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Post by Miracle » Mon Feb 27, 2017 7:10 pm


30 days ago (Neo Day)
Everything was perfectly normal until around 0000 UTC. For being a random and chaotic event, it sure was punctual. Stories near and far of strange things happening. People turning to monsters - monsters, dear reader, does not always mean malformed - living on their id. Atrocities big and small happened. But some fought against horrible compulsion to do whatever they wanted. And indeed, some took the fight to the ones who gave into their base instincts.

The protectors were out there. Not men in spandex (though there were quite a few who mocked up costumes!), but people with powers who knew in their heart that it was their duty to not let the beasts of id terrorize innocents.

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16 days ago
Two weeks later, everything had 'calmed down'. The id-driven either came to their senses or, in some unfortunate events, had to be put down. This didn't mean that the id-driven were still out there. They just had become less chaotic. Well, some of them.

15 days ago
Mr Johnson sees promise in gathering a small group of non-id driven super folks and organizing them. Pulling favors from near and far, he got the government permission to put together a small task force. This would be one of the first task forces, but the only one codified as non-vigilante work.

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Thus begins the story of New Earth Heroes.
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Re: Neo-Earth

Post by Miracle » Mon Feb 27, 2017 7:13 pm

I will be updating the timeline and putting NPCs in this thread.

Right now it's X days ago, but when we start, we'll have specific days, as it will be starting on the day we start. I'd like to run it in real time, but seeing as I can only post regularly on the weekend, I do not have the luxury of that conceit.

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