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Balance of Power.

Posted: Tue Jun 04, 2019 2:54 am
by Shadowmask
Neutron gritted his teeth in pain as the red skinned woman’s black colored energy blast struck him fully in the chest. The resultant explosion from the bolt seem to enclose his entire body in an ebony ’glow’ for a split millisecond but it was more than enough to blur his vision as well as hurt him.

He flew back several dozen yards, his body spinning out of control and headed towards Tellax’s right shoulder. Neutron shook his throbbing head and managed to recover and pull away just in the nick of time before he slammed at full speed into the structure. He quickly activated his force field and smiled grimly as the attacker’s next blast failed to go through.

Even though it was late at night with few civilians milling about, it was still too dangerous to continue to fight around the giant inert automaton so Neutron flew high into the air hoping that the mysterious woman who had ambushed him minutes earlier would try to follow him. He was pleased she did follow.

“COME BACK HERE!!!” the woman screamed. The dark aura surrounding her body oddly matching Neutron’s own glowing white energy field.

“Why so you can destroy me? In your dreams or nightmares or whatever it is you Stormers think about.” he retorted as he soared even higher.


“I am not deaf lady! We’re close enough to dance with each other.” he slowed his flight just enough for a close range attack They were about two miles high but most importantly both were at least a couple of miles away from Emerald City proper and away from innocent bystanders. “And what‘s this about dark guards and argents?”

The pursuer slowed down as well while keeping a safe distance. Her red-black eyes gleamed with contempt as she glared at Neutron.

“Is memory an issue to you Earthlings or is ignorance bred into your gene pool?” her voice this time was lowered. “The Blackguard are the greatest, most powerful force in the universe led by the Master, Rojan Lhar....”

“Blackstar? I haven’t seen hide or hair of that crazy scumbag in a very long time. So he was sick and tired of having the rest of the Crime League ignoring him, so he’s got a new gang of flunkies to do his dirty work for him.”

The woman’s face twisted in rage as she readied yet another blast before a harsh voice rang out.

“Halt Maranae! This is not why I’ve ordered you to go to Earth nor are you as yet a Blackguard. I gave strict orders that Neutron is not be harmed.” a dark garbed figure within a glowing field similar to Neutron’s attacker hovered a hundred feet above them.

The alien woman called Maranae looked crestfallen but lowered her arms.

“Forgive her, Price. Like all underlings she is quite anxious to prove herself to the point of confusing even the clearest of simple instructions. She will be punished severely in due course.”

Neutron frowned at the newcomer while resisting the sudden urge to unleash his Neutrino Energy Burst.

“Cut the bullcrap, Blackstar. We both know full well you sent your rabid dog to attack me plain and simple. You only intervened because we are far away from the city for me to get backup and you can finish the job yourself.”

Rojan Lhar better known to the galaxy as Blackstar sneered.

“I shall admit to you that it is quite tempting to truly destroy you once and for all but your head will make a rather ugly trophy. But enough of this frivolous socializing. Like i have mentioned before i did not send the recruit to attack you but to send a message for an alliance.”

Utter silence.

(To be continued.)