied by headaches with the sort of visual aura associated with severe migraines. These quickly became crippling in their frequency and intensity, and her doctor scheduled an MRI. When she got to the hospital and they slid her into the tube, it quickly became obvious that something was very wrong. out of nowhere, AJ developed a headache so bad she started screaming- and outside the MRI the scanners fuzzed out and a surge of energy started crackling around the device, and then the room, like ball lightning or St Elmo's Fire.

For AJ, everything went blank for a moment, as a stunning bolt of pain shot through her head- mercifully she passed out almost immediately. She woke up a few minutes later- only to find herself wreathed in a strange glowing aura. Both her father and her doctors freaked out (rather understandably), and certain phone calls were made, to certain government agencies (including the Department of Energy, and whichever agencies oversee superhuman affairs). Over the course of a couple of days, there were meetings with all kinds of official and semi-official people (scientists, doctors, government representatives- even the local school board). After extensive analysis, AJ was assigned to one of the two "Super schools" in town for the start of the next school year (despite the flashy and possibly useful nature of her powers, she was assigned to the less-prestigious school, because of her family's reputation). She has, in turn, spent most of the summer practicing- she wants to do her best, and to make the most of the opportunities she has been given...

-Alien energy 1 (Accident): The energy that AJ produces seems to behave like a part of the electromagnetic spectrum, but it doesn't correspond to any traditionally known terrestrial wavelength- it doesn't even precisely match the energy from the experimental engine on her mother's plane (but it is close). From time to time, her energy signature can interact unpredictably with other nearby energy sources or detection systems. She might generate a "false positive" from a radiation badge or geiger counter, and other sensitive equipment might get a wash of "static". In addition, certain energy fields have unpredictable effects on HER- especially magnetic and gravitic energy sources. They might reduce her energy level- or cause her powers to spike out of control. She should not ever be put in an MRI machine, for example... In addition, the energy she creates has a faint silvery glow- while this is most noticeable while she is actively using her powers, she does accidentally glow (especially around her hands or eyes) at random times, most often if she is excited or emotional.

-Alien energy 2 (Power loss): AJ's body produces a slow but steady output of her unique energy, enough to power some of her minor abilities on a constant basis. It also stores the energy in a fairly efficient fashion- but the storage is not infinite. If she uses her powers at a higher level for an extended basis, she might run out of energy and need to recharge. (Basically, she can use her non-array effects essentially all the time, but using her array at full power will deplete her reserves sooner or later).

-Junkyard dog (Prejudice): Of course AJ doesn't actually LIVE in the junkyard- in fact, she and her family are fairly comfortable in a financial sense and they have a fairly nice house (with an extensive workshop/garage out back). But the Sullivans have owned that sprawling junkyard, and the towing company, for generations now and everyone in town thinks of them as poor junk-rats. The disdain of the local adults is bad enough- AJ and her family can pretty much tune out THAT static (though it does contribute to the reasons she was assigned to the less-prestigious school in town). But kids being kids, AJ can't avoid it in school or around town- nearly all of her peers (even those whose families are in worse shape) look down on her and treat her as poor white trash; AJ has been tagged as a "junkyard dog" in school, and spiked collars or dog biscuits are often left for her. While she is on the Shop class/ vocational tech track in school, she is also in the honors science classes- her status isn't helped by the fact that she genuinely enjoys technical and mechanical work, and she does spend a lot of her free time at her father's garage...

-Do good/ help out (Motivation): AJ was raised with the classic military ethos of serving her country and her community- in addition, on a personal level, she is a genuinely nice person and likes to help out when others are in need (or in danger). This can be as simple as holding the door for someone or helping them across the street- or it could mean leaping into a dangerous situation without hesitating... She is also quite a straight arrow personality-wise. She is honest, trustworthy, and (mostly) well-behaved- enough for it to be a noticeable trait, and for other kids to give her grief about it.

>"Let's try this!" (Motivation- adventure/experimentation) AJ is very smart, but her judgement and sense of caution aren't always the best, and she is prone to trying out ideas "in the field". When presented with a problem, she will work out a possible solution- and dive right into it. She also tends to prefer plans that get right to business.

>RP hooks (Guidelines, not full Complications):

-Relationship (father): AJ's father Ted has his good days and his bad days. On his good days he is almost like he used to be, a hard-working mechanic that AJ enjoys spending time with. On his bad days, fueled by trauma and alcohol, he varies wildly from neglectful and withdrawn to overly strict and critical, almost to the point of being abusive- those are the days when AJ would rather be ANYWHERE except at home.

-Relationship (brother): Mack Sullivan is handsome, well-spoken, and a star football player- he graduated from the "normal" high school and took a football scholarship to Texas A&M. While he loves his father and his sister, he doesn't get along to well with the rest of the Sullivan clan- to be honest, he probably doesn't plan on coming back to Bass City in the future. He is also used to being the favorite child, and the Big Star in the family- he isn't too happy with AJ's sudden and obvious superpowers.

-Relationship (other family): The Sullivan family is a fairly large one and they are rather thick on the ground in Cape May county- everybody seems to know the Sullivans, either from getting their car towed out of a ditch by Sully's Towing or drinking in a dive bar with some of the more typical representatives of the family name. For the most part they tend to get along (though there are a few exceptions) and to watch out for one another (both a blessing and a curse at times). While superhuman abilities tend to be very common in the modern world, they are fairly rare in the Sullivan family- and the ones that do crop up tend to be pretty minor. AJ is the first Sullivan to go to "Super School", and the first overt super since her great-grandfather whose superhuman durability allowed him to survive service in WW 2. Nobody knows quite how to treat her- but some cousin or another might need a favor... (This large family, with all of their resources and connections, is the source of most of AJ's Connections advantage)

Description: AJ is about average height for her age, with a lean build (don't call her "scrawny"). She has reddish-brown hair (more red than brown), worn long but usually tied back out of her way. She is moderately attractive in a wholesome, girl-next-door sort of way with a ready smile and a broad, expressive face. She has dark blue, almost storm grey, eyes and pale skin lightly dusted with freckles (though pale, she never seems to tan or sunburn, even though she spends a lot of time outdoors). She dresses in plain comfortable clothes- usually jeans or cut-off fatigue pants with battered tennis shoes, and a flannel shirt over a tee shirt, as well as a denim or leather jacket and a baseball cap. While most kids her age favor sunglasses, she usually has a tinted pair of aviator-style goggles, but they are more likely to be perched on top of her head instead of being worn 'correctly'. At school she carries a battered leather backpack, more suited to hiking than a classroom. While she tends to slouch or sprawl about when alone or with others her age, she always stands up straight when adults are around.

When she is "powered up" AJ is surrounded by a faint silvery glow. This energy field (and any energy she projects, like her blasts or the contrail of her flight) are laced with a faint fractal tracery, almost like dark colored lightning.

>Equipment: BMX bike (2ep), multitool, toolkit (Mechanic; Fine quality, +2 to rolls, but usually kept at home; 2ep), cheap cell phone, flashlight, flash goggles; +2EP unspent

Point Accounting: Abilities 40pp; +Defenses 10pp; +Skills 9pp; +Advantages 11pp; +Powers 50pp= 120/ 120pp

Future planning: improve Enhanced Human traits, improve power array; Improve base Flight/agility; Improve Energy Detection/Absorption ability

Capsule: Max Mayfield, Fio from Porco Rosso
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Re: Character back-up file

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(FKA Presto!)

PL 8/ PP 120 (Unspent 0)(STH Build)
-HP: 1

Real name: Theresa Marie Davis
Codename/nickname/other aliases: Tessa
Concept/archetype: Teleporter; trickster/thief
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Height: 4'10"
Weight: 95 lbs
Hair- black
Eyes- green
Skin- pale caucasian

Abilities: (44 pp)(Base of -1, except STA at 0)
STR -1 / STA 5 / DEX 1 / AGI 4
FGT 2 / INT 2 / AWE 2 / PRE 0

Defenses: (11 pp)
Toughness: +5 (STA 5, +0pp)(+6 with Defensive Roll 1)
Parry: +6 (FGT 2, +4pp)(up to +10)
Dodge: +6 (AGI 4, +2pp)(up to +10)
Fortitude: +5 (STA 5, +0pp)
Will: +7 (AWE 2, +5pp)

Immunity: Fear
Immunity (Half effect): Disease, Poison, Natural aging, Need for sleep; Mind-reading

Initiative: +4
Close attack: +2
Ranged attack: +1

>Specific attacks:
-Basic unarmed: +2, DC 14 (-1)
-Knife +2, DC 15 (+0), Crit 19-20, Close/cut
-Railgun: +10, DC 19 (+4), ranged, variable damage (by projectile)
-Combat blink: +10, DC 19 (+4); close/unarmed

>Skills: (17 pp)
-Trained: Acrobatics +7 (3sp); Athletics +5 (1sp); Deception +8 (8sp; +12 Taunt/Feint); Insight +4 (2sp); Intimidate +1 (1sp); Investigate +3 (1sp); Perception +4 (2sp); Persuasion +1 (1sp); Sleight of hand +4 (3sp; +8 Pick Pocket); Stealth +8 (4sp); Technology +3 (1sp)

-Combat skills: Ranged combat (Railgun) +2 (1sp); Ranged combat (throwing) +1 (0sp); Close combat (unarmed) +2 (0sp); Close combat (knife) +2 (0sp)

-Expertise skills: Student +3 (1sp); Streetwise +5 (3sp); Delinquent (proto-criminal) +3 (1sp); Pop culture +3 (1sp)

>Untrained: Treatment +2, Vehicles +1

>Advantages: (15 pp)
-Base: Benefit x1 (Ambidexterity); Benefit x1 (Burglar- Stealth); Benefit x1 (Athletics based on AGI); Connected (Uses Expertise- Streetwise instead of Persuasion); Defensive roll x1; Equipment x2; Evasion x1; Fearless; Hide in plain sight; Luck x1; Move-by action; Quick draw; Skill mastery x1 (Deception); Taunt; Uncanny dodge

>Enhanced Advantages (bought as Powers): Great endurance

>POWERS: (34pp)
>Natural talents:
-Senses 1: Direction sense; (1pp)
-Skill focus: Deception +4; Limited- only for Taunt/feint; (1pp)
-Skill focus: Sleight of hand +4; Limited- only for Pick pockets; (1pp)

>Mutant durability:
-Regeneration 1, Persistent; Quirk: Slow (1/hour, not 1/minute); (1pp)
-Immunity 4 (half effect); Natural aging, Need for sleep, Disease; (2pp)
-Enhanced Advantage 1: Great endurance; (1pp)

>Traveler's tricks:
-Sense 1: Distance sense; (1pp)
-Feature 1: Dimensional pocket 1; (1pp)(Where else would she keep her knife and lockpicks, after all?)

>Mercurio's secrets:
-Immunity 2 (half effect) Mind reading; (1pp)

Step sideways (Teleportation, Array)
-Sidestep (Base power, Dynamic): Teleport 4, Accurate (500 ft); +Precise; + Subtle 1; +Change velocity; +Change Orientation/Direction; +Turnabout; (2+1= 3/rank x4= 12, +1+1+1+1+1= 17, +1pp Dynamic)
-(AE) Railgun (teleport throw): Ranged damage 4, +Indirect 4, +Accurate x4 (+8= +10 total), +Variable damage type (Cut/pierce/bludgeon- by projecile), -Quirk (requires small projectiles to throw), +Advantage 1 (Throwing mastery x1); (8+4+4+1+1-1= 17pp; +1pp/ AE)

-(AE) Combat blink: Enhanced Defenses 4 (Dodge +2, Parry +2); +Enhanced Skill 3 (Close combat- Unarmed +6; +8 total); +Enhanced Advantages 3 (Defensive Roll +2, Power attack); +Close Damage 7 (Unarmed, STR +7= +6/DC 21); (4+3+3+7= 17pp; +1pp/AE)(All powers add 'Teleport' descriptor)

-(AE) Always underfoot: Enhanced Defenses 8 (Dodge +4, Parry +4); +Enhanced Skill 3 (Close combat- Trip +6; +8 total); +Enhanced Advantages 5 (Agile feint, Evasion +1, Improved Defense, Improved Trip, Set-up x1), +Feature 1 (Can make a free Sleight of Hand/Pickpocket check after a successful Feint or Trip action); (8+3+5+1= 17pp; +1pp/AE)(All powers add 'Teleport' descriptor)

-(AE) Long step: Teleport 4, Accurate; +Extended (16 miles), -extended only; Subtle 1, +Feat 1 (Visualization), +Extra mass 3 (+400 lbs); (2+1+1-1= 3/ rank x4= 12+1+1+3= 17pp; +1pp/ AE)

History: Tessa was born in the Bronx to a young single mother who had escaped the confines of her small New Jersey town to work as a nurse in the big city. Katie Davis had a long history of bad decisions where men were concerned, and she wasn't too sure who, exactly, Tessa's father was- she often left her daughter in the care of a neighbor in her apartment building so that she could work. It was this neighbor, Mrs. Sanchez, who first noticed that Tessa was, well, different...

Even before she could walk, Tessa could occasionally (and at that point entirely unconsciously) simply 'skip' from place to place without traversing the space in between- from her crib to the kitchen, for instance. Once she did learn to walk, the strange incidents happened much less often- until she got to be about 10 years old- and when they started up again, they were now (almost) entirely deliberate. She didn't walk home from school- she was simply there, and even locking her in her room did no good unless she felt like staying there.

Her mother quickly grew desperate for a solution- and luckily one of the doctors where she worked had an answer- he knew a child psychologist who specialized in kids with powers. Unfortunately, the psychologist was actually a mentalist, and he had grown bored and disillusioned with mundane work. Tessa's "talents" offered another opportunity, one he had planned for for some time. Taking the alias of "Mercurio the Mystic", Doctor Cassidy began to dabble in superhuman crime- he disguised his psychic powers by using a "stage magic" persona. Using telepathy and mental illusions, he controlled the scene of each crime, while his "apprentice" used her own gifts to obtain what Mercurio really wanted. He also used subtler mental trickery to influence Tessa's mother (erasing any memories which might relate to her daughter, so his activities would be unhindered). He even used Suggestions to influence Tessa herself, so that she saw the crimes as fun and wholesome activities.

In fact, using a youthful "Sidekick" (Although, in this case, 'Accomplice' was more accurate) was also part of his plan, as was a complete aversion to any kind of physical violence- Mercurio hoped that these strategies would make the inevitable interfering heroes take him less seriously, and be less inclined to hurt him. In the long term, he was right- but they still brought him down in the end. Mercurio was active as a villain for the better part of two years, mostly operating in and around New York- during this time Tessa grew from 12 to 14, though honestly she doesn't actually remember much of it...

Finally, Mercurio and Presto! (as Tessa was known, in her stage rabbit costume) were caught robbing a fancy charity ball. Mercurio was remanded to superhuman prison, but Tessa represented a more complicated problem. Her mother was in no shape to take custody of her- Mercurio's mental influence had rendered her functionally insane, and she didn't even remember her daughter. Tessa was, of course, far too young for normal superhuman confinement, and traditional juvenile detention was not even remotely equipped to handle her situation.

After six months or so in the custody of the state, a solution was found- Tessa's grandparents were located, and they agreed to take charge of her, letting her stay with them in Bass City. She would, of course, be enrolled at the local "Super School"- in addition to the legal requirement of youthful education, successful participation in the school system was part of her legal rehabilitation (though she was too young for it to be real Probation).

-Follow the rules/ Monitored (Responsibility): Tessa was too young to be sentenced to jail, or even meaningful juvenile confinement (not that most juvenile facilities could hold her). But she IS effectively on probation, at least until she turns 18 and her youthful offenses are stricken from the record- or until she commits a more serious offense... She has been assigned a juvenile counselor, who could show up at an inconvenient time (the equivalent of a Parole Officer) and must abide by certain restrictions (most noticeably a curfew, and successful completion of her schooling). Tessa has been known to refer to her status as "Double Secret Probation". This is exacerbated by the following Complication...

-Break the rules (Motivation/Prejudice): Tessa has an almost unavoidable compulsion to push boundaries and test (or break rules). She is bitterly sarcastic (especially towards adults), swears a lot, and indulges in all kinds of bad behavior (mostly minor transgressions). She routinely has cigarettes, coffee, and even beer (though she avoids harder drugs, unsure of how they would effect her powers). She will absolutely steal things (though only things she actually wants or needs- she is not a kleptomaniac) and go places the she shouldn't. She isn't mean about it, or a bully, and she would never FORCE anyone to join her misbehavior. This is the mental/emotional side of her fear of confinement. Adults (and straitlaced or 'Good' kids) will almost always assume she is up to no good, and will rarely take her word (even when she is, like, totally telling the truth). If there is trouble, most people will assume she is responsible for it (whether she is or not).

-Acceptance (Motivation): Tessa has never really had friends her own age, and she really wants some (though it could be hard to tell, given her sarcastic and dismissive demeanor). Friends, REAL friends, after all, can provide an alibi- or can be Accomplices to whatever trouble Tessa has gotten into...

-Fear (Confinement/containment; not exactly claustrophobia, but close): Tessa has a deep-seated aversion to being confined or restrained. Confined spaces aren't really a problem, nor are (normal) handcuffs- but effects that nullify her powers, or worse any kind of paralysis or immobility effect, would make her freak out.

>RP Hooks (Guidelines, not full Complications):
-DON'T BECOME A SUPERVILLAIN (Motivation): Tessa wants to be good person, and to, in general, make the world a better place- this is one area in which her grandparents have been a good influence. She isn't sure she wants to be a full-time Hero, but she especially doesn't want to fall into full-on Villainy- being beat up by heroes and locked away or de-powered sounds terrible. If only being good wasn't so darned tough all the time...

-Muddled memories: As part of his machinations, Mercurio made a mess of Tessa's memories- there are notable gaps, and things that she remembers which never happened (or happened VERY differently). No one is quite sure how much is missing, or what might be wrong in there.

-Relationship (Handler): As part of her rehabilitation, Tessa has been assigned a "Counselor" (what for an adult would be a Probation Officer), who is supposed to monitor her compliance with the program (and occasionally to help her navigate the system she has fallen into). She has recently been switched to a Counselor who works in the Bass City area (her previous Counselor was NYC based). She has barely met the " new guy" and doesn't know what to make of him. (THIS is left wide open for the GM to create whatever Counselor might be appropriate).

-Relationship (Mercurio the Mystic): Mercurio is a gifted psychic, and he considered Tessa a very valuable asset. If he ever gets out of prison, he would be likely to try to recapture his "assistant". It is also possible that he left some inconvenient Suggestions buried in her mind,and he has definitely erased or modified some of her memories...

-Relationship (Grandparents): Tessa is currently in the custody of her mother's parents, who have lived in Bass City for years. They are very easy-going hippie types who run an organic grocery and health-food store in town, and live on the outskirts of Bass City on a small farm (raising vegetables and chickens, mostly). They are no fans of "The Man" (there general term for governmental and legal authority) and aren't too concerned with Tessa's transgressions (as long as she doesn't offend their sensibilities- and as long as she doesn't engage in actual violence). Tessa thinks they are kind of weird- she is more of a city girl at heart...

Description: Tessa is notably short and slender, even for her age. She has a pale complexion, sparkling green eyes, a tousled mop of black curly hair, and a near-permanent scowl- she only smiles when she is up to something. She tends to dress in a tattered thrift-shop clothes, favoring a scruffy punk fashion. She rarely carries a backpack, purse, or bag, instead favoring her dimensional pocket ability (if she is carrying a purse, one would be advised to return it to its Actual owner).

Point Accounting: Abilities 44pp; +Defenses 11pp; +Skills 17pp; +Advantages 15pp; +Powers 33pp= 120/ 120pp

Future planning:Improve array (+add Dynamic), improve non-powered skills and advantages.

>Equipment: Lockpicks (1ep); folding knife (Close +1 damage, cut; +Imp crit x1, +Precise, +subtle- concealable)(4ep); multitool, Flash googles, flashlight; sack of golf balls (for Railgun); Toolkit (Expertise- Delinquent); (10ep total) +good set of gloves, soft leather jacket.
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PrettyPlease (Small Town Heroes)

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(New Heaven, New Earth build)

PL 8/ PP 120 (Unspent 0)
-HP: 1

Real name: Rosa Maria Martinez
Codename/nickname/other aliases: Ranger, Rose
Concept/archetype: Teleporter (martial artist/weaponmaster); EMT/ ex-military
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Height- 5'7"
Weight- 140
Hair- black
Eyes- brown
Skin- red-brown

Abilities: (42 pp)
STR 2 / STA 4 / DEX 2 / AGI 4
FGT 4 / INT 3 / AWE 2 / PRE 0

Defenses: (11 pp)
Toughness: +4 (STA 4, +0pp)(+6 Defensive Roll)
Parry: +6 (FGT 4, +2pp)
Dodge: +6 (AGI 4, +2pp)
Fortitude: +5 (STA 4, +1pp)
Will: +8 (AWE 2, +6pp)

Immunity: N/A
Immunity (Half effect): Aging, Disease, Poison, Need for sleep; Fear, Interaction effects

Initiative: +8 (AGI 4, Improved initiative 1)
Close attack: +4
Ranged attack: +3

>Specific attacks:
-Basic unarmed: +4, DC 17 (+2)
-Bat: +6, DC 19 (+4)
-Throwing +3, DC variable

Skills: (17 pp= 34sp))
>Trained: Acrobatics +5 (1sp); Athletics +5 (3sp, Mastery); Deception +1 (1sp); Insight +3 (1sp); Investigate +4 (1sp); Perception +3 (1sp); Persuasion +1 (1sp); Stealth +5 (1sp); Technology +4 (1sp); Treatment +11 (8sp, +Mastery); Vehicles +3 (1sp)

>Combat skills: Ranged combat (guns) +4 (1sp); Ranged combat (throwing) +3 (0sp); Close combat (Club/bat) +6 (2sp); Close combat (unarmed) +4 (0sp)

>Expertise skills: EMT/trauma medic +8 (5sp); Soldier +5 (2sp); Area knowledge (City?) +4 (1sp); Pop culture +4 (1sp); Current events +4 (1sp); Streetwise +4 (1sp)

>Untrained: Intimidate +0, Sleight of hand +2,

Advantages: (22 pp)
>Base: Benefit 1 (Ambidexterity), Benefit 1 (Clearance- City EMT), Benefit 1 (Status- veteran), Connected; Defensive roll x2; Equipment x4; Evasion x1; Improved initiative x1; Languages x2 (Spanish, Arabic); Luck x2; Move-by action; Ranged attack x1; Skill mastery x2 (Athletics, Treatment); Teamwork; Uncanny dodge

>Enhanced Advantages (bought as Powers): Great endurance

>Natural talents:
-Senses 1- Direction sense; (1pp)
-Situational awareness: Senses 1- Danger sense; (1pp)
-Seen the elephant: Immunity 6 (Half effect)- Fear, Interaction effects (5); (3pp)
-Keep your friends close: Skill focus 2- Persuasion +4, Limited- only for Connected; (1pp)
-Medic!: Quickness 2, Limited- only for Treatment checks; (1pp)

>Built tough (Mutant durability):
-Enhanced Advantage 1: Great endurance; (1pp)
-Regeneration 1, Persistent; Quirk- Slow (1 per hour, not per minute); (1pp)
-Immunity 4 (Half effect): Natural aging, Disease, Poison, Need for sleep; (2pp)

>Traveler's tricks:
-Senses 1- Distance sense; (1pp)
-Feature 1- Dimensional pocket 1; (1pp)

>Traveler (Teleport, Array 11pp base, +4 AE):
-Basic teleport: (base power) Teleport 2, Accurate; +Precise, +Subtle 1, Change velocity, Change direction/orientation, Turnabout; (3/r x2= 6 +1+1+1+1+1= 11pp; base)
-(AE) Long step: Teleport 3, Accurate, Extended, Extended ONLY; +Subtle 1; (2+1+1-1= 3/r x3= 9+1= 10pp; +1pp/AE)
-(AE) Group travel: Teleport 1, Accurate, Extended, Extended ONLY; +Subtle 1, +Extra mass 7; (3/r x1= 3+7+1= 11pp; +1pp/AE)
-(AE) Escape: Teleport 1, Accurate, +Precise, +Subtle 1, Change velocity, Change direction/orientation, +Reaction (danger sense); -Uncontrolled (GM fiat, no conscious use), -Quirk: Costs 1 Luck point; +Feature (can resist activation with a WILL roll, GM sets difficulty); (2+1+3-1= 5/r x1= 5+5-1= 9pp; +1pp/AE)
-(AE) Combat 'blink': Enhanced Defenses 2 (Dodge +1, Parry +1), +Enhanced Advantages 5 (Close Attack 2, +Evasion +1, +Takedown x2); +Close STR-based damage +2, +Variable descriptor 2 (Any close attack that she makes); (2+5+4= 11pp; +1pp/AE)(All abilities use 'Teleport' Descriptor)

History: Born and raised in NE Massachusetts (Lowell? Chelsea?)- joined the Army after high school. Trained as a medic, served in various Asian locales. Was in a logistics/support unit, often tasked with supporting Ranger teams (and received advanced training because of this). Became known as a bit lucky and highly skilled. Powers first manifested to avoid an IED (uncontrolled)- later learned to use them to avoid a number of tight spots. Command became suspicious not of her teleports, but of her healing. Mustered out- moved to Atlanta when the city was recruiting veterans for emergency services. (plus it WASN'T the cold north). Works as an EMT- more interested in veterans and latino issues than 'mutant rights' (at least for now).

-Prejudice (various):

-No one left behind (Responsibility): Other veterans, other first responders, kids/innocents

-Do good/help out (Motivation):

Description: TBD

Point Accounting: Abilities 42pp; +Defenses 11pp; +Skills 17pp; +Advantages 22pp; +Powers 28pp= 120/ 120pp

Future planning: Improve teleport array, improve close combat abilities

>Equipment: EMT kit (Tool kit for Treatment, MW/Fine quality +2 to rolls)(2ep); Baseball bat (Club, STR +2 close/bludgeoning; +Improved Smash)(3ep); Multitool, Smartphone w/ GPS and Emergency services scanner app)(5ep), +Alt: Work phone (Same stats, +1ep alt); Sunglasses (flash goggles, 1ep), good tactical gloves (1ep); (+6ep available- saving for motorcycle, etc.)
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Re: Character back-up file

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Hey man, welcome to the boards! Sorry to hear about everyone's trouble at Ronin Army- while I pretty much took my whole thread over here, I still know and like some of the people there. Hearing about them getting constantly screwed by that buggy forum is pretty unfortunate.
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Re: Character back-up file

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Real name: Keyanna 'Kix' Ortiz
Codename: Buzzbomb
Concept: Speedster; minor villain, bad attitude. Buzzbomb appears to be a typical mid-tier speedster, and like many such, her powers do involve some temporal distortion. She has only recently realized this, after discussions in the speedster villain therapy group in prison, so she hasn't really practiced those aspects much...
Gender: Female
Age: 19
-Androgynous-looking; lean, well-toned and graceful; very short, tightly curled black hair, brown eyes; light-skinned black/ dark hispanic (Dominican)
-5'6"; 130 lbs
-typically has a defiant/surly expression and posture. Is NOT smiling.

PL 10; 150/ 150 pp

Abilities: (42 pp)
STR 1 / STA 7 / DEX 1 / AGI 4 (8)
FGT 4 (8) / INT 1 / AWE 3 / PRE 0

Defenses: (9 pp)
Toughness: +7
Parry: +6 (up to +13)(AGI 4/8, +2pp, +3 powers)
Dodge: +6 (up to +13)(FGT 4/8, +2pp, +3 powers)
Fortitude: +7 (STA 7, +0pp)
Will: +8 (AWE 3, +5pp)

Immunity: Intoxicants/street drugs (Limited- Friction heat)
Immunity (Half effect): Aging, Disease, Poison, Sleep

-Base: Speed 1, Leaping 1
-Powered: Speed 7 (Speed 9 including Superspeed 2)

Initiative: +16 (AGI 4/8, +Improved initiative x2)
Close attack: +4/ +8 (FGT 4/ 8)
Ranged attack: +1 (DEX 1)

-Specific attacks:
>Basic unarmed: +8, DC 16 (+1)
>Baseball bat: +8, DC 18 (+3)
-High speed strike: +13, DC 22 (+7); Crit 18-20 (+); physical/blunt
-Jackhammer punch: +15, DC 20 (+5), Multiattack 5, Penetrating 5; Physical/blunt
-Fingersnap 'sonic boom': +13, Affliction DC 17 Fort (+7), Crit 19-20, Close/ 5' reach); Sonic/force

-High speed throw: +12, DC 18 (+3), Crit 18-20; Range 30/75/150; Damage- varies by projectile type (mostly piercing)

Skills: (11 pp)(24sp noncombat= 8pp; +6sp combat= 3pp)
>Trained: Acrobatics +9 (1sp); Athletics +5 (4sp, Mastery); Deception +5 (5sp)(+11 for Taunt); Insight +4 (1sp)(+10 to resist interaction/ Influence); Investigation +2 (1sp); Perception +4 (1sp); Sleight of hand +2 (1sp); Stealth +9 (1sp); Technology +2 (1sp); Expertise- Streetwise +5 (4sp); Expertise- Criminal +2 (1sp); Expertise- Pop culture +3 (2sp); Expertise- Area knowledge (Boston) +2 (1sp)

>Combat skills: Close combat (high speed strikes array) +13 (5sp); Ranged combat (throwing) +2 (1sp); Close combat (all other) +8 (0sp)

>Untrained: Intimidation, Persuasion, Treatment, Vehicles
>Notes: Noncombat skill cost 1pp per 3 ranks; Combat skills cost 1pp per 2 ranks (House rule)

Advantages: (14 pp)
>Base: Agile feint; Equipment x1; Evasion x1; Great endurance; Improved trip; Languages x1 (Dominican Spanish, native is English); Lionheart; Luck x1 (basic); Move-by action; Power attack; Quick draw; Skill mastery x1- Athletics; Takedown x1; Taunt

>Enhanced Advantages (bought as Powers): Improved Initiative x2 (+others- Limited or attack specific)

>Natural abilities:
-Track and field: Speed 1, Leap 1 (2pp, natural ability +training)
-Run home: Sense 1 (direction sense)(1pp)
-Run around the block: Movement 1- Environmental adaptation (urban)(2pp)
-EPIC eye-roll: Enhanced skill- Insight +6 (Limited- only to resist Influence/ interaction)(1pp)

>Speedster metabolism:
-Regeneration 1, Persistent (2pp)
-Immunity 1: Street drugs/intoxicants (1pp)
-Immunity 4 (half effect): Aging, Disease, Poison, Sleep (2pp)

>Built for speed:
-Enhanced AGI +4 (8pp)
-Enhanced FGT +4 (8pp)
-Enhanced defenses: +3 Dodge, +3 Parry (6pp)
-Superspeed 1 (+Speed 1, Quickness 1, Improved initiative 1; superhuman physicality)(3pp)
-+Superspeed 1 (+Speed 1, Quickness 1, Improved initiative1; Temporal)(3pp)
-Enhanced Speed +6 (7 total; Speed 9 including Superspeed 2)(6pp)(Stunt- Movement: Permeate)
-Movement 2: Wall-running 1, Water walking 1 (Both Limited- only while moving above human Speed 3+)(4-2= 2pp)
+Voicebox vibration: Feature 1- disguised voice, +Enhanced Skill- Deception +6 (Limited, only for Taunt)(1+1= 2pp)

>Temporal senses
-Senses 2: Awareness (temporal), Danger sense (Other- temporal; "not quite precognition")(2pp)

>Past to Present to Future (Array):
-Present tense (base)- Senses 3: Rapid x1 vision (x10), Radius vision, Time sense (3pp; base power)
-Past tense (AE): Enhanced advantage (Tracking); Enhanced advantages 2 (Eidetic memory, Well-informed)(Limited- require conscious activation/ Move action; -1); Senses 4 Post-cognition (Limited- Unreliable, Distracting; -2)(1+1+1= 3pp; +1pp AE)
-Future tense- Enhanced advantage (Luck x1- Inspiration); Senses 4- Precognition (Limited- Uncontrolled/ GM whim; -1)(1+2= 3pp; 1pp AE)

>High-speed combat (Array)
-High speed strike: STR +6 close damage, blunt; Improved crit x2; Precise attack x2 (Close, concealment and cover); Enhanced Takedown +1; Subtle x1 (temporal senses or Rapid sense); Affects insubstantial 2 (full); 6+2+2+1+1+2= 14)(base, 14pp)

-Jackhammer strike: STR +4 close damage, blunt; Multiattack 5; Penetrating 5; Accurate x1; Quirk- multiattack vs. single target only (4+5+5+1-1)(14pp, +1AE)

-Finger snap/ sonic boomlet: Affliction 7, close, sonic/force; Improved crit x1; Precise attack x2 (Close, concealment and cover); Reach x1 (5'); Affects insubstantial 2 (Limited- only vs. level 1-2 insubstantiality; -1); Resist- FORT; Recover- FORT; Dazed +impaired/ Stunned +disabled; Limited degree, extra condition (12pp, +1AE)

-High speed throw: Enhanced advantages 3 (Throwing mastery x1/ weaponize; Improved critical x2- thrown weapon); Ranged damage 3 (DC 18); Feature 1 (Variable damage type; projectile +Cutting or blunt or piercing); Quirk 1 (requires ammunition to throw); +Precise; Accurate x5 (+10); Diminished range x1 (30/75/150 at rank 3; -1 flat)(3+6+1-1+5-1= 14)(14pp, +1 AE)

-Timeskip: Immunity 10 (Entrapment/grapples 5, Temporal effects 5)(Limited- Unreliable, -1); Immunity 1 (Friction heat); Feature 1- 'blur disguise'/visual; Speed +1 (10); Speed gains Precise (+1); Quickness +2 (4); Enhanced advantages 3 (Hide in plain sight, Improved defense, Evasion +1)(5+1+1+1+1+2+3= 14)(14pp, +1AE)

>Known array stunts: Tag everyone (Burst selective strike); High-speed disarm; 'Handful of ball bearings' (cone damage throwing); Vertigo (WILL affliction); Bullet catch (Deflect/Reflect/Redirect- physical projectile)

History: Keyanna was born in Florida, but her family moved to Boston before she could walk- her father had a solid job with the city's Parks Department. They settled in Dorchester on the south side of the city- a 'working class' neighborhood that was actually a bunch of smaller neighborhoods. There was the Dominican enclave (where the Ortiz family settled), the Irish section, the growing Vietnamese section, and a number of other smaller zones- and well, there were some good parts of town, and some very, very bad parts of town. Keyanna's father had been raised in a rural setting, and even when he wasn't on the job he enjoyed the outdoors- he was forever trying organize walks, picnics, and so on. From an early age, Keyanna was all on board with that- she had an excess of energy and though she would never admit it, she liked the time alone. Her older brother Henry was more of an urban child- he had lots of friends in the neighborhood, and the only time he enjoyed being outside was playing on the baseball field or the basketball court (and he was great at both). As a result, Keyanna grew up very much in her brother's shadow.

Over the years, their neighborhood got worse and worse. There were drugs, and gangs, and violence. Dad, of course, stubbornly refused to admit it- but he DID make even more efforts to get the family out of the neighborhood whenever there was a chance. Like many kids his age, Henry ended up in a gang and started putting his life on the line for the possession of two square blocks- his serious chance at athletics was basically over. He was still strong and fast and tough and he had a lot of friends, and so Keyanna was still insulated from the worst the neighborhood had to offer- no one wanted to mess with Henry's little sister. By 13, she had started to demonstrate her own athletic potential- she was the only freshman on the varsity track team, and her ideal afternoon consisted of putting on some headphones and going for a run (though she DID avoid the neighborhood as much as she could).

By the time Keyanna was 16, her brother was firmly established in the neighborhood gang, warlord of a good solid block. Keyanna, still at home, hardly ever saw him except in passing, though she heard his name often enough in school and out. Then one day when she was across the river in Cambridge at a track meet, she heard her brother's name someplace she didn't expect- two of the members of one of the other teams, with their own ties to another Dorchester crew, were talking about an upcoming rumble, and about how one of their other friends had scored some serious assistance, some kind of super-drug.

The Boston area didn't have a huge superhuman population, then or now- nothing like Freedom City, or Emerald City out on the west coast. Supers weren't unknown though- and the so-called "Power drugs" like Max and Zoom were common enough in the right circles (though not usually among Dorchester street gangs). Even worse, between MIT researchers and the massive number of biopharmaceutical companies in the area, there were an awful lot of experimental power drugs out there- some very effective and some very unpredictable, put out by unethical scientists unwilling to go through the formal clinical trials process.

Keyanna sought her brother out that night, braving some of the worst parts of the neighborhood to track him down. She was thoroughly disgusted by some of the stuff she saw but well, he WAS her brother. She delivered her warning- and Henry just laughed it off, saying he had a few surprises of his own. Not exactly convinced, Keyanna went home- but she didn't tell their parents. A few days later at school, she was just sitting down to lunch with some of her friends from the track team when one of her brother's friends burst into the cafeteria. There was no way Case should have been on school property to start with, and he was moving strangely- both too fast and too erratically. And he made his way right through the middle of the caf, straight to Keyanna's table, babbling so fast she couldn't understand him. She knew what was happening though- she grabbed her bag off the back of the chair and headed for the door.

They were back on the streets in a minute, and Keyanna ran like she never had before. Case, for all his speed (wherever it had come from) didn't maneuver very well, and Keyanna was mostly able to keep up with him. On the corner of their block, they found a blasted hole in one building where an empty storefront had been. There, in the wreckage, was Henry- and two other kids in H-Block colors, one of whom seemed to still be moving (or at least wavering) even as he was lying still.There were no firemen, no EMTs- just one cop lazily stringing up some crime scene; from around the corner the was the echoing crack of gunfire, and a sharper sound that wasn't guns. That was where the rest of the police and emergency personnel were tied up, and Case took off towards the excitement as soon as Keyanna realized what had happened. The lone cop, no longer looking bored, took a quick look at Keyanna kneeling by her brother's body before taking off after Case. Keyanna wasn't really crying, that wasn't her style, and if she was screaming, it was AT her brother, not ABOUT him. When she shook him, his eyes slid open for a moment and he reached out, pressing something into her bloodied hand before his eyes slid closed again, and his breathing stopped.

What he had put in his sister's hand was a pair of pills, like nothing she had ever seen- they looked more like tiny crystals, and they seemed to react to the still-warm blood on her fingers. Without even thinking about it, she swallowed the pills- and her head exploded. At least, that was what it felt like. Blinking her eyes, her vision seemed to stutter like an old-fashioned film strip, and she could feel her heart racing. She stood up, despite a wave of dizziness, and took a stumbling step- and was fifty feet down the street. Still wavering, she made her way around the corner to where the fighting was still going on- some of her brother's friends and a half-dozen H-Block boys were all going at it. The police were busy setting up a perimeter and keeping bystanders away- Keyanna could see one of the armored SWAT trucks trundling closer, and she heard one of the cops screaming into his radio for an AEGIS response team. Because that was all they COULD do, really- all of the combatants were moving incredibly fast, rapid jagged movements that Keyanna could barely track- until she blinked, and they were all moving at normal speed. Another blink, and everyone on the street was moving too slowly now- everyone but her. In what felt like one step, she was beside Case, casually pushing away the cop who had was trying to wrestle him down. Someone had dropped a bloodstained baseball bat- Keyanna picked it up and strode into the fray. In seconds the fight was over- and everybody was looking at her (at least as soon as she slowed down enough for them to be able to see her, that is).

One of her brother's friends recognized her, and the words "Yo, Kix..." were barely out of his mouth before the cops started moving in. Still hyped up Keyanna almost laid all of them out beside the other fallen combatants- instead she dropped the bat and took off, No way they were going to catch her... She went home and grabbed a bunch of her clothes and belongings, but she didn't stay- she couldn't face her parents, and she knew AEGIS would be coming. She couldn't go to any of HER friends either, couldn't drag them into this. She took to the streets instead, looking for some of her brother's friends- they might be disreputable, but they were all she had.

The news of the day, between Henry's death and Keyanna's change, gave her father a stroke- but she still couldn't go home. One of her friends live-streamed Henry's funeral, because Keyanna knew better than to go to that. One of Henry's friends was really clever- he set Keyanna up with a place to stay, anything she might need- he even promised more, "as soon as he could call in some favors". All he needed in return was a little help from her, a couple of errands that she was uniquely capable of attending to. Deliver this, pick this up... Maybe, if you want to, steal this thing for me... It was like that for a couple of weeks. And by then, Keyanna was all too aware that whatever had happened to her, it wasn't wearing off like Zoom did, it wasn't going away- if anything it was getting stronger, more under control.

So she decided to have a little fun. She started off by trying some of the "speedster tricks" she had seen on the news, Youtube, that sort of thing- trying to figure out which ones she could do. Armed with that knowledge, she exercised a bit of revenge and busted up the operations of the H-Block gang, blaming them for her brother's death. She made sure to dump a lot of their ill-gotten resources on her parents' back porch- with her father in the hospital they needed all the help they could get. And then she started tearing around town, making a general high-speed nuisance of herself. While Boston didn't have a lot of superheroes, they had a few- and she quickly ran afoul of one of them, the MIT-based powered armor hero known as Ramjet. He was fast, but his jet-suit operated best away from ground clutter and he couldn't corner worth a darn- he almost caught her with a snare-burst shell, but she managed to escape it somehow, not even certain what had happened...

Keyanna, now using the alias "Buzzbomb" because of the vibrato whine her voice emitted at high speeds, stayed in the Boston area for a few months, doing a few jobs for her brother's friend, or out of necessity for her own sake. AEGIS dutifully added her to their list of superhuman criminals, but didn't set her threat rating very high- she was mostly a petty criminal, with a few high-value thefts and very little violence. Most of the heroes in town made a try for her once or twice, but none of them came close to catching her. After a while, though, she knew it was time to leave- being near her parents, her old home, her friends, without being able to visit them- it was starting to grind her down. And Ramjet just would not let up- he was just fast enough to be a real threat, and his technological skills include surveillance and 'predictive software'- it seemed like he was always showing up on her trail, and often at the worst time. With another winter right around the corner, she left town- after, of course, taking a moment to run the famous Marathon route. Keyanna wandered around the country for a while- she didn't have a lot of allies to rely on, but she was adaptable, and she could always just steal anything she needed.

Even this unfettered lifestyle grew kind of stale after a while, and she started looking for a new place to set up shop- especially after a run-in with the famous Johnny Rocket. She only got out of that one because one of his more well-known foes broke up the fight, pretty much by accident. Luckily for Keyanna, somebody else had been keeping a quiet eye on her. Hellbent and Fullbore, the leaders of the Masters of Speed, were always on the watch for new recruits, and after a few encounters they offered her a try-out for their team. It did not go well. To start with, Buzzbomb did NOT mesh well with Whiplash, and her often sour attitude didn't appreciate Blur's pranks. And well, there was this one time, where Keyanna might have accidentally made a possibly flirtatious comment to Cheetah- which neither Cheetah, nor Hellbent, nor Fullbore really liked... So she was out- no real hard feelings, just don't come back, that kind of thing. She has heard that they picked up some other new guy instead, but whatever...

So she tore around the country some more, generally making a nuisance of herself. Since she wasn't a hardcore Capital V Villain by nature she even picked off a few crooks here and there, dropping them for local police to find- or leaving them behind so that pursuing AEGIC agents would pick them up instead and stop chasing her.

And then Ramjet, that jerk, caught up to her AGAIN. She had only come home to watch some of her old friends graduate from high school. She was just another audience member, another anonymous shape in loose clothes, a Sox cap, and sunglasses- but when she left the auditorium, Ramjet was RIGHT THERE, hovering in his jetsuit and ready to rumble. Keyanna just took off. This time, Ramjet was prepared, flying a couple of harrier drones through his suit's uplink to disrupt her escape. Going all-out, Keyanna made it to the Charles and zoomed away upstream, running on water. Aweome! Ramjet kept on after her, and she jumped up onto a bridge, then into the tangled streets around Harvard Square- still couldn't shake him. After a tight turn, her long braided hair slipped out of her hood and started trailing along behind her- just far enough for Ramjet to snag. Before he got tighten his grip and bring her down, Keyanna tried something she had only done once before, and turned to run directly at a wall. And then through it, cleanly, without a scratch on her or the wall- even more awesome!

Except that Ramjet hadn't left go of her hair in time, and he had been pulled into the wall before he could release his grip- she had pulled him out of phase, but he solidified when he let go. Inside the wall, at least mostly. Keyanna was horrified, actually physically ill and traumatized. And that had certainly moved up her threat as far as AEGIS was concerned- Ramjet had been a well-regarded, established hero, and they had no reason to believe this had been an accident. Keyanna headed for the hills, as far away from Boston as she could get. A month on the run, then two- with AEGIS and a bunch of Ramjet's friends after her- then she was back in California, where it was warm and sunny. And where Johnny Rocket nailed her to a wall, not QUITE literally. At trial the made sure to mention she had killed before (both at her initial manifestation and once or twice by causing accidents involving vehicle pursuits)- she certainly didn't have anyone pleading FOR her (though maybe some of the Masters of Speed, well-disguised, showed up in the courtroom audience).

And so she ended up in jail- not just regular jail, but Super-jail, with her powers damped and no visitors, not one. She did finish up her GED, for all the good it was going to do her, and she took some tips from older, experienced speedster-crooks. But she spent the rest of her time alone in her cell or alone out on the yard, keeping in shape and maintaining an armor of sullen disinterest. For someone who treasures the freedom to just go out and do stuff, this locked-down boredom was worse than torture.

-Motivation (Thrills): Like many speedsters, Keyanna tends to revel in the expression of her powers- she loves to fast, and to do stuff (fun, exciting stuff, like learning new tricks and competing against other superhumans). Sometimes she doesn't do a very good job of weighing consequences, or of exercising proper precautions about her behavior. Especially these day, she would be as likely as not to jump at a chance of amateur vigilante heroing- as long as she gets to run... ("I got this!")

-Responsibility (Family): Keyanna's father is now an invalid, and her mother is a nervous wreck- neither one of them wants anything to do with her. Her father did keep his pension, but only after a fight, and they don't have an easy time of it. Keyanna feels as if their troubles are all her fault (instead of only some of them), and she desperately wants to help them out. Anyone who offered her an opportunity to improve things (or, conversely, threatened their fragile state on her behalf) would get her attention very quickly.

-Can't sit still, can't wait around: Keyanna, like a cat, has two basic conditions- flopped out half asleep, and moving at full speed. She is comfortable at rest, but she prefers to be moving, if there is anything to do. Waiting around, complicated plans, and coordinating actions with slow-movers aren't things she does well- though lately the realization that some of her powers involve temporal distortion has led her into trying to learn meditation; we'll have to see how THAT goes).

-Don't cross me/ drugs suck: Keyanna has a bit of a temper, and once she gets angry or frustrated, she tends to hold a grudge and retaliate a bit too strongly. She doesn't apologize, or often accept apologies. At least she is pretty open in her anger- she doesn't understand or enjoy clever devious subtle anger or vengeance- so she could be easy to mislead for an experienced manipulator. As one might expect, she has a hard time making friends, and has had terrible luck with what friends she HAS made- she tends to armor herself in sullen disdain, and expects no good from anyone. She would really LOVE to be proven wrong, just once- and if she did make a real friend she would do ANYTHING for them. She also hates 'street drugs' and those who make, use, or sell them- she wholeheartedly believes they ended her brother's life, and destroyed hers, and she would go out of her way to cause trouble for drug dealers, even ones who wear a doctor's coat and 'official approval'.

-Accident (Kinetic/speed): Keyanna moves very fast, and generates a lot of potential energy. Luckily her control is pretty good- but when you are moving that fast, accidents can happen.

-Accident (temporal): In addition, some of her abilities involve an element of temporal distortion- primarily her perception of time. When using her time-related senses, she can get 'lost in the moment' and lose track of the actual progression of time- possibly a brief distraction, possibly a more lengthy fugue state or 'time loop'. Her abilities may also affect time in an uncontrolled fashion- a bubble of 'stuck time' or worse...

Description: Keyanna is a young woman of Dominican descent- she looks like a light-skinned black girl with a very lean, well-toned build (even before her powers manifested she was a serious runner). She has brown eyes, usually half-closed in a disdainful squint, and tightly curled black hair- she used to wear it long, in narrow silver-tipped braids but that was what got her caught; she now keeps it trimmed very short. She does not have a specific costume, though she prefers functional athletic clothing- she does usually wear close-fitting sunglasses, black fingerless gloves, and a messenger bag. She would probably not kill you for a phone with decent music selection and a good set of headphones (PROBABLY wouldn't...). Between her lean build, her close-trimmed hair, and her general disdain for make-up, she has a very androgynous look- not terribly butch, but not exactly femme either. Her nickname on the cellblock is 'Prettyboy', and most people have a bit of confusion when they meet her for the first time.

Point Accounting: Abilities 42pp; +Defenses 9pp; +Skills 11pp; +Advantages 14pp; +Powers 74pp= 150/ 150pp

Future planning: Improve Will save (and AWE ?), add advantages, improve array and speed. Maybe improve temporal abilities.

Capsule: Former city kid who metahuman powers activated after taking a dose of Zoom cut with "Something else". She ran wild for a while, more a nuisance and troublemaker than a serious villain- but then she accidentally killed somebody (phased them partway through a wall). She has been in jail since- she has had serious thought about 'turning good' or giving up the whole active super career, but she is holding on to a cocky attitude.
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