My Little Universe

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My Little Universe

Post by HalloweenJack » Sat Nov 05, 2016 10:36 pm

Hey all, thought I'd start throwing out some of my own settings here. Just some things I've thrown together. Really inspired by the Crinoverse setting.


Supreme has had a long, long career.

As an infant, the lad was adopted by the Crane family and named Ethan (it's entirely possible he was a stolen child and sold off to an orphanage. Same thing happened to Ric Flair) and was a fairly normal, if somewhat developmentally challenged, little boy.

At least until THAT day.

When Ethan was roughly four years old, he chased his beloved dog Radar into the nearby woods and found what appeared to be a meteor in a crater. Approaching the object Ethan began to feel sick and passed out, and may have died, if not for Radar dragging the child to safety.

When found by the Cranes both Ethan and Radar seemed to be near death, but slowly they regained their health. The most puzzling thing about this encounter was that the hair on both Ethan and Radar had turned a pale white. A local doctor whom the Cranes trusted later found the meteor and took it back to his lab to be hidden safely away for study and analysis. He believed the meteor to be a new element which he referred to as Supremium.

It would be noted that both Ethan and Radar both had some interesting changes in them physiology other than just their hair. Both seemed to gain enormous physical abilities, increased intelligence, and esoteric as it sounds....increased morality as time progressed. As he grew older Ethan would become known as Kid Supreme and save his home town of Liddlehaven and the world many times over.

And as he became a man he would be Supreme.

Using his vast intelligence and powers, Supreme would build his amazing Citadel Supreme somewhere over the Eastern Seaboard and in the 1940s and 50s do several amazing things, be it battling the evil Darius Dax, romancing Judy Jordan, or joining a team of heroes known as the Allies, which would occasionally team with the Justice Society and the Invaders (sometimes the three would be known as the 'All-Winners Squad' by the press). He however did not take part in World War II. Most metahumans did not, thanks in part to a mysterious being known as Parsifal, who had the power to remove the abilities of most metas with only certain individuals being immune to this ability (such as Captain America having no true powers, Namor being a natural Atlantean, or the Human Torch being an android). And there is absolutely no truth to the rumor that Supreme personally dropped Fatman and Little Boy on Japan.

By the 50s, Supreme and Radar would have a series of new adventures and allies such as when a mysterious encounter (and possible grandfather paradox) with the element Supremium endowed Ethan's new adopted sister Sally with powers similar to his. Sally would become known as Suprema and would follow in her brother's footsteps. Sadly Henry Moore, a reporter exposed to Supremium and took the name Wonder Man, would rather use his abilities to get laid. (It should be noted that it is believed that modern day crimefighter G-Girl may have gained her abilities from Supremium exposure as well).

By the 60s though, the times they were a changing.

That was when Gog came.

Gog attacked Astro City, a haven for metas, and decimated it. Many of the great heroes of the era came to do battle with Gog, Supreme among them. And many of the world's heroes died or were otherwise incapacitated (Wonder Man was one of the former, Mighty Man one of the latter). Even with the interference of a group of heroes from the future called the Justice League, who had pursued Gog from their time, it seemed Gog was unstoppable (By most accounts, history books show this as the first known appearance of Gog but as the insanely powerful being was traveling back through time, it was his last before being defeated).

Gog was only stopped when a trio of men who vaguely resembled the futuristic hero Superman appeared and soundly defeated him, promising to put him in a prison at the end of time with more of his kind.

Still the damage was done, and Supreme facing shell shock and depression decided to travel to the stars to find himself.

He stayed gone for nearly 50 years.

And like that, one day Supreme was back. Oddly enough one of the first modern metahumans he met was Superman, whom Supreme remembered from the 60s but whom from Superman's frame of reference had yet to meet Supreme. Supreme would oftentimes offer Superman advice, believing the younger hero would come to define this era just as he had his own.

Supreme would have several adventures such as saving Suprema and Radar from a sentient galaxy and battling the still living Darius Dax, who had taken to calling himself the Ultra-Humanite and after being altered by Supremium resembled a giant white ape, or manipulated into battling Thor due to Loki's mischief .

But all that came to end.

The Shi'ar came to earth one day, demanding Supreme surrender himself to their justice immediately. According to them Supreme had done battle with their champion Gladiator and interfered in the development and rule of several Shi'ar colonies. Supreme didn't dispute the fact, as something had happened to him while he was in space, something he could neither quite remember or explain, but that he intended to find out.

Surrendering peacefully and submitting to Shi'ar justice, Supreme was taken away.

What will become of him is unknown, but even in that final moment the greatest hero of the golden age reassured the world by looking back over his shoulder and winking.

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Re: My Little Universe

Post by HalloweenJack » Mon Nov 07, 2016 12:16 am

Some X-Men stuff (I plan to add on eventually, just need time)

The X-Men were formed sometime early in the 1960s by Professor Charles Xavier, a mutant telepath born to an English mother and an American father. Xavier was a child in a family of wealth and privilege and was a prodigy from the time he was a very young boy. However, as he entered puberty he began to develop his telepathic abilities and had great difficulty in learning to control them.

It was an extremely difficult time for Xavier. Not only were these new abilities staggering, but his personal life was thrown into upheaval when his father died and his mother remarried Dr. Kurt Marko. While Marko was kind to Xavier on the surface, Xavier saw within his mind that Marko was actually a deceitful, mean-spirited man who only married his mother for her wealth. Complicating matters was that fact that Marko's son, a slightly older boy named Cain openly hated Xavier. The reason being that Cain was often beaten by his father while Dr. Marko coddled Xavier in order to keep his hands upon on the Xavier wealth.

A young Charles Xavier saw this in Cain's mind and attempted to open up to his stepbrother, but only received violent rejection and hatred from Cain, who called Xavier a freak and monster for apparently being able to read his mind. Only the interference of an orphaned girl, Raven, whom the Xavier family had adopted under strange circumstances sometime before Charles' twelfth birthday kept Xavier from being seriously injured by Cain.

It was at this point that Charles Xavier realized that he and others like him may be ostracized and even discriminated against if their abilities were ever revealed. And indeed there were others like him, as Raven had abilities that apparently allowed her to change her appearance.

As Xavier grew, he began to study any and all occurrences of individuals possessing superhuman abilities and their origins. As this was the early 1940s, there were a large number of so-called mystery men possessing said abilities received from various sources....but Xavier upon study found that there were still others who seemingly were born with these gifts. Mutants among the various 'normal' humans.

Xavier's life went on. He graduated from Oxford university with several honors and became a Professor. He even fought in the Korean war, ironically enough serving in the same unit as his stepbrother Cain....whom was apparently killed on a mission. At least that was what Xavier believed.

At some point in the early 1960s, Xavier began working with the CIA in developing a mutant task force for the U.S. Government. There is little information about this first team of X-Men. It's believed that there were factors that caused the group to eventually distance itself from the federal government, and most information has either mysteriously disappeared and individuals involved have no apparent recollection of there ever being such a group.

But there was. It was composed of Professor Charles Xavier, his adopted sister Raven Darkholme, his close friend Erik Lehnsherr, a man named Sebastian Shaw, and a mysterious teleporter known only as Azazel. The group saw action during the Cuban Missile Crisis when an irradiated soldier who had gained massive physical and atomic abilities nearly started World War 3. The team defeated this 'Atom' but only barely.

The group also didn't stay together for very long due to clashing ideologies.

Eventually Xavier retired to Westchester county, New York and started Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters at his childhood home. At first, it was merely a prep school for those with academic excellence, but over the years has become a boarding school for mutants to help them learn and control their powers. Xavier likewise, in some incident he never speaks of, was paralyzed from the waist down due to some unknown means (though it should be noted that Xavier is learning to reuse his legs due to his mind being transplanted into a cloned's a rather long story).

The X-Men as know them came to be sometime in the middle of the early 2000s with Xavier's First Class of mutant students. Among them, Scott Summers AKA Cyclops, Jean Grey AKA Marvel Girl, Henry McCoy AKA the Beast, Warren Worthington III AKA the Angel, and Bobby Drake AKA Iceman.

Since then, the school's size has grown to enormous levels, with nearly two hundred students and dozens of faculty members.

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Re: My Little Universe

Post by HalloweenJack » Mon Nov 07, 2016 12:17 am

Currently the known X-Men are.....

X-Men Blue Team
Cyclops (field leader): A mutant with the power to project concussive blasts from his eyes, though he must wear a pair of ruby quartz glasses to 'trick' his mind into not firing his blasts when not in battle. Cyclops is a stoic, by the book, field leader and though his matter-of-factness may sometimes rub his teammates (one in particular) the wrong way, they all agree he's the best man for the job. Though he did take an extended leave of absence after the death of his fiancee Jean Grey, he returned to the team more devoted to the job than ever. He doesn't talk about Jean much, but he's finally started to move on and has begun seeing a woman in New York named Madeline.

Wolverine: Not someone you really want to get on the bad side of. Or the good side. If there is such a side. A violent loner with an exemplary healing factor and bones coated with Adamantium, the hardest known substance, making him doubly hard to inure. There's also the matter of three foot long Adamantium claws that exit the backs of his hands. When not on a mission Wolverine tends to spend his time at his cabin in the woods behind the school. No one ever goes up there. He wouldn't like it. Despite his violent demeanor and personality, Wolverine is still considered wildly popular by the student body. And to his credit, he does seem to be softening and spending a little more time with his teammates. At the last school barbeque, everyone was shocked to see him walk down out of the woods and demanding to know where the beer was. Still, he's someone you give a wide berth to. And you never, EVER, talk about Jean to him.

The Beast: Everybody's favorite teacher at the school. Beast is charming, well spoken, witty, and highly intelligent, something that tends be at odds with his appearance. I mean the guy is nearly four hundred pounds and covered in blue fur. Still, no one can quite imagine the school without Beast there. And he's a good public face for mutantdom, showing that despite his well...beastly exterior....he's as articulate and kind as anyone. The students tend to watch any and all appearances he has on television whether it's debating anti-mutant legislation or saving David Letterman when the Joker attempted to wipe out the audience.

Psylocke: Elizabeth Braddock, the daughter of a British diplomat and his second wife a Japanese businesswoman. Betsy is both cultured and a dedicated butt-kicker, apparently skilled in the arts of Ninjitsu while also possessing telepathic abilities, which she focuses into a psychic 'knife'. Subject to frequent debates by the male students as to whether she or Ms. Frost is the hottest teacher on campus. Occasionally flirts with Cyclops, but has slacked off in lieu of a growing friendship/attraction to Archangel.

Gambit: What Psylocke or Emma Frost are to the male students, Gambit tends to be for the female students. A Cajun from New Orleans who seems to have no past to speak of, Gambit possesses the ability to imbue small objects with energy with...explosive results. A ladykiller, many of the female students nurse hopeless crushes on him, while the male students tend to either love him or hate him (the latter due to his impromptu poker games where he cleans them out). He's been warned by Professor Xavier for this and his sometimes flirtatious demeanor. Though he'd never think of trying to get with an underage student (probably....maybe), he does have his eye on one young lady who only recently turned 18.

Rogue: Nobody knows much about Rogue, not even her real name. What is known is that she was not initially liked by anyone when she arrived at the school roughly two years earlier. The reason for that being she was a former member of the Brotherhood of Mutants, considered largely to be a mutant terrorist group, and also for the fact that her abilities to drain the life force and powers of anyone she touches permanently left her with the flight, invulnerability, and massive superhuman strength of longtime X-Men ally Carol Danvers AKA Ms. Marvel. Her initial attitude didn't win her many friends either. Rogue didn't make any bones about the fact that she didn't like being at the school (only there because her mother figured Xavier was the only one to help her control her abilities) and was frequently rude, rather being in her room listening to Marilyn Manson at full volume or getting on her skype to webcam rather than attending classes. That said, she has softened considerably in her time there and has shown great promise in her academics and was the second of the underclassmen to attain X-Man status. Much of that can be attributed to her roommate and best friend.....

Shadowcat: Though she's gone through so many codenames virtually everyone refers to her by her given name, Kitty Pryde. Kitty possesses the ability to phase through solid matter and if she concentrates she can even walk on air. A computer genius, Kitty came to the school a few years ago and seemed to have the added mutant ability to make most people like her almost immediately, which is probably why Xavier assigned her as Rogue's roommate. The pair....did not get along at first but over time became very close, Rogue even defending Kitty's honor when Marrow called her a preppy ....bitca(?). Kitty was touched, but pointed out to Rogue that she didn't really care what anyone thought of her. Kitty maintains the highest GPA of the student populace, is generally considered to be the most popular student, was the first of the current students to become an X-Man, and even won prom queen at the last formal. She's very close with Storm and considers the woman her mentor. Even Wolverine has shown affection for the girl. In fact, the only people on campus who don't apparently like Kitty are the aformentioned Marrow and Ms. Frost.Though one could argue Emma only pushes Kitty harder because she has more to give. That or Kitty isn't afraid to call 'bullshit' on Ms. Frost or even Professor Xavier if she feels it's needed. The only time Kitty seems to be tongue-tied though is when she's around that big Russian kid.

Morph: A shapeshifter who also doubles as the team's jokester. Only recently returned to the team after a long period of physical and psychological recovery after a run-in with one of the robotic Sentinel's and some manipulation by Sinister. The only person at the school who can routinely make Wolverine laugh.

Emma Frost: Teacher, socialite, telepathic, diamond coated, Grade A-Bitch, and X-Man (though she'd certainly never refer to herself as that last one). Loved by the school's boys, hated by most everyone else. Emma is as beautiful as she is harsh, and was once a a member of the Hellfire Club, a group of the X-Men's enemies. She even had a hand in provoking that Phoenix altercation which has not endeared her to the X-Men in general. Nor was the fact that she until recently she was a core member of Magneto's council in the Brotherhood on the island nation of Genosha. Emma simply states that she was wrong in the Phoenix affair, having no idea what fire she and the rest of the Hellfire Club was playing with. Also, she felt Magneto was in the right about creating a mutant homeland in Genosha, but after the recent near genocide there as a result of Cassandra Nova, Apocalypse, and Ultron, feels that it's no longer safe for her or her students to be there and thus has worked out a deal with Xavier to teach at his school so that her group of Hellions can learn lessons they may not be able to learn elsewhere...or even from her. Hates Storm with a passion (the feeling is mutual). Not too fond of Kitty Pryde either. She does seem to enjoy Beast's company though, as she considers him the only natural wit at the school. In the past she's shamelessly flirted with Cyclops (though he's blown her off) and seems to have an....arrangement so to speak with Banshee. Professor Xavier has oftentimes had to warn her to ah....abide by the school's dress code which has resulted in Emma dressing a bit more conservatively (though that still generally consists of white leather pants and a midriff bearing's better than what she used to wear, let's put it that way).
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Re: My Little Universe

Post by HalloweenJack » Mon Nov 07, 2016 12:17 am

X-Men Gold Team

Storm(field leader): Ororo Monroe was born in the United States, but raised in Africa after the deaths of her parents. Growing up, Ororo became a skilled thief and pickpocket before her mutant gift to control the weather made her respected and worshiped as a goddess. She gave this up though when Xavier approached her about joining his X-Men. Feeling she had much more to give to the world, Ororo accepted and became Storm. Noble to a fault, almost haughty, Storm is a natural leader and as such many have gravitated close to her, most notably Kitty Pryde. Storm actively disliked Rogue at first, but came to like the girl when she realized Rogue was genuinely trying to change. As such, they've become good friends, and Storm even recently attended a punk rock concert with her....and oddly has found she enjoys that sort of music. Though she and Emma Frost despise one another, Storm thinking Emma is trying to manipulate the team. Storm also has honorary leadership of the under dwelling group of mutants known as the Morlocks....though there aren't many of them left. In fact, Marrow (a Morlock herself) hates Storm because she believed in her once...and Storm wasn't there when the Maruders massacred almost the entire Morlock populace. Some have claimed to see Storm venturing into the woods near Wolverine's cabin occasionally late at night, but that's more a school urban legend than anything....right?

Bishop: a mutant who has the ability to absorb and redirect energy or use it to enhance his strength....though he prefers his plasma rifle (which Xavier has to dissuade him from carrying on campus). Bishop is head of campus security and runs a very tight ship (in fact, he knows the Storm/Wolverine rumor has to be false because he'd know about it). Bishop claims to be from the future and has come back to prevent some horrible catastrophe from taking place....but something about his trip through time has caused memory loss to the exact nature of it. Xavier has been attempting to help him regain said memory, but thus far all attempts have failed. The only thing Bishop knows is that it Gambit is involved in it somehow....leading him to believe Gambit is the responsible party for whatever is going to happen. As a result, Bishop makes no bones about hating Gambit with a passion.

Archangel: One of Xavier's earlier students, Warren Worthington III possessed the ability to fly by use of his large angelic looking wings, which of course earned him the codename Angel. Originally, Warren was cocky, devil may care, and a bit of lady's man. These days however, he's morose, brooding, and tends to be a bit of a loner. That has to do with the experiments and brainwashing the mutant Apocalypse inflicted upon him. As a result, today Warren's skin is bright blue and his formerly feathered wings are now metallic razor-tipped monstrosities. As a result Warren has developed serious psychological issues about his appearance. Rogue has actually reached out to him a time or two and you could consider them good friends. Likewise, Psylocke has been known to visit Warren in his room in the school's attic and there are rumors of a romance between them.

Nightcrawler: Everyone likes Nightcrawler, a former acrobat from Germany who is fun loving and fancy free despite his somewhat devilish appearance. This appearance and Nightcrawler's abilities to teleport have led many to suspect he may be related to Azazel. Only Xavier knows for certain about Nightcrawler's father...and mother....but isn't telling anyone. Nonetheless Nightcrawler is loved by the students, particularly when he begins to reenact the swordfighting scenes from The Three Musketeers or the Count of Monte Cristo during literature class.....which considering Nightcrawler is the gym teacher can be a bit confusing for passersby. Beast tends to enjoy whenever the teleporting mutant pops into his class though. Nightcrawler also teaches theology and acts as a peer counselor and spiritual adviser to the student body given his own devout Catholic faith. Some consider this odd as he's dating Amanda Sefton, a devout Wiccan who lives in New York City. Although when this is brought up, Nightcrawler merely handles it in typical Nightcrawler fashion: he laughs it off and smiles, usually saying something deep before reenacting the lightsaber duel from Empire Strikes Back.

Iceman: Initially Bobby Drake was the youngest of the original X-Men class back in the mid 2000s. He was the team joker, which he often used to hide the fact he was insecure in his ability to use his cryokinetic powers correctly. In time though, Bobby became an experienced and dependable member of the X-Men. He has had wanderlust from time to time, and upon graduating from high school at Xavier's, chose instead to attend college at Empire State University in New York City. He became a friend and close confidant of Peter Parker, whom unknown to Bobby at the time he had already met as Spider-Man. He's considered one of Spider-Man's 'Amazing Friends' though has at times butted heads with some of those other friends such as Johnny Storm AKA the Human Torch. He also briefly dated Firestar, a mutant whom he knew from one semester at Xavier's before reconnecting with her in New York. Soon, wanderlust came over Bobby again and he traveled across America finding himself before returning to Xavier's to become a member of the X-Men's gold team. He also acts as a peer adviser at the school, helping the younger students with their issues because he's been there, having been discriminated against not only because he's a mutant, but also because he's now come out as being openly bisexual.

Colossus: Certainly the biggest, and strongest, member of the X-Men is Peter Rasputin, a tall farmer boy from Russia. Peter is doubly intimidating not only for the fact that he's seven feet tall, but also because well....he turns into friggin' metal. Despite this, Peter is among the gentlest individuals at Xavier's. Though he can fight (well) Peter would prefer to simply paint, and the twenty year old serves as the school's art teacher and it's a job he loves. Peter has even reached out to one of Emma Frost's Hellion, who goes by the codename Negasonic Teenage Warhead, and has actively encouraged her ability to paint, though he's generally only thanked by either a sullen silence or mean comment from hr. All the same, Peter laughs it off and goes back to teaching. There's only one thing that takes his concentration away from teaching....and that's Kitty Pryde whom he thinks is the most beautiful young lady he's ever seen, though he tends to stammer nervously around her whenever she's in the room (never noticing that she does likewise). Despite his gentle soul, do not P.O. Colossus. When the Marauders wiped out the Morlocks during a massacre, and the X-Men returned from the battle many gave Colossus a wide berth and looked at him nervously. No one talks about what happened down in the sewers in that battle, all they know is that Wolverine walked up to him and patted the bigger man on the shoulder and told him “You did right, bub”.

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Re: My Little Universe

Post by HalloweenJack » Mon Nov 07, 2016 12:18 am

Minor bit of minutia, but after watching KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park (FINALLY), I can say that for all intents and purposes their amulets were what was in the briefcase in Pulp Fiction.

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Re: My Little Universe

Post by HalloweenJack » Mon Nov 07, 2016 12:19 am

My Little Universe....and the Universes that surround it

There is not one universe, but many.

How many? Well, how many numbers are there? The possibilities therefore are limitless. These however are at least the 52 earths that have been discovered as of now.

Earth 0: Our setting. A world of heroes....a world of villains....a world that we know much of, but that more will be revealed of in time.

Earth 1: An earth where a terrible event has created a schism between the superhuman protectors of that earth. On the one hand, those such as Superman, Wonder Woman, and Iron Man who wish to make the world a better, safer place through control. On the other, Batman, Captain America, and others who don't want freedom or self reliance to be lost to the masses. As a result, conflict is born. A world of great Injustice.

Earth 2: A earth, indeed a universe, where morality is reversed. Here the Crime Syndicate of Amerika rules the world through fear and intimidation. Where the Revengers seek to do away with their rule to begin their own. Where Lex Luthor seeks freedom and liberation. Where far away from earth, the noble Decepticons battle the Autocracy which has long dominated Cybertron and where the Weaponeers of Qward wait and pray for the return of their horrible 'god'.

Earth 3: A world wherein the dead walk. It is said that somehow a being known as the Sentry became infected with a terrible plague that he infected virtually every superhuman on the planet with, turning the earth's greatest heroes into ravaging undead hordes hungry for flesh. Only when the World Devourer known as Galactus arrived did things change. Albeit not for the better. The majority of the undead heroes were destroyed, but those that remained somehow managed to devour even the Devourer and went into space to find more worlds to feed on. On earth, the human survivors cling together in pockets striving to survive the remaining walking dead. There is a place though that has been said to be mostly spared of this horror, but it may just be talk and rumor. The place is called Wakanda.

Earth 4: An earth where the mutant Charles Xavier was killed many years earlier....which led to the rise of the mutant despot Apocalypse. It is a ravaged earth.....wartorn.....billions dead.....hostile and unforgiving. Only through the actions of Magneto and his X-Men was the world spared extinction. Now the rebuilding can begin. Rebuilding of the earth and rebuilding of ties between mutants and mankind. There have been auspicious starts. Magneto has met with Tony Stark and the two have come to an uneasy alliance. Magneto's son Quicksilver has recently married the human Gwen Stacy. And together, even Galactus was defeated by the combined mutants and humans....though perhaps there is a hidden cost. And what of the mutants Blink and Sabretooth? It would appear they have simply disappeared without a trace.

Earth 5: A world where evolution took some....interesting turns. Instead of the human race evolving to become the earth's dominant species, there was a slight intersection and it is the apes and other simians who rule the world and have even gained powers and abilities of their own. But what will a world of apes think when a Superman is suddenly amongst them?

Earth 6: Just imagine....a world where the names of heroes.....Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman.....are the same, but the men and women behind those masks are greatly different. Where defense of the World Tree is of paramount importance. Just imagine.

Earth 7: On this earth, a disease has swept across the planet killing billions.....but only the male half. And not only humans, but every species. A planet headed for extinction....but then of course there is one last man who may seek to undo this....if he can. His name is Yorick. You will know him well.

Earth 8: Like earth 5, a world where evolution took a drastically different turn. Here, the world is known as Reh'P-Tihlon and the dinosaurs never went extinct. They merely evolved. Most recently, these evolved dinosaurs have discovered inter-dimensional travel and a party of so-called “Dinosaucers” have come to Earth 0 to study....unaware, for the moment, that their radical enemies led by the maniacal Genghis Rex have followed.

Earth 9: A world where the Cuban Missile Crisis was not averted and instead led to war. This event has led to an interesting tangent in the multiverse. Again, the names are familiar but the people behind them......the Atom, the Joker, the Flash, are all quite different than what you would happen to know. This world stands if on shaky ground with the United States and Soviet Union still locked in their cold war.

Earth 10: A world where Hitler won World War II, thanks in no small part to Overman. You would know him better as Superman. Raised in Germany as a child, Overman came to believe that the Nazi Reich would bring peace and prosperity to the world. In part, he was right. But is it the right kind of peace? These are the things that cling to Overman's mind these days as he begins to wonder what his presence has wrought. The Party is not as he remembers it being, particularly with the new Fuehrer implementing his Thunder Guard to wipe away the last vestiges of revolution. Overman begins to wonder if he should do something about this Victor Von Doom

Earth 11: A reality where it would appear genders have been inverted, where women rule the world. Contrary to the old saying, this world is about the same as all the others.

Earth 12: A world where that stands on the brink. A few years ago, a war hero called Plisskin shut down most of the planet's power with a device known as the Sword of Damocles, sending the planet back into the dark ages.....mostly. There is still power in some places....even advanced machines that look almost human. But the Sword also inadvertently set off nuclear devices, so some ares of the world are radioactive wastes with mutations breeding. It is a world of many heroes who will come and go throughout the ages.....names that may not be as familiar to you: Turbo Kid, Omega Doom, and others. And it is the world of the man called Max...The Road Warrior.

Earth 13: On this earth, after World War II the great superbeings of the planet created the city called Neopolis in Florida. Here they congregated creating the greatest city ever known, policed by their own kind. It is also the world of geniuses such as Tom Strong and Jack B. Quick. It is the world of vigilantes such as the Greyshirt and the Cobweb. A world that has set out to make contact with any other parallel earth it can in the interests of science and discovery.

Earth 14: In a sense, this earth is a sister of sorts to Earth 13. Here exists Tom Strong's parallel counterpart Doc Strange as well as a bevy of superhumans such as the Fighting Yank, Colonel Future, and the American Crusader. Some on Earth 13 have taken to calling it Terra Obscura.

Earth 15: There are no humans on this world. There were, but now they are gone. No one knows how exactly. They simply disappeared suddenly at the height of their technology leaving the world to the animals, the elements, and the remnants of their civilization.

Earth 16: A world slightly in advance of Earth 0 in some years where the sons and daughters of the planet's champions have become spoiled, self-obsessed, brats who are more interested in what the internet says about them than doing any good.

Earth 17: In 1985, the supervillain organization known as the Fraternity took control of this earth and changed it to their liking. Few people even know that the reason the world is so terrible is due to this. Few people realize there even ever were superhumans at all. Those who do are cowed by the oppressive rule of the Fraternity. This organization does absolutely anything and everything it desires; kill, rape, anything. And you'll never even know it happened. And they have inter-dimensional technology as well, raiding weaker worlds for sport.

Earth 18: A world similar to Earth 0....but not exactly. It was here that after narrowly defeating the entity known as Onslaught did the marvelous heroes of this world come under assault by the villainous Injustice League from another world. Many died in the war, but in the end the League was stopped, with help from heroes of that other world like the Green Arrow or Prometheus. The war was so great, and the losses so horrible, that it changed the hearts of some heroes for the worse and some villains for the better. Thus does Doom put his plans into motion to create a multiversal task force so that this never happens again. His will is absolute after all, and now it is backed by the green ring he took from one of the invaders.

Earth 19: …..Nazi Dinosaur Earth. This is little else to report.

Earth 20: A world where the Squadron Supreme attempted a coup to conquer earth in order to save it. This failed. Also a world of the Society of Superheroes who have fought off invasions from the hordes of Earth 40 led by Vandal Savage. It should be noted though that the SOS found out these invasions were actually a forced relocation.
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Earth 21: The original homeworld of the villains who invaded Earth 18. It could have been a world of great heroes and champions, if not for the madness that consumed the alien J'onn J'onnz into a hatred for the human race when his own people died out. Through his telepathic powers, he perverted the minds and hearts of noble heroes into twisted reflections of themselves. Except for, Superman was already evil.....the ship that brought him to earth missing the Kents by only so much and placing him with a much more abusive family in Smallville. He's dead now though, killed by a combined assault of Dr. Doom, Magneto, and the Punisher wielding mystical bullets created by Dr. Strange during the invasion of Earth 18. As for Earth is a dead world now as well due to the extinguishing of Sol by the alien entity known as the Sun Eater. This is not to say however that all the villains from this world are dead and gone.

Earth 22: Oooooh yeah.....this here is Wrestleworld....yeah....say it twice brother, where all the earth is protected by Hulk Hogan and his team of Superstars. Whether its the threat of the New World Order, led by Hogan's evil twin Hollywood or the machinations of twisted billionaire Vincent Kennedy McMahon, the Superstars are there. And that's the bottom line.

Earth 23: Earth is enslaved by the conquering hordes of the Aks, a race of beings from Mars. Humanity is either callously murdered for amusement, eaten, or experimented upon for the...ah....gratification of the Aks. Resistance will not be tolerated. As it it says in the Ak creedo 'Ak ak ak. Ak ak ak AK!”

Earth 24: A world created by a 'sonic boom' in the timestream creating ripples throughout it. Here Barry Allen never became the Flash, so there Wally West will never inherit that mantle. Where Superman's ship that carried him to earth flattened Metropolis, but where the young Kryptonian was taken and kept weak and decrepit away from the light of the sun. Where a slight change caused a young Bruce Wayne to be killed rather than his parents, meaning Thomas Wayne is now the Batman and Martha Wayne has slipped into demented laughter. Where Tony Stark has been shot dead by his fiance Kathy Dare. Where Peter Parker never learned the lesson of power and responsibility and has become world famous as Spider-Man but also regularly cheats on his wife Gwen Stacy. Where Victor Von Doom is the Thing and Ben Grimm is the Hulk. Where earth has no Green Lantern. Where Europe has been devastated by the war between Atlantis and Themyscira, and the world may soon follow.

Earth 25: A world where humans are second class citizens and it is the mutants and superhumans who are the masters of the world, led benevolently by Magneto and his regal House of M.

Earth 26: A world where once again, evolution took some odd turns. The super powered champions of this world are Captain Carrot and his Zoo Crew, The Justice Critters, and Peter Porker AKA Spider-Ham. The world where a simple duck name Howard was ripped from and thrust into Earth 0.

Earth 27: Like Earth 25, this is a world where mutants rule the earth.....though that is because on Earth 27....sometimes referred to as Earth X.....everyone is a mutant.

Earth 28: The world of the Kromaggs, a militaristic race that evolved rather than humanity. When discovering inter-dimensional travel the Kromaggs found that they appeared to be unique in the multiverse and were sickened by it. Now they've decided to correct this mistake.

Earth 29: This is no earth here. Not anymore. There is no Milky Way Galaxy either. They have been destroyed after Surtur lit his sword Twilight and began Ragnarok. Surtur grows ever larger, consuming all that is before him like some dreaded star. The only survivors of this destruction are the alien Silver Surfer, who was in the Andromeda Galaxy at the time and the mighty Thor....who to his eternal shame and guilt, fled when Surtur had won. Would that he had stayed and fought, but he's lost all hope that Surtur can be stopped. The alien empires of the Kree, the Skrull, and the Shi'Ar likewise are unsure that Surtur's expansion can be halted. But Surtur is interested in something else......a gigantic snake-like creature....a Spawn of Set...has entered his reality. He's killed it of course, but now the fire demon is interested in perhaps expanding his mass towards other realities as well.

Earth 30: A world where Superman's ship crash landed in Soviet Russia rather than Kansas. A world where the Soviet Union dominates the world and has gone from evil empire to the true form that Communism should be. In theory.

Earth 31: A world where the heroes of earth lost to the serpent god Set. Where seven captured heroines birthed Set's unholy spawn. Six of those Set Spawn departed for other realities, while one has remained on earth, devouring the remnants of life on the planet. There is little left on the surface, but the underworld of Subterrainia and Pellucidar remain. And what of Set himself? Luckily that fiend is locked away within the Eye of Agamotto, endlessly battling the hero Quasar now himself empowered by the Engima Force.

Earth 32: A world called Albion where the British Empire remains in firm control of the planet, after interbreeding with a race of aliens who came to earth centuries ago. Currently, Albion is locked in war with the Kromaggs.

Earth 33: Earth Prime as it is known. It has but one hero.....the mind twisting, meta fictional Ultra Comics. Though there was once another....a boy who had the powers of a god....and now uses these powers in the service of his new god. And this god is not benevolent. No, he sees the infinite earths of the multiverse and wants them ended.

Earth 34: A world where the event known as Inferno was lost, and the world was razed. But thanks to the power of the Phoenix it was reborn into a simpler, agrarian world. A pity, for one of the Set Spawn has made it here.

Earth 35: A world that is truly Something Unique. I'll say no more.

Earth 36: Earth Impossible! A world which was to never have life, much less human life, and yet does. This is thanks in part to the alien known as the Impossible Man who occasionally vacations here and creates and recreates life all his own. At least until that big dillweed Galactus shows up every now and then and destroys it all. What a douche. How's the Impossible Man supposed to impress Mr. Mxyzptlk if he keeps doing that?

Earth 37: A world where things have gone rather badly. A world of Ruins, where what could have once been a glorious world of light is dark and fatalistic. Bruce Banner never became the Hulk, but rather a mass of enormous tumors after the Gamma Bomb went off. Where mutants are schizoid freaks of nature rather than benevolent mutations. Where, off in the distance above Mars, the dead body of Galactus orbits. It is unknown as to what killed (or could kill) this reality's World Devourer....but his body hangs there like cosmic carrion.....and it is being fed upon by a Set Spawn.

Earth 38: A world where the arrival of the Kents to find the infant that would one day become Superman was delayed by a simple nail in the road. As a result, superhumans are not liked or trusted here, though Wonder Woman's Justice League is trying to change that.

Earth 39: A world slightly behind ours....still in the 1940s where the heroes known as the Bat, the Clock, and the Owl amongst others are attempting to eliminate the Nazi menace before it unveils its newest and most impressive weapon: the Overman.

Earth 40: The world of Vandal Savage and other villains who invades earth 20. Destroyed by some monstrous god seeking to eliminate every universe in existence. Also the home of the Squadron Sinister, who barely made it across the Bleed to Earth 0. They seek their comrade on this world. They seek King Hyperion.

Earth 41: A world very much like Earth 0 albeit with some differences. This is the homeworld of the hero called Invincible (though he has disappeared and is unknowingly on Earth 0.....thank Mojo for that) as well as the Noble Family. Very recently the combined heroes of this world fought off another of the Set Spawn.

Earth 42: The Absurdiverse. Home of the Tick and Megaton Man and Lieutenant Frank Drebin. A World where the laws of reality are somewhat...relaxed.

Earth 43: A world where the simple wish of one Cordelia Chase altered things in ways she couldn't imagine. Not that she minds now. She's dead. As are Buffy Summers, Willow Rosenberg, Xander Harris, Angel and others. Where the Master rules Sunnydale and vampires have risen to become a world power due to a snowball effect from that simple wish. Dracula it should be noted is dead. However, somehow the mutant Wolverine has usurped his role and is now Lord of the Vampires. So many of the worlds heroes are either dead or have become vampires themselves (like the Batman). Still there are pockets of resistance. Captain America and Iron Man still fight on the side of the living. The Ghost Rider still rides. The Punisher and Blade have formed a partnership. And there is the Slayer Faith, aided by her friends Daniel Osbourne AKA Werewolf by Night and Tara Maclay, who has become sort of crow empowered revenant.

Earth 44: The to put this......Porniverse (or the Per Verse). Here....genetics and morality have taken on wildly different roles. Virtually everyone is of near perfect genetic stock. As a result, people look frankly rather fantastic, have virtually no diseases, and their ….ah....urges...are Thus the heroes of this world rarely have anything to do battle with (and in fact there's very little crime due to well....urges). In fact, these constant distractions could very well be detrimental when one of the Set Spawn has entered here.

Earth 45: A world where Spider-Man has joined the Fantastic Four, creating the Fantastic Five. Such a small event. But small events as we've seen can have unforeseen consequences.

Earth 46: A strange Amalgamated world defended by the likes of Dark Claw, Super Soldier, Dr. Strangefate, and a myriad of other heroes.

Earth 47: A world of gods and monsters, where the Justice League still exists, but in wildly different forms. Superman for example is the genetic son of Lara and General Zod. Batman is Kirk Langstrom, cursed with an affliction that makes him a living vampire. And Wonder Woman is Bekka of New Genesis, who came to earth sickened by the hatred that existed between her world and Apokalips.

Earth 48: A feudal world ruled by the Lord Volt and his wife Lady Quark.

Earth 49: A world which is Square, sometimes called Enix. Magic and science exist here in equal portions and for untold centuries the world has called upon champions to defend it, whether that means protecting the Mana Tree or traveling about through time setting things right. And now, a Set Spawn has found it.

Earth 50: The world of the Justice Lords.....wherein these heroes grew dark after the death of one of their own and have since dedicated themselves to protecting the world from itself.

Earth 51: A world where the Confederacy won the American Civil War. As a result, slavery continued and created a whole avalanche of terrible after effects: forced sterilizations to keep slaves from outnumbering owners, the alliance of the Confderate States of America and Nazi Germany, the conquest of and addition of countries to their particular states, with only the Soviet Union and Canada maintaining autonomy. To stem the tide, Queen Hippolyta of Themyscira and King T'Chaka of Wakanda have set up an alliance to keep their own countries safe. This alliance will be sealed by the bond of Hippolyta's daughter Diana and T'Chaka's son T'Challa to be wed. Though not everyone, even in Themyscira and Wakanda, are exactly fond of that idea.

Further universes are being discovered everyday. Most recently there has been the discovery of Earth 52....a world wherein the earth is roughly 95% water. The dominant lifeform that has evolved here appears to be....well....for lack of a better word...shrimp.

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Black Lightning: a double major in college, Jefferson Pierce wanted to be a high school English teacher. But then Oscorp came calling and made him an offer to work in their applied science division that he just couldn't refuse. Of course, several years later he had a bit of an accident that transformed him into an entity that could absorb and expel electricity. In his confusion, Pierce went on an unintended rampage through Times Square....that was until Spider-Man swung into action and managed to diffuse the situation before it got out of control both on the part of Pierce and the NYPD. Owing gratitude to the Web-Slinger, Pierce submitted to studies performed by ARGUS (over Oscorp's protestations) and found that he carried a latent mutant (or perhaps the preferred nomenclature is 'Meta') gene. Realizing the danger his powers could cause, and that he may have passed these genes on to his young daughters, Pierce volunteered for training by ARGUS and has devoted himself towards understanding mutation and has become an outspoken mutants rights activist in addition to a fully deputized agent of the law.

Deadman: Boston Brand was a simple circus daredevil known for escaping any death trap thrown his way. Then he died. Or was he murdered? He's determined to find out, this being his bit of unfinished business. As a result, Brand has used his newfound status as a ghost to help others pass on to the next life and become an agent of order in the misty world between here and there (sometimes called the Veil or the Further). He's also recently taken on an apprentice of sorts in a dead teenager named Mort.

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i like what you got so far,keep it up! :)

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MacynSnow wrote:
Tue Feb 07, 2017 6:44 pm
i like what you got so far,keep it up! :)
thank you. I appreciate it. Actually, I did write something else the other night, but forgot to post it here

He doesn't know where he is from.



It doesn't matter.

He was born...if you could call it that....speaking and thinking. But all this was simply the clutter and backwash of thoughts and images from those who had made him. They're dead now, but don't mourn them. They were wicked men.

He remembers looking up at the stars and reaching for them.

He found he could touch them.

He found there were few things that were impossible to him as he wafted through the ether.

Then his father came to him, a benevolent sort who taught him. Taught him to understand. Taught him to fight. Taught him to to teach. Taught him. Him. HIM.

And father did name him. Yes, father told him he was the first of his kind, so it was fitting he should be named Adam. And father gifted Adam with something....a trinket he had found in his travels. It was a gem that father told Adam would let him know the full depths of his soul.

And Adam departed from his father to travel the stars. Among his father's creations, another joined Adam on his journeys across the heavens; the canid known as Lupus.

They traveled to world after world, having adventure after adventure.

They came to far distant worlds beyond imagining. On one Adam and Lupus had found people suffering. They had nothing to eat, no clean water to drink. They were sick and infirm. And the Knights repressed them.

And seeing the pain in their souls, Adam used his considerable power and knowledge to aid them. His abilities healed them. His knowledge purified the waters. His wisdom reached them, even some of the Knights came to revere him, and when that happened the Knights gave of their own supplies of food to the masses.

Some called him a hero, a holy man, others called him an apostate, a warlock.

Word traveled from world to world about HIM...about Adam Warlock. Perhaps he was the Universal Messiah that had been promised. That he was the one to unite the worlds..every world. That he was the one to restore the covenant between the people and the Church. That he would bring Truth.

Some came to him, joining he and Lupus. There was Triax, who threw down his weapons of war to learn of peace. There was Moondragon who saw in the Warlock a mate, but found later a mentor and friend. There was Gamora of whom little was known. And there was Pip who.....well Pip honestly never changed much even in Adam's presence. But they and others like them became regarded as apostles to Warlock.

And so the gospel of Adam Warlock rang out across the universe, to even the inner circles of the Universal Church of Truth, to the ears of the Matriarch. She who felt a great pain in having to tell her master of this holy man in the wilderness of space. He was Highest of the High, the Living God, the Master of All He Surveyed....and He so hated bad news.

To the Matriarch's eternal surprise however, the Magus merely smiled.

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got a little bored the last day or so, so I started to type up a few things here. May keep going with it.

Weird World: A Timeline of Horror part 1

The Beginning- In the beginning there was The One. In contemplating It's Oneness, the One became aware of It's Self. In discovering 'Self', the One decided that It could no longer be merely One, as self denoted that there should be more than merely One.

So the One became Two: the side which was all things, good, right, and light became the entity known as the Presence, which ascended upwards to begin creating a dwelling place referred to as 'Heaven'. The side which was all things dark and evil, known alternately as the Great Evil Beast or the Darkness, descended downwards creating its own place of dwelling: Hell.

Being such as Destiny,Death, and other Endless concepts likewise came into being shortly thereafter.

The Presence began to experiment with creating life....though these first creations....known as Leviathan or Old Ones were not exactly what the Presence had intended (that said, Death found them amusing) and set out to make new beings.

The Darkness too began to create, but found that its creations, the elder demons, were likewise not to its liking. So too did jealousy rear its head when the Darkness saw the Presence was creating more refined entities: angels, and that the Presence had intended to create something new....a cosmos of matter.

War began between the Presence and the Darkness, each being omnipotent found their will thwarted. Each indestructible found themselves injured.

But the Presence found a way to win.

While the Darkness was sturm and wrath embodied, it lacked the innovative thinking of the Presence, who fashioned a Mark that would imprison the Darkness for all eternity....provided that one of the Presence's archangels wore said Mark.

The most devoted of the archangels volunteered to wear the Mark. His name was Lucifer.

With the Darkness imprisoned in conceptual oblivion, the Presence set about to create the cosmos.

The elder demons however, angry at the defeat of their god, had fashioned as weapon to attempt to destroy the Presence and His new cosmos. Seven keys which would harness the very power of the newborn universe against the Presence and return reality to the void.

It failed and the Presence scattered the keys throughout His new reality...though the demons believe that if they find all seven of the keys again they can return the universe to darkness, a tale not only passed down amongst their own ranks, but which has likewise been adopted by other races such as the Drow (or Dark Elves).

The universe was born and the Darkness and its demons banished and all was well...for a time

Four to Five Billion B.C.E.: The Presence fashions the planet Earth in the Sol System, upon a multiversal Nexus point, making the young, cooling world universally important. And so the angels set foot upon the newborn rock....but found they were not alone.

The demons had likewise arrived, laying claim to the Earth as their own. They were followed by the Old Ones who did likewise. The star-spanning Celestials also arrived, placing their monoliths upon the barren rock. Finally, the earth itself reared up strange beings formed in the act of the Earth's creation....such as the elder gods Demiurge, Set, Cthon, Zharm, and Gaea. All claimed ownership of the new world and battle for it began amongst most of the sides. The Celestials merely ignored the others and departed, though they greatly implied that they would return at some juncture.

The war was bloody....violent....demon against angel...angel against god.....god against demon....demon against Old One. The Old Ones learned quickly that their status as elder beings allowed them to cut angels off from their power source, their Grace. One angel was as a result badly beaten, torn, and rent, beginning an obsession with pain and uttering to itself over and over the name of its it would take on in madness: Leviathan.

War makes strange bedfellows as angels stood alongside demons and earthly gods against the Old Ones for millenia. Together they managed to route the creatures into a nearby parallel dimension (which would in time become known as Purgatory), putting the creatures to sleep....though when the stars are right the Old Ones could always make their return.

The cost was great, and the three remaining armies came to an uneasy truce for the time being...though each coveted the new world and its importance in the Presence's great cosmic play.

As for the Presence....He came to shape the world....His influence creating the great cosmic breath that would seed life into it.....the world forms developing.....changing....evolving.....from Precambrian things such as what would one day be known as 'Graboids' to millions of years later, fish, amphibians, strange creatures from the Devonian era that were equally fish and man, great dinosaurs, even greater kaiju, and eventually...mammals.

It was these that the Presence seemed to favor the most. There was talk of how these things would one day become the favored creations of the Presence (as soon as they finished 'cooking' a bit). And the angels sang out a heavenly one.

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Re: My Little Universe

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Part 2- Fallen.

Lucifer Morningstar, the highest, most devoted, most loyal of the Presence's archangels had doubts. The knowledge that these things would become the Presence's favored beings stung him a bit, stung his pride. Lucifer voiced concerns to his father, but the Presence maintained that this was His will. And that might have been it, if not for the Mark that held the Darkness in check.

The foul power of the Darkness, even locked away by the Mark on Lucifer, had an effect on the archangel. Anger, resentment, pride, and all manner of urges began to course through the favored archangel. At first, Lucifer continued to try and reason with his father. When that failed he openly defied Him, claiming that he loved the Presence too much to ever knowingly bow to any new creation.

And he talked....he talked to many of his brothers and sisters in Heaven's ranks. This turned a great many of the angels against Lucifer, but at least a third of them found that his words made a great deal of sense, among them the newly dubbed Leviathan, Satan, Etrigan, and countless others. At the Lightbringer's words, the angels decided that if the Presence would not listen to their demands, then He would be unseated.

At least it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Lucifer and his ilk were cast out of Heaven, Lucifer himself defeated by his loyal brother Michael, and thrown down, down past the Earth, down past matter, into the pits of Hell itself. The demons already in residence there immediately fell upon the fallen angels, much to their own chagrin. The angels, enraged by their defeat, began to overwhelm the demonic hordes and there was a war in Hell itself. In time, the angels and the demons bartered a truce via a particularly clever demon called Mephisto. Lucifer would reign as the supreme lord of master of Hell, while the demons would form a Triumvirate to better regulate the day to day running of the pit (which was by now beginning to fill up with the souls of the wicked across the cosmos). The Morningstar however had his eyes still firmly set upon the Earth.

Now how long ago this was, no one can really tell. How much is tale and how much is truth is muddied by the sands of time. Man was indeed born of the earth and the divine breath of the Presence, but also evolved over centuries. Even the angels who refused to partake in the rebellion, but did not aid the Presence and were cast down to Earth have dim recollections of these days.

Suffice to say there was a man, a man named Adam. Perhaps the perfect man, molded in the image of the Presence. Adam had a wife, her name was Lilith...though in Lilith there was an anger, a pride that drew Lucifer to her. With the Morningstar whispering in her ear, Lilith rebelled against both her husband and against the Presence. While some may have come to lionize her for rebellion, let there be no doubts that Lilith was hardly standing for her sex. No in Lilith there was a cruelty and dark flame that Lucifer delighted in fanning. In time, Lilith would become a consort of Hell and become a demon herself (as souls which go to Hell eventually transform into).

Lucifer had struck a blow against his father and against Adam. Seeing this, the Presence placed Adam in a special garden and had the angel Gadreel stand watch over it. The Presence then brought unto Adam a new wife, called Eve. Some say she was made of Adam's rib. Others that she came from another land. Suffice to say, Lucifer's plans against this new humanity had a setback, but only a setback.

One day, Lucifer walked towards the garden called Eden. He was met by the angel Gadreel wielding his flaming sword. Lucifer laughed at Eden's guardian and Gadreel felt great fear. Intimidated by the archangel, Gadreel stood aside. Lucifer, deigning to not sully his hands on the task ahead, appointed one of the elder demons...perhaps the oldest of old it was known only as the First to enter the garden. In the form of a serpent, the First beguiled Eve telling her to eat a certain tree of Eden. The tree was of course one that had been commanded by the Presence that no human should eat of. Eve ate of it at the First's behest, and likewise coaxed Adam into doing the same.

Then all Hell broke loose.

The tree which Adam and Eve had eaten from was indeed something special, just as they were special in the Eyes of the Presence. It was a Tree of Knowledge and in eating it's fruit, it created a change in the two humans. Something profound and metaphysical had occurred to them, the full extent of which is unknown. Perhaps sin was unleashed upon the Earth. Perhaps where there had once been a singular destiny for mankind now there were many, some paths now dark, not only for the Earth itself but for the universe at large all rippling back to this one instant in time.

It was a test that Adam and Eve had failed. They had been forbidden from on high by Gadreel not to eat of the fruit. Now, they had and as such Eden was lost to them and struggle in the inhospitable world had begun.

But the plans of the Presence stretch out further than one can imagine. The test was not just for the humans, but for all involved in the incident.

For Gadreel, he had fallen sway to fear when he should have shone courage. As a result, the angel would find himself the sole occupant of Heaven's newest addition; its jail.

The First had the opportunity, if only for a moment, to refuse Lucifer's orders: to act not in evil as was its nature, but towards light which is possible of all beings. For the failure of the First, the Presence took away its limbs so that it would never 'act' again. Merely remain an intangible, unfeeling voice which forever cursed the Presence.

And Lucifer.....Lucifer had been given the opportunity to make return to the grace of the Presence rather than to pursue his vengeance upon humanity for his wounded pride. And for a long moment, the Morningstar had considered this very thing....but the Mark burned hot against him. Lucifer stood against his father and proclaimed that he had likely done the humans a favor as now they could and would act as he did, which should please the Presence as Lucifer was most favored. Lucifer was cut off by thunder and in that moment felt very, very small. Worse still, after the thunder had ended, Lucifer found that no matter how he spoke, how he explained, how he bargained, how much he raged against the heavens....the Presence made no reply.

And so life went on. Adam and Eve came to dwell far from Eden. And Lucifer, pondering his own choices, neglected the throne of Hell and watched them. The archangel felt a mix of resentment and oddly respect for the humans trudging through their day to day lives, farming, building, and multiplying. They were mayflies to him, but admittedly somewhat interesting mayflies.

Adam and Eve had many children in this time, but chief amongst them was their first born son Cain. Cain who tended the gardens and raised the grain of the earth. Always near his side was his younger brother Abel, a shepherd and somewhat of a philosopher. Lucifer noted that the two of them seemed very familiar to him. Cain, stern and uncompromising, reminded him of his elder brother Michael....while Abel....well Lucifer admittedly saw a bit of himself in the lad.

Inseparable were the two brothers, who listened in great detail to the stories of the Presence from their parents. The two would at times gather up the fruits of their toil, be it from the ground or the flock and offer them up to the Presence. It has been said that the Presence smiled upon Abel's offering of the lamb. It has also been said that Presence did not smile upon Cain's offerings...but who is to say?

In time, Cain would notice something odd about Abel though. Abel would often go into the wilderness near their home and stay gone for hours. When he would return, the younger brother would relay that he had been walking with the Presence. Additionally that the Presence would have a great task for him. Curious, Cain would follow Abel at a distance the next time he departed. What he found, confused him.

Abel sat at the feet of a teacher, learning from him all the secrets of the universe, but it was not at the feet of the Presence. No, Lucifer was impersonating the deity though neither Abel nor Cain knew that. The Morningstar had developed a plan. Some time earlier, he had begun to realize that the Mark upon his arm had been infecting him with the venomous influence of the Darkness. That perhaps if he removed it then he would be as his old self again and again his father would speak to him. But the ways of the Mark were clear. It could only be removed if another willingly accepted it. One like him perhaps, one like Abel, to whom he spoke of his favor and for whom he had a task to perform. Abel accepted the plans of the 'Presence' and would take the Mark from him.

These plans changed rather quickly. Believing Lucifer to be the Presence just as Abel had, Cain was filled with rage. That his brother would be the object of the Presence's will and not provoked feelings of inadequacy, of envy, of PRIDE. Something that made Lucifer look up and smile somewhat when Cain picked up the jawbone of an ass and struck Abel in the head. Cain shouted for his brother to get up so he could continue his assault. But Abel remained unmoving in the grass. As Abel's hounds howled in the distance, Cain knew what had happened and his rage became sorrow.

Lucifer however stood and admitted that Cain's actions impressed him, and should the elder brother be willing, he would bestow the Mark upon him instead. Weeping and distraught, Cain accepted the Mark that would forever bear his name. It was done and Cain, ashamed and fearful for his own life headed into the wilderness, some say to the land of Nod (or at least, a part of him did).

Lucifer then ascended, daring to come close to the gates of Heaven once more....only to be savagely struck by Michael. Surprised, Lucifer made his claim of atonement, that he was free of the Mark's influence. Michael, attacking his brother again, had no idea how someone so wise could be so foolish. The Mark was influence yes....only influence...the choices Lucifer had made however were his own. Three strikes, you're out in other words.

Lucifer found himself now in the deepest bowels of Hell, imprisoned in a cage that was to hold him for eternity; the ultimate prison in the ultimate prison. Raging, ranting against the Presence and against all He held dear, Lucifer vowed that he would escape even if it forever. And he began to test the bars of his prison very meticulously.

And on Earth, went on.

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