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Into the Dentverse

Post by mrdent12 » Wed Aug 14, 2019 4:00 am

The point of this thread is to serve as a place to hold the various writing itches I get the characters I make ranging from short entries to full blown short stories.

Another Day, Another Mess starring Robert Murray
Old Friends starring Francis Sforza
Something New starring Leaf
The Chase starring Riley Jenkins
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Re: Into the Dentverse

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Another Day, Another Mess

"These are your last words, make them quick.", said a large Russian man holding a Yarygin Pistol ten feet from a guy no taller than 5'8 simply wearing a Hawaiian shirt and slacks. In this sort of situation, one would expect the smaller guy in a cheesy Hawaiian shirt to be pleading for mercy or crying his eyes out. Instead, the smaller guy simply looked like a clown of sorts. For the last five minutes, he had been making wise cracks as the Russian smacked him about.

They were by an open ditch now with a cement mixed turning near by at a construction site near midnight. The area of Atlanta was being revamped into a shopping mecca, so all the residential real estate had been bought up by the aforementioned large Russian. No one was within a mile of the site. Previously for the smacking about, the two were in an office trailer that the smaller man had been caught rifling through some paper work. Leon, the large Russian, had caught Robert, the smaller man, mid search. Robert had a simple enough reason for being in the office trailer that night, which was him looking for some evidence where Tanya, a clients daughter, had been smuggled off. Cops wouldn't touch the case, as Tanya was a frequent run away. So, the mum turned to a PI, Robert.

All of the clue had lead to Leon doing more than just development. One piece lead to another, which lead to another, and so on giving Robert a high degree of confidence that Leon was also in the business of trafficking young girls for rich oil sheik's. of course, the evidence wasn't at Leons home or proper office. He had already searched those places. So, any trail if there was one, would have to be at the mega mall Leon was building with his "investors" money. Realistically, the project was going to go bankrupt soon. It was bleeding money to shell companies ultimately linked to Leon.

Robert only took the case because the mum thought the daughter simply ran away again. She gave a whole sob story of Tanya being all she had left in the world, how her husband had left her, and just to get by she had to work three jobs until coming into some money from an unknown relative. Enough to cover most bills with a modest living. The mum was also paying in cash. A quick pay day, Robert figured. Turned out, not so much.

"Look comrade, you don't need to do this. Just tell me where you stashed Tanya, I go get her, and we all go our merry ways. No one needs to get hurt here tonight. I saw a pretty good bottle of vodka at your office, sorry about having a shot by the way, you could be having right now. I am sure whatever old oil guy you are going to sell her to can find another girl.", says Robert as if not even worried about the gun pointed at him. He may as well have been trying to hustle someone.

Leon just looked at Robert even more pissed. For the past days, Robert had been getting into his face. Tanya was last seen putting in for a job at Leons construction company as a mail room person. Everyone had said Leon looked at her like a perv, as one teen put it. Naturally, Robert got into Leons face and called him out for being a pedo in front of everyone in the office that day. By the looks on the peoples faces, Robert could tell he wasn't far off the mark. To his credit, Leon had kept his cool and had Robert escorted out of the building by security roughed him up a bit in a back alley. Given his special abilities, Robert had to fake it really well.

Growling a little, Leon prepared the pistol to fire. "You come into my business, in front of my friends, and in front of my girl fiance accusing me of liking young girls! It's business. They pay me well and I deliver them merchandise. What they do with them I don't care. Now prepare to die.", says Leon pulling the trigger. The gun made a large sound for no one in particular to hear and the bullet tore through Roberts body.

After the incident in the alley, Robert followed the money. Leon didn't look the part of a smart business guy. In fact, some background checks showed him to be a thug who left Russia and had worked as muscle for hire back in the motherland. In America, he was a well funded real estate developer. A few well placed calls and Robert was able to trace his investors back to some middle eastern business men that had a proclivity for young girls based on photos of them. Some of them even flaunted the girls. Robert had worked enough cases to know Leon was the supplier of the girls.

All of this lead to him getting shot. Leon went to go get the cement mixer, but as his back was turned Robert stood up and pulled a tape recorder out of his pocket. Shocked, Leon shot at Robert a few more times, missing out of his frustration. "I am sure the FBI will love to hear about all the girls you sold off. Gotta run though, that storage container ships out in an hour.", says Robert as he rushes out just as the FBI arrives with a tape of the confession waiting for them.

The following day, Robert was getting the invoice ready for his records when a suit, as Robert called them, walked into his office/apartment. "You should have come to us sooner. Leon gave up the names of the men who won't be coming to America soon, but in their home country they are ruined. You did good. You should have come to us sooner though. One of these days you'll get yourself killed doing this all on your own.", says the middle aged FBI agent. The agent was clearly annoyed Robert had done the whole free wheeling thing again despite constant lectures on why it's stupid. Of course, the agent didn't know Robert was a tough mutant.

"Tell you guys sooner and risk you guys messing it all up? Yeah right. I used to work for the FBI remember? I know how it works there. Now if you'll excuse me, gotta finish this paper work. Even as a PI I need to push papers apparently.", says Robert shooing the agent out.

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Re: Into the Dentverse

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Old Friends

Francis sipped a glass of Chateu Latour 2005 offered by a young woman wearing a black and white waiters outfit. Unlike the people wearing nonwaiter attire, she had a professional look. Bernard always had the most professional staff, mostly because his wife would screen and hire them based on how they presented themselves. Bernards funeral was no reception. "I am sorry for loss Celeste. Bernard was a good man who I thought had many more years left before his bad habits of smoking, eating too much rich food, and drinking too much fine wine got to him. I thought he would outlive everyone.", said Francis to a women in her early 50's. Celeste was a striking woman with raven black hair who even after having five children made most other women's beauty pale in comparison. For the wake of her late husband, the black dress she wore only accentuated her exquisite beauty.

"Outlive you? Bernard and I had no secrets between us and he told me yours long ago. Do not worry though my dear Francis, it is safe with me. I was never one to gossip. It is in poor taste. Besides, Bernard had I had an understanding between us where we could be completely honest with one another and in return we could keep each other confidences and not hold it against each other. Yes, I knew of his diversions with other women. I had a few of my own with younger men.", said Celeste nonchalantly. She spoke as it was just a normal practice for men and women to stay married, keep intimate in every way, and still sleep with other people as the mood suited them. Twenty years ago, so even made a pass at Francis who politely declined.

For his part, Francis didn't even flinch. "Bernard made no secret of your arrangement with me. He kept the details to himself of course as he was a gentleman as you well know. I am the last one to pass judgement on matters of lust and sensuality as I have been known to have a few dalliances with married women myself. After giving him five children who were legitimately his, I would say you earned it even. The two of you made a fine couple despite the age difference.", responded Francis. At his time of passing, Bernard was in his late 60's. Like his widowed wife though, he could still charm any woman much younger than him without only relying on his appearance and personality.

Celeste took out a tissue from her jeweled hand bag and dabbed her eyes that were starting to tear up. That is kind of you to say Francis. While we had our moments, we always had each other and our commitment to each other. It is I you should be complimenting you on putting up with some of the more scandalous moments when Bernard would not be allowed in the house and he would be forced to stay on your barge. You were a good friend to him and to our family., said Celeste with a catch in her throat. It had been a rough day for her.

Picking up on the signs, Francis gently grabbed Celestes hand to reassure her. "I will always be here for you and your children. Most likely I will be here for your grand children and their grand children as well. Your family had given me shelter too many times in the past to count. It is the least I can do for you now.", gently said Francis. Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted a sight that he wished wouldn't be at the estate this day. "If you will excuse me though, I will let you attend to your other guests. It would be selfish of me to hog you with you so many here to comfort you.", continued Francis.

Smiling slightly and nodding, Celeste recomposed herself. "You are anything, but selfish my dear Francis.", said Celeste as she sipped a glass of water and went to mingle with the other guests. Bernard had been a popular man. Him and his wife Celeste had been very generous with their combined fortunes when it came to the local charities, so they were loved by the whole Paris community. There was some among the Paris underground who loathed the couple and would have preferred Bernard and Celeste died in the car accident. Chief among them had shown up to presumably finish the job in some discrete fashion.

Crowe was not precisely a man. He had the shape, appendages, genitalia, and physique of one if you discounted his paler complexion. Still, he was a vampyre. A small group of them had taken up resident in the catacombs and were feeding on those foolish enough to try and find shelter in them at night. Bernard and Celeste's foundation had seen to it that the destitute would have shelter that was safe cutting out most of the vampyre's food supply. Francis knew it was them who had killed Bernard. What was going to happen next, he hoped to put off until after the wake, but such as things were he didn't have a choice in the timing.

Politely making his way to the garden, Crowe in his formal attire befitting a wake followed Francis. Night had descended already. Francis knew from his experience this in when Crowes species of vampyre typically hunted prey because the sunlight weakened them. It turned out Crowe was not alone. Near the fountain that served as the center piece of the garden, eight more vampyres dressed in Paris casual attire stepped from the dense foliage around the garden surrounding Crowe and Francis. The look in their eyes was a hungry one out for blood. Between them and the guests, the only obstacle was Francis.

Sighing, Francis looked around and then back at Crowe. "You know who I am or say I am at the very least. Whether you believe me or not is a matter that doesn't concern me. What I can say with near certainty is that for over two hundred years there has been a truce in place preventing what I suspect is on the minds of you and your fellow kind. When you, the lycans, ghouls, and other shadow creatures made the truce. I was watching. Among the accords was an agreement to not pull mortals into your ways unwillingly. Killing everyone at a wake would qualify as breaking that provision I would imagine.", calmly said Francis.

"Truce! You speak as if we agreed to this. Men keep spreading forcing our kind to fight for smaller territory. It is our time to come out and take mens territory now. If you truly are who you say you are, you will not interfere.", hissed Crowe. The creatures hunger betrayed his attempt to sound gentile.

Putting his hand to his side, Francis put his hand near his pocket. "If you and the lycans or ghouls were fighting, I would gladly step back. Your battles are not mine. I cannot allow you to spread your issues into the domain of men. Clearly you are hungry. I am sure you can find some willing food sources in other places in France with a less dense population. This will be your only warning. A dear friend of mine was killed by you recently and it is with his memory in mind that I implore you to not force me to fight you this night.", implores Francis hoping to appeal to something inside the vampyres. Instead, he got the response he expected with them getting closer with fangs bared and claws out.

Long black coats were convenient for two things. First keeping warm in the winter while still looking stylish. Black was always in fashion. Second, to cover a black obsidian sword that while weighing nearly nothing was sharp enough to cut anything. As if second nature, Francis drew it out. Holding the blade at his side, the moonlight hit it then vanished as if being sucked into it. Despite Francis having a weapon out, the vampyres must have felt confident since they kept getting closer like ravenous dogs.

The first one pounced to be sliced in two then turning to dust with a single swipe of Francis's blade. Three more took it into their heads to pounce at the same time all from different directions with two getting close enough to swipe at Francis twice before all three of them turned to ash as well. Next four of them reasoned they would have good odds. This time, they all got close enough to him with a few even landing blows on the swording yielding immortal before meeting their ends as well with a few well placed swipes beheading the lot of them.

As the wounds on Francis closed up, Crowe's face went from hunger to looking around for an escape to hunger again. "They were children. Now you will see what a true vampyre can do and I will be taking your head immortal.", hissed Crowe. Crowe had been around long enough to develop a tail with edges as sharp as blades. Flying through the air, he angled it such that it could make a pass at Francis's neck. Francis's blade saw to the owner of the tail losing his own head instead.

After looking around to make sure no one saw plus spreading the ashes about, Francis returned his sword to his holster and straightened out his coat. Making his way back to the main house of the estate, a young couple kissing passionately stumbled out into the garden. Always discrete, Francis pretended not to see them. Back inside the house, he accepted another glass of wine and continued mingling with the guests.

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Re: Into the Dentverse

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Something New

A seemingly 18 year old slender girl sat on a metal chair with four space marines pointing large rifles at her head and a man with a grey beard betraying his age in a suite sat 10 feet away on a similar type metal chair. Around the six people, the space frigate disguised as a freighter they were on rocked a bit. "I am going to ask you one more time. Why were you trying to get into our engine room and how did you manage to take out the dozen men we had guarding it? If I don't like what I hear, I'll kill you. If I don't like your look, I'll kill you. I will probably kill you anyway. Maybe I won't if you convince me otherwise.", says the man. Leaf knew he was trying to sound threatening. His thoughts indicated he wasn't sure either way yet as he had no idea of what to make of her, so the man was trying to play it tough.

"Well if you really want to know, is pretty simple. After the last ship we were on blew up in a battle with some space pirates, we made it back to Mangola station by piecing together some engine parts and getting just enough to propel us on the right path. I said it couldn't be done. Made no sense, you know? Strapped to a heavy burner model thruster in just a space suit. Crazy, I said. So, of course I went along. Who wouldn't want to take that ride?", started Leaf before the man cut her off. When she spoke, there was no sign of guile or even attempt to disguise the truth. It was one of those faces that just told the truth.

The man just looked her in disbelief. His mind grasped for something to say she was lying. It failed to find any. "You made it all the way back strapped to that piece of shite engine found floating outside Mangola? The stations engineers tore it apart and in just a little while longer it would have exploded. You are either delusional or a really good liar.", says the man incredulously. As he spoke, he was still looking for any sign at all to give him an idea of who he had surrounded.

Leaf simply shrugged. "We've done crazier things. One time, he wanted to ride the gravitational waves of a collapsing star. So, we stole a skimmer ship, took off to the closest cordoned off system, and spent days riding the energy bursts. Got boring after the first day for me, but its a give and take type thing. Something about scientific data. I tuned after after a while. Got boring hearing him go on about places where worms go, black balls, and pool. I think it was pool anyway. Me? I was just trying to think back to that tune we heard a few years back. Couldn't quite place it.", said Leaf nonchalantly. By the look on the faces of his questioners, this line of conversation just opened more questions.

By now, the guards were looking at the man then back at Leaf with a what the hell type look. "We can get back to your delusions later. Clearly, you are crazy. No one just gets on a skimmer and tries to ride the gravitational waves of a dying star. Anyone who shite their pants just seriously considering doing it. You going along with whoever to do it is clearly something the doctors back at Mangola station will sort out. They have nice padded cells for your type. If you will get back to why you are on my ship, wanted to get into the engine room, and how you took out the squad guarding it please." , said the man. He had made up his mind. Leaf was crazy. There was something about the way she spoke so plainly though that got to him, so he tapped his ear activating a telepathtic link requesting a check up on any stolen skimmers and if they might have seen damage from gravitational waves.

"When you are looking for the ship, it's Farlan. We stole it from Scrown station.", says Leaf after listening in on the conversation. The man, now looking disturbed signaled her to hurry it up. "If you want to know why I am on your ship and trying to get to your engine room, thats an easy one. We had a wager. I bet that getting close to a singularity core would be the scariest thing ever. He said that was boring. So, I upped it and said a singularity drive on a ship powered by a modulating polarity core. That was something new to him, so we decided to try it. Your ship just happened to have those.", responds Leaf as if it was a logical thing to do.

Now getting deadly serious and trying his best to not be shaken, the man did his best to stare a hole through Leaf. It was a stare he had used countless times on prisoners in the same position as Leaf and every time it had made them say everything. Leaf just looked around taking in the boring room looking bored. "How did you get our information? You don't look like a spy and you definitely don't look like you work for any faction out there. So, the question is how did you get information on this top secret ship only my men, I, and the top admirals knew about?", asked the man.

Why are we still here? We could dispatch these guards and get out of here without issue. Why do you insist on playing these games?, quips Rugh. Its cute, he's trying to scare us. To just go off now would be mean. We need to have some manners, my mum always taught me., responded Emily in the shared mind. Fine, but hurry it up. I want to run into those pirates who blew up our last ship again. It would be an interesting exercise to see how they will react to seeing us again., signals back Rugh in a mental exasperation.

Ceasing looking around leaf looks back at the man. "I read your mens minds as they drank at the station. Alcohol makes people have all their secrets so easy to pick up. We get a good laugh out of it. I do at least. He never laughs. A bit dull he is. Did I say we were mind readers? We probably should have lead with all that so you didn't bother with the telepathic links. Yuo all seemed so proud of using the new technology though, so I didn't want to make you feel bad.", replies Leaf to the mans query.

Turning from his attempt to look scary to full on confusion at what he was looking at, the man just stared in disbelief for a minute trying to hide his thoughts. "So, let me get this straight. You are a teenage looking telepath who took out a squadron of highly trained marines just to see if you could get close to the most dangerous combination of reactor and power cores there is?", asks the man with no idea what to think.

Leaf nods. "Thats bout it. You said the men were highly trained though, which doesn't seem right. Really, all we had to do was walk up to their post, do a couple spins that would make my old dance instructors proud, and a few high kicks I learned from ballet. I don't want to be rude, but it doesn't seem like they were trying that hard.", responds Leaf with the same naive look she has had the whole conversation.

As a demonstration of what she just said, they found demonstrations easier than words really, in the blink of an eye leaf was on the chair spinning. With her legs spread, she first kicked the guns out of the marines hands. That was all she intended to do honestly, but the hostile reaction set something off inside here. Instead of stopping, she did a flip in the air bringing out her claws slashing at the marines around here as they fell to the ground. Through it all, the man looked like a deer in the headlights. None of it made any sense, especially when he got a response over his telepathic comms indicating the skimmer was stolen and had been exposed to gravitational waves.

Once the marines were all down, Leaf blushed and sat back on the chair. The man thought about reaching for his gun. Given his physical condition, it didn't make any sense. She would be on him in a second. "Sorry about the showing off. You just looked like you didn't believe me so I just wanted to disarm the marines around me. Sometimes I get carried away with these things and go too far. I do hope they will be alright.", says Leaf a little sheepishly.

"I...don't know what to say...", started the man his face turning pale upon the realization he had a weaponized person in front of him. he had heard of various research projects, but none were ever successful or so he thought. "You just took out the guards of the emperor himself that he let me borrow for this mission. What are you?", is all the man could muster.

Rugh gave a mental sigh. "I'd love to stay and chat about it more, but Rugh is getting bored. You wouldn't mind letting me use one of your hopper ships? I have some space pirates to find.", asked Leaf. With Rughs prompting, she realized the man was still in shock. So, they took it as a yes and went to get one. In sequence, the man heard the sound of plasma rifle fire, thuds, and a general ship alarm announcing an unauthorized departure.

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Re: Into the Dentverse

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The Chase

It started like all fun adventures do, in a bar. More precisely, a bar at Esok Station on some large asteroid or other. Riley had stopped trying to keep track of the exact names of everything after being to a new place every few days while tracking a shipment of Catkin slaves on his skiff. It environmentals were crap, weapons worse, but it was and easily mistaken for space junk in a pinch. "Nother pint of zargbrew eh?", said Riley with four empty pints in front of him. Zargbrew was one of the few drinks that could get him buzzed if he drank enough. He usually did.

The bar keeper shrugged his shoulders. He was a humanoid like plant creature. Every species had their tolerances, so he stopped trying to get anyone to not drink too much. "That is your fifth in 20 minutes. Sure you have enough to pay me?", asked the bar tender. Someones ability to pay still concerned him. When Riley pulled out a small bag and put a single Dilornian coin on the bar he had pulled out, the bar tender made a big smile. "That'll do boy, that'll do.", said the bar tender trying to keep in his excitement. That one coin could cover fifty rounds of drinks for the entire place. All Riley knew is that he got it off some rich and stupid captain who had engaged his services only to die on the mission.

"You wouldn't happen to know if the Prince John came this way? Been tracking it for a wee bit and bugger keeps getting away.", says Riley still clearly sober much to his dismay. That wee bit had been for a month. Every time he got to a port, the ship would already be on its way again. Dealing in Catkin slaves was dangerous work. So slave hips rarely stayed in one place for more than a few days at most preferring to get more provisions then keep going.

While waiting for an answer, Riley's nose got a whiff of something. He wasn't sure what it was and he had gotten exposed to everything and species he thought. It was like ship tar, but less metallic. Strong, but not repugnant. It was a fluid, but the form from the scent felt almost solid. While he didn't hear it, there was also the smell of plasma charged weapon fire and singularity grenades going off somewhere. One of the advantages of Esok that made it a favorite port for the scum was its thick walls. Any sound would get easily absorbed. It would take a truly exceptional auditory system to even get whispers from some of the places.

Finishing polishing a glass, the bar tender looked over at Riley. "Can't say I've heard of a ship by that name coming through. Your in the wrong place if you want information like that. For my money, I'd go to the Broken Sails. Most ships crews coming through here stop by that place to pay tribute to the Sol Empire.", said the bar tender. He was in a helpful mood after seeing the coin. No need to jeopardize it by lying. What he didn't hear or smell was the new creature. It was six or so security personel of various races and one scent of the creature or thing.

Dashing out of the place to follow the scent, Riley tossed another coin at the bartender. The bar tenders face lit up like Christmas. New modest place, enough to buy a couple girls for a couple nights, and he could close early. Win all around as he saw it. RIley didn't care about any of that. He had to know what that thing being attacked was with his own eyes regardless of the fact it was being chased by well armed soldiers. A few high energy plasma rifles and singularity grenades never stopped RIley from satisfying his curiosity when it came to a scent he never encountered.

Chasing through the crowded station at top speed, he was desperate to keep up with the scent. As he pushed past people or jumped over them, he slowly started smelling one less security officer every so often. People grumbled, but he was gone before they could complain to him. Prince John his people enslaved on the ship, and even his way to exorbitant payment were the last things on his mind. Like a cat with a ball of yarn, he had his target and come hell or high water he would get it.

Finally, he found a hatch he could use to get down to the sewer level he'd isolated the scent. Now he could hear weapons fire from two plasma rifles and get a good whiff of the sewage water being sucked into the mini black whole created by the grenades. It wouldn't be long now. Clearly, some of the weapon fire was hitting its target as the blasts were followed by screams of pain that unlike the scent were recognizable. Amazingly enough, the creature being chased didn't smell wounded. Wasn't like Riley would know what a creature like whatever it was could sound in pain, which was all the more reason to keep up the chase! Screams of pain were only a conjecture to be verified.

Sewer levels provided their own unique challenges to tracking by scent, but once an idea got caught in Riley's head he just couldn't stop because it got tougher. Soon enough, it all paid off. He came upon the dripping black creature with illuminated streaks of orange going down its body at various points that didn't seem to stay consistent. The thing with hunting by scent is direction is tricky. In this case, the trick was that the six security agents weren't chasing the creature so much as they were being chased by it. What gave it away was the trail of bodies hacked to bits by the creatures long clawed hands.

At this point, RIley should have ran. He was faster than the guards and could likely get away to sniff another day. Fifteen years of beatings knocks the whole flight instinct out of someone though and replaces it with a fatal curiosity at times making in his species case curiosity really killing them. Eyeing the creature, it seemed like Riley was fixing to test that fatal curiosity. Putting his hands out, he let his claws glisten in the little lighter from the floor above. Similarly, the creature mimicked the posture. Hissing loudly, Riley tried to scare it away in hopes of chasing it back to wherever it came so he could identify what it was. Staying resolute, the creature didn't seem like the running type.

Giving out a small roar, Riley leaped at the creature going right through it yet slashing some bits of solid matter inside it that made up some organs most likely. With the remanent of the black ooze dripping off him, the creature slashed back leaving long bloody marks across Riley's chest that quickly closed up. On a hunch, Riley swiped up with his claws and managed to grab one of the organs pulling out the rest. Without the minimal support structure, the creature fell into a pile that quickly started evaporating when the periodic purge of stench pushed through the sewer level. Riley had the presence of mind to keep hold of one of the pieces, but the smell overwhelmed his senses as tends to happen when a whole stations waste gets pumped past someone with hyper sensitive smelling.

Now free to smell again, Riley caught the scent of twenty security agents hurrying down the level. It seemed like they were armed with plasma shells, rocket canons, and even a dispersal canon. Not even Riley was that stupid to hang around. Over one of the comms on the fallen security officer, there was a notice that the Prince John was disembarking in two minutes and to clear the docks of any security agents because of the sensitive cargo. He had his chance and he wasn't going to lose it. Quickly glancing at the spherical metallic organ holding the creature together, it had the markings of the Sol Empire and some numbers that made no sense to Riley with about the only thing that did being Mar's Defense Corp name on it. A lead he would need to follow up later.

Tossing the sphere aside, Riley bolted back to his ship. Even with his speed, it would take him ten minutes to make it to the docks and another five to fire up the engines. Prince John ran hot though, so his skiff could track it if he didn't get too far from it. A possible new bioweapon with the potential to destabilize the peace could wait. His people took priority.

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