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[Earth-Q]A general overview! Part one of four.

Post by Hoid » Thu Apr 11, 2019 12:18 am

[Earth-Q]A general overview. Part one of four.
The current year is 2018 CE.

What are the Archons? What are the Epochs?
Archons and Epochs are the main breeds of superhumans native to Earth-Q. Like all superbeings in the Earth-Q universe, they’re aquatic in nature. Both breeds are heavily physically mutated, being exquisitely designed to dwell in the water. Both breeds tend to be VERY psychic. Furthermore, both Archons and Epochs are half-Fish/half-human.

Archons are physically very imposing, and their mutations are considerably more extreme than Epochs’ mutations. Archons are hulking, yet are just as aquadynamic aa Epochs. There’s very little subtlety about them, however. Smashing things with their bare hands is the preferred Archon combat tactic. Their psychic powers are blunt and extremely dangerous, both to the Archon and those NEAR them.

Epochs are lithe and bizarrely beautiful, albeit in a very alien manner. Their mutations are less extreme than Archon, and they’re far less hulking. Clever planning and intricate scheming comes naturally to them. Their psychic powers are rarely flashy, and’re often extremely subtle...even hard to notice!

Archons and Epochs are Titanblooded. Therefore: though it’s yet to happen, Earth-K’s Voidgiants are interfertile with both Archons and Epochs, creating strange Half-Giant hybrids. Furthermore, though it’s yet to happen, Archons and Epochs are strangely vulnerable to Ogresymbiosis, a mutating disease from Earth-L.

What are Earth-Q’s Fish?
When capitalized, ‘Fish’ refer to the Titanblooded alien refugees of The Ark, which crashlanded on Earth in the 1600s CE. After one of their number (the Sea Bishop) converted to Christianity, public perception of Fish changed from fear and xenophobia to awe and reverence. (By this point, most Fish have long since followed the Sea Bishop’s example and become Christian.)

Fish are entirely aquatic in nature, and’re rarely humanoid. They’re hulking and highly psychic, with a huge variety of different powers. They dwell in the wreckage of The Ark, now dubbed Atlantis, because The Ark possesses the only still-functioning Clonelabs. Fish, you see, are all sterile. Without cloning, they’d have died out long ago.

Fish pay a ‘tithe’ to the surface world by taking select humans to the Clonelabs are artificially splicing these people with Fish DNA. Thus are Archons and Epochs ‘born’.

Fish are dimly aware of Earth-K’s Manifold Giants and Earth-L’s Ogres, but Fish really don’t like to talk of their savage cousins.

What are the Deepwalkers?
Though most Fish are benevolent allies to humanity, this is not un8versally the case. Renegade Fish and their Archon and Epoch minions seek to dominate Earth and return to the stars. Called Deepwalkers, these rebels consort with Apkallu and Tlolkku, and hoard strange technology gathered from ‘tethers’ lowered into the Infinite Roots.

Tell us about the Bluewar.
The centuries-long Cold War between Deepwalkers and humanity is referred to as ‘the Bluewar’. Consisting of guerilla tactics and surprise attacks, the Deepwalkera refuse to commit to open warfare, remaining as shadowy as is possible.

Who is Earth-Q’s imperiex?
Surprisingly, Earth-Q’s imperiex has NOTHING to do with Archons, Deepwalkers, Epochs and Fish. Known as the Man Encased in Jade, he’s actually a WWII era patriotic power-armored man.

What are the Salmon of Wisdom?
Created by Earth-Q’s imperiex, Salmon of Wisdom are VERY strange, being cloned sea organisms meant to be swallowed but not digested. Taking up residence in a being’s digestive track, Salmon of Wisdom slowly mutate the host into a psychic organism. These psychics are not necessarily Archons, Epochs or Fish, however, as all such mutations are internal.

Salmon of Wisdom are part of the tithe paid by the Fush to humanity.

Tell us about Earth-Q’s Apkallu. Are there hellchained on Earth-Q?
Apkallu are active on Earth-Q, albeit primarily as weapons-suppliers to the Deepwalkers.

Tell us about Earth-Q’s Starvampires. Tell us about Earth-Q’s Tlolkku.
Tlolkku are active on Earth-Q, albeit as medical support staff to the Deepwalkers.
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[Earth-Q]A general overview! Part two of four.

Post by Hoid » Thu Apr 11, 2019 1:08 pm

[Earth-Q]A general overview. Part two of four.
Tell us about the current state of Earth.
Unlike many Earths in the Forever Tree, Earth-Q is a land of bright, colorful optimism, where hope reigns and humanity’s better nature is on display. This isn’t to say Earth-Q is a utopia; far from it. Evil, unfortunately, even exists in such a hopeful place as Earth-Q. Racism, sexism, homophobia, religious extremism...all are horrid realities, even here. Even some Fish are evil, given over to bitter rage at their predicament on such a backwards planet.

How do humans view Fish?
In the beginning, humans viewed Fish as dangerous demons from the oceanic deeps. Upon the Sea Bishop’s conversion to Christianity, however, this attitude slowly changed, inch by creeping inch, over the next two decades. As the Sea Bishop prosletyized to his people back in The Ark, this situation only improved as more and more Christian Fush appeared in Europe.

Nowadays, humans view Fish as brothers, comrades even. Fish are fully protected under the Geneva Conventions and anti-Fish rhetoric is widely viewed as hate-speech.

How do Fish view humans?
Fish attitudes towards human beings has evolved over time.

Nowadays, Fish consider humans to be beneficent allies and close friends. (The feeling, however, is NOT universally held by all Fish, however [such as with the Deepwalkers].) Splicing human DNA with Fish DNA is considered a gesture of great honor, and is gladly performed on their ‘landbound kin’. Fish see humans aa little siblings, and feel very protective of them.

Tell us about Fish converting to Christianity.
The Sea Bishop was the first Fish to be captured by human beings. Taken to Prague and kept as a pet, a priest taught the Sea Bishop Russian and told him of Jesus. Ironically, the original Fish religion bears striking similarities to Christianity, and so the Sea Bishop converted. The king of Prague was so moved by this conversion that he ordered the Sea Bishop released. Before returning to the seas, the Sea Bishop made the sign of the cross and promised to prosyletize to his race.

Tell us about the roles in civilization played by the Archons and Epochs.

Tell us about Atlantis, otherwise called The Ark.

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