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Re: RPG.net - General Discussion, Posting Rules Updates, etc.

Post by Ares » Wed Mar 06, 2019 4:49 am

I've gone back and modified the title a bit to be a general RPG.net thread, as I didn't want this to simply be a thread where I piss and moan about RPG.net's latest goings on. Even if the latter half of this post will include me pissing and moaning about something on RPG.net. So if anyone has anything interesting from there they'd like to share here, please feel free.

What promoted this post was the thread here: https://forum.rpg.net/index.php?threads ... on.842344/

I'll freely admit to not knowing much about Bill Webb, and if the accusations in the opening post are true, I can certainly understand raising concerns for his involvement in the convention.

However, the opening post and threat title seem deliberately inflammatory and "click-bait-y", casting aspirations of sexism and potentially racism due to the guests of honor being men and overwhelmingly white. At least one person in there even use the phrase "Old White Dudes" as a pejorative. Thankfully, crazycongirl (some associated with the convention) stepped in to clear things up in a pretty calm and level-headed way, pointing out that 17 of the 25 GoA were returning con attendees. She's received just praise for her responses, and I added my voice to that.

Unfortunately, I also wanted to call out or report the OP and some of the people in there for making accusations of sexism with little evidence and for basically using "Old White Dudes" as an insult. And I did not because I'm 90% sure that if I did, I'm the one who would receive some kind of warning or temporary ban. Paranoid or not, I feel like I'm one wrong post away from a perma-ban there, and for all its faults, RPG.net is still a place with some creative folks who have interesting ideas, and is a good place to market your product.

So instead I came here to bother all of you with my observations. So, sorry about that.

It just strikes me as very wrong. I fully believe that anyone who wants to RPG should be allowed to, and believe that in 99.99% of cases, they are allowed to in a fun and safe way. I support this industry being open to anyone regardless of sex, race, nationality or what have you being able to make a career in this industry so long as they're willing to put in the hours, do good work and aren't a jerk to fellow creators, fans and convention staff. But you have to acknowledge that the people who started this hobby, as well as the people who shaped its early years, kept it alive, and who made many of the innovations to it were mostly male and mostly white, and those of them that are still around today are varying degrees of old. Dismissively calling them "Old White Dudes" is, to me, no less racist or sexist than the hypothetical folks trying to keep women, minorities and the like out of the hobby.

But I feel like if I mention that over there, I'll be considered to be the one in the wrong.

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Re: RPG.net - General Discussion, Posting Rules Updates, etc.

Post by Tattooedman » Mon Mar 11, 2019 8:57 pm

Don't feel to bad, I joined RPG.Net a while ago to play in a pbp game that moved there & enjoyed some of the content but felt uncomfortable posting in anything besides that game upon reading several threads where people voiced thoughts I shared on certain subjects that were pretty much SMACKED down hard by the majority of the other posters only to be temporary banned for their (what seemed to me) reasonable reaponses.

So much so that, when I dropped out of said game I deleted my link to that forum.

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