Black Operations

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Black Operations

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Posting then updating a setting I wrote up ages ago on the old Green Ronin...

Black Operations: A Nasty Metahuman Campaign World
First Posted Mon Oct 17, 2005 1:32 am
One Line Summary: Metahuman Lara Croft's, James Bond's and Jet Li's in a world threatened by Pan-dimensional horror.

Campaign Rules:

Setting Rule A, B and C are used to create a global explanation for the features of a realistic superhero campaign like non-human races, fantastic powers, hi-technology and enhanced humans. The rules are all linked to the premise that Earth has come into contact with its own very far future.

A. There is only one ultimate source for meta-human powers. Interference from an extra-dimensional source known as the 404 .

That interference takes the form of mutants, gene manipulation to create metahumans, unusual technology and illegal immigrants from the 404. More rarely, escapees from 404 prisons, heavily genetically engineered new species or artificial intelligences also exist and can be used as origin stories.

Most 404 interference (and therefore metahuman powers) is centered around Earth where the dimensional breach exists. However, illegal immigrants from the 404 have travelled into space from Earth.

The story setting restricts existance of non-human alien or mystical races to those allowed by consistent timeline.

The inhabitants of the 404 dimension are believed to be from humanity's far future. Mankind has abandoned Earth for the 404 dimension..They also seems to have developed psionic reality alteration, genetic transformation and artificial bodies. Altering one's own body has become commonplace and mankind has genetically altered themselves into many sub-species.

In addition, Mankind has been surpassed by its own creation. It has created free-willed artificial intelligences which have evolved into two non-human species. The Ordered Ones who are believed to be giant artificial stars used as computers and The #$#$! (pronounced Kabassa) who are believed to be giant biological computers made up of quasi-living amino acids drifting through space). These beings alter reality on a cosmic scale, and are believed to be the rulers of the 404 dimension.

The 404 restricts travel to Earth, but seem somewhat arbitrary in policing the impact of travellers to Earth once things get there. The laws of temporal physics mean that travelling to the past has no impact on the history of the future.

The 404 exiles and imprison individuals from the human subspecies on Earth (usually making local agreements to ensure they are imprisoned). Keeping individuals imprisoned does not always seem to be a concern of the 404 (They seem to think that their obligations are satisfied once a local party has agreed to enforce imprisonment).

Contact with the 404 universe began several thousand years in the past, where they used the Earth dimension as the anchor point for a pocket reality called the Lost World. The Lost World was a prison, managed by automated devices.

I have taken ideas from the end of Asimov's Foundation series (with Second Foundation psionics, positronic robots with mind control guiding humanity, Gaea and genetically engineered 'transducing' Solarians) and ideas from Julian May's Many Colored Land series (time travel by exiles).

In this timeline, humans have been altered to acquire biological or reality altering powers. Mutants exist. All of which were born after the first use of a temporal bomb on earth by 404 beings. The bomb seems to have interfered with the speed of evolution. Mutants seem have slight physiological differences in their brain. Parts of their left brain are more evolved (possibly due to temporal radiation) giving them the reality altering power.

B. 404 Technology or Technology based on 404 Science exists but repairing and replicating such technology is affected by strange uncertainty laws relating to trans-dimensional physics (Heisenberg's Para-Law of Coincidence).

Contact with the 404 dimension seems to have introduced unusual technologies to Earth. These take the form of devices from the 404 or devices which use materials related to the 404.

These devices can achieve the impossible. However, the scientific principles behind them don't seem to be 'natural' to Earth. What works one day, may work differently in a weeks time. Scientists think that these devices, may be using scientific principles 'leaking' into Earth from extra-dimensional materials. Unfortunately, this process seems somewhat uncertain and unpredictable. As a result, 404 technology or devices invented using 404 materials have the following characteristics:

1. Not all scientific processes cannot be repeated easily

2. Where devices make use of pan-dimensional technology they require constant maintainence

3. What works for one scientist may not work for another scientist

The inventor is often the only person who can (with any predictability) maintain or repair 404 equipment for regular use. In addition, technology of this kind cannot be readily mass produced.

C. Non-technology Powers have an underlying rationale (Hawking's Theory of Unstable Reality, Loewi's Theory Of The Left Brain (Amended) and The Theory Of Non-relative Identity ).

Non-technology powers comes from one of five sources.

1. Use of the reality alteration power

Scientists have established the reality alteration power exists. Many psionic powers were weak versions of one of this power. Scientists have identified the following broad groupings:

Creativity: The power to create matter or energy (including pyrokinesis, cyrokinesis).

Manipulation: The power to manipulate matter or energy (including telekinesis, manipulation of light to create images or electricity control).

Tempo-spatial Control: Time/space/dimensional manipulation (including teleportation and super-speed).

Manipulation Of Basic Physical Forces: Control of the weak and strong atomic forces (often taking the form of transmutation), control of gravity and electromagnetic forces (taking the form of gravity-based telekinesis or magnetic telekinesis).

Manipulation of Consciousness: See 4. below. The science of these powers is still heavily debated. Telepathy is a power of this kind. Shapechanging is believed to involve consciousness effects.

The reality alteration power is believed to sit in the left-side of the brain. However the use of reality alteration by non-physical beings means reality altering can be independent of physical form and may be linked to consciousness theory in some way.

Reality is believed to have been 'loosened' by the initial entry of 404 beings into our reality. Humans are believed to have been evolving reality alteration since that initial reality breach. Temporal radiation seems to have been a catalyst that has caused "throwforwards" in evolution where some humans are born as mutants with developed reality-altering facilities similar to 404 beings. An alternative theory argues that beings from the 404 (who were really genetically altered humans) interbred with human ancestors at some point, passing on latent genes related to reality alteration, which are being activated by Temporal radiation.

The Aberrant setting is another campaign setting where all powers come from the same biological source, an organ which manipulates in their case, Quantum.

2. Use of the reality alteration power by the subconscious mind, often limited and restricted by subconcious beliefs

For example; strength is often short range telekinesis; flight is a limited form of telekinesis or gravity control; a character with magic spells would be using reality alteration but can only do so if he thinks he is casting a spell; a character with a flaming sword would be instinctively using pyrokinesis and fire control to create a sword. Strangely enough, a meta using subconscious control of his abilities ends up being able to do things, without explaining what he does.

The subconscious can coordinate complex power use.

A character may be able to create solid illusions by subconsciously coordinated telekinesis and illusion casting. Something that would be incredibly difficult for the conscious mind to coordinate.

3. Actual biological/physical powers

Powers can be physical in nature. For example; better muscles, better light sensors in your eyes, electro-magnetic coils instead of muscles.

Mutants are likely to have physiological changes along with other changes. These are believed to be caused by subconscious reality alteration by the mother or the baby. Lemurians may have hereditry physical traits that confer physical advantages or have been genetically altered to have physical advantages.

4. Consciousness manipulation. The existance of non-physical beings is evidence of consciousness having a non-physical aspect. Scientists believe all consciousness is the result of unique patterns in super-strings connecting all space/time.

True living beings (including A.I. with genuine free will) have a soul, which is their unique pattern in the super-strings of space-time. This is a result of quantum mechanics. Quantum mechanics says reality reflects all possible actions by a free will and not just their actual actions. So each free willed being creates a unique space time pattern.

See the sci-fi novels, Clay People by Larry Niven or Xenocide by Orson Scott Card for the idea of a unique soul in space time.

Unique effects can be achieved by use of the reality altering power to manipulate the super-strings linking all unique consciousness.
Supporting this theory, a number of mental powers have been identified as being linked to super-string manipulation or made possible by the existance of consciousness outside the physical body. Some scientists actually think all reality-alteration powers are a subset of super-string manipulation.

Telepathic powers are the result of manipulation of super-strings connecting individual 'souls'.

Shapechanging is the result of a consciousness being unique and being moved through various bodies. Bodies are created for temporary use or stored in pocket dimensions when not used. Alternatively, a unique 'soul' can have a malleable body, whose shape is determined by the use of reality alteration by the character's actual unique consciousness.

Scientists consider the existence of non-physical beings and meta's who can take inanimate forms with no actual brain-equivalent organs to be evidence that consciousness is independent of physical form.

5. On rare occasions, the source of power is another being. The character is simply communicating with the being who alters reality on his behalf.

A character with a 'magic' sword might find that the sword is a communication tool, which lets a 404 entity exercise reality alteration on behalf of the sword-owner. So a character could really have powers granted by 'Zeus'. If 'Zeus', was a fairly powerful 404 entity editing our reality on his behalf...

The Timeline, Key Differences With Our History: Pre-history

Cretaceous Period : 404 build the Lost World and imprison the first wave of 404 refugees. A small group of refugees escape and cause the Dinosaur extinction in the course of escaping to Space.

10,000 years ago: The Lost World prison system fails as its suspended animation systems melt down.

The surviving 404 refugees begin to coexist with the human race, renaming themselves Lemurians. They also develop a religion called the Babus Codex that argues that each Lemurian must declare himself a supporter of the Ordered Ones or the Kabassa. The clans hope to manipulate history to destroy one while preserving the other.

A small war ends in the destruction of Atlantis, the only Lemurian society to dissent in this grand objective.

The Lemurians use genetic engineering and consciousness transfer technology to further alter themselves into sub-species with distinct biological characteristics. Known sub-species include the The Fair, The Gilded, The Twisted, The Hungered and The Wild who resemble Faerie, Giant (9-foot tall) Human, Trolls, Vampires and Werewolves respectively. In addition, a club known as the Borrowers
develops technology allowing transfer of consciousness into a totally, artificial, biological body.

Their existence has become myth.
The Timeline. Key Differences With Our history : WWI

1830: One small, unpredictable Gateway opens.

Refugees from the 404 pass through on occasion, apparently coming from the 404. The Refugees claim that both non-human artificial intelligences controlling the 404, have become near extinct and the 404 is now in a state of perpetual war. Reliable gateway technology no-longer exists other than the gateway controlled by the Refugees.

The Lemurians declare a Jihad on the new Refugees, who they accuse of preaching falsehood. However as they fail to stop the Refugees, who establish three underwater colonies by 1900, when a Lemurian temporal bomb destroys the Refugee gateway.
The Timeline, Key Differences With Our History: WWII and the Korean War

1932: First psionics and mutants begin appearing. A Lemurian Scientist links increased meta-human abilities to use of a temporal bomb.

1939-44: During WWII, Nazi Germany introduces meta-humans to the world, with the Axis Uberkommando. The formula is used to enhance compatible persons. It is believed to have been developed with unknown parties from the 404 dimension. Allied scientists introduce meta-humans of their own, working with Refugee scientists.

The unknown parties from the 404 supplying this technique are known as the Eloi (from the novel the Time-Machine). They are believed to have been attempting to create a race that would eventually serve as hosts for the Eloi. The Eloi wish to escape from the 404 by occupying metahumans on Earth.

1947: WWII ends differently from conventional history. Nazi meta-humans prolong the survival of Nazi Germany. A plot is developed where Allied superhumans lure Axis superhumans to Northern France. A nuclear bomb is detonated killing or disabling the most powerful metahumans. Conventional forces then defeat Nazi Germany.

The Lemurians, detonate a futuristic device (known as the second temporal bomb) off the coast of the Eastern United States, destroying one Refugee undersea colony. The public is told the device was a failed Japanese doomsday weapon, prematurely detonated, while being transported to the United States by submarine.

As a side-effect, the second temporal bomb (which is larger than the first) disrupts direct communication between the Eloi and earth.

Japan surrenders after two atomic bombs are dropped.

Cold War: The cold war takes place normally with several major differences.

Mutation rates increase around the sites of atomic bomb use, temporal bomb use or atomic bomb testing.

A decision is made by the U.N. to conceal the Lemurian/Refugee war (Also known as the Fish War) from humanity.

In addition, governments are now aware of the Lemurian and Refugee races. They begin exploiting non-Earth technology and mutation for various super soldier programs. Human scientists identify Lemurians as evolved and in some cases genetically modified humans from a parallel dimension, naming the species Homo Temporalis or Temporals

Korean War: Metahumans are used on both sides of the Korean war. Russia and UK involve themselves by supplying metahumans for the war.

The Korean war ends in a stalemate.

Additional treaties are signed to curtail government research or sponsorship of metahumans beyond agreed limits.

A black operations world of metahuman recruitment or research develops. Various agencies form to enforce the treaties.

A number of countries (US,UK,Australia) set up legal frameworks that allow metahumans to act as independent 'crime-fighters'. The independent heroes serve a law enforcement function. In addition, the independent heroes are seen as potential military resources that can be monitored for future recruitment without breaking treaties on government sponsorship.

Formation of Israel: At the same time as Israel is set-up by the U.N., the British set up the free cities of Lethe, Varosha and New Gibraltar.

The Free Cities are homelands for survivors of German-Eloi experimentation (which created thousands of non-powered mutants ). Lethe is on an artificial island off the Egyptian coast. Varosha is on Cyprus (and stayed neutral when Turkey invaded Cyprus. Note: Google it! Its a real city) and New Gibraltar is an artificial island in the Atlantic (about halfway between Gibraltar and the United States). The Free Cities movement was then supported by an Omega-class Metahuman called Shelf (whose earth control powers extended to the creation of artificial islands). In return for diplomatic support, Shelf has constructed several other terraforming projects for Russia, the UK and America (before dying of an incurable brain cancer, caused by overuse of his powers).

The free cities of Lethe and Varosha have become a key allies of Israel and a homeland for persecuted mutants and meta-humans around the globe. The cities are also critical cities for meta-human black operations.

In the 1970's, New Gibraltar, agreed to the construction of an international meta-human prison. While parts of the prison are on the artificial island, parts of the prison are offshore and undersea. The prison is constructed in such a manner that sections can be isolated and destroyed in the event of riots.
The Timeline, Key Differences With Our History: The Fall of the Berlin Wall

Post-Cold War: The post-cold war coup that forces Gorbachev into Retirement, puts Yeltsin in power and creates the Commonwealth of Independent States ends differently due to meta-human interference.

Parts of the Russian meta-human community side with the hardliners in return for influence. The CIS is forced to allow hardliners to retain political control and significant autonomy in certain provinces of Russia. Siberia is under hardline Communist control through the State's locally 'elected' politicians. Several mini-states are set-up throughout the CIS, some of which are controlled by Metahumans.
The Timeline, Key Differences With Our History: Terrorism

War on Terror:

While metahumans are active on both sides of the conflict, no significant change from our World's history has occured. While metahumans prevent some attacks, the existance of metahumans has also enabled a number of successful attacks.

The US has invaded Iraq/Afghanistan in response and is trying to form new local governments. Black-ops metahuman operations are prevalent with terrorist networks relying heavily on mercenaries and 'suicide supers'. Suicide supers are persons who use metahuman enhancement technology rejected by governments, because of its impact on life-expectancy or sanity. The most well known is Snakeskin (which gives a human 30 minutes of random metahuman powers, usually followed by a massive heart attack or permanent insanity).

The Republican government is heavily criticized for not finding 'Persons of Mass Destruction' or 'Weapons of Mass Destruction' in Iraq.

Russia is still trying to supress rebellion in key provinces.

China is uninvolved, concentrating on its economic development. However tensions between it and Taiwan are heightened by the presence of metahuman Chinese forces and metahuman Taiwanese forces (often Chinese defectors).
The following character creation rules are fleshed out in addition to the character's statistics.

Character Creation


-Is the character strongly nationalist?

-Does he have a loyalty to a trans-national movement or a nation?

Mutant rights, anti-communist, pro-communist, human rights, democracy in China, anti-superpowers, UN, crime lords, meta-human controlled mini-states, military-industrial complexes of various nations, anti-mutant, military trans-national groups exist and are movements or groups a hero might be committed to.

-Does the character have religious or ethical principles?

-Does the character have positive or negative views on non-government superheroes?

-Does he have connections to an extra-human individual or organization?

Aliens include Lemurians, Refugees, the 404, the mysterious Eloi or alien cultures descended from Lemurian escapees from Earth.

Government Relations/Public Opinion

-Is he sponsored, hunted, watched, liked or disliked by any government?

-Is he famous/infamous?

-Is his fame and government relationship consistent with his power level?

The more powerful or superhuman the character is, the more notice he gets

If his powers/weapons can be replicated, is he the subject of research?

Governments would have to keep an eye on potentially replicable meta-human technology or meta-human creation processes, just to make sure the wrong parties don't get the technology or process.

Human/Non-human Origin

-Is he of non-human origin?

Homo Temporalis, refugee, direct exile from the 404, the mysterious Eloi, from alien cultures descended from Temporal escapees from Earth, artificial life and artificial intelligences are possible.


-Are his equipment, powers or the process used to give him powers from non-human/404 technology or science?

In this campaign almost all super-high tech equipment comes from 404 technology

-Is he mutant?

Mutancy is a side effect of the temporal bombs and is more prevalent near those bomb sites. Mutancy is also correlated with proximity to atomic bomb test sites and WWII targets. Atomic radiation can activate meta's already stimulated by temporal radiation

-Is he a mix?

Mutants or latent mutants can be further enhanced by metahuman technology or research. Several of these programs have been funded by governments or transnational organizations

-Is his origin consistent with the timeline?

Prior to WWI, only the space Temporals and Temporals were around, just before WWI the Refugees turned up. Mutants are mostly born after 1900. Non-human races can be very different from humans, even though their origins are related to humanity. Eloi are something else...and always have a somewhat Gothic or Demonic flavour to them

-Does his origin involve a new non-human race?

It shouldn't be necessary to introduce a new race. The Temporal/Lemurian clans, refugees and space temporals can be used for mythological races, aquatic or alien races. Homo Temporalis plays with its genes so much - they can take almost any form you want. If you have to introduce a new race in the origin, the new race is very small and cannot have a major historical impact. It should be hidden in some way or form, possibly in part of the Lost World. The new race can be another 404 migration, or artificial life created by Temporals or human experimentation with Temporal technology.

-Is his origin or powers mystical?

In this campaign, all magic is a manipulation of reality using para-dimensional science or powers. Its a James Bond type campaign, not Harry Potter. The GM may allow mystical heroes whose powers draw on the two artificial intelligences in the 404 representing Chaos and Order or the Eloi.

Why is all this important?

We are trying to maintain suspension of disbelief in a world of superheroes.

The storyline allows a wide breath of play without taking away the possible reality of this world. One underlying premise supports the features of this campaign: The 404/Earth relationship and subsequent revisions to history.

The idea of pan-temporal refugees from one of our possible futures and their effect on our reality is the one little 'twist' a reader has to accept.

That one change:

-Allows for 'funny technology' by 'mad scientist' types which does great things, but isn't patented and mass produced.

-Allows for 'new races' who are really futuristic humans altered by genetic engineeering or the AI's created by that culture.

-Allows for 'magic' in the form of reality alteration and otherworldly beings with no physical form (the Eloi, and the two AI species)

-Allows for events which introduce and increase in human mutation/psionic potential (The use of temporal bombs by Temporals)

-Gothic horror through the Eloi, who are intelligences, so far evolved from human nature they are somewhat inhuman.

-Allows an explanation for why processes that create metahumans aren't reused en masse. The reason is that governments are limited by post-war treaties and the inherent difficulties of working with 404 technology.

-Allows for James Bond style, metahuman, organizations. They exist to enforce the treaties mentioned above

The idea of a super-hero setting where 'one event' causes all metas is common. WildCards and Rising Stars (the comic) . The time travel idea is from Julian May's Many Colored Land.

You can convert any hero into a Black Operation setting by:

-Replacing non-humans with the various 404 races. Space aliens are space Temporals escaping earth thousands of years ago. Legendary races are the other Temporals. Exceptions can be the rare 404 prisoner, dumped on Earth.

-Replace magical beings with the 404 artificial intelligences or the Eloi

-Replace magic with reality alteration

-Any really outlandish stuff would have to incorporate 404 technology or science

-Mutants must be dated from the mutant causing event in 1900 (Meaning they have to be born after 1900). Mutants before that should be rarer and weaker with powers resembling conventional psychic powers.

Power Level (not finished)
Metahuman Classification

The following metahuman classification system is used in the black ops world. The coding system has its origins in British WWII research.

A super will have a power level, a vulnerability code and any attached adjectives that are relevant. The descriptors are used to very quickly inform decision makers on appropriate tactical or strategic action.

For example, Jack O' Lad is an ex-commando with an unreliable mind control power, often armed with a pistol and a couple of grenades.

The FBI might decide that "Jack O' Lad is an Epsilon class, Soft-type, Curveball. Mutie is Spec, has Mil-Tech and is Black Mask. " This would indicate he is of above human ability, not invulnerable to conventional military weapons. He is also a mutant with military training, likely to have military weapons and is a fugitive.

Most anti-metahuman teams, would very quickly decide that the subject can be handled by a Police SWAT Team with normal firearms, as long they took special precautions for an unusual power listed in his dossier. The team would expect military tactics and weapons. They'd also know he is a fugitive and lethal force is authorized.

If the anti-metahuman team heard that Jack was actually an Alpha or Beta, they would probably call out the National Guard. If he was an Omega, they'd wake up the President.

Power Level

Omega-class: Metahuman whose potential is equal to that of a strategic asset with WMD potential (power level equal to say, an aircraft carrier battle group ).
Alpha-class: Metahuman whose potential is equal to that of a strategic asset (power level equal to a battleship or 1,000+ marines, with no nuclear devices) without WMD potential.
Beta-class: Human or metahuman with military potential equal to multiple tactical assets (10-20 tanks, 2-3 platoons)
Gamma-class: Human or metahuman whose military potential is between beta and delta class (large numbers of armed persons, 6 tanks)
Delta-class: Human or metahuman whose potential is equal to that of a tactical asset (multiple armed persons, a jet fighter or a tank).
Epsilon-class: Human or metahuman with threat level is at least equal to a single armed civilian but not substantially more than that of an armed soldier.
Joker class: Human or metahuman with weak powers. Subject's threat level is below Epsilon class.
U class : Unknown class.


D type - Invulnerable or extremely hard to hurt
Hard type - Likely to be vulnerable only to anti-vehicular weaponry
Soft type - Likely to be vulnerable to conventional anti-personnel weaponry
U type - Vulnerability not known

Ultra-spec - Military training far beyond the level of elite military units
Spec - Military training around the level of or in excess of elite military units (e.g. former SAS)

Plus-tech - Likely to have and utilize meta-human technology
Mil-tech - Likely to have and utilize military technology (grenades, RPG)

Non-hume - Alien or non-human origin
Post-hume - Made metahuman by external forces (experimentation)
Mutie - Metahuman from birth or at puberty without external forces
Hume - human

Curveball - Unusual powers (mind control, teleportation, intangibility). See dossier for details if possible.

Glass jaw - Unusual weakness. Recommend checking dossier for details.

Indy - Independent operator, active in black ops
Civilian - Not active in black ops
Badge - State sponsored, active in black ops
Black mask- An enemy of an organization. When used by governments, it refers to a fugitive.

007 - Lethal force authorized against target

And just to show you how the lingo helps the setting...
Here's a short plot hook...

"Its Sunday and your civilian e-mail just got a message you don't know how to handle.




I'm going to show how hero's can be converted to my world very easily.
Presenting the ...

Black OPS JLA (Names are made just a little more Iron Age)

Green Lantern - Human, given a thought powered weapon by the Guardians. The Guardians are one of many sub-species related to the earliest Temporal escapees from Earth. In the Black Ops world his name is the Illumination!

Superman - Descended from an extinct group of space Temporals who adapted themselves to living on an artificial planet rotating around a black hole. Human appearance might have been a strategic alteration by parents (who would have realised that their little boy might fit in better on Earth with a little gene-surgery). In the black ops world, his name is The Idealist ! (Reference to the Aristotle's Ideal world)

Batman - Human, incredible training. Uses mainly normal hi-technology and some 404 technology. In the black ops world his name is Gotham!

Wonder Woman - Human of Amazon descent. The Amazons are a group of women with powers granted by the Ordered Ones from the 404 at some point in Earth's history. The Amazons are featured in Greek myth and members of the Ordered Ones have pretended to be Greek gods on occasion. In the black ops world, her name is Livia.

Flash - Human. Super-speed gained from contact with the 'speed force' . The speed force is a previously unknown 404 entity of some kind (possibly a unique AI from the entity or part of the #$#$). In the black ops world, he is the Relative Kid.

Martian Manhunter - Space Temporal, descended from a clan that stayed on Mars. Psychic and reality alteration powers (Reality alteration conveys strength, speed, invisibility, martian vision). Clan has abandoned human appearance for a form that can be easily altered by their psychic powers. In the Black Ops, world he is Jonn Jorozz, Warlord of Earth!

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Re: Black Operations

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China, USSR and Eastern Europe

The response of China, USSR and Eastern Europe to the advent of metahumans was unique to their political situation. The nature of Party rule was based on control of information and power, in the name of supposed egalitarianism. The Party was stricken with questions:

-How can we argue all workers all equal if meta's are clearly not?

-How can we control mutants and their powers? A mutant counter-revolutionary can clearly dominate the local police of a small village.

-How can we control information in a world of meta's? One telepath at a Politburo meeting would gather enough information to blackmail an entire party?

-If we do not exploit metahumans and their technology, how do we beat the capitalists?

In addition, in WWII, Russia had keenly painful memories of the sheer horror of metahuman warfare. The German Eloi-enhanced superhumans had outclassed the allied effort and engaged on devastating attacks on the Russian army and population. A deep distrust of metahumans had also developed.

Russia and China

The Russian approach was to co-opt and control mutants as well as develop its own superhuman resources. Russia also experimented with larger super-soldier programs in the hope of defeating the West. Experiments were often inhumane, in the name of a greater good.

The Chinese approach was even more ruthless. After a coup attempt by a telepathic member of the secret police, Mao decided metahumans were as much a threat as an asset. Their program involved liquidation or experimentation on metas who were too powerful to be controlled or simply inconvenient to state policy. China also ran super-soldier experiments, but it favored projects that would result in 'controllable' metas.

The Russian approach was in the end a failure. Its meta-human resources played a role in its own breakup. Eastern European heroes often sided with their dominated homelands against Party rule. In the final breakup, metahuman support for the coup against Gorbachev led to Siberia becoming a semi-autnomous region within the CIS. In addition, several mini-states were ceded to key power brokers within the CIS in return for their support against or for the coup. Russia resents and wishes to absorb these states.

China believes that the lesson of Russia has validated its approach and continues to persecute mutants born on Chinese soil. Although, a slight loosening of the policy has been necessary to avoid world-wide condemnation.

Eastern Europe

The heroes of Eastern Europe (that survived) have become national heroes. Two known metahumans have run and won elected office in Eastern Europe.

The Mutant Slave Trade

While China had the population to sustain enough locally-born mutants for its own experimentation, Russia did not. The USSR actively engaged in several 'black' programs to identify and relocate to the USSR, young mutants or mutant infants. The means used may have included kidnapping and murder of biological parents.
China and Metahumans

China has a number of mutant recruitment programs and a battle-suit technology program. Its efforts have been focused on large numbers of weak metahuman operatives and advanced technology. Unlike Russia, it considers high powered metahumans to be a threat to ordered society.

China has a policy of indentification and recruitment of mutants from its large population. Mutants identified too late for successful indocrination have been executed or in some cases have had brain surgery or telepathic treatment to remove reality altering powers. For further control, meta-human resources are divided in several government bodies.

China enforces meta-human registration and national level testing of meta-human abilities. Telepathy in particular is a sensitive ability. China exploits telepathic talent but bans telepaths from political activity and army leadership.

In recent years, Chinese metahumans have been involved in China's foreign aid and disaster relief programs.

Psionic and Espionage Programs (Under Party or State Security Control)

China continues to make use of a process called "Gene-twisting". The process can be used to activate latent mutants (with some risk) or to alter mutant powers shortly after they are first discovered. The state uses "Gene-twisting" to change the powers of mutants under control into preferred forms. It currently favors telekinesis, pyrokinesis, healing, remote sensing, cyber-empathy, empathy, telepathy, psionic support of others abilities and psionic suppression of other psionics abilities. It also believes these alterations make mutants easier to control. The process is believed to prevent mutant powers from fully realising their potential. Most 'Gene-twisted' metahumans are of Delta or Epsilon class.
The Party manages the three programs.

Psionic Political Officers Association, ("PPOA")- The association recruits low-level psionics and mutants throughout China. Association psionics are usually fairly weak but take advantage of years of training in cooperative use of powers. "Gene-twisting" is used frequently. The agency is responsible for telepathic security in party circles (preventing the use of telepathy or mind-reading in internal politics).

The PPOA is believed to control 30-40 co-operative teams of 3-5 operatives (teams are usually made up of Epsilon class metas and latent metas 'gene-twisted' to act as 'batteries' for other metas, 3 person teams are preferred).

Central Academy for Psionic Studies ("CAPS") and The Republic School for Metahumans ("RSM") - The academy is a research organization made up of more powerful metahumans and funded by the federal government. The smaller Republic School is a smaller body focusing on more unusual metahuman powers.

The telepaths of the Central Academy and Republic School act as a check on the Psionic Political Officers and on each other. CAPS and RSM are believed to have 5 cooperative teams in training (using the same model as the PPOA) and 20-30 more powerful mutants who can operate individually. 'Gene Twisting' is uncommon at CAPS and RSM.

The Tiger's Teeth - China actively traded meta-human research (and in some cases kidnapped mutants from China or other countries) to Russia during the Cold War. Besides battle-suit and special vehicle technology, it has received support for the Tiger's Teeth program. The program provided a number of agents with enhanced agility, stamina and strength. The technology is flawed, causing significant loss of life and visible mutation in a large number of subjects. Graduates of the Tiger's Teeth program are often attached as 'muscle' to metahumans from the psionic programs or enrolled in special forces units. Graduates without visible mutation have also been recuited into various espionage agencies. Metahumans from the Tiger's Teeth program were active in the Korean and Vietnam war.
The Dangerous Artifacts Division (Under control of the Military of Cultural Affairs)

The dangerous artifacts division is entrusted with the responsibility of investigating 404 technology in China. Their responsibilities include
the location and safe storage of ancient Lemurian or 404 artifacts for further study. The Ministry is believed to be under control by moderates within the Party. Where moderates have acted separately to other arms of government, the dangerous artifacts division has often acted as the 'black ops' arm of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs. Its scientific resources are exceptional. On rare occasions, the Ministry has released items from storage for critical operations.

Military programs (Controlled by the People's Liberation Army or 2 PLA, the Military Intelligence arm)

The People's Guard is its most significant and high profile metahuman program. The other programs are under separate command, and would counter any attempt by the Guard to interfere with the Party.

The People's Guard, A PLA Army Program - China's public meta-human program. The People's Guard uses 3 locally produced, battlesuits (with technology leased from the Soviets). The SKS and the larger, 18 foot tall SKS II are armored battlesuits with no flight capability. Red Darts are faster, lighter suits (with flight capability). China is believed have 12 SKS, 9 SKS II and 16 Red Dart battlesuits in total.

The People's Guard also includes the Four Fortunes team. The Four Fortunes are upgraded battlesuits, mixing existing technology with technology from a crashed Space Temporal vehicle. The Four Fortunes include the Ki-rin , White Tiger, Great Sword and Earth Dragon Battlesuits.

The Ki-rin is a modified Red Dart with a Temporal device that can jam reality-altering powers and Lemurian sensory equipment.

The Earth Dragon is a modified SKS II, equipped with magnetic telekinesis (that allows the SKS II to fly).

The Great Sword is a 50 foot tall, Battlesuit (largely made up of the unique metals that composed the spaceship's hull.

White Tiger is also made from materials in the spaceship's hull. White Tiger has incredibly fast, manuverable flight (by magnetic telekinesis) and armor piercing arm-spikes.

The Loyal Brotherhood- under 2 PLA, the Military Intelligence arm - China's black-operations mutant super-team. The team's primary focus is hunting mutant counter-revolutionaries. No telepaths are permitted and a PPOA team has been attached to the mutant team as 'advisers' to ensure the team's continuing loyalty. the loyal brotherhood is led by a mutant veteran of the Korean war.

Great Victory Program- A PLA Air Force Program - In the early 1970's, China used metahumans with technology related powers or enhanced intellect to work on a series of artificial intelligences. The Great Victory artificial intelligences were artificial intelligence that could operate and control drone vehicles. The program was attacked and gutted by Danube (See allies of the Maharajah) who kidnapped some of the artificial intelligences and killed the researchers involved. China retains a small number, artificial intelligences that can pilot automated aircraft and attack helicopters in anti-metahuman operations. China has begun replacing these artificial intelligences with 'Gene-twisted' mutant operators with cyber-empathic abilities.

Great Reach Program- A PLA Navy Program - the Great Reach program consists of members of the Tiger's Teeth program who have acquatic abilities or member's who enhancements allow them to swim for great distances. Great Reach specialises in infiltration, covert insertion and extraction operations from Chinese Submarines. Great Reach also has 4 prototype Sea Dart battlesuits. The Sea Dart's are modified Red-Dart battlesuits with additional aquatic capabilities.

Enemies of the State

China has several meta-human organizations that actively oppose the state. The M has opposed China's treatment of mutants. The Mutant Fist is a far more radical, violent organization led by an Omega Class hero. The Mutant Fist recuits and is active on a global scale. Its leader is a Polish mutant.

Renewal is a group of five reformist metahumans led by Ten Thousand and Tianamen. Tianamen is a former government psionicist turned rebel after the Tianamen square massacre. Ten Thousand is a dedicated monarchist who uses a 404 technology suit to increase his strength and speed as well as allowing flight and teleportation. While one believes in Democracy and the other in a new Monarchy, they have forged a temporary alliance. They have covert relationships with Taiwan and the Shaolin Free organization mentioned below.

The Tormented are meta-humans created by the 1950's project that created 'Gene-twisting' technology. The project attempted to harvest, study and transplant parts of the brain associated with reality alteration. The primary aims of the project was a failure (although 'Gene-twisting' was a useful spin-off), and created a number of Beta, Alpha and Omega class villains, who promptly became enemies of the state. Two of the most well-known Tormented are Arkhimera and Zimon.

Zimon is a Alpha class, soft-type villain with the ability to control minds on a mass scale. His mind control abilities are short-ranged but infectious in nature. He mind-controls his first opponent with a touch, but his mind-controlled victims can 'infect' other targets by exchange of bodily fluids. He is believed to have a maximum range and a maximum number of controlled persons. He is known to use 'doubles' and 'sleeper agents' to enable him to escape.

Arkhimera is an Omega class, Hard-type being. He seems to merge with animals (bears, whales, giant squid) and proceeds to dramatically alter the body by absorbing bio-matter, becoming more and more bestial in nature and causing dramatic growth. He has been 'destroyed' several times only to return in another body. He tends to escape to bodies of water when badly injured. He seems to be able to hibernate and recover. He finds the oceans, a good place for him to gather the bio-matter (by massive eating) necessary to recover or transform a new body. He dwells in the seas between Japan and China, and has attacked both countries (and Siberia) several times.

The Borderlord runs a small autonomous region acquired from the USSR (and on the border with China). The Borderlord has a series of Space Temporal gems implanted in his forearm each of which gives him a different power. The Borderlord wants to re-take China from the communists and believes that Space Temporals have hidden an 'ultimate weapon' on Earth. The Borderlord has recuited a number of meta-humans to his service including the Yellow Sun, Neutronium, Swordsman and Interface.

The Yellow Sun is a Mongolian pyrokinetic, who can fly, protect himself with a sheath of telekinetically controlled fire and manipulate fire. The source of the Sun's powers is believed to be a pair of metal Rings (with embedded #$#$ technology to stimulate the user's own reality altering powers). The Chakrams seems to have some kind of 'bond' with the Yellow Sun and can return to his grasp when separated. He cannot fly when separated from both rings. The Rings seem to be inactive except in the hands of a latent pyrokinetic of some power.

Neutronium is a Central Asian male with a Lemurian device implanted in his body. His skin is made of an organic metal of some kind. Neutronium can control his own density, increasing his strength at the same time.

Interface is Russian, female, mutant who can telepathically control electronics and computers.

Iridia is the Borderlord's daughter. The Borderlord has raised her to inherit his organization. She has a single Space Temporal gem implanted on her shoulder. The Gem allows her to create simple matter compounds. In combat, she uses the device to create walls, fire projectiles or in some cases create toxic/acidic compounds.

Swordsman is the Borderlord's adopted son. He has received significant martial arts training and has been enhanced using the Chinese Tiger's Teeth process. He has acquired an Ordered Ones artifact, an intelligent sword made of unbreakable metal with specialised precognitive abilities that allow the user to block attacks with inhuman skill.

The Shaolin Freedom Association ("Shaolin Free") is an unusual organization of dissidents. The society is made up of modern democratic and environmental activists but has been joined by several underground martial arts associations (who have been enemies of the Communists since the cultural revolution). The society makes use of several, ancient martial arts traditions. The society also includes several psionicists/reality-alterers. The society teaches a bio-feedback technique that can be used by psionicists to slow aging. Its founding member is over a 100 years old and appears 40. Only top office holders know the technique.

The Counter-Revolutionary is a mutant with astronomically, enhanced intelligence and a healing factor. The Counter-Revolutionary is a former Mao adviser whose mutant intelligence allowed him to rise rapidly through the party. He attempted to take power in the middle of the Cultural Revolution, but failed to dislodge Mao. Mao had been tipped off by his personal astrologer's daughter, who by chance was actually a mutant telepath. The Counter-Revolutionary is believed to have escaped China and altered his appearance.

He is currently working on a secret plan to engineer a series of world wars, that would set the stage for tremendous economic growth and a truly equal world. The Counter-Revolutionary has been declared by the U.N. to be a threat to world security, is currently masquerading as a janitor at Carnegie-Mellon University and is managing his operations through a series of proxies. He is currently somewhat nervous, because an anonymous challenger routinely beats him in Go and Civ III over the internet...he can't shake the feeling that someone smarter is playing with him...

In addition, China is still in conflict with several criminal organizations including the New Boxer Rebellion, Horsemen of the West, the Lucky 8's and the Beggar Society of China. The use of metahumans or unusual technology has allowed these organizations to continue to operating behind the scenes in China's autocratic society.

The New Boxer Rebellion is a rival of the Shaolin Free Association in the martial arts world. Its masters also make use of the same bio-feedback/latent power activationtechnique. The technique is kept secret and used as a tool for recruitment as well as an incentive to stay loyal. The society has allied itself with a network of criminal gangs around China.

The Beggar Society is a society hundreds of years old, that used to charge small businesses for 'protection' from beggars. It has merged with the petty gangs representing the poorer arms of Chinese society, and has infiltrated Communist Party local government. Its secret leaders are actually Temporals.

The Horsemen of the West, and the Lucky 8's are both criminal gangs. The Lucky 8's have the strongest global organization and use corruption to distract Party officials from their money making schemes. The Horsemen of the West, are based in Western China and have strong connections to governments in the Middle East. They are believed to control the drug trade in China. In addition the Crazy Clowns from Japan and the Russian mafia are believed to have opened a chapter in Tianjin (Eastern China)

Temporals are considered to be enemies of the state. Although most have fled to the Lost World or neighbouring countries. A small group of Temporals have copied their Refugee cousins, constucted aquatic bodies (dragon-like in appearance) and moved undersea. Tsengtsao, a dragon-like temporal has fled to Mongolia and has formed a covert aliance with the Mongolian government.
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Re: Black Operations

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Uniform Guidelines

I'm trying to stick to some uniform guidelines, in terms of each country which suggest the Commies are more likely to be the kidnappers.

Meta-human Programs

- Meta-human programs are more prevalent in countries with money for them. I have assumed that nuclear powers or countries with big, modern air forces have more money for this sort of thing.

- The leading world powers prior to the post-Korean war ban will have meta-human programs (from pre-treaty and WWII activity).

- After the ban, countries influential in the UN (US,USSR,China,UK, France,Japan) are most likely to have UN exceptions made to allow a few programs (for police work). See the Japan/South East Asia entry for some examples.

- Oppressive countries have more meta-human programs because they ignore the ban, less ethics, and more crazy metahuman villains ('persons of mass destruction' in Ultimates terminology) because meta-human programs have unpredictable results (its really messing around with the reality altering parts of the left brain!).


- Populous countries have more mutants

- Countries that had Atomic weapons used on cities or are closer to the Temporal bomb explosions have more mutants relative to their population

- Mutants don't like being experimented on or lynched and immigrate to countries that are more accepting

Super-human Intelligence

I'm also think meta-humans with superhuman intelligence would rarely end up under government control. Comic books seem to give these guys technological intelligence but no strategic intelligence, which is far more useful. Super-intelligent meta's are more likely to be rich industrialists, crimelords, rulers of a mini-state or behind the scenes players. And the really smart ones, would have all they need without ever being identified as meta-humans in the first place. How smart do you have to be to realise that the really smart guys are being given extra homework?

Look up the Counter-revolutionary in the Chinese entry and the Architects of Opression / MEPC for my treatment of realistic geniuses...


And some countries have a style all of their own.... I'm really happy with Korea and Australia.


In the Black Operations campaign world, metahumans from the US and its allies engaged Chinese and Soviet metahumans in the Korean war. The Korean war caused considerable devastation. Korea is divided into North and South Korea. The demilitarized zone is significantly larger than in our world and is 20km wide (Kaesong has been abandoned during the war, its inhabitants moving to New Kaesong).

Both countries have limited metahuman resources but significant numbers of highly trained non-meta military or police units. South Korea has supplied a pilot for a battlesuit operated by Japan's UN team. North Korea has purchased a single Deathbot from the black market (which is employed as the Great Leader's personal enforcer).

Korean War Story

During the Korean war, both countries (for propaganda reasons) supported superheroes who used a mix of archery, martial arts and special arrows). The North Korean hero was known as Shin Ki-Chon (A kind of gunpowder based arrow launcher used to fire multiple arrows). The South Korean hero was a woman known as Hwarang (after the Korean Hornbow). The rivals fell in love, fleeing the war. They are believed to have travelled the world perfecting the art of archery and various martial arts.

The College of Conflict

The couple along with the Isolate (Tibetian monk), Prizefighter (Native American expert in unarmed combat) and Master At Arms (Lithuanian expert in melee weapons) founded the College of Conflict, an informal association of experts in armed and unarmed combat. Former students of the college are encouraged to train or refer to another trainer, potential students with exceptional talent and drive. The college founder's have a dismissive view of secretive martial arts societies (See the Maharajah entry and the China entry).

A number of non-meta heroes and villains with exceptional ability at bows , firearms or thrown weapons claim to have been trained or partially trained by the college. The original founders of the college are now retired or are deceased.

- Miu-Kung Wa ('Moo Goong Hwa', referring to the "Rose of Sharon" flower, one associated with Korean archery), Mol-gi (Mohlgi meaning "Five out of five", the Korean archery equivalent of bullseye), Sun Arrow, Yeoman , The Desert Marksman, Patience, Obsidian Archer, Boneshard and Savannah are archers.

- Jung Shim ("Straight Mind", expert in throwing knives and Korean Sai), Night Devil (Ninja shuriken expert), Bird Of Paradise (expert in feather-like knives and darts), Sharktooth (throws triangular knives or grenades), Epaskeo (greek for "training", javelin and discus expert), Shuffle (card-like blades) and Snakebite (throwing darts and needles) are experts in various thrown weapons.

- Snapshot (pistol expert), Jezzail (rifle expert), Dervish (pistol and sword expert) and Crosshairs (firearms expert) use firearms.

- Throwdown (miscellaneous weapons expert), Unhinged (miscellaneous weapons expert), Keelhaul (spear gun expert) and Gun-bow (crossbow/shotgun hybrid weapon expert) use unusual weapons.

A number of these heroes and villains have also trained students of their own. Where a weapon is not specified, the former student is an archer.

In present day Korea, the story of Shin Ki-Chon and Hwarang have become a symbol for pro-reunification forces, while being condemned as traitors by both the North Korean and South Korean governments.

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The Soviet Union In The Cold War

Russia and the former Soviet Union was the most aggressive sponsor of state-sponsored meta-humans during the Cold War. Russia had a deep fear of metahuman potential, having engaged the German Eloi-sponsored Metahumans first hand. It realised that China would have a massive supply of mutants from its population. It also knew that the USA and Germany would have a large supply of mutants from its proximity to the Temporal Bomb detonation and the Atomic detonation. Russia responded by agressively pursuing metahuman research.

Russia maintained multiple programs, often with no central strategy. Experts believe that for internal political reasons, factions within Soviet Russia did not wish to be without metahuman resources. Programs were often hidden from other arms of government or even the head of state. Various arms of the state would find excuses to fund a program. The state's mineral resources companies funded a powered armor program known as Petrogard independently of other government research. The agriculture ministry took over research on intelligent dogs (The Laika program), expanding the program to other species. Experts believed that the Soviet Union funded more than 17 different metahuman or 404 technology projects.

Russia cooperated with other countries in several instances. Hoping, to maintain plausible deniability if the project was made public. If overt, the host country would be blamed. If covert, the governments would blame each other to avoid UN penalties (which required clear evidence of guilt.

It undertook riskier experimentation methodology than China with far less screening for loyalty in test subjects, in several cases its existing metahumans were given a cover story and used to eliminate an out of control metahuman, whose loyalty proved insufficient after gaining powers.

A large number of supervillians have an origin linked to Russian research (Whether it was in the Soviet Union or elsewhere).

A number of Russian programs 'acquired' mutants or latent metahumans from the rest of the world, with and without the consent of their country of birth. Where possible, these mutants would be fed a cover story on their real origins.

Its research did not end after the Korean war and became covert after international treaties were signed prohibiting metahuman research.

The Commonwealth of Independent States After The Cold War

In the end, Russia's extensive use of metahumans worsened its own internal problems.


Russia did not exclude telepaths and super-intelligent metahumans from government. As a result many metahumans acquired significant internal influence. In particular, a think-tank of super-intelligent metahumans known as the Metahuman Economic Planning Committee ("MEPC") managed the centrally planned economy. The Soviet Union achieved fantastic gains in economic development and technology, avoiding many of the shortages that affected communism in this world. The MEPC were nicknamed the Architects of Opression by anti-communists in the West.

However, in the 70's and 80's, the centrally planned economy began slowing and significant tension arose within the Soviet Union. Many experts believe that the MEPC could have continued delivering economic gains, but chose to sabotage the process, preferring to seek advantage in the inevitable break-up.

The Coup

When hard-liners organised a coup against Mikhail Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin, opposed the coup. The Soviet Union broke out into civil war, with metahuman-units and Soviet special forces in open conflict throughout the Soviet Union.

In the end, the coup failed but only because pro-democracy forces made key concessions to the state of Siberia (which is an autonomous region in the Black Operations campaign world) and to various human and meta-human individuals throughout the former USSR.

Several mini-states exist throughout the former Soviet Union. The Borderlord set up a small monarchist mini-state between Russia and China. The hardline General Shinkhin was ceded the independent city of Novorsko. Metahumans associated with the Soviet Union have significant influence in several Central Asian cities.

The Metahuman Economic Planning Committee mysteriously disappeared, although the political advisers monitoring the metahumans showed up dead.

Post Cold-War

Post Cold-war Russia is a demoralized society and had adopted a particularly corrupt version of Capitalism. The independent states have been active in criminal and quasi-criminal economic development. In particular, Russia has maintained very poor control of its metahuman research or advanced 404 technology.

Smaller metahuman programs have been sold to third world countries or made available to criminal organizations when it could no longer pay its researchers. India has purchased technology relating to the PetroGard program to produce its own battlesuits.

Former Soviet metahumans have found work in criminal organisations around the world and in Russian law enforcement.

Russia: The Reformist

Sergei Yakulov, is the Reformist. A young military officer he has become a leader of a reformist movement dedicated to developing effective, liberal capitalist, democratic governments in the former Soviet Union. He is incredibly popular with supporters in powerful political positions in many former Eastern European states and the darling of the Western media. His popular movement has even won seats in the European Union's parliment.

His stump speech tries to appeal to Russian pride, "The Soviet people were trapped in a system of flawed economic theory, corruption, sectarianism and lust for power and responded with unmatched courage and self-sacrifice. We saved the world from Hitler, and defended the working class around the world without benefit at home. Don't think about what was wasted, look at what the world would be without our past. And ask yourself, what can stop us from doing far more now that we are free! "

Critics accuse him of saying one thing and doing another, speaking out against corruption selectively to protect his financial backers who are just as bad, just better at public relations. Sergei has the support of the Protectorate..a group of metahumans fighting crime throughout Europe and Russia on behalf of Sergei's movement and covert links to Renewal in China.

Unknown to many, Sergei has a split personality. And his 'other half' is possessed by the Eloi. His real name is Nyothuga Neumarg. He seeks to bring a few friends and relatives over from the 'old country', say just enough for a dinner party and universal conquest. He can alter reality at will but is restricted by some unknown biorhythm schedule.

Members of the protectorate include:

Pitor Nikolveitch, the Pride of St. Petersberg!, also known as Big Peter- Superstrong and super-tough male. Giant-sized (over 8' tall). Pitor can manipulate gravity to allow him to lift amounts far in excess of what his already amazing strength would permit. Wears no costume, has no family. Product of a super-soldier experiment that had no immediate effect until he was much older (age 30). Extremely naive and stupid. Former plumber. Still volunteers to work on people's toilets for free saying that "Good work is its own reward, da?" and "A man must be more than his muscles, da?". Extremely popular in Russia and totally loyal to the Reformist.

Caspian, a former Russian Army meta-human martial artist (equipped with cybernetic impants including a short-range energy weapon in his right arm) turned criminal, before spending 2 years in prison. Impressed by the Reformist, slightly cynical but believes the Reformist acts for a greater good and is a chance to truly 'clean up his act'. Has adopted a costume based on pre-communist Russian nobility. Ashamed of his working-class origins and part of his body where cybernetic enhancement is visible (hence the costume).

Patience II , daughter of the original Patience. Trained master archer. Fights with a variety of trick arrows and her super-human skill with a fast-loading crossbow or a long bow.

Mathematika, mutant male Siberian technical genius. Supports the Reformist because the Reformist wishes to restore Siberia to proper government control and clean out the crime. Kidnapped from Poland by KGB but raised by Russian family. Fights with a special belt and gauntlets combination that protects him with a force-field. The force-field can be electrified to shock opponents. In addition, he carries a personal computer equipped with sensors and a small microwave energy pistol built into a walking stick.Wealthy from several patents he owns and is a major source of funding for the Reformist.

Cosmonaut, former Russian astronaut. Volunteered for a Soviet super soldier project that activated her latent mutant abilities. Ability to store and emit solar energy, control light and create 'solid light' objects. Often forms a suit of armor around her own body resembling a space suit or old-fashioned armor with wings made from solid light.

Enemies of the Reformist include:

Glastnost- Soviet mutant, further strengthened by experimentation. Male, Omega-class, Hard-Type. Still a Communist (although the reformed Gorbachev version), and disappointed in the current rampant capitalism. Super-strong and tough. Superhuman sense of smell allows him to analyze chemicals in the air. Able to transmute matter, fly,create chemicals or solid objects from thin air. Extremely suspicous of the reformist, he 'smells' something is up.

The Red Rage- Group of metahuman mercenaries committed to the return of dictatorial Communist rule. Ex-KGB or Ex-Russian military. Currently working as 'muscle' around the world to build funds and resources for a coup.

The Siberian Committee For Public Welfare- The committee runs the Siberian autonomous province. The committee feels that if the Reformist ever gains power, their self-administration rights would be removed. Opposes the Reformist.

Network- Russian trader in battlesuit technology, maintains several teams of mercenaries active in Africa or South America. Believes the Reformist would crack down on the arms trade.

Sergei Yeltsinko- Corrupt oil and media magnate linked to Network. Suspicous of the reformist agenda.

The Prisoner- The third most powerful German super-human created by the Eloi formula (the two most powerful were eliminated by the use of a nuclear bomb in a trap baited by Allied superheroes on a suicide mission). Imprisoned by the UN but escaped. The Reformist regards the Prisoner as a threat simply because the Prisoner is familiar with Eloi possession (having witnessed it first hand) and may be able to identify the Reformist's condition, if he ever gets close to the Reformist. The Prisoner is a Omega class metahuman (using a mix of flight, psionics, super-strength, a healing factor and invulnerability). To date, he has been resistant to Eloi possession (possibly because of the healing factor). He is biologically about 48 years old (slow aging caused by healing factor).

The Forever Reich- German nationalist group. Believe Russia is a threat to German nationalism and view the Reformist as a potential solver of Russia's various problems. Active in South America and Germany.

General Shinkin, runs an independent mini-state known as Vanthualia that was formerly part of Russia. General Shinkin runs a dictatorial state using high-technology he stole from the Soviet Military. Maintains a tight alliance with anti-mutant terrorist groups and right wing nationalist groups around the world. He has developed a process called the Harvest which allows the General to extract reality altering components from mutant brains and distill a powerful drug that provides temporary super-powers in large quantities and a high in smaller quantities. He has also successfully carried out genetic transplantations from mutants that create small numbers of enhanced troops. He sponsors a terrorist group called the Righteous Fist made up of enhanced humans whose parents or grandparents participated in WWII German super-soldier experimentation.
Russia: The Sisterhood Of Adventure

The older Keelhaul, younger Winter Dervish (Student of the original Dervish, now student of Keelhaul), Vodkatini and the new Gun Bow (took over title from the original Gun-Bow, her father) form the Sisterhood of Adventure. Assisted by their adviser Ms. Monrovia (Who is actually a Space Temporal) they are adventurers for hire. No profitable cause beyond consideration!

Keelhaul is the original, Russian but trained in Korea. Older but still the master of the seas, harpoons and spearguns. Still not sure why he decided to be the only male figure in a 'sisterhood'.

The young central-asian teenager, Winter Dervish is one of the Dervish's rare female students and an expert in pistols.

Gun-Bow inherited the title along with her father's training. She however relies more on technology than skill and is also an expert hacker. Her favourite technique is to fire a 'hacker relay arrow' into someone's building that she can use to hack into wireless networks. She carries a high-powered crossbow/shotgun as well as a pistol/blade combination.

Ms. Monrovia is an archeologist and linguist. She is also a fair shot with a shotgun or an old fashioned pistol. Aside from her white hair she seems to be in her early 30's but is actually hundreds of years old. She may not be human.

They have recently been joined by Yelena 'Vodkatini' Marchenkov. She is a kick-boxer, fencer and troublemaker, who abandoned her rich, political family in Moscow, participated in an illegal program that enhanced her natural agility and leads a life of adventure. Her enhanced metabolism forces her to eat or drink more, with vodka martini's being her preferred energy supplement.

Opponents Of The Sisterhood

Yelya Omarosa, hypnotist, natural pheronones place male subjects in an easily manipulated state of mind or just make her attractive.

Boris 'Hammerer' and the Silver Sickle, former KGB supersoldiers turned criminals. Boris has cybernetic implants increasing his mass and strength. An intelligent and skilled fighter. The Silver Sickle is another student from the College of Conflict (See Korea). Her specialized weapon is a sickle. She fights with a pair of supersharp, force-field reinforced sickles.

Captain Von Remmin, Nazi archeologist who developed immortality after drinking a Temporal potion full of nano-bots. Regeneration and immortality. Leads a Neo-Nazi organization seeking out valuable artifacts. He is believed to have the services of an artificial intelligence created by Solder (See the Maharajah's entry).

The Panel is a loose coalition of various ethnic gangs led by the Georgian Mob. Mainly into old school crime but now active in the Siberian arms and technology smuggling business. They have a number of operatives trained by the middle-aged Unhinged, another graduate of the College of Conflict.

The White Snake Society is a Japanese ninja group affiliated to the Garuda. They have mastered a hypnotic process (possibly using a Temporal device, no one knows) that can split a person's personality. The Society often trains the second personality as an operative, keeping the victim as the ultimate sleeper agent. They maintain a base in Siberia, on the Chinese border. They were driven out of Japan by ninjas affiliated to Nonuse, who is currently affiliated with the Japanese metahuman team.

The Hunters are a club of Temporals who compete in a series of hunts. The teams are often structured along clan lines with the Temporal clans the Wild, the Hungered and the Twisted being the most active. Russia has a relatively large and well hidden temporal population, with temporals moving to Russia from Western Europe and China.

The Gatherers are another Temporal club whose competitions are based on kidnapping or finding artifacts. In the past they have run one unsuccessful competition to capture the Winter Dervish, who they consider to have an exceptional singing voice. The Fair and the Gilded are the leading Temporal factions in the Gatherers. The Gatherers are also active in Europe.
Russian Metahuman Technology

Russia was the largest investor in metahuman technology. Moving into metahuman research heavily after WWII and ignoring the treaties it signed, it managed more than 17 different programs. In some cases, it performed studies overseas for plausible deniablity. Mutant kidnapping was used to ensure sufficient mutant and latent mutant material.


After the Soviet Union's breakup, it became the largest proliferator of banned technologies

-The EU's battlesuit program was based on technology stolen by defector's in a spectacular defection arranged by EU metahumans and the South African security agencies.

-Cuba was the site of several enhanced animal projects and received some of the technology used.

- Various criminal organization employed former Soviet super-soldiers or purchased metahuman technology from former Soviet researchers

- Russia arranged for a limited technology exchange with China, in return for results for China's research on mutants, ending the arrangement only in the late 70's.

- A number of mutants 'kidnapped' from neighbouring countries chose to return to their native country when they found out the truth.

- Russian mini-states and autonomous regions have acquired meta-human technologies. Several former state-super soldiers serve in the Siberian State Security Force and its People's Militia fields Heli-drones.

Metahuman Projects

Known Russian projects include:

- The Universal Battlesuit Program. A shared technology program that allowed a variety of Russian defense companies to build battlesuits. The Russian army continues to use a variety of Battlesuits, from man-sized suits to tank-sized exo-skeletons. The most common battlesuit devices include the T-99 One Man Walker, the Hind Delta Heli-Drone and the Mig SX-7 VTOL Battlesuit.

- Cybernetic enhancements (which worked best on mutants with cyber-empathy, or latent mutants altered for limited cyber-empathy)

- Mutant activation or 'gene twisting' was developed in tandem with the Chinese

- Bio-chemical enhancement; the Russians perfected an advanced version of the 'Tiger's Teeth' process known as 'Neo-humanizing'. While similar the process has more varied effects and less negative side-effects.

-State 'orphanages' that trained metahuman agents and psionicists.

Existing super-teams in the former Russian republic include:

The New Europe- Eastern European superteam

The Ultra-spetnaz- Russia's elite metahuman team

Rodina or 'Motherland'- Russia's battlesuited military unit under army control

The Winter's Heroes- Russia's battlesuited military unit under Navy control. New name adopted after breakup of Soviet Union.

The Better World - Non-government team made up of former super-soldiers and reformed super-criminals. Pro-democratic tendencies.

The Circular Chamber- Russian black op's unit made up of agents with unusual training or limited metahuman enhancement. Housed within State Security but often acts indpendently from government. There are two renegade factions of the Chamber (The Grey Chamber and the Widow's Chamber) that have split off from the main Chamber and are engaged in a cold war.

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The Defense Of The West: The American and Western European Metahuman Strategy

In contrast to the Soviet/Chinese metahuman development strategy, America and NATO members stuck to post-Korean war agreements. America/NATO largely avoided metahuman experimentation and relies heavily on grandfathered efforts (from the Korean war or WWII ) and technology retrieved from Soviet defectors. The Western allies were unable to invest in the development of new super soldier technologies, simply because such technologies often required gross violations of human rights or violations of international treaties that was not viable in freer societies.

America's metahuman response began during the Kennedy presidency and was further refined by Henry Kissinger during the Nixon Presidency. In response to the verified use of Soviet metahumans during the Cuban Missile Crisis and increasing superhuman-crime, Kennedy agreed to several things in a classfied memo explaining the Kennedy Doctrine:

1. Limited, covert use of metahuman experimentation and recruitment is necessary for the survival of the United States

2. A program that encourages 'volunteer' crime fighters with a legal framework and government contacts to support their activities is necessary for homeland security (Some of which these are described under the police tactics post (no outtakes and metahuman deputization laws).

3. An open attitude to metahuman immigration or the seeking of refugee status by metahumans from the the Soviet Union or China helps mitigate the US's weaknesses in a metahuman arms race.

4. Covert legislation that could enact a command and control structure to draft independent crime fighters and super-villains in prison, in the event of the appropriate global emergency is required in the event of a clear and present metahuman danger to the United States. Some conspiracy theorists, claim that most governments prefer to imprison rather than execute supervillains simply bacause of their value in a global emergency.

Canada, Australia and Western Europe took similar approaches to the United States, adopting elements of the US strategy.

Known Programs

Known Western super-soldier programs and 'independent groups' that governments may approach for help include:

1. The 'Knights of the Common', a group of independent heroes from Commonwealth Countries. There's also two groups of independent heroes in the UK called the 'Home Guard' and the 'Knights of Dover' (the name was orginally used by a WWII group).

2. The UK's MI-9 and the Special Augmented Service ('Meta SAS)'). MI-9 and the Meta SAS use highly trained human operatives and operatives with subtle enhancements. Mutant resources are mainly in MI-9, although MI-5 (homeland security) may have some telepaths on staff. SAS(M) maintains a small arsenal of hi-tech weapons and battlesuits, although its better known for its operatives than its technology.

3. The EU's 'Peacekeepers'and a branch of Interpol known as 'Metapol'. As well as 'Metapolice Special Weapons And Tactics' or 'MSWAT'.. In addition, several independent heroes throughout Europe maintain a loose alliance known as the League of New Europe

4. France's 'Force Liberty' and the independent superheroes known as the 'Metahuman Legion'.

5. NATO Superhuman Shared Services also known as '3-S'. 3-S helps coordinate battlesuit technology retrieved from Russian defectors. It supports battlesuit technology used by the MI-9, the French military and the Peacekeepers. The Horseman, Horsewoman and the Brumby in Australia have also received technical assistant from 3-S.

6. A European organization known as 'Baker' and the equivalent US group called the 'Hello Central'. These organizations allow crimefighters (mainly highly trained humans) to swop information and equipment resources. The US organization is run by 'The Janitor', a hacker. 'Baker' is run by Dr. Modesty Watson (Modesty is a hacker and related to the original Watson. She's in e-mail contact with a mysterious advisor known as 'Holmes') and a crime fighter known as the 'Taipan' (Who is a former student of the 'College of Conflict' (See Korean entry). Many of the operatives affiliated with these two organizations were trained through the 'College of Conflict'.

7. A United Nations team (largely sponsored by Europe and Germany), with responsibility for policing Africa and Europe. In addition to the UN Council on Metahuman Affairs, the UN maintains a black ops division known as the UN Covert Security Council.

8. A second United Nations approved team policing the Americas (US, Canada and South America)

9. Several independent supergroups loosely approved of by the American government. Notable groups include the 'Intervention' (which has a global agenda), the 'Last Chancers' (a collection of reformed criminals) and the 'Reserve' (a smaller American team operating independently but cooperating on a part-time basis).

10 Limited use of battlesuits by the American military (although on a smaller scale than Russia). Known use includes the 'Armoured Ranger' squad, the SEAL - H Squad ( Which stands for Sea, Air, Land & Hazardous environment).

11. The 'Omega Control' which is a special agency within the US black-ops community, with several metahuman operatives.

12. Several independent metahuman agents working within existing special forces or American espionage agencies (NSA/CIA/FBI).

13. A network of independent psionicists (government and freelance), supported and managed by the Psionic Service, a division of the Secret Service.

14. Joint Director's Group, Metahuman Tactical Services ("JDGMT"). Also known as 'Judgement' which is an independent coordinating entity for resources from 10, 11, 12 and 13. At the request of the President and the unanimous approval of the Senatorial and Congressional Armed Services committee, control of independent super groups allowed under emergency powers (item 9) can be temporarily merged into the JDGMT. It maintains one permanent team, made up of operatives recruited from its various agencies.

15. The Ministry of Metahumans is the UK equivalent to Judgement.

Metahumans in the West

The West has a large number of mutants, larger than other regions with larger populations (because of the Temporal bomb detonation near the US and the use of atomic weapons in Germany). However, these resources are rarely trained or exploited because of the liberal approach to metahuman rights.

In addition, it has a large number of latent mutants, who are descendents of WWII Eloi Formula programs or attempts to reverse-engineer the Eloi formula. Some WWII-era heroes have proven to be immortal or slow in aging and are still active.

Super-soldier programs are much rarer and carried out on a smaller scale. Nato and the West are uncomfortable with the idea of putting a process into production if it has side-effects, but have carried out a few 'proof of concept' projects to test if a process works or if side-effects can be eliminated.

The West relies largely on its 'independent super-heroes' to prevent crime carried out with unusual technology and meta-human resources. It also relies on the threat of involving its 'independent super-heroes' to keep other countries from large scale involvement of metahuman resources.
The Hot Zone: South America, Middle East and South America

South America, the Middle East and South America are a 'hot zone' for metahuman operations. There are frequent operations in the three areas.

The Middle East is a center of various espionage operations. Arab security agencies oppose other agencies and non-state organizations in various operations. Israel and its allied Free Cities maintain a number of metahuman operatives and high-tech resources which it uses to counter various threats and the threat of 'suicide supers' using enhancement technology (that enhances operatives but shortens life span).

Africa is a center of various covert conflicts. New Aegypt is a monarchy made up of land seized from Libya and the Sudan. Its leader is a mutant genius who has recruited a mutant nobility to guard his government. Its influence is resisted by the city of Lethe.

The Etruscans are a movement of allied criminal organizations and corrupt leaders acting behind the scenes to support Africa's current chaos. They are sometimes opposed by the influence of Nirali, a hi-tech African city based in the Lost World.

Metahuman mercenaries have been seen fighting in various bush conflicts including the Congan civil war and the Ethiopia/Eriteria conflict.

South America's drug trade is run by one large cartel and a coalition of independent cartels. Use of metahuman operatives, and contacts with criminal societies or hi-tech mercenaries is common. Foreign groups are common along with The Sunken Path, a South American secret society of contract criminals.

In response, the Organization of American States has arranged for the US to fund and support metahuman law enforcement resources. In return, South America has allowed an island of the coast of Brazil to be used as the US's primary metahuman prison (with large numbers also located in one of the free cities).

In addition, Temporals maintain secret dwellings in the deepest forests of South America and the Congo as well as coexisting within human society. Several Gilded temporals with exceptional reality altering powers are regarded as 'gods' by local tribes in Africa. Temporals who seek human worship are nicknamed the Fakers by other Temporals. The Twisted maintain jungle communities as well as two underground towns in South America.

Cuba is another dangerous influence on South America. Its influence is increased by its use of enhanced animals and super-soldier agents with grafted animal characteristics. In the Black Ops world, Castro and successors are figureheads for the dangerous Committee in Shadow. The Committee also operates casinos and cruise ships throughout the world.

The Triumvate is a coalition of three Eloi-possessed metahumans. They are worshipped by a collection of cults throughout South America and Africa. In the past, they have transformed some worshippers into beast-like creatures known as Vodoun, Bruhera or Cold-Bloods.

Japanese gangsters are active in South America, with their activities centered around Peru. The White Snake Society is active and clashes frequently with a South American group of assassins known as the Vengance Society.

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Story Hook: Three Reds

Three Russian mercenaries (formerly known as Troika)are rumored to be en route to Cuba, at Castro's invitation. Their travel to Cuba would violate post-Cuban Missile Crisis agreements between the US and Russia on the deployment of Persons of Mass Destruction in Cuba.

To defuse the situation, Russia agrees to allow the detention and expulsion of these three persons back to Mother Russia where they will no longer be allowed to travel. For reasons of national 'pride', Russia requests that US does not use any of its formal metahuman resources for this,
relying instead on volunteers or resources not connected to the US.

The threats are codenamed River Volga, Great Bear and Grand Designer. River Volga is rumored to be entering via South America while the Great Bear and Grand Designer are rumored to be moving from Africa to Europe then to Cuba.

River Volga has the ability to transform himself into a gigantic wave of polluted water. Great Bear is a bestial and superstrong individual. He can increase his size and strength, losing intelligence in the process. Great Bear has had military training and carries modern weapons. The Grand Designer is an aging but sickly genius, dependent on loyal robot man-servants. He is however a strategic and technical genius. He is currently fleeing Europe, anticipating a threat to his existance (possibly from another super-genius).

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Indian Super-Teams

The Clockworks

The Clockworks are a team of 3 robots.

Originally built by the Lemurians, Captured and reprogrammed by refugees. Given to an Indian prince in 1880. Ordered on his deathbed to serve the Indian people. Their current interpretation of that order, is to work with the Indian government from time to time while maintaining independence.

The robots are Gamma-class, hard-types. All three have self-repair systems, resistance to damage and enhanced strength. Indian super-soldier programs are heavily dependent on technological improvements gained by observing and working with the Clockworks.

The Brass Lion - Brass surfaced robot lion. Can open compartments in his body and deploy a laser rifle and a sonic cannon. Gravity-based flight.

The Tin Woman - Tin surfaced robot woman. Extendible arms and legs. Built in toolkit. Strong engineering skills.

The Copper Boy - Copper surfaced robot in the shape of a teenage boy. Able to absorb and fire electricity.

The Clockworks are believed to have a fourth member, still working for the Lemurians. The Clockworks have adopted five children, who they believe to be the direct descendents of their orginal human master (through an illicit relationship).

The Indian Special Superhuman Service (ISSS)

India was further from the primary mutant generating (atomic bomb and temporal bomb) events than China, Japan, Europe or the United States. While having a larger population their pool of 'mutant' talent is not as large as other countries.

In response to meta-human threats from neighbouring China, Pakistan and metahuman criminal activity, India formed the ISSS in 1967. The India SSS uses a mix of technology (from the Clockworks or from Russia) and mutants to form 3 man squads made up of Delta and Epsilon class heroes or 4 man squads of battlesuit heroes.

ISSS Team West

Iron Rhino - Indian mutant female with super-strength and endurance. Wears a non-powered, battlesuit made up of kevlar and armor plating, carries a machine gun.

Naga - Reptilian mutant female. Limited regeneration and enhanced endurance. Can excrete a paralyzing poison from fangs and claws. Carries a longbow, whose arrows she often poisons. Also carries an M-16.

Sutra- Indian mutant male. Leopard-like fur and cat-like eyes. Heightened sense of hearing, smell and taste. Incredible tracker. Heightened intelligence and engineering background. Carries a laser rifle and the team's communications equipment.

ISSS Team East

Iskandar - Albino, mutant male with the ability to absorb physical impact and energy. Carries a fighting stick (patterned on the Copper Boy's abilities) which allows him to convert absorbed energy into electrical attacks. Without the staff, absorbed energy is converted into light and heat (he glows and raises the temperature in the surrounding area) at a slow rate.

Somersault - Indian mutant male with super-human fitness. Uses an acrobatic, fighting style. Fights with two pistols modified for drum magazines with extra rounds.

Heartbeat- Mutant male with the ability to sense living beings. Carries a sniper rifle. Can target opponents for sniper fire using his psionic senses. Pupiless, green eyes.

ISSS Team North and South

Team North and Team South are made up of eleven obsolete, Russian exo-skeletons. The suits have been ungraded by Indian technology (in coordination with Israeli researchers) and renamed Agni-class suits. The 12 foot tall suits provide super-human strength, protection and jump-jets that allow gigantic leaps. Each suit can be equipped with a different offensive package. The batteries on these suits are quite weak, as a result the suits are rarely deployed outside of India.

The ISSS is rumored to have recruited two mutants with energy generating powers, who can recharge their own suits. Two upgraded suits are being tested for these mutants. The rumored codenames are Rakshasha (mythical tiger-headed humanoid) and Red Fort (historical site).

Taiwanese Super-Teams

Taiwan has a small population with a large threatening neigbour who regards it as a renegade province. Taiwanese heroes are often defectors from the main-land. Taiwan has avoided forming an actual 'team' due to fear of Beijing, but has provided informal support to three metahumans.

Taiwanese Government-linked Heroes

Great Song - A Taiwanese woman who is current host of all 23 verses of the 'Great Song', a psionic entity taking the form of a song. An escapee from the 404, active in China for about a thousand years. The song decided the lack of freedom in Mao's China was a potential threat, reunited its component parts and defected to Taiwan. Flight, super-strength, invulnerability. Ability to enhance weapons and armor carried by the current host. Favors Chin dynasty armor, javelins and a round shield.

Gold Star - Male mutant, refugee from mainland. Flight, force field and ability to cause an explosion on ramming an opponent. Name refers to Nazi persecution of Jews. Gold Star believes Chinese registration of mutants is equivalent.

The Night Turtle - Female mutant, refugee from mainland. Superhuman strength and speed. Parts of her body are covered in bone-like plates. Can drain life-force with touch, gaining flight, invulnerability and greater strength. Named after a mystical Chinese beast called the black turtle. (Which is more like a turtle dragon than a turtle).

Inspector Ching - Male martial artist and member of Taiwan's police force.

Pakistani Super-hero: The Ragman

Alpha-class mutant hero with flight, super-human strength, telepathic attacks and invulnerability when fully charged. Draws power from the minds of people in his presence when recharging (causing low levels of lethargy).

Populist hero, wears a costume made up of random pieces of cloth sent in by Pakistani fans. Updates costume periodically when pieces fall off. Has shown some tendencies towards Islamic radicalism in the past. Somewhat unstable almost bi-polar personality.

The government has realised Ragman absorbs the beliefs of people around me as well as psychic energy. They have carefully surrounded him with the right people to try and influence his thinking.

At least one terrorist group has considered trying to recuit Ragman or kidnap him and gradually influence in thinking. However, kidnapping an Alpha-class meta is rarely easy.

Ragman is a strategic asset in Pakistan's competition with other countries. Pakistani wargames have used him as a delivery vehicle for a Pakistani nuke in the event of an Indian or Chinese atomic attack.

ASEAN and Japanese Super-Teams

Technically under a U.N. mandate and ASEAN mandate respectively , the S.I.M (Scientific Intervention Metahumans) and ASEAN SMS (ASEAN Special Metahuman Squad, also known as A-force).

The SIM Team is Japanese funded. Some Asian nations consider it a proxy for a Japanese government super-team (a formal super team would be a violation of the nation's pacifist constitution). The act is perceived as a response to Chinese/North Korean metahuman research.

Japan arranged U.N. approval for S.I.M by supplying technology for the ASEAN program in return for their support at the U.N. Both teams use Japanese technology for identifying psychics/mutants. Customized weaponry is commonly provided. A hypnotic process, especially effective on latent telepaths (which includes most team members) is used to provide combat training. The process is managed by Nonuse.

In addition, to S.I.M, Japanese Self Defence Robot Forces maintain three battlesuits under a separate U.N mandate. The oversized battlesuits are 16' tall and are stationed at an S.D.F. base near Japan's prison for dangerous mutants.

A - Force

Dha - Thai word for Sword - Male Soldier, demolitions specialist and tactican, limited precognition forming a danger sense. Carries various mini-grenades, a pistol with a mini-grenade launcher attachment (and voice operated control of which grenades to fire) and a sword.

Berduri - Malay/Indonesian word for Thorned - Female Martial Artist, close combat training, ability to generate 'psionic chaff' causing clumsiness in a short-range field. Carries two billy clubs and wrist-mounted pistols that fire tranquilizer darts or explosive bullets).

Corona - Tagalog word for crown - Female, former newsreader with psionic powers. Powers include telekinesis, enhanced senses, limited empathy/telepathy with animals. Tiara acts as psionic protection and protection against feedback from over-use of her own powers.

Capung - Malay/Indonesian word for Dragonfly - Flying battlesuit piloted by a Male pilot. Psychic link to flying device allows incredible agility in flight. Carries two pistols (firing concussive force) and grenades.

Wayang- Indonesian/Malay/Bruneian word for puppet show - Male Spy, disguise skills, implants allow psychic jamming of electrical and psionic sensors.

Khun - Thai word for Shield - Heavy armored battlesuit piloted by a Male engineer. The battlesuit is a prototype of the Hwarang.

Dha, Berduri and Corona are often used as a covert team supported by Wayang. Capung and Khun provide air support and heavy firepower.


Active Members

Agent E - Female martial artist/spy. Pyrokinetic, cybernetic implants give her the ability to generate a blade shaped energy field of super-heated plasma around her left hand. Special gauntlet allows her to fire plasma bursts from her right hand.

Hwacha - Korean word for an ancient rocket launcher- Male in armored battlesuit, rumored to be the next-generation version of the Khun battlesuit. Long sensor prongs on each arm make the armor's arm mounted missile launchers look like crossbows.

S - Tech - Singaporean female soldier of gurkha origin. Psychic ability to control her own biorythms. Her performance is further enhanced by chemical injectors in her own combat suit, her powers neutralise any toxic side effects from the chemicals. Strength, endurance, senses and reflexes above Olympic athlete level. Carries a Gurka knife an extendible club and a pair of pistols.

Ginzu - Japanese male mutant. Flight, ability to fire laser bolts. Wears a belt which converts light to photons. Belt allows him to generate a force-field or fly. Older relative of Aisu.

Sugoi - Female mutant. Able to transform herself into a large, crystaline form. Superhuman strength, resistance to damage.

Probationary Members

Aisu - Japanese word for ice cream - Young female psionic with cold generation powers, wears armor which generates magnetic force fields and allows magnetic flight. Armor takes advantage of superconducting effects generated by intense cold to allow flight. Fuel cells powering armor consume hydrogen extracted from the air (again using intense cold). Armor looks like a thick padded jacket.

Caller - Teenage girl from New Zealand, psychic powers transformation into a 30 foot long Furred Dragon-like Humanoid.

Tosei Do - Japanese word for type of cuirass - Male in armored battle suit. Psionic with tactile, magnetic telekinesis. Has super-strength and protection when wearing a metalic suit. Can fly but controls powers so poorly, he prefer to jump.

Glide - 19 year old son of Zen (See below). Active in team. Telekinetic force-field. Can vibrate force-field to allow him to shatter objects or reduce friction (allowing him to move as if 'roller skating' )

Part/time Members

Kawaii - Japanese word meaning cute. 15 year old girl. Costume is pink. Daughter of Zen (See below) with similar powers. Hasn't been especially active because of her mother's wishes

Nonuse - Elderly Okinawan Male, expert in Ninjitsu, superhuman reflexes, ninja skills and hypnotism. Official trainer and no longer part of the field team.

Zen - Middle aged Japanese woman. Strong telepath with weak telekinesis. Ability to heal self but requires sleep. Suffers from cancer and is in semi-retirement, spending most of her time sleeping to try and reverse cancer.

Tsunami - Japanese word for giant wave. Omega-class, hard-type. Part-time member of the team. Male with superhuman strength, invulnerability, flight, no need to breathe, reduced aging. Believed to tap on the gravitational energy of the moon. Resides on isolated island, as scientific link established between his presence and increased likelihood of earthquakes. Born to a Japanese couple who participated in WWII metahuman studies but showed no powers of their own. Fought in the Korean war on the UN side. Nationalistic and resents Japan's pacifist stance.

Independent Heroes

Japan does not officially sanction independent heroes, those who take this route need to be fairly resourceful to avoid arrest for 'taking the law into their own hands'.

Mr. Solution: Private detective. Owns Lemurian device that generates holograms, picks locks and can interface with computers. Has fantastically brave and stupid sidekick (who is a kick-boxer).

The Streetfighter: Mutant with bursts of speed. Yakuza connections. Participates in 'protection' for nightclubs and small businesses but opposes serious crime. Protective of the little guy. Has a gang of fans.

Maia, Psychic Girl: Japanese 'Nancy Drew' type with weak telepathy and (when angry) pyrokinesis. Think a Japanese 'Veronica Mars' meets Firestarter.

Girl Ronin: Mutant teleporter and Kendo master. Carries a samurai-sword and a stick sword. Ongoing grudge against a techno-ninja group (who murdered her family while trying to kidnap her). Raised by an older martial artist.

Pineman: Male, Japanese teenager. Mind moved into a giant body made of living wood when he discovered the body in an ancient shrine. Old body is in a coma state (and is in a Japanese hospital). Wants to reverse the process. Ancient myth tells of a forest spirit (probably a Lemurian) who abandoned his orginal body for a new human body to court a human wife. He seems to have left his body in the shrine, with an automatically triggered mind swop in place, in case he changed his mind. However the Lemurian doesn't seem to have returned to use it.
Pineman may have been briefly active in the past but the former owner seems to have been able to return his body to the shrine. Pineman has super-strength, toughness, leaping, regeneration and plant communication. He can absorb plant matter, growing dramatically.
Alpha-class, Hard-type.

H.U.D. Team "Heads-up Device" - Japan's official corporate heroes, working for the Institute of Robotics and sponsored by a consortium of Japanese companies. Team of 7 members using special helmets to control automated rescue and construction equipment. H.U.D. participates in rescue efforts around the world. On occasion H.U.D has used remotely controlled industrial robots to provide security for a relief effort. The Institute of Robotics is a key contractor in Japanese and American robotics projects and works closely with the S.D.F's three battlesuits.

The Institute's chief technology officer is a mutant with enhanced intelligence.

Australian Super-Heroes

Australia was not exposed to the atomic or temporal mutant events and has a fairly low level of mutation. Along with its low population, it does not have a signficant mutant population.

However Australia has a unique role in being a close American ally (in some cases having American technology), a British ally in WWII and a free society attracting immigrants from other nations. It has a number of citizens who participated in foreign meta-human programs and meta-migrants.

Lemurians have been active in the Australian outback, finding Australia's wide open spaces a suitable hiding place.

Australia has covert relations to at least one Refugee alien community.

Australia groups a number of heroes under the ASIO (Australian Security Intelligence Organization) . It also provides loose support to a number of independent crime fighters.

New Zealand has no formal program.

The Cavalry is ASIO's superteam.

The Horseman (WWII Commonwealth Superhero, now deceased). Superhuman who could convey the power of flight to any horse he rode on. Powers generated by reverse engineering the Eloi process. The Eloi process is now banned by WWII treaties.

Multikultura - Male, former Eastern European citizen. Migrant to australia. Mutant ability to generate sonic blasts. Father participated in Soviet super-soldier program. Delta-class, speckled, soft-type.

Rikitik - Dolphin-bodied hero. Incredibly intelligent. Toolbelt has cybernetic arms. Pretends to be a mutant dolphin but is actually a refugee.

Trick-draw - Male, Australian special forces soldier. Wired reflexes and enhanced endurance/strength (using an American process).

Rosella - Female, Australian spy. Wired reflexes (using an American process) and a colorful costume which can change color to camoflage Rosella. Carries a refugee energy pistol.

The Horseman II, Horsewoman and Brumby (Slang for wild horse). Modern day heroes wearing European battlesuits named after Australia's WWII hero. The Horsewoman's suit has been upgraded with Refugee technology and uses energy weapons. The Horseman's and Brumby's use conventional weapons (but normally fire rubber bullets during law enforcement). Brumby's suit is more heavily armored and carries heavier weapons (including a flamethrower).

Independent Crime Fighters In Australia And New Zealand

The Quokka (Australian mammal) - Independent crime-fighter. Rich, white male, inventor turned crime fighter (for the fun of it). Skilled boxer and Taekwondo expert. Uses a super-bike and travels from city to city targeting organised crime. Carries special boomerangs.

Goose-girl - Ex-girlfriend of Quokka (who found out his identity and decided to join in the fun). Half-Welsh heiress. Martial artist and archer. Wears suit decorated with feathers. Uses a bow with special arrows. Name is a pun from the phrase, "What's good for the goose is good for the gander". Quokka is the Gander.

Crown Of Thorns (Australian thorned Starfish)- Female, migrant from Vietnam. Mutant with superhuman reflexes and regeneration. Fighting suit has quills (with tranquilizing venom). Carries throwing darts.

Retarius - Italian-Australian Male. Inherited an antique, Roman helmet from a distant relative. The helmet turns out to be a 404 technology artifact allowing the wearer to exchange places with an artificial being created in Roman times (stored in a pocket dimension). The artificial being has superstrength, toughness, flies and fights with a trident. The being is under the telepathic control of the helmet wearer. Beta-class, hard type.

'Hidden orders' built into the artificial being, have over-ridden Retarius's control before. The original purpose of the helmet is unknown.

Advised by a refugee dolphin (Meeptik) who may or may not have 'arranged' the inheritance.

Ayers - Daughter of the original horseman. Super-invulnerabilty but no super-strength. Trained kick-boxer. Spends part of his time in New Zealand (Her mother is a New Zealander). Delta-class, hard-type.

Wild Justice - A Lemurian from a clan dwelling in New Zealand, exiled from his own race. Public believes he is a mutant or an urban myth. Cat-like, male humanoid. Known to direct police to the hideouts of known fugitives and for busting illegal hunters. Animal-like powers and characteristics but uses hi-technology.
ASEAN bad guys

Maharajah, Ruler Of Sumahsa.

Maharajah is the rule of an island-kingdom of the coast of Borneo. Maharajah was a mutant with an abnormal constitution. During the Vietnam war, a group of Communists kidnapped him as a child and swopped him to the Soviets in return for military support. The Soviets who proceeded to use him for super-soldier experiments. Maharajah gained an enhanced intellect from exposure to UFO technology from the Tunguska incident.

He worked for the Russians briefly, defected to the Chinese and then went independent. He instigated a coup in one of the Indonesian islands, deterring the region with his own WMD potential and arranging recognition from the UN using Russian and Chinese favors. He has since established the island as a rogue state, engaged in arms-dealing and money laundering throughout the region. The island is also the Global HQ for several Private Security multinationals (Providing muscle for corporate and quasi-legal purposes). He benefits from ties to the Middle East as well as to the Russian Mafia, Korean gangsters, hard-line Chinese generals and one faction of the CIA.


Super-human intellect and constitution. Access to superhuman technology and old soviet "super-soldier" technology. Diplomatic immunity. Access to the resources of an island-kingdom sitting on oil deposits and able to extract "security payments" from world shipping in return for controlling piracy.


Terrorists and bad guys around the world. Has provided exotic weapons technology and super-villain technology around the world and can call on favours. The following organizations have HQ's in Sumasha.

The Enforcer And the Zero Team - World's leading hi-tech mercenary team, led by a former KGB head. Working for Pentech, the largest private security company on Sumahsa.

The Garuda - Secret society of Silat Assasins with mystical powers (linked to the #$#$). Linked to equivalent Middle Eastern societies and renegade factions of the Masons.

The Jailers Of 404 - 404 beings who seem to be responsible for law-enforcement. In return for various favours, they use Sumasha as an extra-dimensional prison for various political prisoners. Some of whom have escaped to Australia.

The Sea Serpent - Superpowered mutant, shapechanger and permanent resident of Sumasha along with his cult, the Ordos Reptilia. Receives a part share of protecion payments for safeguarding shipping. Manufacturer of an addictive drug/steroid (based on his own genes) called T-form that can be used as part of a genetic enhancement process. Believed to a mutant of Javanese origin.

Solder, Stalinsson and Danube - Three 'ghost in the machine' type artificial lifeforms born from Cold War research of Lemurian AI's, who decided to form a loose alliance instead of fighting. Governments retaliated by destroying the technology related to their creation. Sumasha serves as a research center for their improved physical bodies and periodic attempts to reproduce. There primary base is in South America.

Mr. Hing - 8th Generation Taiwanese Crimelord gone global and potential rival for control of Sumasha. Human but really rich and well connected. His seventeen sons (from 4 wives) control a criminal empire exceeding the Maharajah's influence with significant Sumashan holdings. Sees superhumans as the key in the future of crime and power. Wants to replace Maharajah but needs a docile, WMD equivalent superhuman ally to replace Maharajah and maintain the island's independence.

Pai Kow is the title reserved for Mr. Hing's current mistress/bodyguard. The best of a secret society of female martial artists, merging ancient martial arts with modern technology.

General Hadano and Ms. Syang Yu. Senior General in charge of Burmese Special Security and Deputy Minister of Natural Resources, Burma. Fantastically rich, heads of families who are the "powers behind the throne" in Burma. Key players in Asian political and industrial circles.

The White Rajah. Trader in confidential information and industrialist based in East Malaysia descended from Raja Brookes (an British officer whose family ended becoming a Royal Family in East Malaysia for at least two generations).

The Perwiraji Corporation. Extremely successful hi-tech corporation secretly funding Kashmiri and Tibetian succession. Founders are of quasi-mystical orgin. Selected as babies by a group of Indian Sufi Mystics to be the spiritual heirs to the long lost Indian Kingdom of Mughara, wealth and positions must always be passed to the next spiritual heir. Always looking for a kingdom to control and another potential rival to Maharajah. Believed to have recruited a number of asian metahumans for covert operations. Also believed to own several unusual assets (including a thought-controlled weapon called the Great Carp's Pearl from the 404 and a suit of Samurai Armor empowered by Lemurian technology).
The Pentagram ... A Temporal super-group who want to nuke
Australia for its contact with various Refugee groups.

Will 'Fire' O' Flanagan- Former IRA terrorist, paralyzed from the neck down when captured by British cops. Works for the Temporals in return for a special drug that reverses his paralysis. Enhanced reflexes and hi-tech weaponry.

Leoni 'Meccano' Tofu- Half-Balinese, mutant Female inventor. Operates a suit of 12 foot tall suit of powered armor. Works for Temporals in return for their access to unusual technology. Wants Bali to become an independent nation.

Shiji Tsumatsu - Yakuza operative, currently working for the Temporals on contract in return for the provision of weapons to her gang in Japan. Fights with a sword enhanced by Lemurian technology. Rides a manticore-shaped robot.

Red and Blue - Human operatives (One male, one female) genetically redesigned and raised from birth by Temporals. Fanatically loyal. Telekinetically assisted strength and force field. Powers decrease with distance from one another. Can fly when holding hands.

Allies of the Pentagram

Rascal - Temporal woman from a clan with a Vampiric appearance. Super-senses, limited super-strength and hypnotic abilities. Wears a suit of Gothic Armor on occasion. Allergic reaction to sunlight and wood causing intense pain.

Lord Liang - Temporal military officer. Expert in chemical weaponry , poisons and robotics. Usually equipped with 'dog' sized flying drones, equipped with chemical sprayers and stingers. May lead a team of Lemurian soldiers, robots or mercenaries. Human name is a tribute to Zhuge Liang (the Chinese strategist from the Romance of The Three Kingdoms).

The Power Teens - Dot 3, 4, 6, 7, 11 and 15 (Dottie, Delilah, Xiao Jian, Stan, Jose and Ding) - Temporal technology solid holograms and A.I. Generated by a Temporal device embedded within their own solid light bodies. Personality duplicates of teenagers. Obliged to follow orders of the Temporal military. Energy projection powers and limited shape changing (change size, or form weapons). Dottie is the original, based on a Californian. Delilah is based on a British Indian (Desi).
And some baddies of Black Ops Japan. Land of mutants and hi-tech.

The Crazy Clowns

A Japanese/Korean crime gang. Wear clown tatoos and may wear clown make-up into combat. Not a large gang, and specializing in synthetic drugs. First gang to recruit mutants (which are more common in Japan due to the Atomic events). Known members include Laika X, the canine bio-chemist. Members must commit one violent crime to join. Spectacular acts like daylight, bank-robbery give higher entry rank.

The Monopoly Gang

Street gang. Members have no name for the gang calling it "The Red Thing" and saying the sub territory they are from. e.g. "I'm part of that Red Thing, Shinjuku area". Law enforcement nickname is the "Monopoly gang".

Well-funded street gang selling American drugs. Good South American and Eastern European connections. Lots of firearms. May hire international hit men or mercenary supers. Periodically have access to heavy weapons and hi-tech gear from international markets.

Gang's nickname for Anti-tank/Armor Piercing weapons are "Toaster's". Nickname for energy weapons are "Shiny's". Their energy weapons often self-destruct, killing the user.

Laika X Super-dogs

In seeking a loyal, super-intelligent operative. The Soviets decided to breed the Laika X (a super-dog enhanced by gene implants from a mutant).

Dogs were expected to be loyal and perfect astronauts. Laika was their only success. And Laika was smart enough fake loyalty, then run for her life after modifying her satelite to crash in Japan (instead of the official landing zone). Since then the dog has survived by a series of criminal alliances, usually pretending to be a favored pet.

Currently the resident bio-chemist and scientist of the Crazy Clowns gang. Her abilities are known only to the inner circle of the gang. Still wanted by Russia.

Periodically tries to create another Laika. But has only three other successes. The collie known as Lassie-san, the slightly smarter Sheepdog known as Alfred and Hot Rod (the paranoid dalmatian, who thinks 'they are trying to steal my spots', has Laika's super-intelligence, likes to build armored cars, rob banks and horde dog food).

Lassie and Sheepdog have been adopted by a Japanese family (being somewhat ethical).

Death Bots- Robot assassins created by criminal AI's (Stalinsson is suspected). Yakuza managed to acquire a large batch in the 80's. 17 are still unaccounted for. The anti-mutant and nationalist group Pure Nippon may have acquired most of them.

Tojo's Children- Nationalist post-war organization with a lot of political support. Lots of Yakuza links. A number of Yakuza groups are actually criminal branches of the organization. Believed to be sheltering one WWII Japanese super-war criminal known as the Rising Sun and two criminals (Pumped Up and Mad Maker).

The Rising Sun
Super-human created by Eloi formula. Regenerates in sun-light and ages slowly. Stores solar-energy which is used to create solid light constructs. Usually protected by solid light armor. Fights with solid light tentacles tipped with blades.

Pumped Up
Mutant with super-strength. Must consume vast amounts of blood through vein-like feeding tubes to stay alive. Bald with feeding tubes instead of hair .

Mad Maker
Human who owns seemingly quasi-intelligent, metalic shirt (Probably Temporal technology). Shirt amplifies his intelligence at cost to his sanity. Shirt may be an escaped 404 prisoner - it certainly seems to have a personality.


Human transformed by Eloi formula into living plasma in a magnetic field. Looks like a mobius strip of energy surrounding a human form. Attacks power plants or combustible targets. Disperses when defeated.

Dance Revolution - Female mutant with healing factor. T-form and Snakeskin addict. Drugs convey superhuman powers and mutant healing factor protects her from side effects. Superpowers vary from time to time. Has hidden compartment stitched into her body that allow her to hide spare drugs (making prison breaks a lot easier).

The Crystal Skull
Ancient Japanese artifact. Owner has reality alteration but inevitably becomes less human, becoming an extension of the skull's own personality. Skull is believed to be some form of 404 exile (the 'crystal skull' form is a sophisticated prison for a reality altering consciousness).
Anti-Meta Weapons And Police Tactics

Not every government has 404 technology. But every government in the Black Ops world has super bad-guys. In this timeline, development started in WWII on a series of weapons that could be used against supers.

Anti-Meta (or 'Toaster') weapons are large caliber weapons that fire an oversized bullet.

Guns often have a recoiless design or a gyrojet design (with some propulsion material being based in the bullet itself and ignited after the initial shot). Range, rate of fire and accuracy are poorer than normal weapons but the round is a lot larger (and has a more significant impact on super-powered targets). Against normal targets, conventional weapons are preferred.

The larger round allows for several types of ammunition.

-Explosive. "Hi-ex": The slug detonates at a distance from the target (calibrated electronically), spraying fragments in the surrounding area. Useful against unusually fast or agile targets.

-Mini-Rpg. "HEAT": Works like an rpg. the round detonates on contact. Explosives melt and shape a jet of superheated metal for maximum penetration of non-heat resistant targets.

-Biologically-laced Round. "Takedown Round" : The slug is laced with neuro-toxins and inhaled/skin-absorbed poisons. Detonates on contact to release poisoned fragments and inhaled/skin-absorbed toxins at the target. Cumulative effects can weaken even superhuman constitutions to the point that the impact of the detonation causes unconsciousness.

-Ceramic Composite Slug. "Cutter" or "CCS Round": The super-hardened ceramic slug detonates on hitting the target, ejecting a hardened, sharpened ceramic core into the target. While still containing some metal parts, the round is more effective against magnetic force fields.

-Acid round. "Burner": The slug detonates on proximity to the target, spraying a mix of fragments and corrosive materials on the target. Weakens armor or tough skin over time, especially if multiple rounds are fired in the same place.

Acid and ceramic rounds are usually in short-supply.

The mix of ammunition allows specially equipped police forces to have some effect against hard-type meta's especially if they have information on the target's vulnerabilities. Police often wear targets down with a mix of ammunition where superheroes are not available to counter the threat.

"Meta-proof Vest"

An advanced bulletproof vest and uniform. The uniform is laced with composites that increase the resistance of the wearer to non-bullet injuries (fire, directed energy, corrosives). The uniform does not protect against impact and doesn't really reduce the likelihood of incapacitation from impact. It has however, reduced the likelihood of permanent disability from meta-powers. Expensive but available to SWAT teams in three versions: undercover; tactical and bomb disposal.


When the situation is desperate, police may evacuate an area to allow a military airstrike to take place. VTOL jets and helicopters are manuverable enough to engage metahumans.

Police Tactics

In addition, police have other tactics that reduces civilian and police losses to meta-human crime. A cleverly, crafted law in effect in several countries is called the "No Outtakes" Law. Police also make use of a popular law in effect in several countries called the Metahuman Deputization Law.

The No Outtakes Law

It allows the police to exempt meta's from the death penalty if:

- The criminal has substantial destructive power
- They have never taken a human life or intentionally inflicted permanent harm in any recognised nation
- They show substantial restraint of their meta powers in the commission of crimes

The "No Outtakes" law means that meta's have a strong incentive not to use lethal force - simply because doing so means they lose "No Outtakes" protection around the world. Critics have suggested the law encourages crime, because the death penalty does not apply. Supporters have argued that without the law, a powerful meta would inflict vast damage to avoid the death penalty, because he has nothing left to lose.

Metahuman Deputization Law

A number of countries (Canada being the first) have introduced laws that recognise that police may choose to allow Metahuman law enforcement to be carried out by Metahuman volunteers. Volunteers need not have their identity revealed as long as their abilities, "are sufficiently rare to act as a near-unique identifier". The police must have a "reasonable expectation that the Metahuman is unlikely to use lethal force even in self-defense" and "reasonably believe arrest without the assistance of metahumans would cause significant loss of life".

The laws do not support the use of lethal force and use of excessive force can result in assault charges against the metahuman volunteers.

Use of lethal force is generally restricted to crime-fighters with a formal government or law-enforcement role.

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Re: Black Operations

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The Lost World

The Lost World was orginally a pocket-dimension containing an alternate reality/wildlife park about half the size of South America. It was used as a prison by the 404 after being disconnected from their dimension and reconnected to earth. Futuristic technology of some kind maintains several different weather patterns within the environment, although a tropical environment is particularly common.

After the original inhabitants left, the Lost World has become home to various outsiders who have made their way into the Lost World. It has small villages of Aztecs, Tibetian monks and lost Spanish colonists. It also is home to several extinct species of dinosaur, a few scattered Lemurian villages and at least one mutant colony. Inhabitants seem to age and reproduce at a slower rate (this is apparently a temporal effect of some kind) built into the dimension. The suspended-animation prisons
that held Lemurians have fallen into disrepair.

Prior to WWI, the connections to the Lost World were more regular and several adventurers. Since WWI and the use of Temporal bombs, the connections have become irregular.

The best known openings are known to exist in Tibet, Antartica, the Congo, the Bermuda Triangle and in South America. China has attempted to make one opening unusable by constucting a dam and flooding the area because mutant agitators were using the Lost World as a staging area for dissent.

Five of its best known adventurers are:

Edmund 'Jet' Jones. Former slave, now jet-packed protector of the free-city of Nirali. A hi-tech city with some connections to Africa.

Karnak Dragon-rider. Raised in the jungle with an uncanny ability to communicate with dinosaurs. His closest friend is Taak, a mega-raptor.

Setha Lokoll. Lemurian, with normal human appearance. Enormous reality-alteration ability which he calls 'The Way'. Setha has also been able to activate latent reality-alteration in several students by teaching them 'The Way' in a series of hypnotic and meditative exercises. As well as using his own powers to stimulate development of the reality-altering ability.

Rangnar Khan-Blooded. Mongolian warrior. Leads a small tribe of Mongols occupying a grassland in the Lost World. Has led a series of small wars against the nearby Aztec and American Indian cities of Tzecchogal and Irokia.

The Lost Knight. Knight in the Crusades. Granted immortality by an unknown being (possibly an Eloi). The lost knight has fought in nearly every war since the Crusades, travelling around the world. Has repeated to the Lost World and has apprenticed himself to Setha in a quest for inner peace.

Three of the best known groups are:

The Cult of Maintainers. Lost world religion who takes on the sacred duty of reducing contact with the outside world as well as preserving the Lost World's weather technology.

The Penitent Sound. Lemurian cult. It believes that it must perform penance to keep the god-like beings of the 404 from punishing the species. they dislike Lemurians who have left the Lost world. The cult has expanded and has some human followers.

The Twisted Limbs. Human cult worshipping the Eloi (from the 404). Not believed to have achieved contact. Have been known to use Eloi artifacts, notably the Book Of The Buried (a voice-operator computer of some kind).

Lost world villains operating on Earth include:

Barona The Bully-Mage. Tall, overweight, renegade follower of 'The Way'. Reality-alteration powers in the form of sorcery.

Questor Prithew and Questor Shen. Students of the Lost Knight and Setha on a mission to capture Barona. Unused to the modern world, they have been involved in small robberies as they seek Barona. Their 'advisor' on this world is Rebecca McMahn, a petty New York Criminal.

Magnus Rex: Intelligent, giant stegosaurus. Actually a Lemurian who arranged for his brain to be installed in a dinosaur's body. Wears a harness with cybernetic arms on occasion.

Herman Monning, The Ace of Thieves: African-american, hi-tech crime-lord. Actually an escapee from prison, who discovered a stockpile of 404 technology. Based in Africa.

Lost world heroes on Earth include:

Calligrosto: Former student of Setha and practitioner of reality-altering sorcery. Sympathetic to the Questor's but bound by tradition to let them 'learn the hard way'.

Mazteca: Warrior-woman of the Tzecchogal, now a crime-fighter in the slums of Mexico. The 'slow-aging' effect of the lost world seems to be especially effective in her case, this may be a mutant power. She has not aged since the 1930's. Fights with a mix of modern and archaic weapons. Her incredible agility may also be a mutant power.

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Story Hook

A situation has developed. Two unknown metahumans (suspected Delta class, Hard-Types) and a group of masked mercenaries (spec'd non-meta's with mil tech) have captured an oil tanker and are headed for Sumashha. Your team has been asked to recapture the oil tanker. The UN can supply transport...

The meta's look like 'suicide supers' but don't seem to have keeled over since the capture. Something strange is happening here. If they were 'suicide supers', the Coast Guard could just wait them out then take the ship. Unfortunately, the meta's don't seem to be dying.

Save the day, solve the strange mystery of extended duration suicide supers.

GM only
The meta's have actually got hold of a suspended animation device that keeps the 'suicide supers' alive but asleep. They are only woken to demonstrate their powers then put back to sleep. Stunt doubles then replace the meta's for appearances not requiring powers.

If attacked, the meta's will wake the actual meta's (Who have about 20 minutes of time left before they self-destruct, setting the ship on fire).
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Re: Black Operations

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Example character: Mother Of Pearl

'Freeze, punk! <throws frost grenade> '


5' 8" woman. Nordic appearance, blond hair and blue eyes. Wears a dark blue costume studded with white pearl-like devices and decorated with small amounts of fur. Wears a blue mask covering the upper part of her face with a clear yellow visor.


Expert in martial arts and thrown weapons uses a variety of normal equipment and hi-tech cold devices. Weapons include small darts, bola's, a pistol, a grappling hook and hi-tech frost grenades. For military missions, she often swops the bola's for a sniper rifle.

Highly skilled in Cyrogenics and Refugee technology.


Mother of Pearl was a Romanian orphan raised by the Cuban organization known as the Committee in Shadow, in a program designed to train special operatives. She was trained as an expert in hi-tech frost grenades (she was one of few candidates who could build and operate refugee weapons) based on refugee technology, she was sent to Korea to seek out advanced combat training.

The teacher who contacted her was the Isolate, a Tibetian martial-arts master who chose to subtly counteract her brainwashing, awakening her to the actions and motivations of the Committee and countering her childhood programming. She has since chosen to act as an independent operative, focusing on crime and acting in alliance with Hello Central. She funds her operations by keeping 50% of liquid assets stolen from criminals that cannot be returned to the original owner.

She has been targeted on occasion by Cuban operatives from the Committee. Most notably by two operatives; 'The Beat', who uses firearms and a vibrating, music playing hi-tech axe/pick as well as an operative of Morrocan origin known as 'Kasbah' with enhanced senses/reflexes from cybernetic implants.

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