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[Superhero Games] Collaborative Earth, Earth C:01148

Posted: Tue Dec 27, 2016 9:25 am
by Doctor Malsyn
So, I had a lot of fun with the pathfinder collaborative projects that so far. I've been thinking though, why not try for something that's more at home with people around here as well? For that, I've decided to propose a Super-Collab project, which I've dubbed "Collaborative Earth", or "Earth C:01148". This isn't exclusive to just a few people, if you have an idea you'd liek to add in, feel free so long as it follows the rules I'll have listed!
  • 1>-An entry may be kind've silly or dark, but try not to go way overboard in any particular direction.

    2>-Posters should not contradict or undo the work of other posters.

    3>-Try not to just transplant material from existing media, I'd like to see a bit of originality.

    4>-Cosmic Entities are all-powerful, needing no stats. Some entities are nevertheless stronger than others, however.

    5>-Don't be disruptive. If you don't want to participate, then kindly do not s**t all over the thread.
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Re: [Superhero Games] Collaborative Earth, Earth C:01148

Posted: Tue Dec 27, 2016 9:28 am
by Doctor Malsyn
First and foremost...

This world is notable as possessing individuals with extraordinary skills and abilities, many of which might be referred to as superheros or supervillians.

Re: [Superhero Games] Collaborative Earth, Earth C:01148

Posted: Tue Dec 27, 2016 4:16 pm
by Hoid
Superhumans come a bewildering variety of origins and powers, but two origins stand as the most numerous: elevated and bestowed.

The bestowed:
Beastmen and beastwomen are regular humans who survived the Locust Plague, a planetwide epidemic that killed millions. The few survivors mutated into insect/human hybrids---many of which were innately connected to the 'godmachines' of the Ancient Atlanteans who had released the Locust Plague in the first place!

Many, but not all, beastmen are able to draw upon the godmachines to perform acts best described as 'psionic'. Beastmen are a form of 'bestowed'.

Chosen are regular humans deliberately empowered with superpowers. Chosen can be imbued by magic, science, meditation on one's chi and so on. Chosen are a form of 'bestowed'.

Erinyes are regular humans empowered by merging with another, superpowered organism. Erinyes are not a rare as one might think! Erinyes are a form of 'bestowed'.

The elevated:
Chrysalids are very rare, being superhumans born with their powers. Chrysalids are a form of 'elevated.' As elevated, chrysalids ultimately trace their ancestry back to Those Who Are Behind The Wall Of Knowledge.

Metamorphs are superhumans born with their powers, but do not manifest those powers until puberty. Metamorphs are a form of 'elevated'. Like all elevated, metamorphs are ultimately of descent to mysterious cosmic aliens known as Those Who Are Behind The Wall Of Knowledge.

Qlippoths are superhumans born with their powers, but do not manifest those powers until well after puberty, typically in midlife, or even later. Qlippoths are a form of elevated. Qlippoths are descendants many times removed of Those Who Are Behind The Wall Of Knowledge.

Re: [Superhero Games] Collaborative Earth, Earth C:01148

Posted: Tue Dec 27, 2016 8:50 pm
by Hoid
Ancient Atlantis:
Atlantis was real. It was no myth. Founded by the Greek god Poseidon and his 77 demigod sons, the City On The Sea attracted legions of mortal followers and, most importantly of all, a pair of godlike elevated. From 3000 BCE to 900 BCE, Atlantis ruled the Mediterranean Sea---even Thera's eruption didn't slow the Atlanteans down!

No foreign army ever conquered Atlantis. No Coup d'etat tore it down from within. It was a plague, followed by severe famine, followed by yet more plague that did the All-Mighty Citystate in.

Poseidon and his demigod elite were completely untouched, as were Hyperion and Luna (his two elevated enforcers)---but the people left Atlantis in droves, fleeing what they rightly perceived as a dying community. The superhuman rulers stayed until the very end, desperate to stem the inevitable---but it was no use.

Mighty Atlantis, a perfect mixture of magic, science and superpowers, died not with a bang, but with a whimper. Taking over a hundred years to play itself out, in the end only Poseidon and his inner court were left. Filled with despair over his greatest failure, Poseidon sank Atlantis beneath the waves, and he and his demigod offspring left for the paradise of the Realm of Olympus.

Hyperion and Luna, however, were thoughtlessly abandoned, left to fend for themselves. They didn't react to this terribly well...

Re: [Superhero Games] Collaborative Earth, Earth C:01148

Posted: Wed Dec 28, 2016 2:15 am
by Doctor Malsyn
He Who Stands Tall:
Long suspected as one of Those Who Are Behind The Wall Of Knowledge, He Who Stands Tall is an ancient cosmic entity the exists as the tangible center of the entire universe. His true form is something so unknowable and profound that of the smartest of the smart are capable of even a flicker of understanding. To everyone else, he appears as a tall humanoid statue of a man composed of living, rippling bismuth. He wears strange boxy armor with whirling primsmatic patterns.

He never actualy moves personaly, not to turn his head or lift a finger, instead moving the universe as a whole around him. To most this movement is unoticable, but the closer someone is to him the stronger a bizzare sense of verrtigo develops.

He is a silent observer of the universe, with motivations and thoughts beyond mortal reason. Interestingly however, he has been spotted in Earth's vicinity in increasing frequency throughout the last century.

Re: [Superhero Games] Collaborative Earth, Earth C:01148

Posted: Wed Dec 28, 2016 2:48 am
by Hoid
The virtui are an alien civilization, spacefaring, with a problem unlike any other: they've just expanded as far towards the galactic rim as they can---Alpha Centauri!---and, if they wish to go any farther then they must contend with Earth. Earth is notorious throughout the galaxy for its massive population of native superpowered beings.

Technologically, of course, Earth doesn't even rate as laughing stock. A thousand years---at least!---behind virtually every other species, Earth's unbelievably huge superbeing populace makes Earth a source of constant xeno anxiety. Aliens live in terror of the notion of a conquering armada of godlike humans with impossible powers curbstomping every other civilization out there!

Re: [Superhero Games] Collaborative Earth, Earth C:01148

Posted: Wed Dec 28, 2016 3:59 pm
by Hoid
America's greatest superhero team is 'the Foundation', a team of seven world-famous superheroes known for their utter incorruptibility and insane feats of daring. It has a small HQ on Ellis Island, NYC, and that HQ has a support staff of 23 mundane humans.

The team is led by the Frontiersman, real name Jedidiah Forsworthe, a time-displaced 'bad-ass normal' cowboy with weaponry from the 666th Century CE.

Other team members are:
4D, real name Ricardo Castella, a chrysalid with the power to manipulate time in a variety of extremely clever ways---but who cannot travel through time, ironically instead being shunted into a suspiciously similar parallel-reality.
Archmage, real name Mallory Crane, a sorceress whose powers are dependent on her adherence to her superheroic conduct as well as a certain ritual cast anew every New Year's Eve.
Gabriel, real name Gabriel Hanover, a winged hunter with 'infinitely' sharp feet talons.
Hecatonchieres, real name Ezra Friars, a giant with ten arms and a serious desire to wipe out organized crime.
Oceanic, real name Amanda Andrews, a mundane human with an adaptive power-armor suit itself hyperspecialized for aquatic combat.
Wardog, real name Quentin Allons, a literal werewolf given control over his powers and neutralizing his infectious nature by way of heavy iron chains enchanted by Archmage.

Re: [Superhero Games] Collaborative Earth, Earth C:01148

Posted: Wed Dec 28, 2016 5:44 pm
by Doctor Malsyn
The Teacher, real name V-iz Ocktu of Xxi was once a virtui infiltrator who was tasked with observing Earth's superhumans and assessing their weakness. V-iz instead found herself observing only one superhuman, a powersuit wearing man known as Professor Fracture. She was smitten with him after watching him perform numerous heroic deeds in the name of freedom and good will, and the alien found herself doubting the intent of her own people. Her superiors however caught on to her feelings and ordered a strike on the hero, and he was overwhelmed and destroyed.

Her heart broken and her doubts no longer in question, she's decided to turn traitor in full. Using what remained of the Professor's suit, she combined it with virtui technology and emerged into the world as a hero who appointed herself as the first line of defense between Earth and the rest of the galaxy. She has taken up the name The Teacher in order to show humanity that there is much it still has to learn, and she's willing to help them learn.

Re: [Superhero Games] Collaborative Earth, Earth C:01148

Posted: Thu Jan 12, 2017 7:05 pm
by Miracle
The magical plague of the late eighties was born of twisted and dark practices. No one can pinpoint where it started, but the first major and notable case was a mage by the name of Alan Miller. Magic users and magical creatures would catch the plague by interacting magically with those who had it. What happened? Everything magical about them would turn dark. Spells would have a chilling and 'wrong' feeling about them. Creatures would slip into madness. Even practitioners of black magic could feel something 'wrong' with the plague. It was insanity. Unfortunately, nonmagial being were not immune. They were warped into dark reflections of themselves, even gaining minor magical abilities for a while until they peaked and died very messily depending on what power they acquired.

This was never quite cured. But it became treatable and less prevalent. Be careful who you share magic with!

Re: [Superhero Games] Collaborative Earth, Earth C:01148

Posted: Thu Jan 26, 2017 5:24 pm
by Miracle
Did I kill this with my idea? I'll withdraw it if I did!

Re: [Superhero Games] Collaborative Earth, Earth C:01148

Posted: Fri Jan 27, 2017 4:51 pm
by Doctor Malsyn
Nothing wrong with it, I think it's pretty cool actually. I'm just a tad put out that this thread didn't go where I had hoped, but ah well. Stuff happens.

Re: [Superhero Games] Collaborative Earth, Earth C:01148

Posted: Mon Jan 30, 2017 3:35 am
by Hoid
INVICTUS is the greatest superhero alive, and is the sole surviving son of the long-dead Hyperion. Best described as an ur-brick wearing hypertech armor, INVICTUS has never faced defeat. He has crushed every foe, overcome every obstacle, fended off entire alien invasions---even saved the entire universe!---and now, he's bored.

No more threats remain, as far as INVICTUS is concerned---life has no more meaning. Without struggle, INVICTUS stagnates and grows ever-more-despondent. He's tired and listless and irritable and is now extremely slow to react to even the most epic threats.

None of it matters, anymore. INVICTUS has finally been defeated, by his own success.

Re: [Superhero Games] Collaborative Earth, Earth C:01148

Posted: Wed Feb 01, 2017 1:14 pm
by Miracle

One does not enter Hellfire lightly. Only normal humans are allowed. Meaning you were born human and would have no other chance at powers had you not come to Hellfire. Once you actually find Hellfire - something that only happens when they are down a member - you step into an actual gout of hellfire. If you survive, you are transformed. Your skin is blood red, you have an intricate sigil on your forehead, and your soul is marked as damned (when you die you are going to a Hell based on what you receive). The other remaining members are alerted to your presence. Also, you get powers based on what role you fill.

Envy: Telekinetic.

Gluttony: Able to eat and digest anything.

Greed: Stealth (invisible and inaudible) and able to stealth other things.

Lust: Hypnotic Aura (sight and sound) used to manipulate emotions, but in a pinch can assume direct control.

Pride: Unbreakable Skin and Regeneration.

Sloth: Able to induce a dreamlike state where illusions are real.

Wrath: Mindless rage gives Super Strength and Immunity to mental effects.

The members of Hellfire are sworn to protect each other. Good or bad, the seven cannot actively attack or even subvert each other. That doesn't mean every one of them likes each other. It get sticky when some are heroes and others are villains. The only way out of this is death, which, as said before, is not pleasant.

Everything granted is infernal. An anonymous demon lord who is powerful enough to conduct business like this is doing so. But why? Because you get bored after an eternity and want to play outside of your domain. That's it.

Re: [Superhero Games] Collaborative Earth, Earth C:01148

Posted: Thu Apr 20, 2017 9:20 pm
by zackepic22
Time to bring some life back into the collab stuff again.

The Temporal Barons are a mysterious race of aliens who are almost always humanoid appearance-wise. And, yet, it is known by many that they have quite a bit of mastery over space and time with their strange vehicles and technology, and by a few that they can regenerate into new appearances, either by choice, or after suffering a near fatal accident.

The Surgeon is believed to be one of these members, a man with many appearances and incarnations, each one at least slightly different in some way, especially in terms of taste in fashion. And, yet, he is quite possibly one of the most brilliant minds in the universe. Not everyone knows him, but, those who do know that a purple police box in the vicinity usually means he's nearby. His current incarnation seems to have the appearance of a handsome young blond man with green eyes, in a fancy blue Victorian coat. He seems to know the Frontiersman, even if said cowboy doesn't appear to be familiar with him. At least, not yet. But, although 4D's claimed to know him, the TB didn't seem recollect them ever meeting before this supposed claim out of nowhere. At least the Chrysalid got a jelly baby out of the meeting.