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[Earth-G]Velya and Dog!

Post by Hoid » Thu Nov 30, 2017 1:00 am

Infamous mortals:
Velya Barovich:
Crunch Writeup:
PL7/57pp. A powerful noble of the kingdom of Wallachia, and a man of great learning and zero conscience, Velya Barovich feels...cheated. It should have been he who was touched by the Green Star!!! He should be like a pagan god of old! But, no. Fate ever so cruel has denied him what is rightfully HIS.

Velya Barovich, man of science, has fix this error on God's part. And the results are horrifying in the extreme.

You see, Velya captures Starborn and "experiments" on them trying to find what it is that makes them special. That this "experimentation" is indistinguishable from torture matters not; only the results matter. And if that result brings pain then so be it.
Velya Barovish wrote:"It should have been me!"
Every supers setting needs a mad scientist! (This guy is likely a direct ancestor of Josef Mengele.)

Infamous Starbeasts:
Crunch Writeup:
PL10/110pp. Once Velya Barovish's own father, but transformed by the Green Star into an unnaturally hulking canine Starbeast, Dog has been "experimented" upon, driven insane and then forcibly "imprinted" via crude brain surgery with absolute-if-terrified loyalty to his son.
Dog is one of many reasons Velya Barovish feels so slighted.
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[Earth-G]John Dee and the toad-Starbeast!

Post by Hoid » Thu Nov 30, 2017 1:12 am

Infamous Starborn:
Dr. John Dee:
Crunch Writeup:
[Note: Dr. John Dee was a real man who was obsessed with both science and the occult. His story is beyond intriguing, filled with mysticism, so-called "angelic script", and a psychic "assistant" who was very likely a total fraud. It's something you normally only read in historical fantasy---but the guy really lived.]

PL2/100pp. Dr. John Dee has the distinction of being the only Starborn with the blessing of Mother Church. Though at first dependent on a crystal-gazer of dubious legitimacy, Dee was later empowered by the Green Star. Obsessed with communing with "celestial intelligences", Dee's transfiguration into one of the Starborn led to an undeniably genuine communication with...something.

A psychic able to communicate with any living on Earth, even over the very longest distances, Dee stretched his consciousness into "the celestial spheres" and made contact with an entity calling itself Aiwass. Aiwass claimed to be an aetheric entity unbeholden to mortal strictures. Moreover, Aiwass seemed to know everything of Dee's life, from the most shameful weakness to the most sublime triumph.

Dee believed. And he now regularly communes with Aiwass. He has convinced the Church in England of Aiwass' "divine nature", that Aiwass is an angel. Backed up his other, undeniably real psychic visions, Dee has earned the unique status of the Church's only fully-approved Starborn.

Dr. John Dee lives in the lap of luxury in London, England, supported by the Crown.
Dr. John Dee wrote:"I have seen. I have heard. I know what must be done..."
The name "Aiwass" is actually from Aleister Crowley, another real-life guy. I've appropriated it here for my own purposes.

Infamous Starbeasts:
Crunch Writeup:
As mentioned before on several occasions, the Green Star's miraculous dust was sometimes carried very far afield from Europe. One such sprinkle of powers-granting dust was inhaled by an elderly Chinese hermit (name unknown). This hermit was transformed into a toad, non-sentient---but GIGANTIC, easily the size of a very large human being.

Word of this miraculous creature spread far and wide, and eventually the Emperor, himself, decided to possess the beast. Six holy men set out to capture the god-toad, a task they succeeded at, brilliantly.

But...that was when the...problems...began. The toad was hungry, ENDLESSLY hungry. No matter how much food the holy men fed the damnable thing, there was always room, it seemed, for MORE.

Upon returning to the Emperor, they presented His Majesty the infernal beast and washed their hands of it. ("Good riddance!", they said, relieved.) The Emperor, however, found the toad's endless appetite to be the solution to a very real problem: he discovered it would eat human corpses just as readily as any other foodstuff.

Thus, the newly-christened "Toad-eating-the-Sky" became the intimidating "monster" at the Emperor's "command".
Awwww, look at the baby kaiju! Kaiju??! KAIJUUUUUUUU!
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[Earth-G]The Great Beast and Jennie Faun!

Post by Hoid » Thu Nov 30, 2017 1:19 am

Infamous Starborn:
The Great Beast:
Crunch Writeup:
PL10/150pp. Though most Starborn look perfectly human, some few have transformed radically. One such physically mutated Starborn is Angelique Renoit, known to Europe as the Great Beast.

A living pillar of plant-matter and fungus, the Great Beast is plugged directly into Earth's biosphere, and may alter her physiology into any plant or fungus in the entire universe. This functions essentially as Shapeshift and NOT Plant Mimicry, considering her raw versatility. Furthermore, as long as Earth lives, so too shall the Great Beast endure. And finally, the Great Beast is in a state of quantum entanglement with the alien Godgardens of Alpha Centauri and Proxima Centauri, and may choose to Transmit there (though she is unaware of this talent).

Though French by birth, the Great Beast has traveled north, as is now the "bride" and chief disciple of Wotan One-eye. Though she doesn't believe him in his outrageous claims of godhood, the Great Beast is, nonetheless, herself a pagan. She vehemently supports Wotan's desire to "re-paganize" Europe, and that is why she serves him.
The Great Beast wrote:"...all things are of the cycles of nature...”
The Green Star universe's much-lower-powered equivalent of Swamp Thing.

Infamous Starborn:
Jennie Faun:
Crunch Writeup:
PL3/56pp. Not all Starborn have astonishing powers, but ALL are quite interesting. Take Jennie Faun, for instance: once a French peasant girl named Jacquiline, Jennie Faun gained the horns and backwards-bending legs of a gazelle, a slightly hypnotic gaze and the power to see even in even the darkest of night.

While Jennie Faun is not all that terribly powerful, she has nevertheless stirred up a firestorm in rural France. Paganism has taken root anew, as superstitious villagers have---against her own will!---declared her to be a forest spirit of old. They hold her hostage, worshipping her and keeping her hidden from the Christian communities all around them.
Jennie Faun wrote:”In God’s good name, I beg you to let me go! I am not what you say I am!”
Not every "god" wishes to be worshipped.

Infamous teams:
The Faun's faithful: Jennie Faun's cultists.
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[Earth-G]Dreamingborn and Elementals!

Post by Hoid » Thu Nov 30, 2017 1:38 am

Earth-G's Dreamingborn:
Damnation's Herald:
Crunch Writeup:
PL9/150pp. Spiritname is Hannibal. Hannibal is a male Dreamingborn, Damnation's Herald is shaped by medieval Europe's rampant fears of the devil and witchcraft. A bloated, satyr-like undead thing, Damnation's Herald may fly via broomstick and may gift 'homunculi' as Sidekicks to mundane 'witches'! Damnation's Herald is caught in his personal narrative and honestly believes he is as he is...!

Wandering Christendom dispensing evil as he sees fit, Damnation’s Herald is slowly gathering a network of mundane human ‘witches’—-all with thoughtform Sidekick ‘familiars’—-to enact some dreadful scheme that will likely bring Europe burning to the ground. Placeholder.


Earth-G's four elementals:
For more information on elementals and the role they play in the entire Forever Tree see here: Elementals---and more!
Crunch Writeup:
PL10/150pp. A female elemental, Aethyreelle embodies rain (water). She can control rain, thunder and lightning and wind. Plus, she's a vestigial precognitive. Most people simply assume Aethyreelle is a Starborn and leave it at that.

Aethyreelle is a servant of the Ironprince, a French Starborn noble. She’s one of his mistresses, but is far from docile. Aethyreelle has flat-out told the Ironprince she will kill him, if he ever breaks her heart...a threat the Ironprince knows she’s quite capable of acting out! Placeholder.

Crunch Writeup:
PL10/150pp. A male elemental, Glome embodies mountains (earth). He is a brick resembling a mobile moa'i head from Easter Island. He can also flow through stone as if it were open air, but only through stone never worked over by man. Plus, he has vestigial telekinesis and pyrokinesis.

Glome lives in Tibet, and is a Bon shaman. He advises the Dalai Lama, and guards a bodhisattva Buddhist nun (who herself claims to be the reincarnation of some forgotten traditional pre-Buddhist Tibetan god). Placeholder.

Crunch Writeup:
PL10/150pp. A male elemental, Ifrit embodies volcanos (fire). A brick made of searing-hot 'living' obsidian, Ifrit is a superspeedster whose body is entirely razor-sharp. He's a vestigial telepath.

Ifrit lives in Jerusalem, and is homeless and insane. The city’s citizens erroneously believe Ifrit to be a Starborn—-which he is emphatically not. Unbeknownst even to him, Ifrit is the pawn of KORE, a cosmic entity from far-off Earth-L. Placeholder.

Crunch Writeup:
PL10/150pp. A female elemental, Skie embodies strong winds (air). She can become a 'living' windstorm, doing immense damage hilts in this ur-wind configuration. Plus she is a vestigial cryokinetic.

Skie is wild and out-of-control, and is disliked by virtually all who meet her. Placeholder.
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[Earth-G]The Bearer of the Holy Gift and the Eternal Gift!

Post by Hoid » Thu Nov 30, 2017 2:22 am

Infamous Starborn:
the Bearer of the Holy Gift:
Crunch Writeup:
PL10/146pp. The Bearer of the Holy Gift has no powers, herself; rather, she may transform humans into Starborn, albeit only for 5 days...unless one willingly surrenders a decade's lifeforce, extending the Bearer of the Holy Gift's life-expectancy by the same amount. In this case, the transformation into Starborn lasts for ten whole years. Once the enhancement has worn off, however, it can never be reapplied to the same person ever again. Only humans may benefit from the Bearer of the Holy Gift's powers, NOT superhumans of ANY kind, nor animals of ANY breed.

The Bearer of the Holy Gift has no connection whatsoever to the Eternal Gift. She is, however, sort of a ‘court wizard’ for the French Starborn noble the Ironprince.
The Bearer of the Holy Gift wrote:"We may all share in Heaven's newest blessing!"
Every supers setting needs a guy or gal like this!

the Eternal Gift:
Crunch Writeup:
+120pp to base character. No one knows who the Eternal Gift originally was, but it hardly matters, now: the Eternal Gift is a Starborn that exists as a set of powers transferred from mundane human to mundane human, empowered briefly, then moving on. But in addition to the power comes the purpose: doing good. This impulse is unavoidable even in men who were previously evil as sin.

For the brief time a mundane human hosts the Eternal Gift, he or she becomes a streamlined, idealized version of themselves: they become beautiful, physically fit and mentally stable---madness fades, if only for a time, and fears dissolve away.

In addition, the wielder of the Eternal Gift possesses phenomenal control over cosmic energy, simulating a variety of paragon powers.

The Eternal Gift never lasts, however, rarely staying for more than 22 hours. It then randomly jumps to a totally new mundane human, repeating the cycle. Distance is no concern, leading to temporary superhumans theoretically anywhere on Earth.

The Eternal Gift has no connection whatsoever with the Bearer of the Holy Gift.
Yes, this IS Marvel's Uni-Force retooled for a much lower-powered universe.
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[Multiverse-wide]The Red Sons!

Post by Hoid » Thu Nov 30, 2017 3:43 am

The Red Sons: Protecting the ANY cost!
—————Who are the Red Sons? Where are they from?
The Red Sons are a malevolent sect of reality-'guardians' dedicated to doing whatever is necessary to ensure multiversal survival and even dimensional prosperity. No method is too extreme, if the Forever Tree's salvation is the reward.

As to where the Red Sons're from: Earth-H, for the most part. Placeholder.

—————What do the Red Sons want, and what're they willing to do to achieve it?
The answer is simple: "To preserve the multiverse." A noble goal, all will admit. But the methods used...oh, they are not noble. Murder; extortion; even genocide are all permissible, in Red Son doctrine, if the end result is multiversal Harmony. The Red Sons have killed billions in their self-mandated role as cosmic 'protectors'.

They have no mercy. They have no trustworthiness. They will lie and backstab and dice rate to achieve their goals. No one is an ally; everyone is either pawn or enemy. Even fellow Red Sons must be watched vigilantly, for all are suspect, all could be massive threats.

—————Do the Red Sons have a central HQ, and if so, where is it?

———-+++How do the Red Sons feel about the Sunsphinx?
They feel nothing but contempt for the Sunsphinx. Placeholder.
—————...the Apkallu?
—————....about the imperiex?
Imperiex scare the Red Sons. The Gathering of the Most High has only had 7 casualties over the last billion years; their power is literally infinite; and they're very touchy about their dominions. Ergo, the Red Sons go to great lengths to stay under imperiex radar. Placeholder.
—————...about the Star Corps?
The Red Sons wanted Network for themselves; the Star Corps got him, instead. Ergo, the word to best describe the Red Sons' views on the Star Corps is 'dangerous'. One day, Red Sons and Star Corps will go to cosmic war...and who knows who the victor might be? Placeholder.
—————...the Starvampires and/or the Tlolkku?


The Red Sons:
Membership Roster:
10 (1 cosmic entity [team mentor]; 8 superhumans [from across the multiverse]; and 12 nonsentient war-robots [the Fiery Embers]). All but three members of the Red Sons are from Earth-H.
Team Leader(s):
Red Son (PL15/244pp; team leader/male seedling paragon from Earth-E).
Team Members:
the Aviatrix (PL12/225pp; team blaster/female phoenix-godform gorgon from Earth-H); Big Red (PL14/265pp; female Manifold Giant from Earth-K); Corpse-in-the-Cloak (PL11/190pp; team blaster/male arhat pyrokinetic from Earth-H); Crimson Dawn (PL16/300pp; team heavy-hitter/female gigante gorgon from Earth-H); Diablo Madre (PL9/152pp; team blaster/female arhat fire-based necrokinetic); Red Father (PL19/1100pp; team mentor/'male' ur-robot-enshrouded cosmic entity from Earth-H); Red Son (PL15/244pp; team leader/male seedling paragon from Earth-E).
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[Earth-G]The Angel of Wolves, Brutus and the Kinfolk!

Post by Hoid » Thu Nov 30, 2017 4:50 pm

Infamous Starborn:
The Angel of Wolves:
Crunch Writeup: Here!
PL12/150pp. The Angel of Wolves is feared by many, for he is the Red Hand's "worst scenario": a Starborn supremacist eager to rally his kind and dominate all Christendom. He is THE evil Starborn, motivated by greed, lust for power and rage-filled narcissism.

The Angel of Wolves is a slender, beautiful being, radiant and golden---delicate, so to speak. With long flowing silver hair and large goat horns atop his head, the Angel of Wolves has a very good reason to hate Mother Church: he is a homosexual, and has lived under the shadow of persecution his whole life. Now that he has power, the Angel of Wolves will never be cowed into quiet misery again.

The Angel of Wolves' power is to summon a pack of ectoplasmic wolves, warbeasts that fight and kill at his command. Every person these "spiritwolves" kills gives the Angel of Wolves s temporary ability to use telepathy and tactile telekinesis...---though this, unfortunately, fades quickly, necessitating more murder.
The Angel of Wolves wrote:"The old order is dead. We are the new order."
The "Magneto" of the Green Star universe. The Angel of Wolves is basically a cannibalistic, vampiric psychic. He thinks quite highly of himself, but is actually a sweltering mesh of competing neuroses.
Crunch Writeup:
Brutus is a brick, one of the strongest such Starborn alive. His powers are not complicated and he boasts little in the way of unusual abilities or tactics. Brutus is immune to medieval weaponry, but the arrival of primitive firearms has unveiled weaponry that can harm him.

Brutus is the Angel of Wolves' lover AND his most trusted follower.
Brutus wrote:"Brothers! Sisters! We are all children of the Green Star! Let there not be violence between us. Let us be as one! The mundanes will kill us all, if they can. Only my liege can give us the leadership we need, in order to survive. Join us!"
Every master villain needs a capable chief minion; that they're in love only helps things. Despite being the love of the Angel of Wolves' life, however, Brutus is, sadly, just a jobber.

Infamous teams:
The Kinfolk:
Crunch Writeup: Here!
The Angel of Wolves has human and superhuman devotees, known as "the Kinfolk". Consisting of several hundred humans, 20 or so "tame" Starbeasts and nearly 30 Starborn, the Kinfolk have the potential to conquer Christendom. The Red Hand fears the Kinfolk, for what it represents: the end of the old order, and the beginning of something new...
The Angel of Wolves' own cult.
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[Earth-B]Five iconic NPCs!

Post by Hoid » Thu Nov 30, 2017 5:03 pm

[Earth-B]Five iconic NPCs!
Face in the Water: Atlantican citizen with a mission and a purpose.
Crunch Writeup:
PL6/122pp. Real name is Aura Sherbook. Female Heavenshadow mutant. In addition to the 'standard' Heavenshadow suite of powers, Face in the Water may teleport from one place submerged underwater to another place submerged underwater, as well as breathing underwater. In the water, Face in the Water's scalding heat aura inverts, becoming arctic cold.

Face in the Water is a citizen of Atlantica, a Hegemonic ur-city covering the entirety of what was once the American state of Hawai'i. Placeholder.
Face in the Water wrote:”I’m glad my home has made such a vibrant recovery! Seeing the devastation humans leveled on it was...AWFUL.”

the Greenery Man: A hope for the future.
Crunch Writeup:
PL0/6pp. Real name is Damien Whistler. Male strawberry-Leaf mutant. The Greenery Man is the most famous Leaf alive! This is for one reason: the Greenery Man has the power to vastly increase the number of Leaf sproutlings Leaf couples can have, by way of deep meditation and a friendly prayer. Also, once every month and a half, the Greenery Man may transform mundane plant sprouts into Leaf sproutlings!

As a result, the Greenery Man is in constant demand, and the Leaf race is slowly rebuilding its numbers with his help.

The Greenery Man is a deacon in Turning Over Anew Ministries!

Because of his immense importance, the Dream Moth has placed two Hegemonic Giants---a pair of identical twin brothers!---as the Greenery Man's permanent bodyguards! Placeholder.

The Greenery Man wrote:”We all must do our part to make our planet as wonderful as possible for everyone, not just mutants!”


Leopold Wynters: The treacherous underling.
Crunch Writeup: Here!!!
PL6/67pp. Male maharajah. Dr. Leopold Wynters is the vile, cunning second-in-command of the Orbitals---despite not being an Orbital himself!

Though he believes himself to be a Mentat and a mutant, in reality Dr. Wynters is neither: rather, he's a maharajah, a non-mutant psychic. As Mentats're all mentally ill, Wynters believes he is mentally unstable, when, in fact!, he is not unbalanced psychologically.

Because he's not a mutant, Dr. Wynters is utterly immune to The Purity's anti-mutant technology.

the Orbital Man: Mad with power, crazed by isolation and bent on world conquest.
Crunch Writeup: Here!!!
PL9/223pp. Real name is Sandy Upminster. Male Benign Tumor mutant. The Orbital Man was once a NASA astronaut, before his mutant heritage exploded forth and held him captive in Earth's orbit.

Few supervillains have dreams quite as grandiose as that of the Orbital Man's. A human-seeming mutant, the Orbital Man desires nothing less than to merge his slightly-out-of-synch memetic core with the Earth, below---catapulting the stranded mutant to genuine cosmic entity status! But that is only the begining...

A Supermanalogue, the Orbital Man is trapped in orbit around Earth as the very nature of his mutations demand it be so. However, there is a unique side-effect to this: the Orbital Man may grant a copy of 1/12th his powers to 12 non-mutant humans---creating the Orbitals! The Orbital Man himself loses no powers in the process, and can reclaim his gifts at a moment's notice. Furthermore, he's in constant telepathic contact with his Orbital minions!

This is due to the Orbital Man's unique condition: his soul---his memetic core!---is out of synch with his corporeal body, thus allowing him to flagrantly violate the laws of biological science. Hence his scheme: if he could meld his memetic core with Earth, itself, he would literally become the planet's soul and guiding sentience---thereby becoming Earth in the process!

Despite being a mutant, the Orbital Man is the Exemplar of Orbitals. Placeholder.
The Orbital Man wrote:”Serve me, and grow strong, for I am the STRONGEST of them all!”

Warring Worm:
Crunch Writeup:
PL12/230pp. Genderless ('male' personality) nephilim uber-brick. Normally, Warring Worm is a genderless humanoid made of pure titanium; in the background forever lurks the Potentiality, a semi-sentient 'cloud' of so-called 'possibility steel' particles. Normally powerless, the Potentiality may be 'worn' by Warring Worm, turning the strange nephilim warrior into a metal-mimicking powerhouse!
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[Perpendicular-6]a codex missive from Retrieval GAMMA!

Post by Hoid » Thu Nov 30, 2017 5:14 pm

[Perpendicular-6]An intercepted Sunsphinx codex.
Ash the Starbuilder, Mighty-among-the-Mighty
To You Who are Most High,
I give salutations and greetings, along with deepest apologies for the excessive tardiness of this report. Trans-Dominion travel is, at least, an inexact science; at worst, it's mere guesswork. Furthermore, I encountered complications along the way that drastically lengthened the duration of my mission. These complications were unavoidable, even for such as I.

My travels through the Local Outer Dominion were, as you are well aware, prompted by a growing desire for and need of fresh Useful Oblivion. In recent epochs supplies have been running perilously low. Ergo, it was a logical decision to send out a scouting party, to wit, I and my cohorts in Retrieval GAMMA.

What we found is of direst concern to our resource-management time table: reserves of wild Useful Oblivion have catastrophically declined, resulting in the Local Outer Dominion growing minutely more stable. Redundant timelines have dropped by 0.1%, a gargantuan decline, considering the sheer scale we are speaking of.

Furthermore, mass migrations from the Local Outer Dominion to the Local Inner Dominion have experienced a similar 0.1% spike---which, again, is an enormous figure, when the sheer scale of it is taken into consideration.
Designate-K and Designate-L have experienced such migrations in recent history. Furthermore, our nascent kin on Designate-Z are suffering a catastrophic population-decline from a third migration, which is calamitous as Designate-Z has the first superhuman population to arrive to the edge of Sunsphinx apotheosis. Hopefully, you and your associates have these problems well in hand.

Local Inner Dominion dimensional integrity is coming under increasingly overt self-reliance, as Step 2 biomortal species start to take their cosmic fate into their own hands. We can only hope they choose wisely. May I remind you of the Necrophage Incident in the most recently eradicated Weavery-sheaf? That was a colossal disaster, and was ultimately resolved not by us, but rather, by resourceful Step 2 biomortals. That is a lesson we should all keep in mind.

The upcoming techgnostic wave is being prepared as I write this very report. Changes to the Local Inner Dominion should be, at worst, extremely minimal. My Retrieval GAMMA techgnosis expert assures me the chances of a collapse are so marginal as to not even genuinely exist. However, I have complied with Regulations and have set up leyline gardens on each Designate.

(As a note, the Designate-G gardens have been observed by local biomortals, Steps 0-2. Local biomortals designated them as ‘witchlands’, predictably enough. It shouldn't be a problem.)

Unfortunately, all is not entirely according to the time table. As I mentioned at the begining of my report, I and Retrieval GAMMA faced unexpected difficulties while prospecting for Useful Oblivion: namely, a techgnostic wave-formation that nearly crippled our ark. We were adrift in Local Outer Dominion R3 for several Aeion-standard months, during which time several possible timelines rippled forth with considerable slowness, compared to R3’s normal 'stately' progression. While the narratives of each timeline varied somewhat, the overall message was quite clear: war in the Local Inner Dominion appears to be in the works.

Thus, while our dimensional integrity is most assuredly affirmed, domestic dimensional turmoil is inevitable. It is my recommendation we put the Sungods on L3 alert.

Thank you for your time in reading this report. As ever, Ave Deus.

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[Earth-W]five iconic NPCs!

Post by Hoid » Thu Nov 30, 2017 6:10 pm

[Earth-W]Five iconic NPCs!
the Amazing Equine Hominid!:
Crunch Writeup:
PL11/150pp. Real name is Tiberius Krainn. Male Brood-born horse-headed giant brick.

The Amazing Equine Hominid! is Russian. He is Umbral-beast's younger brother. The Amazing Equine Hominid! is a member of the Sungods.


the Armsman:
Crunch Writeup:
PL11/151pp. Real name is Marc Braile. Male. Spider-feral Brood-born giant, with weak energy-construct 'webs'.

The Armsman is British. Placeholder.


Perfect Lion:
Crunch Writeup:
PL10/190pp. Real name is Erick Donner. Male. Lion-feral Skinchanger-born giant brick.

Perfect Lion is from Switzerland. Placeholder.


Crunch Writeup:
PL15/200pp. Real name is Tatyana Dmitrovich. Female wolf-feral Brood-born giantess mind-controller with energy lashes growing tom her wrists. One of the few psychics of Earth-W, Umbral-beast is an assassin, working exclusively for the Obsidian Crew. A secret society loyal to extremist elements in fundamentalist Christianity, the Obsidian Crew is obsessed with 'purging sin' from the world. So, too, is Umbral-beast devoted to said task!

Umbral-beast is Russian. She is the Amazing Equine Hominid!'s older sister. She has successfully hidden her extremist beliefs/connections from her little's only a matter of time; then, Umbral-beast will reluctantly 'remove' the Amazing Equine Hominid! from the equation...


the Vainglory of Feathers:
Crunch Writeup: Here!!!
PL6/60pp. Real name is Wanda Andrews-Talbot. Female peacock-feral Brood-born giantess. The Vainglory of Feathers is 'famous for being famous', and even has her own wildly successful reality-TV program. An astonishingly shallow and careless heiress to a considerable fortune, the Vainglory of Feathers' immense physical appeal is easily overshadowed by her obnoxious/toxic personality.

The Vainglory of Feathers is American. The Vainglory of Feathers is neither a superheroine nor a supervillainess, as both do not suit her fickle antisocial borderline personality...!
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[Perpendicular-3]a setting overview!

Post by Hoid » Thu Nov 30, 2017 6:15 pm

[Perpendicular-3]The universe of the Skyengines!
Half insane from their experimentations into Demimachinery, forgeshamans are Welrulites who try to reverse-engineer Demimachine-level technology. As this is insanely dangerous, those who succeed are viewed as holy men. (Despite this, most forgeshamans do not view themselves in such a manner...!)

Many forgeshamans are infocrats.

The unbelievably huge, hypersentient godrobots are towering in height, and frightening to behold, but it is they who maintenance the seven Skyengines! Built a million years ago by the ur-Monoliths, people through the solar system of Welrul worship the ever-silent godrobots as living deities.

Created by the dying ur-Tower species to inherit Welrul, ur-Monoliths are few in number---only 331 exist!---but it is they who rule supreme. Ur-Monoliths built the 109 godrobots to assist the ur-Monoliths in their never-ending battle to upkeep the beyond massive Skyengines! Placeholder.

A godlike alien species, ur-Towers created both the ur-Monolith race AND the entirety of Welrul's Skyengines---they were later driven extinct after a massive war with the Sunsphinx space gods!

The process via which a mortal corpse may be 'hollowed out' and worn as disguises by various ur-Monoliths.

The dominant species of Welrul. Us! Only humans can become infocrats.

Cyborg humans, infocrats are the moneyed elite of Welrul. Nearly 50% of all Welrul’s superhumans are infocrats.

Many infocrats are forgeshamans.

The solar system holding the Skyengines and their seven captive planets. Beyond Welrul lies the Instrumentality; beyond that, Useful Oblivion.

.,’...the Instrumentality:
Home of the ur-Monoliths, the Instrumentality is a galaxy-sized Demimachine 'cradle' holding Welrul as its most precious of cargoes!

.,’...the seven planets of Welrul:
Ae, Planet of Raw Madness::
Named after Ae (PL9/200pp), an ur-Monolith forgeshaman who long ago went mad, Ae (the planet) is a technophobic nightmare, where ikonswarms hunt down human infocrats laired up in impenetrable data-fortresses. The people live in grinding industrialized despair and polluted gloom. Placeholder.
Bes Ba Burutuuk, Planet of Antiquity and Barbarity:
Named after Bes Ba Burutuuk (PL11/200pp), an ur-Monolith psychic obsessed with Holding a human body, Bes Ba Burutuuk is a world-city that's fallen into barbarism. Petty tribes rule various neighborhoods, while the Ironbull Society performs horrifying human sacrifices to 'appease' the godrobots.
Meanwhile, animal-skull-helmed humanoids known as iksi raid human habitations from their lairs in the Shadowsblight, a region of Bes Ba Burutuuk given over to nature gone toxic.
Heglelekiggi, Planet of Rivalry:
Named after Heglelekiggi (PL16/200pp), a two-headed ur-Monolith brick at war with itself, Heglelekiggi (the planet) is bitterly divided by two highly distinct nations---the blue-skinned moiwutuk of the Invincible and Ever-Victorious People's Democratic Republic of Isinli; and the purple-skinned unyuuu of the People's Freely Chosen Republic of Nfinti. Propaganda of the most extremely nationalistic kind flows freely on Heglelekiggi.
War-robots make up a substantial portion of Heglelekiggi's population, and're treated as full citizens with rights equal to any biological beings.
Khaea, Planet of Golems:
Named after Khaea (PL12/200pp), a surgical genius ur-Monolith obsessed with 'improving' the human physiology, Khaea (the planet) is a 'peaceful' dominion fascinated with medical science---in all its aspects NOT just the normal 'benevolent' uses.
The primary expression of this medical obsession are the iksi, the very same savage humanoids who menace the planet of Bes Ba Burutuuk. Created in Khaea in vast cloning facilities, iksi are primitive cybernetic organism given over to extreme hyper aggression. Part of a MASSIVE study into aggression, hatred and the homicidal impulse, the iksi are grown on Khaea, then taken by skybarge to Bes Ba Burutuuk where they're left to cause havoc, whilst their creators observe from afar!
Meson, Planet of Energy:
Named after Meson (PL15/200pp), a cosmic-energy-channeling ur-Monolith devoted to the study of the most incomprehensible of Demimachines. Cause and effect break down here, and time...stutters...every so often, causing the same event to play out in successively different outcomes.
More resembling an insect hive than a 'normal' planet, Meson is biotissues coagulated around the massive Demimachine cores that connect Meson to its specific Skyengine 'cradle'.
Wawkirri, Planet of Artifice:
Named after Wawkirri (PL5/200pp), the inventor among the ur-Monolith 'race'. Here, non-Demimachine technology is researched...and ethics in research don't apply: Wawkirri is ruled by a fractious 'council' of 9 superpowered cyborgs/precognitives known as the Ironseers. Each Ironseer is devoted to pushing mortal technology to its uttermost limits, with Demimachinery being considered impure/'blasphemous'.
Za, Planet of Meditation:
Named after Za (PL5/200pp), a precognitive/postcognitive ur-Monolith with only a handful of prophetic peers scattered throughout the entirety of the Forever Tree! The Great Aye, he who permits the flow of time in Welrul (as a universe), is worshipped as a god by the people of Za; they obsessively follow the Great Aye's every action for some small clue to prophecy...

The greatest creations of the ur-Towers are, without a doubt, the seven Skyengines that keep Welrul's planets from colliding in a pinball-like Armageddon of cosmic proportions!

-_\/////INHABITANTS (from the outside multiverse):
.,’...Apkallu infiltrators:

.,’...Starvampires and Tlolkku:

.m’...Sungod operatives:
Obviously, the Sungods have a team member from Perpendicular-3. Placeholder.

-_\/////INHABITANTS (natives [superbeings]):
Humans who possess a Weaponized Icon; a form of Welrulite superhumans. Gunners cannot be bonded to a Tu-template!

Energetic, immaterial psionic alien lifeforms, Tu-templates are utterly passive, requiring the unique neural energy of humans to survive. So, Tu-templates will find a resonating human host and overlay themselves into that person's quantum perception of themselves---granting their hosts superpowers, in the process! However, those with Tu-templates cannot integrate with Weaponized Icons!
Humans bonded with Tu-templates allowing for telepathic illusions.
Humans bonded with Tu-templates that allow them to channel and control gravimetric force.
Humans bonded with Tu-templates that allow them to generate 'force-construct' extra limbs and sensory 'organs’.

.,’...Weaponized Icons:
Demimachines, each Weaponized Icon is a unique Device that grants highly powerful and destructive superpowers to those who hold them. Holders of Weaponized Icons are known as Gunners. To hold a Weaponized Icon is to forever deny yourself access to a Tu-template!
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[Earth-X]a setting overview!

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[Earth-X]A primer!
—————What are Runes? Where are they located?
Runes are universal cosmic constants that, in the universe of Earth-X, can be 'drawn down' by certain practices, to temporarily assume the powers and station of a Runetitan.

As to 'where' Runes are, they're not 'anywhere', being psi-charged symbols that permeat the entire Earth-X universe!

—————Who 'wrote' the Runes?
He-who-is-now-Dead, of course! Only HE could scribe celestial truths in psi-resonant lettering, as it requires as close to genuine omnipotence and genuine omniscience as is possible. (Lesser beings would be overwhelmingly likely to 'foul' the script and thus neutralize any beneficent effect the text may have had...) Placeholder.

—————How does one draw down a Rune? What is Runemastery?
Runemastery is the ability to draw down one or more Runes. Currently, only superhumans native to Earth-X are able to do so! Placeholder.

—————What are Runetitans? How do they come into being?
Runetitans are psychic humans who know how to 'drow down' Runes and activate superhuman status within themselves. This can be simulated in a variety of ways, such Alternate Form or Normal Identity. Placeholder.

—————Do Runes function outside of the Earth-X universe or Earth-X's Resonances?
Yes. Er... Well...sort of. Placeholder.

—————You say there're 'regular' psychics on Earth-X? What're they like? How do they differ from Runetitans?
All Runetitans are psychic, but most psychics are NOT Runetitans! Placeholder.

—————What're the Apkallu, Starvampires and Tlolkku doing on Earth-X?

—————What are the Sungods doing, on Earth-X?
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[Earth-Z]a setting overview!

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[Earth-Z]A primer!
The current year is 2525 CE.

—————What are 'transhumans'?
'Transhumanity' is not a reference to those who are transgendered; in the case of Earth-Z, it is a reference to the fact that native superhumanity is on the verge of evolution to space god status. Though this is due to a HUGE variety of reasons, it is now being primarily pushed ever forwards by the copious amounts of earthtowers dotting the landscape.

Nearly 50% of the entire human species is now transhuman, with millions more being born every decade!

Transhuman superpowers almost always deal with energy manipulation and various strains of telepathy.

—————What are earthhaunts?
Despite the spooky name, 'earthhaunts' have no necrokinetic affiliations, instead being merely a descriptive name for a VERY nasty form of apocalyptic organism...organisms that are drawn to nascent Space Gods, to feed on them! Drawn to Earth-Z by the UniverseSpore's essence mingling with that of transhumanity, earthhaunts are vast worm-like celestial creatures from deep in the Beyond.

It should be noted that earthhaunts, despite some superficial similarities, are very differen5 creatures Than Earth-L’s Ogres! Placeholder.

—————What're spirit-talkers?
Utterly mundane humans, spirit-talkers have the unique psychic signature required to drive off earthhaunts.

The presence of superhumans negates a spirit-talker's anti-psionic 'shadow', making spirit-talkers vehemently opposed to 'Spores and transhumanity.

It must be emphasized that spirit-talkers are mundane humans, and that spirit-talking can be taught only to other mundane humans. It is not a superpower, merely that mundane humans are uninteresting to earthhaunts and can be successfully peacefully driven off by mundane humans! Placeholder.

—————What are 'Spores?
Unrelated to transhumans, 'Spores are both an alien lifeform and the resulting hybrid-organism of a successful 'Spore Parasitism Syndrome. A superbeing, basically, 'Spores are hated and spat upon by transhumanity. To be a 'Spore is to be forever out of reach of space godhood. It is to be limited, forever.

Currently there're seventy million 'Spores!

'Spore superpowers almost always involve brute strength, limited or adaptive shapeshifting and/or powerful biokinesis.

—————What is 'Spore Parasitism Syndrome?
When a mundane human is infected by and merges with a 'Spore, this is referred to as 'Spore Parasitism Syndrome. Any form of superhuman from any parallel-Earth is immune to 'Spore Parasitism Syndrone’, as are most alien species!

—————What are Heaven-blooded?
Nephilim. On Earth-Z there are millions of nephilim, so many they have their own cities and countries! Legally, Heaven-blooded are treated exactly as transhumans, and do not suffer the prejudice faced by 'Spores.

—————What are earthtowers?
Earthtowers, while fortifications, are actually mainly meant to assist transhumanity and the Heaven-blooded nephilim in their slow ascension to space god status. Earthtowers're massive Demimachine-buildings, created by way of the dragonfactoriums at each magnetic pole. Placeholder.

—————Who is the Earth-Z imperiex?
The UniverseSpore, a panicky sort prone to hysteria and overreaction, is a 'Spore that received his imperiex-essence for his part in building the very earliest earthtowers! Placeholder.
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[Earth-G]Mallocchio the Tempest and the Hound of Hell’s Fire!

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Infamous Starborn:
Mallochhio the Tempest:
Crunch writeup:
PL10/150pp. Originally a painter's apprentice in Nice, Italy, the boy now known as Mallocchio the Tempest has a power utterly terrifying to coastal peoples---he controls the wind and the sea. While near or on the sea, Mallocchio may unleash wave and storm and tide to devastate his foes. And he is not shy about doing so.

Mallocchio has led a hard life, as he was the son of two Jews who converted to Christianity. Despite this conversion (done more for politics, than belief), anti-Semitism still hounded Mallocchio and his family. A kindly painter took Mallocchio as an apprentice, and Mallocchio's grateful parents fled Nice for their lives.

The painter was a second father to Mallocchio, proving to the boy that not all Christians are hateful towards Jews. The painter's faith in Christ was absolute, but so, too, was his compassion and his amicability. The painter treated Mallocchio as his own son.

Mallocchio was 15 when the Green Star changed the world. He said goodbye to his foster-father, knowing his presence would only bring trouble to the kind old man's doorstep.

Now, Mallocchio the Tempest wanders the Mediterranean and the Aegean Seas, righting wrongs and serreptitiously helping out those in need.
Mallocchio the Tempest wrote:"The MINE!"
Though definitely a glass jaw, a guy like Mallocchio the Tempest could, given time, sink the entire Spanish Main. That's world-changing stuff, right there, and Mallocchio is only PL10/150pp! It helps when no one exists who can stop you, though!!!

Infamous Starbeasts:
The Hound of Hell's Fire:
Crunch Writeup:
The Hound of Hell's Fire is only nominally a Starbeast, actually being a pyroclastic energy construct that has somehow survived the death of the Starborn who conjured it forth. There is perhaps nothing else like it anywhere else on Earth.

A genderless, fiery, hulking canine, the Hound of Hell's Fire is of unknown provenance, but it's true nature is easily revealed, as any Starborn or Starbeast who can control fire or telekinetic force can easily seize control of the construct. Furthermore, powers that Nullify other powers temporarily cause the Hound of Hell's Fire to literally cease to exist.
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[Earth-G]the Sun Lion!

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Infamoius Starbeasts:
The Sun Lion:
Crunch Writeup: BEHOLD!
PL10/112pp. Not ALL the Green Star dust landed in Europe; winds carried some of it elsewhere. In Egypt, a bit of Green Star dust was swallowed by three male lions: they turned on each other and devoured one another, 'til only one remained. A bright sun-colored humanoid lion, the Egyptians dubbed it "the Sun Lion". And he has earned quite a reputation.

fully sentient, the Sun Lion has taken a new pride: brigands, thieves and conmen have joined the Sun Lion in his quest to feed. Rural Egyptians live in fear of the Sun Lion and his men, as they strike without warning and fade into the desert.

Uniquely, however, the Sun Lion possesses a power he cannot explain: a constant telepathic link, able to reach across the vastness of the space/time continuum, to He Who Conquers, a lion-god on Perpendicular-2’s Bowl of Uruku. This power did not arise from the Green Star and’s never been satisfactorily explained...!
The Sun Lion wrote:"Surrender. Or die."
A lion-man bandit lord. Every supers game needs a jobber like the Sun Lion!

Though he doesn’t yet know it, the Sun Lion is the unwitting pawn of KORE, a cosmic entity from distant Earth-L.
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