World of Freedom 3.2 Setting Detail

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Re: World of Freedom 3.2 Setting Detail

Post by Shock » Fri Jul 26, 2019 4:33 pm

The only reference I got was the Parr Ruling but that one was fairly obvious

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Re: World of Freedom 3.2 Setting Detail

Post by Davies » Sat Jul 27, 2019 8:31 pm


The two different Manhunters are a reference to the two different characters of that name who existed in DC's Golden Age, as well as to the computer games Manhunter: New York and Manhunter 2: San Francisco. The mention of a hero named Defensor is a nod to the single-appearance Marvel character of that name, relocated from Argentina to Catalonia.

The most involved and obscure reference is the Alvarado case. The 1980 film Times Square, about a pair of troubled young women (Trini Alvarado as Pamela Pearl and Robin Johnson as Nicky Marotta) who embark on a punk musical career, was originally supposed to feature a song entitled Shadows of the Night. This song would later be recorded by Pat Benatar, and be featured in a music video where Ms. Benatar portrayed a factory worker who dreams of being a member of a flying squad of World War II resistance fighters, with her plane labeled 'Midnight Angel', which term also features in the song's lyrics. (The 1956 date for the original Midnight Angel's death is when the Captain Midnight TV show went off air, for maximum obscurity.)

Yeah, that one would have made the Ellery Queen writers accuse me of being unfair. Then again, I am the guy who made First We Take Manhattan into the basis for a bunch of supervillains.

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