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Re: Writing Tournament - Character Write-Ups

Post by Shadowmask » Sun Jun 24, 2018 12:06 am

Weight Class: Cruiserweight.
Full Name: Francisco "Cisco" Ramon (Secret Identity).
Appearance: Image: https://pre00.deviantart.net/f2cf/th/pr ... bsiqi2.png
Abilities: Vibe's powers revolve around vibration, frequency and resonance.
Vibe has redefined his powers as having to do with inter-dimensional physics. Vibe's waves have the power to disrupt the Speed Force, making him one of the few characters who poses a serious threat to the Flash.
By shifting his body into a certain frequency, he is also undetectable by security cameras.
Vibe's powers enables him to create shock waves of considerable strength that could shatter concrete or steel.
His powers can affect the physical world as seismic vibration (and even Terrakinesis), or the fabric of spacetime (such as extradimensional portals).

Backstory: Cisco Ramon began his career as Vibe shortly after Aquaman disbanded the original Justice League. When young Cisco heard that a new Justice League was forming in his own hometown of Detroit, he decided to give up his position as the leader of a local street gang, Los Lobos, to join. What made Ramon a candidate was his metahuman ability to emit powerful vibratory shock waves.

Vibe's presence on the team caused Aquaman and the Martian Manhunter to harbor some strong doubts about the new JLA, particularly after he got the League involved in a rumble with a rival gang. He soon proved his mettle during the League's battles against Cadre, Anton Allegro and Amazo. He stayed with the League through the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover, when his powers played a vital role in defeating Despero.

During Darkseid's assault on Earth during the Legends mini-series, the Justice League of America was disbanded and Vibe left his JLA comrades to seek the familiar solace of the streets. Vibe was attacked by one of Professor Ivo's androids but was saved by members of Los Defensores. Grateful (and quite smitten with Firebird), Vibe agrees to join the Latino based group.*

Personality: Despite his background as a street gang member, Cisco is kind, caring, intelligent, and a laid-back young man, who often at first glance seems unable to take things seriously. However, he has often proven to be surprisingly focused when it comes to helping Los Defensores fight against crime. It's apparent that Cisco is a nerd in many of the conventional ways. He has a clear love of comics, sci-fi, and pop culture, and is very excited to see such concepts made real for him, such as witnessing super-powers from assorted meta-humans.

*- Alternate Earth history.

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Re: Writing Tournament - Character Write-Ups

Post by Ares » Thu Jun 28, 2018 5:19 am

Kamen Rider Kuuga
Weight Class: Cruiseweight
Full Name: Yusuke Goda
Appearance: Yusuke is a young man of Japanese descent in his mid-twenties, standing roughly 5’9” with longish black hair and brown eyes so dark that they appear almost black at times. He has a lean, athletic build more in common with an acrobat or a runner than a weight lifter. He has a noticeable mole on the right side of his chin. Image 1

As Kuuga, Yusuke gains nine inches of height and becomes encased in a black bodysuit with stylized, insectoid armor of different colors, depending on the powers he has active at the time. The armor of all of his forms is highlighted with gold, and his helmet and face is that of a stylized stag beetle. Around his waist is a styleized belt, the Arcle, which is consistent in all of his forms. Image 1 , Image 2

Abilities: Even without his powers as Kuuga, Yusuke is an impressive individual. He has the following abilities:
Physical Fitness: Yusuke is a fit young man in his early 20’s, with athletic abilities on par with that of a professional athlete or martial artist.

Skill Mastery: Yusuke is said to have mastered 2000 skills. While not all of said skills have been shown, he has demonstrated and eclectic combination of abilities that includes cooking, teaching, acrobatics, martial arts, motorcycle racing, mountain climbing, multiple languages, archeology, juggling, sleight of hand, numerous sports, computer use, mechanical repair, medical training, etc. He isn’t a true polymath in the way Batman or Mr. Terrific have mastered virtually all known physical and mental sciences, but he can be assumed to have enough aptitude in most skills to hold a professional job at them.

Arcle: Yusuke is bonded to an ancient mystical belt known as the Arcle. Normally this device lays dormant inside of his body, where it regulates his systems, improves his overall health, and rapidly heals his injuries. Any wound that doesn’t outright kill him will heal with sufficient time, and while it did nothing to deaden the pain of said injuries, Yusuke would usually recover from even truly horrific injuries within a matter of days. There is some evidence the Arcle would also reduce his aging, possibly a side-effect of the enhanced healing.

Henshin / Transformation: When Yusuke wished, he could summon the Arcle from within his body, manifesting the belt around him. Then, by shouting “Henshin” (‘Transform’ in Japanese), he would be transformed into his Kuuga form. Each form had a variety of abilities, different strengths and weaknesses that he had to utilize properly in order to maximize his effectiveness.

As Kuuga, Yusuke is one of the most powerful Kamen Riders in existence, possibly the most powerful save for Decade, and only because Decade can copy Kuuga’s power, in addition to every other Rider’s powers. While Riders like W, OOO’s and Wizard are more versatile, Kuuga has the most raw power at his disposal. Thankfully, this power is held in check by Yusuke’s morality, otherwise he would be a much more dangerous threat to the world than any opponent he might face.

Originally Kuuga had four base forms, along with a ‘Golden Power’ upgrade to each form, and then two super forms. In my own personal head canon, Yusuke decided that his final form (which essentially combined all the strengths of his previous forms into one, and then magnified their power exponentially) was simply too powerful, so he divided that power amongst his four base forms. Now each form essentially operates at an enhanced version of their ‘Golden Power’ level, having the might of his final form, but only in each of their specialties. This forces Kuuga to still rely on his head in battle, and keeps his power from going out of control.

Kuuga Form Red – Mighty Form: Kuuga’s balanced/fighter form, and the form Yusuke will most often default to. In this form, Yusuke is superhumanly strong, durable fast, agile and his fighting skills are enhanced as well, making it his best all around form. In essence, he combines Captain America’s fighting skills and agility/speed with Iron Man’s strength/durability. When he needs, he can augment his strikes further with a type of golden electrical energy that radically increases his damage output. It is said that when he uses these ‘Mighty Strikes’, no matter how invincible his opponent is, if he hits them, they will bleed. This form also contains Kuuga’s super move, the Mighty Rider Kick, a flipping flying side kick that has immense potential for destruction. This kick could allow him to KO or even kill Heavyweight opponents. However, using the kick requires intense concentration and focus. If the power is allowed to run wild, the impact from the kick will create a massive explosion that will devastate everything in a two mile radius around the point of impact.

Kuuga Form Blue – Dragon Form : Kuuga’s fast/agile form. This form is for rapid travel and dealing with particularly agile foes. Dragon form is much faster and more agile than Mighty Form, and has the ability to perform incredible leaps across vast distances, as well as fall from said distances safely. However, Dragon form is only half as strong/durable as Mighty Form, and it cannot augment its unarmed strikes in the same way. In essence, he has Spider-Man strength, durability, speed and agility, while being able to leap around like the Hulk. For close combat, Dragon form will summon a staff* that gives it range and enhanced striking power, as well as the ability to deflect projectiles. It cannot match the raw damage of Mighty Form, but the Dragon Staff is best when it’s how quickly you strike that matters.

*Note: I know the image shows Kuuga wielding a spear, but I prefer the simple staff he originally used before the upgrade, so I’m sticking with it.

Kuuga Form Purple – Titan Form : Kuuga’s strong/durable form. This form is for heavy lifting and resisting damage rather than avoiding it. In this form, Kuuga is much stronger in terms of the weight he can lift, thought Mighty Form’s enhanced Mighty Strikes still deal more power. Its durability is also significantly greater than Mighty form as well, to the point that attacks that could critically injure Mighty form will just bounce harmlessly off Titan form. Titan form can also summon a tetsubo* (a type of Japanese maul / war club) to deal even more damage than its unarmed strikes would do. While Might form’s ‘Mighty Strikes’ deal more damage, Titan’s Sword deals almost as much damage with each swing, trading max damage for consistent damage. While the The trade off, naturally, is that Titan form is slower and less agile than Might form. In essence, it hits like Thor (unarmed and hammer/mace), soaks damage like Superman, but moves like the Juggernaut.

*Note: I realize the art and show had Kuuga use a sword, but as long as I’m tweaking things, I thought I’d give him a Japanese weapon that overall better fit the character type, at least in my mind.

Kuuga Form Green – Pegasus Form : Kuuga’s ranged combat form. This form is as weak/vulnerable as Dragon form, and has the reduced movement speed/agility of Titan form, making it physically the weakest form of the four. However, its senses are superhumanly acute, able to hear and see things miles away as if they were happening right in front of it. Pegasus form can also see the invisible, see through illusions/shapeshifting, and detect a host of other things. It can also summon a powerful bowgun pistol that can be fired with Hawkeye-like accuracy, hitting targets miles away with ease. By pulling back on a charging lever, the gun can fire an even more potent blast. Its hand/eye coordination is so sharp that it can even pluck bullets out of the air. Basically, it has Superman-style senses, along with some mystical illusion/invisiblity/shapeshifting penetrating bonuses, can aim like Hawkeye and has a decently powerful ranged attack.

Vehicles: Yusuke has access to the BeatChaser 2000, a specialized high performance motorcycle. From the Arcle he can also summon the Gouram, or ‘horse armor’ that resembles a man-sized beetle. The armor can fly on its own, and Kuuga can grip the underside or ride its back like a surfboard to achieve a flight speed comparable to a helicopter. Or the Gouram can combine with the BeatChaser to become an armored motorcycle with a speed and handling on par with the fastest rocket cars, while still being armored like a tank. Yusuke is also a skilled motorcycle rider, to the point he can use the motorcycle wheels in combat.

Backstory: Long ago, before recorded history, a race of monsters known as the Gurongi terrorized the humans of the world, attempting to drive them to fear and madness and make the humans as vile and evil as the Gurongi themselves. A lone blacksmith worked with several mystics to create the Arcle, an item of power that allowed the blacksmith to become the first Kuuga. Using this power, the original Kuuga defeated the Guronig and sealed them in a tomb, before sealing himself in as well, using his own power to contain them. In the modern era, archeologists uncovered the tomb, and accidentally freed the Gurongi from imprisonment. The original Kuuga was killed before he could revitalized, and the Gurongi proceeded to begin terrorizing the modern world.

Enter Yusuke Godai, a young adventurer and explorer who returned to help out a friend of his, one of the archeologists who had accidentally set the Gurongi free, and one of the few people to survive. His friend had found the Arcle in the aftermath of the attack, and Yusuke felt the belt “calling” to him mentally, showing him visions of the past Kuuga. When another Gurongi attacked, searching for the belt, Yusuke donned the belt and transformed into the second Kuuga, fighting off the attack.

From that time, Yusuke has used the power of Kuuga to defend the world from evils of all kind, but especially fights to end the Gurongi threat.

Personality: When he was younger, Yusuke was often very sad due to having lost his parents. A teacher taught him the importance of responsibility, of trying to do one’s best, and of protecting the smiles of others. “Protecting the smiles of others” has become Yusuke’s mission statement in life. For a lot of superheroes, it’s enough to save someone’s life. For Yusuke, it is just as importance to protect their happiness, to make a world where they can be happy. This desire to protect people was what motivated Yusuke to be a hero. What allowed him to endure the trials that followed this decision were his optimism and determination. An eternal optimist, anytime his friends began to doubt the outcome of their endeavors, Yusuke would simply smile, give them a thumbs up and say, “No problem.” He had complete faith in his friends ability to solve the crisis at hand, and this faith inspired them to do their best. His ability to make friends with others, even in spite of the other person, was legendary on the show, as he soon had a very diverse group of people working with him and considering him a true friend. While he may have been a true superpowered monster fighter, his ability to get others to do their best, to believe in themselves and to become his friends was his greatest power.

Yusuke is a genuinely friendly and helpful guy, one who will go out of his way to talk with others and help others, whether that is helping them move some large piece of furniture, letting them talk about the troubles they’re having, or saving them from a burning building. He likes people, he likes to see them happy, and does what he can to either keep them happy or help them deal with their pain. He has a good, warm sense of humor, and likes to use jokes or little sleight of hand tricks to get people, especially children, to smile.

Yusuke can come off as a fairly simple-minded fellow, and he does tend to be very blunt and forthright with his statements, and often seems to lack any guile. It’s more accurate to say that Yusuke isn’t a very conflicted person, and strives for honesty whenever he can. Yusuke is a rare person who is at peace with who he is, and likes what he does.

In many ways, Yusuke is the inverse of Peter Parker’s credo. For him, great power came from his great responsibility. His purity of spirit and genuine desire to protect the happiness of others was what caused the Arcle to “choose” him. It was only because of his innate sense of responsibility that he gained the power of a Kamen Rider. Unlike most Toku heroes, Yusuke was uneasy with his growing power, and worried that it might grow beyond his control. Likewise, he hates to see people hurt, and people who are cruel to others can inspire rare but potent rage in him. When one particularly malicious and murderous Gurongi pushed him too far, the beating Yusuke delivered to it before finally ending its life was so vicious that the Gurongi was reduced to a whimpering, blubbering messed. Thankfully, Yusuke’s will to fight and rising power never overcame his innate compassion and self-control, else he would have become just as monstrous as the Gurongi themselves.


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