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[Earth-F]Superhumanity, part two of two

Post by Hoid » Wed Feb 15, 2017 12:21 am

[Earth-F]A dissertation on local superhumanity: part 2 of 2.
What are 'Machine-Titans'?
'Machine-Titans' are Machine-Deities that've drastically malfunctioned, mutating them out of control into ENORMOUS, hate-fueled war-juggernauts.

Machine-Titans are feared by all peoples throughout Earth-F, as they've only one objective: "Destroy the enemy!" Unfortunately, lacking control parameters, Machine-Titans were free to interpret that order in whatever way fitted their prejudices and/or psychoses best.

How do Machine-Titans differ from Machine-Deities?
A Machine-Titan occurs whenever a Machine-Deity's software undergoes a fatal system's crash. This causes the Machine-Titan to undergo radical mutations and uncontrolled weapons upgrades not restrained by tzorareesph Battlefield Scaling Limitations.

This has several effects:
First, a Machine-Titan swells to ENORMOUS size.
Second, a Machine-Titan undergoes a massive spike in raw power!
Third, a Machine-Titan permanently enters a combat fugue, in which everything around it is either an enemy hostile, a friendly, or else is an objective of some sort.
Fourth and finally, Machine-Titans no longer possess genuine free will, being slaves to the above-mentioned combat fugue.

That sounds...unpleasant. Can a Machine-Titan be 'fixed' and transformed properly into a Machine-Deity?
Most certainly!...assuming you have the tzorareesph command-codes---which are currently on the bombed-out industrial hellscape that is the tzorareesph homeworld over a hundred lightyears away!

How many Machine-Titans are there?
Right about a thousand, give or take. (Yes, this is a much smaller population than that of Machine-Deities.)

Is there a Machine-Titan Exemplar?
Yes. Known to his countrymen as Raiden (PL13/255pp), this Japanese Machine-Titan is considered a vile oni, or 'giant': Raiden has immense weather-controlling powers, which he must 'refuel' by consuming human flesh. Placeholder.

Are Machine-Titans Demimachines?

What do Machine-Titans look like?
Immense and hulking...and hideous! These're the three universal qualities found in Machine-Titans; other than, every Machine-Titan is a unique flower of monstrousness! Placeholder.

Is the Earth-F imperiex a Machine-Titan?
No. The Overlord is a psychic utterly unrelated to the machineries of thetzorareesph. He is, in fact, an Exotic! (The Overlord is discussed elsewhere.)
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Post by Hoid » Mon May 01, 2017 5:56 pm

[Earth-B]The Micropolis of Leafgardentown!
Leafgardentown is part of the Hegemony's Central Polity.

Technically a city of its own but also technically part of New York City, Leafgardentown has the pleasurable distinction of being the happiest place on Earth. Populated entirely by Leafs, Leafgardentown has no crime, no unemployment, no great intolerances or xenophobias. It is warm, inviting and friendly, and the locals are the nicest people you'll ever meet.

Covering the tops of every building in Manhattan, as well as the top six floors of every skyscraper throughout all NYC, Leafgarden is, well, green! A hydroponics facility of epic size as well as a Leaf micro-metropolis, Leafgardentown is beautiful and serene. As Leafs photosynthesize, the streets of Leafgardentown have canals instead of sidewalks. Water is free and open to anyone who cares to partake.

As for the city, economically:
Leafgardentown's main export is produce. While many might be squicked out by tiny plant beings being farmers, Leafs see agriculture as no different from humans raising animal livestock.

As for the city, culturally:
Aphids are popular pets in Leafgardentown.
English is primarily spoken in Leafgardentown.
Most of the micropolis' citizenry is Christian, but a sizeable Jewish population can also be found.
Who's That Leaf?, a TV reality-show in which curious Leafs learn about their human ancestors, is Leafgardentown's local smash hit.

As for the city religiously:
Turning Over Anew Ministries has the vast majority of Leafgardentown's Christian population. Technically its own Protestant denomination, Turning Over Anew Ministries is a positive force for good in the micropolis.

As for the city politically:
Leafgardentown is liberal, politically.
Leafgardentown is run by a mayor and a city council, all of them elected by popular vote. Leaf candidates never engage in verbal 'attacks' on other candidates, something Leafs find endlessly confusing in the outside world. The mayor of Leafgardentown is the retired noted film star Petal Posey (PL0/3pp; rose-Leaf). Running on a platform of increased charity work for the homeless non-Leafs of New York City, Ms. Posey won the election in a landslide. She's two months into a two year term of office.
Leafgardentown's citizenry are exempt from the normal mandatory Hegemonic military service every other mutantcitizen must undergo. (Leafs as soldiers is very laughable!)

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[Multiverse-wide]Degenerate and ascendant thoughtforms.

Post by Hoid » Sun Sep 24, 2017 12:10 am

[Multiverse-wide]Degenerate and ascendant thoughtforms.
Found exclusively in the Infinite Roots, degenerate and ascendant thoughtforms are thoughtforms either 'compressed' into mangled format ('degenerate') or expanded to a greater scale of functionality ('ascendant').

What is a degenerate thoughtform?
A degenerate thoughtform is a thoughtform that has psychically 'devolved' into a much more bestial, partially solid state.
What are goldforms?
Goldforms are the least-corrupted degenerate thoughtforms.
What are ironforms?
Less corrupt than stoneforms but more corrupted than goldforms, ironforms make up 85% of the entire degenerate thoughtform population!
What are stoneforms?
Stoneform are the most-corrupted degenerate thoughtform.

What is an ascendant thoughtform?
An ascendant thoughtform is a thoughtform that has psychically 'evolved', losing even more physicality, but gaining immensely in power.
What are godforms?
Godforms are ascendant thoughtforms of either good OR evil that have achieved the apex of their ascension, being a single step below the status of a cosmic entity or higher-order intelligence.
What are devilforms?
Devilforms are malevolent ascendant thoughtforms that have forcibly consumed the soul of an Apkallu and thusly metamorphosed into a much more powerful shape.
What are ghostforms?
Ghostforms are benevolent ascendant thoughtforms that have peacefully merged with the soul of a recently departed mundane human and thusly metamprphosed into a much more powerful shape.

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